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Full text of "The Minor poems of the Vernon M.S."

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[Part II, edited by Dr. J. Kail, is at Pres,.] 





I 1 















V. A PREYER TO }>E FIUE WOUNDES... ... ... 22 

VI. A PREIERE TO VRE LADI ... ... ... ... 22 


VIII. A PREYER AT j)E LEUACIOUN ... ... ... 25 

IX. JJE FYUE IOYES OF VH LADI ... ... ... 25 

X. AN ORISOUN TO GOD ... ... ... ... 26 


XII. AN ORISON TO VR LADY ... ... ... ... 30 





MERCY ... ... ... ... ... 34 



AUNDEMENS ... ... ... ... ... 36 













CRISTUS ... ... ... ... 131 








IN TO PARADYS ... ... ... ... 251 


XXXV. }>E SPORE OF LODE ... ... ... ... 268 


AND SEYNT BERNARD ... ... ... 297 


XXXVIII. THE CASTEL OF LOUE ... ... ... ... 355 



I. fa Marie kl Cwaitfldic. 1 , M.CHI.D. 


(Title :) I ceste liuere est escrit la estorie del Euangelie en 
engleis solum ceo ke ele est escrit en latin, et continue de la 
Anunciacion nostre seignour Ihesu criat. De la Natiuite be- 
nette. De sa Passion. De sa llesurexion. De sa Ascension 
e de sa Glorificacion. Et de soun Auenemerct a Jugement et 
de nostre presentement en cors en alme. 

(Picture cut out.) 

. , Sum-while ich was wijj sunne i-bounde, 

And sunne me hath icast to grounde ; 

Bote, swete Ihesu, pi swete woundus Jesus,Thy 

Leesed me haf of harde stoundus. 4 

Whon I to pe tornde my bouht, 
Pynes to pole ne greueb me nouht ; 
by Deb me haueb of serwe i-brouht deatl > lias 

* * made me love 

And loue to J>e in me hab wrouht. 8 Thee 

be to loue is al my blisse, 
Me longeb sore bi woundus to kisse. 
Swete Ihesu, my bouht bou wisse, 
On be to benche bat I ne misse. 12 

ffole bouhtes me were woned to tille, 
ffeole tymes to don ille, 
In word, In dede, In wikked \ville, 
Niht and Day, al me to spille : 16 

Bote whon I me vndurstocl 
bat bou for me scheddest bi blod, 
ffolye to leue me bhouhte good and leave 


And to be, Ihesu, I tornde my mood. 20 

Bote $it I me bi-gon to drede 
bat he bat eggeb mon to quede 
WiJ? sunfol bouht me wolde lede 
To wikked wille or fool dede. 24 

1 Ed. before by me in Engl. Stud., viii. 2. 

2 I. The Gospel Story. Hcatlwn Gods. Least- Wonders. 

I ft* my 

1 1., .in-lii* nil 

I \rnnM write 

. .1 Til,-.', 

nil.) tell Tliy 


iii Kii K lili. 

Tlie Wise of 

maile C 

nit of the 
Sun Mini 

Clerk* wrote 

ol Ifc- ,- 

and that the 

II .il, A.LI, r, 
an. I K it'll- 

jjerfore my f ouht on f e i festc ; 
flbr for i wot to fynden reste 
Of vche lone JJQU art fe beste, 
Jjou art fe lone fat euere wol leste. 
Nis no mon, Ihesu, bote in fe 
In whom bi-houe]) us I-borwecl be. 
Jji lone to winne, i wolde fonde, 
3if I me mihte wel vndurstonde, 
Sum fing of fe to write and rede, 
Jjer-fonvh of ]>e to winnen mode. 

And heo fat scholden hit iheren, 
Of ]>e Gos^iel mowe sumwhat leren 
))at writen is J?er-Inne of J>e, 
On Englisch tonge )?orwh swynk of me. 

"NVyse men bi Olde dawes 
Bokes made of goode lawes, 
Hou me scholde hem wi)> rihte leden 
And wys to ben in alle heor deden ; 
And Jei no-]>ing ne wusten of J>e, 
I^.ut goddus heo maden of ston and tre, 
And J)ing fat ne mihte seo ne here 
flbr God heo honourede and heolde dere 

Sonne and Mone, Day and Niht, 
Sterre and al fat 3iucf lyht, 
J)at Goddus weren alle fei wenden, 
And God of hcuenc no-f ing ne kenden. 

Of grete Clerkes also we fynde 
Jjat Bokes made of Beestes kynde, 
Of flbnl, of Ston, of Gras, of Treo, 
And al for Mon f eron to seo, 

Solace to haue and techinge, 
And hem to holde from fool lykyngo 
ffor whose heref of Beestes kynde 
Mony wondrus he may fer fynde, 

fleole f inges scon and here 
\Vher-f orwh he may him-self lere 
Ilys lyf to lede wif more wynne, 
Good to do and hatyje synnc. 

A wys mon self fat bestes weren, 
ITert and Eddrc, feos freo, and Ern, 










I. The Gospel Story. The Dead before Christ's Birth. 3 

Jjat heore lyf chau??gede Jjorwli here kynde- 
ffor fus of hem I-write we fynde : 
J?at kuynde ^ifj) vche mon eggynge, 
Of vche good J>ing haue ^eornyng. 

Bote beter fyng ne mai no mon fynde 
}3an J?e, lord of alle Jjynge, 
)3at Eeest and ffoul and alle wiht 
At \ville beoj> vndur Monnes miht. 

Ihesu louerd, )>i lone to wynne 
3if me grace to bi-gynne, 
Loue me sende to fordo synne, 
Jjat al monkynde was bounden Inne. 

Ar Godus sone in J>e Maiden alyhte, 
Ajeyn J>e deuel we nedde no mihte ; 
ffor we weren vndur his mihte, 
Of good to don we loren J>e sihte. 

Jjat tyme Avas sunne so ryf, 
In Old, In jong, In Mon, In Wyf : 
As sone as hco laften J?e lyf, 
To helle heo wenden wij?-outeu stryf. 

Habraham, Ysaak, and seint Ion. 
Dauid J?e kyng, and Salamon, 
Jjidere heo wenden, euerichon, 
Heo nedden J?o no beter won. 

fforte Godus sone was don on Rode, 
Jjidere 1 wente wikkede and goode, 
)3e wikkede to pyne, wij) dreri mode, 
Jjere to beo ]>e deueles foode ; 

Bote fulke soules swete 
}3at here on lyue heore synnos leeto, 
In freo pro'sun peune was heore sete, 
To abyde J?e biheste of fe prophete. 

Prophetes weren I-woned to grede : 
" Ow schal comen wijj-onte drede 
)?at flesch schal taken in Maydenhede 
And us to loye of pyne lede." 

\Vhon God of heuene herde J)is crj T , 
Of Monkynde he hedde mercy : 
And ches a Mayde of gret ferly, 
Clene in soule and in body. 

changed their 
lite by niiture. 

Jesus, prant 
me grai-e to 
sin no more. 

Before Tliou 
wast born, 





men went to 
Hell when 
84 they died, 


MS. l>iil<?)-re 

the wicked 
to be the 
92 devil's food, 


the good to 
live in prison. 



Then God 

B 2 

4 I. The Gospel Story. Gabriel's Annunciation to Mary. 

.v..l tell her 
.l.-sm should 
lie horn of 

tent obrii To hire he sende a swete fere, 
bat him was swibe leof and dere : 
Gabriel, wib swete chere, 
And hire gon grete on J>is manere : 
" TTeil, ful Of grace, God is wib be, 

1 i A-Mong wy?mnen I-blessed bou be ! " 
be Maide was dred on him to seo, 
And bouhte what bis mihte beo. 

(Here picture : Mary and anyel.) 

l^Enne him spac )>e Aungel fre : 
* " Marie, nouht ne dreed bou J>e ! 
A child schal beo boren of be, 
lesus schal his nome be. 

He schal be ffader of heuene qweme, 
In Dauid sete sitte and deenie, 
be folk of Israel he schal ^eme 
And heore fon from hem fleme." 

benne onswerde bat swete Mayde 
To bo Aungel Gabriel and sayde : 
" Hou schal bis be ? noujwher I ne leide 
Mi bouht to luste of mon vpbreide." 

ben be Aungel hire herte dihte, 
And of bis gretynge hedde in-sihte : 
" be holy gost (he seide) schal in J)e alihte 
n her. And in J>e worche wij) his mihte. 
and her child be chyld bat of be schal beo bore, 

slinuld be 

ori ion. Godus sone he schal bepn i-core ; 
He schal be folk, bat herbi-fore, 
To bringe, bat heo hedden forlore. 

And bat bou be sobe lere, 
Jji nece Elijabeb, lo here, 
b it is in elde feole jere, 
Heo hab chyld take of hire feere. 

be sixte Moneb now is anon 
bat heo hab wib cliylde igon 
ffor to God of heuene, bat is on, 
Nis word of vnmihte non." 
Mlir 7 Nolde Marie no lengore plede, 

bis wordes in hire herte heo sede : 



the Holy 
(iliont uliniilcl 








I. The Gospel Story. Mary conceives Christ. 5 

" Lo me her Godus Mayde, assented, 

Wijj me do God as )>ou hast sayde ! " 144 

As sone as pis was in hire pouht, 

In hire was Monnes kuynde i-wrouht couceivd, 

And sop fast God was per to i-brouht 
Mon, per-of ne dred pe nouht ! 148 

Jje Aungel Marie God bi-kende 
And to him code fat him sende. 

And sone aftur pat mayde wende and went to 

To Eli^abep, hire kuynde frende. 152 

Sone so pe Mayde Marie 
Entrede pe hous of $akarie, 
Elijabeth In prophecie 
pe Maide custe and J>us gon crie : 156 

" A," heo seide, " how may pis be 
pat my lordus modur come]) to me 1 
As sone as ich herde pe steuene of pe, 
pe Child in my wombe makede gle. 160 

U A-Mong wymmen I-blessed pou be, who Meat 

her and lier 

And blessed beo be fruy t of be ! 1 1 Here should follow v. 275 ff. Kruit. 

J3er bilafte bat swete may 

Wip Elizabeth wel moni a day 164 

Ne louede heo no foles play, 
Bote louede God and bonked ay. 

(Picture: Mary and Elizabeth.) 

V*Enne per was a swete metynge, 

* Swete cluppinge and swete cussynge ! 168 

A Mayde pat bar pe lord of alle pinge, 

A wy f bat bar seint Ion in holy weddiwge ! Elizabeth was 

L L T f -, , John the Bap. 

pis was seynt Ion for whom bi-fore tisfs Mother, 

His ffader hedde his speche for-lore, 172 

And to pe tyme pat he was bore, 
As pe Aungel seide bi-fore. 
U 3akarie was his ffadre name : and Z!U *\z- 

nas was his 

Gret mon he was and of good fame. 176 Father. 

Tyme com of pe seruyse, 
J)at he don scholde in heore wyse : 
In pe temple he saih vp rise 
Bifore him a mon, and him gon agrise. 180 

I. The Gospel Story. Zacharias stmick dumb. 

An Angel TT'It was an Aungel, Godes sonde, 
I 1 bat gon at be Autcr stonde, 

And 3akarie he com to fonde, 

Don his seruyse bad him not wonde. 184 

told Zacha- u Jakarie," he seide, " ne dred J>ou nouht ! 

Bifore God bi bone is wrouht ; 

Jjat bou hast him bi-souht, 

Schal in E^abeth ben i-wrouht : 188 

that lie A child bou schalt on hire whine. 

shoul.l have 

a child cdd bat schal ben loye to al his kmne, 
I-blessed he beo hire wib-Inne ; 
Ion he schal hote, clansere of shine. 192 

(Picture: Zacharias and Anyel.) 

At his Burth-tyme me schal gamen & pleye : 
He schal greiben godus weye, 

prepare Uud'i 

*/ lo be folk he schal sob seye 

And mis-bileue he schal donn leye." 196 

^akarie onswerde wib dreri chere : 
lie doubted, Hou may j>is ben on eny manere 1 
Bobe we beb olde, ich and my fere, 
And forb igon in feole 3ere." 200 

J)e Aungel seide : " J)is schalt bou se. 
And for bat bou leuest not me, 
mi wan hou schalt beo Dounibe. ich sigge be, 

truck dumb. 

fforte bat child ibore be." 204 

be Aungel bi-lafte no lengore bore, 
Ne Jakarie ne spac no more, 
Bote out he eode, sikynge sore 
be folk hedde wondur wherfore hit wore. 208 

Bote heo seiden alle by-dene 
bat he hab sum wondur i-sene 
bat he so longe hajj i-bene 

In be temple, as we wene. 212 

Butiietiicd, ^akarie benne dude his dede, 
Nout for his fleschliche nede, 
But child to wynnen, jif he miht spede, 
And so of God to wyniie meede. 216 

bat swete couple at bat metynge 
Of ffleschliche lust hedde no lykynge, 

I. The Gospel Stw*y. John the, Baptist lorn. 7 

Bote holy wille and swete cggingc 

To Godus seruyse chyld for]) bringe. 220 

A child he won borwh godus mihte, and begot a 

porwh Godus heste, and hedde insihte : 
In Elizabeth be holigost lihto on ins wife 


And bat child in hire dihte. 224 

Elizabeth ful glad was bo 
pat heo gon wib chylde go ! 
A-wey heo let al hire wo 
pat heo hedde fourti $er and mo. - 228 over to. 

Whon bat child scholde iboren be. when the 

. , cll 'li was 

His frendes aboute of be cuntre bom, 

Wib blisful chere, gamen and gle 

Alle he comen be child to se. 232 

H penne seiden his frendes alle 

3akarie heo wolden him calle. 

pat herde be Modur, ber heo lay, 
And onswerde and seide : " nay, 236 Eu/abetii 


" Mi leue frendes, dob a-way ! be caid Joim. 

Ion he schal hote, jif I may." 

U Alle heo seiden bat ber nas non 

In al heore kynde bat hihte Ion. 240 

To Jakarie be word heo brouhte 
And bad him sigge what he bouhte. 
And he a table sone souhte 
And beron be nome wrouhte. 244 

On be tablet he wrot anon and zaciia- 

; rias wrote 

pe childes nome, he wrot Ion the same, 

" God bi-fore he schal gon v. 2*7-8 should follow v. 1%. 

And to him tome mony on." 248 

Wondur hedde bo al his kynde 
Hou he mihte bis nome fynde. 
Bote God his tonge let vnbyude ; 
And he him louede wib al his Mynde. 252 

"God," he seide, " i-blessed bou be, 
pat of his folk wolde haue pite, 
And his Merci hab i-sent to me, 
pat bis child schulde i-bore be ! 256 

J And bou, child, schalt ben clept p> - ophete, and that the 

pou schalt greibe godus strete, v.^c6 8 in t tiM'S! low " 

I. Tlw Gospel Story. Mary to be cold Blessed. 

preach to folk 
how to get to 

Mary stnyd 
with Eliza- 

till John was 

Then Mary 
aid all men 
hould call 

for Ood had 
exalted the 


Godus folk J>ou schalt . . gete 

And hem teche heor sunnes bete. 260 

J?is speche to godus folk )5ou schalt preche, 
J3ou hem schalt f e sof e teche 
Hou heo schulle to heuene reche." 

(Picture : Birth of John.) 

Also as ich er seyde, fe Maide Marie 
Hire lyf ladde wif-oute folye 
Wif Elizabeth and hire cumpaygnye. 

Wif hem f enne was heo Jore 

Jjreo Monef es, of ur more, 268 

Wif-outen surme, wif -outen sore 
Heo louede god, fat was hire lore. 

As seif f e holy mon seint Bede : 

ffrom hire nece nout heo ne eode 272 

Ar heo say fulliche in dede 
Elizabeth seint Ion fede. 

Jjenne heo fonked god, f ul of blisse, 
Jjat he wolde seo hire mekenesse 276 

And hire a sone sende in swetnesse, 
To taken in hire monnes liknesse. 

" jjerfore me schal al Monkynde 
Blisful telle in heore mynde, 280 

Jjat he wolde in me Mekenesse fynde, 
j)at mihtful is to lame and blynde. 

Of Merci he was leche 

ffrom kynde fat dredde his speche. 284 

Of f e proude of herte he dude wreche, 
And dude f e Meke an heij to reche ; 

J)e hungri in god he made stronge, 
And f e riche he lette al swonge. 288 

Jje folk of Israel haf vndurfonge 
Jje child fat heo abide longe ; 
H Also him spac fe heuene kyng 
To Abraham and his ofapring." 292 

Whon Marie hedde i-se^e f e dede 
Of Je child and al f e neode, 

I. The Gospel Story. Joseph's forbearance vjith Mary. 9 

pe Mayden hire bi-gon to spede 

And leue tok and horn heo eode. 296 

Whon heo com horn, losep to queme Joseph 


pat als his spouse hire hedde to 

In his herte he gon hire deme, i>ow Mary 

Hou heo mihte wij) childe seme. 300 cliild - 

Whar-of hit were, noting he nuste, 
So as he nexiere hire Moub custe 
Mid wille of sunne, ne neuer luste 
Hire Maidenhod fulliche vpbreste. 304 

And for in him nas no falshede, 
In word ne in bouht ne in dede, 
In his herte nas no drede 
pauh heo hedde ilore hire Maydenhede. 308 

And for he neuere ne saij wib ehe He had never 

111 1-1 seen lier do 

pat heo to fool dede gon hire bey^e, foiiy. 

Loth him was on hire to 

Of l fleschliche dede hire be-\vrye. l MS. or of 312 

ffor wel he wuste, nas ber no speche, 
porwh be la we of spousbruche, 
Bote hire fe domesmon bi-teche, 
Sone of hire to take wreche. 316 

Aae be la we him lyked ille He did not 

111 ir i -n wish her kild. 

pat me scholde a Mayde spille. 

ffor-bi bi-fel hit in his wille 

pat Mayde lete and leuen hire stille. 320 

(Picture : An Angel appears to Joseph in his sleep.} 

loseph in his herte wende 
Ho[u] bis scholde come to ende, 
A-slepe he fel, as god him kende, 
And to him his Aungel sende : 324 

" loseph," he seide, " no-bing ne drede, An Angei 

,, . . . , , told him that 

Marie as Ju spouse bou lede ; 

pat child in hire bo[u] schalt fede : 

Hit is be holigostes dede. 328 the H<>iy 

pe holigost hire hab beo mylde badefaBiM 

And Marie hab i-brouht wib chylde ; 

God in hire hab i-do vertu : Her son's 

His nome bou schalt clepe Ihesu." 332 be'jc 6 ^! 8 


.I.iM'jih left 
Mary a maid. 

After Csesar's 


Joseph took 
Mary to 


to a poor 


Slie eamd 
her bread by 
her needle. 

Jesus was 
born in a 
barn, on hay 
and fern, 

and laid in 
a manger, 

I. The Gospel Story. The Birth of Jesus. 

Whon loseph herdc f is tyjnnge, 
Marie he heold in clene weddynge 
And wif f e Maide in good lykinge 
Mayde bi-lafte to his endynge. 

Bi hem fat weore bi-fore 
loseph wuste whon god scholde be bore .... 

1-1 i Last words c 

U )3at tyme was mm 1 .... picture on the 

Augustus Cesar wa 

In al fat lond nas 

Ouer al fat lond w 

He criede his ban 

To alle fat weren 

)?at vndur him no 

jjat were of eny of u 

Whon loseph f us h . . . . 
Wif him tok f e Ma . . . . . 

Out of Nasareth h 

And to Bethlehem h 

In Bethleem he tok his wonywge, 
ffor Marie was neih childynge, 
And for his kun and his ofspringe 
Weoren of Dauidfes hous, fe kynge. 

In Bethlehem hous he tok, 
Luytel and pore, as seif fe Bok, 
In an old cote and al to-falle 
Nedden heo no bettere halle. 

Seint lerom a Mayde kende 
In a writ fat he hire sende : 

feat [fat] Mayde won hire bred 

Wif hire nelde and hire fred. 
Whon fat child was forf brouht, 

Luytel heo hedde of ur riht nouht 

fforte leggen Inne fat Bern, 

But a luyte hei of ur vern ; 

Heo wouwden hiwi wif fat heo mihten goto, 

And leyden him, fer bestes ete. 


with the 










(Picture: Birth of Jesus.} 

Ieo leyden him in Bestes stalles, 
I-loke bi-twene two olde walles 

I. The Gospel Story. TJic Shepherd* hear of Chri-st. 11 

Jjenne was fuld pe prophecie 

Jjat bi-fore seide Ysayje : 372 wisaiah 

])Q Oxe and J?e Asse hedde kennynge 
Of heore lord in heore stallynge. 
And Abacuc also haueb i-seyd : ami Hubta- 

i i kuk foretold. 

By-twene two bestes he scholde be leyd. 376 

So bi-fel bat ilke tyde 
)3at in be cuntre berbisyde 

Herdes wakede in a Mede, Herds were 

Heore bestes and heore schep to fede. 380 

Sone to hem an Angel wende 
And to hem brouhte a swete tybinge 
Heo bi-gonne to ben in doute 
Of liht fat was ber hem aboute. 384 

)3e Aungel seide : " noujt 30 ne drede ! told by an 

Ich wole ow telle a blisful dede : Christ's birth 

A child is boren for oure nede, 
Jjat schal his folk of pyne lede. 388 

And [bat] ich ou be sobe bringe, 
Jjat ich ^iue ow to tokenynge : 
In Bethlehem he liht, i-wounde in Beiiiiei.em 

in a crib. 

In clojjus, and in a Crubbe i-bounde. 392 

1 In a Crubbe he is leyd, This stanza is corrupt. 

As ich ow habbe er i-seid. 

He schal his [folk] of sunne briwge, He shall be 

As crist and lord of alle finge." 396 

(Picture : An Angel appears to the Shepherds.) 

(The other leaves of this Poem are wanting in the MS.) 1 e 'eaves 

the' MS? '" 

1 The Index to MS. Vern. gives the following description of 
the poem : CIIII Of e Anuwciaciou/* ih^*u crist. Of his 
Natiuite. Of his circuwicisiouw. hou he [was] offred to 
Symeon. Of \>e passiou. Of e resurrexiouw. Of ^e ascen- 
syou/t. Of J?e sendynge of }>e holi gost Of J?e comywgge to \>o 
day of dom. ^| And o^ere diuerse Stories of ihf*u crist and 
of his modur ; }>e whyche [be] in diuerse paneles in peyntur, and 
euery panel had his scripture acordauwt J^erto, ^e whiche 
peyntnre his table suffisaunt. Then followed : fol. CXI pe pyte 
of crist stondynge in ]>e sepulcre. pe scheld off \>Q fey. pe 
scheld of \>e passiou/t. Diuerse orisones to \>e fadur and to 
f>e sone and to J?e holy gost, whit peyntures. CXII Salutaciones 
to vre lady, wtj? peyntw?'e awnex. CXIII 3)'t salutacious to 
vre lady. Then Miserere &c. 

12 II. Maidenstone's Paraphrase of Psalm LI. 

II. fe Janqrtftw 0f |salm LI. 

(From the Seven Penitential Psalms, by Rich. Maidenstoqn. 1 
Beginning wanting, supplied from MS. Digby 18.) 

[Mtserere met, deus, secundum magnam misericordiam 

tuam : 

i. Have Mercy, god, of my mysdede, [Penit. Psalms, v. sss.] 

mercy on me, fp or f,{ mercy, f>at mychel is. 

Late H pite springe & sprede, 

And of J>i mercy )>at I not mys, 4 

And aftir J?i goostly grace I grede. 
Now, dere god, )>ou graunte me f>is, 
That I may lyue in loue & drede, 
And neuere eft to don amys ! 8 

E secundwm muUitudinem miseracionum tuarum dele 

iniquitatem meam. 

DO away And aftir \>\ mercies J>at be fele, 

mine offences Lord, fordo my wickidnesse, 

And helpe me forto hide & hele 
pe blames of my freelnesse ! 12 

jif eny sterynge wolde me stele 
Out of }>e cloos of \>i clennesse, 
Wise f>ou me, in woo & wele, 

And kepe me from unkyndenesse ! 16 

Amplitta lava me ab iniquitate mea, & a peccato meo 

munda me. 

t. wash me More-ouere t'ou wasche me fro [my] synne, 

And fro my fityis dense J>ou me ; 
Enserche my soule wi|?oute & ynne, 
That I no more defoulid be ; 20 

And as >in herte cleef atwynne 
deolful deejj on rode-tre,] 

MS. So let me neuere werk bi-ginne, [Penit. Psalms, v. 407.] 
Lord, but 31! hit like be ! 24 

Q,uonia/?i iniquitatem ego cor/nosco $c. 
s. My MI. ii Eor al my wikkednesse i knowe, 

ever before . 

And sunne is eue? - e me ajeyn. 

Jjerfore let bi grace growe, 

Ihesus, bat were wib lewes slayn. 28 

Riche and pore, heije and lowe, 
Smale and Grete, ich am certeyn, 
At domes-day whon bou schalt bowe, 1 
Of bi merci schul beo fayn. * MS. D: whan bemusbiowe. 32 

1 Ed. by Adler and Kaluza in Engl. Stud. 1887, X, p. 242 tt., 
from MS. Digby 18, with various readings from MSS. Bawl. 
A 389 and Ashm. 61 ; there are, however, several more MSS. 
In MS. Bawl, the poem is ascribed to Richard Maidenstoon, 
in MS. Digby to Rich. Hampole. The Psalm Miserere begins 
v. 385. MS. Vern. v. 407. 

ll. Maiden-stone's Paraphrase of Psalm LI. 13 

soli peccaui fy malum coram te fyc. 
To be only trespast haue I, I'li^fon"** 

Wrouht wikkedliche a-jein bi glori, j^ 

Wib wordus and wib tricheri. 

Jjou demest riht and hast victori : 36 

})erfore bi blis nou beo-seche I ; 
ffor told hit is in moni stori 
)3at hose crieb to bi Merci, 
Is endelesliche in bi memori. 40 

"Ecce enim in iniquitatibus conceptus. 
Bi-hold hou in sunne i was Qonceyued 5. Beimid, i 


Of my Modur, as Men beon alle, " >>. 

And of my ffadur nou^t receyued 

Bote flesch fill ffrele and fayn to falle. 44 

Bote sefjjhe |)i flesch, lord, was parceyued 

And for vr sake strauht on stalle, 

Was neuer sinful mon deceyued 

Jjat Avolde to |?i merci calle. 48 

"Ecce enim veritatem dileyisii. 
Lo, for bow hast loued riht, 6 - Thnu ' 1!)st 

loved truth. 

Jje priue counseil of bi wit 

Jjou hast me schewed borwh bi miht : 

Twei kuyndes beb to-gedere I-knit, 52 

)3ral is fre and knaue is kniht, 

God is mon, as gospel writ. 

3if my soule in peril is piht, 

Merci, God, and help bou hit. 56 

ksperges me domine ysopo fy mundabor. 
Wib holi watur bou schalt me sprinke, 7. Thou shait 

. mnke me 

And as be snouh I schal be whit. white 

J i. I, i -i snow, and 

nor bauh my soule in sunne smke, 

Wib weopyng watur I 1 may ben quit. '.a/. it 60 

Dedly drauhtes bauh I drinke, 

Of repentaunce jif me respit. 

ffor on bi peynes hose bynke, 

In worldly welbe hab no delyt. 64 

Aiiflitui meo ddbis gaudium. 
To myn herynge bou schalt aiue 8 - to h v 


Gladnesse, to glade bones meke. 

14 II. Maitlaistonc's Paraphrase of Psalm LI. 

In louhnesse lere f ou me to liue, 

Leoue lord, I f e by-sekc. 68 

J)e feoues gult hit was forjiue, 
On Eode-treo [his] l bones breke. l MS. iieore 

A serwful herte and clene i-schriue 
Sauef soule and bodi eke. 72 

huerte. faciem tuam a peccztis meis. 

9. Turn Thy ff rom my suwnes f ou torne f i face, 

fare from my _ . ... , 

inn. Put al my wikkednesse a-way. 

Gret is my gult, grettore fi grace, 

And elles faylef al vr fay. 76 

Sunnes fele fat me deface 

Make)) fat I ne con not say, 

But crie Merci whon I trespace 

Ichot f er nis non ojmr way. 80 

Cor mundum crea in me, deus. 

10. Make in Make in me, god, myn herte clene, 

me a clean 

heart. ))at rihtful gost in me fou rewe. 1 r.newe 

ffrom seuen sunnes 1 fou make hit schene, ' r. sunnes seuen 
Wher so J>ou go I may )>e suwe. 84 

Alias f i tormentes for tene, 
Jji bodi blak, j)i bones bluwe ! 
Mekeful lord, fou make hit seno 

Wif-Inne myn herte, fat hidous hewe. 88 

N E pmicias me a facie tua $ spiritum sanctum t. 

n. Cat me Cast me not out from bi visage, 

not out from 

Thy fare. lac not from me byn holigost ! 
To bi-holde fat feir Ymage, 

Of alle murfus hit is f e most. 92 

A blisful brid was brouht in Cage, 
Cauht 1 and Cud in euftri cost, ' at. cou)> 

Whon f ou weore drawen in tendre age 
To driuen adoun fe fendes host. 96 

ILedde michi leticiam salutaris tni. 

is. Give me Of helebe jif me ioye and blisse, 
t'">Jyr A , .^\. . . ! 

haivation. And strengfe me wif fi spirit chef, 

And al my fyue wittes wisse, 

))at I may loue fat fe is lef ; 100 

And as fou miht my langour lisse, 

II. Maiden-stone's Paraphrase of Psalm LI. 15 

)?ou brouhtest mon to gret bonchef, 

So let me neuere bi Merci misse 

Wlioii I am gret wib gostly greef. 104 

"Docebo iniquos uias tuas : fy impii. 
be wikkede i schal bi weies teche, is. i win 

teach the 

be sunfule schule to be conuerte. wicked Thy 


bou sunful soule, beo war of wreche, 

And benk hou 1 crist is bed and herte, r. on 108 

Breste, bak and bodi bleche, 

Hou hit was bete wib scourges smerte. 

To rewe on him I wolde areche, 

Alias ber may no ter out sterte ! 112 

"Libera me de sanguinibus, deus, dens. 

Deliuere me from blameful blod, u. Deliver 

Almihti god, lord, myn helebe : b 

ben schal my tonge wib mylde mood 
Apertly schewe bi seli selbe. 118 

bi rihtful blod ran doun of Rod, 
To wasschen vs from vr flescly fulbe, 
And mony a storm a3eyn be stood 
To wissen vs from bis worldly welbe. 120 

labia meet aperies fy os meum. 

Mi lippes, lord, bou schalt vndo, ir>. open 

Thou my 

And my moub schal Jn preisyng spelle : i>ps! 

bi merci and bi miht also 

Parfyt[li] may no tonge 1 telle. a r. no tonge may 124 

ffor whon we dedly sunne do, 

bi riht vs dampned anon 1 to helle ; ' at. deme|> doun 

But whon we sese and con sei ho, 1 sei ho, i.e. stop. 

bi Merci is vr wasschyng-welle. 128 

Quoniara si voluisses sacrificium dedissem. 
Weore sacrifice to bi likyng, ic. if Thou 

likedst siicn- 

I hedde hit jiue wib herte fre : fi<ie - \ wo , ul<l 

give it Thee. 

But, certeynly, no such bing 

As in him-self plesaunt may be. 132 

bi-self were off red, a child ful ^ing, 

And afturward on Eode-tre, 

AVhon of bin herte be blod con spring : 

berfore myn herte I offre to be. 130 

16 II. Paraphrase of Psalm LI. III. Prayer to the Trinity. 

17. Tbeaacri- 
fire of God U 
a grieved 

18. Build 
Tlioi the 
walls of 
Jerusalem ! 

10. Then 
slialt Thou 
accept the 
wmce of 

Father, Son, 
anil Holy 

help me ! 

Sacrtficium deo spintus contribulatw. 

To God hit is a sacrifice 
A greued gost fat serwef sore, 
An huymble herte wol not despise, 
Whil repentaurcce may hit restore. 140 

I haue forloren 1 f i seruiee l MS. R. forieten 

And luitel i-lyued aftur f i lore ; 
But i repente nou and aryse : 

Merci, god, I wol no more. 144 

"Benignefac Nomine in bona voluntate. 

Wif meke wil do to syon, 
lemsalem walles fat f ei weore wrouht. 
Jerusalem, as seif seint Ion, 

Is 1 holy churche fat erref nouht. l MS. in 148 

Two testamentes cordynge 1 in on l at. acordeb 

)3e walles were to-gedere i-brouht, 
Whon him-self was Corner-ston 

)5at Monkuynde haf so deore abouht. 152 

Tune acceptabis sacrificium iusticie. 

Jjenne schaltou sacrifice accepte 
Of rihtf ulnesse [&] truf e entere, 
And calueren after f i precepte 

)?ei schul beo leyd on fin Autere. 156 

On Caluarie a calf fer crepte, 
Crist on Cros, bof e clene and clere. 
ffor teres fat his Modur wepte, 
He schylde vs alle from helle fere ! 160 

III. jjer frlgi^ne)) ait msun <rf j?e 

FAdur and Sone and Holigost, 
Lord, to f e I crie and calle, 
Studefast god of mihtes most, 
My sunful lyf is steken in stalle : 
I preye f e, lord, fat f ou fe 1 haste 
Me to helpe, fat I ne falle, 
And mak my soule clene and chaste 
Of dedly sunnes and vueles alle. 

1 The same in northern dialect in MS. Thornton, 
Perry, Religious Pieces in Prose and Verge, E. E. T 
No. 6, p. 75 ff. 


MS. me 

ed. by 

S. 1867. 

III. A Prayer to the Trinity and the Virgin. 17 

Lord, haue Merci of my synne. Have mercy 

. - . on my sin! 

And bring me out ot al my care ; 

Euele to do wol I nou 1 blynne, ' r T couthe neiier 

I haue I-wrouht a^eynes bi lawe l : ' r. lare 12 

Jjou rewe of me [bobe] out and Inne, 

And hele me of my woundes sare ; 

Lord, fat al jris world schal winne, 

Hele me ar i fonde and fare. 16 

1 Adur in heuene bat wel 1 may, ' P ail Father, 


I preye be. lord, bat bou me lede iea<imein 

T -1,4. f <- VI * thermit 

In rihte weyes of stable fay ; way 

At myn endynge whon I haue drede, 20 

Jji grace ich aske [bobe] niht and day, 

And 3if me merci of my misdede. 

Of myn askyng sei not nay, 

But help me, lord, at al my nede. 24 

Swete Iham, for me was boren, Jcsu.ietme 

Jjou here my preyere loud and stille, 
ffor pyne bat me is leid bi-foren 

Ofte i sike and wepe my fille. 28 

Ofte so haue I ben for-sworen 
Whon I haue don a^eynes bi wille, 

Suff re neuere fat I beo loren, not be lost! 

Lord, for myne dedes ille. 32 

holygost, i preye to be Holy Ghost, 

Niht and day in good entent, 
Of al my serwe cumforte me, comfort me, 

Jjin lioli grace bou me sent, 1 P be to me sent 36 

And schild me. 2if bi wille be, a<i shield 

1 ' me from sin'. 

frrom dedly sunne, bat I ne beo schent, 

ffor Marie loue, bat Maiden fre, 

In whom bou lihtest, verreyment. 40 

I preye be, ladi Meoke and mylde, Mary mild, 

|3at bou preye for my misdede, 
ffor [be] loue of bi swete childe, 

As bou him sauh on Rode blede. 44 

Euer^ite haue I ben wylde, 
Mi sunfol soule is eue?'e in drede : 
Merci ladi, bou me schilde, help mo in 

my need, 

And helpe me euere at al myn nede. 48 


18 HI. A Prayer to UK. Trinity and the Virgin. 


erci, Marie, Mayden clene ! 

J)ou let me neuere In sunne Jwelle, 
Preye for me j>at hit beo sene, 
nnrfeot me And schild me from be pyne of helle. 52 

from HIP pain .. ., , . 

,* Hrii, ft or certes, ladi, nht wel i wene 
J)at al my fomen mai^t bou felle. 
ffor-J)i my serwe to be I mene, 

Wij) f erf ul mod my tale i telle. 56 

I-benk be, ladi, euere and ay 

Of alle wiminen bou berest be flour ; 
ffor surafol mon, as I )>e say, 

God haj) don be gret honour. GO 

my Receyuc my preyere niht and day, 

B 1 

Whon I be be-sechc in eny a Our : 

Help me, ladi, so wel bou may, 

Me bi-houeb bou beo my counseilour. 04 

Off counseil, ladi, i preye to be 
Xiht and day, in wele and wo ; 
comfort me, Of al my scrwe cuwforte me, 

And beo my scheld a^eynes my fo. 68 

ffor, certes, ^if bi wille hit be, 
Al my fo-men mai^t bou slo. 
Help me, ladi hende and fre, 

)3ou take bat be is fallen fro. 72 

Mnnii i.y me A t myn endynge bou stonde bi me 

at my ilith ! /% J J O r 

_\ Whon I schal henne fonden anil fare, 

Whon bat I quake and dredful be, 

And al my sunnws I rewe hem sare. 76 

As euere myn hope hab ben in be, 

jjenk 1 bt-ron, ladi, and help me bare, 

ffor [be] loue of bat swete tre 

)3at Ihorn spradde [on] his bodi bare. 80 

Jmalo, Thm, for bat ille 1 StOUllde ' Pilkeharde 

JL J)at bou woldest on Ilode blede, 
At myn endynge whon I schal fouwde 
)5ou haue nierci of my misdede, 84 

And hele me of my dedlich wounde, 
And help me in bat muchele nede ; 
MP m when Whon deb me takejj and bringeb me 1 to groumle, 

J)en schal i, lord, bi domes drede. > om. me 88 

IV. A Confession to Jesus Christ. 19 

LOrd, for my sunncs to do penaunce, 
ffor my dedes 1 J>ou grauntc hit me 1 f Be-fore my dede 
A 1 space of vcrrey Repentaunce J PAnd 

In serwe of herte, I preye to be. 92 

In bi merci is myn affyaunce ; 
Of my folye bou haue pite, 
bat bou of me ne take veniaunce, take not 


Lord, for bi bemguite. 96 on me, 

LOrd, as bow art ful of miht 
And as bou alle binges wost, 

My lyf amende, my dedes riht, l This verse added on the margin. 

1 ffor mari loue fat maidew chost, 2 Z P chaste 100 

And bringe me sone in to fat liht bring me to 

Wib-outen ende ber ioye is most, 

On be to seo bat swete siht. sight of the 

Trinity 1 

ffadur and Sone and Holigost. AMEX. 104 

iv. g t9*faatm ta |^w aist 

Swete Thesn crist, to be 
A gulti wrecche Ich jelde me i have sind 

ffor sunnes bat ichaue ido 

In al my lyf hider-to. 4 

In Pruide, in Envye, In lecherye, in ail the 

Seven Sinn, 

In SJeube, In Wrabbe, In Glotenye, 

In al bis worldus Couetyse, 

Ichaue isunged In alle byse. 8 

-broken Ichaue bi Comaundemens against the 

10 Command- 

A^eynes myn owne Conciens, ments, 

And not iserued be to queme : 
Lord Merci, ar be dom is deme. 12 

TO ofte ichaue in my lyue 
Isunged in my wittes fyue, and with ail 

Wib Eres I-herd, wib Eijen siht, wus. lve 

Wib sunful speche day and niht, 16 

Wib Honden I-hondlet, \vib feet I-go, 
Wib Neose i-smullet eft also, 
Wib herte sunfulliche i-bouht, 

Wib al my bodi vuel I-\vrouht : 20 



IV. A Confession to JCKUS Clmst- 

lint I never 
i..r..k Thee, 

.I.-MI, sent! me 

sorrow of 


that in v M.ul 

IliilV K>> (O 


Mary. Mother 
of Merry, 

lx*wecli thy 
Son in have 

in; fritndi, 

And of alle iny folye 
Merci, lord Ihesu, Ich crye. 

Al-fauh ichaue i-sunged euerc, 
Lord, i ne forsok fe neuere, 
Xe ofur god ne tok i none, 
ffadur of heuene, but fe one. 
And ferfore, lord, i fe biseche 
Wif rihtful hertliche speche, 
Xe $if Jou me none mede 
Aftur my sxinfule dede. 

But aftur, lord, )>i grete pite 
Ihesn lord, asoyle fou me, 
And send me ofte, ar I dye, 
Serwe in herte, and ter in ei3e, 
ilbr suunes J;at ichaue i-do 
In al my lyf hider-to. 

And let me neuere eft biginne 
To do no more dedly synne, 
So fat I at myn endyng-day 
Cleiie of synne dye may, 
WiJ) Schrif t and Hosul at myn ende ; 
So J>at my soule mowe weude " 
In to fat blisful Empyre 
J?cr fat fou regnest lord and sire. 

Swete ladi seinte Marie, 
fful of Alle Curtesie, 
!Modur of Merci and of pite, 
Myn hope, myn help is al in fe. 
Wei ich wot 1 , ibore fou were 
In help of al vs wrecches here ; 
And wel ich wot fat alle f ing 
J)i sone wol don at f i biddyng. 
Bi-sech fi sone lef and dere 
ffor me synful wrecche here ; 
Bi-seche him, for fe loue of fe 
)3at he haue merci of me ; 
And help me at myn ende-day 
ffrom fe foule feudes afEray. 

Bi-seche also f e flour of alle, 
))i sone, for my frendes alle, 











IV. A Confession to Jesus Christ. 


' MS. 

Jjat he hem kepc wif his grace 
ffrom alle perels in vche place, 
And $ef hem god lyf and god ende, 
And loye when J>ei schul hefene we/zdc ; 
And also alle cristene men. 
God lord Ihesus, Amen AMEN". 

Seint Michel and seint Gabriel 
And alle fe Angeles 1 also wel, 
Preyef for me to vre ladi, 
Jjat Ihesws of me haue merci. 

HOli Patriarkes and prophetes, 
Alle i preye ow and bi-seches : 
PreyeJ) for me to vre ladi, 
J5at Ihesus of me haue merci. 

PEter and Poul, fe Apostles alle, 
Alle i beo-seche ou jerne and calle : 
Preyef for me to vre ladi, 
Jjat Ihesus of me haue merci. 

SEint Steuene and seint Laurens 
And alle gode Martires fat f oledcn twmes, 
Preye]) for me to vre ladi, 
Jjat Ihesus of me haue Merci. 

SEint Martin and seint Nicholas 
And alle gode confessours fat cue?- was, 
PreyeJ) for me to vre ladi, 
}3at Ihesus of me haue merci. 

Seinte Katerine and seinte Mergrete 
And alle f e vzrgines gode and swete, 
PreyeJ) for me to vre ladi, 
)5at Ihesus of me hane merci. 

Seinte Marie Maudeleyne, 
To fe I pre^e and eke pleyne : 
Preye)) 1 for me to vre ladi, 
J3at Ihesus of me haue merci. 

Alle Hale wen fat euere were, 
Jjat beof m'st lef and dere, 
Preyef for me to vre ladi, 
jjat Ihesus of me haue merci. 

1 r. Prey 










and all Chris- 
tian men. 

Pray also fur 
me ye, 
Michael, Ga- 
briel, and all 

ye Patriarchs 
anil Prophets, 

ye Apostles, 

ye Martyrs, 

ye Confessors. 

ye Virgins, 

Mary Magda- 

and all 
Saints ; 


pray for me 
to our Lady. 

22 V. Prayer to the Five Wounds. "VI. Prayer to our Lady. 

V. g, prcgcr tu >c Sue foou4cs. 

ja,tatThy Th?u crist, my lemmon swete, 

J_ J>at dijedest on pe Rode-tre, 

Wip al my miht i pe be-seche, 

ffor pi woundes two and )>re, 4 

love be flxt in ])at also faste mot pi loue 

In to myn lierte ficched be 
fet a the As was pe spere in to fin herte 
TMnVT"* Whon pou soffredest dep for me. 8 

Ih&ms pat dijedest on pe Eode 
ffor )>e loue of me 
And bouhtest me wip J>i blode, 
jen, hT* Jjou haue Merci of me : 12 

nit-ivy on 

! What me lettej) of eny fmg 

ffor to loue J>e, 
Beo hit me lef beo hit me lop, 

|3ow do hit a-wey from me, AMEN". 16 

VI. % jjmcrc ta 

c ^ Mayden : Euere wel fe be ! 
Modur and Mayden mylde : Marie, J>enk on me ! 
Modur boj>e and Mayden : Was J>er neuere non 
To-gedere, ladi Marie : But pi-self al-on. 4 

1T Marie Mylde, pat Modur art : And may den hoi and 


To-day me schilde and euere : ffrom serwe and herte-tene; 
k wp me from Marie, out of synne : Euere kep pou me, 

And from pe deueles cu?nbremewt : And out of his 
pouste. 8 

IT Marie ful of Merci : ffor pi loyes fyue 
Help me now and euere : To lyuen in clene lyue ; 
And for pe deofljful 1 teres : Jjou lettest vndur pe Rode, 
luirituS Send me in my lyue : Grace of gostly fode, > MS. deofui 
rood. Wher-wip I may my soule : Vche day her feden ; 13 

And of bodily godus : Mi lyf also wip leden. 

1 A similar poem in short verse, from a MS. of the loth 
cent, see in Wright, Bel. Ant. II. 212. In the MS. the i 
is written in half-lines ; the colons (:) were added by ine. 

VI. A Prayer to our Lady. 23 

HElp me, SAvete ladi : And alle frendes myne, 
And scliild us here from alle vr fos : And from 
helle-pyne ; 1 6 

Swete ladi of heuene : Scliild us from worldus Mary, shield 

me and my 

Scliame, friends from 

the Devil's 

And from pe deueles wyles : And from wikkede fame, wiles > 
Xomeliche from dedly su?me : And from vilenye, 
And from alle-maner folk : Of wikked Cumpaignye. 20 

Swete ladi Maiden : Godus Moder Milde, 
A^eynes pe fencl?^ twrnes : pou vs euere schylde, 
pat no wikkede ping : Xeuere vs do dere ; 

ffrom sunne, ladi, euere : pou saue vs and were. 24 and from sin. 
IT In alle tymes, ladi : Bope day and niht MS. my 
Help us, seinte Marie : Wip al py 1 meyn and mihi 
I preye pe for my frendes : And eke also for me, 
pat we moten here : Amendet beo porw pe ; 28 

As mest vr soule is nedful : And also to vr lyue, 
Marie, mak hit so : Wip us, for pi loyes fyue. 

LAdi, for myn Enemys : I preye pe also, i pray 

Jjat heo in pis lyue : Moten her do so 32 tU : rmy 

pat heo neuer in synne : Ne in wrappe dye ; 
Swete ladi Marie : Herteliche I pe preye. 

And for alle pulke : pat ben in clene lyue for ail of pure 

I preye pe, Marie : ffor pi serwes fyue ; 36 

Euere whil heore lyf laste : per-Inne pou hem holde, 
Bope whil pei ben jonge : And eke whil pei ben olde. 

FOr alle po, ladi, i preye pe : pat ben in dedly synne ; and aii in 
n iv i f i. i. i deadly sin. 

Suifre hem neuere tor no ping : pat pei dye per- 
Inne ; 40 
Swete ladi Marie : Heom wisse euere and rede, 
And do hem amenden, ar pei dyen : heere heore 

MArie, for pi loyes : )?at blisful weren alle, 
Let me neuere here : In dedly sunne falle ; 44 
Preye pou pi deore sone : Ihesu heuene-kyng, pmytiiydear 

He graunte me sopfast schrifte : Hosel and god 


And for his precious blod : And his holy grace 
In heuene-riche wib him-self : pat I mowe hauen a me a place in 

. Heiweii, 

place. 4o 

24 VII. A Prayer at the Elevation of the Host. 

"Arie, as my trust : Enterliche is in be, 
ffor bi leoue sones loue : Jjeos preyers grannt 
bou me ; 50 

ndew- And bco myn help studefast : To gete me Jjat blisse 

J?at euermore schal lasten : Wib-outen eny misse AMEX. 


VII. g prcger at )>e 

welcome. "TTTElcome, Lord, In fourme of Bred ! 
, h, form ^ In j, e fe fc^ ] y f and Ded, 

Ihegurf is bi nome. 3 

Jjou bat art In Trinite, 
Lord, bow haue Merci of me 

And schild bou me from schome. 6 

Heil Ihmi, godus sone, 
Holigost from heuene i-come, 

Kyng bou art i-Coren ; 9 

Heil mon of most miht, 
Godus sone bat art so briht, 

Of Marie bou were boren. 12 

Heil god, best be be, 
heil Blosme vppon tre, 

Heried beo bi sonde ! 15 

Heil fruit, heil flour, 
TII..II saviour Heil be bou Saueour 

of the world, 

Of watur and of londe. 

Heil kyng, heil kniht, 
heil mon of most miht, 

Prince in bi Trone, 21 

Heil Duyk, heil Empe>-our, 
Heil beo bou gouernour 

Of al bis worldus wone. 24 

heil mon of mylde mod, 

Heil beo bow kyng ; 27 

Heil God ffeirest, 
Heil beo bou, bern best, 

Jjow madest alle byng. 30 

1 Title in the Index : Sixe salutacions to f>e triuite in tj me 
of f>e eleuociou/i of godis body. 

rimti neii TT e il flesch, heil blod, 

ami bloud, 

VIII. At the Elevation. IX. The Five Joys of Our Lady. 25 

Heil Eose vppon Rys, 
heil mon of most pris, 
ffor us pou were ded ; 
Heil God ful of miht, 
Godus sone pat art so briht, 

T f -I j 

In fourme Jjou art of bred. 

at )>e 


Ipe honoure wi)> al my miht 
In fourme of Bred as i pe se, 
Lord, pat in pat ladi briht, 
In Marie Mon bi-come for me. 
T-%1 fflesch, \>i blod is swete of siht, 
J J?i Sacrament honoured to be, 
Of Bred and Wyn wij> word i-diht ; 
Almihti lord, I leeue in pe. 

I Am sunful, as pou wel wost : 
Ihesu, pou haue merci of me ; 
Soffre pou neuere pat I be lost 
ffor whom pou dijedest vppon pe tre, 
Ac porwh pat ladi of Merci most 
Mi soule pou bringe in blisse to pe ; 
Repentaurcce to-fore mi dej>, 
Schrif[t] and Hosul pou grauwte me, 
"YVijj ffadur and Sone and Holygost, 
]?at EegneJ) God In Trinite. Amen. 




God's s<>n in 

form of bread. 

i honour 

Tllee - ^l'" 

in form of 



Have mercy 

" Ine ' '"' 

wimm Thou 

IX. pe fpe |oges of bv 

HAue loye, Marie, Modur and Maide, 
As pe Angel Gabriel Message to pe saide 
And brouhte pe tiping 
Jjat crist wolde in pe aliht. 
Help us, ladi, porw pi miht 
To habben his blessyng. 

1 Title in the Index : An orysou/t to godes body at 

i. At c,aM- 

26 IX. Ttic Five Joys of Our Lady. X. A Prayer to God. 

It. At the 

Itirtl, ..I 

III. At His 

IV. At His 

A Mansion. 

V. At Thy 
t'onmntion in 

Lord, cnui 
un endless 


> r. al ? 

HAue loye, Marie, for fou were 
Glad of Ihmi f o fou him bere, 
And 1 wif-outen pyning ; 
flul fou weore of Godus grace. 
Help me, Ladi, to seo fi face, 
ffeirest of alle f yng. 

HAue loye, Marie, feole sife, 
ffor Iliesus a-Itos from def to lyue 
In a morwenyng, 
)3e f ridde day fat he was ded. 
Ladi, schild us from fe qued 
And from his wikked tysyng. 

HAue loye, Marie, for fou se^e 
)3at Ihesu crist to heuene steije 
In to his wonijing, 
And euere fou se^e him at f i wille. 
Help us, ladi, fat we ne spille, 
Jporwj f i beo-seching. 

HAue loye, Marie, fow were vp fet 
And bi Ih&m crist I-set 

)jer fat he is kyng ; 
Qween he made fe wif Croune. 
Help us, ladi, forwh fi bone, 

And to blisse us bring. Amen. 
II tfadur and sone and holigost, 
Al fat is and nis fow wost, 

And art wif-oute bigining : 
Lord, for f i Modur loue 
Graunt vs f e loye fat is aboue, 

Jjat neuer haf endyng. Amen. 










Lord, let me 

will what 
Iliuu litest, 

X. gn orisoun ta rjob. 1 

LOrd, my God al Merciable, 
I J>e bi-seche wij> herte stable 
J)at I mouwe euere wilne Jat ])ing 
J?at most may beo to fy lykyng, 

1 Title in the Index : An orysou/t to gcxl J>c fadur. 

X. A Prayer to God. 27 

And wysliche folewen euere bi wille, 

Sikerliche knowen and folfulle 

pe louereden of bi nome and blis, 

Mi stat ordeynen as bi wille is. 8 

Al bin askyng and bi wille * n <] f ' fi i Ti>y 

' will. 

Euere do me, lord, folfille ; 

As me may most in soule nede 

pi wissynge help to spede. 12 

Mi wei to be beo siker and riht, 

And harde i-fastnet wib bi miht, 

pat I in weole be bonke so 

And euere beo pacient in wo, 16 Make mo 

patient in 

pat I ne falle neuer mo woe, 

In noujmr of hem bo be two ; 

Ne bat I neuere glad ne be 

But in bing bat lykeb be, 20 

Ne serwe neuere bote for bing 

pat torne be to mis-lykyng, 

Ne bat I neuere desire to plesen and dcirim 

No mon falsliche ne displesen 24 

Bote be, deore lord, al-one, to please Thee 

ifor no drede of monnes mone. 

If Al erbliche bing beo vyl to me, 

Lord, for be loue of be, 28 

And alle binges bat byne be 

Leof and deore mak hem me, 

And bou al-one, Almihti kyng, 

Out and ouer al obur byng 32 

Eue?* beo most in my lykyng, 

And wib me derworbest ouer alle bing. 

H Alle loyes beo nuyous to me 

pat ben, lord, Avib-outen be. 36 

In alle trauayles bat ben for be Let my plea 

Euer-more al my lykyng be. works tor 

Eestes alle bat ne ben in be, 

Anuy and trauayle beo bei to me. 40 

Euere myn herte to be bou dresse, 

Mi surane to clanse wib serefulnesse. 

Boxum me make wib-oute feynimj. Make me 

. , , , .. . . obedient and 

And glad wip-outen ryotyng, 44 


X. A Prayer to God. 



nii<l nn ex- 
ample to all. 

Give me a 
noble and 


kill to know 
Tliee aright, 

lio|ic to era- 
brace Thee 

Serwhful wip-outen pat luper last 

To maken of my-self out-cast, 

Meur wip-outen greuoushed, 

And Murie wip-outen wyldehed, 

Sop wip-outen falshed 

Or eny opur doublehed 

Of fikel word wip double entente 

To bleenden pat pe sawe mente ; 

Dredful wip-outen wonhope, 

And trust wip-outen ouer-hope ; 

Min euencristne to vndurnyme so 

}3at per ne beo no feynyng to, 

And wip-outen eny pruyde 

Hem to edefyen in alle tyde, 

In word, ensaumple, and in dede, 

To alle gode from alle quede ; 

Vmble wip-outen jein-siggyng, 

Suffraunt wip-outen grucchyng. 

Waker herte jif pou me 

Euere, lord, a-bouten pe, 

Jjat neuer non opur curiousete 

Ne led my herte fromward pe. 

^if me herte so noble and fre 

]?at no fals loue hit drawe fro pe. 

3if me herte pat neuermore fayle, 

Ne bi 1 conqueret in no trauayle. 

H ffreo herte, lord, }if me wip wynne, 

J3at vuel delyt naue kalange Inne. 

U Eihtful herte jif me also 

Jjat no wrong wit ne enclyne to. 

U Lord, ffadur of alle Merci, 

I pe bi-seche hertely 

Cunnynge, pe to knowe ariht 

Wip bisi sechinge day and niht, 

Wip 1 pat I kunne fynde, i 

Mi pewes in pi lykyng bynde ; 

Perseuerauwce pe to abyde, 

3if me, lord, in vche a tyde, 

Wip hope trewe and studefast, 

Jjat pe, lord, ay bi-cluppe fast ; l ' some vr. wanting? 



r. wit? 







XI. A Prayer to our Lord Jesus. 20 

Jjorwh pen an?? co pat I mowe do 

Jji pyneful [l]yf l mowe lykne to ; l MS. pynefuiyf 

H And whil me lastep lyues space, 

Gode werkes vsen Jjorwh pi grace, 88 

byne loves vsen and wib be wone ami life with 

. . Thee in glory. 

In pi glorie, wip ffadur and sone. Amen. 90 

XL Qtimn ta for lorfc 

LOrd, Swete Ihesu crist : Haue Merci of me, 
]5at out of heuene come : In to eorpe for me, 
And of be Mayden Marie : Boren were for me, 
And on pe cros suffredest : Bitter dep for me. 4 

Of Merci I pe bi-seche : Jjat mest of mihtes may, mercy on met 
Swete Ihesu my cumfort : Mi solas and my play ; 
Of alle vices me deliuere : And of pruide, I J?e pray, 7 
Jjat I may J>e louen as lord : And knowen for God verray. 

fful muchel ouhte i be to louen : In stable treube r ought to 

love Thee. 

and fay, 
Whon ]ou were god and art : And schalt ben euere 

and ay, 
Com in to eorbe for my loue : To take my kuvnde of For me Thou 

J tookest flesh, 

In fe world to wynne 1 vs wele : |5ou suffredest men 

worchen J?e way. J MS. wynnes 1 2 

In J>e world, as I seide er : In bodi, fflesch and Bon, 
Hunger and ffurst lieddestou bobe : In hot and Cold to nffre<iet 

liiiiigfi, uiid 


Blod and watur j?ou swattest bobe : And Teres Mony on, 
And sej>]jhen for J>e loue of vs : |ji deb pen hastou tan. 

iful hard and deolful was J>i dep : Hose hedde hit in painful death, 

J>ouht, 17 

Whon J?at pi blessede bodi : Jjat neuere no sunne 


Among pis false lewes : Jji-seluen hast hit brouht, 
And seppen wip pi blessed blod : ffrom bale pou hast us 

bouht. 20 

1 Title in the Index : An ory.soun to god J?e sone. In the 
MS. the poem is written in half-lines. 

30 XL A Prayer to Jesus. XII. To Mary. 

wt crow,,,! A Croune of bornes vppon bin lied : jjei setten scharp 

with thorns, ... . 

and fresch, 
n.iii.i i.and Heo J>e nayleden hondes and feet : Bobe bonvh bon and 


s,.er-thrust. A sperc bonvh bi syde stong : Jjyn herte was ful nesch, 
Whon be blod and watur sprong : Jjat vs of synne 
wesch. 24 

, Ihesu, I preye be : Jjat ful art of pite, 

Let me not be ff or my su?mes bat ichaue don : Let me neuere dampned 



But graute me grace in to myn herte : Ihesu in Trinite, 
Of stable treube and rihtwys werkes : Loue and Charite. 
i have broken tful ofte ichaue be wrabbed : And broke bi Comaunde- 
ment, 29 

"NVib al my fyue wittes : In lyf bat bou me hast lent, 
Vnwisliche hem dispendet : And not in good entent, 
Bobe borwh myn owne wille : And obure entisement. 32 
but, J.-SH, Bote, swete Iliesu, woltou me here : wib schrift ichaue 

bear me, 

be souht : 
In mony werkes, as I seide ere : Vuele ichaue I- 

Non of hem schal ben vnpunissched : Jjeron is al my 

bouht ; 

forget me not, I take me al to bi Merci : ffor loue for-^et me nouht 36 
Wib Mylde mod and sikyng sore : I be-seche be 

bnne me and ffor mv ff rendes. IheftTi crist : As wel as for nie. 

my friends 

On domes-dai whon bou schalt demen : Scheuh us bi 

face freo, 

t wig. in And bring vs in to paradys : ]3er endeles blisse schal 
beo. Amen. 40 

[XII. git orison tor &r 

i r. neuene 

Mary, lot me TTEil beo bou, Marie: Mylde qwen of heuene ! 

_Li Blessed is bi Nome : And good hit is to nemene. 1 
To be i Make my mone : I prey be, here my steuene, 

not die in And let me neuere dye : In non of be sunnes seuene. 4 

hi! ' 

1 So the title in the Index. In the MS. the poem is written 
in half-lines. 

XII. A -Prayer to the Virgin Mary. 31 

LAdi seinte Marie : Qween Corteis and hende ! 
ffor be loye fat bou were Inne : Whon god his 

Angel dude sende, 

And seide bat ]>e holygost : Schulde in bi bodi lende, 
)3ou bringe me to bat blisse : )5at is wib-outen ende. 8 
oyful was ]>in herte, ladi : Jjerof haue I no drede 


Whon Ihesu crist was boren of be : ffeirest of alle For Jean's 

. , love, 


And bou were Maiden biforn : And aftur, as we rede. 
Marie, for be loue of him : Help us at al vr nede. 12 help us in our 
wete ladi, bou rewe on me : And male myn herte 


JJring us out of sunne : bat do)) us traye and tene ; bring us out 

Wo hit vs byginneb : In werkes as we han sene ; 
Schild us from be peynes : ber uon may obur mene. 16 

LAdi ful of grace : loyful was bi chere 
Whon Ihom crist from dej vp ros : bat was be 

lef and dere. 

Marie, for be loue of him : bat lay byn herte so nere, Mao-, 
Bring us out of synne and serwe : While bat we aren 
here. 20 

LAdi ful of muche miht : bat mylde art of mod ! 
ffor his woudes fyue : bat Ronnen alle on blood, 
ifor be loue of swete Ihesu : bat dyede on be Rod, 
Get me heuene blisse : Ladi feir and god. 24 get 

LAdi seinte Marie : Corteis, feir & swete ! 
ffor loue of be teres : bat for bi sone bou lete 
Whon bou seje him hongen : Xayled honden and fete, 
bou sende me grace in eorbe : Mi sunnes forte bete. 28 

IX counseil art bou best : And trewest in eueri nede, 
To sunfol men ful prest : In saumple of good dede : 
ffor loue of bi deore sone : bou se^e on Rode blede, 31 
bou help us nou and euere : And schild us from mis-dede. Mp now 

LAdi seinte Marie : So Rose in Erber rede, 
To be i crie and calle : To be I make my beode : 
bou help me at myn ende : Whon I drawe to be dede, 
And let me neuer falle : In bondes of be quede. 36 

LAdi, for be ioye : bat bou bi-self were Inne Lady, who 

J ' ' * art with 

Whon bou se$e Ihmi crist : fflour of al mon- 



32 XII. To Mary. XIII. Tlutrilts and Prayer to God. 

bring me to 

that lijjht, 
where joy is 
ever new. 

Steih in to his riche : Jjer loye schal neuer blynne, 39 
Of Bale fou beo my bote : And bring me out of synue. 

LAdi, for fat loye : Jjat fou to crist weore tan 
In to f e blisse of heuene : Wif Aungeles mom an, 
And set bi swete Ihesn crist : In ffel, in flesch and bon, 
Jjou bringe me to fat blisse : Jjat neuer schal beo gon. 44 
Adi ful of grace : Jjat heije sittest in trone, 

Loue of alle blisse : Send fou me my bone : 
Ihesus to louew and drede : My lyf to amenden sone, 
And comen to him fat hende : Jjat weldef Sonne and 
Mone. 48 

FOr f i loyes fyue : Ladi feir and briht, 
ffor f i clene Maidenhod : And for f i muchele miht, 
Jjou ^if me miht and grace : To come to fat liht, 
Jjer loye is euere newe : And day wif-outen niht. 52 

LAdi seinte Marie : 3if fi wille ware, 
As fou art ful of loye : And I am ful of care, 
Schild me from synne and scheme : Jjat I falle no mare, 
And send me hosul and schrift : Ar I hefene fare. 56 

A. M. E. N. 

nod, an 



tit fogrstpp in 

od bat al hast mad of nouht, 


ffor loue of mon fat fou hast 
Wher in fe world so fat i be, 
Wif al myn herte I f onke f e : 
H )5at fou me madest on of fyne, 
And bouhtest me wif bitter pyne. 
i thank Thee I fonke fe, lord, wif good entent 
Of wit and grace fou hast me sent. 
H Wif al myn herte and mylde moode 
I f onke f e, lord, of alle gode. 


I preye f e, lord, fou grau??te me miht 
Wif al myn herte to loue fe riht. 
U I preye fe, lord, out and lime 
}5at fou me schilde from dedly synne j 
I preye fe, lord, fat fou me wisse 

me to ^ muchele blisse. Amera. 

for an Thy 


i pray Thee 



1 So the title in the Index. 

XIV. Another Prayer to the Virgin Mary. 

to t\t Iir0in 


jet me not die 
in my sin. 

MArie Modur, Qwen of heuene, Queen of 

Jjenk on me and here my steuene ! 
Marie Meke and Mylde of mood, 

ffor loue Of fat holy Rood, 1 . . . l r. blood? orig. 2w. om.? 4 

Marie, J?at J>ou se^e on Rode 
Whon ])ou bi Jn sone stode, 

Marie, fat Ran out of his syde 
fforte falle fe fendes pryde, 8 

Marie, $if me knowynge of my synne, 
And let me neuere die fer-Inne ; 

Marie, schild me from vueles alle, 
And let me neuere in fondynge falle. 12 

Marie, prei for me ]ri sone 
Jjat myn herte euere on him mone, 

Marie, to louen him oner alle fyng 
WiJ> herte trewe to myn endyng. 16 

Marie, i preye fe Meke and Mylde, 
ffor loue of fi swete childe, 

Marie, my scheld beo ajeyn J>e fende 
"Whon I schal out of fis world wende. 20 

Marie, of myn ende is al my drede, 
Of my sunnes and of my misdede : 

Marie, forfi f ou rewe on me, 
jjat I forwh jje may I-saued be. 24 

Marie, Mi ffrendes, quike and dede, 
)5ou hem wisse and fou hem rede, 

Marie, In to fat holy blis 
Jjer Ihesu crist him-seluen is. 28 

Marie, at my def whon I schal fare 
Out of fiis world, droupe and dare, 

Marie, help me J>enne as on of J>yne, 
And bring me out of serwe and pyne, 32 

Marie, in to blisse, wij> J?e to wone, 
ffor Ihesu loue, Jri deore sone. AMEN. 

Mary, pity 

me that I 
may be saved, 

and my 
friends too. 

Mary, bring 

me into bliss 
with thee ! 


34 XV. Prayer for the Seven Gifts of the Holy Ghost. XVI. 

[XV. jnjtr for % Scfan 6ifts of tire 

/"^ Od bat art of mihtes most, 
\1T he seuen aiftns of be holigost 

I preye bat bou 31110 me, 
J)at I may borwh be grace of hem 

ood, give me 

Holy Gliost; 

Wynne bi loue and o/ aZfe 
And euere to qweme be. 

LOrd, for be jifte of pite 
^if me grace sunne to fle, 
$if hit beo bi wille ; 
And borwh be ^ifte of drede also 
Euere godnesse forte do, 
And neuere to don ille. 

IN wit, louerd, wys me make, 
Worldus pruyde outre forsake, 
ffor Jri woundus fyue. 
*. strength, $ift of sti'eiigbe graurete bou me, 
Out of sunne euer to be, 
Whiles icham a-lyue. 

IN-sihte }if bou me also 
J3e to knowe, in weole and wo 
Wheber bat i beo Inne. 
3ift of counseil put in me 
Euere for to serue be 
Clene wib-oute synne. 

By another hand on erasure. 


1. Pity, 

2. Dread, 

8. Wit, 

5. Insight, 

6. Counsel, 

7. Wisdom. 

And at my 
end wild me 
to Joy ! 

SEnde me wisdam, forte se 
Mi wrecchednesse and my frelete 
Now and eueri day ; 
So bat at my lyues ende 
To bat loye bow me sende 

)5at lasteb now and ay. A m e n. 


for ncrttgeittf ot 
kks of mcrrg.] l 

I have not 
fe.1 the 

T ord, I jelde me gulti 

Jjat I neuere fedde be hungri, 

1 So the Title in Index. 








XVI. No Deeds of Mercy. XVII. Sins of the Five Wits. 35 

Lord, as J>ou bede me ; 
I $af no drinke J>e phursti, 
"Wijj wille ne wijj bodi : 

Merci, lord, I crie ]je. 
V)E naked, lord, I ne haue not clad 
j To my pouwer, as f>ou bad, 

Noujmr wij> dede ne wille ; 
Ne sek folk ne cumforted I : 
Jjerfore, lord, mak me sori 

)3at I haue don so Hie. 

Dede bodies haue I graue non, 
But heold despyt of vchon 
Wher J>at I hem sawe. . 
In myn herborwh herborwhed I non, 
Pore Mon ne Pilgrym, of fflesch and bon, 
To folf ulle fe lawe. 

Prisones fat harde i-bounden lay, 
I ne visitede hem Niht ne day : 
Lord, for-jiue hit me, 
And alle ofur wikkedhed, 
Jjat I may coinen aftur my ded 

And wonen euere, lord, wij) fe. Amen. 

I have not 
given drink 
to the thirsty. 

clad the 

comforted the 





buried the 

honsd the 

Tisited those 
lu prison. 

Forgive me, 

Let me dwell 
with Thee! 



L0[r]d, sunged haue I ofte 
In my fyue wittes, vvi)? wille and 

In Lecherouse sihtes, 
Wijj myn Eres herd wikkede sawes 
Of myn Euenc?-z'stne a-^eyn j)e lawes, 

Bofe day and nihtes. 
In tast haue I had gret lykyng 
And passed mesure In Mete and driiik : 

Lord, for-jiue hit me j 
And fat ichaue sunged in smellyng, 
And also, lord, in synful felyng, 

3if J)i wUle be. AMEK 

1 So the Title in Index. 

I have sind in 

3 1. sight, 
2. hearing, 

3. taste, 


4. smelling, 

5. feeling. 

D 2 

36 XVIII. A Confession of breaking the Ten Commandments. 

1. 1 have not 
loved God or 

my fellow- 

Z. I've taken 
Thy name in 
TUII. . 

S. I've not 
kept Holy 

4. or honourd 
father and 

5. I've slnin 
men in will, 
and back- 
bited them, 

6. have stolen, 

7. born false 


8. oind in 
lechery, and 

9. coveted my 

10. and wife. 

Forgive me ! 

[XVIII. gn onsow far negligcus of ty $ 
(toaunknumsj 1 

INwardliche, lord, bi-seche i Je, 
Al my trespas for-jiue fou me : 
Jjat I haue broken Jri Comauredemens 
A3ein J>i wille and J>i defens. 4 

I haue not loued J>e ouer alle J>yng 
And worschiped as my lord, my kyng ; 
Min Euencristen ne loued I nouht 
As my-self, in wil ne J>ouht. 8 

]3i nome not nempned in worschupe, 
Bute ofte-si)>es in Idelscbupe. 
In holi-dayes haue I wrouht, 

To holychurche code I nouht 12 

ffadur and Modur worscbupet haue not I, 
But a^eyn hem don vnboxumly. 
Men haue I slawen wij) my wille, 
And Bakbited hem bo]?e loude and stille. 16 

WiJ> wrong ichaue had muche.fing, 
BoJ>e of jifte and of stelyng. 
Boren ichaue fals witnesse 

And seldene i-don Rihtwysnesse. 20 

In lecherie haue I sunged ille 
Ofte-sifes ajeynes skille. 
I-chaue coueyted more pen me hihte 
Mi neih^ebores god wij) vnrihte, 24 

His wyf, his seruaunt, his ofur ping. 
ffor-J)i, Almihti heuene-kyng, 
ffor-jif me now, and alle men 
Jjat haue broken J>i comauTidemeris ten. 28 

1 So the Title in Index. 


XIX. The Hours of the Cross. Matins. 37 

[XIX. Jatris jJapienda, 1 sive fora* k tec*.] */ 

' cfi f&sston* 

~T\Atris sapienda, veritas diuina 
I deus homo factus est hora mututina, 
A notis discipulis cito derelictus, 
A ludeis traditus, venditus, afflictus. 
v. Adoranms te, criste, fy benedicimus tibi, 
Quia per crucem tuam redemisti mundum. 
[Oremus] D[omi]ne Ihesu criste, fili dei viui, qui pro 
nob is reis passionem in cruce ad mortem pie sustulisti, 
ob nostram vitam redimendam: In iudicio futuro 
animabus nostris fy in hora mortis nostre succurrere 
digneris ; prestando viuis raisericordmm $ graciam, 
defunctis veniam fy requiem, ecclesie pacem et con- 
cordiam, fy peccatoribus vitam fy gloriam sempiter- 
nam. Qui vivis fy regnas dens per omnia secula 
seculorum. amen. 

rliche in J>e morwenyng : Ihesu J>e lewes gunne take, At early 
His frendes and his diciples : Hedden him sone Jews toot 


forsake ; 
bei hlyndfelden him and Boffeteden : And al niht heold blindfolded 

* and buffeted 

him wake : Him. 

And al sotfrede swete Ihesu : ffor monkunne sake 4 

jjat sorvve. 

How may I for-^ete Ihesu : At Euen or at Mor[w]e 1 
v[ers.] Crist, honoured mote ]>ou be, 
bat bouhtest al J>e world on tre ! 8 

orlemits.'] Lord Ihesu, godus sone : bat synful mon Jesus, son 

of God, 

wolt not tyne, 

1 So the title in Index. The Latin text is ed. in Daniel Thes. 
Hymnolog. I. p. 337. In the MS. the Engl. poem is written 
in half-lines. Another poem on the same subject, in MS. 
Miscell. Lit. 104, Bodl., fol. 50 (temp. Edw. III. or II.), has been 
edited by Morris, Leg. of the Holy Rood, p. 222. It is this, as 
given by Morris : 

Hie incipiunt matutine de passione domini nostri 

ihesu cristi. 

Antiphona : Pair is sapienda ueritas diuina, fyc. 
Vers. Adoramus te criste fyc. 
Or. Domine ihesu criste fili dei uiui pone passionem 

crucem et mortem tuam $c. Amen. i m the be- 

1 Swete ihe^-u cryst, goddis sone of lyue, Ifumza^ist 

bin passion, bin croys, bin ded, bin wondes five 1* wanting. 


grant the 
mercy ; 
the dead, 
pardon ; 
repentance ! 

At Prime, 

the Jews 
Christ before 

and pat In 
His face, 

Jenus, Sou of 

XIX. The Hours of the Cross. Prime. 

Bi-twenen vr soules and )>i dora : Pattest J>e in hard pyne : 
J)i Cros, ]>i DeJ> now and euere : And at vre endyng-tyme 
Graunte liuynde men : Grace and Merci pyne ; 12 

To dede, reste and pardoun ; 

To Churclie, pes, loue in londe ; : To sunful, contricioun. 
v[ers.] Cristes passion, heuene kyng, 
Bring us to blisse J>at is wi)>-outere endyng. 16 

"ffOra prima ductus est 7/tesus ad pilatum, 
Ml ffalsis testimoniis tmdunt accusatum. 
In Collo percufiunt manibns lv/atum t 
Vultum del conspuunt, lumen deo gratum.. 
v. Adoramus te, criste, $ Lenedlcimus tibi, 
Quia jper crucem tuam redemisti mundum. 

At prime crist J?e lewes : Bi-fore Pilat gunne drawe, 
fifalslich pei him a-cuiseden : Wi)) mony a wikked 
sawe ; 18 

)3ei spitteden in his feire face : ]3e men wif-outen lawe, 
Ne wolde fei neuere blinne : Til )>ei hedde him slawe. 20, my dere lemmon, 

Bio for-bled was J>i bodi : Jji brihte Rode was al won. 
v. Crist, honoured mote j)ou beo, 
J)at bou^test al pe world on treo. 24 

or. Lord Ihesu, godes sone : )3at sunful mon wolt 

not tyne, 

Bi-twenen vr soules and Jri dom : Puttest J>e in hard 

Beelde us (!) houre sinful soules in 1 fin iugement, > M. & 
Noxi and in tyme of ded Jjat we ne be y-schent. 4 

[Djeyne to 3eue myt an grace to hem )>at moten lyuen, 
And to dede 1 reste, here sinnes fou t'or-yyue ; 1 M. dare 
To holi chirche and kyndom loue and pes Jjou sende, 
And to vs wreche sinful, lif wyt-outen ende ; 
)3at leuest kyng god and man wyt-outen endingge, 
flader and sone and holy gost to Jmlke bl[i]se us bringge. 

Ad primam horam. 
HOra prima dominum ducunt ad pilatum $c. 

v. Adoramus te $c. or. Domine ihexu criste. 
At prime ihesus was y-lad pilatus by-fore, 
^lany false witnesse on hym were i-bore, 12 

Hiis schines were y-beten, hiis honden weren y-bonden, 
Hiis face hy gonne on spete lyt of heuene fey fonde. 


XIX. The Hours of the Cross. Undem. 39 

bi Cros, Jji deb nou and euere : And at vre endyng-tyme 
Graiwte liuinde men : Grace and merci bvne : 28 grant the 

living, grace; 

To dede, reste and pardoun ; dead. 

To Clmrche, pes, loue in londe : To sunful, contricioun. the church, 


v. Cristes passion, heuene kyng, 

Bring us to blisse bat is wib-outew endyrcg. 32 

djige " clamitant Itora terdarum ; 
Illusiis induitur veste purpurarum, 
Capud eius pungitur corona spinarum, 
Crucem portat humeris ad loca penaram. 
v. Adoramus te, criste, $ benedicimus tibi, 
Quia per crucem tuam redemisti mundum. 

t vndurne to do Ihesu on cros : loude gunne bei crie, At Undem, 

. the Jews beat 

And beoten him naked wib scourges : VVhil bei oiinstwitu 

' scourges, 

mihte drie, 34 

And crouned him wib bornes : be blod ron in to his eije : crownd Him 

' with thorns, 

And si ben maden him bere be cros : To be Mount of mid made 

Him bear 

Caluarie 36 HU cross to 


On his bac for-bete. 
fHor drede of deb men mihte seo : J?e blod bat he gon 


v. Crist, honoured mote bou be, 
j?at boujtest al be world on tre. 40 

or. Lord Ihesu, godus sone : bat sunful mon wolt -Tfsu, son of 


not tyne, 
Bitwenen vre soules and by dom : Puttest be in hard 


bi Cros, bi deb now and euere : And at vre endynge-tyme 
Graunte lyuinde men : Grace and Merci byne, 44 grant the 

m , i i T i living, mercy; 

lo be dede, reste and pcwdoun ; the dead, 

To churche, pes, loue in londe : To sunful, contricioun. sinners,' 

.' repentance! 

v. Cristes passion, heuene kyng, 

Bring us to blisse bat is wib-outen endyng. 48 

Ad terciam horam, amen [leaf wanting] 
Cfua 'fige clamitant Iwra terdarum 
v. Adoramtu. or. Domiue ihesu criste. ' M. day on -de 
At hondren " do ihesu on rode 1 " be giwes gonne grede, 
In schorn he was i-wonden in purpil-palle wede. 16 

On his schulder he bar be crois to be piningge. 

40 XIX. The Hours of the Cross. Midday. Noon. 

At Mid-day 
(the 6ll> 
hour), He 
was naild on 
the Cross. 

Mary and 
John stood 
by Him. 

Jesn, Son of 

grant the 
Hving, grace; 

rest; the 
peace; sin- 
ners, repent- 

~r~jTOra sexta cristus est cruci conclauatus 
f I Et est cum. latronibus pendens deputatus, 
Pre tormentis siciens felle saturatus ; 
Agnus crimen diluit sic deificatus. 
v. Adoramus te, criste, fy benedicimus tibi, 
Quia per crucem tuam redemisti mundum. 

At Midday Ihesu hondes : Jjei nayleden to J>e Rode, 
Bi-twene twey J>eues : J)ei him hengen as wode ; 
Jjei ^euen him galle and Eysel : Ihesu J>at blisful fode. 
Serewful were bofe Marie an Ion : J?er fei bi him stode, 
As folk jiat were mad. 53 

Whose JjenkeJ) on Marie serwe : May he neuere be glad. 
v. Crist, honoured mote ]>ou beo, 
Jjat bouhtest al J>e world on treo. 56 

or. Lord Ihesu, godes sone : Jjat sunful mon wolt 

not tyne, 
Bi-twenen vr soules and Jn dom : Pattest J>e in hard 


]3i cros, |i dej) nou and euere : And at vr endyng-tyme 
Grau?zte liuiude men : Grace and Merci pyne, 60 

To )>e dede, reste and pardoun ; 

To churche, pes, loue in londe : To sunful, coutricioun. 
v. Cristes passion, heuene kyng, 

Bring us to blisse fat is wijj-outew endyng. 64 

"jTlTOra Nona dominus cristus expirauit, 
It " Heli " damans spiritum ^at?-t comendauit, 
Latus eius lancea myles perforauit. 
Terra tune contremuit, fy sol obscurauit. 
v. Adoramvis te t criste, fy benedtcimus tibi, 
Quia per crucem tuam redemisti mundum. 

Sicut oculi ancille in manibus domine sue [$c.] 

Hora sexta itiesus eat cruce conclauatus 

v. Adoramus te. or. Domine iliesu criste filij. 
At midday was ihesus crist y-nailed to J>e rode 
Bi-twixe tweye peues he hongid for houre gode. 20 
ffor Jiurst of stronge pine y-fuld he was wy[t] galle. 
J3e holi lomb 1 so god y-wrout \er buijt houre sinnes alle. 

Deus in adiutorium. l M. ve iioii louird 

flora nona dominus ihesus expirauit. 

v. Adoramus. or. Domine ihesu criste fillj. 

XIX. The Hours of the Cross. Evensong. 41 

At Non be?- burlede Ihesits herte : Longius, a Blynd At Noon, 
... __ l-ongius 

kmht: 65 pierst Jesus' 


He wupte his Eijen wib his blod : borwh bat he hedde 

his siht. 
be eorbe quok, be stones clouen : be sonne les his liht. The Earth 

quaked, the 

be dede a-risen of heore graues : In tokene of godus ?. un ' lal * t 

* the Dead 

miht 68 arose - 

bat us on Rode bouhte. 
be soules bat weren in helle : Ihesus sone out brouhte. chnst freed 

1 ' the souls in 

v. Crist, honoured mote bou be, Hel1 - 

bat boujtest al be world on tre. 72 

or. Lord Ihesu, godus sone : bat sunful mon wolt i 6 *?' Son of 

not tyne, 

Bi-twene vr soules and by dom : Pattest be in hard pyne : 
bi cros, bi deb nou and euere : And at vr endyng-tyme 
Graunte liuynde men : Grace and Merci byne : 76 g rant the 


To be dede. reste and pardoun : mercy; 

the dead, 

To churche, pes, loue in londe : To 1 sunful, contricioun. ^new're- 
v. Cristes passion, heuene kyng, > MS. \vi}> pentancei 

Briwg us to blisse bat is wib-outen endywg. 80 

M \E Cruce deponit\\v hora vespevtina, 
i _ Jffortitudo latuit in 1 mente dluina. l MS. & 
Talem mortem snbijt vite Medicina ! 
Heu, Corona glorie iacnit sub spyna. 
v. Adoramus te, criste, ^ benedicimus tibi, 
Quia j^er crucem tnam redemisti mundum. 

t Euensong Ihesus was taken : Doun of Rode-treo. At Evensong 
Marie bi-heold hire deore sone : ffor wepyng miht take " from 

the Cross. 

heo not seo ; 82 

At none houre louerd crist of bysse lif he wende, 23 
He gradde " hely," be holi gost to his fader he sende. 
A knyt wit a kene spere berlede his syde. 
be herbe quaked.e, be sowne bi-com swart, bat erer schon 

wel wide. 
Deus in adiutorium. 

De cruce deponitur hora iiespertina 

v. Adoramus. or. Domine ihesu criste filij. 

At euensong he was i-nome a-doun bat dere us hadde 

iboU^fc, IMS. hysliis 

His mytte, his 1 stre[n]gbe lotede in hei^e holi bout. 28 


XIX. The Hours of the Cross. Compline. 

Mary foretold 
His Resur- 

Jean, Son of 

ernnt the liv- 
Ing, grace; 
tin- tlead, 
rest ; 

sinners, re- 
1 ivntunce 1 

At Compline, 
Chrit was 
anointed and 

He rose to 

and appenrd 
to many. 

" A, sone," heo seide, " wij> fe fader : of heuene is J>i 


But J?ou schalt rise horn dej> to lyue : As fou er seidest 
me, 84 

BoJ>e God and Mon ; 
Jjorwh l pat dej> is blisse ibou^t : )3at loren was Jjorwli 

Sathan." i MS. wher jwwh 

v. Crist, honoured mote J>ou beo, 
Jjat bouhtest al )>e world 011 treo. 88 

or. Lord Ihesu, godus sone : Jjat suwful mon wolt 

not tyne, 

Bi-tweue vr soules and J>i <Jom : Pattest )>e in hard pyne : 
jji Cros, J>i dej> now and euere : And at vre endyng-tyme 
Graunte liuinde men : Grace and Merci )>yne, 92 

To dede, reste and pardoun ; 

To churche, pes, loue in londe : To sunful, Contrissioun. 
v. Cristes passion, heuene kyng, 
Bring us to blisse fat is wif-outen endyng. 96 

ffOra vaopleiory datur sepulture 
j M Corpus cri&ii nobile, sjies vite future ; 

Conditur Aromate compJentur scripture. 
lugis sit memoria mortis sue iure. 
v. Adoramus te, criste, et benedicimus tibi, 
Quiet, per crucem tuam redemisti mundum. 

At Complin Crist was enoynt : And buried in a ston. 
Pilat bad his frendes : ]3er scholde leue non ; 98 
He sette knihtes him to kepeu : }5at he a-wey nere don : 
And 3ut he ros to lyue : ffor hem euerichon 100 

Of J?o, 
And schewede him to fe 1 Maudeleyn : To peter and 

mo. l overlined. 

Swech def he under-feng, hele of alle wo. 

Alas J>e croune of worschepe to lowe hy leide fo. 
Conuerte nos deus salutaris noster. 
Horn completorii datur sepulture 
v. Adoramus. or. Domine ihesu criste. 

He was y-jeue to beryyng ate laste tyde, 

Cristes body noble, hope of Hue to byde, 32 

In-oynt he was wyt aromat, holi writ to fulle. 

3oruful meynde of his dej> bee in myiie wille. Amen. 

XIX. Cross. XX. Praise and Prayer to the Holy Ghost. 43 

v. Crist, honoured mote bou beo, 

bat bouhtest al be world on treo. 104 

Lord Ih&ra. Godus sone : bat synful mon \volt not Jew, son of 


Bi-twenen vr soules and by dom : Pattest be in hard 

bi Cros, J?i deb nou and euere : And at vr endyng- 

Graunte liuinde men : Grace and Merci byne, 108 grant the 

> J living, 

To dede, reste and pardoun : er <;y ;. 

the dead, 

To Churche, pes, loue in londe : To synful, Con- g^Sm^ 
triciourc. IS, col- 

v. Cristes passion, heuene kyng, 111 tritioil! 

Bring us to blisse bat is wib-oute?i endywg. Amen. 

Pope Ion ha)) graunted : A ful feir pardoun Pope John 

To alle fat siggen J)is Matyns : WiJ) good deuo- 

cioun : 
A ?er in purgatorie : Of Remissioun, has remitted 

, . a year's Pur- 

So bat heo ben clene i-schriuen : Wib verrev Con- gatorytoaii 

who say this 

tricioun, 116 Matting, 

borwh Grace. 

God sende us lyues fode : And in heuene a place. 

[XX. imi featar ^piritus, 1 englisht.] 


"eni, creator spiritus, 
mentes tuorum visita, 
imple superna graem 
que tu creayti pectora. 

Cum, lord vr makere, Holigost, Holy Ghost 

our Maker, 

be bouhtes of byne forte sene ; 
be hertes bat bou bi schaftus wost, 
fful hem of bi grace by-dene. 4 

ui paraclitus dicer is, 
donum dei Altissimi, 

- ! 

fons vmus, lyms, caruas, 
et spiritalis vnccio. 

1 So the Title in Index. 

our Comfort, 

Ood's right- 
hand finger, 

light thy 
light in our 

nd keep flu 
Devil from 

Make ns 
know the 
Father and 
the Son, 

This v. in MS. written 
in half lines. 

1 MS. world 


XX. Praise and Prayer to the Holy Ghost. 

Clept art J>ou cumfort, and euer schalt be, 1 
And }ift of god fat al good sent, 
Quik welle, ffuir, and Charite, 
And also gostly Oynement. 
fTJv septiformis munere, 
j dextre dei tu digitus ; 

Tu rite promissum patris, 
Sermone ditans guttura. 
Jjou art in jifte seuenfold, 
Godus riht bond ffinger art J)ou ; 
As us bi-het ffader al-wold, 
Kichesse of word 1 J>ou ^iuest inouh. 

A ccende lumen sensibus, 
^/\ Infunde amorem cordilms, 
infinna nostri corporis 
uirtute firmans perpeti. 
Lord, in vr 1 wittes tend J>i liht, 
And in vr hertes pi loue sende ; 
Vr bodi feblenesse }>orwh jn miht 
Streng))e hit euere wif-outen ende. 
~j~~fostem repellas longius, 
J j pacemque dones protinus 
diictore sic te preuio 
uitemus oinne noxium. 
Put fer from us J)e fend, ur fo, 
And send us sopfast pees anon, 
)3at we J>orwh \Q )?at laft (!) us so 
Blenchen sunnes euerichon. 

v \Er te sciamus, da, patrem, 
f^ noscamus atyuQ filium, 
te utritisque spiritum 
creilamus omni tempore. 
Of J>e ffadur ^if us witing, 
And of J>e Sone knowyng also, 
Siker be-leeue and riht tokenyng 
]3at ))ou art god of bojje two. 
~W~\vdum sacrata pectora 
M J tua replesti gracia : 

dimitte nunc peccamina 
et da quieta tempora. 





XXI. The Sweetness of Jesus. 


Holi hertes sum-tyme was 
J?ou fuldest, lord, borwh grace byne : 
ffor-^if now gultus and trespas, 
And jif us reste in alle tyme. 

t laus patri cumfilio, 

Sauncto simul paraclito, 

nobisque mittatjilius 

carisma sauncti spiritus. Amen. 
ffader and Sone and Holigost be 
Worschiped 1 as J>ei mowe beo most, 
And send us schrift for his pite, 
Jje ^iftus of J>e holygost. Amen. 


and forgive 
us our sins ! 

1 MS. Worschipest 


Trinity, send 

us the Rifts of 
the Holy 



j&toertiwss of 

1 ~Thesu, J>i swetnesse whose miht hit se 
I And J?er-of haue a clene 1 knowyng, 
Al eorbly loue bitter schulde be 
But bin al-one, wib-outen lesyng. 
I preye be, lord, fat lore lere me : 
Aftur ])i loue to haue longyng, 
And sadly set myn herte on be, 
In fi loue to haue most lykyng. 

SO lykyng loiie In eorbe non is, 
In soule whos coube him sobly se ; 
Him to loue were muche blis, 
ffor kyng of loue called is he. 
WiJ> trewe loue I wolde i-wis 
So faste to him bounden be, 
)3at myn herte weore holly his, 
)3at no }>ing lykede me but he. 
If I for kyndenes schulde loue mi ki?me, 
}3erene me finkej) in my fouht 
Bi kuynde skil I schulde bi-ginne 
At him fat ha]> me maad of nouht : 

1 al. clere 

To Jesus' 

all earthly 
love is bitter. 




He is King of 

I ought to 
love Him, 
because He 
cares for me 
as a father. 

1 Same poem in MS. Lamb. 853, ed. by Furnivall, Hymns to 
the Virgin and Christ, p. 8, E. E. T. S. 1867 ; in MS. Thornton 
(best MS.), ed. by Perry, 3d. Pieces, 1867, N. 8; and in MS. 
Kawl., A. 389, 104. The poem was originally composed in the 

4(J XXI. The Sweetness of Jesus. 

His semblauwt he sette my soule wif-Inne, 

And al f is world for me he wrouht ; 

As ffader he fondef l my loue to winne, * r. fonded 

ffor to heuene he haf me bouht. 24 

He cares for A S Modur of him I make mynde, 
mother 1 . J\_ Jjat bi-forew my burf e to me tok hede, 

And sif en wif Baptym wesche fat kynde 1 ' P. strynde 

Jjat suyled was f orwh Adam dede ; 

Wif noble mete he norsched my kynde, 

ffor wif his flesch he dude me fede 

So good a foode may no mon fynde, 

To lastyng lyf he 1 wol us lede. oMt 32 

He IB Brother TITI Brofur and Suster he is wif skyl, 1 j n n n '. itten 

and Sister to W I n> -\ j 11 i \_ i i 

me. _L.T J_ ffor he seide and leret fat lore : 

Hose wrouhte his fadur wil 

Brofur and Suster to him f ei wore ; 36 

Mi kuynde he tok also f er-til. 
fful trewely trust I him f erfore. 
He 1 fat wol neuere lete me spil, ' az.^athe 

Wif 1 his Merci salue my sore. 1 <a. But wi}> 40 

1 1%E loue Of him paSSef , i-wis, 1 This stanza P. 

j Al eorf ly loue fat may beo here : 
My love is God and Mon, my spouse he is 
Man. Wei ouhte I wrecche to loue him dere ! 44 

Bof e heuene and eorf e holliche is his, 

He is a lord of gret powere, 

And called he is f e kyng of blis 

His loue me longef for to lere. 48 

Afftur his loue bi-houef 1 me longe, l p.meburde 
ffor he haf myn ful dere abouht : 

bought my 

love full dear. Whon I was went from him wif wrowge, 

ffrom heuene to eorfe he me souht, 52 

Mi wrecched kuynde for me he fonge 

And his nobley sette at nouht, 

Peynes he soffrede and pouert stronge, 

Ajeyn to blisse or he me brouht. 56 

TO make me "VYThon I was f ral, to make me fre 

T T Mi loue from heuene to erf e him ledde ; 

Mi loue al-one haue wolde he, 

Jjerfore he leyde his lyf in wedde. 60 

XXI. The Sweetness of Jesus. 


p - "urde"do 

Wif my fo he fauht for me, 
Woudet be was and bitterly bledde, 
His precious blod ful gret plente 
fful piteuously for me was schedde. 

His sydes bio and blodi were, 
Jjat sura-tyme were ful briht of ble ; 
His herte was perced wif a spere ; 
His wyde woundes were reuf e to se. 
Mi Kauwsoun, I-wis, he payed fere 
And ^af his lyf for gult of me. 
His dej> most beo to me ful dere 1 
And perce myn herte for pure pite. 

FOr pite myn herte most breke a-two, 
To his kyndenesse jif I tok hede : 
Enchesun I was of al his wo, 
He suffrede ful harde for my misdede ; 
To lastinde lyf fat I schulde go, 
He suffrede dej) in his Monhede. 
Whon his wille was to lyue also, 
He ros a-jeyn f orwh his god hede. 

TO heuene he wente w*f muche blis, 
"Whon he [had] vencust his batayle. 
His baner ful brode displayed is, 
Whon so my fo wol me assay le. 
"Wei ouhte rnyn herte [fen] to ben his, 
ffor he is fat frend f t neuer wol fayle ; 
No fing wol he haue, i-wis, 
But trewe loue for his trauayle. 
"p%us wolde he 1 for me fiht, at. my spouse 

-i And for me was he woundet sore ; 
ffor my loue his def was diht 
What kyndenesses miht he do more ? 
To jelden his loue haue I no miht, 
But loue him trewely I schulde f e?iore, 
And worche wel 1 wif werkes riht 
Jjat he haf lered wif louely lore. 

His louely lore wif werk 1 folfille 
Wel ouht I, wrecche, }if I were kynde, 
Niht and day to worche his wille, 
And euennore haue fat lord in mynde. 





ai. werkes 

Jesus si ted 
His blood. 

For my sin 
He gave His 





80 Then He rose 
and went up 
to Heaven. 


He is friend 
who never 


I cannot re- 
pay his love ; 
but I ought 
to love Him. 

I ought to do 
His will; 

48 XXI. The Sweetness of Jesm. XXII. A Prayer to Jesus. 

foe* torment 

I >..(;I'K.' lllf 

Bote gostly fos greuen me ille, 
And my freletefs] 1 maken me blynde : 
Jjerfore his merci I take me tille, 
ffor beter bote con I non fynde. 

Beter bote nis non to me 
Jjen to his merci trewely me take, 
Jjat wip his flesch hap mad me fre 
And me wrecche his child wolde make. 
I preye pat lord for his pite, 
)jat he for suwne neuer me forsake, 
But 3if me grace from synne to fle, 
And him to loue let me neuer slake. 

Ihesu, for J>e swetnesse pat is in pis, 
Haue Mynde of me whon I henne wende ; 
"Wip studefast troupe my wittes wis, 
And, lord, Jjou schilde me from pe fende ; 
ffor J)i Merci forjif me mi mis, 
Jjat wikkede werk my soule ne schende ; 
And led me, lord, in to Ji blis, 
WiJ) pe to wone wip-outen ende. Amen, 

1 a.1. frele flesch 

Je*n, for Thy 

lead me into 
Thy bliss ! 






God and 

wlio liast 
boiiKlit me 
with Thy 

dmw my 
heart from 
fleshly lust. 

Jesn, Father 

[xxil. % 

to Jem] 

IEsu, pat art heuene kyng, 
Sothfast God and mon also, 
3if me grace of good endyng, 
And hem fat I am holden to. 

Ihmi lord, pat madest me, 
And wip pi blisful blod hast bouht, 
ffor-jif pat I haue greued pe 
Wip word and wille and wip pouht. 

Ihe^u, in whom is al mi trust, 
Jjat dijedest on pe Rode-tre, 
Wip-drauh myn herte from flesches lust 
And from worldly vanite. 

Ihesu crist, to pe i calle 
)3at art ffadur ful of miht, 
Kep me clene, pat I ne falle 
In flescly sunne as I haue hilit. 



XXIII. Hail, Mary! (Verse 1 of Psalm 1.) 49 

Ihesu, for pi blisful blod 
Bring pe soules in to blis 

ffor 1 whom I haue had eny god, ir. m-o saveaiimy 

ffor-jiue hern pat pei han don anils. 20 

Ihesu, for pat worpi wounde 
Jjat wente to pin herte-Rote, 
ffor 1 sunne pat hap my soule bounde * r. ffro 

J)i blisful blod mot beo my bote. 24 

Ihesu, for pi woundes smerte 
Of feet and of pin hondes two, 
Mak me Meke and louh of herte, make me 

. , Tiiii l ve Thee as 

And pe to loue as I scholde do. 28 i should; 

Ihesu, for pe deolful teres 
}3at pou weptust for my gilt, 

Heere and spede my pore preyeres, hear my 

And saue me pat I ne beo spilt ! 32 

[XXIII. Jsaltewm fr. gtorat 1 

(With the first Verse of every Psalm and Canticle.) 

~W~\eatus vir qui non abijt in co\ii\silio impiorum et Beginning of 
_fj in uia peccatorum non stetit et in cathedra 

pestilencie non sedit. 

A Ve uirgo taxffinteoa, parens absque part, 
^T\ Sine viri semine digna fecundari : 

ffac nos legem domini crebro meditari 1 
Et in regni gloria beatificari. refers to PS. i, v. 2. 

Heyl May den ouer Maydenes vchon, 1 Hail, Maiden- 

J J J mother! 

Modur wip-outen pere, 
Wip-outen knowyng of Mon 

A worpi chyld pow beere : 4 

Mak vs vr lordus laAves kepe 

And ofte to haue in mende, 

1 Title in Index : Of euery psalme of \>e sauter J?e f urste vers. 
The Latin Quatrains, however, frequently refer to other verses 
of the psalm, or to other parts of the Bible quoted by the com- 
mentators as illustrative of the psalm. The Latin poem is 
mentioned in Mone, Latein. Hymnen dcs Mitti'lalters, 1854, 
II. p. 252, but still unprinted ; other MSS. are at Darmstadt 
(No. 2242) and Munich (Tegernsee 2005). 


50 XXIII. Hail, Mary! (Verse 1 of Psalms 24.) 

In to kyngdom of loye to lepe, 

Beo blessed wib-outen ende. 8 

Ps . 2. f\nare frenmerunt gentes, et populi medltati sunt 

Aue, emus viscera natum ediderunt 
CWus ad interitum gentes fremuerurd : 
Audi uoces supplicum qui te pie querwat, 
Mali causas remouens que nos inuenerunt. 
Haii, thy Heil J>e entrayles o whom 9 

womb! _. , , . 

Brouhten forb a sone 
At whos deb bobe alle and som 

ffolk grucche bi-gone : 1 2 

Heore 1 deuoute voices al-way ' r. here 

J3at sechen J>e here in grounde ; 
Euel causes remoue a-way 

J?at vs here han I-founde. 16 

PH. s. ~r~\omine, quid multiplicati sunt qui hilulant me ? 
_j_J multi insurgunt aduersum me. 

Aue viigo, speculum sauncti celibattis, 
Cuius est ex utew puer notes natus 
Qui compassus mortito, morte soporatus 1 l refers to PS. s,v. 5. 
Morte mortem terminat, expiat reatus. 
Han, Mirror Heil, Mayden and Mirour 17 

of heavenly 

life! Of holy heuenly lyuyng, 

Of whos wombe wij> honour 

Is boren a child, vr kyng, 20 

J3at hedde compassion of J?e ded, 

WiJ) his dedliche slepyng 
Wijj de] [de])] 1 he termyned, > om. 

Vr gult awey wassching. 24 

p *"*' f^um inuocarem exaudiuit me deus iusticie mee, in 
\^/ tribulacione dilatasti michi. 

Ave nati filia, parens genitoris, 
Prefer modum 1 gen&tans consueti marts : MS. mortem 
Nos ad statum reuoca vite melioris, 
Quos tarn diu tenuit vanitas erroris. 1 1 refers to PS. *,v. a. 
Haii, Heil douhtur of be sone, 25 


f'ysou! Modur of be getere, 

Hauyng child ajeynes old wone 

Obur elles comuyn manere : 28 

XXIII. Hail, Mary! (Verse 1 of Psalms 57.) 51 

Calle us a^eyn in to fat staat 

)3at is of better lyuyng, 
ffor us haf liolden louge al maat 

Vanyte of erryng. 32 

F'.rba mea auribMS peicipe, damine ; intellige da- P. 5. 
morem meuin. 

Aue gue 1 nos redimens ab Egipti Into l MS. q 
Subvenire 1 satacjis vicijs imbuto: l MS. subvemte 
Tu nos bene 1 protegens voluutatis scuto 2 ' r.bone 
Coronatos gloria colloces in tuto. 2 refers to PS. 5, v. 11. 

Heil f ou, buggyng us a3eyn 33 Han, Mary. 

Out of EgypteS cley, deemer! 

In vices wounden to helpe, certeyn, 

J3ou art redi al-wey : 36 

Jjou defendyng us wel riht 

Wi)> fe scheld of wil, 
Vs Corouned in blisse briht 

Set sikerly Avij) skil. 40 

oniiTje, ne in furore tuo arguas me, ncque in ira PS. e. 

tua compias me. 
AIM vite ianua, solus penitentis, 
Respite, miseriam anitne langtientis ; 
Ne in ira senciam uocem arguentis, 
Me peccatis exime simul et tormentis. 

Heil, louelich jate of lyf, 41 Haii.ioveiy 

J ' Gate of Lite I 

Hele of fe forjunkyng : 
Bi-hold J?e wreccheduesse so rif 

Of soule fat is serwyng ; 44 

)3at in wraf f e I ne feel 

)3e vois of repreyuillg, 1 MS. repreyning 

Clanse me from sunnes euendel 

And eke from tormentyng. 48 

oniie dens meus, in te speiaui; saluum me fac PS. 7. 
ex omniftus pQ\sequerdib\\s, me, fy libera me. 
Aue mater vm'ca, cura nostre spei, 
Tuis queso mentis sis miserta mei, 
Vt ab enigmatibus hums speciei 
Plena plene pwfruar 1 visione dei. 1 MS. perfruat 

Heil Modur, bou onliche 49 Han, Head of 

'/ our Hope! 

Hed art ot vr hope : 

E 2 


52 XXIII. Hail, Mary! (Verse 1 of Psalms 810.) 

Jjorw bi merites specialiche 

Haue merci on me mope, 52 

Jjat from alle be liknesse 

Of bis lyuyng heer 
Give me the I may haue wib fulnesse 

Jje siht of god so cler. 56 

miine deus 1 noster, quam admiraWe est nomen 
tuum in vniuersa terra I l MS. dominus 

Aue virgo regia, summa gaudiorum, 
Per quam rex mirabilis, dominus cun[c\torum, 
Reuocat inmeritos in spem filiorum, 
Quos proscribit multiplex causa uiciorum. 
Haii, royal Heil kynges Mayden, swete bing, 57 

Maiden I . . 

Somme of loyes I calle, 
Bi whom be wondurful kyng, 

Lord bat is ouer alle, 60 

Calleb us a-^eyn wib-oute deseruyng 

In to his sones hope, 
Jjat aren ofte put in to flemyng, 

In vices whon we ben crope. 64 

PS. 9. S~>(o>ifitebor tiki, domine, in toto corde meo, narrabo 
\^/ omnia mirabilia tua. 

Aue thronvs gr&cie, Mate)' Ihcsu crist*, 
Que sola concip&re virgo meruisti : 
Conjitebor domino quern sic genuisti, 
Quod nee nomen virginis mater amisisti. 
Haii, Throne Heil feir trone of grace, 65 

of Grace! D , 

Modur of Ihesu crist, 
Jjat to conceyue in bi space 

Onliche Mayden deseruedist : 68 

I schal knowleche to bat lord 

Jjat bou so dust 1 bi-gete, ' =duUest 

Jjat bou be name in dede ne word 

Of Mayden and Moder ne lete. 72 

p. 10 v (ii). ~F~N domino confido ; quomodo dicitis anime mee, 
i_ transmigra in montem sicut passer ? 

Aue virgo virr/inum, per quam transmigrate 
Super vnum moncium in quo victimatur 
Vepre tentus aries, 1 vnde redimatur 1 cf. Gen. 22, v. is. 
Prodiijus qui rediens veniam piQcatur. 

XXIII. Hail, Mary! (Verse 1 of Psalms 11 13.) 53 
Heil Mayden ouer obur met, 73 Haii.MaWcn 

above all 

Beo whom is mad passyng others! 

Vppon on of hulles gret 

In whuch is don offring, 76 

Jje weber holden wib a Brer, 

Whuche was a-jeyn biggyng 
Of be wastour bat was in wer, 

fforjiuenes bat com askyng. 80 

iluum me fac domine, qnoniam defecit sanctus, PS. iui2). 
qvioniam diminute sunt veritates afiliis hominum. 
Aue mater domini, mater inquain aue, 
ffac ut cristi baiidem iugum prcsuaue, 

QllO beatitlldinis particeps OCtaue 1 l refers to the title of the psalm. 

Liberari merear prime matris aue. 

Heil Modur of vr lord, 81 Han, Mother 

* T IT J l -i i of our Lord! 

Jit I sey Modur hen ! 
Cristes jok in dede and word 

To bere male me not fayl ; 84 

Jjat I of be eijtebe blisse 

Beo parciner me borwe, 
To beo diliuered and euer misse 

Vr furste modur sorwe. 88 

F'quequo, domine, obliuiweris me in finem ? vsquequo Pa. 12 (is). 
auertis faciem tuam a me ? 
Aue uirgo nomine matris insignita, 
Graciarum fertili dote 1 premunita : 1 MS. doce 

Purga mentis aciem, quo sit expedita, 
Ne mnquam obdormiat in morte sopita. 1 l refers to PS. 12, v. 4. 

Heil Mayden feir of face, 89 Han, Maiden 

fair, and 

Worschiped wib norne of Moder ; Mother! 

So plentiuous I-douwed wib grace 

Was ber neuer non ober : 92 

Purge be scharpnesse of vr bouht, 

So bat hit beo sped, 
And bat hit to longe ne slope nouht 

In slep of sunful ded. 96 

licit insipiens in corde suo : non est dens. i 

Aue templum grade, templum sanciitatis, 
Templum s&ncti ^>iritus, tronus maiestatin : 

54 XXIII. Hail, Mary ! (Verse 1 of Psalms 1415.) 

Salua me, per graciam salua queso gratis, 
Vt sortiri ualeam regnum cum beatis. 
Haii, Temple Heil temple of grace most, 97 

of the Holy . _ ma . 

Ghost; Temple of Sauntite, 

Temple of be holygost, 

Trone of be Maieste : 100 

Mary, save Saue me, be grace me saue, 

I preye be nou, freliche, 
jjat I mowe be kyngdom haue 

Wib seintes bat ben godliche. 104 

PS. H (is). ~W~~\omine, quis habitabit in tabernaculo tuo t aid qms 
J J requiesset in monte sancto tuo ? 

Aue tabernacufam regis manufwtis, 
Per qu&m cristus paiticeps /actus nostre sortis, 
ffractis seris, 1 uectibus fy inferni portis J r. eris v. 
Nos a morte reitocat, tntfmphator mortis. 
Han, Taber- Heil tabernacle Cleer 105 

nacle of the . 

strong King i Of kyng strong in nonde, 

Beo whom crist is maad parciner 

Of vre lot her in londe, 108 

]3at brak J>e bondes and J?e loke 

Of helle foule jates, 
Called us fro dej> J?er we weore stoke, 

Victor of dej) algates. 112 

p. i5(i6}. S~^onserua me damine, quoniam spemui in te. J[ixi] 

\^/ domino : dens mens es tu, guouiam &[onorum] 

meomm non eges. 

Aue tronus grade Begi preparatus, 
Ex qua nobis prodiit felix aduocatus : 
Nostra sit hereditas cristu-s ex te natus 1 cf. PS. is, T. 5. 
Conseruetque seruulos, contlonans reatus. 
Haii, Throne Heil, of grace bou art trone 113 


Arayed for a kyng, 
Of whom sprong forb for us vchone 

An Auoket lyking : 116 

Crist nou beo vr heritage, 

)3at of be is boren, 
And kepe his seruauns in alle age, 

]3at bei beo not for-loren. 120 

XXIII. Hail, Mary! (Verse 1 of Psalms 1618.) 55 

jr, jxaudi, domine, iusticiam meam, intende depreca- PS. ie (17). 
f*J cionem meam. 

Aue solis ciuitas, in quam introiuit Han city of 

Rex regum et dommus, qui te concupiuit : 
Per te nos exaudiat sibi quos vniuit, 
Sao vultu sacians quibus esuriuit. 1 l cf. PS. ic, v. is. 

Heil of Sonne be Cite, 121 muMary, 

City of the 

In to whuche he 1 entrid > MS. |>ou suni 

Kyng of kynges, lord of pite, 

be whuche be coueyted. 124 

Beo be now he us here, 

Jjulke bat he hab oned ; 

And bat he fulle hem wib his chore 

)5at he bnistyng be-mened. 128 

f \IHg f im te, domine fort Undo mea: dominus fiima- PS. n(i8). 
J_J mentum meum fy refugium meum fy liberator 


Aue virgo virginum, de qua mediator 
Ad nos venit, hostium vetus triumpliator : 
Hosfes nostros conterat fortis expugnator 
Et fiat per graciam glorie collator. 

Heil of Maydenes Mayden clene, 129 Hail, Maiden 

J of maidens ! 

Of whom a Mene of diuis 1 = device 

Com to vs wib-outen Avene, 

Victor of olde Enemys : 132 

Vr Enemys he al to-tere, 

ffihtere bat is so strong, 
And beo grace beo he ^iuere 

Of loye bat lasteb long. 136 

li enarrant gloi'iam del, et opera manuum edits Ps.i8(i9). 
annunciat firmamentum. 
Aue soils regia, de qua verus exit 
Vcri solis radius, fraudes qui detexit 
Hostis fy versucias quibus nos illexit; 
Ouem querens penlitam, gregi quam reuexit. 

Heil kynges sone (!) briht, 137 Han. SUM of 

J , / , X ' ' the King! 

Of whom gob forb vche while 
l)e verrey sonnes bem liht, 

Jjat huydeb al be gyle 140 

56 XXIII. Hail, Mary! (Verse 1 of Psalms 1921.) 

Of vr fon, and queyntises most, 

)3at drawen vs in to veyn ; 
Seching J>e scheep pat was lost 

To bringe to folde a-jeyn. 144 

PS. w (20). . Jxaudiat te dominus in die tribulacionis, piotegat 
f^J te nomen dei lacob. 

Aue plena grade > speciosa tot a, 
Virgo prudens, Jmmilis, sine sordis nota : 
Nostrum sacrificium suscipe deuota, 1 l cf. PS. 19, v. s. 
Mores nostros ordinans, affectus fy uota. 
Hail Mary, Heil ful of grace, eke 145 

full of grace ! _, 

bpeciouse at al, 
May den wys and ferto Meke, 

Wijj-outen fulfe gret or smal : 148 

In alle maner vr 1 sacrifice > MS. of vr 

Deuouteliche take J>ou now, 
Ordeyne vr Manors on )>i wyse, 

Desires and eke a-vow. 152 

PS. 20 (21). * "Vomie, in uirtute tua letabitur rex, fy super salutare 
J_^/ t^lwn exultabit ueliementer. 

Aue salus liominum, digna salutari, 
Salutare paxiens, sola carens pari : 
Nostra spes fy gloria sit in salutari, 1 l cf. PS. 20, v. 5. 
C[u]ius participio credimus beari. 
Haii, Healing Heil hele of monkynde, 153 

of Mankind! 

Wor^iful to beo gret, 
)5ou bar hele vs alle helynde, 

Sauncj pere |>ou art set. 156 

Al vr hope and eke vr blis 

In hele beo vs be-tid ; 
Jjerof to haue part wif-outen mis 

We leeue to beo blessed. 1GO 

p. 21 (22). ~1T^eus dens meus, rospice me : quare me dereliquisti ? 
JU longe a salute meet vcrba delictorum meorum. 

Aue cuius vterus vermem procreaztit 
Qui mb-mordens hederam lone desiccauit ; l l cf i^ 8 - 21 ; v - !j' 

and Jon. 4, 6-7. 

Dum quod legit littera clausum conseruauit, 
In apevtum pmferens nobis ptQpalauit. 

Heil whos wombe sikerly 161 

Brouht for]) a worm J>at dred, 1 r. died? 

XXIII. Hail, Mart/! (Verse 1 of Psaims 2224.) 57 

Jjat vnder-bityng priuely 

Jje luy of lone dried; 164 

Whon be lettre of be laue freed from 

the Law ! 

)?at al bmg in clos keped, 
Aperteliche wib open sawe 

To vs forsobe he schewed. 168 

om\nus regit me. fy nicldl michi deerit : in loco P. 22 (23). 
pascue ibi me collocauit. 
Aue lesse virgida graciarum donis 
Hdbundanter piedita : tu correccionis 
Virgo, sis, fy baculus consoladonis, 1 cf. PS. 22, v. 4. 
Quo nos criste pascuis cottocct in bow's. 

Heil bou jerde of lesse, 169 Han, timn 

/ / Rod of Jesse! 

VVib giftus of grace 
INIaad riche wib plente ; 

Of correcciou?i in vche place 172 

J?ou art staf, and eke $erde 

Of consolacioun, 
Jjorwh whuche crist, bat is noujt ferde, 

Vs sette in pasture boun. 176 

* \omim est terra $ plenitudo eius, orbis terrarnm. fy p s . 23 (24). 
_M_J vniuersi qui habitant in eo. 

Aue terra glorie, terra non arrata, 
Rore tfamerc grade plene fecundata, 
ffructum ferens cums est gustu recreata 
Proles Ade veteris, diu captiuata. 

Heil lond of blis, 177 Han, thou 

Eorbe nonht hered, BUsa! 

Wib be deuh of grace i-wis 

ffulliclie for euer wered, 180 

Beryng fruit of whos sauour 
Reformed was verreyliche 
Olde Adames sone, be furste synnour, 

Jjat holden was wrecchedliche. 184 

d te, domine, leuaui animam nieam; deus mem, p s . 24(25). 
in te confido, non erubescam. 
Aue cuius gloriam boant vniuersi, 
Per quam sursum redeunt in profundum mersi : l 
Per te fiat, domina, ne semel connersi > MS. 
Redeant ad uomitum sibimet aduetsi. 

58 XXIII. Hail, Mary! (Verse 1 of Psalms 2527.) 

Hail thou, 
win ! bliss 
all folk pro- 


Fs. 25 (26). 

Hail tlmu 

Show th 

thy love! 

Ps. 26 (27). 

Hail, Mother 
of our Pro- 

Ps. 27 (2S). 


Heil on whos blisse certeyn 

Alle crien and Len not feynt, 
Be whuche gon vp a-^eyn 

In depnesse Jat weoren dreynt : 
Jjorwh J?e, ladi of delyt, 

Heo j?at ben conuerted ones 
Torn J>enne a-jein not to vomyt, 

As hound fat haj) eten bones. 192 

Judi'ca me domine, qnoniam ego in innocencia mea in- 
gressus sum : fy in domino spetans non infixmabor. 
Aue Mater, popnli ptospice defection, 
Et maternum filijs exibens affectum 
Mores nostros ordina, tollens inperfectum, 
Vt pes noster tendere qeat in directum. 1 cf. PS. 25, v. 12. 
Heil Modur, bi-hold j?ou 193 

Defautes of j?e peple, 
Modres affeccion schewli fou now 

)5i sones fat ben feble ; 196 

Ordeyn JJGU vr maners so, 
Weyuyng inpa?'fyt fing, 
)3at vr fot mowe pen go 

Streiht forj> wij)-outen lettyng. 200 

M \ominMs illuminacio mea $ solus mea: quern timebo ? 
M J Aue mater domini suos piotegentis, 

Qui cateruas hominum fregit in trecentis : l 
Queso nos respicias oculis attentis, J, f M ^ i ^' r ^ tis> 

Procul pellens tenebras erumpnose mentis, (ap^lfcationmade 
HeU modur of fat lord al on to Gideon) - 

)5at his men do]) defende, 
)3at wij) fre liundred ouercora 

Gret cu?7ipaignies and schende : 204 

I preye J>e, ladi, vs bi-holde 

Wi)> fyn ejen clere, 
Derknesses fer fro us folde 

And kepe vr pouhtes here. 208 

A d te domine clamabo, dens mens ne sileas a me: 

jCl_ ne qu&ndo taceas a me fy a^fsimilabor] c7[escen- 

dentibus] in lacum. 
Aue virgo domini mater illibata, 
Ouins est ex utero caro deodata, 

XXIII. Hail, Mary! (Verse 1 of Psalms 2830.) 59 

Caro carnem liberans, caro mori nata, 

Caro que refloruit morte triumphata. 1 l cf. PS. 27, v. 7. 

Heil Mayden of a lord, 209 Haii.Mai.ien 

J ' and Mother 

Modur saunj tecche I-priue, spotless! 

Of whos wombe porwh Godus word 

fflesch to god was jiue ; 212 

Jjat flesch dilyuered flessche, 

Jjat flesch boren was to dye, 
))at flesch refloured pat was nessche, 

Of dej? pat hedde Maystrie. 216 

A fferte domino filij dei, Afferie domino filios P S - 28 (29). 
yj arietum. 

Aue per quam films f retires adoptauit, 
Quos fy dei filios recte nominauit. 
Eant ergo filij quos ad se vocauit, 
Aynos Innocencie ferant quos mandauit. 

Heil be whom godus sone, i-wis, 217 Hail, thouby 

whom Christ 

Breperen him wolde purchase, adopted us! 

To beo clept godus sones of blis 

Be rihte In vche place. 220 

Gop nou sones deuoutelye 

Jjat he hap called him to, 
Otfrep pe lombes of Innocensye, 

ffor he comaundet so. 224 

"JTTJxaltabo te domine, quoniam suscepisti me, nee de- P. 29 (soj. 
f<J lectosti 1 inimicos meos swper me. l Ms.diiatasti 

Aue tabernaculum cristo dedicatum, 
Supva. Matres optinens sola principatum, 
Nostris aptans usibus saccum veteratum 1 l cf -^ ^ ^ 12 ' 
Propter nosira vulnera gratis vulneratum. 

Heil tabernacle of crist 225 Han, 

TT . , , .. Tabernacle 

Halewed worpily, of Christ! 

Of alle Modrus i-wist 

To haue pe pris only : 228 

Mak US redi 1 to Vr VS MS. B redi, r. greipe? 

))e olde sacke verreyly 
Jpat for ur wouwdes as ref us 

Was wounded wilfully. 232 

JN te domine spQiaui, non confundar in etcmum : PS. so (3i). 
in lusticia tua libera me. 

60 XXIII. Hail, Mary! (Verse 1 of Psalms 3132.) 

Hail, our Joy 
and Strength! 

In tliee, 
M iry, is my 

P. 81 (SJ). 

Hail tlion, 
in whom God 
was made 

Ps. S2 (:). 

Hail thou, 
by whom God 
ivcalil us out- 

Aue nosh-urn gaudium, nostra fortitude, 
Cmus est dulcedinis magna multitudo : 
In te nostra sit sita spei certitudo, 
Cutua piis laudibus libere desudo. 

Heil vr loye of worfinesse, 233 

And vr strengfe Jjerto, 
Whos noble swetnesse 

Is muchel and gret also : 236 

In fe beo myn hope i-set 

Sadly, in certeyn, 
ffor in J>in heriing nou I swet 

ffreoliche and noujt in veyn. 240 

~jT\eati quorum remisse sunt iniquitates, et quorum 
_j tecta sunt peccata. 

Aue cuius utero deus est deorum 
ffactus homo, toller e spinas delictorvim. 
leatus vterus, fy beati quorum 
ffecit se paxticipem factor seculorvim ! 

Heil of whos wombe verrey 241 

God is of goddus alle 
I-maad mon, to don a-wey 

J)e Jjornes of synne and falle. 244 

A, blessed is pat wombe so sad ! 

And )?ei ben blessed also 
))at god haj) partyng-felawes maad, 

To dwelle wijj him euer-mo ! 248 

JT, 1'jcultate iusti in domino : rectos decet laudacio. 
J'J Aue per quam reuocat dommus eiectum, ' ^ q' u ^p c ' 

Qi^efm] 1 a solo patrio peregre prof ectum* 
Medicus dum repait vicijs infectum, * MS. pro grege p-fectum 
Morli causas abstulit simul fy effectum. 

Heil bi whom God called a-^eyn 249 

Hem fat \veoren out cast, 
Jjat from his fiadur seete certeyn 

Went forj) in gret hast, 252 

Leche, ]>at monkynde fat was mad 

Parfyt, he fonde infecte, 
Causes of sikenes fen he forbad 

And eke ferof J>e efecte. 256 

XXIII. Hail, Mary! (Verse 1 of Psalms 3335.) 61 

j \medicam dominum in omni tempera, : semper laus PS. 33 (:u). 
_MJ eius in ore meo. 

Aue mater pariens fructum benedict um, 
Tactu aims soluitur Eue maledictum, 
Que transgressa temere tangens interdictum 
Transtulit in posteros ulcionis ictum, 

Heil Modur brin^inge forb 257 Han, Mother 


}5e feireste fruit i-founde, Fruit! 

Jje touche of whuche was so muche worb 

J)at Eues curs was vnbounde, 260 

Jje whuche trespacecl folilyche, 

jjat was forboden touchyng, 
Jje strok of veniaunce sikerliche 

Laff to hem bat were comyng. 264 

Jvdica domine nocentes me, expugna inpugnantes me. PS. 31 (35). 
Aue ^?er quam dominus apptohettdent scutum l 
In extento toacliio propulit astutum ; l cf. PS. 34, v. 2. 
Qni de scuto 1 pTOjH'io comiscendo lutum l r. sputo 
Ceco lumen homini reddidit acutum. 

Heil beo [whoml be lord of liht 265 Hail thou,b y 

L J ' - whom Christ 

A Scheld tok priuely, defied his foe! 

And in his hond I-streyht ariht 

Put of his enemy ; 268 

)3at of his owne propre cheld (!), 

Mengyng berwib cley, 
As moni men bo bi-heold, 

Maad a blynt mon se 1 al-wey. i MS. so 272 
~W~\ixit iniustus ut deliuquat in semet ipso ; non est Ps.sspe). 
M _J timor dei ante oculos eius. 

Aue templum grade, tronus deitatis, 
Torrens affluencie, domus vbertatis : l cf. PS. 35, v. 9. 
Per te^solam reddita spes est desperatis : 
ffluctuantis Anclwram rege nostre ratis. 

Heil temple of grace, 273 Hail, Tin-one 

* of the God- 

Trone of be godhed, he:ui i 

Plenteuous ryuer in vche place, 

And eke hous of freohed : 276 

Beo be, hope is 3olde a3eyn 

To hem bat hedde dispeir : 

62 XXIII. Hail, Mary I ( Verse 1 of Psalms 3638.) 

PS. 36(37). 

Han, peerles 

ami sinless 


PS. 87 (38). 

Hail thou, 

laird with 

dew of the 

Holy Ghost! 

PS. 38(39). 

Hail tiioa 

whose Son is 

P raisd! 


Gouerne be Anker in certeyn 

Of vr floteryng schip in Eir ! 280 

Oli emulari in malignantibns, neque zelaueris 
facientes iniquitatem. l of. PS. so, v. o. 

Aue carens simili, nusqu&m malignata} 
Dignitatis titulo triplicis 1 ornata : l r. dupUcis 

Virgo mater diceris ; iungis 1 separata, MS. lunge 
Es vtrumqne, docet hec fides oculata. 

Heil fat hast non lyk to be, 281 


Wib vuei neuer ouer-come, 
Of breo maner of dignite 

Wib title maad feir and nome : 284 

Maiden and Modur bou art told, 

Disseuered ioyfnjefst] 1 bou goodlye; ! MS. ioye 
Jjou art bofe two, as we be-hold 

Vs techef vr fei}> at eje. 288 

omine, ne in furore tuo aryuas me, ncque in ira 
tua corripias me. 
Aue sanctz spiritus fecundata rore, 
Conseruato pariens castitatis flore : 
Queso fac ne arguat index in furore 
Quos a morte proprio redemit cruore. 

Heil wib deuh I-mad feir 289 

Of be holigost, parde, 
jpou beryng child wib-outen leir 

Kepst flour of chastite : 292 

Mak bou bat he us not missey, 

pe luge, in no woodnesse, 
pat he bouht wib his blood verrey 

ffrom deb, bobe More and lesse. 296 

ixi : custodiam vias meas, vt non dcKnquam in 
lingua mea. 
Aue cuius filio psalmus decant atur, 
Et eiusdem habitus in quo Jiguratur 
Qui terrena transiem 1 in hoc delectatur > cf. PS. ss, v. 7. 
Si uel mentis gressibns capud consequatur. 

Heil of whos sone deuoutely 297 


A psalm is songe wib cure, 
And of his habit ful sotily 

In whuche is suche figure 300 

XXIII. Sail, Mary! (Verse 1 of Psalms 3941.; 63 

"VVhos, laft bis world outerly, 
Dilyteb him to take heed 
Wib steppes of good bouht holy 

To suwen crist, vr hed. 304 

M, Jxspectans expectant dominum, et intendit miclii. P. 39 (40). 
i' j Aue tabernaculum regis inpoUutum, 

Per quam soluit dommus ope destitution : 
Tuis iuua meritis sponte ptouolutum 
In lacum miserie $ infects lutum. 1 l cf. PS. 39, v. 2. 

Heil tabernacle of kyng 305 Hail, Taber- 

T , , , nacleofthe 

ln-pollute, wondur clen : spotless 


Jjorwh be )>e lord of alle bing 

Jjat hedden non help leosed men : 308 

Help borwh J>i worfinesse 

Him fat is woundun al-wey 
In )>e lake of wrecchednesse 

And in J)e fuljje of cley. 312 

qui intelligit siqie? egenwn fy paup&tem : l p s . 40 (). 

in die mala liberabit 2 eum dominus. a M|' ftbe?aTitt n 
Aue sotis 3 ciuitas guaw dauid erexit, * MS - 8 lus 

De qua sol iusticie nube tectus exit, 

Qui de suramis pauper nm causas intellexlt 

Et egroto similis egros non despexit. 

Heil of Sonne be cite 313 Haii.cityof 

, , . - , , David's sun ! 

j)at dauid reised on ende, 
Of whom be sonne of riht, wuste 

Wib cloude, hit gan forb wende; 316 

To be causes of pore and meke 

ffrom heuene heede he tok 
And made him lyk to be seke 

And sek folk nouht forsok. 320 

f\uemadmodum desiderat ceruus ad fontes a^uarum, p s . 41 (42). 
\Cfc ita desidei-at amma mea ad te, deus. 

Aue de qua prodeunt vbertatis riui, 
De qua in-undans profluit aqua fontis uiui : 
Peto, mater, ueniam, qui per sordes 1 iui; l MS. sordis 
ffac ut fontem siciam magis quam sitiui. 

Heil from whom 1 gon ay forb > MS. whon 321 Haiithon 

Source of the 

Kiueers of plente rif, 

64- XXIII. Hail, Mary! (Verse 1 of Psalms 4244). 

waters of 

Ps. 42 (48). 

Hail, Hum 
Mother of 
our Judge ! 

Ps. 43 (44). 

Hail, thnn 
Mother of our 

Ps. 44 (45). 

Of whom flowej) of gret wor]> 

Jje watres of welle of lyf. 324 

Modur, ich aske nou J)i merci : 

Bi fulfes haue I goii ; 
Aftur fat welle mak me Jmrsti 

Oftur fen I haue don. 328 

Jtdica ine, dens, fy discerne causam meant de gente 
won saucta, ab homine iniquo fy doloso ertie me. 
Aue cuius tlialamo index est egressus 
Causas qui detemiinat, uindicat ex\c\essus; 
Per quern mentis oculus tenebris op2)ressus 
Dincat vt in lumine ponat suos gressus. 

Heil from whos chau?>ihre her 329 

A luge is for]) passet 
))at determine}) vr causes cler 

And punisschej) hem fat trespassej) ; 332 

Beo whom of vr Jjouht fe eje, 
Wif derknes fat is ouer-fet, 
Mow lerne fenne wij> liht in hy^e 

His steppes forte set. 336 

eus auribns nostris audiuimns, patres nostri an- 

nunciauerunt noliis. 
Aue cuius filiiis prouehit egentes 
Et affliijit 1 impvobos in nos insurgentes : 2 l MS. affugit 
Pie queso dirigat nostras in se mentes, J cf. PS. 43, v. s. 
Eeprimendo turbinum motus iminentes. 

Heil whos w'orjri sone 337 

Bringe]) forj) neodful, certeyn, 
And proude puitep in tribulacione 

Jjat risen vs ajeyn. 340 

)3at al vr fouhtes in to him 

He dresse, I fe preye, 
And refreyn of tempest grim 

]3e sturinges in fis weye. 344 

jr, ^ructauit cormeum vetbuw bonum; dico ego opera 
f'J mea regi. 

Aue per quam genitor verbum eructauit, 
FerJz^m quod ho~mimb\is se contempvtauit, 
Qui 1 dei fy hominum federa dictauit l r. Quod 

Et pro nobis moriens mortem relegauit. 

XXIII. Hail, Mary! (Verse 1 of Psalms 4547.) 65 
Heil be whom bijetere 345 Han, thon 

Mother of 

A word sum tyme for]) sende, ourTeaciier: 

Word fat to men here 

Him-self tempred and bende ; 348 

pe whuche of god and of man 

Endited feire )>e bonde, 
And for us alle diede Jjan 

And dej> put out of londe. 352 

M \eus nosier refugiura. fy wirtfus, adiulor in tsibulaci- PS. 45 (46). 
^m J oni&us que inuenerunt nos nimis. 

Aue tabernaciilum domini virlulum, 
In quo sumens dovnwus nostre carnis lulum, 
Vt captiuum redimat ope destitutum, 
Arcum fortis conterit fy cumburit scutum. 1 ' PS. 45, v. 9. 

Heil of Jjat lord J?e tabernacle 353 Han, Taher- 

. , . . , nacle of tlie 

pat is of vertue al-way, Lord of 

In whom he tok wi])-oute obstacle 

Of vr flesch fe Clay, 356 

To Bugge ajein J>e wrecched wiht 

pat non hope felede ; 
Of fe strong he brak in fiht 

pe bouwe and eke fe schelde. 360 

Omnes gentes plauditc manibus, iubilate deo in uoce p. 46 (47). 

Aue cuiusjtlius regnal super gentes, 
Ctiins psallunt nomini manibus plaudentes. 
lubilemus igitur attoUcndo mentes, 
Indefesso capiti cristo adherentes. 

Heil whos sone so gent 361 Han, Mother 

of the King 

Ouer folk regnej), pwfey ; of Folk! 

To whos name men verrey[me]nt 

Syngyng wijj hondes pley. 364 

Make we nou loye wij) al vr list, 

Vr J>ouhtes an heij resynge 
To vr noble hed crist, 

To him euer cleuynge. 368 

1| /fAg/iMs dowinus fy laudabili* nimis, in ciuitate PS. 47(48). 
Iri del nostri, in monte sancto tuo. 1 r. eius 

Aue virgo generans regem sempiternum 
Quiq\\Q nosier deus eat, deus in elernum, 


66 XXIII. Hail, Mary! (Terse 1 of Psalms 48 50.) 

Hail, Mother 
of the Ever- 
lasting King! 

Ps. 48 (49). 

Hail, onr Joy, 
and Hope of 
Salvation ! 

Ps. 49 (50). 

Hail, Sum of 
Honour ! 

Ps. 60 (51). 

Qui pro nobis moriens spoliat auernum, 
Solium nosfadens scandere supemum. 

Heil Maiden bringinge for]) wij) mood 369 

jje euerlastinge kyng, 
)3e whuche is vre god so good, 

God wij>-outen endyng ; 372 

Jjat for us whon he dude dye, 

Al to-spoyled helle, 
To his ffadur trone on hije 

To make us stye to dwelle. 376 

A udite hec omnes gentes, auribns percipite omnes qui 
^L habitatis terrain. 

Aue nostrum gaudium, nostre spes salutis, 
Per qu&m cecis redditur lux, fy sermo mutis : 
Nobis innocencte uestibus exutis 
Redde queso graciam statitmque salutis. 

Heil vr loye )>at art certeyn, 377 

And eke hope of ur hele, 
Bi whom to blynde is 3olde ajeyn 

Siht, and word to doumbe at niele : 380 

To us naked in )>is place 

Of clofes of innocencie, 
We preye J>e gete us nou grace 

And staat of vertues hyje. 384 

~f~\ew deorum. dominus locutus est, et uocauit ten-am. 
J J Aue salutarium summa gaudiomm, 

Saluatorem genemns $ deum deorum, 
Qui misertus miseris fy consors eorum 
Culpas lauans pertulit penas ijeccatorum. 

Heil summe of honour, 385 

Of heleful ioyes i calle, 
J?ou brouhtust for]) vr saueour, 

God of goddus alle, 388 

)3at on wrecches hedde Merci 

And wox heore felawe anon, 
Wasschynge heore gultus witerli 

And tok vr peynes him on. 392 

:fserere mei deus, secundum inagnam misericor- 
diam tuam. 


XXIII. Hail, Mary! (Verse 1 of Psalms 51,52.) 67 

Aue uirgo generans, nostri miserere, 
Languescentis animi morbos intuere ; 
Ta miserta iniseris et compassa vere, 
Morln causas auferens mentibus medere. 

Heil Maiden Mylde and meke, 393 Han, Maiden 

On Monkuynde haue Merci, 
Eueles of soules pat beo seke 

Bi-hold J)ou witerly ; 396 

Of wrecches haue Merci verrey Have mercy 

,,_,'. on wretches 

And eke Compassioun, 
Causes of vueles doynge a-wey 

To hele Jjouhtes beo boun. 400 

Quid gloriaris in malicia, qui patens es in ini- p s . 51 (t *\ 
quitate ? 

Aue, uas mundicie continens vnguentum, 
Veteris malicie comprimens fermentum : 
Cordis nostri comprime motum turbulentum, 
Tiie nobis grade con/evens augmentum. 

Heil vessel of Clannesse 401 Han, vessel 

TT u n i. T i- of Purity! 

Holdyng Oygnement I-noun, 
Of J?e olde wrecchednesse 

Holdyng doun sourdouh, 404 

jje mouinges J>at ben troublus 

Of vr herte refreinynge, 
^iuinge 1 of fi grace to vs r. jiue? 

Euer-more echynge. 408 

[i]t insipiens in corde suo : non est deus. P. 52 (53). 

Aue nostri generis pxosens ad tutelam : 

Audi quam effundimus gemitus loquelam: 
Tu corrumpi 1 nescia tolle cor[r]uptelam Ms.corrump* 
Et morbosis mentibus adhibe inedelam. 

Heil J>at euer art present 409 H<ui, ever- 

Vr kuynde forte defende : Defender! 

Here ur speche wij? good entent 

]5at we for]) to ]?e sende : 412 

Jjou Jjat wost no corrupcioun, 

ffronx us do hit a-wey, 
To seke J>ouhtus loke Jjou beo boun 

Medicyn to do verrey. 416 

P 2 

68 XXIII. Hail, Mary! (Verse 1 of Psalms 53 55.) 

Hail, Mother 

..I III.- S,. ll 
enual lo His 

Ps. 54 (55). 

Hail, Hearer 
of our 
Prayer* 1 

Ps. 55 (56). 

Hail, Mother 
of Forgive- 


i MS. J>at * MS. confenneU 


1 MS. exp^rimenee 

f\eus, in nomine tuo saluum me fac, fy in uirtufe 
jL/ tua iudica me. 

Aue cuius filius patri coequaJis 
Nobis se contemperans factus est mortalis. 
Nos experiencia doceat realis 
Qnod in eius nomine saluemur a malis. 
Ileil wlios sonc glorious, 

To his ffadur euene, 
Ha]) 1 comformed 2 him to us 
I-maaJ of dedly steuene : 
Nou beo we tauht spinYualy 

Beo experience 1 Real, 
J)at in his nome ful sikerly 

Saued we ben from eueles alle. 424 

J, Ixaudi, dens, oracioncm meam, et ne despexms de- 

f'J precocionem meam ; intende michi et exaudi me. 

Aue, secretarium exaudicionis, 
Nostre verba suscipe deprecacionis 
Nosgue tue grade predotatos 'donis 
Ad diuine transferas pacem visionis. 
Heil J>ou holy sacrarie, 

Vr askynges euer heryng, 
Vr 1 wordus fou take deuoutly 

Al-wei of vre preying ; 
Vs also fat of )>i grace 

Wif ^iftus maade riche ariht, 
Of pees translate to J>e place 

Of heueneliche siht. 
~7| ATlserere met deus, gnonwm conculcault me Jiomo : 
Iwi iota die inpugnans tribulauit me. 

Aue Mater venie, potens miser en : 
In tuomm. numero fac nos recenceri, 
Et cum ventilacio 1 cepent habei-i, MS. ventniacio 
Iram nobis tempera indicts seueri. 

Heil Modur of forjifnesse, 433 

Mihti to haue merci : 
Make us be founde )>orwh J)i godnesse 

Among y\ seruauns herti ; 43G 

And whon )>e wynewyng schal bc-ginne 
To parte euel from good, 





XXIII. Hail, Mary! (Verse 1 of Psalms 5658.) 69 

Tenipre bou ben to us wib bi ginne 

Of wrabbe be lewes 1 mod. > =juge's 440 
"71 /Tlserere mei deus, miserere mei, ^uoniaw in te p s . 56 (57). 
1 wi confidit anima mea. 

Aue nostn generis potens adiiocata : 
Miserere miserts, misereri nata ; 
Nos qui per te canimus solui iudicata, 1 ' MS. maucata 
Per te solui petimns : solue postulata. 

Heil, for bou art of monkynde 441 Haii.Advo- 

. , , . ., . . cute oi'Mun- 

An Aduoket mihti : kind! 

Haue merci, and haue in mynde 

Of wrecches bou haue merci ; 444 

"We bat syngen bat bi be 

J3at iuged is to paye, 
We asken alle vnbounde to be, 

To 1 pay bat asked is ayje. l r. )>ou 448 

/ uere utique iusticiam loquimini, recte 1 indicate PS. 57(58). 
jilij liominum. ' r. iwta 

Aue que iusticiam semper es locuta, 
Cuius ope demonum fraus est imminuta : 
Senciat fy sapiat pex te plebs adiuta 
Libertati pristine quo[d] l sit restituta. ' MS. quo 

Heil bou bat rihtwysnesse 449 Han, speaker 

,-.-.. , , of Kighteous- 

Hast i-spoken al-way, ness! 

Jjorwh whos help be queyntenesse 

Of be fend is lutled ay ; 452 

)jat be peple hoi pen beo bi be, 

ffeele bei hit in certeyn, 
Jjat to be furste liberte 

Jjei beo restored a^eyn. 456 

Mj jripe me de inimicis meis, deus mevis, et al> insur- PS. 59 (59). 
J'J gentibns in me libera me. 

Aue mater nesdens in delicto thorum, 
Ad quam clamat iugite\}-~\ turba filiorum : 
Nos a malis eripe, quos a uia womm 
Detorquere satagit tractus vicior\\m. 

Heil modur bat nost sikerliche 457 Han, sinless 

11 Mother! 

Trespas don abedde, 
To whom be peple bisiliche 

Crieb and longe ha)) gredde : 4 GO 

70 XXIII. Hail, Mary ! ( Verse 1 of Psalms 5961.) 

Ft. SO (60). 

Hail. Inear- 
nalress of 

Ps. 60 (61). 

Hail, far- 



Ps. 61 (62). 

Hail, Mother 
with us ! 

Lyuere vs from eueles euenchon, 

Whuche from good maner 
Vs to wij>-drawe is bisy mon 

J3e drauht of vices her. 464 

~W~\eus, repulisti nos $ dest[r]uxisti nos, iratus es et 
J J misertus es nobis. 

Aue per qna.m deltas carne palliata 
Idumeam 1 visitat corrigens errata : ' cf. p. 39, v. 9. 
Tibi, mater, iugiter psallat plebs renata, 
Dei participio per te sociata. 

Heil beo whom f e godhed 465 

In vr flesch was laced, 
So Idumeam he visyted 

To mende fat hedde trespaced : 468 

To f e, Modur of worschipe, 

SyngeJ) peple fat cristen is, 
)3at to Godus felaschipe 

Jjey mowe beo ioyned in blis. 472 

jxandi, deus, deprecacionem meam, intende oi'a- 
cioni mee. 
Aue lux exposita loco pieminenti, 
Lux illustrans omnia radio patenti : 
Nos a malis omnibus semes in present!, 
Lumen verum conferens nubilose menti. 

Heil, f ou hast sent forjj liht 473 

In place most principal, 
Liht euer schynynge briht 

WiJ> open bem ouer-al : 476 

Kep us from vuel fat us haf souht, 

"VVhil fat we dwellen here, 
^iuynge to vre derke f ouht 

Verrey libt and clere. 480 

"JlTOnne deo subiecta erit anima mea ? ab ipso enim 
JL T salutare meum. 

Aue per quam deltas petegre piofecta 
Visitauit exules, nube carnis tecta : 
Nostra per te deo sit anima subiecta, 
Ad soluendas domino grates circumspccta. 

Heil beo whom fe godhed 481 

Went forf a-pilgrimage 

XXIII. Hail, Mary! (Verse 1 of Psalms 6264.) 71 

And be fleined visyted, 

Huled \vij> fflesch of age : 484 

Jjorwh be vr soules to God, ladi, 

Soget beo bei and meke, 
To bonke vr lord ful hertily 

Ay to 1 beo bisy eke. r.j>ei? 488 

MS deus meus, ad 1e de luce vigilo. PS- ea (es). 

Aue vite pabulum, v'wginum lucerna, 

Quam plus ditat ceteris gratia supema : 
Pietate filijs subueni materna, 
Simciitatis adipe sacians interna. 

Heil, bou art code of lyf, 489 H.UI, tiiou 

' ". Food of Life! 

And Maydens eke lanterne ; 
Whom bi-foren ojmr riche and rif 

Hab maad be grace of heuene : 492 

Help bi sones of bi godnesse 

As Modur of pite, 
ffullyng hem of bi fatnesse 

Of inward saunctite. 496 

M, ^xaudi, deus, oracionem meam cum deprecor: a PS. 68(64). 
flj timore inimici eripe animam meam. l MS. 

Aue virgo generans per quern 1 defecerunt 
Hij qui velud gladium* linguas acuerunt 3 ; 2 MS. 
Qui tendentes laqueos, in quos inciderunt, cf. PS. es, v. 3. 
Ex defectu pYoprio nobis p\i"\ofuenmt. 1 l MS. posuerunt 

Heil Mayden, him forb bringynge 497 Han, Maiden 

J nj ' Mother of 

Be whom al bei dude fayle cin-ist! 

)3at hedden tonges of scharpynge 

As 1 swerd bat kerueb Mayle ; l MS. And 500 
)3ei maden panters for ojmr men 

And fallen in to be same ; 
Of heor oune defaute ben 

To vs be profyt came. 504 

TE decet ymnus, deus, in syon, et tibi reddetnr P. 64(65). 
uotum. in lerwalem. 
Aue per quam deltas, carnis indumenta* 
Tecta, curat morbidum grade fomento : 
Queso fac ut centupli gaudens incremento ' MS. vaiu non 
Habundare valeam vallium 1 frumento. 2 " cf. p. c*, v. is. 

72 XXIII. Hail, Mary! (Verse 1 of Psalms 6567.) 

Hull, tlmn in 
wlicim Goil 
took tk-sli ! 

Ps. 65 (66). 

Hail, Mother 
of our 
Saviour ! 

Ps. 66 (67). 

Hail, Channel 
of Mercy ! 

Ps. 67 (68). 

Heil Jjorwh whom godhed i-wis 505 

Of vre flesch tok clojnnge, 
fforte helen us of seknis 

Jjorwh his grace helpynge. 508 

)3at i mou, loynge. prei i J)e, 

An hundredfold of encrece and hete, 
Haue plentiuouse charite 

Of J?e valeye of whete. 512 

JVbilate deo omnis terra, jMOiiRtfni dicite wtmiim eius, 
date gloriam laudi eius. 
Aue virgo generans plebis salutare, 
Cuius laudes resonent celum, terra, mare, 
Qui naturam liominis nolens exaltare 
Moriendo voluit mortem temiinare. 

Heil Mayden, bringyng for{> 513 

Of folk )e helfe, parde, 
Of whos herying sounen in worj> 

Heuene, ErJ?e and Se^, 516 

Him Jjat al monkynde 

Wolde en-haunce wel hi^e, 
And so for us eke dyinge 

Put out defes eije. 520 

eus misereatwt nostri fy benedicat nobis : illuminet 
uultum. suum super nos $ miseieafar nostri. 
Aue per quam miser is deus mtseretur, 
Per gnam 1 nostri generis scelus dboletur : l r. quem ? 
Per te sic miseria nostra releuetur 
Vt in jinem gaudio ttero pevnutetur. 

Heil J>orwh whom God haj; muynde 521 

On wrecches and haj? merci, 
)?orwh whom al Monkynde 

Clansed is J?at was gulti : 524 

Beo J>e al vr wrecchednis 

So beo releued a-wey 
)3at in to J>e ende of 1 ioye and blis > r. wij>? 

hit beo chaunged verrey. 528 

Mjjxurgat rfeus fy dissipentnr inimici eius, fy fugiant 
f*J qui oderunt eum a facie eius. 

Aue de qua natus est triumphator mortis, 
Deus ex te poxticeps foetus nostre sort is t 

XXIII. Hail, Mary! (Verse 1 of Psalms 6870.) 73 

Qui captiuos eruens ab inferni portis 
Reddat nos consorcio celice cohortis. 

Heil of whom boren was her 529 Han, Motiier 

of Death's 
He bat deb OUerCOm, Conqueror! 

God of J>e vr parciner 

Was maad and vre lot nom. 532 

He pat wrecches wib worschip 

Lyuered fro ^ates of helle, 
Eestore vs to be felaschip 

Wib heuenlich folk to dwelle. 536 

luum me fac deus, quoniam intrauenmt </ue PS. 68(09). 
wq\iQ ad animam meam. 
Aue stella fulgida, stella salutaris, 
Stella de qua prodijt radius Solaris : 
Mentis pelle tenebras, nee nos paciaris 
Absorberi fluctibns procellosi marts. 1 l cf. PS. es, v. ie. 

Heil bou sterre schynyng briht, 537 Han, star of 

the sea! 

Of vr hele pou art sterre ; 
Sterre from whom went for]) riht 

Jje Sonne-Beem, our herre : 540 

Jje derknesses of vr bouht 
Make bou a-wey to fle ; 
Jjat we be swolewed, suffre bou nouht, 

Wib tempestes of be se^. 544 

~jT\eus in adiutorium meum intende, domine ad adiu- PS. 69 (70). 
J_J uandum me festina. 

Aue vallis Tiumilis, in q\iam cum descendit 
Deus verus, Abralie semen apprehendit, 
Et sic adiutorium miseris inpendit 
Conterendo laqueos hostis quos tetendit. 

Heil valeye of humilite, 545 Hail, Vaiiey 

^ of Humility! 

In whom whon ber doun cam 
Verrey God bat tok of J>e 

Jje seed of Abraham, 548 

On such maner he ^af helpyn[g] 

To wrecches bat weoren in wer, 
Jje panters al to-brekyng 

Jjat vre Enemy made heer. 552 

J^ te Nomine speiaui, non confundar in eternum ; in PS. 70 (71). 
iusticia tua Ubera me $ eripe me. 

74 XXIII. Hail, Mary I (Verse 1 of Psalms 71,72.) 

Hail, Gate of 

Tliou art our 

PB. 71 (72). 

Hail, thou 
Rain of 
Heaven ! 

Ps. 71, 9 ff. 

Hail, tlinu to 
wlmsr Soil 
the 3 Kings 
gave gifts! 

Ps. 72 (73). 

Aue vite ianua, speciem 1 virtutis, r. species? 

Protectorem generans ope destitutia : 
Nostrum sis refugium, nostre spes salutis, 1 cf. PS. 70, v. s ff. 
Pei' g-uara dure soluitur iuguta. seruitutis. 

Heil }ate of lyf wif honour, 553 

Of vertues f ou art spice, 
Briiigyng for]? f e protectour 

To helples f orw vice ; 556 

)5ou art refuyt to eueri age, 

Hope of hele i-founde, 
)3orwh whom now of bondage 

J?e harde $ok is vnbounde. 560 

~W~\eus, indicium tuum regi da, et iusticiam tuam 
J _J filio regie. 

Aue cell pluuia vellus iroratum, 1 
Indumentum, pieparans regi purpuratum, 
Qui se nostri generis gerens aduocatum 
ffecit 1 finem litibus, finem p&tbeatum. 
Heil, of heuene fou art reyn, 
And fleos wif dewh i-wet, 
Closing of pwrpre fou art, certeyn, 

To fat kyng arayed and met, 
J?at him-self to vr kuynde 

Schewed him so Aduoket, 
Of alle stryues made an ende, 

In blisse vs forte set. 
l Aue cuius filio gens ab Oriente 
Trina trino detulit, stella piecedente ; 
Sic iunctura fidei duos u[n]iente, 
Liberauit pauperem deus a potente. 1 
Heil [to] whos sone gent 
Jjreo kynges fro f e Est 
Comen feire wif heore present, 

A sterre hem ladde best ; 
So f e ioynture of fe fey 

Twijen fen onynge, 
God fe pore lyuered awey 

ffrom fe millti nuwyilge. 1 ' = ags. niowunga anew 576 

Quam bonus, israel, deus hijs qui recto sunt corde ! 
Aue virgo generans orlis architectum, 

ef. Ps. 71, v. 6. 

MS. fferit 



1 Tliis stanza refers to 
Pa. 71, v. 912, but is 
headed in the MS. by 
Ps. 72 (Quain bonus), 
and so the next Qua- 
trains till Ps. 78 have 
the wrong heading. 
i cf. Ps. 71, v. 12. 



XXIII. Hail, Mary ! ( Verse 1 of Psalms 73, 74.) 75 

Qui dum mortis moriens tevninat e/ectum, 

Mentis nostre gressibm iter parat rectum, > cf. PS. 72, v. 7. 

Vt nequaquam transeant cordis in affect-urn. 1 

Heil Mayden, for bou him beer 577 Haii, Mother 

. i . i -, -, . i oftheCrea- 

)?at al be world dob keuere ; tori 

Jjat for vs alle dy^inge heer 

deb destruyed for euere ; 580 

J)e rihte wey a-rayed so 

to steppus of vr bouhte, 
ffor we schulde on nowyse go 

As men bat no-bing roulite. 584 

Ft quid, cifeus, repulisti in finem ? iratus est furor PS. 73 (74). 
tuns svpec oues pascue tue ? 
Aue cuius filius opmans salutem 
In terrarum medio, 1 mouet ad uirtutem. l cf. PS. 7s, v. 12. 
JErumpn-osam remoue, mater, seruitutem, 
Presens ut exilium gaudio permutem. 

Heil whos sone has wrouht 585 Hail, Mother 

of our 

Al vr hele sponnewe, Purineri 

Jjat in be myddes of eorbe vs soulit 

To meoue us to vertue. 588 

Remuwe bou, Modur gentil, 

Bondage from vr graunge, 
|)at we mowen vre exil 

Wib loye of heuene chaunge. 592 

fVonfitebimur tibi, deus, confitebimur, et inuocabimus PS. 7*1 75). 
\_^/ nomen tuum. 

Aue cuius gracia ueniam meretur 
ffidem qui catholicam pie confitetur : 
Tuis, virgo, meritis pyecibusqae detur 
Vt quod Eua perdidit per te reformetur. 

Heil borwh whos grace may haue 593 Haii.ciiamiei 


ttor^menes verreyliche ess! 

He bat be holy feib wol saue 

And knowleche hit mckeliche : 596 

Jporwh bi merit, mayden dere, 

To vs beo hit i^iue 
)3at hit beo refoonned here 

Jjat lost was borwh Eue. 600 

76 XXI II. Hail, Mary I (Verse 1 of Psalms 73 77.) 

I>s. 75 (76). 

Mail, Channel 
of Pity ! 

Ps. 76 (77). 

Hail, Mother 
of Grace ! 

Ps. 77 (78). 

Hail, Thou 
Land of 


in ludea deus, in israel magnum nornen 

Aue per guaw dominus pietate motus 
Hinnilis apparuit in iudea notus : 
ff&rtem redde spiritum, frangens carnis motus, 
Vt deuote seruiat tibi toti totus. 

Heil Jjorwh whom J>e lord of miht 601 

Was stured wij> pite, 
And schewed him meke to mo?mes siht 

And knowen was in ludee : 604 

Mak fou vs of spirit strong, 

Sturynges of flesche brekyng, 
Jjat we ben alle wi)> herte and tong 

Deuout to J>e seruyng. 608 

FOce mea ad dominum clamaui ; tioce mea ad 
deum, fy intendit michi. 
Aue mater grade, gemmis redimita, 
Mater per gnawi paupenmi uox est exaudita : 
Tuus nobis filius in pwsenti mta 
Via sit fy veritas infuturo sita. 

Heil modur of grace i calle J>e fen, 609 

Schinyng as precious stones, 
Modur forwh whom of fe pore men 

J)e vois is herd at ones : 612 

To vs J>i sone of worj>inesse 

In J?is lyf hoi and some 
Beo he boj>e wey and soffastnesse 

ffor lyf pat is to come. 616 

ttendite popvile meus legem meam, inclinate aurem 
tiesfa&m in uerba oris met. l cf. PS. 77, v. 24 ff. 

Aue terra gloiie germinans frumentum, 1 
Animdbus conferens uite nutrimentun\, z * cf. PS. 77, v. 25. 
Quod in crucis cornibus a iudeis tentura. 
Moriendo centupli tulit incrementum. 

Heil, |>ou noble lond of blis 617 

Whete wel feir borionyng, 
To mennes soules J>ou jiuest i-wis 

Of lyf )>e norisschyng, 620 

)5at on pe homes of J?e Croys 
lewes helden wij>-outen les ; 


XXIII. Hail, Mary! (Verse 1 of Psalms 7880.) 77 


Dyjinge he $af wijj-outen noys 1 MS. uo ys 

An hundred-fold encrees. 624 

pus, uenevunt gentes in hereditatem twain, polhte- PS. 78 (79). 
runt templum sanctum tuum, posuemnt Jerusalem 
in >[omorum] c[ustodiam]. 

from whom Went forb bO ' Latin Quatrain to Ps. 78 Hail, Mother 

wanting. of tlie Father 

be ftadur-of fadurles, of the 

' ' Fatherless! 

Whos temple defouled also 

be peple of corsudnes : 628 

loyne bi seruauns euerichon 

To holi cumpaygnye ; 
bi sones take in possession 

bat peyned ben heer to dye. 1 cf. PS. 78, \\ 11. 632 
f * regis Israel, intende ; qui deducts uelud ouem P. 79 (so). 

Aue lumen fidei, summa spei certe, 
Caritatis vinculum ; veritatis per te 
Via nobispamit : queso nos conuerte, 1 > cf. PS. 79, v. 4. 
Et ne mala videant, oculos 1 auerte. * MS. oucuios 

Heil, bou art be liht of feib, 633 Haii, tiiou 

A I u i. Li ht of 

And vr heje hope, pcmle, Fuith! 

And eke of Charite, men seib, 

be bond. Jjerfore borwh be 636 

Of sobnesse to us be weye 

Was schewed. we preye be now, 
Conue7'te us, bat wib vr ei^e 

Seo vueles we ne mow. 640 

xultate deo adiutori nostro, iubilate deo iacob. PS. so (8i>. 
Aue cuius filius dextera potenti 
Ab egipti copliino 1 suos in piesenti ' cf. PS. so, v. 7. 
Liberando reficit adipe ffumenti, 
Et de petra saciat melle piofluenti. 1 J cf. PS. so, v. 17. 

Heil whos sone fyn 641 Han, Mother 

Wib his mihti honde Deliverer! 

ffrom Egiptus cofyn 

Diliue?'ed us her in londe, 644 

After bat vs refetyng 

Wib be tei' 1 of whete, J'teerofflowre, amolam,' Pr. Pare. 

And of be stou hony flowyng 

ffulled vs at mete. 648 

78 XXIII. Hail, Mary! (Verse 1 of Psalms 8183.) 

Ps. 81 (82). 

Hail, Mother 
of the Judge 
of Princes : 

Pa. 81 (83). 

Hail, thon 
Maker of God 
like Han! 

PR. 83 (84). 

Hail, Taber- 
nacle of God ! 

eus stetit in synagoga deornm, in medio autem 
deos diiudicut. 
Aue cuius filius stetit in deorvm 
Synagoga, iudicans pnndpes eorum ; 
Qui pupillos refouens spes est egenorma, 1 cf. PS. si, v. 3. 
Nos adoptans ei'igit in spem filiorum. 

Heil, whos deore sone stod 649 

In ]?e Synagoge of goddes 
And iuged J?er wij) stille mood 

Princis lyuynge as dogges ; 652 

And foode $af to J>e faderles, 

And hope eke to neodi ; 
Vs to his sones he dude purches 

In to hope on hyj. 656 

cus, guis similis exit tibi? ne taceas neque com- 
pescaris, deus. 
Aue per quam nobis est similis effedus 
Deus, index hominum paciens fy rectus : 
Purga conciencias, ordinans a/ectus, 
Vt non nobis noceat noster inperfectus. 

Heil porwh whom, as we haue mynde, 657 

To us is maad nou lyke 
God, fat iuge is of monkynde, 

Suffring and rihtful eke : 660 

Purge )>ou vr concience, 

And ordeyne vre delyt, 
)3at us greue noujt vre offence 

Of wrecches in-p?-fyt. 664 

am dilecta tabernacula tua, domine virtittuin : 
conciipiscit $ deficit am'ma mea m atria dowini. 
Aue tabernaculum facia, deitafis, 
In quo saluat seculum cristu*? a peccatis : 
Solue queso vincidum nostre prauifatis, 
Prestans habitaculum noue claritatis. 

Heil tabernacle cler 665 

Maade of J>e godhed, 
In whom crist saued pe world her 

ffrom synne and wrecchedhed : 668 

]3e bond, we preye J>e, vnbynde 
Of vre schrewednesse, 

XXIII. Hail, Mary! (Verse 1 of Psalms 8486.) 79 

And jif us place to vre dwellynge : 

)?at is of newe clernesse. 672 

~jT\enedixisti domine terrain tuam, auertisti captiui- P. st(85). 
fj tatem iacob. 

Aue terra grade fecundata donis, 
None fructum proferens benediccionis : 
Nostrum desiderium fades in bonia, 
Nos a malis eximens praue nacionis. 

Heil noble eorbe of grace 673 Han, Land 

full of bliss! 

porwn ^iftus wel arrayed, 
To bringe for]) fruyt in luytel space 

Of newe blessyng assayed : 676 

Jpou schalt make al vre desyr 

In godnesse to be stede ; 
Of al vuel quench e J?ou )>e fyr 

And eke of wikkedhede. 680 

JNclina domine aurem tuam exaudi me, qnoniam PS. st cse;. 
inops fy pauper sum ego. 
Aue uite speculum, iiirginum regina, 
Quam lustrauit vndique gratia diuina : 
Aurem tuam paupexum precibus inclina, 
Quos inuoluit misere sordium sentina. 

Heil fou cler myrour of lyf, 681 Hail, Mirror 

Of Maydens fou art queene, 
Whom gi'ace of heuene ouer-al ful ryf 

Schynyng schewed schene : 684 

Beende J>yn eres bisyliche 

To pore mennes prey ere, 
J?e wliuche ben wrapped wrecchedliche 

In fulfe and serwe in-feere. 688 

MJ jundamenta eius in montibus sanctis: diligit PS. 8c;sr). 
Jj dominus portas syon super omma tabernacida 


Aue dei ciuitas, cuius fundamentum 
Samarites construit, qui nos in iumentum 
Semhiiuos [subleuans] playis dat vnguentum, 
Viuo 1 legis adliibens grade fomentum. 

Heil cite of sod and man, > r. vino: of. i.uc. 10, 3*. 689 Hnii.citj of 

God and 

Of whuche fe foundement Man ! 

80 XXIII. Hail, Mary ! ( Verse 1 of Psalms 8789.) 

Buylded }>e Samaritan, 

Jjat us vppon his iument 692 

Sette fat br[o]u3t was 1 neih [of] 2 dawe, 

And jaf us vnement, r. war MS. to 

Eching to hem fat lyuen beo lawe, 

Of grace help verrement. 696 

p.87(88). ~f~\omine deus salutis mee, in die clamaui et node 
M__J coram te. 

Aue mater domini qui spes est 1 salutis, MS.& 
Qui contriuit moriens seruitutis : , 

luua nos in tempore nosire senectufis, 
Nos in celum subleuans gradibus virtutis. 
Han, Motiier Heil Modur of [be] lord and kyng, 697 

of our Lord! L ' J 

Jjat hope art of vr hele, 
})e whuche brae in his dyeing 

Of bondage ^okkes fele : 700 

Help us nou \vij> bi preying 

We ben in f ul gret age ; 
In to heuene vs up liftyng 

Jjorwh vertus, stage vp stage. 704 

PS. ss (89). "7| /j~isericordias domini in eternum cantabo. 
1 Wi Aue nostri generis terminals lamentum, 

Per q\i&m rex dlsposuit uite testamentum : l 
Gregem tuis laudibus iugiter intentum J cf. PS. 88, v. 20. 
Non pauere facias iudicis aduentum. 
iuii, Eiuier Heil of Monkynde ende makyng 705 


Of alle serwe and stryf, 
Jjonvh whom disposet haj) vr kyng 

Jje Testament of lyf : 708 

J)is folk J>at in J?yn herying 

Heer trauaylej) day bi day, 
Mak ]>at Jjei haue no dredyng 

Whon luge schal come vemiy. 712 

PS. so too). ~TT\omine, refugium factus es nobis, a generacione in 
_U generacioncm. 

Aue que refugium facta desperatis 
Procellose comprimis motus tempestatis : 
Paca nos fy applica portubus optatis, 
Vultui 1 nos offerens summe trinitatis. l MS. Vuitru 

XXIII. Hail, Mary! (Terse 1 of Psalms 9092.) 81 
Heil, for bou art help ful good 713 Han, Help of 

the Despair- 

lo hem fat nan non nope ; ig! 

Jjou a-batcst f e grete flood, 

In tempest whon we ben lope : 716 

To fat hauene f ou vs brynge 

)5at ay desyre schulde we, 
In to fe siht vs offringe 

Of fe heije Trinite. 720 

Qui habitat in adiutorio altissimi, in protections Ps.oooi). 
dei celi cominorabitur. 
Aue inJuibltat vetbum caro fadum, 
Qui collapsos uetiti ligni pet contactum 
Nos fecisse condolens cum. inferno pactum, 
Ligno vite rep&rat figuli uas fractum. 1 1 cf. PS. 2, v. 9. 

Heil in whom word made flesch 721 Han, Dweii- 

TA 11 u i. i 1 t ing of Christ! 

Dwellej), pat haf monrnyng 
Of fallyng of Monkynde so nesch, 

fforboden a treo touchyng ; 724 

Jjat bouhte nion fro pyne of hel, 
)?at }er schulde haue bi stoke ; 
WiJ> J?e treo of lyf he heled wel 

)3e vessel fat was broke. 728 

~M~\i>num est confiteri domino t et psallere nom'tni tuo, PS. 91(92). 
iJ altissime. 

Aue per qn&m domino pie confitemur, 
Cuius pie veniam consequi meremur : 
Tuis 6'anctzs pxecibus, mater, adiuuemur, 
Vt cum cristo iugiter tecwn glonemur. 

Heil borwh whom to god mekeliche 729 H.-IH, wyof 

-,,. - , Confession! 

Men make confession, 
And aftur fat mercif uliche 

Grauntef us remission : 732 

Modur, f orwh fi preyere 

Beo we so holpen a- way, 1 1 r. ai-way ? 

Jjat wif crist and fe i-fere 

loye we mowe haue ay. 736 

M ~\ominus regnauit, decorem indutus est ; indutus est p s . 92 (98). 
J_J domiaus fortitudinem $ pretinxit se. 

Aue per guam c?omin?^ induens decorem, 
Matris Eue moriens terminat merorem, 


82 XXIII. Hail, Mary! (Verse 1 of Psalms 9395.) 

Hail, fuir 
(ianueiit of 

Pa. 98 (91). 

Hail, Mother 
of the l,ord 
of Mercy ! 

Pg. 94 (95). 

Hail, meek 
Mothrr of 
Christ ! 

Pa. 95 ,'JC). 

Prime nos onginis uocans ad honorem, 
Immo statum reuocans multo meliorem. 

Heil J?orwh whom God closing 737 

Of feirnesse tok at morwe, 
Of Eue, vr modur, for us dying 

He endet al J?e sorwe, 740 

Callynge ajein vs to honour 

Of vr furst springyng forj>, 
And us sette, souring hard schour, 

In staat inuche more worf. 744 

^eus ulcionum dominus ; deus ulcionum libere egit. 

Aue mater domini miseracionum, 

Mea delens crimina spiritum da bonum, 
Vt astare valeam gaudens ante tronum, 
Cum in finem venerit deus vldonum. 

Heil modur of J>e lord 745 

Of Merci )>at is parfyt : 
Do wey my synnes of dedes 1 and word, ' r. dede 

And jif me good spirit, 748 

Jjat I may stonde wij> cher gladyng 

To-fore J>e trone of blis, 
Whon god schal come at J>e endyng 

To venge dedes mis. 752 

r enite, exultemus domino, iubilemus deo salutari 


Aue mater inclita, 1 mater inqunm dei, \^^^^\ 
Per quern datur Sabfaium uere rcquiei ; rea<l modica ' 

Hie e#t qui nos liberat anno iubihi 1 : > cf. PS. 94, v. 10,11. 
Vnde nee in-merito iubilamus ei. 

Heil modur meke wij>-oute debat, 753 

Heil modur 1 of Ih&m crist, ' MS. modur ofmoJurof 
)3orwh whom to us J>e Sabat 

Is jiuen of verrey rist 1 ; a MS. riut 756 

He hit is fat lyuerej) vs 

In J>e ^eer of lubilee : 
Jjerfore vchon as men ioyus 

To him nou synge we. 760 

j^antute domino canticum nouum, ccintate domino 
V_y omnis terra. 


XXIII. Hail, Mary! (Verse 1 of Psalms 96, 97.) 83 

Aue pQi guam domino nouit decantare 

Nuuum ten'a canticum laudans salutare ; 

Qui nos, cum redierit orbem salutare, 1 V'J lul .J* re: i 

*'t - r 8. .'.), v . l.i. 

Summi pair is ouibus velit agregare. 

Heil borwh whom to vr lord 761 Han, causer 

ol our new 

Men nan lernd to syuge song! 

A newe song wib vois and word 

Of helebe hinl hery[i]nge, 764 

J)at he 1 wole, whon he comeb a^eyn > om. he? 

)5e world forte grete, 
His ffadres schep fen in certeyn 

To-gedere he wol gete. 768 

~Tr~\t>imnus regnauit : exuJtet terra^ letentur iiiside P. 96 (97). 
J_J multe. 

Aue cuivisfilius regnans sine fyne 
Egrotanti factus est auctor medicine, 
Qui naturam /ioniinz's vniens diuine 
ffii per mortis terminum tewninus 1 ruine. l MS. terminis 

Heil whos sone in pousto 769 Hail, Mother 

of the Ever- 

Regne]) wif-outen ende, lasting King i 

To syke men mad is he 

Medicyn, hem to mende ; 772 

J3e whuche of monkynde and diuyn 

Maade an onynge, 
Arid in his dyjinge dude termyn 

J?e terme of vre fallynge. 776 

antate domino canticum nouum, quia miralilia PS. 97 (98). 

Aue qne lilridinis non sensisti motum, 
Per quum fecit cfomim^ salutare notum, 1 * cf. PS. 97, v. 2. 
Qui, quod erat hominis, assumendo totum 
Ergo se contemperat, sanet ut egrotum. 

Heil bou bat of lecherie 777 Han, pure 

i T i VirBiu! 

ffeledest nener no stnryng ; 

Jjorwh be be lord of glorie 

Maade hole to vr knowyng : 780 

He tok al bing him vppon 

)3at was of Monkuynde eke, 
fforte helen hem euerichon 

J)at in soule weren seke. 784 

O 2 

84 XXIII. Hail, Mary! (Verse 1 of Psalms 98100.) 

P. 86 (99). 

Hail, Sun of 

Ps. 99 (100\ 

Hail, Mother 

of infinite 
Pity ! 

Ps. 100 (101). 

regnauit: irascantnr fiopvUi ; qui sedet 1 
super cherubin, moueatur terra. Ms.sedes 

Aue que iusticie solem nube 1 tegis, > PS. 98, v. 7. 
Tronus facta grade, tronus summi regis: 
Nostri queso uigiles ad tutelam gregis, 
Vt in nobis uigeat plenitudo legis. 

Heil pou fe sonne of rihtwysnes 785 

"WiJ> clone cloude huledest, 
Made trone of grace and goodnes, 

Trone of kyng hijist : 788 

Vr flok forte defende 

We prey J?e wake and dawe, 
J3at we mowe J>riue and us amende 

~WiJ> ffulnesse of J>e lawe. 792 

Jibilate deo omnis terra, seruite domino in Ictida. 
Aue mater, cuius est pietas in-mensa, 
Cuius ope languidis solus est inpensa : 
Mentis uota suscipe iubilumque pensa, 
Et perhenne gaudium nobis recompensa. 

Heil Modur swete, whos pite 793 

May no mon fenke ne telle ; 
To seke men is ^iue porwh j>e 

An hele, sof as gospelle : 790 

Tac J>ou deuocions of vr J>ouht, 
And of gladnesse tak hede ; 
Jje ioye euerlastynge foi^ete ])ou nouht 

To gete us to vr niede. 800 

"71 /ITIsericordiam fy iudicium cantabo tibi, domine. 
1 wi Aue Mater solitum gignens prefer morera, 
Que gignendo retines virginis pudorem : a 
/urn ^ iudicij feruidum rigorem * cf. F. 100, v. 2. 

pvt misericordie tempera 1 dulcorem. ' MS. tempora 

Hail, Hiiiden 


Hei[l] Modur child for)> bringynge 

A^eynes comuyn custome, 
Of Maydenhod 3it stille holdynge 

Clannesse wi)>-oulen schome : 
Of lawe and of \>e luggement 

J)at ilke brennynge hardnesse 
Tenipre }>ou wi]> good entent 

Of Merci wi]> swetnesse. 




XXIII. Hail, Mary! (Verse 1 of Psalms 101103.) 85 

0mine, exaudi oracionem meam, et clamor meus PS. 101(102). 
ad te veniat. 
Aue per quam pauperum uoces exaudiuit 
Passer soUtarius 1 qui post mortem viuit ; l cf. PS. 101, v. s. 
Qui per penas diluens culpam qu&m nesciuit, 
luyum mortis moriens opido contriuit. 

Heil borwh whom of pore men 809 Hail, Helper 

of the Poor! 

Voyces heereb of breb 
)je sparwe in be euene soleyn 

Jjat lyueb aftur his dej) ; 812 

J?at wib peynes harde wassching 
]3e gultus fat he nouht kneuh, 
Jje }ok of de)? for us dying 

He al to-brac and dreuh. 816 

~ir~\Enedic anz'ma mea domino, fy omnia que infra me * i 02 ( 108 )- 
jj sutit nomini sancto eius. 

Aue Mater titalo benediccionis 
lllustrata celitus gracieque 1 donis: MS. gradaque 
Nos illustra cumulo miseracionis, 
Statum mutans misere conuersacionis. 

Heil Modur bat aboute by-gon 817 Hail, messed 

of our King! 

Wib tytle of good blessynge, 
Wib grace and ve?iues mony on, 

jjorwh jif tus of vr kynge : 820 

Eesseyue bou vs borwh bi goodnes 

Wib plenteuous merci, 
Chaungynge ur stat of wrecchednes 

In to lyuyng holy. 824 

~M~\enedic anima 'mea domino : domine deiis meiis, PS. los (io*). 
jj magnificatm es ueliementcr. 

Aue Mater, Mater Benedicta, 
MalediccionibMS Eue non astricta : 
Moles queso criminum aufer fy delicta, 
Vt scueri iudicis temperes edicta. 

Heil bou niodur of grace, 825 Han, Mother 

& . ' ot Grace! 

Modur al-wey blessid . . . , T : ' 2w.wantiug. 
Jje Moles of vr crym, we prey, 

Do wey, and vre trespas, 828 

]5e luges harde biddynges verrey 

Tempre bou in luytel spas. 830 

86 XXIII. Hail, Mary! (Verse 1 of Psalm* 104106.) 

r- tot (105). 

Hail, Mother 
of thy 

blessed Son! 

Ps. 105 (106). 

Hail, Mother 
of our 
Deliverer ! 

P. 106(107). 

Hail, Mother 
of the Lord 

Of all: 

i domino $ inuomte nomen enis ; Annun- 
date inter gentes opera eius. 
Aue Mater filij, per ^uam 1 libei-rmtur ' r. quem? 
Qui sub mole criminum 1 2^'essi conrlemimautuT : 
Ips>, per quern federa grade ditantur, MS. crimini 

Pie nos confedera cum hijs qui saJnantuv. 

Heil Modur of Sone i-blest, 831 

Jjorwh whom dyliuered beone 
)3ei )>at wijj crymes ben opprest, 

And dampned wi)>-outen wene. 831 

To him, J?onvh horn 1 euer-mo ' MS. him 

Bondes of grace ben maade, 

Meke 1 him fou bynde us to, ' MS. Make 

WiJ> liem )at ben saue and glade. 838 

nfitcmini domino, quoniam bonus, g'uoniam in 
seculum misericwdia eius. 
Aue cuins filio pie cunfitemur, 

Quod Egipti tenebris 1 per hunc aaunteimu* ; l MS. tenebnu 

Qui pro nobis gladium ponit super femur? 2 MS. admoneuiitr 

Quo accinctus dimicet, ne nos expvignemur. 3 cf. PS. **, v. *. 

Heil to whos sone in sojmes 839 

We knowleche wij> good fey, 
)jat of Egiptus derknes 

Jjorwh him we ben [don] a-wey ; 842 

J)e whuche for vs haj> put a sword 

Vppon his syde ful riht, 
And so igurt nis noujt a-ferd, 
ffor vs redi to fiht. 846 

nJUemini domino, qnoni&m bonus, quoniam in 
seculum ?wz'sericordia eius. 
Aue Mater domini qui te preeleyit, 
Qui cateruas hostium 1 moriens confregit 2 ! MS. hoiuinum 
Et infernd uisitans, predo guos dbegit 2 cf. PS. ior,, v. IG. 
A predonis fauc thus preda foetus eyif. 

Heil Modur of J>e lord of al 847 

J)at J?e to-fore o]?ur ha)> chosun ; 
)3at cu?npaygnyes grete and smal 

[Of] |e fendes dyjinge haj) brokun, 850 

And aftur )>at helle visityng, 

Jje 1 rauynoux drof a- way, r.patj*!? 

XXIII. Hail, Mary! (Verse 1 of Psalms 107 109.) 87 




Hail, our 
Joy and 

And 1 fro \>G chekes of Jje Rauyning om. And? 
Dyliuered us, whon he was pray. 854 

PAratum cor meum deus, pvnatum cm' meum. : can- Ps - iov (log). 
tabo fy psallam in gloria mea. 
Aue nostrum gaudium, nostra spes fy vita, 
Cuius ope salus est egris inpevtita : 
Generalem generis sortem non oblita, 
Ad eterne pabulum uite nos inuita. 
Heil vr ioye and al vr blis, 
Vr hope and eke vr lyf ; 
Jjorwh whom to seke men heer is 

Hele 3iuen ful rif : 
Jje comuyn lot nou of monkynde 

Loke J?at JJQU nou^t for^ete, 
And of j>e lyf euer-lastinde 
J)ou bidde us to |>e mete. 

eus, laudefo. meam. tie tacueris, quia os pocc&toris PS. ioa (ioo). 
os dolosi sup&c me apevtum est. 
Aue per guam dominus nostri miseretur, 
laus in filio digne rcccnsetur ; 
Qni dum pads osculum fide non veretur, 
SiM laudem, gloviam nobis promeretur. 
Heil Jjonvh whom )>e lord of miht 

On vs euere haf merci, 
Whos herying in Sone is riht 

Reherced eft worjjily ; 
})e whuche whon he dredde no-fing 

ludas feyned cos, 
To him-self he won heriing, 
And ioye and blisse to vs. 
ixit dominus domino meo : sede a dextris me'ts. 
Aue cui\is vterus factus est castellum 
Quod intrauit doimnus pfoperans ad bellum, 
Qui siM de restious faciens flagellum 
Inimicos posuit pedum sub scabellum. 1 ' cf. PS. 100, v. i. 
Heil whos wombe was mad wij) riht 871 

Castel of feir dwellyng, 
In whuche entred J>e lord of miht 

Toward batayle goyng ; 874 




Hail, Channel 
of Mercy ! 

Ps. 109(110). 

Hail, Castle 
of our Lord ! 

88 XXIII. Hail, Mary! (Verse 1 of Psalms 110112. 

Jjat to him-self of wibbes gret 

Smart scourge made and hot 
Anil his enemy s so set 

Vndur be stol of his fot. 878 

PS. no (in). S~Vonfitel>or tibi domine in toto corde meo, in consilio 
\^J iustorum $ congregacione. 

Aue pvt quam genitorfilium premisit, 
Redimendi populi cm curam commisit ; l ' cf. PS. no, v. 9. 
In quern cum diabohis manum. suam mi-sit, 
Quos ad mortem tvaxerat nescius amisit. 
Haii, Mother Heil borwh whom be getere 879 

otUoa'sfure- r r 

sent Son! HlS S011C SCHUe 01-1016, 

To whom he $af ben pOAvere 

Ajeyn-bugge bulke bat weren lore ; 882 

On whom whon be fend ful fawe 

His hond hedde set Avib host, 
)?ulke bat to deb he hedde i-drawe 

Vn-vvityngliche he lost. 886 

PS. ni(ii2). ~jT\eatus vir qui timet dominum, in mandatis eius 
fj volet nimis. 

Aue stella nuncians veri soils ortum, 
De qua verum tenebris lumen est exortum l : cf. Ps.iii.v.4. 
Quod in nostris mentibus repds distortum, 
Tue pzxticipio lucis sit absortum. 
Haii, sun- of Heil sterre to vs schewyng 887 


tiou! Springynge of verrey Sonne, 

Of whom verrey lihtyng 

To derknesse is bygunne. 890 

Wheber hit beo croked obur vnriht 

)3at bou fyndest in vr bouht, 
Wib sum prtye of bi lyht 

Mak hit out beo brouht. 894 

PS. 112(113;. -r Audate pueri, laudate nomen domini. 
i J 

Aue mater pueri j?er quern vita 
Cuius laus a pueris digne predicatur . 

Per te nobis puritas uite conferatur, 

Q\\e l in puericie nomine signatur. ' MS. QO 

HeU Modur o f bat childe 895 

giver! }5orwh whom is jiueii lyf ; 

XXIII. Hail, Mary! (Verse 1 of Psalms 113115.) 89 

"Whos heryinge of children mylde 

Preched is wel ryf : 898 

Clannes of lyf wib-outen blame 

To us be jiuen borwh be, 
J3at of childhode in be name 

Beo-tokned is, parde. 902 

JN exitu iVraeJ de egypto, domus iacob de populo PS. m (114). 

Aue cuius filius sudans in agone 
Mare nobis consecrat merso pharaone ; 
Qui fit pvoda faciens pnedam de predone, 
Sicque jjrec? uictus est vetus a tyrone. 

Heil whos sone, whon he sweted 903 Hail, Hai- 

lower of the 

In his gret Agony e, seatous! 

Jje see to vs he halewed, 

Pharao dreynt is at eije ; 906 

He J>at was maad preye, haj) preyed 

Mihtiliche his preyour, 
And so J?e olde preyour is venquised 

Of a Champioun of honour. 910 

nexi, quoniam exaudiet dommus iiocem oracionis PS. iu (iio 

Aue norma fidei, pacis disciplina, 
Apis mella faciens, uitis fundens uina : 
Vini ineri calicem filiis pvopina, 
Et de vdlle tristium. transfer ad diuina. 

Heil, bou art rule of feib, parde. 911 Hail, thou 

i T i Rllle of 

And of be pees disciplyn, Faith! 

Makyng hony bou art be Beo, 

A Vyne eke heldyng out wyn : 914 

)je chalys of be wyn so clere 

ffulle to bi sones euene ; 
Out of bis valeye of senves here 

Translate us in to heuene. 918 

'redidi propter quod locutus sum. ecio autem humili- P. us 

(116, v. 10). 

atus sum mmis. 

Aue uitis fertilis docta propinare 
Viimm quod inebriat, uinum salutare, 1 l cf. PS. v. is. 
Vinum de quo dowmus risum. fecit Sure 
Dum piomitit Abrahe semen ampliare. 


i)0 XXIII. Hail, Mary! (Verse 1 of Psalms 116 118.) 

Haii.Mmu Heil bou plentiuous vyn, 919 

vine! "^ Tauht to forjjfulle and dele 

Wyn fat moysteb men wyb-in, 

J?;it wyn is al vr hele ; 922 

Wyn of whuche vr lord made game 

And lauhtre eke to Saare, 
Whon he bi-hiht to Habrahame 

His seed schulde encrece mare. 926 

PB. no (ii7). ~Tj~ Audate dominum omnes gentes, laudate eum omnes 
i J populi. 

Auepei q\\am factus est homo rex celomm, 
Cuins passim resonat laudes uox celorum : 
Te laudare iugiter summa sit uotornm, 
Donee nos suscipiat chorus angelonun. 
Haii, Maker Heil borwh whom a Mon is maad 927 

of a Man 

Kiiigof ( Kyng of heuene, and calle, 

On whos heriinge crien ful sad 

Of heuene be voises alle : 930 

)3e to herie bisi men hem make 

WiJ) herte deuoutelye, 
Til bat out of bis world us take 

Aungeles Cumpaygnye. 934 

Fa. 117 (118). fyonfitemini domino, guoniam bomts, quomam in 
V_y seculum misericordia eius. 

Aw vitis grade, vitis salutaris, 

Quam vallauit vndiqne lapis angularis l : l cf. PS. 117, v. 22. 
Notmm sepi uineam ucdlo quo vallaris, 
Ne nos ledat rabies feri singular is. 
Haii, timu Heil. bou art vyn of grace. 935 

Vine of * 

Gr ! And vyne of hele al-one ; 

])Q whuche enuyround in al space 

He bat is kernere a -stone : ' r. comer 938 

Hegge bou a-boute vr vyn-jard 

Now in bis valey here, 
]3at woodnes us hurte ne make aferd 

Of be wylde best singulere. 942 

P. us (ii9). rn^Eati in maculati in via, q\ii ambulant in l&je 
J_J doimni. 

Aue pia genitrix in-maculator\m\, 1 cf. PS. us, v. 4. 
Quorum, lex eat currere viam mandatorum ; l 

XXII I. Hail, Mary! (Verse 1 of Psalms 119121.) 91 

Ne a via deuient pedes uiatoru.m, 

Quod nos gr&uat amoue, pondus ^eccatorum. 

Heil pou bringere for]) so gent 943 Han, Mother 

.-._ . , oftlieSin- 

Of men pat Laue no synne, less \ 

In 1 pe [wey] of good comaundement > MS. in to 

Whos law es 1 for to rinne. MS. lawes 946 
Out of riht wey pat pel ne go 

Jje 1 feet of weyferynde, MS. N 

Jjat vs sore greuep remoue also, 

Jje burpun of hem pat synde. 950 

d dominum cum tribularer dam am : et exaudiuit PS. us (120). 

Aue de qua prodiit potens aduocatus, 
Culpe qui determinat veteres reatus ; 
Cuins patrocinio nosier incolatus^ ct. PS. 119, v . 5. 
Transeat in gloriam melioris status. 

Heil fro whom passed forb ful fre 951 Haii, Mother 

i j 11 !_* r ur 

All 1 aduoket mihtl, l MS. And Advocate! 

Jjat determyned wip humilite 

Vr olde dedes gulti ; 954 

)?urwh his help wip-outen mis 

We pat dwellen heer al maate, 
Beo we translated in to blis 

Of wel better state. 958 

~IT Euaui oculos meos in monies, vnde ueniet auxilium PS. 120 (121). 
J J michi. 

Aue virgo regia, mundi luminare, 
Cece mentis tenebras potens pvopulsare : 
Nos in montem doceas oculos leuare 
Quo con\s\cendit Abraham, iussus immolare. 

Heil pou kynges May den wronht, 959 HMI, Kingly 

Of pis world pou art liht : 
}?e derknes of vr blynde pouht 

Put pou a-wey wip miht ; 962 

Tech us in to pat hul wib game 

Vr ejen lufte on alle wyse, 
In to whuche steih Abrahanie 

I-beden do sacrifice. 966 

Etatus sum in hijs quc dicta sunt michi: in PS. 121 (122;. 
domum doniini ibimus. 


92 XXIII. Hail, Mary! (Verse 1 of Psalms 122,123.) 

A ue que Miciam mundo retuliati 
Cum in verbo grade verbum ycnuisti ; 
Qui cum. nos pKCep&U ad tribunal stati, 
Ab auditu faciat non pauere tristi. 
Haii, Joy of Heil bou, bat ioye and glad face 967 

the World! r Hi 4.1? 

To be world hast told, 
Whon bat bou in be word of grace 

Brouht forb a word ful bold ; 970 

Jje 1 whuche whou he us bidde cum schal > MS. TO 

To-fore his Mageste, 
Of serwhful heryng bobe gret and smal 

Vs nouht to drede mak he. 974 

PH. 122 (123). A d te leuaui oculos meos, qui habitas in cells. 

^CJL Aue viigo thalamua summi facia duds; 
Que de noctis tenebris miseros educis : 

Nostre mentis oculos leues a caducis, 

Vt intendant radio sempiterne lucis. 
Haii.cimm- Heil Mayden maade chaumbre briht 975 


puke " Of Duyk bat sit an heih ; 

high! J 

)5ow out of derknesse of niht 

Wrecches ledest wel sleih : 978 

Jje e^en of vr inward bouht 

Lyft vp from slideri binge, 
}5at hit take hede wib al be miht 

To lyht euer-lastynge. 982 

PS. 123 (124). "iy ~TIsi guia dominus erat m nobis, dicat nunc ismel, 
_/. \ nisi quia dominus erat in nobis. 

Aue virgo, grade mater affluentis, 
Per qviam cedit strepitus popvdi furentis : 
Muni queso fortiter pedes noskre mentis, > MS. aqam 
Vt torrentem transeant aque 1 uehementis. 2 2 cf. PS. 125, v. t>. 

H--" 1 ; Heil Mayden, and Modur eke 983 

Maiden, ' 

oweT f ^ grace, flowynge as flood, 

Jjonvh whom is maad bobe softe and meke 

Jje noyse of peple wood : 986 

We prey be, kepe bou strongliche here 

Jje feet of [vr] bouhtes longe, 
))at we mowe passe be liiuere 

Of be watur stronge. 990 

XXIII. Hail, Mary! (Verse 1 of Psalms 124126.) 03 

i confidunt in domino, sicut mons syon ; won com- PS. 12* (125). 

mouebifar in eternum. qui habitat in t'emsa/em. 

Aue mons s&nctissime speculadonis, 
In qno nostra sita est spes ascencionis : 
A carnalis strepitu nos commocionis 
Liberando, JUiosfac adopcionis. 

Heil hul ful heih of met 991 Hail, most 

r\t v, T 4. v i, n holy Hiilt 

Of holiust beo-holdyng, 

In whom vr hope is hollich set 

Of vre vp-steih^ing : 994 

ffrom al flescliche lykynge 

And eke commocion 
Diliuere us, J)i sones makynge 

So of adopcion. 998 

JZV conueiiendo dominus captiuitatem syon, facti PS. 125 (126). 
sumus sicut consolati, 
Aue, Mater afflwns pads vbertate, 
ffucta consolacio plebis captiuate : 
Nos ad portum applicans pads pieoptate, 
Plena plene perfrui pivsta Hbertate. 

Heil Modur euer flowyng 999 Hail, Fount 

WiJ> ful plente of pes ; 
jjou art maad al counseylyng (!) 

Of wrecches wi]>-outen lees: 1002 

Bring us to J>at hauene hom 

Of pees fat we desyre, 
And }iue us alle ful fredom 

ffor fat is vre best hyre. 1006 

si domimis edificauerit domum, in vanum lalo- PS. 126(127). 
rauerwoi q\si\ edificant earn. 
Aue domus regia, quam ediftcauit 
Hex qui pads gaudia mundo nunciauit ; 
Qui dum fortis atria fordor intrauit, 
ffortem Hgans spolia fortis asportauit. 

Heil kynges hous ful gay, 1007 Han, Honse 

J , " * . of the King! 

]5e whuche a kyng ha]) buylded 
|jat prince is of pees al-way 

And ioye to world haj schewed ; 1010 

Jje whuche strengore in to }>e halle 

Entred of fe stronge, 

~ 94 XXIII. Hail, Mary! (Verse 1 of Psalms 127 129.) 

\)G stronge byndyng he tok preies alle 

Jjat he hedde holden longe. 1014 

p 8 . 127 (us). ~iT\EaU omnes qui timeut domhium, qui ambulant in 
J_j viis eius. 

Aue Mater domini, genitrix leata, 
ffiliorum filijs plene uenustota l : > cf. PR. 127, v. 6. 

Da timere dominum mente tranquillata, 
Vias nostras diriyens eius ad mandata. 
Han, Mother Heil Modur of ]je lord so gent, 1015 

of our Lord ! , . , 

Of sones bringere for)>, 
WiJ) sones mad feir verremewt 

)5ou art fulliche, and worj) : 1018 

Graunt us alle vr lord to drede 

WiJ) Jjouht peisiblement ; 
Vr weys loke J)ei ben dressede 

To kepe his maundement. 1022 

PS. 128 (129). jepe ezpugnauewtnt me a iuuentute mea, dicut mine 
^J Israel. 

Aue per qn&m uirilms hostes destitute 
Inbecilles facti sunt, debiles $ muti : 
Nostre, uirgo, g-uesu??m.s prospice saluti, 
Vt fiam\\s, iugiter te tuente tuti. 
Han, s u i). Heil forwh whom heore strengfes alle 1023 

diier of our _ r , , 

FOCS! Vr enemys nan lost, 

Vn-welde aren made and dovw ek falle, 

ffeble and doumbe of host : 1026 

We preye J?e, May den, swetliche, 

To vr hele tak hede ; 
Mak vs siker verreyliche 

Of |>i defence at nede. 1030 

PS. 129 (iso). ~~\EpTofundin clamaui ad te domine; domine ej:audi 
M J uocem meam. 

Aue floris baiula, cuius ad odorem 
Reuiuiscunt mortui : siiscipe clamorem 
Ad te supplicancium, nosq\\Q pes hunc florem 
Non pauere facias mortis ad honorem (!). 
Hii, Life- Heil bou berere of be flour, 1031 

Kiver to tlie _ /, 

uJ! Oi hos swete saueryuge 

Tornen to lyf in an hour 

Jje dede : take }>e criinge 1034 

XXIII. Hail, Mary! (Verse 1 of Psalms 130132.) 95 

Of Jmlke bat preyen her to be, 

And make vs bi bat flour Make ns rear- 

,,,,,,,, IwofDMthl 

JNou^t to drede, but glad to bee 1 * or. beo 

Of deb wib good honour. 1038 

THVomirce, non est exaltatum cor meum, neque elati PS. isousi). 
J J sunt oculi mei. 

Aue cuins detulit rex Itumilitati 
Cin te verbi thalamum fecit incarnati; 
Qui pro nobis offerens se captiuitati 
Captiuatos reddidit prime libertati. 

Heil to whos humilite 1039 Han, incnr- 

. 11-11 natorofGud! 

pe kyng so wolde obesch 
pat be chaumbre he made be 

Of word bat is mad flesch ; 1042 

pat him-self offred for vs 

And tok vr caytyf dom, 
Whon he ^af vs ful glorios 

A3eyn to furste fredom. 1046 

71 /f emeil t domine dauid, fy omnis mansuetudinis PS. isi (isa). 
Iri eins. 

Aue iesse uirgula, per q\iam exibetur 
Quod de dauid semine pater pollicetur : 
Per te quidem grade tempus adimpletur, 
Qiiia per te filijs pater miseretur. 

Heil jerde of Iesse good of pith, 1047 Han, RO<I of 

ii i t L j David! 

porwh whom is be-tyd 
Jjat to be seed of Dauid 

Sum-tyme be fader heted : 1050 

porwh be berfore be tyme of grace 

ffolfulled is, serteynly, 
ffor borwh be in vche place 

ffadur of sones hath merci. 1054 

jjjcce quam bonum $ quam iocundum habitare fra- PS. isa (iss). 
flj f res in ynum. 

Aue stella grade stillans wiccionem 1 1 cf. PS. 132, v. 2. 
Que nontramm mencium firmat vnionem : 
Nos vnitos mutuam per dilexionem 
Vite presta consequi benediccwnem. 

Heil, of grace bou art sterre 1055 Han, star of 


An 1 oynenient droppynge, ' MS. And 

96 XXIII. Hail, Mary! (Verse 1 of Psalms 133135.) 

Jjat, for vr Jjouhtes scbulde not erre, 

Makest 1 studefast onynge : r. makej> 1058 
Mnke us all Vs alle on and of on wille 

of one will ! . ... 

To-gedere wel liuynge, 
Mak vs, ladi, come be tille 

And of lyf haue blessynge. 1062 

p. iss (is*). M,jcce Hunc benedicite domiimm, omnes so-ui domini. 
f'J Aue nostrum gaudium, nosire spes salutis, 

Cell scandens solium gmdibns virtutis l : 
Queso fcr inesidium noxia secutis, ' referst0 g r ^duum)? anticuin 
Et a nobis excute iugum seruitutis. 
Han, oar Heil ioye of vs euerichon, 1063 

Hope of old hele and newe, 
Steying vp to beucne-tron 

Be de-grees of vertue : 1066 

Euere vs to helpe bou beo aboute, 

ff or we han ben outrage ; 
And eke from vs loke bou schake oute 

Jje harde jok of bondage. 1070 

PS. isi ns5). ~JT Audate nomen domini, laudate serui domiimm. 
M J Aue cuius filius grade preconem 

Nondum natus docuit exultacionem : 
Doce jws per uicij supplantacionem 
Ad beatam tendere crist* visionem. 
Haii, Mother Heil whos soiie, ar he weore bore, 1071 

of Christ! 

To make ioye him tauhte 
)3at schulde prechynge go hiw beo-fore, 

In wombe whon modur him auhte. 1074 

Teche vs vices to don a-way 

And eke al vuel list, 
))at we atteyne euere and ay 

To J>e blessed siht of crist. 1078 

PS. iss (136). fyOnfit&nini domino, quoma.m bonus, gTionia??i in 
\_J eternum misericordia cius. 

Aue virgo generans per quern liheratur 
Israel, fy pharao persequens necatur. 1 cf. PS. iss, v. is. 
Soluat quisque gracias $ conftteatur 
Quod hie mirabilia solus operatur. 
Han, Mother Heil Mayden, bou bar bat sevwt 1079 

of Israels ' 

i>eiiverer! )j a t dilyuered Israel, 

XXIII. Hail, Mary! (Verse 1 of Psalms 136138.) 97 

And Pharao, suwyng hem, dreynt, 

And his peple eueridel. 1082 

"VVorschipeb God now euerichon, Letniiwor- 

r * ship God ! 

And knowhlecheb hevtely 
pat he con worche wondres al-on, 

ffor he is Almihti. 1086 

/per flumina 'babilonis, illic sedimus et fleuimus, PS. ise (137). 
dum recordaremur syon. 
Aue per guam principe uicto Babilonis 
Cantica resumimus iubilacionis : 
Per materne graciam miseracionis 
JReduc nos in patriam repromissionis. 

Heil borwh whom be Prince so strong 1087 Han, source 

of our Song 

Ouercom his 1 of Bamlon, =is of Joy! 

And we han taken vp be song 

Of lubilacion : 1090 

porwh grace of be Merci fre 

Of by Moodurhede so swete 
Lede vs ajeyn to be cuntre 

pat vs alle is by-hete. 1094 

Onfitebor tibi domine in toto corde meo, quonisam P*. is? (iss). 
audisti vei'ba oris mei. 
Aue Mater inclita, que sine pudoris 
Tactu nostri mater es facia saluatoris : 
Te laudantes muniat intus atque foris, 
Per te qui remedium nostri Jit doloris. 

Heil Modur deore wib honour, 1095 Han, spotless 

, r Mother! 

pat wib-outen schame 
Maad Modur art of vr saueour, 

And bat is bi riht name. 1098 

Keep he wel hem bat be don herye, 

Wi-b-inne and eke wib-oute, 
porwh be bat is remedie 

Of vr serwes al-aboute. 1102 

~W~\omine, probasti me fy cognouisti me ; tu coynouisti P- !* (139). 
Ji_J sessionem 1 meam fy resurrexionero. 77z[eam.] 

Aue cuius jiUus habitu mendici 1 MS. sesioneic 
Carnem (jercns similem carni peccatv'ici 
Quasi dolo repulit dolos inimici, 
Cum se mortis legibus passus est addici. 


98 XXIII. Sail, Mary! (Verse 1 of Psalms 139141.) 
Han, Mother Heil whos sone so deore 1103 

nf our Re- _ i i_- 

leemer' In pore monnes eloping, 

Beryng flesch among us here 

Lyk to vr flesch takyng, 1 ] r. synnyng? 1106 
And so queyntelich a-wcy put lie 

Vr Enemyes tricherye, 
Whon he him-self soffred to be 

lugged pen forte dye. 1110 

PS. 1391140). ~W7Jripe me domine ab homine malo ; A uiro iniquo 
f~lj eripe me. 

Aue Mater filij cuius ad congressum 
Mors erncta penitus obit in secessum .- 1 J MS. eecessum 
Nos a malts wipe, nostre mentis gressum 
Ad paterne dine/ens dextere conse.ssum. 
Haii, Mother Heil Modur of be Sone. 1111 

of Death's * 

conqueror! At whos hard batayle 

Deth outurliche was ouercome 

And put a-louh saun^ fayle : 1114 

Liuere us from vueles heer in londe, 

And pe steppes of vr J>yn[kyn]g a MS. )>yng 
Dresse J>ou, on J?e ffadres riht honde 

And make per vre sittyng. 1118 

PS. i40(i). ~T~\omine, clamaui ad te, examli me; intende uoci 
J J mee dum clamauew ad te. 

Aue pen quam deitas came palliatur, 
Vt ad vite semitas exul reducatur : 
Nostra sic 1 or ado per te dirigatur, ' MS. sit 

Vt succedens accio uitam consequatw. 
Han, Mother Heil borwh whom be godhed is 1119 


>i*"er! Clad in flesch of Monkynde, 

To bringe a^eyn to lyf, i-wis, 

\)e flemed and put be-hynde : 1122 

Vr Orison nou euer-mo 

So dressed beo Jiorw J?e, 
))at vr dedes suwynge also 

Gete vs lyf of Charite. 1 1 26 

PS. ui (us). ~jr~rOce mea ad dommum clamaui; uoce mea ad 
\^J dominum deprecatus sum. 

Aue de quaprodiens gigas manu fortis 
Donnientes excitat a sopor e mortis: 

XXIII. Hail, Mary! (Verse 1 of Psalms 142144.) 99 

Redde nos consorcio celice cohortis, 

Vt sit cum uiuoitibus locus nostre sortis. 

Heil from whom forb goynge 1127 Hnii, Mother 

J ' of the Raiser 

\)e geaunt of hond so strong, of the Dead! 

Jjat 1 wel a-wakeb be slepynge 1 om. hat 

Of sleep of deb so long : 1 1 30 

Bryng us a-jeyn to cuHipaygnyo 

Of felawschipe of heuene, 
Jjat wib hem bat lyuen murie 

Vr place beo maad ful euene. 1134 

~jf~\omine, exaudi or&cioi\em meam, auribus pmcipe PS. 142(143). 
M J obsecraciunem meam, in veritate tua exaudi m[e], 

Aue Mater, suscipe preces quas e/undo 
Grauis, sterquilinij mersus in pro/undo ; 
Munda cordis thalamum, hauriens a /undo 
Sordes quibus ceteris ampUus habundo. 

Heil Modur, tak wib mekenes 1135 Han; Receive 

. a Sinner's 

Freyeres bat i out helde, Prayers! 

J3at dreynt am in depnes 

Of dunghul, and am vmvelde ; 1 138 

Clause be chaunbre of myn herte, 

Drawyiig from be grounde 
ffulbus be whuche make me smerte, 

Of whuche I ful abounde. 1142 

\znzdictiis dominus dens metis, qui docet 1 maims PS. 143(144). 
meas ad p?eliuw., fy digitos meos ad bellum. 
Aue de qua nascitur pucr Nayireus, l MS. docej 
Per quern dum inpi'elio ruit philisteus,- 2 Goliath 
Vite spem concipiens gaudet homo reus, 
Voce damans : " libera benedictus deus." 

Heil, for be child of Niuareb 1143 Han, Mother 


Boren was feir of be, rene! 

Jjorwh whom, as be bok seib, 

Slayen was be philistee ; 1146 

Hope of lyf ber-of takyng 

Gulti mon wib glad mood, 
' ' Dilyuere me," wib voys cri jying, 

" I-blessed beo, vr god." 1 1 50 

'xaltabo te, deus mens rex, fy benedicam nomini PS. 144(145). 

tuo in seculum fy in seculum seculi. 

II 2 

100 XXIII. Hail, Mary! (Verse 1 of Psalms 145,146.) 

Hail, Mother 
ol the King 
of all ! 

I illicit UK tO 

the Company 
of AngeU ! 

I'g. 115 (1461. 

Hail, Maker 
of the un- 
King ! 

. 116(147). 

Hail, Th, .11 
\\ he. in men 
delight to 
bless ! 

Aue de qua prodijt rex viriuersomm, 
Regnum cuius omnium regnum seculornm : 
Rege nos fy appUca cetibus eomni 
Quorum summa gloria laus est eternorwnci. 

Heil J>ou from whom rilit for)? went 1151 

Kyng of gret and smalle, 
Whos kyngdom is verreyment 

Kyngdom of worldus alle : 1154 

Gouerne and apply e aftur ]?is 

Vs to heore cumpaygnye 
Of whuche J>e heijeste ioye is 

Euer-lastyng J>yng to herye. 1158 

~f Auda am'ma mea dominum : laudabo dominiim 
j J in. uita mea, psallam deo meo gnamdiu fuero. 

Aue per qnam populi factus est adiutor 
Rex qui dicit "ego sum dens, fy non mutor " ; 
Qui per mortis semitas mortis persecutor 
ffit collator gl&rie, libertatis tutor. 

Heil, Jjorwh pe an 1 helper good > MS. and 1159 

Nou to )>e peple is maad, 
Jje kyng )?at seij) " I am god, 

Nou3t chaungynge, but al sad " ; 1162 

J)at beo fe steppes of dej> is 

Of x dejjes pursuwerc ' om. or 

I-maad Jje jiuere of blis, 

Of freodam defendere. 1166 

~TT audate dormnum guonia?n bonus est psalnms ; deo 
i J nosiro sit iocunda decoraque laudacio. 
Aue emus laudibus laus est delectari, 
Cams nos confidimus partu salutari 
Post 1 hanc vitam glorie pal ma coronari, ' MS. Per 
Si velimus domino pie conformant 

Heil in whos heryinge 1167 

Gret dilyt men haue ; 
jjorwli hos heleful childynge 

We bi-leeuen to beo saue 1170 

And [after] fis lyf corouned to be 

WiJ) ]?e palm of blis, 
3if to J?e lord of al pite 

AVe us conforme as his. 1174 

XXIII. Hail, Mary! (Verse 1 of Psalms 147,148.) 101 


auda Jerusalem dominum. lauda deum tuum r. m 

(U7, 12). 


Aue mater grade, iugi laude digna, 
Per quam uictis hostibus ruit ars maligna : 
Captiuatis exibe pietatis signa, 
Nosque post exilium. patrie resiyna. 

Heil Moder wib "race Inome. 1175 Han, Mother 

* _ full of Grace! 

Worbi worschiped to be, 
Jjorwh whom enemys ben ouercome 

And craft of malyngnite : 1 178 

To caytiues heer now wib good wil Hear and pity 

/%Vk? ;; the Captive! 

Of Pitee scneuh bow be signe. 
And vs ben aftur bis exil 

To good cuntre resynge. 1182 

" M Audate dominion de celis, Laudate eum in ex- fs - 148 - 
M J celsis. 

Aue per quam tollitui hominum pvcssura, 
Cuins laudes reboat omnis creatura : 
Laudes quas offerimus 1 acceptare cura, ' MS. oflerrimus 
Nos beatitudine ditans permansura. 

Heil borwh whom a-wey is don 1183 Han, source 

' of our Kree- 

Of monkynde oppressure ; dm! 

Whos heryinges alouwed don sum (!) 

Al-Maner creature : 1186 

Jje heryinges bat we offren to be, 

Tac good heede hem to take ; 
In blessedhed bat euer schal be 

Riche men to dwelle vs make. 1190 

Oi/fitebor tibi, doimne, iratus es ?nich, Canticles: 

. Confitebor 

conuersus est furor tuus ty conso/orus es me. isai. 12. 

Auefons clemencie venieque uena, 
Per quam nobis redditur uite cantulena : 
A peccati\s\ solue nos fy peccati pena, 
Et beatitudinis perdue ad amena. 

Heil welle of mekenes, certeyn, 1191 HMI, Wi-iur 

. Meekness! 

Veyne of forjiuynge, 
)Jorwh whom to us is ^iuen ajeyn 

Jje song of lyf to synge : 1194 

Of sunnes vnbynd us euerichone, 

And of peyne of synne, 


102 XXIII. Hail, Mary! (Verse 1 of Canticles.') 

And to fat place f ou lede us sone 

Jjer loye and blisse is Inne. 1198 

ISM. as, 10 "tjlgo dixi: in dimidio dierum meornm vadam ad 
cniaa). rn^J portas inferi. 

Aue lausfidelium, iubar snnctitatis, 
Domini triclinium, tronus magestatis : 
Placa nobis filium pi-ecibvLS beatis, 
Seruos tuos munerans dono libertatis. 
Han, Dart of Heil hcriinge of trewe men, 1199 


Of holynesse f e clarte ; 
Vr lordes chaumbre men f e callen, 

Trone of f e Maieste : 1 202 

Pese f ou to us f i sone so dere 

Wif preyeres of pite, 
Rewardynge fi seruauns here 

Wif 3iftus of liberte. 1206 

'xultauit cor meum in domino fy exallatum est 

f . J 
IV ' 

r of 
Anna). <j cornu meum in aeo meo. 

Aue celi gloria, terre fundamentum, 
Cuiusjit in utero continens contentum: 
Tue nobis gravie prestet incrementum 
Quod ad tue scribimMS, laudis monumentum. 
Han, BUSS of Heil, bou art be blisse of heuene, 1207 


Of eorfe fe foundement ; 
Whos wombe is maad w/J) mylde steuene 

Conteynyng fat is content. 1210 

Of J)i grace graunte nou encresynge 

To vs euerichon 
Jjat writen to ]ri worschipynge 

Wi]> god deuocion. 1214 

Exod. is i S~y\a\ntem\\& domino : glonose enim Jionorificatus est, 
Moses). ^^/ equum fy ascensorem deiecit in mare. 

Aue virgo generans men-is fracto iure, 
De qua gigas prodijt gemine nature : 
u miserta miseris subueni pressure, 
Nos in lucem transferens glorie uenture. 
Haii, nearer Heil Mayden child beryng gent 1215 

Of iKl-M;tii ! 

Comuyn maner J>er was be-hynde ; 

1 The following part has a separate Title in the Index: 
Cantemus domino gloriose. 

XXIII. Hail, Mary! (Verse I of Canticles.} 103 

ffor a Geaunt from J>e forj> went 

Jjat is of double kynde : 1218 

On wrecches haue merci wib niiht, Have mercy 

on the 

Help hem from oppressynge, wretched! 

And translate us in to J>e liht 

Of blisse fat is corny nge. 1222 
i \omine, audiui audicionem tuam et timui. '"*? of , 

t I Habae. 3. 

M_J Aue virgo supplices potens exaudire : 

due sunt deo placita fac nos tecum scire, 
Et cum index uen&rit atqne dies ire, 
ludicis ad dexteram iule nos ucnire. 

Heil Mayden, militi of mood 1223 Hail, Heaven 

of men's 

Meoke mennes preyeres to here : Prayers! 

Jjinges J?at ben lykyng to god 

Wijj J?e knoAve we in-feere. 1226 

Wlion jje luge schal come ful grim, 

And day of wrapfe and doom, 
On J>e luges riht hond to hyrn 

Comaimde us fenne to cum. 1230 

udite celi que loquor, audiat terra verla oris mei. Deuter. sa 

, . . - (Song of 

Aue nosm generis parens patrona, Mose). 

Supra cunctas possidens ^raciarum dona : 
Tuis sanctis precibus meritisque dona 
Ne mens ?zostra solitum sit in malum piona. 

Heil kynnes-wowmon of vr kynde, 1231 Han, Patron 

of our kin! 

Vr patrun in vche place, 
Of alle wywmen pou art hauynde 

^iftus alle of grace : 1234 

"Wijj [pi] holy preyer [&] deseruyng 

Gete us nou witerly 
]3at vr pouht beo not to vuel doyng, 

As hit is wont, to redi. 1238 

TE deum laudamus, TE dominum confitemur. re oeum. 

Aue cuiusjilio cetus angelor\\m 
" /Sanctus " clamant iuyiter : nos a uicion\m. 
Lobe munda ; perfrui in reyno ce/o/'um 
ffac nos cum feli[ci]b\is pxemijs iustornia.. 

Heil to whos sone so dere 1239 Hau, M.nhcr 

ol 1 1 iin whom 

Angeles Cumpaygnye 



XXIII. Hail, Mary! (Verse 1 of Canticles) 

praise ! 

(in I lie Serv- 
ice of Morn- 
ing Prayer). 

Hail, Mother 
of God! 

(Song of 

Luc. 1, 68. 

Hail, Maiden 

I Hire! 

Luc. 1, 40. 

"Sanctus" crien wij> vois ful clere, 

Bisiliche and heihe. 1242 

ffrom vices clans vs eumdel ; 

jje kyndom eke of heuene 
Mak us haue, wij> seintes to dwel 

Gete us fat wij> Mylde steuene. 1246 

licite omnia opera Domini domino, laudate fy 
superexaltate eum in secula. 
Aue del genitrix / laudes acceptare 
Cura quas offerimns, nosque presentare 
Per has deo satagas, ut cum iudicare 
Venerit, nos ouibus uelit aggregare. 

Heil godus Modur ! nou at )>e last 1247 

Tac Jjou vre heryinge 
)?at we offren to J>e so fast ; 

To God vs presentynge 1250 

Jjorwh ]>i pitee, beo foil bysi, 

Whon he schal come to dome, 
Jjat he us gedere for his merci 

"WiJ? his schep to beo nome. 1254 

wjenedicfas dommus (feus israel, quia uisitauit $ 
J_J fecit redempcionem plebi sue. 

Aue deum pariens, quern pater preconis 
Senedicens ptodicat resurrexionis 
Cornu qnod pvomiserat erecturum bonis ; l > Luc. i, 09. 
Ad qnod nostros dirigat pedes radonis. 

Heil Mayden clene, God beryng, 1255 

Whom 3akarie to-foren 
Preched, him fulli blessyng, 

Of vp-risyng beo horn, 1258 

To goode men fat beo-het 

To a-rise boj>e more and lesse. 
Jjat he of resun vre feet 

Jjerto, fow preye, he dresse. 1262 

"71 M~Agnificat anima mea dominum. 
Iwi Aue cuius anima mutuo letata 

Z>omin?tm Magnificat, plus humiliata 
Quo fit 1 maior generans dewn ; hinc beata l r. fis 
Dicitur 1 a seculis, felix ad hoc nata. 1 1. 

XXIII. Hail, Mary! (Verse 1 of Canticles?) 105 

Heil whos soule wib a word 1263 Hn, Timn 

Wei gladed of Message, ri*e to our 

Magnifieb vr aller lord, 

Jperfore meked in jong age. 1266 

Jjorwh bat mekenes bou were mad gret, 

God bou beere berfore ; 
Of be world bou art seid and met 

Blessed and sely bore. 1270 

~\ ~Tunc dimittis seruum tuum, donrine, sccuudum if* 

/V , . . Dimilti* 

jf v&tbum tuum in pace. cs>"g <>f 

Aue cuins Jilius templo piesentatur, Lu<; - &. 

Salutare gentium seni reuelatur, 
Sicqne petit postmodum pad dimittafur 
Que nostris laboribus tandem conferatur. 

Heil, to be temple whos sone is 1271 Hail, Mother 


Presented feir and bolde, 
Helbe of folk schewed was i-wis 

To Simeon be Olde ; 1274 

To pees him lafte he bouhte saunjfayJ, 

AVheber he schulde dye or Hue. 
To us bat pees aftur vre trauayl 

ffor euere beo hit I^iue. 1278 

vult saluus esse, ante omm'a opus est ut 


teneat catlwlicam fidem. (Atiianasi 


Virgo sancta, suscipe mentis in conclaui 

Verba quibus tociens veniam rogaui, 

Et audito sepius aue tarn suaui 

ffac me queso Uberum prorsus a ue graui. 

Holy May den, tak bou goodly 1279 Holy virgin, 

Of bouht in priuete 
))e wordes bonvh whuche so bisyli 

fEorjifnes i aske of be, 128 

And heer be word bat i of te sey, i.ear me, 

Jjat is be swete Aue ; 
Mak me freo, nou I be prey, an< free m 

, from sorrow! 

ffrom heui serwe to be. AMEN. 1286 


XXIV. Another 'Hail, Mary!' (Psalms 13.) 

Ps. I. 

Hail, chief of 
all Maidens t 


Hail. Mother 
of Christ! 

Ps. S. 

Hail, Mother 
of Him who 
riwe from 

[XXIV. f saltmum &. fStariae, 1 

ascribed to Thomas Aquinas, comprising the 50 first psalms.] 


t- 1> "'" 



Ve uirgo uirflinum, jper guawi uir beatus 1 
Visitauit miseros, nobis ex te natus : J^f-J 
Tu\is\, Mater, mentis nostras miseratus 
Rdeuet misenas, deleat reatus. 
Heil Mayde cheef of alle, 

}3orw whom be blessed Mon 
Of be born was In a stalle, 

Vs wrecches so visyte con : 
Modur, Jjorw bi worjnnesse 

He mote vs so releue, 
Jjat of vre gret wrecchednesse 

Jje gult no more vs greue. 
ve criste domini mater illibata, ' cf. PS. 2, v. a. 
Cuius est liereditas in gen[te]s h&nslata : l 
Ne nos ab hac dirimaut conscios peccuta, 
Cum furor exarserit, 1 subueni beata. ' cf. PS. 2, v. is. 
Heil Modur In Manage 
Of crist vr lord Ihesu, 
Of whom is flit be heritage 

Til vs of gret vertu : 
J?at us from hit not twiune 

Vre synnes fat we knowe, 
Help, ladi wib wynne, 

Whon wrabbe schal brenne ai>d lowe. 16 

Ve cuius filius mortis per soporem cf. PS. s, v. 5. 
Resurgentis meruit corporis lionorem ; l 
Quern, per mortem colimvis mortis destructorem, 
Colamus post funera uite collatorem. 

Heil of whom fe sone so dere 1 7 

fTrom slep of debes stour 
In bodi and soule bofe ifere 

He ros wib gret honour. 20 

1 Title in the Index : ffyfty salutaciouns to vre lady by f>is 
word : Aue, Heyl be |>ou, &c. The Latin jioem is mentioned 
by Mone, 1. c. II, p. 257 ; another MS. is MS. Reichen. 36. In 
the MS. the poem follows No. XXVIII, but I place it here. 
bc-cause of its affinity to the preceding poem. 



XXIV. Another ' Hail, Mary ! ' (Ps. 46.) 107 

His deb we worschipe nou i-\vig, 

Vre deb for hit con struye ; 
Such lyf he graiwte vs 

J?at dej) no more vs nuyje. 24 

A Ve vevbi thalamns, de quo cum exiuit, PS. *. 

^T\ Voces inuocancium cristus exaudiuit : 
Consiynet et muniat, sibi quos vniuit, 
Qui nos sui lumine vultus insiyniuit. 1 > cf. PS. 4, v. 7. 

Heil of Crist be chau??zber derne, 25 Hail, hidden 

___, , , , , Chamber of 

Wher-of whon he out ede, ciu-ist; 

Jje vois of hem fat called jerne 

He herde wij) ful gret spede : 28 

Til him-self he so vs Merke, 

And schilde vs also, 
jjat J>onv his lyht from J>e derke 

To-gedere mote we go. 32 

A Ve templura. fidei, domus sanctitatis, 1 cf. PS. 5, v. s. p 8 . 5. 
j_j_ Summe tdbernacvilwn facta maiestatis : 

Scuto nos premuniens bone voluntatis 1 
Coronet in patria cristus cum beatis. 1 1 MS, beatus 

Heil be temple of vre feib. 33 Hail. Temple 

' r of our Faith! 

Hous of holynesse, 
And be logge, as dauid seib, 

I-mad of gret hihnesse : 36 

Wib his scheld vs schilde mote he 

Of his owne good wille, 
Wib hem vs coroune in his cuntre 

Jjat blesset ben, from ille. 40 

A Ve mater gr&cie, graciarum plena, p 8 . 6. 

^CJL Tu spes penitencie, venieque vena : 

A culparum nexibus soluens fy apena 
Ad celestis patrie transfer nos amena, 

Heil Modur ful of grace, 41 Hail, Mother 

full of Grace! 

pi grace may I not leyne ; 
To repentaunt bou getest space, 

Of Merci bou art be veyne : 44 

Of alle be bondes of vre syraie 

Vn-bynd vs, from vr peyne, 
To be blisse bat bou art Inne 

So inote we atteyne. 48 


XXIV. Another ' Hail, Mary !' (Ps. 7 10.) 

P. 7. 

H:iil, Maker 
i.t Cc nl part 
with UK! 


Hail, Maker 
of Cltrii-t less 
tliaii Angela! 

Yet Ood put 

all tilings 
in Christ's 

Ps. 9. 


Daughter of 

I's. 10. 

Ve per quam particeps nosire /. tits 1 sortis 
Deus iudex iustus est, paciens $ fortis : 2 ' MS. facts* 
Nos auertens reuocet a geherme purtis, 3 2, 
Euasuros gladium, arcum, uasa mortis.* s MS. mortis 
Heil Jjorw -whom partiner * cf. PS. 7, v. is, u. 49 

God is of vre chaunce, 
j)at luge is rihtwys fer and 1 ner l MS. ferand 

And vs may wel a-vaunce : 52 

He mote vs torne and calle a-^eyn 

ffrom fe $ate of helle, 
Stom Bouwe and swerd, \>ai, as men seyn, 

Of dej> ben deop vesselle. 56 

Ve per quam angelis se minorero. fecit l l cf. PS. s, v. 6. 
Cum se dei filius nostns interiecit, 
Cuius pater pedilus omnia subiecit, 1 cf. PS. s, v. s. 
Ex ore lactencium laudem cam perfecit. 1 cf. PS. s, v. s. 
Heil bi whom, to \>e ffader etiene, 57 

Crist hym-self niaad e lesse 
)3en fe Angeles fat ben in heuene, 

Til vs hym-self con dresse ; 60 

And jit J?e fader put alle finge 

In his sones pomveere, 
Whon he schewed his heryinge 

Bi hem ]>at soukyuge were. 64 

Ve Syonjttia, de qua leyislatar 1 ' cf. PS. 9, v. 21. 
Noliis constitutes est, saun\c\tus $ saluatur : 
Inimicum conterat fortis expugnator, 
Dei iam fy hominum. factus mediator. 

Heii of syon douhter briht, 65 

Of whom wij) gret honour 
J3e lawe-jiuere til vs was diht, 

]3e holy sauiour : 68 

Vre enemy mot he al to-drawe, 

)3at stronge werreour, 
Of God and Mon Jjat is bi lawe 

A skilful Mediatour. 72 

A Ve mons iusticie in quern traiismiyratviT, 
jCjL Vt in cristt nomine Ma S2)es ponafar ; 

A quo cuius vterus duni inhabitatur, l c[ ^ v ** u l 
Templum sanctuwi domini cdumque vocatur. 1 

XXI V. Another ' Hail, Mary I ' (Ps. 1 1 - 1 3.) 1 09 

Heil bou hul of Eihtwysnesse, 73 Haii.Hiiiof 


To whom be \vey is caste, >* 

Yre hope in 1 cristes holynesse ' MS. and 

Stabliche to faste ; 76 

In bi wombe whon he wolde dwelle, Thy womb 

is cald tliii 

He schewede ful gret loue ; oT 6 " f 

J)e holy temple men miht hit telle 

And heuene of God a-boue. 80 

A Ve uiri nescia virgo singularis, p.n. 

S\ due salutem angelo salutaute paris : 

Opem fer, presidij stella salutaris, 
Ne sanctus deficiat 1 inter fluctus maris. l cf. PS. n, v. i. 

Heil vnknowen to Monnes moon, 81 Han, Maiden 


Mayden wib-outen make ; 
Whon be Angel be grete con, 

Vre hele bi-gon to wake : 84 

J)in help and bi swete socour, 

Jjat we han ofte bi-souht, 
}3ou graimte, bat in J)e sees stour 
. J3e holy ne fayle nouht. 88 

A Ve per q\\am dommus nostri non oblitus PS. 12. 

,/ JV^efc] auertens faciem, nobis est vnitus : 

Pwiis mentis oculus sit fy expeditus, 
Ne vmqu&m obdormiat in morte sopitiis. 1 ' cf. PS. 12, v. 4. 

Heil bi whom be lord of grace 89 HUH, Re- 

minder of our 
Vs hab not for-jeten Lord of us i 

K"e tornd a-wey his feire face 

ffrom vs, neor not forleten : 92 

Myn E^e beo cler, bat hit not wepe, 

Of my soule so briht, 
And neuer-more mote hit slepe 

To dejj forte be diht. 96 

Ve quam magnifice laudcmt vniumsa, PS. is. 

Vero sapiencie lumine respersa : 
Senciat fy sapiat mens ad te comievsa 
Quod per te captiuitas gentis est auersa. 1 > cf. PS. is, \. 7. 

Heil whom bei preisen hollich 97 Hail, Thou 

pruisd ot all ! 

Alle bat I con nemene, 
ffor bou art douwet richelich 

Wib be liht of heuene : 100 

110 XXIV. Another ' Hail, Mary ! ' (Ps. 1416.) 

Vrc bouht to be beo torned so 

Jjat hit may fele and saye 
Jjat wrecchednesse from folk is gon 

And torned al a-waye. 104 

p. u. A Ve cuius filius mons est sancte spei, 

^Tm_ foetus tabernaculum uere requiei : 
ffac vt per iusticiam in-herentes ei 
Letemur in gloria coheredes del. 
Han, Be- Heil, \\ sone of gret Miracle 105 

e ter of the T , , . , , . 

Hill of Hope! Is liul of holy JlOpe, 

Of reste he is vr tabernacle, 

To schilde vs from reyn-drope : 108 

Do, ladi, borw bi rihtwysnesse 

In him fat we niowe reste 
As heyres of his blisfulnesse 

Jjat wol be vr beste. 112 

PH. is. A Ve per q\\s.m reddita spes est despemtis, 

j\ Quibus hereditas restituia gratis : l 

Verus fadus hostia cristus ^?ro peccatis 
Pars sit nostri calicis, pars Jtereditatis. 1 cf. PS. 15, v. 5. 
Han, Mother Heil borw whom to gret vauntage 113 

of our lie- ' 

storer! Crist wolde vs restore, 

To hope of vre heritage 

Jjat was from vs f orlore ; 116 

ffor he was mad J>e offri/ige 

ffor vre synnes fele, 
And part was of vre suffrynge, 

Part til vs to dele (!). 120 

PS. is. A Ve cuius vterum cristus euro, intrauit, 

./ Igne sancti spiritus cor examinamt 1 l cf. PS. ie, v. s. 

Et vt mater fieres dignam approbauit : 
Per te nos respiciat qui te visitauit. 
Han Thou, Heil, wijj-oute pomp or bost 121 

J?i wombe whon crist com Inne, 
Wi}> fuir of ]>e holigost 

Assayet Jin herte wi)5 gynne, 124 

worthy to be And bat bou schuklest liis ^loder beo 

Mot her of 

fful worbi he be fonde : 
Jjonv be he mote vs al bi-seo 

)5at visited vs so in londe. 128 

XXIV. Another 'Hail, Mary !' (Ps. 17 20.) Ill 

A Ve cuius filius celos inclinauit , l cf. PS. 17. v. 10. p. 17. 

^T\ Tibi cum altissimi vittus obumbrauit : l l cf. LUC. i, 35. 

Nos in celum subleuet saluans q\ios creauit, 
Per te qui terrigenis se contemperauit. 

Hefill to whom bi sone, be beste. 129 HaiiThou, 

to whose Son 

Heuene bouwed cloun lowe, * he Heavens 

bowd low ! 

Whon 1 be veriu of aller-liexte > MS. whom 

Bi-schadewed be al, I trowe : 132 

In to heuene he mot vp lifte 

Vs bat were for-lore, 
pat hiw-self so Avolde schifte 

Among bat in eorbe weor bore. 136 

A Ve cuius vterum. regum rex ingressus, p. is. 

_ J /m Vt sponsus de thalamo cristus est eyressiis ; 

Sic de tabernacwlo 1 solis sol progressus? 
Nos in viam dirigat, corrigens 3 excessus. \ ^ S p^ I J^ n v ao " I 6 m 
Heil whos wombe be sauiour, 3 MS - airi *? e118 

Kyng of alle, we Eede, Han, Mother 

As a Brid out of his bour 

Crist him-self out code, 1 40 cimst went 

. ,, , , out of Thy 

As be sonne in Morwtyd grey womb. 

3eode out of his tente, 
To 1 dresse vs in to Rihte wey, > r. he? 

]pat we be not forscliente. 144 

A Ve que, auxiliuro. de sanclo misisti, 1 l cf. PS. 19, v. 2. p g . 19. 
j\ Dum ^ancto sanciissimum digne concepisti : 

Nostra sit saluacio fides vera cristi, 
Qiiem fide concipiens virgo genuisti. 

Heil, bat help from holi place 145 Hail, Helper 

. , -- i i of Mankind! 

pou sendest to Monkynde, 
AVhon bou holy bi godus grace 

Conceyuedest in bi Mynde 148 

Him bat was most holy, 

J)at is vr sauyour, 
In fEeib Conceyuedest verreyli 

And bar hym wib honour. 152 

A Ve salutarium causa gaudiorum, PS. 20. 

^T\ Pariens in ^enyjore Regem seculoi-um, 

Sit 1 corona capitis gloria membror\\m? MS. siut 
ffinis non deficiens summaqne virorum. * ef. PS. 20, v. s. 

112 XXIV. Another 'Hail, Mary!' (Ps. 21 23.) 

Haii,can*eof Heil vre gostly hele, 153 

And cause of al vre bliss, 
J?at bar J?e kyng of wele 
Mother of the Of al bis world I-wis. 156 

KiiiK oftliiH . . , . . 

world's weui. Whon ]>e bed is crooned leire, 

Alle J>e limes ben fayne 
Of heore worschip fat neuer schal peire, 

Jjar vs neuer-more playne. 160 

Vs. si. A ve de qua. piodiit deus humanatus, 

^\_ Nostros pie perferens in se cruciatus, 

Procter nostra vulnera gratis vuln&iatus : 
Nostros suo sanguine, deleat reatus. 
Hail, Mother Heil from whom God alniiht 161 

ol the God- .... 

Man! Went for]) verrey Mon, 

Peyne for vs and gret dispyt 

He soffred mony on, 164 

ffor vre wouwdes delfuly 
Woundet Avas he sore, 
His Blood vre gultes clauly 

Wusch for euer-more. 168 

p. 22. A Ve qnam rex omnium Matrem preelegit, 

^\_ Vt sis locus pascue gregi quam collegit : 

Virga sis fy baculus 1 illis quos elerjit, l cf. PS. 22, v. 4. 
Vt iam nichil desit 2 his quos electos regit. 2 cf. PS. 22, v. i. 
Han, TI.OU Heil whom J)e kyng of alle fing 169 

Ood'i .\aine. HaJ) cbose fe 1 to ben his Dame, * om. \>e 

And to a folle pasturyng 

To his herde wij? game : 172 

3erde and staf Jxm art 1 bo]?e ' 

To hem fat he haj> chose, 
And noujt hem wante hem-self to lofe, 

He rulef hem nou^t to lose. 176 

r. as. A Ve terra glorie, terra quam fundauit 

jCJL C^ni iiobis rex glorie se contemperauit ; 

Qui pev mortem principes mortis triumph auit, 1 
Nos a morte liberet morte quos saluau\t. l cf. PS. 23, v. 7. 
Hii, Land of Heil of blisse pe riche lond, 177 

Jjat foundet was bi reson 
Bi J3e loyful kynges bond 

)3at to vs com in good seson, 180 

XXIV. Another ' Hail, Mary !' (Ps. 24 26.) 113 

He bat be prince of dej) 
"VVi]) his def ouer-com 
And alle from be harde Breb 

Of def he vs out nam. 184 

Ve cuius filius dulcis est fy rectum, P. 21. 

F reducat exules pvvegre profectus, 1 l cf. PS. 24, v. 4, 5. 
Vere nobis grade legifer efectus : 2 * cf. PS. 24, v. s, 12. 
se nostros ordinet mores fy affectus. 
Heil bi sone bat is so swete 185 


, ., , f , . whose Son 

And rilitml of en tent, is sweet! 

pe Outlawes sy?mes forte bete 

On pilgrimage he went ; 188 

Til vs of grace certeyne 

Lawe-berer was i-kud : 
In vs he mote ordeyne 

Vre werkes and bouhtes hud. 192 

A Ve que 1 dominicum circumdas 2 alt are 3 ' MS. quem PS. 25. 
^L\_ Concludens in vtew dei salutare : \ ^pg' 1 "J' 1 8 
Nostra purget* crimina poteus cxpiare, * MS. purged 
Pontifex fy liostia sancte factus are. 

Heil bat of vr lord of heuene 193 HUU, nearer 

T . , ofGod! 

pat Auter vmbijede, 
In bi wombe bou speredest heuene 1 * =euene 

Hele of god, vre mede, 196 

Of vre synnes clansyng 
pat hab ful pouwere ; 
pat Bisschop him-self is offring 

Of be holy Autere. 200 

Ve Mater doiaini nos illuminantis, PS. ze. 

Mater inqnam filij jper te nos saluantis : 
Tuis viigo meritis preciluLsquQ sanctis 
Mentis pelle tenebras ad te suspirantis. 

Heil modur of [bat] lord so mylde 201 Han, Mother 

, ... , i JL.I i of our Lord! 

pat hhtned vs alle tul schene, 
pou art moder of bat child e 

pat sauede vs alle bi-dene : 204 

Maide, borw bi worbinesse 

And preyeres bat holy be, 
Put hem from be derknesse 

pat sikyng longen to be. 208 


114 XXIV. Another 'Hail, Mary!' (Pa. 27 30.) 

p. 27. A Ve pudicicie titulis 1 omata, Ms.tutuiu 

_\_ Mater facia filij, sed inuiolata, 
Corporis materia illi ministrata 
CUIVLS iam reflorutt caro suscitata. 1 ' cf. PS. 27, v. 7. 
Han, Maiden Hell ! of clene chastite 209 

ofChsutity! . 

J3e worschipe nis not luitel, 
ffor Modur and mayde bouh bou be, 

Worschipful is pat tytel. 212 

Jje mateer of bi swete bodi 

Crist, he tok of Jje, 
And fouh he died delfuly, 

Ajeyn to lyue ros he. 216 

p. as. A Ve nostri generis deem sempitemum, 

^\_ Cuius scandens filius solium paternum, 

Residens in dextera rex est in etemum : l 
Affectum supplicibns exibe maternum. cf. PS. as, v . 10. 
Haii, Hononr Heil of vie kuynde, ladi, 2 1 7 

of Mankind! . . 

Worscmpe wijj-outeu ende ; 
Thy son Jji sone in to heuene stih, 

asoeiuletl into 

Heaven. pat is so good and hende, 220 

And on his ffader riht syde 

Sit for euere and : 
A Moderes lappe fou open wyde 

To hem J?at ben in wo. 224 

i*. 29. A Ve de gaia gaudium f visit matutinum, 1 l cf. PS. 2 9, v. c 

^T\ Quod detersit hominis fletma. uesp&rtinwan, 

Per concessum carports sanctum cilicinum 2 
Redemptis aperiens paradisi sinum, * cf. PS. 20, v. 12. 

Han, Dawn Heil, of whom be ^Morwenyng 225 

ofMorningl T -. . 

loyful schon and bnht, 
Jjat wiped awey vre wepyng 

On Euen and of niht ; 228 

Wib be bodi as a Sekke 
Jjat is i-Maad of here, 
Of pa?-adys he opened be hekke 

To hem bat bouht were. 232 

PS. so. A Ve regis omnium ciuitas munita, 1 ' cf. PS. so, v. 22. 

^T\ Ciuitas ab angelis digue cu-stodita, 

Virtutum. mirifice gemmis insignita : 
In te nostrum gaudium, in te sit 1 spes sit a. ] MS. ic 

XXIV. Another ' Hail, Mary !' (Ps. 31 34.) 115 

Heil bou kynges feir Cite, 233 Han, fair 

-,T T n , 1, City of the 

Walled wel a-boute, King! 

Wib angeles bat in heuene be 

I-kept 1 , wib mony a route ; 236 

Wib riche stones wondeiiy 

Of vertues bou art by-set : 
Vre love in be sikerly Our joy ami 

liope meet iti 

And vre nope ben met. cf. PS. si, v. s. 240 l ^e. 

A Ve cui non inputans dominus peccatum, 1 PS. si. 

S\ Partum dedit glorie fructumque beatum : 

Car gerens fy corpmis decus illibatum, 
Erumpnosas contere spinas voluptatum. 

Heil to whom no-maner synne 241 Hail, sinless 

* Onel 

Vre lord a-rette con, 
)jat jaf a burbe of blisse wib-inne, 

J)e ffrnit of Blod and bon ; 244 

Herte wib-Inue nor bodi wib-oute 

Of ffulbe hedde no dispit : 
J?e woful bornes vs aboute 

Jjow bruse of foul delyt. 248 (PS. 32 want- 

Ve cuius am'rna in deo laudatur^ ' of. PS. ss, v. 2. PS. 33. 


Benedicens dominum 2^er qnam exaltatur : 
Tuis, virgo, benedic, fy benedicatur 
Pe)- quam 1 benediccio facta predicafur. r. quern? 

Heil whos soule worbily 249 Han, tiiou 


In god is lully preysed, God! 

In Blessynde god f ul hihly 

})orw whom bou art vp-reiset : 252 

Blesse alle byne, Maide?e dere, 

j?i-self also be Blesset, 
}?or\v whom blessyng is preched here 

And from vs not lesset. 256 

A Ve de qua voluit nasci rex virtiitum, PS. st. 

j~m Non abhorrens tangere carnis nostre lutum ; 

Apprehendens iusticie anna syiie scutum 1 
Hominem eripuit ope destitutum. 1 cf. PS. 34, v. 2, 10. 

Heil of whom he wolde be bore, 257 Han, Mother 

ot the King 

}?e kyng ot alle vertuwe, ofv.nue! 

And wlated nou^t to touche berfore 

Vr fflesch of Cleyjes huwe ; 260 

i 2 

116 XXIV. Another ' Hail, Mary !' (Ps. 35 37.) 

J)er-of (!) lie made hira-self a scheld 

Priueliche to dare, 
fforte rescouwe in J)e feld 

Mon of help ful bare. 264 

PS. S5. A Ve fecundissime domus vbertatis, 

f\ Torrens indeftciens vere voluptatis . 

ffonte nos inebria sanete karitatis, 
Cor ad lumen exitans summe claritatis. 1 > cf PS. ss, v. 9, 10. 
Han, House Heil bou hous bi niht and day, 265 

of Plenty ! 

jjou art 1 of gret plente, r. j>at is 

And be Brok bat rennes ay 

fful of likerouste : 268 

Jjou fulle vs alle of bat welle 

fful of Charite, 
))at vr hertes mouwe cue?- dwelle 

In Brihtnesse wib be. 272 

PS. so. A Ve beniffnis#ima, nusqnam malignari, 

^Tm_ Nee in malignantibus uolens emulari ; 
Cuius est in domino semper delectari : l 
Eius nos deliciis dona saciari. 1 of. PS. sc, v. 4. 

iiaii, miuiest Heil of wymmen mylde most, 273 

of Women! J 

)5at noldest no luburnesse, 
Nor haddest in no lubur gost 

Loue nor swetnesse, 276 

But in vr lord be lyked wel, 
And euer-more bou schal : 
J)erof bou graunte vs sum del, 

To fullen vs ber-wib-al. 280 

PS. 87. A Ve mater vnicum yen&cans dulcorem : 

_./ Venientis iudicis tempeva furorem, 

Ne in ira senciam ilium correptorem, 
Set vite perpetue per te largitorem. 
Han, Mother Heil Moder of be ne^ve gyse 281 

of the sweet 

J)at bar be swete childe : 
"Whon he comeb, bat hije lustise, 

ffrom his wrabbe vs schilde, 284 

)jat we fele not bat harde snibbyng 

J3at mony mon schal drede, 
But of be lyf euer-lastyng 

Mote we ban vr mede. 288 

XX LV. Another ' Hail, Mary !' (Ps. 38 41.) 117 

A Ve cui spiritus sanctus obumbrauit, p s . ss. 

^/l Dum carnis matenam caro ministrau\t ; 
Cum nostrum substanciam sibi sociauit, 1 
Ad suam nos gloriam. deus exaltauit. 1 cf. PS. ss, \. s. 

Heil whom of be holigost 289 Hail, timn 

' overs! ladowd 

be schadewe nab vmbicast, by the Holy 

Ghost ! 

Of bi flesch, as wel bou wost, 

bi sones flesch made in hast ; 292 

Whon he vr kuynde in bat maiiere- 

Tok to his felawe, 
To his Blisse bat is so dere 

On heij he con vs drawe. 296 

A Ve per gnara reddita lux refulsU cms, i's. so. 

f\ Quam pev Euam abstulit gustus ille netis : 

De lacu miserie $ de Into feds 1 J ef. p?. w, v. 2. 
Nos educat meritum tue sancte precis-. 

Heil borw whom to be blynde 297 Hail, thou 

T .' , , , , / Liffl't to tlie 

Liht schon ml feire, uiiud! 

J)at Eue, Modur of vre kynde, 

Wib tast of deb con peire : 300 

Out of Je Slouh of wrecchednesse 

And of be dregge of cleye 
To lede vs to Jri worfinesse, 

byn holi preyere seye. 304 

A Ve beatissima per quam nos respexit PS. 40. 

f\ Quando super pauperes deus intellexit ; 
Egestatem hominis diues non despexit, 
Sed in nos carismatuw. munera conuexit. 

He[i]l blesset beo bi mood, 305 Han, source 

1 /-I 1 1 1 l l f Ule88i "g tO 

borw whom God bi-held the Poor! 

And on be pore he vnderstod, 

In toune and in feld ; 308 

Vre neode nolde he dispise, 

bouh he were riche i-nouh, 
But in mony a wyse 

His Richesse to vs drouh. 312 

A Ve quam fons glorie uoluit implere, PS. ii. 

^1 Vt in cristo fieres fons salutis uere : 

Nostre desiderium mentis intuere, 
Dans de plenitudine fontis nos gaudere. 


XXIV. Another 'Hail, Mary!' (Ps. 4244.) 

H iil, tliou 
filil from the 
Well of Bliss! 

Consider our 
yeaming ! 

Ps. 42. 

Hnil, then 
8et-;ip:irt to 
bear Uod ! 

Hail, thon 
whose Womb 
bare Christ! 

Ps. 41. 

Hail, thoa 
St.imli-r at 
God's right- 

Heil whom fe welle of bliss 313 

"Wolde fulle ful of wele, 
So fat f ou weore Maad, i-wis, 

Jje welle of verrey hele : 316 

Vr f ouhtes and vre jernynge, 

Ladi, f ou so bi-holde 
Jjat of f e welles spri?ige 

We mouwe beo glad and bolde. 320 

A Ve guam de gentibus dominus discreuit, 
Xa, Cum in venire uiiginis verbum requieuit ; 

Causam fy c\]i\yrographum pleniter 1 deJeuit 
Qliam m pnmum hominem prima lex decreuit. 

Heil whom God specialy > MS. plenum 321 

ffrom ofere wolde twynne, 
"Whon lie fi bodi priuely 

Wolde reste wijj-Inne. 324 

)3e cause of Obligacion 
Jjat vs to helle bond, 
He brae wij) gret fuson 

Of his riht hond. 328 

A Ve cuins uiscera cristum. ediderunt, 
_/j_ Per gnam 1 uicti subjacent qui nos qfflixerwnt : 

Salua nos in brachio, cuius uim senserunt 
Qui victrici dextere cristi restiterunt. r. quem ? 

Heil of whom J>e holi gutte 329 

Crist haj> for]? sende, 
Bi whom J>ei ben vndurpwtte 1 ' ong. vndurpotte 

Jjat vs ^erne wolde schende : 332 

Saue vs alle in his miht, 
)3at ]>ei han ofte feled 
Jjat wif-stonden ajeyn ]>Q riht 

)3e hond fat ha)> hem greued. 336 

A Ve stans ad dexteram Domini Regina, 
^T\ Quam ambit uarietas mitutum diuina : ] 

Vide, regis JUia, fy aurem inclina, l cf. PS. , v. 10. 
Natus ex te fructus sit nobis Medicina. 

Heil fat stondest neuer lof 337 

On riht half of vr lord ; 
Whom sondernesse vmbigoj) 

Of vertuwes in a-Cord : 340 

XXIV. Another 'Hail, Mary!' (Ps. 4547.) 119 

Bi-hold, bou douhter of fe kyng, 

And bouwe doun Ere byne, 
])Q ffruit of be spryngynge 

Beo vre Medicyne. 344 

A Ve tabernaculum, quam sanctificauit P- & 

jijL San\c\tor\\m sanctissimus, in te cum intr&uit ; 

Ex te nobis impetus fluminis manauit, 
Ciuitatem domini qui letificauit. 1 > cf. PS. 45. v. 5. 

Heil bou tente for be schour 345 Hail, tiiou 

~ Tent from 

And for be hete of Sonne. R' and 

Heat ! 

Whom god com in to bi bour, 

Wib be for to wonne ; 348 

fFrom be to vs in gret plente 

)3e water ron a-flod 
)?at gladed al be grete Cite 

Wher-of we mowe bink good. 352 

A Ve per griam filius dei cum descendit PS. *. 

X Nos in sui nominis amore succendit ; 

Particeps substancie nostre cum ascendit, 1 
Ascendendi pariter nobis spem inpendit. ' cf. PS. u>, \. R. 

Heil borw whom wib-oute blame 353 Han, tiiou 

K in. Her of 

God dounward wolde beende. God's Love 

111 us ! 

In be loue of his name 

Vre hertes forto teende ; 356 

Of vre kuynde for he part hadde, 

Whon he steih vp in to Blis, 
J5e rihte wey he vs ladde 

We hopen bider, i-wis. 360 

A Ve magna domina fy laudanda nimis, PS. 47. 

^/m Regis magni ciuitas, mons syon s\\blimis : 

Tu magna, tu predita mentis opimis, 
Tuos ad celestia transfer ab Mjs imis. 

Heil bat art so gret ladi 361 Han, Lady, 

.... ... great, and 

And gretlych artou preised. gi-entiy 

6 J f > pi-aisd! 

Cite of be kyng bat [sit] on hih, 

Hul Syon vp-reised ; 364 

Desemed bou hast gret Eichesses 

Jjat gostly ben, i trouwe : 
fflette us from be wrecchednesses 

Jjat we dwellcn in so lowe. 368 

120 XXIV. Another ' Hail, Mary!' (Ps. 4850.) 

PS. is. A Ve per gnam homines 1 natos ad lalorem l MS. hominis 

f\ Ad amissum. reuocans dominus honorem, 

De 7zostra substancia sumptum earn is florem 
Ipsis fecit angelis in se celsiorem. 
Hail, thon Heil borw whom, bat was boren 369 

Restorer of * 

Man's loss! Mon to gret vnreste, 

To be worschipe bat lie hedcle lore 

Whon he was lik a Beeste, 372 

God restored hym a-jeyn 

And set Monkynde aboue 
Jje hexte Angeles, as we seyn 

Jjerfore we schulde him loue. 376 

p. 49. A Ve mater jttio digna nascituro, 

Sm Corporis materiam ministrqns passuro : 
Purges 1 consciencias, ut sic 2 corde puro 
Procedamus obuiam judici uenturo. iMs.purgans * MS. sit 
Han, Mother Heil Modur most worbi 377 

of God! 

To God bat schulde be bore, 
Of be tok be swete bodi 

J?at pyned was so sore ; 380 

Jjorw bat peyne he clensed 1 vs so, * r. dense 

Jjat wib herte schene 
Sikerly we mou go 

Ajeyn vr lugge bi-dene. 384 

p. so. A ve nobis miserans, nostri miserere, 

_jCjL Qwd misericordie mater dicta uere ; 

Miaemis omnium qui tuis scincere 
Laudibus fy gaudy's gaudent inherere. 
Han; Have HeiL of vs bou haue merci, 385 

men-y on UK ! 

Of Merci we be prey, 
ffor Moder bou art witerly 

Of Merci, as we seye. 388 

]?ou hast merci of hem alle 

)5at wib deuocioun 
And wib preisyng on be calle, 

Jjou herest heore Orisoun. 392 

XXV. Am Maria ! The, Blessing of her. 


[XXV. f snlutiiriottw to fore 

MAyclen, Modur, and comely Q\veen, 
}3at art in heuene and cue?' schal ben, 
Euere beo pou blessed, 3 

ffor pow sendes me help and grace, 
Whon I was in a place 

Jjer Deth was to me dressed. 6 

Mi lyf I wende me hedde forsaken, 
And drery dejj to me taken, 

To make wip him to wone : 9 

Wip my tonge, als I coupe, 
I Cri^ede, " Ladi, help me noupe, 

J3ow prey to pi swete sone ! " 12 

J?i grace com to me pat day 
In to a Castel per I lay, 

Men seide I was but ded ; 15 

Ihesu, pat pou louedest dere, 
Com to me porwh pi preyere 

In pe fourme of bred. 18 

Marie, of ioye pou berest pe pris, 
ifor pou art jate of paradis, 

Jjer Ioye is Murie and long. 21 

ffeire Modur and Mayden swete, 
Wip fyue loyes I pe grete, 

Ladi, here my song. Aue Maria. 24 

HEil beo pow, Marie Modur of ciist, 
J)at Conceyuedest him al wyth lyst, 
Ihesu pat was so mylde ; 27 

He liht in to pe, sop hit was, 
As dude pe Sonne porwh pe Glas, 

And so pow wex wip chylde. Aue M. 30 

Heyl Marie, of Maydens pe flour, 
Jjow beer Ihe6'u, vr sauiour, 

Wip-outen eny peyne. 33 

ffeir hit was, pat ilke 1 burpe, > MS. nie 

Jjat in his 3 upe made murpe 

Wip pi pappCS tweyiie ! Aue. 1 > Some stanzas seem wanting. 

1 So the title in the Index. 

Ever blessed 
be tliou. 
Mary 1 

I was at the 
point of 
death : 

I cried to 


and thy grace 
came to me. 

Thou art the 
ato of 

I greet thee 
with five 

Hail, tliou 



Hail, Flower 
of Maidens ! 
tliou borest 

122 XXV. Ave Maria! The Blessing of her. 

Hail, ever- 

Queen ! 

To tliee we 

for remedy 
when bale is 

Hail, thou 
Joy of 
Angels ! 

Foe of fleiuls ! 

Hail, thou 
mightiest of 

Thou wast 
born in 

Heil Mayden, fat euer-more 

Schalt beo Qween, and hast ben jore, 

In heuene and in eorf e. 
Jjeos ben foure of power most : 
ffadur, and Sone, and holygost, 

And fou, Ladi, fe feorfe. Aue. 
Heil gracious qween Mari, 
To fe vs neodef calle and cri 

Whon we ben son and syke. 
Heil hele in halle and boure ; 
)pou louest men fat fe honoure, 

J)i loue is euere i-like. Aue. 
Heil, sone boote f er bale is neih ; 
Jjauh fi wonyHge beo an heih, 

J)ou herknest to vs at nede. 
Heil rest to weri bones ; 
Whon I was stoned wif harde stones, 

Jpow halp wif-outen mede. Aue. 
Heil, to al Angeles loye and blis, 
Jjow art Qwen f er, I wot, I-wis, 

Witnes of vr Bokes. 
Heil witti and wys of werkes, 
J?ou drawest bofe prestes and Clerkes 

Out of fe fendes hokes. Aue. 
Heil fendes fo, feirest of alle ! 
J5i Bed was In an Asse stalle 

Whon f i sone was Boni. 
Heil weddet wyf and Mayden eke, 
Of f e f is holy prophetes speeke 

An hundred jer bi-forn. Aue. 

Heil mihtiest of MiddeP-ert, 

Of f e f e fendes ben a-ferd 

And douten fe ful sore. 
Heil cumfort of Careful wyues ; 
When f ei ben ferd of heore lyues, 

Jjou helpest hem euer-more. Aue. 
Heil chyld boren In Nazareth, 
Jjou beere a child fat to[c] l f e deth, 

As alle trewe telle. 

MS. Uildel 

MS. to 














XXV. Am Maria I The Blessing of her, 


Heil Godus Modur gentyl and good, 

Jjou 1 let Adam and his blood l r. j>at 

Out of fe pit of helle. Aue. 78 

Heil Modur Merciabel, 
He is fi sone wif-outen fabel 

Jjat alle fynge wot. 81 

Heil Meke marie of renoun, 
Jji sone haf for vs I-leyd a-doun 

His herte-blood al hot. Aue. 84 

Heil Mari fat to vs hi^es ! 
Jji Modur bar f reo Maries 

So feire hire beo-tydde ; 87 

On was Marie lacobe, 
And fat of ur Cleophe, 

And fou, ladi, f e f ridde. Aue. 90 

Heil Marie, wif most honour 
Corouned qween in heuene-tour 

Bi-fore f y sones face ; 93 

To alle neodful fou art couf, 
Wei art fou cald wif Angeles Mouth, 

" Marie ful of grace." Aue. 
" Heil Marie ful of grace, 
Heil beo fou in vche a place, 

ffor god is laft wif fe." 
In heuene and eorfe fou beo honoured, 
ffor my lyf fou hast socoured 

And drawen def from me. Aue. 102 

Heil feirest of alle floures, 
A-postles, 1 Martires an Confessoures 1 MS. of postiea 

Jje for ladi calle ; 105 

Heil brihtor fen f e sonne-beem, 
Jjou beere Ihesu In Bedlehem, 

Wif Blood fat bouht vs alle. Aue. 108 

Heil feirest of alle landes, 
To god fou hef vp fyn handes 

Whon Gabriel f e grette. Ill 

Heil clerore fen f e Cristal-ston, 
Jjou art in heuene, Blood and Bon, 

ffor f er f i sone f e sette. Aue. 114 

Hail, merci- 
ful Mother ! 

H:iil, Queen 
of Heaven ! 

thou wast 
96 the Ansel". 


Fairest of 

tliou borest 
Christ in 


XXV. Ave Maria ! The Blessing of her. 

Hail, Mary ! 

In tliee lay 
God's Son, 

who, when 
82, fought as 
man's cham- 

ami Clifford 

Thou rawest 
how Christ 
raUd Laza- 

and how a 
widow's son, 

Ileyl Marie, Blessed kidde, 
A feir grace J>e beo-tidde 

)3i peere is nouhwher leued : 
God him-self pi bodi checs, 
To sitte wij> him on his dees 

And here Coroune on heued. Aue. 
Heil Marie as briht as day, 
Goddus sone wijj-Inne pe lay 

His Burth to a-byde. 
Whon he was two and ]nitti ^eer old, 
He fauht for men as kempe bold, 

And baar ful blodi syde. Aue. 
Heil Marie, fat art ay boun 
To kepe us from temptacion 

Of J>e fendes Blake ; 
Heil riche Qween of vche a toun, 
Jji sone haj) soffred passioun 

ffor al Monkynde sake. Aue. 
Heil briht Braunche of Rose rote, 
Of J)e sprong a sauour swote 

Jjat sauerej) ay so swete. 
Heil Modur of al-holy Chirche, 
And alle fat euere wol wysly worche, 

I rede pat heo pe grete. Aue. 
Heil loachyms loyful seed, 
)3ou sayh whon Lazarus was ded 

ifoure dayes and More ; 
Bi-fore Martha and Magdeleyn 
Ihesu called him to lyue a-jeyn 

And for him rewed sore. Aue. 
Heil Marie, Mayden sleihe, 
Mony goode dedes J>ou seije 

Of pulke pat Ihesu wrouhte : 
A Mon was ded and lay on Bere, 
His Moodur wij) ful reupful chere 

Grace at Ihesu souhte ; Aue. 
Heil Marie, of gret pite, 
Ihesu for )>e loue of pe 

Made ]>at wowmion blijje : 













XXV. Ave Maria I The Blessing of her. 125 

To pe Bere he put his honde at HU Md- 

And bad pe Cors anon vp stonde ; from ti bier 

To lyue hit ros als-swipe. Aue. 156 

Heil May den, heil j>ou, Maiden, 

Alle pi loyes I may not nou 

In my song telle ; 159 

Is mony an Imndred jer a-gone 
Jjou hast ben, ladi, queen byn one Queen of 

Of heuene, Erbe and helle. Aue. 162 Earth ami 


Holy Mayden, wel be be, 

Jjat was at pe f este of Galyle, thou WIWRI 

. ,1 i n K how Christ 

per was wanted wyn : Ibo inGaiiiee 

pi sone comauwdet men in halle 
Wip watur fulle heor vessels alle 

By-fore Architriclyn ; Aiie. 168 

Heil Marie, fat sauh al pat : 
Whon Ihesu on )?i Barm sat 

And blessed hit wij> his honde, 171 

Al J>e watur fat )>er was brouht tumd water 

-, , . . . . into wine. 

By-com red wyn al vn-souht, 

)3er nis no beter in londe. Aue. 174 

Heil semlokest vndur sonne, 
}3orwh be was a werk by-gonne Through thce 

-r /-^IT-- -ir-i-r tlie work of 

By-twene God and Mon ; 1/7 man's re- 

T.I n , , ,, demption 

Blessed beo pou of alle wymmen, was begun. 

And be fruyt of pi wombe, Amen, 

)3at such a werk bi-gon. Aue. 180 

Blessed beo, ladi, byn holy nomc, Blessed be 

' ' rj J tliy Holy 

Jjat schildeLs] 1 vs from synne and schome, Name, and 

And Makes pe fend vnglad ; MS. And scinide 183 
]5er pat nempned is Mari, 
Jje fendes by-gynnen a-wei to fly 

And dijep neih for drad. Aue. 186 

Blessed beo, ladi, byn heued aboue, thy Head! 

Jjer god hath schewed his moste loue 

On heih riht in his halle : 189 

)3e Coroune of heuene ber-on is set, 
"VVib alle pe Angeles pou art gret 

A-s ladi of hem alle. Aue. 192 

126 XXV. Ave Maria! The Blessing of her. 

Blessed be 
thy Brain, 

thy Fore- 

thy Brows, 

thy right 

Blessed beo, ladi, fat 1 witti Brayn : 
J)ou hast maad pe fend vn-fayn 

J?at deope in helle sit ; 
Monnes soules pat weore lost, 
Jjou beer a child on pi Coste 

ffro helle-pyne hap hem quit. Aue. 
Blessed beo, ladi, pat holy frount, 
Jjat holy is holden and sount, 

J3e cheef of al pi face ; 
}jer-in is set a bond of wit, 
Vndur pe croune comly knit 

Wip a lonely lace. Aue. 
Blessed beo, ladi, pi Brouwes bent : 
A feir grace God hap pe sent, 

Jji lookyng is louely ay. 
Ladi, for pi louesum chere 
Prey pi sone, pat we mowe here 

Serue htni to pay ! Aue. 
Blessed be, ladi, py Riht Ere : 
Jje holygost, he liht in pero 

fflesch and Blod to take ; 
God sende his sone adoun, 
To soffre pine and passioun 

And faiht wip pe Drake. Aue. 
ti.y lea Ear, Blessed beo, Ladi, pyn opur Ere, 
ffor hit herknes ay-where 

To Men pat haue to done ; 
)jyn Ere is open at vre callyng : 
Whon we preye for eny ping, 

Vr erende coniep sone. Aue. 
Blessed beo, ladi, bope pyn Eijen, 
)3at preo kynges offringes se^en 

}?at kneled pe by-fforen. 
)3ou seost euer-move I-lyche 
loye and Blisse in heuene-riche 

To godur hele pou weore boren ! 

Blessed be, 1 ladi, a-mong pi wittes 
Jji ffcire Neose, pat comely sittes 
Amidde pi frount bi-nepen. 


thy Eyes, 


l MS. be |>ou 















XXV. Ave Maria! The Blessing of her. 127 

Ladi, for be loue of Anastas 
Let vs seo bi feire ffaas, 

Whon we wenden heben ! Aue. 234 

Blessed beo, ladi, bobe bi chekes : Blessed be 

TV! -t U- v 1 thy Cheek., 

Merci for vs to him bou sekes 

feat be for Modur Ches. 237 

Ladi, as bou art Modur mylde, 
ffrom worldus schome bou me schylde, 

And gete vs grith and pes ! Aue. 240 

Ladi, I-blessed beo bi Mouth : thy Mouth, 

Whon God be sende in to be south 

J5e Aungel Gabriel, 243 

Jjow onswerdest Mekelych and sayde, 
"I am heer Godus hond-Mayde" 

J)is word is in gospel. Aue. 246 

Blessed be, lady, bi trewe tonge : thy Tongue, 

A-Mong wymmen olde and 3onge 

}3at euerjite han ben, 249 

So treowe I-f ounden was neuer non ; 
ffor-bi bou art in Blod and Bon 

Corouned heuene-Qween. Aue. 252 

Blessed beo, ladi, bi Chin I-chose : thy ciiin, 

ber-on schal neuer nion lose 

To blesse hit niht and day ; 255 

Hit schal reue him serwe and synne, 
And make him in his lyf to wynne 

Jje loye bat lasteb ay. Aue. 258 

Blessed beo, ladi, bi brihte neb-schaft thy Face, 

Of kuynde he coube ful wel his craft 

J)at hit hedde entayled ! 261 

]3e teres ron doun of 1 floode r.a? 

Whon bou seje bi sone on Eoode, 

ffeet and hondes nay led. Aue. 264 

Blessed beo, ladi, bi white sweere : thy Neck 

Ihesu, bat bou louest deere, 

Clupped hit ofte a-boute. 267 

Whose wol his synne forsake 
And of bat cluppyng loye make, 

Hym bar no deueles doute. Aue. 270 


XXV. Ave Maiia ! The Blessing of her. 

Itlossotl be 
thy Throat, 

Iliy Shoul- 

thy Anus, 

thy Hands, 

thy Thumbs 
and Fingers, 

thy Breast, 

thy Heart! 

Blessed beo, lady, J)i clere J>rote : 
At neode euere J>ou dost vs note 

Wlion Bale vs haj> I-bounde. 
Ladi, )>ou neuere woldest jelpe, 
Prey J>i sone J>at he vs helpe 

ffor his Blessede wounde ! Aue. 
Blessed beo, ladi, Jn scholdres two, 
And Jn cleer Canel-bonws also 

J3at semely ben in siht : 
As kyng, kniht or Champioun 
ffor Men J>ou art redi-Boun 

WiJ) )>e fend to fiht. Aue. 
Blessed beo, ladi, J>yn Annes tweyne : 
In vche a gederyng J>ou art gayne 

To helpen vs at nede ; 
Vr wo foil tornest to weole, 
And sauest vs from wreches fele 

Blessed beo J>ou to Mede ! Aue. 
Blessed beo, ladi, bofe fin hondes, 
jpat swapeled him in swafelyng-bondes 

)5at Monnes soule haj? wrouht, 
Heuene and helle and alle loudes, 
ffisch and ffoul, See and Sondes, 

Al he maade of nouht. Aue. 

Blessed beo, 1 ladi, and feyre he?;i falle, 
])\ fhommes and fi ffyngres alle 

Jjat genteliche are Maket, 
On eiper bond wi]> ffyngres fyue ; 
)3ow fat 1 hondelet him on lyue 

|3at helle-fuir has 1 slaket. Aue. 
Blessed beo, ladi, Jji brihte Brest : 
Ihe*'u tok Jjer-in 1 Rest, 

Mon of miht most. 
Was neuer non so clene of lyf 
As J>o\v weore, bofe Mayden and wyf, 

To Resseyue fe holygost Aue. 
Blessed beo, ladi, J>i stable herte : 
Whon ]>ou seje |)i sone smerte, 

Gret Care )>ou keptost ; 









MS. beo }>ou 


r. Wij) bat bow 

MS. was 300 

1 r. on ? 




XXV. Ave Maria! The Blessing of Tier. 129 

When bou sauli him Buffet and beten, 
Al his bodi of blood by-weten, 

No wondnr bauh bou weptest. Aue. 312 

Blessed beo, ladi, bi brihte-wombe : messed be 

U LlL 1 T V thy Womb, 

per-in was be holy Lombe 

j)at bouht Adam and Eue, 315 

And be bridde day also blyue 
He ros vp fro deb to lyue 

Such is vre bi-leeue. Aue. 318 

Blessed beo, ladi, bi softe sydes, thy sides, 

In loye and blis bou vs abydes, 

Jjer bou schalt beo founden ; 321 

J)i sone vs bouhte wib Raunsoun 
And drouh vs out of dungoun, 

J3er Lucifer liht i-boundun. Aue. 324 

Blessed be, ladi, bi feire Bak, thy Back, 

And bi leendes wib-outen lak, 

feat dwellen ay in Blis. 327 

Ladi, for bi muchel honour 
)jin holy help and by socour 

Let vs neuere mis ! Aue. 330 

Blessed beo, ladi, by Maydenhede : thy Maiden- 


Is euer was in be sowen sede 

As of wonimon-kynde ; 333 

ffor-bi bou art coround Qween 
Of alle wy7?imen bat han I-ben 

Or euer schal Mon fynde. Aue. 336 

Blessed beo, ladi, bi bobe bhi3es, thy Thighs, 

To help vs ay bat hijes 

ffrom be vn-hold honde. 339 

Ladi, to bi sone vs dresse, 
And preye hym bat he vs blesse 

And mayntyme in sonde ! Aue. 342 

Blessed beo, ladi, bi comely knen, thy Knees! 

Jjat for vs alle kneolynge ben 

Bobe niht and day. 345 

Hit is but on vs I-long, 
Wheber we worche ille or wrong, 

Hou we schul haue vr pay. Aue. 348 


130 XXV. Ave Maria! The Blessing of her. 

Bies*ea he Blessed [bco], ladi, alle beo-dene 

tliv Shanks , -i . n i \. 

mid shins, bi Schonkes and bi Schynes scnene 

bat are strong and sty be ; 351 

Ofte hast bow erly and late 
Don vr erende at heuene-jate 

And Maked vs ful blibe. Aue. 354 

Blessed beo, ladi, bi Maydenhede, 
thy Haunches byn haunches and bi feire fete, 

bat for vs trauayle.* \?S$&i,!~* verh 357 

Ladi, for bi grete grace 
A-Mong bi loyes of a place 

Let vs neuere fayle ! Aue. 360 

u>y iocs, Blessed, ladi, beo al bi toos : 

Whon fou of Childbedde a-Ros, 

To be Temple bow ^eode, 363 

fforte folfulle )>at la\ve 
J3at was vsud by Olde dawe 

Symeon sauli )>at dede. Aue. 366 

Blessed beo, ladi, al at ones 
tiiy nesh, bi fflesch H blod, bi skyn bi bones, 

lifiMul Skin 

and uones, ' And bin Entrayles wib. 369 

Ladi, for bi Muchel honour 
Prey Ihesu vr sauyour, 

He graunt vs pees and grith ! Aue. 372 

thy strength, Blessed beo, ladi, bi grete strengbe : 
jjou hast drawen my lyf on lengbe 

And don an Almws werk ; 375 

j)ow boldest be fend vndur foote, 
}5ow geete fro his herte-Rote 

Theophules lettre, be Clerk. Aue. 378 

thy Morals, Blessed beo, ladi, bi goode bewes, 

Jjat kepen vs from be blake schrewes 

]3at Mennes soules ban craued ; 381 

J)e grete obus bat Men ban sworen 
Hedde I-maad be world for-loren, 

But as bou hast hit saued. Aue. 384 

Blessed be o ] adi, bi stable bouht : 
Vre neodes for-jetest bou nouht, 

bow delest wib non hoket ; 387 

XXV. Ave Maria! XXVI. Chrises 5 Wounds. 131 

Bi-fore be kyng fat clcmes riht 
pou pledest for men day and nibt 

Blessed beo fat voket ! Aue. 390 

Blessed beo, ladi, bi swetnes. Blessed he 

A1 , r , , , , thy Sweet- 

Al Monkynde more and les ness, 

To belle were bei gon, 393 

pei weoren alle in belle i-bounde, 

Til bi Sone wib blodi wounde 

Hed leesed hem out vchon. Aue. 396 

Blessed beo, ladi, bi feirhede, thy Fairness, 

Menget al wib wbit and Rede, 

Wib brihtnes al bi-Ron. 399 

Ladi, flour of alle londes, 
Bryng him out of earful bondes 

pat hath bis song bi-gon ! Aue. 402 

Blessed ladi, Blesse I schal 

py Lyf, bi Soule, bi Bodi al tiiy wfe, soul 

pat eeuene to heuene went. 405 

As wis, ladi, beo vr frend 
And schild vs from be foule fend, sincui us, 

And let vs neuer be schent. A M. E N. 408 tlie & e d! 

[XXVI. gn orison?* to )>c fgw 

fji tyesus cristusj] 1 

Ihesus, bat dijedest vppon be tre j e8 u, keep 

And boledest deb for loue of me 
And for myn elder sake, 3 

ff rom be deuel and al his miht me from the 

, , Devil! 

pow kepe me, bobe day and nmt, 

Wher I slepe or wake. 6 

Lord, jif me grace to worche bi wille Give me 

And bi Comaundemewt to forbfille, Thy will! 

pat heuene may beo my Meede. 9 

Ihesu, bring me to bi Reste, 
pat euere wibouten ende schal leste, 

And help me at al my nede. 12 

1 So the title in the Index. 

K 2 

132 XXVI. An Appeal to Jesus ty His Five Wounds. 

Hear me 
when I call 
to Thee ! 

For each 
of Thy 5 
let us any a 
Pater Hotter. 

The wounds 
1. in Thy 

2. in Thy 
right Hand, 

8. in Thy left 

4. in Thy 
right Foot, 

Now God, fat died on f e Eode 
And fer-on schedde fin herte-blode, 

And of Marie was boren, 15 

Heer me whon I to f e calle, 
And let me neuere in synne falle, 

Ke for my mis-dede be loren. 18 

Ihesu, fi 1 fyue woundes on fe Eoode ' MS. forj>i 
Jjat f ou f oledest for monnes goode, 

Moot my socour be. 21 

In fe worschipe of f i wounde 
J?at f yn herte f olede in fat stounde, 

A Pater noster sei we. Pater. 24 

In f e worschipe of f i riht honde 
Jjat was woundet in fe holy londe 

And nayled to fe tre, 27 

Heere to-day my preyere, 
As wis as f ou bouhtest me dere 

Haue Merci, lord, on me. Pater. 30 

Ihesn lord fat is so Mylde, 
ffrom dedly synne f ou me schilde 

Bof e day and niht ; 33 

Cumforte me, Ihesu, wif f i sonde, 
As wisliche as f i luft honde 

Was nayled wif on-riht. Pater. 36 

God, schilde my soule fat day fro care 
Whon hit schal from my bodi fare ; 

Haue Merci, lord, on me, 39 

As wis as I leue wel and wot 
Jjat on f e goode ffriday f i riht fot 

Was nayled to fe tre. Pater. 42 

As wis as harde to fe tre 

^ liffc ffoot was na y led for me > 

Graunte me fi grace, 45 

J)at I may haue f i loyful reste, 
)3at wif-outen ende schal leste, 

And seo f i louely face. AMEN". Pater. 48 

XXVII. An Appeal to the Virgin Mary by her 5 Joys. 133 

[XXVII. gn 0risott ta J* fpe ioges 

MArie Modur, wel f e bee ! 
Modur and Mayden, f enk on me 
ffor f i muchel miht ! 
Marie Mayden meke and mylde, 
ffrom mis-chaunce to-day me schylde, 
Jjat me ne dere no wiht. Aue. 

Marie, f ou hast no peere, 
Heere to-day my preyere, 

Jjouh I vn-wor])i be ; 
To f e I clepe and calle : 
As f ou art flour of alle 

Jjou haue Merci of me. Aue. 

Marie Modur and Mayden eke, 
ffor fat loye I J>e by-seche 

)3at Gabriel f e grette, 
Jjat loye me kepe day and niht 
ffrom f e deuel and al his miht, 

And of mis-dede me lette. Aue. 

ffor fe loye fat God was boren 
Let me not, ladi, beo forloren 

jjat Jri sone bouht dere, 
But vndurfong to-day my beode, 
)3ut hit may stoude me in sum steode 

Jjorwh Jn preyere. Aue. 

And for fe loye fat fro dej> to lyue 
God vp-Eos wif woundes fyue 

Vppon fe paske-day, 
Beo-seche fi sone, ladi Mylde, 
ffrom mischaunce fat he me schilde 

As wis as he best may. Aue. 

And for f e loye God steih to heuene 
On holy foresday wif mylde steuene, 
Help me, ladi of miht, 

shield me 

from mis- 

Hear my 

prayer ! 


Help me 
for thy Five 

15 1. when Ga- 
briel greeted 







2. when God 
was born of 


3. when He 
rose from the 

4. when He 
ascended into 
Heaven ; 

1 So the title in the Index. 

134 XXVIII. A third 'Hail, Mary!' 

And beo bope my scheld and spere, 
)3at no vvikked mon me dere 

Ne deuel bi day no niht. Aue. 3G 

And for pe loye aftur pyn ende, 

5. when thou Bi-fore 1 to heuene per pou dudest wende r. si>r? 
Hell. 10 In Murpe and lolyte, 39 

Bryng me in to pat reste 

feat euer wi)>-outen ende schal leste, 

3if pi wille be. Aue. 42 

Lady, let me Ladi, flour of wy wmen-kynne, 
3if me grace pi loue to wynne, 

Mayden feir and fre, 45 

never lose the And let me neucr for no synne 

Joy that thou _ _ 

art in! ffor-go fat loye J>at pou art Inne, 

AMEN par Charite. Aue. 48 

[XXVIII. g satetariott to ftre labg.] 1 

Hail, Mother TTcil beo foM*, Marie Moodur and May, 

_L J_ Mylde and Meke and Merciable ! 

Heyl follich fmit of sopfast fay, 

Ajeyn vche stryf studefast and stable ; 4 

Heil sopfast soule in vche a-say 

Vndur pi sone is non so able ; 

Heil logge pat vie lord in lay, 

J?e formast pat neuer was fou/iden in fable. 8 

Heil trewe, troupeful and tretable, 
chief of Heil cheef i-chosen of Chastite, 

Chastiiy ! 

Heil homely, hende and amyable : 

Do prey for vs to pi sone so fre. Aue. 1 2 

Heil sterre pat neuer stuntej) liht, 
Heil Busch Brennyng bat neuer was brent i 1 ' A * imile used 

lot > by Cliaucer. 

Heil rihtful rulere of eueri riht, 

Schadewe to schilde pat scholde be schent j 1 6 

1 So the title in the Index. The first 6 stanzas are printed 
in Warton, ffist. of Engl. Poetry, 1871, II. p. 283. 

' on erasure. 



XXVIII. A third 'Hail, Mary!' 

Heil, Blessed beo f ow, Blosme briht, 

To troupe and trust -was f yn entent ; 

Heil May den and Modnr most of miht, 

Of alle mischeues a-Mendement. 20 

Heil spice sprong fat neuer was spent, 

Heil trone of f e Trinite, 

Heil soiowrne 1 fat God us 2 sone to sent 

Jjow preye for vs )>i sone so fre. Aue. 

Heil hertely in holinesse, 
Heil hope of help to heihe and lowe, 
Heil strengfe and stal 1 of stabelnesse, 
Heil wyndouwe of heuene-wowe, 
Heil reson of al rihtwysnesse, 
To vche a Caytyf cum fort to knowe, 
Heil Inocent out of Angernesse, 

Vr takel, vr tol fiat we on trowe ; 32 

Heil frend to alle fat beo]) for]) flowe, 
Heil liht of loue and of lewte, 
Heil brihtor fen f e blod on snowe : 
Jjow preye for vs to fi sone so fre. Aue. 36 

Heil Mayden, heil Modur, heil Martir trewe, 
Heil kyndely I-knowe Confessour ; 
Heil euenere of old lawe and of newe, 
Heil Buildere boold of cristes bour ; 40 

Heil Rose hi^est of hyde and hewe, 
Of alle ffruytes feirest fflour ; 
Heil TorLul trustiest and trewe, 

Of alle trouf e fou art tresour ; 44 

Heil puyred princesse of paramour, 
Heil Blosme of Brere, Brihtest of ble, 
Heil owner of eorfly honour : 
J?ou prey for vs to fi sone so fre. Aue. 48 

Heil hende, heil holy Emperesse, 
Heil queue 1 corteis, comely and kynde ; on erasure. 
Heil distruyere of eueri stresse, 

Heil mender of eueri mounes mynde ; 52 

Heil Bodi fat we ouhte to blesse, 
So feif ful frend may neuer mon fynde ; 
Heil lenere and louere of largenesse, 
Swete and swettest fat neuer may swynde ; 56 


Hail, bright 

Throne of the 
Trinity ! 

Hail, Help to 
high mid low, 

Friend to all, 
and Light of 

Hail, Martyr, 
and Con- 

Flo .ver, 
truest Turtle, 

Empress and 
Queen ! 

136 XXVIII. A third 'Hail, Mary!' 

Heil Botenere of eum bodi blynde, 
Hail, Heil Borgun brihtesft] of alle bounte, 

Burgeon of , , , 

Bounty! Heil trewore pen pe wode-bynde : 

)jou pray for us to pi sone so fre. Aue. 60 

Heil Modur, heil Mayden, heil heuene-qwene, 

Heil ^atus 1 of paradys, > r. jate 

Heil Sterre of pe Se pat euere is scene, 

Heil riche, Eyal and Kiht-wys ; 64 

Heil Buyrde, I-blesset mote pow beene, 
Hail, Pearl, Heil perle, of al perey pe pris, 

Heil Schadewe in vch a schour schene, 

Heil fayrore pen pe flour delys ; 68 

Heil cher chosen pat neuer nas chis, 

Heil chef chaurabre of Cbarite, 

Heil in wo pat euere was wys : 

Jjow prey for vs to pi sone so fre. Aue. 72 

Water of Life, Heil welle of uierci, watur of lyf, 

Heil gentel ^erde of lesse Roote ; 

Heil Mayde, heil Moodur, heil wedded wyf, 

)5i blessednes brouht us til vr bote ; 70 

Heil studefast stuntere of eueri strif, 

)3e feirest pat euer jeode vppon fote ; 

tfrom vs vche a deuel pou deest drif ; 

Heil swete, heil swettest, heil most swote; 80 

Heil Mayden pat for vs most mote, 
princess of Heil puired princes of pite, 

Heil Mirour vche mon on to tote : 

Jjow pray for vs to pi sone so fre. Aue. 84 

Heil holy herte, hope of hele, 

Heil fostrere of vre ful fay, 

Heil worchere of pis worldly wele, 

Heil wissere of vre rihtwys way, 88 

Feiicr of Heil f allere of be fendes fele, 1 l or. freie 

Fiends ! * 

Heil logge pat vre lord in lay, 

Heil Chartre pat *i\\esus gon a-sele : 

ifor vs, ladi, to pi sone pou pray 92 

}3at at pe dredful domus-day 

Vre a-vokes pat 30 may be, 

llbr non opur pen help us may 

Saue pi-self and pi swete sone fre. Aue. 96 

XXVIII. A third 'Hail, Mary!' 137 

Heil hed of worschip, cristes trone, 
be semely Temple of Salamon : Han, 

. Temple of 

Heil brihtest Sonne, vn-meued Mone, Solomon, 

Sun and 
Heil fill fles of gedeon ; l l on erasure. 100 Moon! 

Heil help to hem fat han to done, 

Loue of Angel, murf e of man : 

\)\ socour, ladi, send vs sone 

And help vs, for we han mis-gan. 104 

Charbokel neuer so cler schone 

As $e schyne in cristes see. 

To 3o\v, ladi, I make my inone : 

Prey for vs to )>i sone so fre. Aue. 108 

1 Heil Archa federis euere I-loke, l s Rfc ?"f '" l ' ie MS. Han, Ark of 

written at the foot of the the Covenant, 

Cristes trewetresoriej* ^Ts. trosorie cS'P ' 

Heil Archa of noe neue? 1 to-broke, 

ffor worldli wawe fat neue?- wolde wrie ; 112 

Heil este?-ne $ate faste I-stoke 

Sef f e god f i sone code out f er-bye ; 

Heyl chosen chastite J)e joke, 

engendreer of vre gewtn'e ; 116 

Heil kuyndenesse, heil cortesye, 

Heil douweer of diuinite, 

Heil susteynour of Seyntuarie : 

Jpou preye for vs j?i sone so fre. Aue. 120 

Heil lok, heil loue, heil Marie ! Han 

Love, Mary ! 

I heile fe wij) herte and fouht, 

I heile fe \vi]> MouJ? and eije, 

ffor my wilde werkes han beo nouhtj 124 

I heile )>e and Merci crie, 

Wijj al my bodi I haue mis-wrouht ; 

I heile fe Avhon I schal dye, 

And help to blisse fat we be brouht. 128 

Pray J?i sone, fat vs deore bouht, 

Graunt vs grace for his pite, 

)3auh synnes haue vs forwh-souht ; 

Brmg vs to bi blis bat euer schal be, Amew. Aue. 132 BrinKusto 

thy Bliss ! 


[XXIX. glirades flf m*t 

(A Picture.) I. [bou ft rite off trotcgc foas klgumb 
of J>nr jeiumgs bg ore labg tooie.] 2 

ru ten yon T Ordus, jif 36 wol lusten to me, 

liow the City . _, ~ , , ,*,., 

orcrotey was _LJ Of Croteyc, J>e no Die Cite, 
bur % Lady. y ffurst hou hit bi-seget was 

And seffen dilyueret borw godws gras 4 

1 Ed. before by me in Herrlg'* Archlv, 1876. On the various collec- 
tions of Miracles of our lady see Mussafia, Sitzungsber, der Wiener Acad. 
der Wltseiuch., 1887-8. 

* So the title in the Index. 

The Index to MS. Vern. gives the following list of these Miracles ; only 
the first 9 (the 9th unfinished) are preserved in the MS. 

1. hou )>e cite off croteye was delyuered of eir enemys by vre lady coote. 

2. hou }>e lewes, in despit of vre lady, }?rewe a chyld in a gonge. 

3. hou an holy hermyt prayde a synful womman pray god for hym. 

4. hou a lew putte his sone in a brennyngge ouene, for he was communed 

wit o)jur cristene children on ]>Q pask-day. 

5. hou a man, for ache, cut of his foot, and was heled apyn by vre lady. 
G. hou a iew lente a cristenemon nioue} e, and took vre lady to borow. 

7. Of a prest {rat lay by a nonne. 

8. hou vre lady jaf mylk off heore pappes to a man ]>at hadde \>e squynacye. 

9. Of im incontinent monk, ]?at was drouned, and rered aieyn by vre lady 
to lyf. 

10. Of a clerk }?at wolde euery day segge )je fyue ioyes of vre ladj'. 

1 1. hou vre lady dude }?e offys of a sextresse fyftene ^eer for a nonne. 

12. hou a god wyf by-nam fro an ymage of vre lady )?e ymage of heore 


13. Of a deuout knyt off kyrkeby. 

14. hou a wommon slow heore doutour hoseboude, and was dampned to ^e 

fuyr, and delyuered by vre lady. 

15. hou )>e deuel took lyknesse of a wommon, and seyde he was godes 


16. hou out of a monkes mouth, aftur his deeth, grew a lilie, and in euery 

leef was wry ten wyt large lettres of gold : aue maria. 

17. hou a nonne funat to grete vre ladye, and ful in apostasye. 

18. hou seynt Bernard say twey children ydrouued for }?eir inobedience. 

19. Of jjys antynene : Salue regiua. 

20. hou vre lady sauter bygan. 

21. hou vre lady was a medewyf in )?e churche of seynt michel in monte 


22. hou >e feste of J?e natiuite of vre lady by-gan. 

23. Of a deuout clerk Jjat died in drenkelenschipe, & was wyrned sepulcre. 

24. Of a jjef j?at was J?re dayes hanget, and saued by vre lady. 

25. Of a prest }>at coude non o)mr masse but salua sancfa parens. 

26. hou ^e deuel, in liknesse of a bole and of o|>ur bestes, encunibrede a 

monk for he was ones drunke. 

27. Of a wommon off Home )?at conceyuede bi heore owne sone, & slou 

heore child. 

28. Off a child \>at weddede an ymage of vre lady. 

20. hou at >e cite of Tholuse \K priuetes were knowe of lewes. 

XXIX. Mary's Miracles. 1. The Saving of Crotey city. 139 

1. The 

Saving of 

Crotey City. 

From the 
Picts' land, 

Rnllo came 
with a host, 

:itnl conquerd 


Then he won 

And Jjorw )>e help of vre ladi, 

So witnessej? Miracle of Mari. 

Out of peihtes lond per came 

A kniht pat Hollo was his name ; 8 

He gederet wib hi? out of be north Cost 

Of diu^rse nacions a wel gret host, 

Out of Denemarch and North-wey, 

Of feolore folk fen I con sey. 12 

Mony Cuntres he can destroy e, 

Wel muchel pepule he gan anuye, 

In mony a Coost, bi Est and West, 

He won him londes bi Conquest. 16 

ff urst he bi-gon in J>e North Cuntre, 

And aftur he schipet ouer be See. 

Sire Hollo wib al his host 

Ariuede in ffrawice vp in a cost. 20 

J3at Cuntre gon he furst destrui^e, 

Jjerfore he called hit Northmondye, 

ffor bei dude men to depe i-lome 

)3at out of pe North cost come ; 24 

Jjerfore he called hit Northmondye, 

As writen I fynde in his storye : 

Of Bruit pe Cronicle witnesset wel 

Jjis Conquest of Hollo eueridel. 28 

Hit was pe furste Duik in pat lond, 

ffor he furst won hit wip his hond. 

30. hou vre lady ^af to seynt Bonyte e bisschoph holy vestemens. 

31. hou J>e deuel, iii fals liknesse of seynt Lime, made a man cutte of his 

priue menbres. 

32. Of a monk of Cisteus, J>at vre lady took in heore armes, and custe hym. 

33. hou Constantyn {?e Emperour ordeynede for euere-mor in seyut petre 

churche at Rome, in wyrschip of seynt petre, a lampe wyt Baume 
perpetuelly brennyngge. 

34. Of seyut fulbert J>e bisschop, }>at made \>e storye, and J?e legende, and 

ojjur tretys off |?e natiuite of vre lady. 

35. Of a mayden }>at was cald Musa. 

3(5. Of a malicious priour of seynt sauyours of )>e cite of papye. 

37. Of seynt lerom, bisschoph of papye. 

38. Of a whyth corporaus was in-tync wit red wyn, in seynt Micheles 

churche, >at his cald cluse. 

39. hou vre lady taute a clerk hou he schulde segge heore complyn. 

40. Of j?e schrewednesse of lustynyan J?e emperour. 

41. And why J>e feste of j?e puryficacion was ordeyned. 

42. hou an ymage of J>e child off vre lady taute anojjur cliild and preyde 

hym to come dyne wyt hym. 

and was its 
first Duke. 

140 XXIX. Mary's Miracles. 1. The Saving of Crotey city. 

Rollo klld 
many men. 

He besiegd 
the City of 

Bp. Waltelin 

bad tlie 
citizens pray 
for help. 

He prayd to 
the Virgin 

and bare her 
kirtle in pro- 
cession thro' 
the town, 

and into their 
foes' host. 

This relic 
Uollo's men, 

Whon Eollo fat kniht was fider I-come 
And mony a toun fei hedde I-nomen, 32 

Mony a Mon fei dude to def e, 
fful fewe fei saueden, and $it vnnefe. 
And as he trauayled on his lorney, 
He com to a Cite"e, was called Crotey. 36 

Jjus sone Sire Eollo wif his Eoute 
Bi-sette fat Citee" wif sege a-boute. 
Wif-Inne f e Cite"e men hedde gret drede : 
Heore Enemys werew so douhti of dede ; 40 

Of socour fei sejen non ofur won 
But jelden fe Cite, or ellas ben slon. 

AN" holi Bisschop fer was fer-Inne, 
Jjat was called sire Waltelinne, 44 

He was Bisschop of Jjat Citee, 
A swuyfe noble mon was he. 
He tauhte heom ^erne knele and crie 
To crist and to his Modur Marie ; 48 

Jjorw help of hire fat bar vr lord 
He hopede fei schulden han sone cmnfort. 
Sefen him-self gof to fe Sextri^e, 
J3at was J?e Munstres treserye ; 52 

Vr ladi Curtel fe>-Inne he fouwd. 
Wif gret Eeue? - ence he kneled to ground, 
}3er to Marie he beed his bone 

To sende fat 1 Cite socour sone. 56 

Wif peple and gret processioun 
He bar fat Eelyk forw al fe toun, 
fful deyntely diht vppon a spere, 
As lordus Baner displayet in werre. 60 

J)e Bisschop heet cast vp f e ^ate 
And bad his folk folewe hym algate, 
Him-self bi-foren and f ei be-hynde ; 
He hoped in Marie help to fynde. 64 

A-non as f ei were f us out went, 
Heore enemys letter he??i not but scheret : 
ffor so a-stoneyd and ferede men 

Nere neuer worse fen fei were feu ! 68 

Whon on fat relyk fei caste heore siht, 
J)ei woxe stai w t 1 -blyude anon-riht ; J r. stare 

XXIX. Marys Miracles. 2. The Child slain by Jews. 141 

))ei mihten no more defewden heom pen 

Jjen so mony blynde or drouwkene Men. 72 

}?e Citeseins tokew hem at heore wille, 

Su?ftme to RauTzsum, and suwme to spille. 

Sipen pei turnen ajeyn to pe Citee" 

Wip Murfe and gret solempnite, 76 

And herieden heihly pat Mylde may 

)3at socourde and saued hem so pat day. 

And do \ve on pe same wyse 

Bope glade and blipe wz'p bisy seruise, 80 

Jje same ladi forte qweme, 

)5at so in Mischeef to vs takep ^eme 

To hire sone crist vre erende to bede, 

And socourejj vs so at eueri nede. 84 

Nou, ladi, preye pi sone on hih 

To alle cristene he graunte Merci ! Amen. 

so that the 




and blest 
Mary for her 

(Picture.) II. [Ijou J>* jfttatz, in bespit of or* hbg, 

m a 

WOse louep wel vre ladi, 
Heo wol quiten his wille wel whi, 
Opur in his lyf or at his ende : 
Jje ladi is so freo and hende. 
Hit fel [so] sum-tyme in Parys, 
As witnessep in holy writ Storys. 

In pe Cite bi-fel pis cas : 
A pore child was of porchas, 
Jjat wip pe Beggeri pat he con wynne 
He fond sumdel what of 1 his kinne, 
His ffader, his Moder, and eke hira-self ; 
He begged in Cite bi eueri half. 

Jje child non opur Craftus coupe 
But winne his lyflode wip his Moupe. 
Jje Childes vois was swete and cler, 
Men lusted his song wip riht good cher ; 
Wip his song pat was ful swete 
He gat Mete from strete to strete. 
Men herked his song ful likyngly : 
Hit was an Antimne of vre lady, 

Lady, pray 
thy Son to 
have mercy 
on all Chris- 

t. The 

Child slain 

by Jewt. 

r. for 

8 a poor child, 




who got his 
living by 
sweetly sing- 

Alma Re- 

The Jews 
were dis- 
gusted at 

142 XXIX. Mary's Miracles. 2. The Child slain by Jews. 

He song fat Antimne eueri-wher, 

I-Called Alma Redemptoris Mater, 

feat is forf rihtly to mene : 

"Godus Moder, Mylde and Clene, 24 

Heuene $ate and Sterre of se, 

Saue f i peple from synne and we." 

feat song was holden deynteous, 

fee chilil song hit from hous to hous. 28 

ffor he song hit so lykynglye, 

fee lewes hedde alle to hym Envye. 

Til hit fel on a seters-day 

fee Childes wey f orw f e lewerie lay : 32 

fee lewes hedden fat song in hayn, 

feerfore f ei schope f e child be slayn. 

So lykingly fe Child song fer, 

So lustily song he neuer er. 1 * w. 33-34,35.36 to be transp.? 36 

On of f e lewes Malicious 
Tilled f e child in to his hous ; 
His Malice fere he gan to kuyf e : 
He Cutte fe childes frote alswife. 40 

fee child ne spared nout for fat wrong, 
But neuej'-f e-latere song forf his song ; 
Whon he hedde endet, he eft bi-gon, 
His syngyng coufe stoppe no mon. 44 

fee?--of f e leuh was sore anuyet. 
Leste his Malice mihte ben aspyet, 
fee leuh bi-f ouhte him of a gynne : 
In to a gonge-put fer wif-Inne 48 

fee child adoun f er-Inne he f rong. 
fee child song euere f e same song ; 
So lustily f e child con crie, 

feat song he neuer er so hyje : 52 

Men mihte him here fer and neer, 
fee Childes vois was so hei} and cleer. 
V*E Childes moder was wont to a-byde 
J Euery day til fe Non-tyde, 56 

feen was he wont to bringe heom mete, 
Such as he mihte wif his song gete. 
Bote fat day was f e tyme a-past. 
feerfore his Moder was sore a-gast j 60 

So one Jew 

out the boy's 

and put him 
down a privy. 

But Hill the 
Child sang 

His Mother 

XXIX. Mary's Miracles. 2. The Child slain by Jews. 143 

Wip syk and serwe in eueri strete 

Heo souhte wher heo mihte wip him mete. 

Bote whon heo com in to pe lewery, 
Heo herde his vois so cler of cry. 64 

Aftur pat vois his Modur dreuh : 
Wher he was Line, perbi heo kneuh. 

Jjen of hire child heo asked a siht. 
)3e lew wip-nayted him anon-riht, 68 

And seide per nas non such child prinne. 
J3e childes Moder jit nolde not blinne, 
But euer pe Moder criede in on. 
)3e leuh seide euere per nas such non. 
)3en seide pe wommon : " pou seist wrong, 
He is her-Inne, I knowe his song." 
)?e leuh bi-gon to stare and swere 
And seide per com non such child pere. 76 

But neuer-pe-latere men mihte here 
J)e child song euere so loude and clere, 
And euer pe lengor, herre and herre, 
Men mihte him here bope fer and nerre. 80 

)?e Modur coude non opur won : 
To Meir and Baylyfs heo is gon, 
Heo pleynep pe leuh hap don hire wrong 
To stelen hire sone so for his song ; 84 

Heo preyep to don hire lawe and riht, 
Hire sone don come bi-fore heore siht, 
Heo preyep pe Meir par Charite 
Of him to haue freo lyuere. 88 

Jjewne heo tellep pe Meir a-Mong 
Hou heo lyuep bi hire sone song. 

)3e Meir pen hap of hire pite, 

And sumnep pe folk of pat Cite. 92 

He tellep hem of pat wommons sawe, 
And seip he mot don hire pe lawe, 
And hotep hem wip hym to wende, 
To Bringe pis vrommons cause to ende. 96 

Whon pel cum pider, for al heore noyse 
Anon pei herde pe childes voyse, 
Eiht as an Angeles vois hit were, 
Jjei herde him neuer synge so clere. 100 

sought her 

and in the 
Jewry heard 
his voice. 

She askt for 

72 but the Jew 
said he WHS 
not there. 

Still the 
Child sang 

His Mother 

prayd the 
Mayor to de- 
liver her boy. 

The Mayor 
and people 

heard the 
Child's voice, 

144 XXIX. Mary's Miracles. 2. The Child slain by Jews. 

entni the Jjer be Meir niakejj entre, 

" 18e ' And of be child lie askeb lyuere. 

J3e leuh may noujt be Meir refuse, 
Ne of be child hym wel excuse, 104 

But nede he moste knouleche his wrcmg, 
A-teynt bi be childes song, 
and found the J?e Meir let serchcn hym, so longe, 

Hoy (lri)\vnd i * i r\o 

in tiic fiitii. Til he was fouwden in pe gonge, 

ff ul depe I-drouned in fulpe of fen. 

)3e Meir het drawe pe child vp pen, 1 l 2 w. wanting? 

Wip ffen and ffulpe riht foule bi-whoruew, 

And eke pe childes prote I-coruen. 112 

Anon-riht, er pei passede forpere, 
The .Tew was Jje leuh was lugget for pat Morpere. 

And er pe peple passede in-sonder, 

The Bishop ])Q Bisschop was comen to seo pat wcwder. 116 

In presence of Bisschop and alle I-fere 

J?e child song euere I-liche clere. 

J)e Bisschop serchede wib his hond : 
and found in Wib-inne be childes brote'he fond 120 

the Child's J \ ' ' 

throat a Lily A Lilie flour, so briht and cler, 

with golden 

letters, So feir a Lylie nas neuere se3en er, 

Wib guldene lettres euerivvher : 
Aima Re- Alma Eedemptoris Mater. 124 


tiater. Anon bat line out was taken, 

When the lily 

was taken jj e childes song bi-gon to slaken, 

J)at swete song was herd no more ; 
the child lay But as a ded cors be child lay bore. 1 28 

dead, T 

J3e Bisschop wib gret solempnete 
and was then Bad bere be cors borw al be Cite : 

buried, after . * 

a piwession And hym-self wip p?-0cessioun 

town - Com wip pe Cors porw al pe toun, 1 32 

Wip prestes and clerkes pat coupera syngen, 
And alle pe Belles he het hem ryngeu, 
Wib torches Bremiynge and clopus riche, 
Wip worschipe pei ladden pat holi liche. 136 

in theMin- In to be Munstre whon bei kem, 


Bi-gonne be Masse of Eequiem, 
At the Mass As for be dede Men is wont. 

of liequiem, 

But bus sone pei weren i-stunt : 140 

XXIX. Mary's Miracles. 3. The Harlot's Prayer. 145 
Jje Cors a-Ros in lieore presens, the child's 

corpse sai 
Salve, int 
Parent 1 

corpse sang 

Bi-gon ben Salue sancta parens. &&>, >a*cta 

<-> f -T /,/>.,. < 

Men mihte wel wite?i be sobe ber-bi : 
)5o child hedde i-seruet vr swete ladi, 144 

}3at worschipede \i\rn so on erbe her 
And brouhte his soule to blisse al cler. 

Jjerfore i rede bat eueri mon Let, then. 

n iiTii. iir, every one 

Serue bat ladi wel as he con, 1 48 serve our 

And loue hire in his beste wyse : 

Heo wol wel quite him his seruise. she win 

Now, Marie, for bi Muchele miht service. 

Help vs to heuene bat is so briht ! 152 

(Picture.) III. [Jjou mx Ijolg jjermgt pragbt a sgnful 
faommaii prag gob for 

Od, bat al bis world hab wrouht May God 

And formed alle J>ig of nouht, 
Sebben alle bing wib-outen him 

Is deb and dernesse and dim, 4 

Grauwt vs grace and space and miht grant us 

Jjat we mowe seme him so ariht : 
Whon we out of bis world wende, 
To wynne be loye wib-outen ende. 8 to win ever- 

* lasting bliss! 

To hele of some is noble bing 
To loiien and lyken holy talkyng 
Of holy men bat sum-tyme were, 

And of heore holy lyf to here. 12 

ffor synne i[s] cald be deueles schakel, The Devil 

His net, his tool, his takyng takel ; 
Wib lust he eeseb his put-falle, 
To gylen wib cristene soules alle : 16 tries to guile 


But grace a-jeynes bat is obstacle, 

Wib help of halewen, borw Miracle 

Geten bi halewen specially, 

Bote souereynlokest borw vre ladi, 20 but Mary, 

. , l>y miracle, 

)3at sikerest socour is at vr nede, 
Synful Monnes erende to beode ; 
Whon we ben synfol and vn-clene, lie !P s us to 

gain mercy. 

To wynne vs Merci, heo is Mene : 24 


140 XXIX. Mary's Miracles. 3. The Harlot's Prayer. 

At Rome 

once livd a 

who met a 
holy Hermit. 

The Harlot 
tempted 1 1 10 

He took >io 
notice of )u-r. 

She abused 
and askt 
what lie was 

He said, 

" My prayers 

fur my sell', 

for you, 

nil all Chris- 

ii in-." 

As sum-tyme in Rome bi-fel, 
Jje storie i-writen witnesset wel. 

|3er was su??i-tyme in fat Cite 

A wommon )>at louede not chastite ; 28 

Hire lyf heo ladde in gret folye, 
In ful)?e and lust of Lecherye ; 
WiJ> no Mon spared heo forte do synne 
Of whom heo hoped Moneye to Wynne. 32 

jjat wo??tmon greij>ed hire queynt and gay, 
And wolk in J>at Cite on a day. 
Heo mette wij> an holy heremyt 

Jjat in deuociou hedde gret delyt ; 36 

He bad his beodes deuoutely, 
And holi Aues to vre ladi. 

Jjat woimon, as heo com hym bi 

And sayh hym closed Boistusli, 40 

Of synne and folye heo talked him tille 
And temptede J?e holy Monnes wille. 

Jje hermyte onswerde hire nouht, 

In his deuociun was al his J>ouht. 44 

Whon he of hire tok no Keward, 
In scorn heo cleped hym papelard, 
And seide : " jjou fol, J>ou dotel ffrere, 
What chafEest fou and chaterest tytts here ? 48 

What is al Jjat pryue roun 
)3at ]>ou whistrest her vp and doun ? " 
ffor he folewede nout hire dilyf 

J5e wommon hedde of him dispyt. 52 

V\E Hermite onswerde ful myldely : 
J "Damesele, fis is J>e cause why : 
I am my-self a synful Mon 

And of goodnes ful lutel I con, 56 

To god I preye bofe day and niht 
ffor grace, to seruen hym ariht, 
And [for] alle J>at habe)? hym ouht a-gult, 
And for ]?e, wownnon, $if fow wolt, 60 

J)at God graunte fe such grace 
To seme J)i god, whil J>ou hast space. 
l>f)Jc J>ou and I and alle ojmr, 
llbr eueri cristene is operes broker, 64 

XXIX. Mary's Miracles. 3. The Harlot's Prayer. 147 

In gode bedes we moten tristen, 

Bofe J?ou and I and alle cristen." 

~p%E wowrnon seide : " Biddestou for me 1 " 

J Jpen seide J>e Hermyte: "damesele, 30, 

I preye for fe as for my-self 

An alle ofere cristene in godes half, 

}5at god for-^iue vs vre misdedes ; 

So verrey Charite techejj vs nedes." 

Jjen seide \>e damesele a^eyn : 
" To preye for me fou worchest in veyn ; 
Leoue ffrere, of me tac non hede, 
ffor to fi preyere haue I non nede." 

\)Q seide ]?e Hermite : " Damesel, 
)3e neodejj me nouht, I leeue hit wel, 
Me, ne non preyei'e of myne. 
But mekeliche I preye \Q of J>yne 
To Ihesu and his Modur Mari, 
To graunte me of my synnes Merci. 
)3e nexte chirche fat J>ou comest Inne, 
I preye J>e, damesele, so bi-gynne ; 
J)at I Jji bone ]?e bet may fele, 
I prey J?e, damesele, )?at J?ow knele ; 
WiJ) herte and good deuocioun 
Of my synnes get* me pardoun ; 
Mekely knelyng on fi kne 
)?reo Pater Foster preye to god for me, 
And to his swete Moder Mari 
jjreo Aues Jjerto, for my Merci." 
V%En onsweref }>e damysel : 
J "])is nis but luyte, I graunte hit wel ; 
Hose wuste fat hit mihte a-vayle, 
J)is nis bote a luytel trauayle." 

Jjenne onsweref J?e Hermyte : 
" Damysele, sejjfe hit nis bote luyte, 
I preye J?e do J>is fing for me ; 
)3i trauayle I-quit riht wel schal be 
Or in }>i lyue or af turward ; 
I preie fe, damysele, hold foreward." 

)5enne seide fe damysel : 
" \)e foreward i hope to holde wel ; 

The Harlot 




76 she didn't 
need the 



So the Her- 
mit askt the 
Harlot to 
pray for 





She promist 
she would, 

L 2 

148 XXIX. Mary's Miracles. 3. The Harlot's Prayer. 

"Wher hit a-vayle obur elles nouht, 
ns lie wuht I wol don as bou hast bi-souht." 

be hermyte Mekely kneled adoun 
And bonked hire wib deuocioun. 108 

)E Damysele wende forjj hire wey 

Abouten hire niurbus and hire pley. 
And as heo streihte borw a strete, 
Heo bouhte what heo be Hermyte bi-hete ; 112 

And in a strete as heo com bi, 
Heo seih a Chapel of vre ladi : 
went into In to bat Chapel heo made entre. 

a Chapel of , ,, . . i i / 

our Lady, per was an ymage of Marie ire, 110 

wilhan image * - i -m - i -i 

or the virgin Of b&t blisful Mayden Mylde, 

and Babe. * . \ 3 ' 

Vppon hire barm heo bar hire chikle. 
The Harlot Jje damyselo caste on hire a siht 

And bouhte bat ymage swete and briht, 120 

And bouhte, bi fore ward hou heo was bouwde 

To knele bi-fore?i hire on be groundc ; 

Heo tok to god non obur reward 

But for schome to breke forward. 124 

knelt down Heo kneled adoun vppon hire knes 

And seide be paternostres and be Aues, 

As was hire fore ward furst bi-fore, 
andpraydfor And seide : " Ihesu, lord, byn Ore! 128 

the Hennit. ' TJ 

ffor-jif be Hermyte his trespas 
And graunt hym Merci, borw bi gras, 
Of al bat euer he hab mys-do 

In al his lyf jut hider-to." 132 

"p%Enne bhoujte be damisele verreyly 
The Rabe j be Babe loked on hire wrobly, 

Christ lookt ' 

angry at his Hire bhoujte bo he tornde his Bak, 

loe praying ' ' * 

for his friend, Such woi'des to his niooder he spak : 136 

" Moder, seostou hou jond neih hend 
Myn enemy preyeb for my frend ? " 

Hire bhoujte be Moder onswered ajciu 
Wib wordus Mylde, plat and pleyn : 1 40 

" Sone, for by ffrendes sake, 
What-euere bin Enemy hab mis-take 
ffor-jiue hit, sone, of bi Merci, 
As bou art, lord, God almihti, 144 

XXIX. Mary's Miracles. 4. A Jew Boy in an Oven. 149 

And also, sone, for j?e loue of me 
Hire synnes I preye for-^iuen be." 

child onswerde wi)> louely chere : 
" Mi swete Modur, Mi norice dere, 
)?i bone mot nedes I-graujited be, 
What Jjou wolt wol I not werne pe." 

Jjerane seide Marie : " lo, Damysel, 
]3ou schalt haue grace, J>ou hast herd wel ; 
But J?ow mai3t sen riht wel bi Jjis 
Hou Jjou hast lad Jri lyf amis, 
ffor J>ou hast Hued in lujmr lyue. 
Tac a prest and do J>e schriue 
WiJ) sereuful herte and repentauwce, 
And gladly vnderueng penaunce ; 
ffor at J>is fourti dayes ende 
Jjou schalt out of J>is world wende 
And wone wij> vs in murj>e and play, 
Jjat lastejj in loye for euere and ay." 

Jjis was J?at synful wo?rcmons ende, 
Jjorw help of Marie, fat Mayden hende. 
Bi-seche we jerne fat swete may 
To helpen vs at vre laste day 
Of hoi Remission of vre synne 
And to loye J?at heo wone]> Inne. amen. 

148 but forgave 
the Harlot 
at his 

152 The Virgin 

156 exhorted the 
Harlot to 




1 The poem, most likely, was 
originally composed in 8-Iined 
stanzas, which are still obvious 
in vv. 69, 117, 141, 157. 


IV. [|j0tt a l*fa putt* fjis sotte in a fcamtgngg* oneiw, for Ijc 
faas commttiw& fait oj>ar tristcne tbUbren on J>e pask-!oag.] 

Ord, Makere of alle Jjing, 
Almihti God in Maieste, 
Jjat euer was wijj-oute biginning 
And art and euermore schal be : 4 

Graunte vs boj>e miht and space 
So to seme J>e to pay, 
Jjat we mowe forw J?i grace 
Wone wij) J>e for euere and ay ! 8 

Of }>e Miracles of vre ladi 
We ouhten wel to hauen in Muynde, 
Jjat writen be]) in so]> stori, 
Hou helplich heo is euere to Mowkynde. 12 

as she had 
only 40 davs 
to live, 

and then 
dwell in bliss. 

Let us pray 
Mary to help 
us at our 
last day. 

4. A Jew-ttoy 

laved from 

a burning 


God Al- 

grant us so 
to serve Thee 
that we may 
dwell with 
Thee for 
ever ! 

150 XXIX. Mary's Miracles. 4. A Jew Boy in an Oven. 

OMIT in a city 

the Jews bad 
to live in one 

hut a Jew g 
boy used to 
play with 
the Christian 

At Easter- 

when the 
went to Mass, 

the Jew boy 
went with 
'era. . 

He'd never 
seen no fair 
a sight, 

Sum-tyme fel in on Cite 
Herknep wel, and je may here 
As lewes weren I-wont to be 
Among )>e cristen and wone I-fere : 16 

]3e Cristene woneden in On halue 
Of fat Cite, as I fe hete, 
And alle )>e lewes bi hem-selue 
Were stihlet to wone in a strete. 20 

\)e Cristene children in a Crofte 
I-mad hem heddeu a wel feir plas. 
Jjer-Inne a lewes child ful ofte 
WiJ> hem to pleyen I-wont he was. 24 

)je childes ffader nom non hede, 
Ne to his child he sette non ei^e, 
Jjerfore fe child bojie com and code 
As ofte as euere hem luste to pleye. 28 

So ofte to pleyen hem fel i-fere 
J5e lewes sone on heore pleyes coude, 
Jjat riht as on of hem he were ; 
WiJ> loue ferfore J>ei him alouwede. 32 

At an Aster tyme bi-tidde, 
Whon cristen made solempnite 
A Menskful Munstre was mad amidde, 
As semed best, in ]>at Cite'e' : 36 

Jjerto J>e cristene peple can drawe, 
To here bo]>e Mateyns and eke Masse, 
As fallejj bi J>e Cristene lawe 
BoJ>e to more and eke to lasse ; 40 

Eueri mon in his array, 
Bo]>e housbonde and wyf also, 
As fallef wel for asterday 
And al as cristene men schul do. 44 

J3e children foleweden heore fadres m-fere, 
As Jjei weore euere I-wont to do. 
J)e lewes child wij) wel good chere 
WiJ> hem wel fayn was for to go. 48 

"Wij>-Inne J>e chirche whon he was Riht, 
Him J>ouhte he nas neuer er so glad 
As he was of J>at semeli siht, 
Such on bi-fore neuer seje he had : 52 

XXIX. Marys Miracles. 4. A Jew Boy in an Oven. 151 

Bope laumpes & tapers, bremii^de briht, 
And Auters curiousliche de-peynt, 
IMages ful deinteousliche i-diht, 
And gold of moni a good corseynt. 56 

A cornel i qween in Chayer 
fful semeli sat, al greiped in golde, 
A blisful Babe on Arm * heo beer, l r. barm, cf. v. ieo. 

tful kyngly Corouned, as he scholde. 60 

Of pat ladi pe child tok hede, 
And of pat blisful Babe also, 
IIou folk bi-foren heore bedes bede, 
As cristen Men bep wont to do. 64 

j?e lewes child euere tok such jeme 
To alle sihtes fat he per sei$, 
Him phou^te hem alle so swete to seme 
ffor loye him poujte I-Rauessched neih. 68, 

Whon hei^-Masse of pat day was do, 
Jje Prest bad alle men knelen a-doun : 
WiJ) Confiteor, as fallep per-to, 

He 3iuep hem Absolucioun ; 72 

He biddep hem More and lasse also, 
To vengen heor sauiour buskew hem bouw. 
Jje lewes child tok tente per-to, 
Among pe cristene he dude him doun. 76 

AMong pe pres pauh he were poselet, 
He spared no-ping for no drede 
AMong pe cristene til he were hoselet ; 
Of such a child me tok non hede. 80 

To ende whon alle ping was brouht 
And eueri cristene drouh him horn, 
Jje leuh porw toune his child hap souht r 
And saih wher he from chirche com. 8-4 

He asked his sone wher he hedde ben, 
Whil he hedde souht him al pat day. 
Al riht as he hedde i-don and seon, 
J3e child him rikenet al pe a-Ray. 88 

His ffader perfore wox wood-wrop, 
And seide anon : " pou getest pi mede ! " 
And to his houene al hot he gop, 
)?at glemede as glowyng as a glede. 92 

as the Vircin 
clad in gold, 

and her liabe, 
urownd, on 
her ami. 

The Jew 
boy was de- 

The Jew boy 
knelt and 
prayd with 
the Chris- 

and took the 

His father 
saw him 
coming from 

and was mad 
witli anger. 

152 XXIX. Mary's Miracles. - 4. A Jew Boy in an Oven. 

The Jew 
fallier threw 
his boy into 
tin- oven, 
and cloed it. 

The boy's 

ran about 

The boy's 

told the 
Citizens how 
her husband 
had shut her 
boy up in a 
glowing oven. 

They went to 
the oven, 

had iU cover 


In to f e houene J>e child he caste : 
To askes he f ou^te f e child to brenne ; 
And wijj f e MouJ>-ston he stekej) him faste, 
And f ouhte fat neuer couf scholde him kenne. 96 

J3m>f whon his moder herde, 
In a stude fer as heo stood, 
As ffrayed in ffrenesye heo ferde, 
ffor wo heo wente as waxen wood, 100 

Euer hotyng out, heo tar hire her, 
In eueri stret of fat Citee, 
Nou In, Nou out, so eueri wher ; 
Men wondret on hire and hedde pite. 104 

BOf e Meir and Bailifs of J)e toun, 
Whon fei herd en of fat cri, 
Jjei aresten hire bi Resoun, 
A[nd] maden chalange enchesun whi 108 

Heo criede so in fat Cite 
And putte fe Peple in such affray, 
To serwen in such solempnite, 
And nomeliche on heore Aster-day. 112 

As sone as heo mihte sece of wepe, 
)3is was f e seyinge of hire sawe : 
" Sires, $e han f is Cite^ to kepe, 
As lordus han to lede fe lawe : 116 

Alias, Alias, I am i-schent, 
And help of ow me mot bi-houen, 
I prey ow of lust luggement, 

Mi cause I schal bi-fore jou prouen : 120 

Mi hosebonde haf my child ibrent, 
I-stopped him in a glouwyng houen ; 
Goth seof , sires, bi on assent, 
And I schal jiue ow gold to glouen." 124 

BOfe Meir and Baylifs wif folk i-fere 
To f e lewes houene ben gon. 
As sone as f ei f ider come were, 
)3e Meir Comaundet : " dof doun fe ston." 128 

er eueri Mon wel mihte i-seo 
)3e houene-Roof, fat was so rouwd, 
Hou hit was Blasyng al of bleo 
As glouwyng glos, from Roof to grouwt. 132 

XXIX. Mary's Miracles. 4. A Jew Boy in an Oven. 153 

Jje child sat pere bope hoi and sound, 
Ne nouht I-harmet, hond ny her, 
A-Midde pe gledes of pe ground, 
As he seete in Cool Erber. 136 

J3e childes Moder, whon heo fat seih, 
Hire fouhte heo nas neuer er so glad ; 
In to pe houene heo sturte him neih, 
J?us sone wi]) hire him out heo had. 140 

And al pe peple pere present 
"Wondred on pat selly siht, 
And heried god wip good entent, 

ffor Miracle is more pen Monnes miht. 144 

Hou he hajj non harmes hent 
Among pe brondes fat breraiep so briht, 
)3ei asken of him bi on assent. 
Jje child onswered a-non-riht : 148 

" Of alle pe Murpes pat I haue had 
In al my lyf jit hider-to 
Ne was I neuere of gleo so glad 
As aftur I was In pe houene I-do ! 152 

Bope Brondes and Gledes, trustily, 
Jjat weren bi-nepen vndur my fote, 
As feire floures, feipfully, 
As special spices me phoujte hew swote ; 156 

J?e Blisful Qvven, pat Maiden Milde, 
Jjat sittep in Chirche in hih Chayer 
Wip pat comely kyng, hire childe, 
)3at Blisful Babe, on Barm heo ber, 1 60 

ffrom alle pe schydes pei cu?me me schilde, 
ffrom gledes and brondes pat brewde so cler, 
ffrom alle pe flaumes pat flowerc so wilde, 
Jjat neuer non mihte neihje me ner." 164 

Bope Men and wymmew, al pat per wore, 
J)ei herieden God hertily, 
Bope luytel and muche, lasse and more, 
Of pis Miracle, witerly. 168 

lewesse porw hire sones sawe 
Was conuertet to crist a-non ; 
)3e Child tok hym to cristes lawe, 
And alle pe lewes euerichon. 172 

and found the 
Boy safe and 

unhiirmd by 
the fire. 

All wonderd. 

The Boy said 

that the 
brands were 
like sweet 
flowers to 


through the 
care of Mary 
and her Babe. 

The folk blest 
God for this 

The Mother 
and all the 
Jews tunid 

154 XXIX. Mary's Miracles. 5. A Man gets a new Leg. 

The Mayor 

tlie Jew- 
Fullier to be 
l.nrnt in his 
own oven. 

5. tfarp 
Clioet a ilan 
a fresh Leg. 

Jesus, as 
Thou wast 
born of Mary 

ninl wast 
crucified for 

as Thou 
rusest from 
the dead, 

freedest the 
souls iu Hell, 

into heaven, 

and nentest 
tlie Holy 
Ghost to Tlijr 

fee Meir sat on f e leuh him-seluc, 
fforte beo luge of his trespas ; 
To siggen fe sof e i-sworen were twelue, 
To jiuen heore verdyt in fat caas. 176 

))ei counseiled i-vere vppon fat caas, 
And comen a$eyn bi on assent ; 
)5e wordes of fat verdyt was : 
" In fat same houene he schulde be brent." 180 

Jjus is endet f is stori 
Of f e Miracle 
I-writen a-boue. 

God graunt vs loy 184 

In heuene an hih, 
Ihesu, for f i Moder loue. Auien. 

(Picture.} V. [jjou a man, for aejje, tut of Ins foot, 
anir foas Ijeleo a3cgn bg b 

1 TEsu, God and Godus sone : ))at were a Babe I-boren 
JL Of fe May den swete Marie : Kuynde Qween I- 

Coren : 

As f ou rayled on f e Roode : On Crois, I-Crouned of f orn, 

To beete f e gultus of vre ffadres : Jjat fer weren vs bi- 

foren ; 4 

And aftur fat f e fridde day : ffrom def e f ou vp a-Ros, 

To leesen hem out fat weren I-punt : ffor synne in helle 

J3e soules, lord, fat weren in helle : Were glad of fin 


"Wif fe fou laddest hem whon f ou rise : To B[l]isse of 

Paradys ; 8 

J?e ffourtife day f erafturward : )3ou steih to heuene 

an 1 heih, l MS. and 

Jjer fou sittest on his riht syde : Jji ffader swyf e neih ; 

]3eraftur fenne fe tenf e day : ]3ou sendest doun wif 

f i sonde 

Jje holigost to f i disciples : To don hem vndurstonde 1 2 
Wit and wisdain, resuu and skil : To knowen f i godhede 
And preche fe bileeue among fe folk : And hem to 
good lyf lede : 

In the MS. the poem is written in half-lines. 

XXIX. Mary's Miracles. 5. A Man gets a new Leg. 155 
Wei ouhte we alle to bonke be, lord : Of alle bi we ougiit to 

thank Tliee 

goodnes, ?? d ., Tliy 


And eke bi Moder, swete Marie : Of whom com vre 

encres : 1 6 

ffor riht as Eue, vre furste Moder : Of vre synnes was 

Eilit so of Marie, bi swete Moder : Sprong hele of al vr 

Jjerfore we ouhten day and niht : To hauen bi Moder 

In Muynde, 
To louen hire eke wib al vr miht : And seruen hire as 

be kuynde. 20 

FOr hose loueb bat ladi wel : Heo gladeb him in his she is solace 
. in every 

greet, sorrow, 

Heo is solase in eueri serwe : And Medicyn in Mischeef, 
In eueri serwe or seknesse ouber : Heo is souereynest 
leche ; 23 

No Mon fayleb bat studefastlych : Vre ladi wol bi-seche. and never 

Jjouj heo helpe nou$t anon : Beo not berof agast, 
ffor ofte heo tarieb of hir help : To Make Mon studefast. 1 tiio' she oft 


ftouh heo graunte not bi bone anon : Beo bou not in 

* vv. 25-6 are repeated. 

ffor, ^if bou bidde hire studefastly : I fynde ensaumple 
feir, 28 

What serwe or seknesse so bou soffre : Jjorw hire bou 
schalt spede. . 

To schewe be bat bi good ensauwple : A ffeir Miracle I 

FTW be Cite of Viuari : A Munstre I-foundet was in the city of 

[|TT i f IT i Vivary was a 

I In be honour of vre ladi : ber schewed was minster of 
' Our Lady, 

muchel gras : 32 

Jjer In muynde of vre ladi : Was a swete ymage, 
To whuch be peple of bat cuntre : Made gret Pilrvmage : to which sick 

J folk made 

ffor hose of serwe or seknesse hadde : Or eny obur Mis- pilgrimage. 

cheef, 35 

Jjorw help and socour of vre ladi : )?ere he fond Eeleef. 

J?idere come seke Mesels rnonye : Halte, Croked, and 

Blynde ; 
What-maner seknesse bat Mon soffred : J)er hele was 

wont to fynde. 

156 XXIX. Marys Miracles. 5. A Man gets a new Leg. 

Among A Mong al obere ber com a Mon : I-bcotned forte be, 

a'awn) whose J\ His leg was brennyng as a f uir : ffrom fot vp to 

leg burnt . . _ 

like Bre from be kne. 4U 

fful longe he dwelled in bat Cite : fforte a-byden grace, 
And eueri day in hope of hele : He visited bat same 


To Marie his boones he bed : His hele forte haue : 
He felede no leggaurcce of his peyne : ffor al bat he may 

craue; 44 

Him bhouhte bat he died almost : ffor serwe and peyne 

and wo. 
He was ad- He was CouHseyled hewe of his leg : Jjen longe to suffre 

vised to have 

his leg cut SO. 


Hym bhouhte euere so leng so wore : While he hauwted 

bat stude, 47 

and did have Jjerfore riht as counselled he was : So bi his leg he dude ; 

ffor al be while he was so seek : He feled neuere lisse 

ne lith, 

Jjerfore hym boujte beter legles : Jjen so to suffre ber-wyb. 
Whon his leg was sniiten of : )3e kneo, bat was bi-laft, 
He heled hit vp wib salues and dnmches : And piastres 

of leche-craft. 52 

Jjerafturward whon he was hoi : He haunted be same 

He stm prayd He bad and offred to vre ladi : As he bi-fore ber dude. 

to Our Lady, 

But as he kneled ber on a day : His Bedes for to bidde, 

Er he passet out of be place : Jjis feir Miracle bi-tidde : 

audsorrowd [^if] 1 wepe and wringyng serufoly : To Marie he 

made his pleynt : om. 57 

"Alias, Marie, Modur of grace : In sum syune I am 

Cleynt ! 
that while ffor alle bat soffren serwe and sor : Jje seke, be Croked, 

sufferers ob- Ijg blvnde 

taind relief, 

In eny Mischef hose preyeb to be : Sum grace bei may 
fynde, 60 

he got none. Saue I sunful Caytyf out-cast : In be may fynde non." 
Wib syk and serwe, swounyng al-most : To Marie he 
makeb his mon. 

nd as he was in such serwyng : And mihte not 
stunte of wepe, 


XXIX. Mary's Miracles. 6. She's Surety for a Merchant. 157 
A-Middes alle his moste servve : He fel riht [slofte on Then he fell 


slepe. 64 

Him bhoujte in sweuene. a feFilr ladi : Hondelede and thought 

a lady puld a 

hym bi be kne new leg out 

of his knee. 

And drouh out ber-of a newe leg : As furst was wont 

to be. 
Whon he a- wok, he "roped his leg : He feled hit hoi when he 

woke, he 

and SOUnt, found he had 

a iic\v sound 

In al his lyf neuer lihtore : Whon he wende on be leg. 

grount. 68 

ben alle Men mensken 1 be Mylde ladi : bat se^en bis 

Open Miracle. ] r. mensked 

In alle Mischeues heo is Medecyn : Ajeyn seknesse 

berfore good is bat eueri mon : Serue vre swete ladi : so every one 

' should serve 

In alle synnes and serwes eke : Heo geteb to vs Our Lady. 

Merci. 72 

Now, ladi Marie, qween of heuene : And Emperisse 

of helle, 
Help vs bat we mo we wib be : ffor euere In loye dwelle ! 

(Picture.) VI. [hoti a kfa \t\\it a tratcncmoit moiwne, K.Mar U i* 

Surety for a 

anb look bu labg to borofrr.] Merchant. 

t Constantynnoble in bat Cite At constnnu- 

Dwelled a Marchatwt of herte fro, merchant, 

Sumtyme was riche, ful of lewte, 

And after fel in pouerte ; 4 

And, as be Bokes telles vs, 

He was i-clept Teodorus. Theodoras, 

He louede god and vre ladi, poverty. 

And serued bat Mayden speciali. 8 

And in bat Cite, sobliche, 

A leuh J>er dwelled, Avas wonder Hiche ; A rich Jew, 

In his lay he hedde good name, 

He Avas I-clepet Abrahame. 12 Abraham, 

Theodoras he louede Avele, lovd Theo- 

Gret lykyng hedde Avib him to dele. 
Theodoras hedde bouht and care, 
ffor he nedde not Avib to chaffare ; 16 


158 XXIX. Mary's Miracles. 6. She's Surety fw a Merchant. 

The Jew 
agreed to 
lend Tlieo- 
d ru money 
if he'd find a 

proposed the 
Virgin Mary. 

The Jew 
agreed to ac- 
cept her if 

would pledge 
her by her 
image's hand, 


took Mary's 
image by the 
hand, and 
bade the Jew 
take her as 
surety for 

He caste him perfore to borwe. 
To pe leuh he wente a-Morwe ; 
jjer he told him his Mischeef 
And preiede hym of sum Eeleef, 
Of his Gold him for to lene, 
And pus to hym he gon hym mene. 
Jje leuh onswerde wip grett honour : 
" Loke hou pou maiht make me seur 
Me to paye at certeyn day, 
And pe to helpe I schal assay." 
Theodorus seide : " icham be-hynde, 
ffor me per wol no Mon hym bynde ; 
He pat suw-tyme was my fere 
Me passe]) bi wip-outen chere. 
But jif pou dorstest be so hardi 
To take vr ladi seinte Man 
ffor my Borw, be* Mi ffay, 
I schulde pe pay wel at pi day." 
)5e leuh seide : " my goode feere, 
I graunte pe, sire, pi preyere, 
ffor I haue herd ofte-sife 
Jjat ladi is Corteis and Blipe, 
Men seip heo wol hem neuer fayle 
)pat in hire seruise wol trauayle. 
))erfore go we in to jour chirche, 
And per ])is forward we wol worche ; 
Jjer is an ymage of hire iliche, 
A-Kayed wel wij) luweles Riche: 
Tac Jiou hire me J?er bi \>e bond ! 
Of j>e kep i non o))ur bond." 

Whon he hed seid, fei gonne to gon. 
To fat churche Jjei comen anon. 
Theodorus In good Manere 
Kneled a-doun, bad his preyere, 
And aftur pat wij) good visage 
Went hym vp to pat ymage, 
And tok hit bi pat on hond, 
And bad pe leuh scholde to him fond, 
And seide : "sire, so god me sane, 
ffor my Borwh pis ladi haue, 











XXIX. Mary's Miracles. 6. She's Surety for a Merchant. 159 

Jpat i schal paye f e at my day 

Treweliche and wel al f i Monay 

)?at f ou schalt me nou take, 

Al my disese wif to slake." GO 

\)e leuh him tok a suwmc of gold, 
Good Moneye and wel I-told, 
And sette hym \er a certeyn day 
Him to paye hit wif-oute delay. 64 

Jje Cristen Mon fen was ful fayn, 
}3ey wenten horn ful fayn a-^ayn. 
And he arrayed hi??^ ful fast 
A schip wif seil and eke a Mast : 68 

To Alysaurcdre he gon sayle. 
J5er he a-Ryued wif-outen fayle. 
Jjewne he bou^te faste and soldo, 

And eueri day fe pous tolde 72 

He won faste day by day. 
Jje ^eer passed sone a- way. 
He Jjouhte so muche on his wynnyng 
ffor-^at ]>e day of his pa^yng, 76 

Til f e Euen was I-comen 
A-Morwe schulde paye fat he hedde nomew. 

Hit fel in to his Muynde f on 
He schulde bi holde a fals Mon ; 80 

To fat Cu/itre so fer a-twynne 
In so schort while miht he not wynne 
fForte holde his day of paye. 

Bote to vr ladi he gon to praye 84 

Hym to counseyle and to rede 
What mihte fenne be his beste spede ; 
And cast hit in herte outurly 

To truste in god and vre ladi. 88-. 

He tok hym feune a luytel kyst, 
))er-lnne he putte, fat no wiht wist, 
]3e summe of gold, verreyment, 
)jat f e leuh hedde hym I-lent, 92 

And a lettre, fat seide f us : 
" Jjis to Abraham leuh sent Theodorus ; " 
Aftur fat, wif his hond 
Aboute wif Iren he hit bond, 96 

The Jew 
lent him the 

traded witli 
it, at Alex- 

but forgot his 
pay-day till 
the evening 
before it. 

Then lie 
prayd Our 
Lady for 

put the 
money for 
the Jew into 
a chest, 

160 XXIX. Mary's Miracles. 6. She's Surety } 'or a Merchant. 

oast it into 
the sea, 
and prayd 
Mnry to send 
it to Al .ra- 
li. mi. 

Next morn- 
ing i he Jew 

saw the chest 
floating to 

He took it 
found the 

and knew 
who it came 
from ; 

but put it in 
a box, 

and said no- 
thing about 

When Theo- 
donis came 

the Jew 

Abnihnm re- 
proacht him 
for not iay- 

In to fe se*6 Jjen lie hit cast, 
Preied vr ladi ben Sclrip and Mast, 
Hit to saue In Godes nam 
To J>e leuh Abraham. 

Jje leuh a-Ros vppon f e Morn, 
As I ow tellc, wif-oute scorn, 
And stilliche forf gon he stalke 
To f e see-syde, f er forte walke, 
)3at Ebbet and flowed faste bi his house 
Jper he dwellede and his spouse. 
Soone he was war wel I-nouh 
Of a Cofre, touward hym drouh, 
ffloterynge in fat salte se"e. 
Gret wonder he hedde what hit mijt be. 
fful sone to hym he hit vp nom, 
Vndur his arm lie bar hit horn, 
he fond f er-Inne, verrement, 
j?e gold fat he hedde f urst and lent ; 
Beo f e lettre he wuste also 
ffrom what Mon fat hit com fro. 
He caste hit fenne in to an Ark, 
J)at was bof e styf and stark. 
To telle f erof no wiht him luste, 
But wente him forf as no wiht wuste. 

Longe afturward in Godes nome 
Theodoras was comen home. 
"VVif him f er niette mony on 
J3at him welcoinede swif e son. 

"VVif Abraham f e leuh he mette, 
fful Corteysliche he hym grette 
And f onked hym of his fordede, 
And preied god schulde quite his Mede. 

f e leuh seide f o : "so mot I f e, 
I trouwe fat f ou scorne me ; 
Whi hast f ou broken f i terme-day 
Of f e payjemeHt of Mi Monay 1 " 

Theodorus seide : " f ou wost wel, 
I haue f e payed eueridel ; 
I take my Borwh to my witnesse, 
I owe f e nouf er More no lesse ; 











him to go to 
the CllUl-ch, 

XXIX. Marys Miracles. 6. She's Surety for a Merchant. 161 

Go we to churche bofe i-fere, 

And fer fe sofe fou schalt here." 

" I graimte wel," quaf fe lewe ; 

" But fou me paye fou schalt hit rewe ! " 140 

)3e lew made hit wonder touh 
And wende hit hedde beo good I-nouh. 
Whon fei were bi-fore fat ymage 
J)at for fe gold was mad his gage, 144 

Theodorus seide wif Mylde steuene : 
" Ladi, as fou art qween of heuene, 
Help me nou from worldly schome, 
I preye fe in fi sones nome ; 148 

ftou wost wel, ladi, fer fou sist, 
I putte f e gold in to a kist 
And, to f is leuh fat hit schulde wende, 
I preyed fe hit to him sende. 152 

As I truste on f i sone and fe, 
Ladi, fe sofe scheuh for me." 
~p*E ymage spac, as god hit wolde, 
f And seide : " leuh, fou hast fi golde, 156 

And in f e botme of f yn ark 
]3er fou hast leid eueri Mark." 

jje lewh wox a-schomed f o 
And grau?*ted wel fat hit was so. 
Alle fat leeued on his lay 
A-schomed weren fat ilke day. 
)3er he hedde saumple bi good dome 
Cristene mon forte bi-come. 

Jjis ladi is ful graciu, 
J)at fenkef euere f us on vs. 
Jjerfore to hire loke fou be trewe, 
And chaunge we hire not for non newe ! 
Heo wole vs helpe in vre Mischcef 
In f is world to vs 1 Releef, > r. vr 

And afturward wif-outen mis 

Geten vs heuene-riche blis 172 

Jjorw f e grace of hire sone, 
Wif him fere forte wone. 
And fat hit mote so be 
Seif alle AMen, Par charite. AMEN. 176 


and told 
Mary's image 

t hat lieM put 
the Jew's 
money in a 

and prayd 
lier to sriul 
it him. 

The imaee 
said, " Jew, 
you have the 
money in 
your box." 

1 60 He confer lie 


Let all folk 
t true to 
1C8 Mary! 

162 XXIX. Mary's Miracles. 7. T/ie fornicating Pneftt. 

7. The 


A Priest once 
with a Nun. 

Yet lie servd 
Our Lady. 

She wisht 
him to purge 
his con- 

He told his 
sins to a 

and begd him 
to pray for 

Then he died. 

His Friend 
thought daily 
of him at 

(Picture.) VII. [<Df a pst pat lag bg a nomte.] 

IN Bok we fynde, as we Rede, 
Of a preest, \vas wylde of dede, 
))at was I-wounde in mony a vice, 
But at pe laste he was not 1 nyce ' ? read go 4 

And to synne so wel dude wone 
)3at wi)> a Nonne he hedde to done. 
Jjerof wolde he him not schryue 

Til pat he schulde lete J>e lyue. 8 

3 it he serued vre Ladi 
Day bi day ful specialy, 
Matyns and vres day Bi day 

Of hire he seide wij)-onte delay. 12 

At pe laste he fel seek, 
Arid schulde be ded as we schulen ek. 

Vr ladi pat he hedde in Reuerence 
Wolde he schulde clanse his Concience, 16 

And pat hym fel riht wel in Mynde, 
A trusti frend jif he mihte fynde. 
A prest per was he louede wel, 

He tolde his lyf to Eueridel ; 20 

He sykede sore and criede Merci 
)3at god schulde on him haue pite forpi, 
And for his synnes was sorL 

He preyed pe prest ful feipfuli 24 

Jjat, as pei hedden be felawes long, 
He schulde penken on him a-mong 
His Masse and his Almes-dede, 

J)at God mihte quite hym his Mede 28 

And pat his soule pat was vngeyne 
)3e sannore milite passe out of peyne. 
)3at oper, pat he wolde, he seide. 

After he dyjede, In eorpe was leyde. 32 

V%E prest forsope format hym nouht, 
J But euere hedde hym in his pouht, 
Al pat jeer, day Bi day, 
He song his Masse, as I ow say, 36 

}3at day he song of vre Ladi, 
]3at oper of Requiem, sikerli. 

XXIX. Marys Miracles. 7. The fornicating Priest. 163 

Al pe $er pis Charge he nom. 
Atte laste his Mynde-day com. 
As he stod at his Masse po, 
After pe sacryng In Memento, 
He sauh stonden him bi-fore 
))e ffeireste ladi fat euere was bore, 
Vppon pe Auter per he stod. 
Heo seide to him wip Mylde Mod : 
" jpou hast me trauaylet wip ])i preyere, 
Now at ])is tyme to ben here. 
As J)ou hast preyed in pi Messe, 
I haue geten forjiuenesse 
To pi felawe of my sone dere 
Of al fat Quere he mis-dude here ; 
Of his peyne he is releset, 
And his loye schal ben encreset ; 
Lo wher he knelep J>e bi-hynde : 
To ben I-hoselet he hap in Mynde." 

prest tomed hym softely 
And sauh him knele faste by ; 
Anon wip godes Bodi 
Hoselde him deuoutli. 

j?en sauh pe prest vr ladi per 
Come a-doun of pat Auter 
And take his felawe bi pe honde, 
Out of pe Chirche forte fonde. 
Of pis siht he was ful fayn, 
And tornede to his Masse a-^ayn ; 
J3erof penne he made an ende, 
Preyed god grace him to sende 
Jjorw preyere of his Moder dere, 
So to lyuen and to don here, 
After pis world pat is al wast 
To haue pe blisse pat euer schal last. 

Wei are we holden day and niht 
Worschipen hire wip al vr miht 
)3at euer is so redi diht 
To bringen vs alle to heuene-liht. 
And pat hit mote so be, 
Seyop to hire an Aue ! 


When the 
dead Sinner's 

44 Our Lady 



told hia 
Friend that 
she had got 
for him, 


mid lie now 
knelt behind. 

The Priest 

pave him the 

and Our Lady 

64 led him out 
of church. 


We are ail 
bound to 
worship Our 

M 2 

164- XXIX. Mary's Miracles. 8. The Quinsied Monk. 

8. The tlonk 
with the 

A Monk was 

once always 
serving Our 

He collected 
her Matins 
and Hours 

and special 

Then he got 
the Quinsey, 

and folk 
thought he 

w:i-> dead. 

But Our 
Lady spirted 
milk out of 
her teat into 
his mouth, 

(Picture.) VIII. [jnra bn labg $af mglfe off jjeou pappts 
io a man fat Ijabbe ft sqagnaqu.] 

A Mou of gret deuociun 
Was su??i-tyme in Eeligiun, 
J3e Bok seif he was a Monk, 

And in godes seruise swonk ; 4 

To vr ladi he was deuout, 
Hire to seme euer was a-bout. 
Whon he herde of hire eny speche, 
Of al his dissese fat was his leche, 8 

Jjat hedde he leuere fen drinke or ete, 
ffor loye fe teres wolde he lete. 
Of of er f inges rouht he nouht, 
So swete on hire was his fouht. 12 

))at tyme riht as men do)> floures 
Men gederede furst Matines and vres 
j)at men vsen now of vre ladi, 

And seiden hem deuoutly ; 16 

Whose mihte hem fenne gete. 
His (I) 1 was holde for Miracle grete. ' r. Hit 

"Nis Monk hem hedde, I ow say, 
J And seide hem riht wel eueri day, 20 

And mony a special preyere 
Jjat men han mad of hire here. 
Atte laste, as hit schulde falle, 

Jje Monkes frote grete swalle, 24 

Men called fat vuel Comuynli, 
)?at he hedde, fe Qwinaci. 
His vuel hi-gon so to encrese, 

Wif-outen eny relece, 28 

J)at al fat f er ahouten stood 
Seide he was ded, bi f e Rood ! 
But neuer-f eles hit was not so. 

Vre ladi com to hym f o, 32 

As he tolde aftur mony a Mon, 
His leche to ben, as heo wel con ; 
Wif hire pappe in to his Mouf 

Milk heo spreynt, fat is selcouf ! 36 

And seide to him : " Mi seruauwt swete, 
I am comen f i bale to bete ; 

XXIX. Marys Miracles. 8. The Quinsied Monk. 165 

Wif my seruaiws haue I be, lo : 

]5at Made me beo so longe f e fro. 

Beo not a-ferd, f ou schalt not dye, 

I schal f e hele of Maladye, 

J?i feire frote fat me haf serued 

I schal not soffre beo ouer-torned, 

J)y vois fat f ou dest wif me grete 

At f is tyme schaltou not forlete, 

And, for ichaue ben longe from f e, 

))e sannore schaltou heled be." 

Vnder his nekke heo putte hire Arm, 

Wif hire swete fyngres stroked his harm. 

J?e swellyng slaked, he feld no sore. 

He set him vp anon-riht fore. 

Hym f oujte yerreliche i-nouh 

)3at heo aweiward from hym drouh : 

And after hire faste he rauhte, 

But he hire take mihte nauhte. 

Jjen he cried an heih al oute 
To hem fat weren hym aboute : 
" Vn-Corteis folk $e ben, I-wis, 
Whi worschiped }e not f e queen of Blis, 
AMong ou alle a space i-lete 
J)at f e ladi mihte haue sete 1 
Ne seih 30 nouht hou louh heo went, 
Wif f e dost wel neih be-schent, 
ffor to salue me of my sore 
Whon my lyf was wel neih lore 1 
Wif }or noise, 30 folk vn-f riue, 
Out of f is hous 30 han hire driue." 
}3erwij) he wepte for loye wel glad ; 
And euer was hire seruaunt sad, 
Worschuped hire Corteis and hende 
Euer to his lyues ende. 

Ojmr help or ojmr leche 
Vs nedef not no forfere seche 
But Mari, Modur and Maiden clene, 
In heuene fat is so briht and schene. 
Preye we, heo preye hire sone 
Jjat euere he haue Merci on vs, 





and said 
she'd cure 



O 6 


She stroked 
his swelling, 
and it went. 


He wept for 
joy, and was 
ever her 

We need no 
other helper. 

166 XXIX. Marys Miracles. 9. The incontinent Monk. 

jjat to his blisse he take vs to 

jjat is and schal ben euer-mo. Amen. 


9. The incon- 
tinent Honk. 

A Sacristan 


but always 
greeted Our 

One night, 
going after 
a woman, 

he fell off a 
bridge and 
was drownd. 

Fiends came 
to fetch him. 

Angels wislit 
to help him. 

The Fiends 
claimd him. 

IX. [f an mtorcthwni monk, ]>at foag brmnwir, aub rmb 
ajegn bg bit laftg to Igf.] 

ASexteyn was in an Abbey 
Of J>e Ordre of Monkes grey, 
]5at louede to worschipe vr ladi ; 

But fallen he was In lecheri. 4 

Whon his Brefren were to bedde i-gon, 
He wolde gon as stillc as ston 
Out of Cloystre on his wilde-hede, 
fforte parfourne his misdede. 8 

)5auh he hi^ed faste for his Corage, 
Euere he wolde grete J>e ymage 
jpat in fe chirche was mad of vre ladi, 
As ofte as he passed hit by. 1 2 

Hit bi-fel yppon a niht, 
To his walk he hedde hym diht, 
Bi fat ymage passed he 

And grette hit wij) an Aue. 1 (j 

Vnder f e Abbeye a water Eon, 
))er-ouer was a Brugge of ston : 
Ouer J)at Brugge lay his pas. 

But him bi-fel a wondur cas : 20 

As a mon J>at hedde ben a-teynt 
He fel a-doun and was I-dreynt. 

Jper comen ffendes fers and felle 
To fecche his soule in to helle. 24 

A Cu?npaygnye of Angeles swete 
)3orw Godus pite dude AviJ) him 1 mete, r.hwn? 
3if Jjei mihte ]?orw godus gras 
Helpe )>e soule of sum solas. 28 

J)e ffendes crijeden sone anon : 
"3e wij) J>is soule haue nou^t to don, 
He is lugget wi)> vs to gon 
ffor fe Misdedes fat he haj> don." 32 

]3e Angeles al astoneyet were, 
ffor )>ei mihte schewe no good werk fere 
Wherfore fei mihte him calange 

XXIX. Mai*y's Miracles. 9. The incontinent Monk. 167 

Our Lady 

askt the 
Fiemls why 
they'd taken 
the Sacris- 
tan's body. 

Me always 
greeted iier 
with an Ave. 

And wij) hem Ied4 for]> in heore range. 36 

But as J>ei stonden alle a-gast, 
jjer com vre ladi swibe fast. 

Heo seide : " bis soule whi haue 30 take, 
}e foule ffendes bio and Blake ? " 40 

)3ei onswerde sone schortly : 
" ffor he diede sodeynly 
Wib-outen eny gode dede ; 
))erfore we schulen hi??i quite his mede." 44 

Yr ladi seide : " je sey falsly ; 
Whon-euer he went and passed me bi, 
He grette me wij? an Aue, 

And Jms he tok leue of me, 48 

Als euere he, 1 whon he com a-jeyn, J om. he 

To sey an Aue he was fayn. 
3e schul not sei we take hym ow fro 
Wib strengbe ne Manas ner-fe-Mo : 52 

Put we hit In be luggement 
Of J>e heije kyng, verreyment." 

As J>ei J)us striuen I-fere, 

Jjorw Maries Mylde prey[er]e 56 

Hit lyked God, of alle souereyn, 
J)e soule to be bodi wende 1 a-^eyn, i r. sende? 

Jpat he mihte here him-self aMende, 
Til god wolde aftur hym sende. 60 

His breferen j?at slepten in here wyse 
"Weren awaked and wolden aryse, 
Gret wonder J>ei hedden hem among 
Whi )>e sexsteyn was so long. . . 64 
[rest of miracles wanting] l 

1 The next 40 leaves, f. CXXVI b CLXVI b, are wanting, with the 
rest of Mary's Miracles (c. 7000 vv.), which, according to the Index, ended 
f. CXXXIIII, and the following poems, as given in the Index : f. CXXXIIII, 
j?e seuene psalmes. To euery apostel an orysouw. An orisou/i to alle f>e 
apostles. An orison to seynt Michel. An orysouw to seynt Ion J?e bap- 
tist. Salutacions to ihesu cristf. An orysomi to }>e Trynite. Salutacions 
to vre lady. vere beata & intemerata. An orysoura of bede off {?e 
seuene wordes ^at crist spak last in ]>& cros. Letanie off vre lady )?at seynt 
bernard made. O)?ur orisones to vre lady. Matyns of \>e passiou?i. 
Orisons off seynt Anselmes Meditaciotms. 

Then follow pe Goapeles, f. CLXVI b CCXXVII, on which see Altengl. 
Leg. N. F., p. LXXI ff ; amongst them a later addition, the Sermon de 
'festo corporis cristi. 

Slic appeald 
to God, 

'vho sent the 
sonl into liis 
body again, 
BO that he 
might re- 

108 XXX. On the Feast of Corpus Christi. 

MS. Vern.,f. CXCVb. 

XXX. e frsta rorprfe cristl 1 

[Panem angelorum manducauit homo. 2 ] 
levvede Men, take)) hede * (See I. 39* below.) 
ffor beos clerkes haj) non nede 2 om. in Vcr... 

Jjat I hem opene bis latyn, 

ffor heo hit conne wel a-fyn, 4 

1 Ed. before in Herrig's Arehiv LXXXII, p. 167 ff. Of the 3 MSS. of this homily, 
MS. Harl. 4196 contains an older, northern text, MSS. Dd 1, 1, and Vernon a southern 
transformation. MS. Dd was written before MS. Vernon, but adds an introduction of 
38 vv ; MS. Vernon adds a 2nd homily : Septem Miracula de corpore cristi, from Robert 
of Brunne's ' Handlyng Synne. , Cf. Altengl. Leg. N. P., p. LXVIII, LXXIII, LXXXII. 

MS. Dd. 1,1 Cambr. Univ., fol. 32 b. 

In nomine summi saluatoris, gloriosissimi sublimis creatoris, indiuidite 
omnipotentis ineffabilis trinitatis, incomprehensibilis et incommutabilis veri dn 
$ hominis, nostri principii, proffreditm exordium : veri vbi christus est funda- 
mentum, nullum boni opeii* supeiest edificium : patebunt lingua, materna, del 
mediante gracia. 

Panem angelorum manducauit homo : Dauid in psalmo. 
3 In be name of oure souereyn sauyour, to techin vs be riht \vey before, 
bat is al-weldinge creatour, s Thefirst38w. and bat he to vs take hede 

i IT, are wanting inpj . ., i j ->. 

)3e heye hoh trenyte Ven.on. & send vs Jung bat we han nede. 24 

]3er o god is & personis .iij., 4 fEor, as I seyde beforn in latyn, 

Bobe veri god and man ; ])ai no werk hab no good fyn, 

& |>e holi gost, alle .iij. but an, It is nouht worth, verament, 

be a-mong vs in liis grace to wone, but if crist be be fundament : 28 

to helpe be speche bat is here beguraie. )3er-for wile we him beseche 

and if ber eny man be here 9 J?at he be fouTzder of oure speche, 

))at of his beleue haj> ben in a were and bat it ende in his name, 

or ha)> errid her-be-fore & bat be foule fend it schame 32 

wher-bi his soule myhte be lore, 12 and p?-ofite to oure soulis alle, 

swich word he mote now here )?at non in mysbeleue ne falle. 

to sauen him fro helle-fere ; Jjer-for alle bat ben here, 

and alle bat ben in riht fay, preyth for me sum preyere, 3G 

J5at bei mote hold be saf way. 16 tfor i\ies\i cristis owne loue, 

and ber-for beseke we him & also for }oure own behoue. 

\)at may sauen eueri lyme, *3e lewid men, taki]) hede 

to-berste, to-bete bon & felle, for be clerkis han no nede 40 

to saue vs fro be fire of helle ; 20 ))at I hem opene bis latyn, 

and bis day lete his bodi be bore, for bei it knowe wel & fyn ; 

MS. Harl. 4196. Sei-mo infesto Corporis Cristi. 
Panem angdorum manducauit homo In baire bukes may bai se 

(Ps. 77, 25). \)e gudenes of goddes preuete, 4 

aude men herto tak hede Gastly how he will vs fede 

_LJ tfor vnto clerkes it es no nede, With his body in fowrom of bredo, 

XXX. On the Feast of Corpus Christi. 


ffor holy Churche hit singe J) meste, 
Nomeliche of pis newe feste. 
Ac nopeles hit is ful olde 
)3at Dauid in pe psauter tolde : 
ffor pis is pe latyn pat Dauid sede 
Jjat " Mon ete Angeles Brede ; " 
And pat is sop, for so hit wes 
Jje tynie of pe prophete Moyses. 
[He] 1 was in Egipte in gret truage, 
And godus folk in foul seruage, 
Vnder pe kyng Pharaon 
Jjer was mony a pousund mon. 
Longe hit were al to telle ; 
But atte laste hit pus bifelle 
]5at god nolde soffre hit no more 
His owne folk in praldam wore, 
And god bad Moyses he scholde fie 
Wip his folk porwh pe Eede se<?. 

)jo Moyses to pe see com, 
Al druye his folk wip hym he nom : 
Jje see stod vp-riht as a wal, 

Tli is new 
Feast is old, 

for David 
said Man ate 
Angels' food. 

12 In Moses- 

God's folk 
were in 
slavery under 



Mo*es led his 
_ . folk dry thro* 
24 the Red Sea. 

Cambr. MS. 

ffor holi chirche it singip meste, 
nameliche in pis newe feste. 44 

But nertheles it is ful old 
)3at dauid in pe sawtere told : 
for pis it is pat dauid seyde 
]3at " Man etip auwgelis brede ;" 48 
& pat is soth, for so it wes 
in tyine of pe prophete moyses. 
He was in Egipte in gret truage, 
& goddis folk in foul seruage, 52 

vnder pe king pharao 
jjer was a pousand men & mo. 
Longe it were al to telle ; 
hut atte laste pus it befelle 56 

Jjat god ne wold suffren it no more 
his owne folk in thraldom thore, 
and god bad moyses he schuld fle 
wip his folk porw pe rede se. 60 

and whan moyses to pe se com, 
al drye his folk wip him he nom : 
])& se stod vpriht as a walle, 

Harl MS. 4196. 

Als haly kyrk now most and lest 7 
Mase mynde now in pis new-fun fest ; 
Als dauid in pe sawter said, 
And pe haly gast had him puruaid 
By figures pe folk forto lere. 
Jpar-fore he said on pis manere, 12 
Als witnes beres in pis stede : 
" Man," he said, " etis angell brede." 
So was it in tyme of moyses 
Omang pe childer pat ihesu chese. 16 
ffor when pai war in thraldom broght 
With farao pat pam wranges wroght 
Jjat war ful lang now forto tell ; 
Bot at pe last so it bifell 20 

Jjat god wald suffer it namore 
)3at his folk in thraldom wore : 
He bad moyses pat he suld fle 
With his folk thurgh pe [rede] se. 24 
And when pai to pe se war cumen, 
A dri way sone haue pai nomyn : 
)je water stode vp als a wall, 

170 XXX. On the Feast of Corpus Christi. 

Til bei weore I-passed al. 
Pharaoh and Kyng Pharao him suwed faste 

sued'tuemT WiJ> his Chares and his hoste ; 28 

And whon bei weore alle in be see, 

God torned heore strengbe a^e, 
but were all So bat bei were ouer-seynt, 

drownd. 11-11- i ' ' or> 

And he and alle hise weren i-dreynt. 62 

In bis place hit mai beo sede 
Men then hat mon ete Angeles brede : 

eat Angels' 

tread, bat tyme bat Moyses ladde bus 

His grete host In wildernus 36 

for God mind God dude lete reync a-doun 

ilcnvii Manna. 

As hit were flour gret foysuii, 

Manna, so hit is I-write, 

And is I-clept Angeles Mete. 40 

Heo hit gedrede and liueden berbi, 
The Israelites And suwged sore I wol telle ou whi : 
gathering bei gederde more, for drede of brede, 

more Manna 111 

than they hen vche day bei hedde to nede : 44 

wanted. * r 

And hit nolde not ben on Morwe 
fforte kepe ne for to Borwe. 

Cambr. MS. Harl. MS. 4196. 

til bei Avere passid alle. 64 vntill bai war past ouer all 28 

King pharao him suyd faste Kyng farao with ful gret boste 

wib al his meyne, & al in haste ; pursued bam with all his oste, 

and whan bei were alle in be se wib-in , And wele bai wend be way to hent 

God tumid hire strengbe al ajen, 68 Als be childer oway had went : 32 
so bat goddis folk was al ouer went he se closed and bam vmcast ; 
& pharao & hise were alle schent. haire liues might no langer last. 

In bis place it may ben seyde hare was he and his menje drownd, 

hat man etc aungelis brede : 72 And goddes folk past hale and sownd. 
he tyme bat moyses lad bus In wildernes ban was moyses 37 

his gret ost in wildernes With childer bat god him-seluen chese. 

God fro heuene lete reyne adoun God sent to bam fra heuyn doune 

as it were a flour, gret foysouw, 76 Als it war flowre ful gret foysowne ; 40 
Manna, so it is wrete, Manna in clergi es it cald, 

& it is seyd aimgelis mete. Angell mete men may it hald. 

bei it gaderid & lyuid ber-bi, 79 bai gaderd it and lifed bar-by, 
& synnyd sore I wile telle ^ow whi : And sinned I sail tell jow why : 44 
bei gaderid mor of bred bai gederd more and broght to hend 

ban eueri day bei had to ned ; ban bai had mester forto spend ; 

and it wolde not ben on morwe And, if bai sainind it on be day, 

for to kepe ne for to borwe. 84 On be morn wald it be oway 48 

XXX. On the Feast of Corpus Ghristi. 


Ich holde f is a badde store 
To vche Mokerere fat biddep 1 more 
Of Catel fen he ha]) to nede 
His owne Meyne forte fede ; 
He buggef Corn a^eyn f e jere 
And kepef hit til hit beo dere. 
" Jjer-of he dojj wysliche, 
3if he departe hit skilfulliche." 

Nay, forsofe, f enkef he nouht 
To pore men parten ouht ; 
Bo^te he neuere so good chepe, 
He rewef nout f e pore wepe ; 
He ne rouhte how al fe Avorld ^ode, 
So fat his owne bi-^ete were goode. 
ffor f is is J?e Mokereres onswerc : 
" Go]) or wey, Corn is dere ! " 

And forsofe, wif-oute gabbe; 
)5o same onswere he schal habbe 
"VVhori alle f e Angeles in heuene beof 
And alle on eorjje fat f olef def 
Schul ben at a parlement : 

i r. 1 

Tliis is a 
48 against 

who keep 
back corn till 
52 it gets dear, 


and never 
care that the 
poor weep. 


The Usurer 
says, " Go 
your way ! 
Corn is dear.' 

64: The same 
answer shall 
he get 
at the last 

Cambr. MS. 

I holde f is a badde stor 
to eueri mokerere fat wold han mor 
of catel fan he haf to nede 
his owne meyne for to fede ; 88 

he bief corn a^en f e 3re 
& kepit it til it be dere. 
" But fer-of dof he wiselichp, 
if he departe it skilfulliche." 92 

Nay for sofe, fenkif lie nouht 
to pore men departen ouht ; 
Bouhte he neuere so good chepe, 
he ne rewif not f e pore to wepe ; 96 
he ne rouhte how al fe world ^ode, 
so fat his owne geting were gode. 
for f is is f e mokereris answere : 
" Go ^oure wey, corn is ful dere," 100 
also for sofe, wif-outen gabbe, 
))e same answere he schall habbe 
whan alle fe auwgelis, in heuene beth, 
& alle on erthe fat suifrid deth, 104 
schul ben at on parlement : 

Had. MS. 4196. 
And f ar-in wald be no foysowne. 
Bot turn in to corrupciowne. 
j?ai might wele se fan by fis thing : 
God was noght paid of f aire gedering. 
Jjan may we se it es ill store 53 

Of fir mokyrers fat bies more 
Corn or malt fan he has nede 
His men3e fully forto fede. 56 

He fat byes corn so here 
And jemes it till it be dere, 
And are will lat it lig and rote 
Or he it do till ofer note, 60 

He greues god, trewly to tell, 
Als did f e childer of israel, 
Jjat trowed noght with trew entent 
)?at fode Inogh suld fam be sent. 64 
And fat corn gaders gude spede 
And will noght part in tyme of nede 
vnto fam fat fode has nane, 
Bot saues it to him-self allane, 68 
fful hard rckining ^eld sal he 

172 XXX. On the Feast of Corpus Christi. 

)3cn be Mokerere schal be schent ; 68 

Jjer he schal vbbreyded beo 
when od Of God him-self, bat is al freo, 

In what nianere he hab spent 

))e godus fat God on eorbe him lent. 72 

)3ere god him-self schal jiue }>e dome 

He may beo adred er he per come ; 
.hail sy to ffor J>is is fe word pat God wol say 
tXSi* To J)e Mokerere at Domes-day, 76 

And Certeynliche to non ojmr mon 

But to be wrecche Mokerere bon : 
"ihungerd, " I hungred whon bou wernedest me mete ; 
Jen Jdme I was a-ffurst, I coude not gete ; 80 

Herborweles, bou me forsoke ; 

Seek, in pn'sun, bou ne come me to loke ; 

A-Cold, Clobeles also, 

Naked bou me lette go : 84 

"Therefore, Jjerfore, Mokerere, bou wende to lielle, 
and dwell for Wib alle be deuelen ber euere to dwelle." 

ever with T T 

Devils!" Jje wrecche Mokerere onswere schal ban 

" Lord, whon sauh we be neodi Man 1 " 88 

Gambr. MS. Harl. MS. 4196. 

Jper be mokerere schal ben schent ; At be dome, when he sail demed be 
)jer he schal vpbraydid be By-for god bat es high iustise 

of god him-self, bat is so fre, 108 And euyn domes-man & al rightwise, 

In what manere bat he hab spent And bit'or all his saintes sere 73 

))e godis bat god on erthe him lent. And his angels all in-fere ; 
Jjer god him-self schal ^euyn be dome J3an sail he wit how he has spend 
he may ben a-drad or he ber come ; Al be gude bat god him send ! 76 

ffor bis is be word bat god wile say 113 ffor in bis maner sail god say 
to be mokerere at domys-day, vnto nithinges on domes-day : 

and so harde to non other man " hunger I had and thrist ful grete : 

as to be vnkynde mokerere ban : 116 Jjou gaf me nowber drink ne mete ; 80 
"I hungrid whan bou wernedist me And berberies bou me forsoke; 

mete ; In preson wald bou noght me loke ; 

I wold haue had drink, I cowde non Nakid when 1 I was also, * MS. whin 

gete ; With-owten clath bou lete me go. 84 

herborwles, bou me forsoke ; J)aribre now saltou wende to hell, 

& sike, in p?t'soim, cam not me to Euer-more with deuils to dwell." 

loke ; . . ." 120 J),m sal be sinful say in hy : 

"lord, when saw we be nedy 88 

{/olios 34, 35, 36 wanting in And did noght als vs fell to do?" 

Gambr. MS.] )?an sal he answer bam vnto 

XXX. On the Feast of Corpus Christi. 


"3us, whon $e warned fe leste of myne, 

3e warned hit me wel a-fyne ; " 

And fere hem 1 tit heore onswere : l or. him 

" Gof to helle, for heuene is dere." 92 

At Domes-day )>e meste schennes 

Hit fallef vppon J>e nyf inges ; 

ffor f ei neuermore wole hem schryue 

bat f ei weore nifinges in heore lyue, 96 

But euere heore onswere hit is Jms 

" We jiuen more fen men }iuen vs." 

Torne we to vre gospelle, 

Of fe folk of Ysraelle, 100 

Hou J>ei gedrede Angeles brede 
More fen f ei hedde to nede. 
berfore god wrojj was 

)3at fei trist not to his gras, 104 

And let hem dye ; and were I-slay 
ffourti f ousund on a day, 
ffor fat gult and of ur eke, 

And godus heste fat fei breke ; 108 

)3at of sixe [hundred] 1 and twenti 2 fousende l om. 
Jpus muche was f e noumbre to toknynge 
bat fer come non to londe freo * r - thirt j/ Jf. Num. i, 46, 

r.x . So, 'I.,. 

Saue tweyne, Calef and losue 112 

At Domes- 
day the most 
shames shall 
fall on Misers. 

God was 
wroth with 
the Israelites, 
who gatherd 
more manna 
than they 

because they 
did nut trust 
His grace. 
He slew 
40,00(1 of 
them in 1 

And of 
only 2, Caleb 
and Joshua, 
came to the 

Harl. MS. 4196. 

And say : " when fat je saw in pine 

Any of f e lest of myne 92 

And helpid f am noght in f aire nede, 

vnto me did 30 fat ilk dede." 

ban thurgh dome he sal f am schende 

To won in wa with-owten ende. 96 

)3us on domesday f e most hething 

Sail fall vnto f e hard nithing ; 

ffor f arof will f ai noght fa?rc schriue, 

If fai be nithinges al faire Hue, 100 

Bot euer-more fai answer f us : 

" We gif wele more fan men dose vs," 

And syn fai say fat it [es] nane 

To saue all to fam-self allane 104 

And spare it all vntill fai dy 

bat bargan sail fai dere haby ! 

Harl MS. 4196. 

barfore of nithinges lat we be 
And till oure mater turn will we : 108 
More in f is tyme now will we tell 
Of f e childer of israel, 
How fai gaderd angell fode 
More fan neded to do f am gude. 112 
Jjai traisted noght in goddes grace : 
bar-fore vnto f am wrath he was, 
He sufferd f am peris ilkane 
And with faire enmys to be slane ; 116 
With were he was opon f am l wroken, 
ffor fai had his biding broken. MS. J>n 
Of sex and twenty hundreth tho wsand (!) 
J3at war fare in desert dweland, 120 
To f e land of best fare come nane fre 
Bot anly Calef and iosue 

174 XXX. On the Feast of Corpus Christi. 

And of Jwlke tweyne com al )>e s Irene 

Of vre ladi, heuene-Qweene. 
Now is wel sene to-day 

feat he loue)> vs more pen fay. 116 

ffor he ne sende hem but Angel brede, 

)?at lastej? but a day to nede, 
we have He ha]) send us a Kicchor sonde : 
than Anils', His owne bodi, ich vndurstonde, 1 20 

sven Christ's . ., T 

Body, jjat wol laste euere ]?e soule wip-Inne 

Whil )>ou art out of dedly synne. 

Jjat was I-pyned for vre nede 
in form of To-day pou seost In ffourme of brede. 124 

And fauh I wol 30 w schewe and telle 

Beo ]>is ensaumple hou hit bi-felle, 

)3at is writen In J>e Legent 

Of J>i[s] holy sacrament. 128 

A impend $tbtms m attari formam nanis, noit tarnis, # xrnarjt; 

ofthi Sacra- 

A lew sum tyme and a Cristene mon 

A Jew and a /\ , . r i . 

Christian /A Were felawes in Jje wey vppon. 

once traveld , , . .. 

togetiier. And bi J)e wey, as rint was, 

)3e Cristene Mon herde Rynge to Mas. 132 

)5e Cristene Mon seide : " a-byd me here, 
Whil I go to my preyere ! " 

Earl. MS. 4196. Earl. MS. 4196. . 

And of J>a twa come all )>e strene )5at for vs in erth sufferd dede 

Of milde mari, oure heuyn-quene. And toke his hand-werk out of hell. 

Now in j>is world wele may we se 125 Jjarby a tale he[r] will I tell, 140 

J)at lufed with god wele more er we : )3at wretin es in J>e legent 

ffor he sent fain bot angels brede, Towcheand \>is haly sacrament. 

J3at bot a day wald stand in stede, 128 

And vntill vs here has he sent yUttttg ire ofet * vristimw. 

His awin body, verrayment, Cl um tyme, als clerkes tell ^ow can, 

)3at euer-more will last vs in, O Was a iew and a cristen man ; 144 

If we be out of dedly syn. 132 Jpai met togeder opon a day, 

Both his verray fless and blude And so ^ode samen by fe way. 

Gifes he till oure gastly fode And, als in bokes beres witnes, 

J)at for vs was pined on a tre ; ))e cristen man herd ring to mes. 148 

Ilk day oure-self may it se 136 He said to j?e iew : "habide me here, 

In faire fowrom of erthly brede Whils I go male my prayere." 

XXX. On the Feast of Corpus Christi. 175 

pe cristene mon wente in to be churche. The Christian 

.,,-_.. , went to hear 

And be lew bi-gon to grucche, 136 Mass. 

ffor hym bhoujte his felawe was 

To longe biddinge 1 atte Mas. ' r. wdinge 

pe lew ros vp and forb ede The Jew 

In to be Churche, to take hede. 140 

pen sauh he atte weuede and saw the 

. Priest hold .1 

pe Prest holde ouer his heuede chiidoyer 

his head, 

A ffeir child, I-woundet sore 

In ffot, in hond j jit sauh he more 144 

pat ber nas noubur wyf nor mon 

Of alle bat in be Chirche were on 

pat ne helde vp here hondes and sat on kne ; 

And from bat child sauh come fle 148 from which 

* . . , a like Child 

Anopur such as he sauh stonde, flew to every 

_ communi- 

A[nd] lihte bi-twene vche monnes honde. <' 

pe leuh a-Bod, til be Prest 

Vsede be Eukarist, 152 

pen sauh he him ete be child Then the 

; Priest eat 

pat he bi-twenen his hondes held ; the child; 

And al bat weore in be churche bennide and ail the 

' T ' otlier folk ate, 

be leuh bhouite bat so heo dude. 156 each, his 

' ' * * Child. 

pe leuh was agrise and wewte him hyde 

per his felawe him bad abyde, 

And bi him-self he seide ban : 

" A grisly lyf hab Cristen Man ! " 160 

Harl MS. 4196. Harl. MS. 4196. 

pe iew said : " I will assent." Of bam bat in be kirk was ban [hend ; 

pe cristen man to kirk es went, 152 pat bai ne kneled and held vp baire 

And made his prayers inwardly And fra be child ban saw he wend 

vnto oure lord god al-mighty. To ilk man swilk a child to sight, 

pe iew ban in be way him held And euyn bitwene baire handes it light. 

And thoght his felaw ful lang dweld ; pe iew biheld ban to be priste 

parfore vnto be kirk he jede, 157 Bygan to vse be ewkariste, 172 

preuely forto tak hede He saw him ett be same childe 

What manors was bam omang pat he bitwix [his] handes hilde ; 

pat his felaw dweld so lang. 160 And on be same wise thoght him bare 

And ban he saw, or euer he leuid, Did all bat in be kirk ware. 176 

pe prist hald vp ouer his heuid pe iew ban went and stode bat tide 

A knaue-childe, with wowndes sore Whare his felow bad him abide, 

In fete and hend ; jit saw he more 164 And vnto him-self said he ban : 

)3at bare was nowber wife ne man "A lathly life ledes cristen men ! " 180 

176 XXX. On the Feast of Corpm Christ i. 

After, the be Cristene Mou aftur pe mas 

Christian T 

ndoimi tiie Com to pe stuuc per pe lew was. 

be leuh asked : " liou farestou 1 " 
be Cristene inon sei Je : " better pen pou ; 1 64 

ffor sipen icliaue my god seye, 
be lihtore ich holde al my weye." 
and was told be lew seide : " beo my scolle, 
ought tote y Wei ouhte pi wombe be fulle ! 168 

Hedde I so muchel I-jete, 
bis preo dayes nolde I no mete." 

"fforsope," quap pe cristene mon, 
" To-day say 3 I siht of non, 172 

Nan eorpliche kunnes mete 
bat my Moup mihte ete." 

"Let beo ! I sauh wip myn ejcn two 

a he (like Where pou and opur mo, 1 76 

Christians) Vche of ow heold & child blodie, 

had eaten a 

bleeding And siben je eten hit, 1 nul not lye : 

Child. J ' 

Wherfore i seye pat oure 1 lawe ' = aoure 

Is not good." bi pat sawe 180 

be Cristen mon bi-gon to beo wrop ; 
The Christian " bou lyest, lew. bou art me lob : 

said it was ^ , , , , 

ue, 3oure lawe is fals, and so 30 ben, 

3e wol not leeue but pat 30 sen. 184 

berfore al-one I 1 go pe bi, 

I kepe no more pi cumpaygni." 

and he'd cat berfore al-one I 1 go be bi, * om. i? 

the Jew. 

Harl. MS. 4196. Harl MS. 4196. 

be cristen man, wlien mes was done, Als fer als I on may think, 

Come vnto pe lew full sone. bis day I saw no mete ne drink." 196 

be lew said : " how fars pou now 1 " be iew said : " for schame, lat be ! 

be toper said : " better pan pou. 184 I saw both oper men and pe 

ffor I haue sene my sauiowre, Ilkone hald a child blody 

vnto wham be euer honowre ; And ett it sepin, sekerly. 200 

And sen pat I haue sene pat sight, And sertes, me think by pis scill 

All pe day I am more light." 188 A lathly life 30 gif jow till ! " 

be iew said : " so mot I the, be cristen man pan wex all wrath, 

bi worn be aght wele full to be ! And said : "pou lies, with-owten ath. 

ffor, and I might so mekill ette, 3owre law es fals and so er 36, 205 

bir thre daies suld I ett no mete." 192 3e will noght leue bot pat 36 se. 

be cristen man pan said f ul right : barfore fare furth, opon pe fy ! 

" bis day come no mete in my sight ; I will nomore pi cunipany." 208 

XXX. On the Feast of Corpus Christi. 177 

be lew seide : " ffelawe, greef be nouht But, on the 

beih I telle be what I sayh and bouht, 188 tar wot?* 

* tl.nt he might 

Ac tel rne bi sum obur preue believe, 

Wher-bi I may be sobe leue ! " 

" bis is be skile," quab be Cristene man, the Christian 

" bat god nout so tire b be ban 192 that' tins was 

. r r r wliytheJew 

bat bou seae wib bin ese saw what 

r Y y Christians 

be sacremens bat ben so sle^e, couldn't. 

bat his fflesch mihte so ben hud 

To vs cristene wib-inne be bred. 196 

And by kun made hym dye, 

berfore al blodi bou hym seje." 

" fFelawe," quab be lew bon, The Jew was 

" Help bat I were a Cristene mon ; 200 

fibr leuere ichaue cristned ben 
ben euere seo such a siht ajen." 

bo was be lew cristned, and obur mo, then ciu-ist- 

ffor be Miracle bat fel bo. 204 e 

bis Bred bat is godus flesch, 
What feiror preue wolde men esch 
bat vche part is godus entere ? 

beih hit weore parted in breo quartere, 208 

And beih hit weore an hundred dole, 
Vche part is his bodi al hole. 

And bat loko bi skile, lo here : AS in a mirror 

Bi-hold bi-self in a schewere : 212 

Harl. MS. 4196. Harl. MS. 4196. 

be iew said : " felaw, greue be noght bat I war made a cristen man." 224 

Al-if me here-of wonder thoglit, ban was he cristend als I tell, 

Bot toll me by sum graither preue Thurgh bis miracle bat bus byfell. 

How I might be sertayn leue." 212 

be cristen man said : "bis es be skiU tatplum per spenthrat. 

bat god of heuyn noght suffer will A faire ensampfe may men se 

bat bi sinful eghen seghe J.JL Of goddes body, how it may be 

be sacrament fat es so heghe, 216 In diuers parcels parted here 229 

He wald noght schew be in bat stede And ilkane bo goddes body entere ; 

How his body es hid in brede : And how bat of ane eucharist, 

bi kin him slogh ogains be law. bat sakerd es be cors of crist, 232 

ffor-bi bou him al blody saw, 220 A liundreth men may haue baire dale, 

And so sail all bi kin him se And ilkone haue cristes body hale 

At be dome when bai sal dampned be." bat may men by ensawmple here. 

be iew said : " felow, I prai be ban Bihald bi-self in a schewere : 236 



XXX. On the Feast of Corpus Christi. 

you see but 
one face, 

yet break the 
mirror into 8, 
and you see 
3 faces, 

*o it is with 
God's Body. 

It prevails 

:c_Miu-t t lie 7 

Deadly Sius: 
1. Lechery, 

)?ou ne sest but onliche fi faas, 

])e while al hoi is f e glaas ; 

And brek fe glas in two or fre, 

And so moni formes 1 fou mint se. ' r. faces 216 

Beo fe makyng of fe oblee 

Wei and skilfolirhe me may se 

Of w^uche we make Godus fflesch, 

Jjis is f e saumple whose wol esch. 220 

Hit is maad beo seuen skiles 
A^eyn fe seuene dedly synries : 

Ajeyn Lecherie hit is whit, 
Jjat was Blak and stynkynge euere ^it. 224 

. Gluttony, Hit is f mine a-jeyn Glotenye, 
jjat ai to muche wole swolewye. 

Hit is round and liht to frowe, 
s. sioth, Ajeyn Sleufe, fat makef men slowe. 228 

Of swete whete mad hit is, 
4. Wrath, Ajeyn Wraffe, fat is bitternis. 

Hit is mad wif-oute leueyn : 

s. Envy, Ajcyn Envye hit stont a^eyn, 232 

ffor Envye makef Men swelle 
Whon he seof eny spede welle. 

Hit is also wif-oute Bryn 
Or eny of ur Corn fer-In : 236 

Harl. MS. 4196. 
j)ou sese bot a face, more ne les, 
"VVhils J)e glas vnbroken es. 
Breke fan j>e glas in two or thre : 
And so many faces sail J>ou se ; 240 
Breke in a hundreth peces j>e glace 
And J>ou sail se a hundreth face. 
And if J>at }>e glas all hale ware, 
A face j>ou suld se and noinare. 244 
So Je sacrament of goddes body 
May be departed in sere {tarty, 
And in ilk part all hale es he, 
All-if it neuer so litill be. 248 

Also 3it, J>at \>& sacrament 
Es ordand all by trew enteut, 
)3at may ilk man him-seluen se 
By J>e making of fe vble. ' r.gciiie,cf.v.28i. 
By seuyn selles 1 it es made euyn, 

Harl. MS. 4196. 
To stroy |>e dedly sines senyn. 
\)e eukarist aw to be white, 
fforto destroy flesly delite 256 

And alkins lust of lichery, 
)3at blac es euer and ful vgly. 
Thin aw it to be al-gate, 
Glotony forto abate ; 260 

ffor J>ai couait fat glotons es 
Of mete and drink ay mekelnes. 
Kownd it es and light to thraw, 263 
Ogains slewth, fat makes men slaw. 
And it es made with-owten leuaine, 
Wreth and enuy to stand againe ; 
ffor enuy bolnes mans hert 
When he sese of er men in quert. 268 
It es also with-owten bran, 
And, als fir clerkes declare it kaii, 

XXX. On the Feast of Corpus Christi. 179 

Hit 1 is a^eyn Couetyse, ' r. \>*\, e. covetous- 

j?at ne reccheb In what wyso 

Eny catel vnclurfonge, 

Beo hit Eiht beo hit wronge. 240 

Hit is berto clene and luyte, 

A}eyn Pruide, bat euer $ute 7. Pride. 

Wolde beo gret and heij of wille, 

As Lucifer, fat furst felle 244 

ffor his Pruide out of heuene. 

Do we bis Bred ajeyn bis seuene ! 

Candida, triticia, tennis, non magna, rotunda, 
Expeis fmmenti, 1 non mixta sit hostia Cristi. 

And hou hit furst com and ede l r. ferment* 
}3at mon ete Angeles Brede, 248 

Hit is liht sob to telle, 
ffor vche cristene mon wot hit welle. 

J3e laste soper wib-outen. wene At the Last 

Was I-mad atte Ceene, 252 S " pper> 

And God bad be Apostles do so God said, 

Whon he weore to heuene I-go ; 
" Do bis in be muynde of me ; "Do tins in 

T . __- renienibraiice 

I go aud come to ow a-je. 250 of me." 

Of be Apostles bat God sent 
[tok] holichurche be sacrament. 

Harl. MS. 4196. ffarl. MS. 4196. 

)3at es ogaines couatise, And when crist made bis sacrament? 

)5at rekkes neucr on whatkin Avise 272 )3at sal we trow with trew entent, 284 

)5at he may reches vnderfang, fful light it es in faith to fele, 

Be it right or be it wrang. ffor ilka cristen man wate wele 

Also it es litill and clene, How bat crist sat at his sopere 

Ogains pride, bat euer es kene 276 When bat his passiown neghed nere, 

And couaites to be grete and fell, And till his appostels gan he bid 289 

Als lucifer, bat went to hell fforto do als he ban did 

And fell for pride fiu be blis of lieuyn. And how he did, wele find men may 

Jpe brede bus es ordand by seuyii 280 In be passion on glide friday ; 292 

proper skils, forto reherce He said : " on bis wise sail ^e do, 

Als funden es here in bis vers : ffor I most wende my fader vnto ; 

Candida, triticia, tennis, non magna, Jjus sal 36 do in mynde of me 

rotunda, Als oft as it done sal be." 296 

Ex-pers frumenti, 1 non mixta sit )?us of be appostels bat god sent 

hostia cristi. > r. ferment! Toke haly kirk bis sacrament. 

N 2 


XXX. On the Feast of Corpus Christ L 

" Eucharist " 
means (food 
grace from 

St. Paul says 
in llie Epistle 
of this day : 

takes it un- 
takes Ins own 


St. Paul says 
we condemn 

Et dicitur Eukarlstia 

Quasi bona gracia : 
Jjat is to siggen, eukarist 

As goode grace com from crist. 260 

Wei may we seven hit is good grace 
Whon hit is wardeyn in godus place ! 
And grace is bet ere J>en nature, 

"Whose }>erto wol take cure. 264 

I rede j?e mon be in good entent 
Whose take]? pis grace in sacrement : 

Seint poul sei)>, and siggen I may, 
In )>e pistel of to-day 1 : i cor. n, yi. 268 

" Whose vnworjnliche ^ode 
To fonge Godus fflesch and blode, 
Jjere he fongoj) his owne dome "- 

Alias, hit fallej) so to lome ! 272 

jjerfore poul sei]> bi fat halue : 
" he 1 demej? not God, he deme)> hiw-selue." l r. bo? 
In Jmlke whose i-take be, 

Schal he neuere beo dampned a-je ; 276 

3if we vre owne dom take, 
What ojmr dom schal God vs make 1 
Jjerfore make ow alle Eedi 
To take hit not as fool-hardi. 280 

Harl MS. 41 9G. 

Et dicittir sacramentum Xota 

Quasi sacre rei signum. 

Et dicitur eukarintia 

Quasi, bona gracia. 
]3e first tels with trew entent : 
A haly signe es sacrament. 300 

And noght els menes \>e eukarist 
IJot gude grace, cumen of crist. 
Wele may we se it es gude grace, 
)3at keper es in cristes place ! 304 

And grace es more worthi Jan kinde, 
Als cristen men may haue in minde. 
Men aw to be in clene entent 
Jjat sail resayue J)5s sacrament, 308 
ffor saint paule sais, & se men may 
In )>e pystell of ]>is day : l i Cor. 11, 20. 

Harl. MS. 4196. 
)3at what man so with euill mode 
Resaiues goddes fless and his blude, 
He cums to his confusiowne 313 

And resayues his dampnacioune. 
jjarfore saint paule, ane of )>e twelue, 
Sais J?at a man here denies hiin-selue 
And of dampnacion takes his dome, 
vnclene to goddes burd and he come. 
Man J>at dose so, wha-euer he be, 
Sail he neuer-more denied be ; 320 
ffor his awin dome wha-so will take, 
What o}>er dome suld god him makel 
Jjarfore suld na man reklosly 
Wend to resayue ]jat blisced body, 324 
)3at life es, if f>ai wele it ta, 
And ded to fain J>ut dose noght swa. 

XXX. On the Feast of Corpus Christi. 181 

peih seint Foul vs brete bus, . 

Vr lord hym-self, swete Thesus, in the onspei 

. . of this day, 

pis day in Markes 1 gospelle ' r. Joimes. Jesus says, 

To his disciples he gon telle, 284 

And to be lewes J>at were ryue : 

" I am my-self Bred of lyue. 1 l Joh. e, *s. "i am the 

f>te-\r- ffi i i f i Bread of Life. 

" Mi niesch sobfast mete is, * Joh. c, 56-9. 

And my Blod ven-ey drinke, iwis. 288 

Whos eteb mi flesch and drikeb my blode, wimsoeatetu 

l l wone wib hym and he wib me. 2 * Here begins MS. 5Jj3,j,ira, 

* Simeon. 

Mi ffader me sent and so I jode, 2 w. 200 & 201 transp. in the MS. 

To lyue for hym and he for me : 292 

So 1 whose me eteb, for me schal libbe. l MS. ffor 

pis is be Bred bat from heuene come, 1 l ^fjf jf^ 91 trunsp - 
Not lyk Manna, bat flour be sibbe, 

pei bat hit ete, weore dede bi dome, 296 

And hose eteb of bis brede, 

He schal line wib-outen ende." and he shall 

live for 

Ihesu, graunt vs so to spede ever!" 

Wib 1 bulke bred to heuene wende. Amen. 300 

Off bulke Bred in be gospelle l MS. bat; Sim. \wj> 
Seint Ion we here bus telle : * Joh. e, si. 

HarL MS. 4196. Harl. MS. 4196. 

And barofe here we saint mark 1 say Has sent me, forto mend jovvre mis, 

In be godspell of bis day, 1 t. John (6,56-9). And, als he lifes in lith and Lm, 

Whare we may find wretin bus : 329 So lif I for be luf of him : 344 

To his desciples said ihesus And he bat ettes my body fre, 

And also to be iewes in-fere, He sail ay lif thurgh might of me. 

Telland to bam on bis nianere : 332 pis es be brede with-owten ende 

pat fra be hegh of heuyn descend ; 348 

immgtintm l^i ^arrant. 1 ^oght like to manna bat douu fell 

flaro meet uere est cilus, l r. Joim (, 56-9). vnto be childer of Israel, 

/ fy sanguis metis uere est potus : ffor barof ette bai in bat stede 

" My fless," he said, "es brede of life And neuer-be-lese jit war bai dede. 

And verray mete to man and wife, He bat bis brede ettes worthily, 353 

And my blude es drink verray 335 He sail ay lif and neuer dy, 

To all fat lifes in cristen lay. [blude, Gastly life ay sail he haue, ' sss-e added. 

"Wha ettes my fless and drinkes my And in heuyn sail his saul be saue." x 

In me he dwelles with mayne & mode. Crist grante vs for his moder sake 357 

And I in him am ay dweUand, pat worthily we may it take. 'John 0,54. 

"VVhils he in stabill trowth will stande. More of bis mete we may here tell 

And als my fader lifaud in blis 341 How bat saint lohn in his godspell 1 

182 XXX. On the Feast of Corpus Christi. 

feat $if we ne ete of Jmlke brede 

Ne drynke his blood, vr lyf were dede. 304 

Though -e And beih we ete bit al bus here, 

eat Christ'* , , 

Body here.'it Hit is in licuene al entere. 

is whole in . 

heaven. go schaltou Iceue, Cnstene mon, 

feat in no weere bi leue beo on ! 308 

ffor bi feib tit no mede 

Where ping of dej) takest hede ; 

Hit is inpossyble to serue crist 

But bi be-leeue beo good and trist. 312 

And e$c of feib hit is f ul kene 

feat seob a siht J)at is not sene. 
Let us believe feerfore alle bing bat we [ne] seob 

thing* unseen V i V v a I QIC 

as Holy Leeuc we as holychirche deb, olo 

Church does. 

ffor bat I holde be rihte fey 
And to heuene be nexte wey. 

To telle more I mot nede 

Hou men ete Angeles Brede. 320 

Of tfoles I hcrde herby-fore 
feat wyse men toke of hem heore lore, 
And so a sek mon mihte teche 

A good skile perauenture bifore a leche. 324 

feis Bred mihte 1 neuermore be spende ' > may 
God vent the Til 1 God hym-self on eorbe hit sende, ' r. ffor 

Sacramental ' 

Hread to save To saue mon fro pyne (-f hello, 

us from Hell. r>7 

So bat he kepe hit welle. 328 

once it was Sum tyme such lawe ber was 

Law for every 

feat vche sonday after mas 

Harl MS. 4196. Hurl. MS. 4196. 

Saia : bot if we ett cristes brede 361 Efter kening of haly kirk, 372 

And drink his blude,oureliueserded. ffor bat es here be fastest fay, 

All-if it here be parted in smale, And vnto heuyn be rediest way. 

Crist cors in heuyn it es all hale, 364 More will I tell jit in bis stede 

And cuer with-owten end sail last. How bat men ettes angel brede. 376 

feus aw oure trowth to be stedfast feis blisced brede may neuer be spend, 

ffor no man may here serue crist, ffor god him-self hider has it send 

Bot if his trowth to him be trist. 368 ff ra be fende man saul to fend 

Oculus fidci acutus est, And giff bam blis with-owten ende. 

Quid inuisibilia coiispicit : In Jm bigining was ordand 381 

fee eghc of faith es scharp and kene, A custum in ilk cristen land 

It sese bat may noght here be seue. feat men and women more & les 

feurfore vs aw to trow and wirk Suld ilka Sunday efter mess 384 

XXX. On the Feast of Corpus Christi. 183 

Eueri trewe wyf and Mon one to take 

Schulde be hoseled or bei eode bon. 1 . ' 2 v y/ "'""'I: 1 ?' mi* em* 

. , cl. HarUiN-8. Sunday alien 

And bat for bis enchesun, 333 * 

I wol ow telle for what resun : 

On was, for bat folk mis-bere 
Hem-selue, whon bei hoseled were. 336 

)3e tober was, for be grete trauayle 
Jjat holy churche hedde be bat entayle, 
In nome of bat for Godus drede 
Me jiueb nou be holy Brede. 340 

Jjerfore be pope ordeyned, bries in be jere Then tiie 

-, T , T , , , Pope on ten! 

Vche mon I-hoseled were ; it to be taken 

. . 3 limes a 

And bote he were .ones atte leste, year, <> r :it 

least once. 

pe pope Comauralet be his heste 344 

Jjulke bodi bat so ne dede 

Schuld neuer be buried in holy stude. 

Jjerfore beo redi, I ow Rede, 

iforte fonge Angeles Brede. 348 

And beo bis Bred I wol 3011 telle 

A luytel ensaumple hou hit bi-felle. 


main: saarbotis per jjosiraw pmtraia. 
E-fel sum tyme In Engelonde, An English 

... , Priest oiu-e 

per was a prest, ich vudurstonde, 3o2 

Harl. MS. 4196. Harl MS. 4196. 

Be howseld all with gude entent Thurgh cristen land in ilka stede ; 400 

And resaiue bis ilk sacrament. And who did noght anes at be leste, 

Seben was bat custum casten doun, He sail be halden bot als a beste, 

I sail ^ow tell by what chesoune. 388 And he sal noght, whe[n] he es ded, 

ffor folk war howsild so comunly, Haue his beriel in haly stede. 404 

Jjai toke be les reward barby, )3arfore pray we god in-wardly 

Ne bam-self bai wald noght ^eme J)at we in werk may be worthy 

Als to be sacrament suld seme. 392 jjat brede enterely forto take, 

Anober was, for men wex irk Sen it may all oure sorows slake. 408 

With grete trauail in hali kirk, And by bis brede now will I tell 

And bat none wise bai might forsake Ane ensaumple bat sum tyme fell. 
In tyme when folk suld howsil take. 

Jjarfore be pape on bis manere 397 garrano bt prtsbtttro. 

Ordand : bat tluise in be ^ere ,4 prest sum tyme in iragland 

Suld men resaiue bat blisced brede ^L\_ In a cete was wonand; 412 


XXX. On the Feast of Corpus Christi. 

livd im- 

When he was 

a Child mine 
tn him with a 

basketful of 

and told him 
tliev were 
those that he 
hail taken 

The Child 
put one on the 

and it fell 
through the 

Jjat ladde not his lyf, as was tolde, 

Also clanliche as he scholde. 

God wolde he scholde hym amende, 

And he hym a strong vuel gon sende, 356 

So, he wende almost to dye. 

And on a day fis siht he seje : 

A child bofe he seih and herde, 

And 1 asked hym hou he ferde ; ' H. >at 360 

In his hond bret-ful he beere 

Of bernynge Obeleis a paniere. 

)3e prest asked : " what is fat, 

And fou fat askest of my stat?" 364 

He seide : " Ich am Godes Messagere, 
And feos Obeleis fat ben here, 
Jpus monye vnworfily fou fong, 

"Whon fat f ou f i Masse song ; 368 

And }if fat foil nult I-leue me, 
Scheuh forf fyn hond, and fou schalt se." 

J)e prest heold forf his hond anon, 
And fe child tok vp on 372 

Of f e obeloys fat were so rede, 
And pult hit in f e prestes hond amidde. 
Hit fel forwh fe prestes hond on, 
And fe child a-wey gan gon. 376 

)3e prest let men come hym to 
And tolde hem \vhi he ferde so : 

Harl. MS. 4196. 

He had noght led, als sura men tolde, 
His life als clenly als he soldo : 
A grete euil god to him send, 
ffor fat he suld his mis amend. 416 
And als he lay opon a night, 
God of heuyn him schevved f is sight : 
A child him thoght he saw and herd, 
))at asked him how fat he ferd ; 420 
A panier in his hand he broght 
fful of brenand oblis, als him thoght. 
))e prest fan asked : " wha ertow 1 423 
And what es fat fou bringes now ? " 
He said : " I am goddes messangere, 
And lo, oblis I bring f e here ; 

Harl. MS. 4196. 

)jus many vnworthi has fou tane 

At fi mes bi fe allane. 428 

And if fou will noght leue me, 

Schew forth fi hand and fou sal se." 

J5e prest put t'urth his hand onone, 

And fe childe has ane vble tone 432 

Of fain fat semid so brinand, 

And put it in f e prestes hand. 

When it was laid in a moment, 

A hole thurgh-out fe hand it brent. 

\)Q childe fan went oway in hy, 437 

And fe prest bigan to cry. 

Ofer men fan come him to 

And asked whi fat he fore so. 440 

XXX. On the Feast of Corpus Ckristi. 


" Lo," qua)) he, " hou I am diht ! 
Who sauh euere such a siht 1 " 
J3at f orw his hond me mihte se 
As brod as was fat obele. 
And he not I-maymed nas, 
And afturward song mony a Mas, 
And an hole f orwh his hond 
Jjus fat sof e men hit fond. 
After for a fousend pound of golde 
J?e prest no more synne wolde, 
But serued god wif gret drede, 
And afturward to heuene 3ede. 
I holde J>e Mon more fen. mad 
J3at takef fis bred and nis not drad 
Of f e wreche fat mihte bi-falle. 
So worf i bred hit is wif-alle 
)3-it for fe miht of fulke word 
j?at god seide at his owne borcl, 
]3e same miht fat word ha)? here, 
To tome f e bred in of ur manere, 


You could see 
the hole right 
through ! 

384 After this, 

the Priest 
wouldn't sin 

and went to 



396 God's word 
can turn the 
Dread into 
Flesh, and 

Cambr. MS.,fol. 37. 

" lo," quod he, "how I am diht ! 

who saw euere swich a siht 1 " 

)3orw his hond men myhte se 

als brod as was fat vble. 420 

and he not maymed was, 

& afterward song many a mas, 

And f e hole al-wey f orw his hond 

)3us fat sofe men it fond. 424 

& after for a )>ousand pouwd of gold 

J3e prest no mor synne wold, 

But seruid god wi)> greet drede, 

& afterward to heuene jede. 428 

I hold fat man mor fan mad 

}3t takij) )>is bred <fe is not drad 

of fe wreche fat myhte befalle. 

so wurthi bred it is wif-alle 432 

Jjat for )>e myht of Jjat word 

)pat god seyde at his bord, 

J?e same myht )>t word haf her, 

to turne fe bred in to other manere, 436 

Harl. MS. 4196. 

"Lo," he said, "how I am dight ! 
Wha saw euer swilk a sight 1 " 
A hole in his hand might men se 
Als brade als was )>e vble. 444 

J5e prest fan wele amendid es, 
And efterward sang many mes, 
And fe hole euer in his hand, 447 
Jjat men fe suth might vnderstand. 

He serued god in word and dede, 
And sefin his sawl to heuyn $ede. 
I hald, fe man es more fan mad 451 
J3at ettes f is brede and es noght rad 
ffor vengance of god and for wrake, 
If he vnworthily it take ! 
Wroght it was thurgh goddes worde 
Jjat he said at his awin burcle. 456 
)3e same might has ilka prest : 
To turn fe brede till f e cors of crist, 


XXX. On the Feast of Coo-pus Christi. 

tiie wine into And to tome fe wyn in blode, 
be same fat was sched on Rode. 
be wordus perauenture I coude telle, 
Ac I am not worfi and ferfore I nelle. 

Ac of ur makyng of fe Mas 
I dar wel telle hou hit was. 

. , 

he Apostles seide no more 

m , 

ught But what bei lierde of cristes lore 
No more to fe masse nolde fei do, 
And fe paternoster to, 
vppe f e bred and vppe f e wyn 
And so hem fhou^t hit good and fyn. 
Non ofur vestimens vsud fay 
But as fei wereden vche day ; 

"ply said at 

Hie' sacra- 

ment wlmt 





Cambr. MS. 

& to turne f e wyn in to blod, 
be same fat was schad on fe rod. 
be wordis perauenture I coude the telle, 
but I am not worfi & f er-for I uelle. 

al ofer making to fe mas 441 

I dar wel tellin how it was. 

be apostelis seyde no more 

but what f ei herde of cristis lore 

no mor to f e masse wold f ei do, 445 

and f e pater noster f er-to, 

vpon f e bred and f e wyn 
& so hem f ouhte it good & fyn. 
non othere vestemens vsid f ai 
but as f ei werid eueri day ; 


Harl. MS. 4196. 

And forto turn wine in to blude, 
be same fat was sched on fe rode. 460 
Crist blisced f e brede, als sais f e boke, 
And till his appostels he it toke, 
And said to fain on f is manere : 
"bis es my floss I gif ^ow here." 464 
And efter he toke fe chalis, 
And on f e same wise gan it blis, 
And said to fam with mild mode : 
" Drinkes of fis, it es my blude. 468 
And als oft-tymes als je it take, 
Mynde of me hike fat $e make ! " 
bus ordand crist fis sacrament. 
And when he vnto heuyn was went, 
bai did messes als he cumand, 473 
Als fai went in ilka land. 
And when peter was pape of rome, 
Chef cownsailoure of cristendome, 476 
Xe al fe ofer, whare fai lend, 
Said namore fan crist had kend ; 
Ne did farto none ofer thing, 
When fai suld faire messes sing, 480 
Bot fe pater noster gau fai say, 
Als crist had cumand faim to pray, 
bai had noght els hot brede and wine, 
And goddes wordes gude and fyne. 
Ycstimentes none had fai 485 

Bot als fai werid ilka day, 

XXX. On the Feast of Corpus Christi. 187 

And in vessels of treo The Apostles 

-\T 1. U 1 1- J J V llild " ljr 

JNon obur chalys hedden heo. wooden 


l%enne be pope vrban, Pope urban 

-* pat was a ful holy man, 416 

Ordeynde bat be Chalys scholde orderd the 

T, , , , , Chalice to be 

J3en of seluer or of golde, of silver or 

-r, r .. ,. , , , , gold, with a 

vVib a patin, to hule ouer al, patine. 

Maked of be same Metal. 420 

V\E pope Celestyne, ordeyned he, Ceiestme 

V i nr , T T ordenlthe 

J A psalme Men clepeb ludica me Pwim 

' "Judge me." 

pat vche prest bat is and Avas 

Schulde siggen hit er he eode to Mas. 424 

E Nyne kyries bat ben in Boke siivesterthe 

9 "0 Lord's," 

pe pope Siluestre of gru hem toke. 

er-aftur comeb Gloria in excelsis : and the 

pe Angeles of heuene furst song bis ; 428 

f 1 Seint hillari bat AVaS l r. And? or pan? St. Hilary 

made Lau- 

Erche-bisschop of peytns, iiamus te, &c. 


He made from laudaniMs te 

pe remenaunt ben synge we. 432 

Canibr. MS. Harl. MS. 4196. 

and in vesselis of tre And vessels bat of tre war made 

ober chaleys had he. 452 None ober chalises ban bai hade. 488 

Than j> e pope vrban, pan efterward be pape vrban, 

pat was a ful holi man, pat was halden a haly man, 

ordeynid bat be chaleys scholde Ordaind bat be chalis sulde 

ben of sillier or of golde, 456 Be made of siluer ober els of guide, 

wib a patene, to helin oueral, With a patene, to hill ouer all, 493 

made of be same metal. Ordand of be same metall. 

pe pope Celestyn, ordeynid he, pe pape celestiene alswa 

a psalme men clepe ludica me 460 Ordand a salme hat ludica 496 

pat eueri prest bat is & was pat ilk prest bat ordand es 

schuld it seye or he jede to mas. Sal say bifor he go to mes. 

pe .ix. kiries bat ben in boke 463 pe pape siluester toke out of grew 
pe pope siluester of grew hem toke. pe nien kyries, als clerkes knew ; 500 

per-after comib Gloria in excelsis, pe angell sang he did bar-to 
pat be auregelis of heuene first son[g], Gloria in excelsis deo. 

I-wis ; 

Of seint hillaii bat was Saint hillary ban, als men hers, 

Erchebischop of poytas, 468 Erchebisschop was of paters, 504 

he made fro laudamtt*' te All be remnand ordand he 

pe remenau7tt ban singe we. pat AVC sing fra laudamus te. 


ninl Cyimuus 
or,l>Td the 
Qluria ; 

ry, tlie 
Ortl-rtory ; 

A n:i-t:i-illS 


Constant ine, 
the Creed ; 

Stephen and 
Clement, the 


onlenl the 

XXX. On the Feast of Corpus Christi. 

Enne fe pope Tollophornus, 

And fat of ur pope Cynacus, 
Bi-twene hem bof e ordeyned was 
To synge fe Gloria to fe Mas 1 . . . . > 4 w. wanting. 436 

He hit Confermede, pope Gregori, 
And made ferto f e Offertori. 
"UEnne f e pope Anastasius 

J Comaundet in lawe riht f us : 440 

)3at no mon schulde sitte, he beede, 
Whil fe gospel were to Eede. 

Constantinus f e pope (!) made ]>e crude, 
fforte siggen hit he bede. 444 

Pope Steuene and pope Clemens 
Ordnyned fe holy vestimens. 
Pope Ciluester ordeyned fe Corporas, 
In tokne fat god us bodi was 448 

In clene lynnen clof I-wounde 
'Jjat tyme fat losep hit founde 

Canibr. MS. 

Jjan fe pope Tellophorus, 

& fat ofer pope Cinacus, 472 

Be-twix hem bof ordeynid was 

to singen gloria at fe mas. 

pope alisauredere ordeynid wel 

to redin Epistil and gospel. 476 

Be lerom & ambrose ordeynid was 

to make f e grayel to f e mas. 

al f is coMfermyd pope Gregori, 

& feMo made J>e offertori. 480 

Jjanne f e pope anastasius 

comaudid in lawe riht Jms : 

\)ai no man schnld sitte, he bed, 

whil ])e Gospel were red. 484 

Constantino made pe Crede, 

to singe it he ^af )>e rede. 

pope steuene & pope Clemens 

ordeynid holi vestymens. 488 

pope siluester otdeynid )>e corporas, 

in tokne J>at goddis bodi was 

In clene sendel I-woiwde 

whan loseph leyde it in townbe 492 

Earl MS. 4196. 

]?an by fe pape it ordand es 

To sing fat Gloria at J>e mes ; 508 

It cowfermed pape tellophorus, 

And sefin so did pape cinacus. 

Pape alisander ordand rath 

}5e pistell and fe godspell bath. 512 

By ierom and ambrose ordaind es 

To sing fe graell at fe mes. 

It confermed pape gregori, 

And made farto fe offertory. 516 

J3an f e pape anastacius, 

In his tyme he ordand f us : 

)3at men suld stand, was his biding, 

Whils fe godspell was in reding. 520 

Jje twelue appastels made f e crede : 

To sing it damacius f e pape bede. 

Pape steuen and pape clement, 

)?ai ordand f e vestiment. MS. was lapped 

Pape siluester ordand f e corporas, 

In tokining fat goddes body was 

In clene clathes lapped 1 and laid 

When it in fe graue was graid. 528 

XXX. On the Feast of Corpus Ckristi. 


In his owne ton tube of stem 
And leyde a-nojwr gret vppon. 
VEnne fe Pope Leouns 
y Made alle f e Prefaciuns. 

Alisaundre f e Pope ordeynde f is : 
To do watur and wyn In f e Chalis, 
In tokne Jjat bofe com watur and blode 
Of Godus syde on f e Roode ; 
)2e blood bi-toknef fat he vs bouht, 
))e watur bi-toknef vre ffullouht. 

Sixtus f e Pope ordeynde vs 
Jjry^es to synge Sanctus. 
Jje Pope 1 made fe Canoun fer, 

And God made f e Pater noster. 
[A]nd hou and what-maner bi-felle 
jjat God made f e paternoster, I wol telle. 
His Apostles seide hym on a day : 
"Teche vs, lord, how we schul pray." 
And seint Ion 1 haf tauht vs fis 1 r. LUC (ii,s). 
J?at is on of his disciples 



1 Harl. lelasius 

I,co orderd 
the Prefaces; 

tlie Water 
and Wine in 
the Chalice; 



Sixtus, Die 



and God, the 

Cambr. MS. 

in his owne graue of ston 
& leyde anofer gret ston f er-on. 
jjanne fe pope leoures 
made fe prefaciouws. 496 

alisau/idere Jje pope ordeynid ]ns : 
to don watir & wyn in j?e chalis, 
in tokne J>at Jjer com bo)? watir & blod 
of cristis side j>at heng on rod ; 500 
in blod is toknid J>at he bouhte vs, 
in watir J)t cristenid be houijj vs. 
))an ordeynid J>e pope sixtus 
thryes for to singe sanctus ; 504 

& fan he made )>e canoim fer, 
and god made J?e pater noster. 
And how & in what manor befelle 
J?at god made ]?e pater noster, I wile 
telle. 508 

J)e apostelis seyde to crist on a day : 
" teche vs, lord, how we schul pray." 
& seynt iofin ha)> tauht vs J)is 
Jjat is one of his disciplis 512 

Harl. MS. 4196. 

Jjan J>e pape Leones 

Ordand fe preface at J?e mes. 

Pape alisander ordand bine 

To do in chalis water and wine, 532 

In takin j?at both water and blude 

Come fra crist side on \>e rode ; 

Jje blude es tokin fat he vs boght, 

])Q water wassches all euill thoght. 536 

j?an ordand J>e pape Si[x]tus, 

Thrise fat men suld say sanctus. 

lelasius made fe canon right, 

And cn'st fe pater noster dight. 540 

And how fat praier ordand Avas, 

J3at sail I tell $ow or I pas. 

His desciples said on a day : 543 

" Lord, tell till vs what we sal pray." 
And saint Ion 1 sais he bad fam bid 
Jje pater noster, and it vndid, r. LUC 


XXX. On the Feast of CorpiLS Ckristi. 

Jesus taught 
His disciples 
tlie Pater- 

"Our Father, 
tht art in 
Heaven, &c." 

In it the 7 
(iifts of the 
Holy Ghost 
sire touch t ; 
:: to God, 4 to 

Jjat Ihems- tauhte hem J)is preyer 

And bad liem seyen }>e Pater noster. 472 

And )ms muchel to seyen hit is : 
" Vr ffadur }>at in heuene is, 
Halewed mot fy nome beo. 

And to J?i kyngdam J>at we teo. 476 

)?i wille in heuene and eor)?e beo do. 
Vre vche-dayes bred send vs to. 
And vre dettes for-^iue vs, 

As we for-^iue vre dettours. 480 

And lede vs in no fondynge, 
But saue us from vche vuel finge. Amen." 

Off j?e holigost )>e seuen jiftis 
In \>G pater noster I-touched is ; 484 

Of whuche to God J?er touched J?re, 
And foure in on to fe. 
Jjis preyere, J?eih hit beo schorte, 

But hit beo seid wij> a clene herte, 488 

Hit is a-^ein Jmlke man 
J3at in his herte wrajjpe ha]j tan. 

Cambr. MS. 

Jjt ih&s-u tauht hem ))is preyere 

& bad hem seyn J>e pater noster. 

and )ms moche to seyn it is : 

" Oure fader )>at in heuene is, 516 

hale w id mote pin name be. 

to )>i kingdom mote come we. 

)5i wil in heuene & in erthe be do. 

cure ech-days bred send vs fer-to. 520 

ind oure dettis forjeue J?t>u vs, 

as we for-jeuen oure detouris. 

& lede vs in to no fonding, 

but saue vs fro euil jnng. amen." 524 

Of J>e holi gost ]>e .vij. ^iftis 

in fe pater noster touchid is ; 

of whiclie to god Jjer touchin thre, 

& foure in one to the and me. 528 

))is preyere, J)ow it be schort, 

but it be seyd in clene hert, 

It is a-jen \ai ilke man 

J3'tt in to his herte wraj>)>e haj> tan. 532 

Uarl. MS. 4196. 

How J>at it es ordaiid euyn 
fforte destroy J)e sines seuyn. 
ffor seuyn askins er J>ar-in, 
And ilkone may for-do a syn 
If it be said in gude degre 
And clene life als it aw to be ; 
Els prayes a man him-self ogayne, 
And all his trauail es in vaiue. 



XXX. On the Feast of Corpus Christi. 


V%Enne fe pope Innocent, 

J Pax domini he ordeynt, 

Jjat vche inon schulde cusse of ur 

And holden him for suster and brof ur ; 

In tokne fat god made pes wif man, 

Jjerfore fat pes is }iuen fan. 

~p%E laste word of fis hei^e fest 

J Is I-seid Ite Missa est, 

Jjis is to seye " hit is i-sent 

To heuene for vs, pis sacrament " ; 

Bi-fore fe holy Trinite 

Jje f urste part of f e f re, 

Jjat o)mr for hem fat folef x def, 

Jje fridde for hem Jjat alyue bef. 

Hit is ri^t fat furst inempned be 
Vr ladi in f e Canone : 
ffor God of hire fat flesch toke 
Jjat neuer cristen mon forsoke ; 
Jjat flesch he haf take f e to fede, 
Jjat is i-cleped Aungel Brede. 



r. J>oled 



P<>1> Inno- 
cent orrterd 
" The Peace 
of God." 

Tlie last word 
of the Mass is, 

"It is sent to 
Heaven for 
500 us." 

In tlie Canon 
our Lady is 
named first. 

Camlr. MS. 

Jjer-for f e good pope Innocent 

Pax domini haf ordeynt, 

Jjat eueri man schuld kisse ofer 535 

& holden hem for suster & brother ; 

in tokne fat god mad pes wif man, 

Jje?--for fat pes is ^ouen fan. 

Jje laste word of f is lieye feste 

is clepid Ite missa est, 540 

Jjat is to sey " it is I-sent 

to heuene for vs, f e sacrament " ; 

be-for fe holy trenyte 

Jje first part of fe thre, 544 

Jjat ofer for hem fat surf rid deth, 

Jje thridde for hem fat alyue beth. 

It is riht fat first nemenid be 

oure ladi in fe Canone : 548 

ffor god of hire flesch tok 

Jjat neuere cristeu man forsok ; 

Jjat flesch he haf take the to fede, 

Jjat is clepid au?igelis brede. 552 

Harl. MS. 4196. 

Pape Innocent fan next folowand, 

Pax domim fan he ordand, 556 

ffor fat ilk man suld kis ofer 

And bald fam hertly als faire brof er. 

In takining fat god ordand pese 

Bytwix him and man, neuer to sese. 

Jje last word fan of fe fest 561 

Es said f us : Ite missa est, 

Jjat es to say " now es it sent 

To heuyn for vs, f is sacrament." 564 

>? tanone mss*. 

IN fe canon aw nenyned to be 
ffirst mari, cristes moder fre : 
ffor [of] hir, maiden milde of mode, 
Toke he fat blisced fless and blude, 
Jjat same fless fat sufferd dede 569 
And fat es named ay-lastand brede. 


XXX. Chi tlic Feast of Carpus Christi. 

The Apostles 
are named, 

for they were 
Murtyrs and 
xvitntvses of 
this Bread : 

Peter, An- 
drew, Philip, 

Paul, James, 

James II, 
Thaddeus : 
all died for 

"UE twelne Apostles I-nempned bef, 
J ffor heove prechynge fei folede def 512 

Quia Apostoli dicuntur missi, fy Martires testes 

apostolorvun : 

As f ing i-senf ben fe Apostles, 
And Martires ben f e Apostles witnes ; 
And alle ]>e Martires fat weore dede 
fEor fei weore witnesse of fis Brede, 516 

]5at God di^ede for loue of vs, 
And fei for loue of Ihesus. 

Petur and Andrew, Philip, feos f reo 
weore don vppon fe Rode-treo. 520 

Poul, lames, and Mathew 
Were be-heuedet, and Bartholomew 
Was huld al naked quike 
ffor his witnesse of fis onlike. 524 

And fat of ur lamus, 
Symon, and Taddeus, 
Heore senewes for cristen la\ve 
Out of heore bodi were i-drawe. 528 

Cambr. MS. 

])e .xij. apostelis nemenid beth, 
for hire preching fei suffrid deth 
Quid oposto/t dicuntnr missi, $ 

martires testcs apostolomm : 
As J)ing fat is sent ben )?e apostelis, 
and marteris ben to hem witnes ; 556 
& alle niarteris fat were dede 
for fei were witnes of ))is brede, 
J3at god deyde for loue of vs, 
& )>ei for J)e loue of crist ihams. 560 

petir, andrew, philip, these .iij. 

were don vp-on ))e rode-tre. 

poule, lamys, and mathew 

were heuedid, & bartilmew 564 

was belt al nakid quyk 

for his witnes of )>is vnlik. 

and fat ofer lesse lamys, 

and symon also, & thadeus, 568 

hire senewis for cristen lawe 

out of hire bodi were drawe. 

Harl MS. 4196. 

Jje twelue appostels fan neuind err, 
flbr fai prechid both nere and ferr 572 
)5e trowth als he had preched playne, 
And for his sake sef in war fai slaine. 
)3e apostelis of crist war sent, 
And martires, when fai war went, 576 
Witnest f aire werkes fer and nere ; 
Jjai-fore all done to ded fai were. 
Ihesus died for luf of vs, 
And fai died for luf of ihwiw, 580 
With mekill dole and diuers ded, 
ffor fai bare witnes of fis brede. 
Peter, Andrew, and philip, find we, 
War banged on fe cros all thre ; 584 
Paul, more lames, and Mathew 
War heuidded, and also bertilmew, 
}3at here was a ful haly man, 
He was flain qiiik and heuidded fan ; 
Simon, and ludas thadeus, 589 

And les lames, fai died f us, 
Als it es with clerkes knawen : 
Jjaire sins war fra f aire body drawen. 

XXX. On the Feast of Corpus Christi. 193 

And seint Ion f e Ewangelist, Martyrs for 

. . ., T , . this Bread 

Pat WES SID to IheSU Clist, were also 

TT , , , St. John the 

He dronk venym, to make preue Evangelist, 

pat we ban of f e rihte be-leeue. 532 

And seint Thomas Didimus, Thomas; 

He was forwh-stiked Ribt fus. 

per-aftur comef f e xij Martiris the 12 Canon- 

pat in fe Canoun Rikned is ; 536 

Of whuche su?nine Popes were, 
Sw/ime Bisscliops fat Mitre beere, 

Su??zme Dekenes pat weore half prest, 
Suwme lewede fat leeuede on crist 540 

ffor alle Ordres and alle degres 
To fis sacrement bere]) witnes. 

Leouns, Clemens, and Cletus, Popes Leo, 

Sixtus, and Cornelius, 544 

peose weore Popus, fat f olede def 
ffor fulke Bred fat we nou seof. 

Ciprian was Bisschop of Cartiginus. . up. cipnan, 

Stephene, Laurence, Vincent weore Dekenus. 548 

Camlr. MS. Harl MS. 4196. 

and seynt loRn Euangelist, And saint Ion fe euangelist, 593 

pat was cosyn to ihesu crist, 572 pat cosin was to ih&m crist, 

In a tonn ful lang he dweld 
And brinand ole fai on him held ; 596 

he drank venym, to make preue Venim he drank and dered him noght, 

pat we ban trufe and riht beleue. Andsepinhediedwhengodgudethoght. 

and seynt thomas didimus, Saint thomas fat es named of ynde, 

he was forw-stekid riht J>us. 576 He was thnrgh-stiked, als folk may 

per-after comif .xij. marteris, ]3an ki fe canon neuind es [finde. 

pat company in fe canouw reknid is ; Twelue fat war trew martires 

Of whiche su??ime popis were, 579 And died all with sorowis sere, 603 

su?nme bischopis fat myter did bere, And sum papes and sum bisschops 

suwme deknes fat were half prest, Sum dekines fat suld be prest, [were, 

summe lewid men fat leuid on crist And sum lawd men fat lifed on crist ; 

ffor alle ordres & alle degres And all fir marters more and les 

to f is sacrament bere witnes. 584 Of fis ilk brede fai bare witnes. 608 

Leouns, Clemens, & Cletus, Saint leo, clemens, and cletus, 

Sixtus, and Cornelius, Sixtus, and Cornelius, 

these were popis, fat suffrid deth Al fir war papes, and sufferd ded 

for fat bred fat 30 a-days seeth. 588 ffor fai bare witnes of fis brede ; 612 

Ciprian was bischop of CartagitiMS. Ciprian was bisschop of cartaginus ; 

Steuene,laurens,&vincent weredekins. Dekens war steuen and laurencius, 



XXX. On the Feast of Corpus Christi. 

Cosmas and 
Damian ; 

Agnes and 
Agare died 
for this 

The Sacra- 

if worthily 
taken, will 
keep you from 
your death to 
your resur- 

when yon go 
to the great 

where the 
sight of the 
Trinity is 
your food. 

Grisogon, Ion and Paulus, 
J3ei weore in heore lyue knihtus ; 

Cosma and Damianus, 
Jjei weore leches, I-writen is Jms. 

Cecili, and Agnes, and Agace 
Diede for pis bred of grace. 
Jjerfore is riht heore nomes to be 
Nempned in pe Canone : 
ffor alle peos dijede In good entent 
ffor to Meyntyme pe sacrament. 
sacrament mot pe soule fede 
]?at is i-hote Angeles Brede. 
3if pou worpiliche hit fonge, 
Hit schal kepe J>e pus longe, 
ffrom pulke day pat pou ded be 
Til pi bodi rise a-je ; 
And penne bope bodi and soule i-fere 
Schal wende to pe graunt Mangere 
Where neuer-more tit no nede 
To non eorpliche Brede, 
But J)e siht of pe Trinite 






Cambr. MS. 

Grisogon, Ioh~n and paules, 
)3ei were on lyue knyhtis ; 592 

Cosmas and Damianus, 
))ei were lechis, wretin it is Jms. 
Katerine, Mergrete, & agace 
deyden for pis bred of grace. 596 

}3er-for it is riht hire namys to be 
nemenid in J>e Canone : 
for alle these deyde in good entent 
for to mayntene pis sacrament. 600 
)je sacrament mote pi soule fede 
pat is clepid auwgelis brede. 
if pat 50 worpiliche it fonge, 
it schal kepe $ow pus longe, 604 

fro pat day pat 30 ded ben 
til joure bodyes risen a-jen ; 
and pan pe bodi & soule in-fere 
schul wende to pe gret mangere 608 
where neuere-mor schal ben no nede 
to no maner of ertheli brede, 
But pe sihte of pe blisful trenyte 

HarL MS. 4196. 

And vincent was a dekin of mightes ; 
Grisogon, Ion and paul war knightes, 
Saint Cosma and saint damiane 617 
Jjai war lechis by pam allane. 
Katerine, Mergarete, and agace, 
Jjai died all for pis brede of grace ; 620 
j?arfore es reson pat pai thre 
Neuynd in pe canon be. ' r. }>air? 

Al toke pir 1 ded with gudo entent 
fforto mayntene pis sacrament, 624 

)?at named es here angell brede 

And saues man fro endles dede 
And bringes him to pe blis of heuyn, 
Whare more ioy es pan men may neuyn. 
Jje sight of god pare sal pam fede, 629 

XXX. On the Feast of Corpus Christi. 


Schal euermore pi fode be. 

Sepphe we han pe Modur to preye pe sone, 
We han pe sone to prey pe fPader, 
Jje 1 holygost we han in wone 1 MS. l>o 

J>is enteere we haue to-gader : 
What lettep vs forte wynne 

Jje Eiche blisse is vs bi-hote, 
Bote hit beo vr owne synne ? 

)3er nis non opur J)yng, I wote. 
Of Pardoun I haue no pouste 

Non 1 to 3ow forte graunte : .r. Nou? 

But, jif 30 don now aftur ine, 

I wol ow telle a quantite, 
Hou Muchel pardoun 30 may habbe 

To joure meste nede, 
To come to honoure wip-oute gabbe 

Jjis ilke Angeles Brede. 
V%ulke poresday pat next is 
V Aftur Jje Trinite, 
]5e pope vrban ordeynde pis 

Jjat hit schulde penne be. 

As through 

, the Virgin 
572 we have the 
Trinity for us, 





only our sins 
keep us from 

Tho' I can't 
grant you 

I'll tell you 
how much 
you can get 

through the 

On Thursday 
after Trinity, 

u>? ^y of 

this feast, 

Cambr. MS. 

schal euere-mor J>i fode be. 612 

Jjer we han J>e moder to prey )>e sone, 

& we han pe sone to prey pe fader, 
Jje holy gost we han in wone 

Jjis entre we han to-geder : 616 
what lettij) vs for to wynne 

Jje riche blis pat is vs behcte, 
but it be oure owne synne ? 

Jjer is non o]>er ping, I wote. 620 
Of pardoun I haue no pouste 

to jow for to graunte of me : 
but, if je don now after me, 

I wile }ow tellin a quantite, 624 
How moche pardoun je may habbe, 

grauntid to joure moste nede, 
to come to honour wij)-outen gabbe, 

it is 1 j>is ilke aungelis brede. 1 is 
That same thursday pat next is 629 

after J>e feste of ]>e trenyte, 
)je pope vrban ordeynid pis 

Jjat pan pis pardoun schuld be. 632 

Harl MS. 4196. 

And his lightnes sail be paire wede, 
And werk pat pai sail wirk ilkane 
Sail be loueing of god allane. 632 
God grant vs in pat blis to bilde, 
Thurgh prayers of his moder milde. 

$t inimlgettais m&e toittessis. 

Grete nowmber of pardon granted es 
vnto all folk, both more and les, 
Jjat pis seruis will say or here 637 
Ans als it fals in ilka 3ere, 
)?at es pe next thursday to se 
Efter pe fest of pe trinite. 640 

)?e pape vrban ordand pis fest, 
ffor cristen men both most & lest 
Suld in pat tyme with gude entent 
honore pis haly sacrament. 644 

o 2 


XXX. On the Feast of Corpus Christi. 

100 days 
for Matins, 

40 days for 
eacli hour, 
100 for Mass, 

100 for Even- 

and the same 
on each day 
of the Octave, 

and 100 
thrown in. 

Pope John 


An hundred dayes of forjiuenes 

He graunted alle fay 
feat come to f e Matynes 

Of f ulke same day ; 
ffourti dayes for vche a tyde, 

An hundred for f e Mas, 
An hwzdred hose to f e Euensong abyde 

He grauntef hem no las. 
And al fat wike vche day 

feis pardoun lastcf so, 
Hose al f e seruyse hauen may ; 

And jit he schal han mo : 
ffor vche dayes seruyse 

An hundret dayes to bote 
Wei him oujte to seyen f ise 

On hors and eke on foote. 
x fee laste pope fat was nou, 

Of Ion 1 fat was hiht, it is John xxn, isie-34. 
Al fe pa?-dun he grau?*tef ow 

And doublef hit wif his miht. 
Meilerous, 1 f orwh godes grace 




1 The next vv., wanting in Harl., 
are a new addition. 


Irelan.l, 1321-41 
(cf. Cotton's Fasti II, 384). 

Cambr. MS. 
an hundrid dayes of forjifnes 

he grauwtid to hem alle in fay 
feat come vn-to f e matynes 

on fat same thursday ; 636 

ffourti dayes for eueri houre fat tyde, 

& an hundrid for fe masse, 
an hundrid who-so f e euensong abide 

he grauntid hem no lasse. 640 

and al fat woke eueriday 

Jjis pardou?z lastif so, 
who-so al f e seruyse han may ; 

& $et he schal han mo : 644 

ffor eueri days seruise 

an hundrid days to bote . 
wel men auhte to seen therin 1 fise 

on horse and also on f ote. r. to seien 
J?e laste pope fat was now, 

his name lofin hiht, 
al f is pardouw he grauwtif $ow 

& doublif it wif his rnyht. 652 
Meylerus, f orw goddis grace 

Harl. MS. 4196. 
He granted to all men at f e mes 
A hundreth daies of forgifnes ; 
And at f e matins who wald be, 
A hundreth daies haue suld he ; 648 
And at f e first euin-sang byfore 
A hundreth daies by f e sex score ; 
And for ilk oure he vowched-saue 
ffourty dais fat men suld haue ; 652 
And to f e euinsang folowand 
A hundreth daies he cumand ; 

XXX. On the Feast of Corpus Christi. 


Bisschop of leihlinne, 
He haf mendet in f is cas 

Jjorwh miht fat he ^af hymme : 
iFourti dayes to pardoun 

He ha]) ^iue ferto ^ete 1 
To alle wif good deuocioun 

Heref hit or hit rede. 
So hit a-rnounte]) holliche 

On and ffourti jere 
And sixcore dayes, treweliclie, 

Whose here]) his seruyse here. 
Ihesu graunte ow alle and some 

On eorf e so forte spede 
Jjat f is pardoun ow make come 

To J)is Angeles Brede. 
)3at Mon eete Angel Brede, 

}?us furst we be-gon ; 
To heuene [hit] mot ow alle lede 

Bo}>e Wyf and Mon, 
In nomine patris wij) ou go, 
Et spiritus sancti do also. Amen. 

C12 Bp.Milerof 

1 orig. jite 


gave 40 day* 
more pardon. 

Altogether 41 

ye*- 60 


May Jesu 




lead yon all 
to heaven ! 

Cambr. MS. 

bisschop of ley^-lymme, 
he ha]) amendid al J)is cas 

)?or\v rnyht fat god $af hym : 656 
ffourti days to pardotw 

he $af fer-to, wif -out drede, 
to alle fat wif good deuociouw 

herin it or don it rede. 660 

So it amouwtif holliche 

on and fourty ^ere 
& sex-score dayes, truliche, 

who-so herif his seruise here. 664 
Ihesu grauwte ^ow alle & some 

in erthe so for to spede 
that f is pardouw $ow make come 

vn-to fis heuenlich brede. 668 

Jjat man ete auwgelis brede, 

J)us first we began ; 
to heuene it mote vs alle lede 

bofe wyf and man, 672 

In no?w?*e patfris & filij wif vs go 
Et spz'nYus sancti do also. amen. 

Harl MS. 4196. 
And fourty at f e cumplin clere 
vnto all men fat it will here. 655 

And forf erniare, if men will luke, 
)3is same pardone es all f e woke 
To fain fat cums with gude entent, 
vntill fe vtas be all went. 660 

God grant vs so, whils we lif here, 
Jjis seruise forto say or here, 
J?at we may with fat pardon lend 
In life fat lastes with-owten end. 664 


XXXI. Six Miracles of Christ's Body. Prolog. 

MS. Vern.,fol. CXCVI bCXCVlII, b. 

Robert, XXXI. jjeptem 1 miracula be rorpor* 

of Brunne s 
p. 306.' 

(From Robert of Brunne's Handlyng Synne, p. 306 333, 
ed. Furnivall, Roxb. Club, 1862>) 

God Al- 


grant as to 
speak worth- 
ily of this 
and to say 

To show His 

Christ gave 
His Body to 
feed His Dis- 

He also died 

to bring as all 
to bliss. 

Od Almihti bat alle Jring weldes, 
Wyndes, watres, wodes and ffeldes, 

' F. & 
' F. beieue 
F. fas long 



And 1 sojjly, as bou uiadest of nouht 
Alle creatures bat euer were wrouht, 
ffor-^if vs, lord, bis day vr synne, 
Jjis digne sacrament to bi-ginne, 
And also worschupe 1 ber-of to speke, 
)jat -we neuere be troube 1 breke, 
Ne forte telle in bis Prolonge 1 (!) 

J)ing bat fallej) to eny Wronge, 1 * F. fall-of may any wrons 

But bat hit mihte beo be to queme 
And vs in studefast troube to jeme. 

Godus sone in heuene a-boue, 
He schewed vs also 1 muche loue : * F. aiie for 

ffor whon bis passion neihjed him neih, 
To his disciples bat weren him by 
He $af his bodi, hem to fede 
More loue miht he not schewe in dede 
}5at bei schulde niuynde haue 
Of hym J?at miht hem benne saue. 20 

3it a-forward 1 he let hym slo 
Wib so gret 1 deb-pyne and 2 wo. 
ffor vs and hem dude he bis, 

To bringe vs alle to his blis. 24 

More loue miht he not do, 
Ne neuer mon mihte do so ; 
ffor vs he dude hit, in certeyn, 

)3at we schulde loue hym wel a^ein. 28 

)5ouh we vr-self [$af] an hundred sibe, 
poynt of such loue miht we not kybe 

1 Only 6 miracles are given in the text. 

18 That this 2nd homily is part of a longer poem on the Ten 
Commandments, Vices and Virtues, with Narrations, appears 
from v. 381 ff., 497 ff. 

1 F. aftyrward 
1 F. ful vyle * and pynyng 

XXXI. Six Miracles of GocCs Body. Prolog. 


1 F. but loue-longyng 

1 F. wyj) no greythe 

Lyk to Jjat loue he haf vs done, 

ffor hit is vre saluacioune. 

And of vs jit askej) he nouht 

But fat may wel I-nouh be wrouht : 

Noting bote loue wijj good louyng, 1 

To loue him ouer al ojmr J>ing 

And for his loue to leue synne 

WiJ) 1 loue his blisse fen may we wynne. 

And 1 fou may neuere haue hym to fe 

But fou wolt f urst synne fle : 

Alle fing he louef , but synne he hates ; 

3if fou loue hym, wiJ) synne fou bates. 1 

$if fou loue on, fou moat nedes 

fforsake fat f yng fat he forbedes, 

Elles hit is told for no loue, 

And nomeliche to vr lord aboue. 

Jjou maijt not loue him, fe boc seif, 1 

But J>ou haue wif fe good feif , 

)3at is to sey, leeue fou 1 hit wel 

Al fat is writen of hym vchedel. 

Studefast treuf e of loue hit semes, 1 

And of trewf e loue men nemes : l 

So is fat on wif fat ofur, 

Wif studefast treufe loue, his 1 Brofur. 

To whom ou^te vr loue be went ? 

To trouf e 1 of f is sacrament. F. But to >e beieue 

}3is schulde leeue vche cristen mon 

And lerne f e treufe of on fat 1 con : 

Jpat f e bred fat sacrefyed is 

On fe Auter, is godus flesch, 

fflesch and blod, fer hit is leid, 

Jjorwh f e wordus f e prest haf seid ; 

Jjat lihte wif-Inne f e virgine Marie 

And on f e Eode for vs wolde dye 

And from def to lyue a-Kos, 

God and Mon, in Miht and loos. 

ffor hose trowef not f is cler 

In f e sacrament 1 of f e Auter, 

He schal neuere fe blisse a-byde, 

ffor no fing fat him may be-tyde. 


> F. his 
F. ffor 

1 F. wlates 




of Brunne's 

p. 806-8 

Christ asks us 
only to love 
Him above 
all things. 

For that, we 
must flee bin, 

1 F. to beleue 

1 F. comes 
1 F. nomes 

1 F. ys )>e 







and have 

We must be- 
lieve that the 
Hread is 
God's flesh, 

or we shall 
never be in 

200 XXXI. Six Miracles of God's Body. Prolog. 

Robert of In be Olde lawe bus is writen 

Krunne's . . . . . ^ 

iianiityng lewes and Cristcne vvel hit witen : 72 

P. so s<>9. " God seide bat 1 hit was wroulit, * F. and 

AS God made He Comauwdede alle bing of nouht " 

nil things of 

nothing, jjj s wordus arcn verrey and cler, 

Dauid hem seide in be psauter. 76 

Sebbhe he made al of noujt bat 1 was, * F. aiie t> a t nojt er 

it's less dim- Lasse Mavstrie were in bis caas 

cult to change 

Flesh into jftorte chaunge on liknes 

Bread and 

Wine. i n to a-nobur byng ben hit is, 80 

)jat ilke liknesse in 1 Bred and Wyn F. of 

In fflesch and blod to tome hit in. 

His fflesch and blood in Bred is wrouht ; * 

Sibbe he made [al] be-fore of nouht, ' v -$^ffi*$** 

3if bou seo hit not bodiliche in siht, 

\)i soule wib-Inne schal trouwe hit riht ; 

And bauj bow fele no sauour 

But verrey wyn and bred of fflour, 88 

J?is is wisdam of godus ordinaunce, 

To saue vs alle from bis Chaunce : 
if we had ffor jif hit weore as flesch to take, 
Flesh, we Wib-stonde 1 we scholde and hit forsake: l F. white 92 

should refuse 

iu And for he nolde we hit forsoke, 

Bot alle men hit vndurtoke, 

Jjerfore his wisdam his owne rede 

Sauereb hit in wyn and Brede. 96 

Hit semeb bred as to be siht 

And as Bred hit sauereb riht ; 

Noubur in siht ne in felyng 

Knowest bou of no certeyn bing. 100 

What schal benne be most saue 
stedfast be- But studefast bouht bat bou schalt haue, 

lief will save 

Studefast troube of vch a del, 

}5at wol vs saue wondur wel. 1 04 

some have And suj/ime han hit seven Bodily, 

seen Christ * 

bjxiiiy in me To whom he schewed his Mercy. 

Bread. ' 

Lo her a tale al and sum 1 > F. for of 3ow sum 

Jjat is In Vitas Patruni : 108 

XXXI. Six Miracles of God's Body. 1. Bleeding Child. 201 
I. ^arraxia trtmsimm reltgiosi.* 

-m w--i nr * -r> T Synne, 

it was a Mon ot xteligioun, p. soo sio. 

Of alle Men 1 he hedde gret renoun ; F. aimes i. Taieof 

A Tie u f J IJ V V t, the Bleeding 

And, 1 for be fend wolde hi??z haue schent, > F. But CMM. 

He leeuede not in be sacrament, 112 A man under 


And seide, hit was not Ihesu saidJesus 

was not in the 

pat Conceyued was borwh gret vertu, wafer" 16 " 13 ' 

N"e Ihesu was not bat Oble 

pat was reised atte sacre 116 

And bat be folk honourede to ; l 

To leeue hit was not to do. > F. And fa }>at wnrschep dede >>;irto 

Bi-fore two Abbotes bus he tolde 2 Abbots 

i i -I -I . -i.-ji.iii -* argued with 

pis Abbotes write bis tale to holde, 120 him. 

Hit scholde be told to eueriche mon l l F. euery wham 

pat is a^eyn be Cristendom 

Til hit beo preued bi Clergye 

Wher hit beo treube or heresye. 124 

pis Abbotes schewed him be rihte wey, 
Wib alle be ensaumples bat bei coube sey ; 
And al he seide hit was lye, Hesaiiutwas 

a lie, unless 

But ^if he seje hit wib his eje 128 he saw it. 

" Don 1 ben so bat I hit seo, > F. Dofa 

pen wol I leue bat hit so be." 

pis Abbotes preide a ful seue-niht They prayd 

pat he 1 wolde schewe him, to trouwe 2 his miht, 132 show Himself 

on the altar. 

In fflesch, in Blod on be Auteer, > F. god 2 F. farghe 

To Conferme his troube cler. 

And him-self preide specialy The uni> c - 

pat god wolde schewe hym in Body, 136 prayd to 

" Lord, 1 for no mis-bileeue, l F. L. he seyde 

pat bow scholdest wib me 1 greue, > F. me fa 

But 1 forte schewe be riht sobnes 

pat bow art sacrament of be Mes, 140 

pat I may make ober certeyne 

Whon I wib e^en haue be seyjene." l l F. syne 

pis Abbotes Iy3e in orisoun 
Til bat be seueniht were don. 144 

* MS. Simeon : Quod corpus crlsti est veraciter in sacra- 
meiito altaris, realite/ 1 , & non figuratiuc. 

202 XXXI. Six Miracles of God's Body. 1. Bleeding Child. 

Robert of 


p. 310, 311. 

On Sunday, 
the unbeliev- 
er and the 2 
Abbots went 
to CLurch. 

At the Sacra- 
ment, they 

thought they 
saw a live 
Child on the 

and an Angel 
cut it in 

so that its 
Blood ran 
into the Clui- 

and the Priest 
offerd the un- 
believer a bit 
of the bleed- 
ing flesh. 

He confest 
that the 

had really 
timid into 
Flesh and 

\ft Tale. 

Jje Sonenday 1 to Churche pei come, > F. seuenbo 

J)at opur Mon wip hem pel norne. 

A sege was ordeyntf for hem pre, 

To bi-holde al pat priuite 148 

Of pat holy Sacrament 

Jjat scholde be schewed in here present 1 . 

Bi-twene hem sat 1 pis ilke mon 

Of whom pe Miracle furst bi-gon. 152 

Whon pe oble was on pe Auter leid 
And pe prest pe wordes hed seid, 
Alle pre poujte hem 1 verreylike F. )>an 

By-fore pe prest a Child lay quik, 156 

In feir forme, of fflesch and blod ; 
)3is say pei pre per pey stod. 
Whon pe prest scholde parte pe sacrament, 
An Angel [doun] from heuene was sent 160 

And sacrefyed pe child riht pore : 
As pe prest hit brae, pe Angel hit schore, 
)3e Blod in to pe Chalis Eon 

Of pat child, bope God and Mon. 164 

Jje prest 1 jede to pe hi^este degre, * F. >ys man 

To hosel him as hit fel to be ; 

Hem 1 phou^te pe prest brou^te on pe patin 2 > F. Hym 
Mosseles of pat child newe slayn * F. pateyn 168 

And beed him a Mossel of pat fflesch, 
Wip al pe blod per-on al fresch. 

)3en gan he crie wip loude steuene : 
" Merci, Godus sone of heuene, 172 

fee Bred I sauh on pe Auter lyje 
Hit is pi bodi, I seo wip eje ; 
Of pe Bred porwh sacrament 

To fflesch and Blod hit is went ; 176 

Jjis I beo-leeue, and euere I schalle, 
ffor verreyliche we seon hit alle." 

Whon he and pei weore alle certeyne, 
In forme of Bred hit tornde a^eyne. 180 

He dude him hosel as opur wore, 
And was a good mon for euer-more. 
And al opure beo 1 pe bettre ' F. bej> 

J)at herep pis tale or redep pis lettre. 184 

XXXI. God's Body. Properties of the Sacramental Wafer. 203 

)?e Prest pat sacrej) Godus bodi, 
He moste beo ful clene nedeli ; 
A lewed mon pat schal hit receyue, 
Alle-Maner fuljje moot he 1 weyue. * F. behonej> hym 188 

But 1 beo pou neuere so good a prest l om. in p. 
Ne neuer so gret wip-Inne 1 pi Brest, l F. Ne so grete wytte yn 
I rede pou here hou pei 1 are schewed, ' F. \>e propertes 
Al-pauh pei 1 ben of langage lewed. F. be langage be but 192 

Jjou wost wel, in 1 pe Oble F. }>at 

Is 1 a luytel pyng to se : > F. ysbnt 

So schaltou beo luytel in wille, 

Luytel and Muchel 1 wip-outen ille, 1 f. meke 196 
Nout in pride ne in heihpe, 
ffor no wisdam ne no sleihpe ; 

Jje SOpe hit IS 1 wip Lucifer, F. bat we ne falle 

Proude men schal wone 1 per. l F. ffor pr. m. w. wyf> hym 200 

Jje Oble is mad of whete, 

Jje Beste 1 corn pat men of 2 ete : > F. kmeiyest * om. in F. 
So schulde we beo meke and louely 
To alle po pat ben vs by ; 204 

Jjis Mekenes is a-3eyn pat 1 Ire * om. inF. 

J?at is wip Lucifer in pat 1 fyre. l om. in F. 

J3e paast of pe oble nouht ne owe 

Beo maad of no-maner sourdowe, 208 

ffor pe sourdowe makep al soure 
J3e swettest 1 pat comep of pe floure. 1 F. swetnes 

Bi pis sourdowe is tokenynge 

)5at Envye is a wikked pinge, 212 

ffor hit for-dop alle swetnesse of dede, 
)3at god scholde ^iue vr soules 1 meede ; ' F. jyne for souie 
]3erfore makep he non herburgrye 
))er he fyndep biforen envye. 216 

vertue 1 In pe whete is l v. A v. also 

Jjat is muche a-jein Slouhnes : 

)5er whete comep he wol 1 not prike, l F. ffor whete-come wyi 
As Otes don and Barlike : 220 

Ne we ne scholde not be 1 prikel > F. haueany 

In 1 Idelnesse ouer-Mukel ; 2 > F. or * F. mykji 

Idelnesse gntcchep and is heui of pouht 
And is 1 soone wrop for nouht, 1 F. aUo 224 

Robert of 


p. 811,312. 

The wafer's 
7 qualities 
against the 7 
Deadly Sins ; 
cf. p. 178-9. 

It is little, 



made of 
Wrath ; 

without sour 

round, not 
Sloth ; 

204 XXXI. God's Body. Properties of the Sacramental Wafer. 

Robert of 


p. 312.SU. 


thin, against 
Gluttony ; 




The Sacra- 
ment must 
be taken in 
charity, not 
iu sin ; 

else we take 
our damna- 

F. pat 

1 om. in F. 

F. pe mastlyoun 

F. pere 

i om. in F. 






And Jat wraj?)>he come]) of sorwe, 
And 1 of wonhope wol muche Borwe. 
Jjis sacrament of )>e Messe 
LoueJ) not such Idelnesse, 
Not wij> non nul he dwelle 
Bute J>er men of fe 1 loye spelle. 

Jje paast of J>e oble seid beo-forn 
Schal not beo of medlet corn, 
Bote al onliche of whete : 
ffoule desires 1 schal men lete, 
J3at bi-menej), In no wyse 
We schal vs 3iue to 1 Couetyse, l F. medei wyj> 

Jjat is also Called 1 Aueryce, > F. And namely wyp 

J)e whuche is a foul 1 wikked vice. > F. ystoidea 

Also J>ou seost J?e oble is finne 
And muche honeste wij)-Inne : l 

And J>at Wol Wei Signefye l F. & gret dunhede ys noun per-ynne 

Ajeyn J>e sinne of glotenye ; 
Jjer wol not fe sacrament reste, 
Ac 1 glotenye wol him out keste. 

And as 1 J>ou sest, J>e oble is whit : 
So schul we haue no-maner delyt 
Of no-maner fflesches take, 1 ' F. offlessheiyiak 

ffor lecherie 1 make]) J?e soule blake. l F. on. M 248 
Jjeos seuene party es 1 be]> ' F. propertes 

In fe Oble, as we seoj>, 
And eueri propurte J>er-Inne 
Is a^ein an hed-synne. 
A-jeyn ])is sacrament do J>o 
)3at aren in synne and ferto go, 
Or aren in wille a^eyn to wende 
To synne and hem-self schende ; 
As 1 prest J>at goj> to synge Mes 
Jjat in dedly synne is ; 
An hondred-fold he suwgej) more 
J?e[n] he a lewed mon wore. 

Alle J?at receyue ]?e sacrament 
In dedly sunne or wikked entent 
Or 1 in eny of J>eose 2 seueiie om. in F. * F. pese yche 
}5at Jjou hast here herd nempne, 264 

F. Also a 




XXXI. Six Miracles of God's Body. 2. Tell-Tale Faces. 205 

Eiht to 1 heore Dampnaciun, F. Hytysto Robert of 

And berfore vengaunce schal be don. Hamuyna 

And here I schal telle a tale P. mini. 

Hou hit is to fat mon Bale : 268 


2. Itarratb nre&bittn gamtbialis.* i. of 

v the Tell-Tale 

Parisch-prest was in a Toun, 

Of foil gret discrecioun, MM* " 

fful gOOd and lihtful he Was, ' al - F - : Oyscreoyun a ry 3 t wyt ys 

On bope partys ryjtly to ges. 

And god sende hym of his gras : 1 272 

Of his parischens he vndurstode 
Whuche wer vuel and w^uche wer gode. 
Two he hedde forte gete had 2 very 

, , , bad parish- 

pat nolde neuere synne lete. 276 loners. 

And hit felde 1 on an Asterne, i=feii one Easter 

pat be prest scholde non hosul werne 
But hit were for be gretur synne, 
Inobedience or Corsyng Inne : l 1 F - ^.fbl," 1 ^" 8 or yn 280 

pis prest was in ful gret bouht he doubted 

Wher he schulde hosele hem or nouht. give -em the 

TT 1 j /~i l l. 1 Sacrament, 

He preyede to God, heuene-kyng, 
pat he wolde sende him tokenyng 284 

Wheber he scholde hew hosul 1 forbede ; ! om. in F. 
To ^iue hit 1 hem he hedde gret drede. i F. Tohousei 

ffrom god he hedde Jns onswere : but God bade 

pat vch on scholde heor oune charge bere, 288 

And fat he scholde werne hit none 

But }iue hit forj> to euerichone; give it. 

" Do as Ihesu dude in dede, DO like Jesus. 

And J>ou schalt no mon hit forbede, 292 

No more ben he dude ludas He didn't 

leave out 

bat hedde I-don a gret trespas : judasattiie 

Last Supper. 

Ihesu 3af alle wib mylde mood, 

Whon Bred was twrned to flesch and blod. 296 

ffor su??ime bat hit take hit schal hem saue, 
And sujjzrne berfore peyne schal haue ; 
Aftur bey aren of synne clene, 
Also schal hit on hem beo sene." 300 

* MS. bimeon : Qwod propter peccatnvn occultum commnnio 
non debetf negari. 

206 XXXI. Six Miracles of God's Body. 2. Tell- Tale Faces. 

Robert of 


p. S15, 316. 

The Priest 
prayd that he 
might know 
by the re- 
ceivers' faces, 
who took the 
worthily or 

So some had 
bright faces ; 

some, black ; 

some, red ; 

swollen ; 

some, prikt 
their hands 
and feet ; 

some were 
like lepers ; 
some like 

The Priest 
prayd God to 
explain this. 

The bright- 

rere pure ; 

the black- 


the red- faced, 

3it preyed he god of More grace : 
)jat he mihte knowe be pe face 
Whuche resceyued hit worfily, 

And wjuche to haue hit not worpi. 304 

And [god] 1 graunted him his wille, ' om. 

To knowe pe goode from J>e ille. 
Jje folk pat to pe prest went 
fforte receyue pe sacrament, 308 

Of sorame pe face was also briht 
As pe sonne In somerMiht ; F. on days 

And summe pe 1 visage was also blak F. here 
)3at noping miht hit Blak ore mak j 312 

Of somme hit was 1 as red as blod, l F. And some were 

Starynge as J>ei Weore WOOd J * And sum were swolle pe Tyseges 

Of somme pe visage was boiled 2 stoute, 
As bope heore ejen welleden oute ; l F. gnapped 316 

And summe nymped 1 wip 2 feet and hondes, 3 F. here 
As dogges don pat gnawen heore bondes ; 

And somme hedde visages of Meselri ; 
And somme were lyk foul Maumetri. 320 

Moni wondres weore on hem scene, 
Mo pen he coupe peune deme. 1 J F. se at pat tyme 

}5e prest, whon he sauh alle pise, 

Of pat siht he gan to grise, 324 

ffor pat siht he 1 was hidouse l om. in F. 

And dredful and Meruilouse. 1 ' F. peryious 

}it precede he god wip good entent 
)jat he mihte wite what al pis ment. 328 

And god almihti louede him wel 
And vvolde schewe him eueridel : 
" J)o Men pat weore so briht 

As pe sonne on day-liht, 332 

))o Men aren $it in Charite 
And clene of synne, and worschupep me. 

J)o Men pat were so blake 

)3at no ping mihte hem blakore make, 336 

J)o weore 1 lechours foul wip-Inne l F. are 

And haue no wille to leue heor synne. 

)5o Men pat weore so red as blood, 
])ei are tirauns 1 wikked of mood, l F. irus& 340 

XXXI. Six Miracles of God's Body. 2. Tell-Tale Faces. 207 

1 F. jyt 




F. hys enemy 

Heore Euencristen for to slo 

Wif dede 1 and Avif word also. 2 > F. dep or wy> pyne do wo 

J)o fat f ow sauh wif Bollen visage, 
)3o aren Envyous and 1 ouer-outrage. om. in F. 344 

And fo fat nymped her fingres and hendes, 1 
Are Bacbyteres bi-t\vene frendes. F. anger endes 

Jjo fat fou sauh Meseles bi siht, 
)5ey loue more good fen god almiht. 

])o fat fou sauh lik Maumetrie, 
On worldly f inges f ei most affye, 
More loue f ei catel fat he haf sent 
]3en f ei don hym fat al haf lent. 

Jjeose-maner men are riht 1 in wille 
In heore synne to leue stille, 
And f erfore schal f e sacrament 
Of hem aske heor 1 lugement, F. harde 

Jjat f ei haue resceyued hi?/i vnworf ily 
And serued f e feud wif ful Envy." 1 

\)is tale is told for loue of f o 
}?at in synne to hosul go, 
Or ben in wille to torne ajeyn ; 
Al heore trauayle f ei don in veyn. 

3if fou wole 1 fyn hosel saue 2 take, 
Beo in wille f i synne to forsake 
Euermore in studefast herte ; 
And jif 1 fou synne in bodi 2 smerte, 
God takef hit noujt to so gret grim 
As fou in tresun Receyuede hym. 
In no f ing wot I more tresun 
)5en bringe fi lord on his felun, 

And jit men seif f e synne is to greue l l F. here s. ys grefe 
Jjat bringef a trewe mon on a f eue. 
3 if fou do fus fi witande, 
)3en chargen hit me 1 moste on hande. 
Jjerfore loke fou wite nouht 
No synne I-hud In herte ne f ouht ! 1 

ffor 1 no Clerk fat is in synne, 
Til he leue and f er-of blynne 

He Schulde not serue atte Auteer F. Ne halewede pyng to come 

Ne hondle fing fat comef fer 1 neer. 380 


1 F. whan shall 


1 F. J>oghe ; And ora. 
* F. sone nftyr and 



1 F. men hyt 


1 F. has 2 vv. more. 
1 F. Also 

Robert of 


p. 316, 317. 

the sweld- 
envious ; 
the prikers, 
backbiters ; 

the lepers, 
lovers of 
property ; 

the idol-like, 
carers for 

On these the 
calls for 

End of tht 
2nd Tale. 

Before you 
take the 
wish to for- 
sake sin. 

No Cleric In 
sin should 
serve at the 

208 XXXI. Six Miracles of God's Body. The Eucharist. 

Robert of 


p. S17, 318. 

After taking 
the Sacra- 
ment, no one 
should turn 
to sin. 

The Old Law 
enjoind Con- 
fession once a 

The New 
Law says, 
" Receive thy 
Creator once 

The Mass 
helps souls 
in Purgatory. 

I touched er 1 of fis outrage l See Furniv., p. 274-5. 
"VVhon I spac of fe 1 sacrilage, om. in F. 

)5at f e holigost schewed him nouht 
ffor f e Dekene syngede in f ouht ; 
In f e tale of Ion Grisostomus 
Jjis tale is told, for ow and vs. 

Als is he worf i to ben i-schent 
Jjat sone aftur f e sacrament 
To folye and to synne drawes 
Luitel of Godus vengauwce hym awes ! 

^if fou forjete or ouer-sittes 
Jje tyme of hosul fat fou wel wittes, 
Luitel fors of him fou jeues, 
Nouf ur fou louest hym ne leues. 1 l F - ^ 
And ouer al he louef f e best ; 
And fou ne wolt a nihtes gest 
Leten hym herborwe in fin hous ! 
])ou art vnkynde and 1 Meruylous, 
)3at al fe jer fou letest him weyue, 
Wif worschipe woltou not him resceyue. 
God Manasef for fis chesun, 
ffor 1 riht hit wole and eke resun : 
ffor suche men aren holden vntrewe 

In f e Olde lawe and in f e newe. 
Comaunded 1 In fe Olde lawe was F. comaundement 
Ones in f e jeer to schewe fi trespas. 

)3e newe lawe is of f e more honour, 
Ones in fe jeer 1 resceyue fi creatour, 
Ones a jer him to knoweleche, 
J3i lord to plese for doute of wreche. 

J)at prest i blame ouer alle f inge, 
Wif-outen gret skil fat lettef to synge 
if or mony a soule mihte I-saued be 1 
Wif fat Masse fat fenne leuef he. 2 
ffor alle fat in f e 1 peyne Is, 
Abydef socour of f e Mes, 
ffor eueri Masse niakef Memorie 
Of soules fat aren In purgatorie. 
Muche fonk schal he 1 haue 
J)at helpef soules for to saue ; 

l F. 

' F. And 




" atf)at 




' F. ones to 



1 F. be saued 
2 F. he hajj leued 
1 om. in F. 

F.j>at prest 



XXXI. Six Miracles of God's Body. 3. Priest Felix. 209 
No bing may so muchel avayle Robert of 

/ J J Krumie'8 

Or heore peynes and heore trauayle Hamiivng 


As be sacrament of be Auteer, P- sis 320. 

Hit 1 makeb hem of peynes cleer. 2 F.Ne *soe. 424 
And bat may I schewe apertely 
Bi a tale of seynt Gregori : 

(3.) ^arratio fHiris presMteri. *'t e F*i e 

eint Gregori seib for be same : ' 
Hit was a prest, ffelix his name ; 428 

Bi-Syde he WOnede 1 in a pabe, l F. hys wonyng Helivdnear 

,, r 1 T I. L v. u a hot Hath; 

Was a wassching In an hote bape. 

Jjis prest ofte pider jede, 

To wassche him whon he hedde nede. 432 nd when he 

washt in it, 

Jjis prest per euer [redi] l he fonde F. redy 

A Mon to wassche him, 2 to foot and honde ; a Man always 

IT- -i 1-1 p it- i attended to 

He drOU3 lllS hosen Of and hlS SCllOn * F. f>at serued hym him, 

And redi was hem on to don ; 436 

At eueri tyme he bider com 

His herneis 1 feire of he nom, J F. Hys shone & hys hosen 

And seruede him at eueri tyde 

In bat watur and ofte 1 beo-syde. F. eke 440 

Jjis prest bat com bider so ofte, 
Jjat bis mon ber seruede so softe, 
He ne askede hym neuer-more but he never 

akt the Man 

Wheben he was ne hou he com pore ; 444 who he was. 

But eueri tyme he was redi 

And seruede him ful apertely. 1 F. peynybiy (penybieiy) 

Jjis prest poujte, " he seruep me wel, 
His trauayle wol I quite sum-del." 448 

On a day he bider bouhte 
And twey loues wib hym he brouhte. 
In to bat bab jeode bat prest 

And wusch him as he dude nest ; 452 

Jjis mon was bere him a3eyn, 
To serue him wel he dude his Mayn. 

Jjis prest, whon he scholde go, 1 ' F. furj>ego One day, 

He jaf bis mon bis loues two, 456 ti.eMaiU 

And bonked him muchel his seruyse, 
And more he scholde haue 1 oburwyse. ' F. hewuide 


210 .XXXI. Six Miracles of God's Body. 3. Priest Felix. 

KoiMsrt of feis Mon onswerde f is prest a-jeyn : 

iiHHMpuo " feis bred 2e bringef to me in veyn, 460 

Siinur, TIT 

P. sio.ssi. ff or neuer-more schal 1 ^ete 

Bred ne non of ur mete : 
The Man said I am a Mon fat is ded, 

IIP wan then , , , , 

a corpse: feat neuer-more schal ete bred. 464 

fee prest asked : " on what manere 

Is hit fat fou wonest here 1 " 

feis Mon onswerde in fat tyde : l F. n. & seyd 

formerly lie " I was lord here ar I dyede, 2 * F. deyde 468 

:is a Lord : .. T 

now he semi And f is scruise fat 1 am Inne 

for his sin. 

Is f e peyne for my synne. 
lie begd Bote I f e preye par charite, 

Felix to offer 

thesioave* Offre on be Auter bes loues for me ; 472 

on the Altnr, 

And I beseche fe ouer alle fynge 
mid ring o sixe Masses for me fou synge : 

Masses for ' ' 

him. And heo weore songen, I hope to wendo 

In to fe loye wif-outen ende. 476 

And. whon f e sixte masse is left, 

Then, if he }if f ou ne fynde me her eft, 

didn't route 

to the nth, Trouwe [foul f enne forsobe i-wis 

lie'd be in 

fetit for fi preyere I am in Blis." 480 

feis prest al fat wike longe 

ffor fis 1 mon preyede and songe. v. ]>y*wme 

And whon fe wike was al gon, 
He did not fee prest com bidere, and fond non : 484 

come, but . , 

went lo Illiss. He llOpede 1 WCl fat he Was brOUIlt ' F. belenede |>an 

Kudnfthe To blisse, for he ne fond him nouht. 

Beo fis tale je may se 

feat hit is gret Charite 488 

Masses for fe dede to synge, 
fee soules [out] of pyne forte bringe. 

TlieSarra- Ouei' 1 alle fillg hit haf pOUWCr, ' F. Passyni? 

Aiur IMS he sacrament of fe Auter, 492 

IN iwc rover 

aii thii.Ks. And nomeliche whon hit is don 
Wif good monnes deuocion ; 
Him wol god sannore here 
fei-n on fat is him nouht so dere. 496 

In fe seuefe Comaundement 
Touchef to fis sacrament 

XXXI. Six Miracles of God's Body. 4. A Suffolk Man. 211 

In a tale of fat 1 kniht, F. a 

Hou fe prest fat liuef not riht, 500 

Of his preyere is luytel prou, 

And fere hit tellef wel hou. 1 see F. p. 72-76. 

And I schal telle anof ur here 

Of a Masse of a good frere : 504 

(4.) jjou a man of Souffolh faas sancb foroiua masse. 

AMon in Souffolk ones dyed, 
Bi sydcs Sudhuri, as men seid. 
ffor fat mon such grace was diht 

)3at him was graimted to come a niht . 508 

fforte speke wif his wyf, 
To mende fe f antes of his lyf. 

" 3ef a Masse," lie seide, 1 " were for me don ' om. in F. 
Wif a good mowies deuocion, 512 

I hope to loye for to go 
And beo dilyneret of al my wo. 

I preye f e, dame, par charite 

To trauayle so muche for me." 516 

Heo graunted hym fat ilke hone, 
And ros vppou f e morwen sone 
And to fe ff'reres sone heo code, 
J3er heo hopede best to spede. 520 

Heo com and spac wif a ifrere 
And preyed heo moste his masse here, 
And for hire hosebondes soule to synge, 
And heo wolde ^iue hym offringe. 524 

Jje ffrere dude hire a Mes 
In Comuyn, as fe seruise is. 
"Whon fis Masse I-songen was, 
Heo w ente hoin a good pas. 528 

}3e niht aftur feuue com he. 
" Slepestou 1 " he seide. " nay," seide heo ; 
"Are 30 3it," heo seyde, "in blis] 
Jje Masse for ow I-songen is." 532 

" ]3e Masse," he seide, "fou dudost do, 1 F. be do 
A parti hit helpef 2 me ferto ; * F. haip 

Mi part ich hedde of fat Mes 
As of fing fat Comuyn is. 536 

Rotert of 


p. 321, 322. 

A bad Priest's 
pra.i er i of 
little worth. 

4 Tnlpofthe 
Suffolk Slun. 

A man died 
iieur Sud- 

and got leave 
to go to liis 

and ask lier 
to SL-I ii Mass 
sung lor him. 

She Ko 

to sing a 
Mass " in 
common " for 
her huslKind. 

The Siidhnry 
man came 
back und told 

his \\-\fe that 
a bit of a Mass 
wouldn't do 
for him, 

P 2 

212 XXXI. Six Miracles of God's Body. 4. A Suffolk Man. 

Robert of 


p. :!ii, 823. 

he miiHt have 
<!], all to 
MIM:: by a 
Prieitt of good 

So hia Wife, 

Iliro' a Prior, 

got a holy 

Friar to 

gin); a Mass 
for her hus- 
band only. 

Next night 

her husband 
mine, and 
told her that 

3if on weore specialy for me seid, 

Of my peyne I were ful leyd, 1 ' at. F. 

$if fe prest were of lyf so good 

)>at God his preyere vndurstood ; 540 

I hope f enne grace to haue 

j?at his Masse mihte me sane ; " 

Ofte he seide to his wyf : 

" A prest JT A prcst of clene lyf.! " 544 

On f e Morwen for]) heo eode 
To fe ffreres eft to 1 spede, F. etgod 

And schewed hit to fe priour, 

And preyed him of socour ; 548 

3if he hedde eny brof ur 

Jjat he kneuh 1 beter fen of ur, ' F. impede were 

"Jjat wol synge me a Mes 

ffor a Mon fat ded is, 552 

At 1 myn ese he schal haue F. And at 

To a pitaunce what he wol crane." 

Jje prior spac to l a ff rere ' F. vn-to 

And preyed him on alle manere 556 

Jjat he wolde a Masse synge 
ffor Jjat soule heo made preyinge. 

Jje ffrere was an holy mon ; 

And ar [fat] lie his Masse bi-gon, 560 

He preyed to god his orison, 

Wif 1 a gret deUOCioH, 2 > F. Yn * afflyccyoun 

Jjat hit mihte ben him to pay, 

J)e Masse fat he scholde synge to-tlay. 564 

\Vhon fe Masse was don to f e ende, 

He bad f e wommon horn [to] wende, 

" And whon fou more eft heres, 

Cum and sey to vre ffreres ! " 568 

]3e niht aftur lustnef now ! 
He com and seide : " slepestou ? " 
" Nay," heo sayde, " hou fare $e 1 " 
" Wei," he seide, " and so worf f e ! " 572 

" Sire, weore 36 a-payed of fat Mas 
)5at for ow to-day songen was 1 " 
" ^e," he seide, " graunt Merci ! 
))at Masse to me is more worf i 576 

XXXI. Six Miracles of God's Body. 4. A Suffolk Man. 213 

)?en al pe world an hundred sipe, Robert of 

Ne miht haue mad me neuer 1 so blibe. IF. half uan<iiy H g 

TT . Syniif, 

His preyere was to god so dere, 1 F.^atiiebesoghtewyb p. 2,si4. 

ffor al pat he preyede 1 he wolde here ; 580 this separate 

Jjeih he hedde preijed for a pousund mo, 

ffrom peyne to blisse pei hedde i-go ; l > F. he had brojt po . 

ffor what ping he hedde asked bone, 583 

God wolde ha 1 grauwted him ful 2 sone. l F.God hade as 

Haue good day ! for now I wende had won him 

~ _ . . everlasting 

lo Jjat loye wip-outen ende. joy. 

God lete pe 1 neuere jjer-of mis, ' F. vs 

)jou ne he, 1 to haue pat blis." ' F. Wyb-outyn ende 588 

)3e wyf com sone on pe Morn 
And fel on knes pat ff rere bi-forn 
And tolde hiw Jjer eueridel 

Hou he for his preyere was wel. 592 

And pat ffrere ful wel he 1 lette, ' F. >arty 

And ponked God, for loye he grette. E<iofthe 

Wel weore hym at his endynge 

Hedde such a prest for him to synge ! 596 

In pis tale schewed is : 

Of 1 alle ping good is pe mes, F. ouer 

Jje 1 sacrament on pe Auter ' F. Forj>e 

Ouer alle passep his pouwer, 2 w. om. : 

. ffor liyt makeb mencyun of J>e pas.syun 

In pe Masse pei hem a-fye AS lean cryst to de|> was doun 
J3e soules pat are in purgatorie. 1 

\)Q sone is offred to be ffadur of heuene - ; - ciirut is 

otferd to God 

fror pe soules be prest wol nempne : 604 for the s<ml8 

the Priest 
J)at is pUS for to 1 mene : F. Also fars tale wyl names. 

3if pe prest beo good and clene, 

Jjenne wol Ihesu crist hym heere, 

ffor what pyng he makep preyere ; 608 

Preye he for soule or for bodi, 

J3at aren in pyne or 1 in nuy, F. or here 

Bope wol god almihti saue 

What pe gode prest wolde haue. 612 

Not only for soulus is he herd, Both the 

J dead and the 

Bote eke for vs here in pis world. . livill s 

Beo a Mon in seknesse or in prisun, 

Weyferynge, or in temptaciun, 616 

214 XXXT. Six Miracles of God's Body. 5. Bedc's Tale. 

Robert of Or in cuy ojmr trauayle, 

7/,i!"///w )je sacrament wol vs a-vayle ; 

P . -* Hit wol delyuere vs out of pcyn, 

are heipt 2jf V r troube beo certeyn. 620 

by the Eu- . 

eh:irit. j^ n j j> a t was wel schewed in ueue 
In Engelonde, so seib seint Bede : 
In his Bokes writen hit is, 
A feir Miracle of be Mes : 624 

5.Be<le-T<rtt. (5.) fferHnff ^tbt. 1 l Cf. Hist. Eccl. IV. c. 22. 

of the Knight 

TrnmHcnu.1 ~V\ S & 1 tyiiie seint Bede was liuonde, 2 ' F. what 
J . Weore Mony kynges in bis londe. * man lymmde 

InHede'sday _,. , _ , , 

was a buttle Bi-twene two was gret Batayle 

Ediriji ami' Jjerfore i telle bis Meruayle ; 628 

Lindesay, jjat on hiht Edfride, of North Cuntre, 

)5at obur of lindeseye was he. 
Edfride hedde gret seygneri, 

Seynt Andreu hosbonde of hely. ' F. Andre 632 

Jjis Batayle was bi bobe heore a-sent 
near the Bi-sydes a watur men calleb Trent. 

Sire Elfride 1 brobur hette Eleswynne, 2 \ r ^ e * m 
EUwyii was He was slayn bat Batayle Inne ; 636 


On bobe partys ne was non 

So feir a kniht of fflesch and boil, 

Ne non so douhti was of Armes 

Jjerfore seint Bede pleynede his harmes. 640 

A knight A-noJ>ur kniht was 1 feld doun ' F. aisowaa 

nearly ki:d. Nerhonde ded, and fel in swoun ; 

Jje nome of bis ^onge kniht 

Ruyna, 1 seib seint Bede, he hiht. > F. lumna 644 
when Ruyna Whon bis Ruyna hedde long leyn, 


He keuerde, and seet vp ajeyn, 

And stopped his wouwles bei schulde not blede, 

And, as he mihte, bennes he jede, 648 

To seche him help sumwher to haue, 

Of 1 frendes fynde him to saue. J F.Or 

As he wente wib muchel drede, 
hewasseizd He was taken wib kyng Coldrede : a F. Eidrede 652 

by K. Col- 

dre.i and And brouht him a to a lordyng. F. \-n- 

banded to an 

An Erl, bat heold of be kyng. 

XX XT. Six Miracles of God's Body. 5. Bedcs Talc. 215 
be Erl asked him what he was, iiohert of 


And wher he hedde ben in hard cas. 656 //'//.//(/ 

ffor doute of dej) he was a-friht > s^Tsir. 

And dorste not seye he was a kniht ; 

He seide : "sire, jif bi wille 1 be, J MS. weiie Ruyimsaid 

I am an hosebonde-mori 1 of be cuntre, ' F. om. mon 660 imuamaii. 
I was wont to lede vitayle 
To knihtes bat weoren in Batayle ; 
And nou I am a pore mon, 

bus fro bis Batayle I com. 1 l F. wan 664 

And wolde fonde to haue 1 my lyf, * F. saue 

Til I may come to my wyf." 

bis Erl dude a leche bi stoundes The Enri had 

To tente 1 to hym, to hele his woundes. > F. Tende 666 
bat tyme was here mony beodes, 
Mony vsages, and 1 mony leodes, ' F. y 

ffor vche a kyng in bat dawes 1 J F. dawe 

Vsede his diuerse lawes : 672 

Surame were cristene in vre fay, 
And suwime leeuede in paynymes lay ; 
berfore bat tynie was muchel )?ro, 
And ofte was boj?e werre and wo. 676 

3if a kniht 1 miht o]?er men take, ' F. kyng 

He scholde hem sulle or in seruage make. 
Wherfore i telle so of Jjis kniht : 

be Erl let him bynde eueriche niht, 680 ami then 

bat he ne scholde from hym fle 'Ki't, to stop 

his running 

Ne stele a-wey to his cuntre. awa y- 

ffor al fat J)ei mihte him bynde, 

Ofte loos J>ei dude hym fynde ; 684 

Neuer so faste peih heo him bou?ide, 

Loos a-nojmr tyme fei him fouwde. 

bis bounden kniht, Ruyna, 
Hedde a Brobur, bat hihte Tymma ; l ' F. Tnmna 688 Kuyna's 


bis Tymma was prest .Religious, Ai>bot 

1 v in iu;i , 

ffor he was Abbot of an hous, 

So longe he liuede in bat estre 

bat his nome heet Tymmestre j 1 ' F. Tuncestre 692 

bat tyme, 1 as ich vndurstonde, 1 F. tounne 

Hit was in Northhuwberlonde. 

216 XXXI. Six Miracles of God's Body. 5. Bede's Tale. 

Robert of )3is Abbot hedde tibinges certeyne 

Hnn"i*ng hat Ruvna was in Batayle slayne. 696 

Sunnt, . ... rl , 

p. 87, 328. He com to Irent, bis Abbot lymraa, 
came to the And fond a bodi lyk to Euyna ; 

Trent, found * 

Honorabliche he dude hit graue 

j n hi g c hirche ber he wolde hit haue, 700 

and Mng And son" berfore day and obur : 

dully Mass 

for it. He wende hit hedde ben his brojmr. 

Jjauh Tymma hedde chosun wrong, 

His brobwr hedde be goodws 1 of be song ' F. godenesse 

ifor God al wot, and wust hit fere 705 

ffor whom he made his preyere : 
so that, tho 1 Jjeih men a-niht bis kniht bounde, 
boumi every A-Morwe bei hym loos founde, 708 

iiulit. lie 

was, thro- the Men mihte hvm neuere bynde so fest 1 ' F. yn bondes so feu 

MSI**, free - ' 

every morn- jjat bei 1 bat tyme nolde al to-berst. [ the bonds] 

J)e men bat hedde bis kniht in holde, 

|3is wondur to be Erl bei tolde. 712 

]3e Erl hedde ber-of gret wondur 
Jjat bis bondes weore so in-sondur ; 
He seide, him-self wolde wib hi?^ speke 
And wite whi his bondes dude breke. 716 

Bi-fore be Erl Avas he set, 1 l f. fette 

And be Erl feire he gret. 
The Enri askt " Sey me," he seide, " bou belamy, 

him what _, , >c%/\ 

witchcraft Const bou wel on sorcery ? 720 

thro-. Sum wicche-craft I trouwe bou bere 

Jjat bi bondes be not dere ; 

tforsobe," he seyde, " sumwhat bou dos 

jjat euer-more bei fynde be loos." 724 

He seide : " wicche-craft con I nouht, 

Ne for me schal non beo wrouht, 

Ne I nul be by fendes craft 

vn-bounde beo, 1 bi no wicche-craft. ' F. ue 728 

Ruynatoid Sire Erl," he seide, " hit is a-nobur : 

the Earl that 

IMS Brother In my cuntre I hane a Brobur, 

the Abbot's J 

Jjat leeueb wel bat I beo slayn, 

ff or I com not horn ajeyn ; 732 

singing Mas fibr me he syngeb vche day a Mes 
prest, abbot forsobe he is. 

XXXI. Six Miracles of God's Body. 5. Bcdes Tale. 217 

MS. And &s 

F. to be a 





I wot wel, fat is f e encliesim 

jjat my Bond us here 1 vndon ; > F. are so 

ffor no f ing ne haues poxiwer 

Ajeyn f e sacrament of fe auter. 

ffor, $if I weore ded, in ojmr werld, 

His preyere for me weore I-herd, 

To bringe me out of peyne and wo, 

And sif en to blisse forte go." 

Al fat Meyne and fat Erl 
Leeuede wel he was no cherl, 
as 1 he to-fore hem hedde i-seid 
Whon f ei on hym furst hond leyd ; 
Bi his semblauwt and feir beryng 
Hym semed wel a gret 1 lordyng, 
Bi his speche f ei vndurstood 
Jjat he was mon of gentil blod. 

j)e Erl tok him in priuite, 

Whef en he was telle scholde he ; 752 

" Sey me so]), and, as I am trewe 1 kniht, om. in F. 
Jjou schalt no skafe haue, be my miht." 1 l F. nepiyjt 

" Sef f he f ou me bi-hotest pes and grif , 
I am J>e kynges mon EldriJ) j 1 l F. Edtvytu 756 

Armes I bar in fat Batayle, 
Wif my pouwer him to auayie." 

" So me f ho^te," seide J>e Erl, 

" jjou 1 semed not to ben a cherl. > F. \>e 760 

Bote for J?i knowlechyng her me bye 2 

JjOU Weore WOrfi for to dye, * F. But for J>:tt y here }>e seye 

ffor fou halp 3 fer to slo, 3 F. 

Jjat al my kynde is ded me fro ; 
Bote, for I er sikerde fe, 
Scha[l]t fou haue no skafe for me." 

He code and sold him for Eaunsoun 
At Londone to a ffrisoun. 
A ffrisoun, je schul vndurstonde, 
Is a Mon of ffrys-londe. 

jjis ffrisoun scholde f is Mon forf lede, 
And dude on hiw bondes for drede, 
ffor a-skapyng bi f e weye 
He dude bondes on him leye. 

Robert of 

llandl 'yng 

p. 828, 829. 

undid his 

.is it would 
loose him 
from Purga- 

At the Earl's 

Ruyna con- 
fesses lie is 
K. Edfrill.'s 



The Karl sells 
Ruyna to a 
Frisian in 

who puts 
bonds on 

218 XXXI. Six Miracles of Gods Body. 5. Bcdcs Talc. 

of Bot bat vaylede him no-byng 

Neuer a day, bat byndyug : 776 

P. :, 3o. ff or i n j>at tyme be masse was songen, 
but the Mass h e bondes to-barst and al to-sprongen. 

bursts them. ' 

his ffrison bhon^te : " hou may bis beo 1 
He may riht wel from me fleo ; 780 

Happyliclie hit a-vaylej) 1 nouht l F. vayied 

Jje Catel bat I wib him bouht." 
The Frisian he ffrison seide : " wolt bou wel 

offers Ituyiiii . - ~ . nc\i 

hi* freedom Restore a-jevn al my Catel. 784 

if he'll pay .1 , i 

what lie i-ost. And I schal ^iue Jje leue to go 

To jn Cuntre J>at ))ou com fro. 

But furst fou schalt me troupe pliht, 

And trewely hold hit wij) al Jn miht, 788 

To bringe fe Catel I ^af for J>e, 

And elles I grauute ]>Q not fre." 

He giao/tted him al j>at lie seide, 

And troupe in liond wi]j hym he leide. 792 

Kuyiiageta )jis Ruyna wentc to kyng loer, 

the money 

from K. hat was kyng of Caunturber 

Loyre of 

canterbury, He was semt Andreas 1 suster sone, > F. Andre 

And Ruyna was wont wij) hym 1 to wone ; ' F. here 796 

Of al his stat, boj)e wo and wele, 

Ruyna told him eueridele. 

}5e kyng 3af him his Raunsun ; 

And [he] bar hit to londun to J)at flrisun. 800 

and then Rnes SeJ)J)e code he horn, J)is kniht Ruyna, 

to hi brother m , . , . , , , n ,. 

Tyinmu, lo his brojmr, Abbot limma, 
ami tells Mm And tolde him of al his wo-fare 

how T. helpt . 

him. And of his comfort in al his care. 804 

his Abbot wel vndurstood 
hat his Masse dude him gret good 
And J>e sacrament gon hym borwe 
End of the Out of scruago and out of sorwe. 808 

Tale. . 

his tale tellej) vs seynt Bede 
In his gestes J>at we Rede. 
s, leam ihat Bi bis tale may men lere 

Masses help ' 

us here, as Jjat Masses helpeb vs wel here : 812 

well as souls 

in I'ursatory. ffor vs liuynge hit makeb Memorie, 
Also for be soules in purgatorie. 

XXXI. Six Miracles of God's Body. 6. The Miner. 219 

mOIl Schal leeiie bat Vlllt 1 F. f>at holpe \vyl be as was Robert of 

' Krnnne's 

bat helpen hit wolle as [hit] dude 1 be kniht. 816 Hamuyno 

L J _ Si/mie, 

bis sacrament helpeb not }it alone, P- *5^ w> 

Bote be ofFrynges euerichone, 
Al bat we ofFre atte Mes, 

Al to vre saluacion hit is. 820 

Not only forte saue be dede, 1 ' F. |>o hat dede i>ef> 

Jje quike hit saueb also and rede j 1 l F. rede)> 

As wel haue be quike be prou 

As be dede berof be vertu nou 1 ; 1 om. in F. 824 

Quike and dede, More and lesse 
Ben I-saued borwh be Messe. 

be OfFringe is as a present, Tiie offering 

Jjat helpeb vs wib be sacrament, 828 MpwtM. 

To be ffadur of heuene tentefuly, 
ffor whom bou offerest to haue Merci. 

A tale I fond ones I-writen, 

And as I sauh hit, I wol $e witen, 832 

And wel a-cordeb in alle binge 
bat God is payed of good offringe. 


(6.) Of a man bat foas tlosefc in a mniw. 6. n e m aff 

h'lpt bit hi* 
. -\ r i j , ii Wife' i JIu*- 

it was a Mon bi-jonde be see, off-nna. 

A Mynour, wonede In a Citee. 836 

Mynours, bei makeb in hulles holes, A Miner 

As men don bat secheb coles. 
Jje 1 Mynour souht stones vndur molde r. HS 

bat Men of maken seluer and golde. 840 

He wrouhte and holede in be hille. dug in a IHII. 

A perilous chaunce fel hym tille : 

A gret parti of be Myne The Mine 

ffel doun ber and closed hym Inne. 844 

His felawes alle bat weren hym liende, 
bat he weore ded wel bei wende : and the 

Miner was 

bei code and tok hem alle to Rede, thought dead. 

And tolde his wyf bat he was dede. 848 

bis wommon bi-menede hir hosebonde sore His wife 

God leeue bat mony such wymmere wore ! 
Heo helped his soule in alle bynge, 
In almes-dede and in offringe ; 852 

220 XXXI. Six Miracles of God's Body. 6. The Miner. 

Robert of Hco Off red for him atte Auter 

Hrunne'H . 

Handing fful of wyn a picher, 

p. ssTs!B. And [a] feir lof wib-al, 

offerda EllCri day as 1 principal. l F. as for a 856 

pitcher of 


t\velf-moneb stabely, 

for *w Bote dny f at P 388 ^ forby. 

save on i d=iy. ff ewe guc he wyinmen [now] we fynde 

bat to heore hosebondes 'are so kynde ! 860 

Bote )>is wyf wij) al hire miht 

Dude for him [bobe 1 ] day and niht. * F. hope; MS. Vem. om. 

At the year's Hit fel at J)6 twelfniOlieb 

Miner's His felawes to be hul eon wende, 864 


And come to bat same stude eft 

her bei heore felawe in work left. 

Kiht bere bei furst bi-gon 

dug down bei percede borwh in to be Mon : 868 

and f.mnd be Mon In good stat bei founde, 

liim oafe and ' 

sound. Liuinge, wib-outen wem or wou?de. 

Euerichone bei hedde ferly, 

And bat was gret Resun why ! 872 

Alle bo men weore in gret weer 

How he hedde lyued al bat $er. 

Bote benne he tolde hem euerichon 

How he hedde lyued ber al-on : 876 

He tola -em " I haiie I-liued gracious lyf 

I hat Ills Wife . 

had sent him Jjorwh cortesye of my wyf : 

bread and ' * J J 

wine every Eueri day heo hab me sent 

day save 1. 

Bred and wyn to present ; 880 

But o day, benne eet I nouht, 
ffor my mete me nas not brouht." 
bei ladde be mon in to be toun, 

And tolde bis Miracle vp and doun, 884 

ffurst borwh be Citee, 
And sebbe borwh al be contre. 
Hit com in spekyng 1 atte laste F. )>ey asked hym 
The dy he bat day bat he dude faste. 888 


He tolde hem be dayes name, 
And his wyf seide be same : 
bat day heo offrede neuer a del, 
m? fa goode ffriday hit mihte be wel. 892 

XXXI. Six Miracles of God's Body. 6. The Miner. 221 

Now may 30 here bat almes-Jede Robert or 

f, ', . , , , Unimie's 

Gostlyche wole a mon fede, iiandiyug 

Aud so may $e wel vnderstande p- *.' 

Jjat God is payed of good offrande. 896 ^5,^'^,. 
ffor al bis tale in ^or lyues at " ie Altar - 

TrustneJ) not in jor wyues, EM TaL ike 

Ne in jour children no-Jung ; B nt<io7t 

Makeb or-self jour offring ! 900 ?" r tr w " 
So kynde a wo??imon as I of tolde offering"* 

T > . -i v i j i yourselves ! 

LmeJ) not now, beo 30 bolde ! 

Ne no clerk fat bis redes 

Schal fynde non nou of so kynde dedes. 904 

3e men J>at are nou In present, 
J3at herejj rede J)is sacrament, 
Ouer alle J)ing hit haj) power, 

J?e sacrament on J?e Auter, 908 

As I haue here to ow i-schewed, 
Not to lered bote to lewed. 
5e lewede men, I telle hit ow 

Jjis clerkos con hit wel I-nouh. 912 

Preiie we benne vr creatour, i*t P m y 

Hint the 

bat 1 be sacrament, vr saueour, l om. in r. . BMMMA 

' r . Clirist, will 

jjat Bodi and soule he wol vs saue, . ' v. *aveu! 

And we him to 1 loue and he us to 1 haue. AmeH. 916 B-HO/ 

XXXII. pou a mare stjml tpe 

(A translation of the first part of St. Edmund's Speculum), 
i J N nome of him Alweldyng ^Ti-tt^w^; 

Jjat is vr hei 3 e heuene-kyng, 1,^1.^, Fb,^^: 
Takeb hede here in alle wyse 

To fleo be sunne of Couetyse 4 

And alle be dedly Synnes samed Fieco?et- 

)3at her-aftur schul beo named. 

* This treatise follows the Gospels without being separated from 
them, either by a larger Initial or special title ; yet it is a separate 
treatise, being a translation of the first part of St. Edmund's 
Speculum ; it was made perhaps from a prose translation such as 
is found in MS. Vern., f. ccclv., and Thornton (E. E. T. Soc. 1867, 
p. 15 seq.). The sense is frequently obscured and corrupted. 
Another translation of St. Edmund's Speculum is pe Spore of 
Loue, p. 268 ff. The Speculum is printed in Ue La Bigne's Magna 
bibliotheca veterum patrum, ed. Col. 1618, vol. XIII, p. 355. 



XXXII. How to live perfectly. 

You shall 
be told, 

1 . I M.w to live 
)>erlectly ; 

2. God's will ; 

3. what 
makes men 

4. self-know- 

5. God's 
goodness ; 

6. how to 
si>eiid lime; 

7. how to 
(iod in crea- 
tures ; 

8. God's will 
as in holy 

9. the 7 
deadly Sins; 

10. the 7 
Virtues ; 

11. Hie 7 
Gifts of the 
holy Glutot; 

12. the Ten 
inents ; 

13. the 3 
Faith, Hope, 
lx>ve ; 

II. then 
Article* of 
the Creed ; 

15. the 7 

Sacrament * ; 

18. the 4 chief 

1 In the Spec, precedes : Quo- 
modn homo debet respicere ad 
stutum siuim. 

^e mouwe also here hardily 
Hou mon schal lyue pwfytly ; 

Jjewne schul 30 here also 
What is Jje wille of god euenno ; 

Also schul 30 here now rede 
What J>ing make]) mon holy in dede ; 

)3en schul 30 here, jif 30 AVO! trouwc, 
Hou mon schal him-self knowe, 
In bodi and in soule also, 
Wher he Hue treweli or ne do ; 

Also mowe 30 here in hi} 
Jje godnesse of god fat is euer redi ; 

J3en mowe 30 heere in J?is ryme 
How a Mon schal spende his tyme. 

Also heere lerne we may 
Hou }>at we schule vre lord pay. 1 
HerkneJ) alle feire and stille : 
Heere schul 36 so of godus wille, 
As Avituessejj folliche hit 
)5e Bok fat is cald holi writ : 

)3e seuen dedlich synnus, Je brauwchcs also, 
I wol 3ow telle, ar 36 go ; 

)3e seuen vertuwes of Ion fe Ewangelist, 1 
Jjat 2 was ful wel wij) Ihora Crist ; 

Jje seuen 3iftus of \>e holigost, 
)?e whuche ben of mihtes most, 
And of heore strengfe also I-feere 
Sumwhat J>enne uiowe 30 lere ; 

]3en schul 30 heere in presens 
Whuch ben )>e ten Comauudemens ; 

J3e[n] schul 30 heere feir and briht 
Of Jn-eo 1 vertuwes and of heore miht, 
]3at is ffeij), good hope, and loue, 
Jjtit wol vs bringe to blisse aboue ; 

Of pe twelf Articles of J>e ffey 
Schul we also sum what sey ; 

Of |>e seuen Sacramens, 
Jjat euer ben in godus preseus ; 

So schul 36 heere sum or al 
)3e ffoure vertuwes Principal : 



1 Spec. : Quoniodo homo 
dcbet coHtrmplari iK-um 



1 = the seven blessings, 
which however are given 
in Math. 5,8. Spec.: De 
7 virtntibus evangelicis. 
* M.S. j>as 


1 cf. v. R57 ff., where 
the 4 cardinal virtues 
(458) are included. 



XXXII. How to live perfectly. Religious Calling. 223 

Prouwesse, Puhtwisnesse, and Meth, 

Strengjje also wib hem he geth ; 48 

Of be seuen werkes [of mercil also 17. tiie 7 

L J Works of 

Lord, $if vs grace hem wel to do. Mercy. 

Videte vocacionem vest-ram. (Paul, 1 Cor. 1, 26.) xriiairm 


wordus here fat I ow say, 

To Religious men longen bay : 52 

Jjus muche ben bei forte mene, 
As ^e schul heere al bydeene : 
"Seo," he 1 seib, " bi-holde je ' c. Poui 'seetnwimt 

ye are 

To what bing $e cleped be." 56 **' 

bat he seib, hem to redresse 

And to sturen hem to Parfytnesse. 

ffor 1 eueri Mon bat lyueb here ' r. )>erfor Tiie Reii<; 

liure reason 

Ouhte ha loye and Serwe I-fere : 60 

loye for Jie worbily wonynge 

J3at is ordeynt to wel lyuynge, 1 I,,^]?^^ f f k 

Serwe also to haue ferbi . ami sorrow, 

ffor vre linynge vnrilitfuli. 64 

ffor her seib seint Eusebi 
Wordus bat ben ful dredfuly : 

" A !Mon to Religiun him dresse for tiie re- 

T 11 i L -1 r>c, l'siou state 

Is aller-hext sikernesse ; 68 i the highest 

. Ral'eiyorthe 

JN T ot parfyt Jme ber-mne son deepest dam- 

Is aller-hext Dampnacion." 

In Religiun we to beo don 

Is aller-hext Saluacion : 72 

3if bow wolt bat saluacion prrnie, 

Al bat is good bou most loue, 

Jjou most loue 1 eke also > r. leue 

Al bat Religius 2 longeb to; a r. l-eworia? 76 

J3ou most al J;i wille ^iue 

Parfytly and sikerly to liue. 

And seint Bernard vs techeb in hi; i.Toiieper- 

fpctlv is ;i s 

To liue Mekeli, loueli, and worschipfuli. 80 st. iWniard 

. <,,, teaches, to 

bat " Worschipfuli IS to meue, live meekly, 

* r . _ ' lovely, ainl 

To God us worechipe feir and clene, worrtihrfjuiy;|>tnlly 

bat bou do al byn en tent JfJjfTfSl 

G<Kl, in doing 

To don al his Comanndement ; 84 His "''" 

224 XXXII. How to live perfectly. Live by God's Will. 

To don his biddyng bou not as^rte 
In al fat bou may benke wib herte, 
And loke bou no bing ber-of breke 
whatever Wib al bat bou wijj moub raai speke, 88 

you do with ^ . . , , . . 

any of vour Or worche m dede wib-oute stnue 

Five Wfits, 

Wib eny of bi wittes fyue, 

Wib sijt of Eje, wib Tonge tastyng, 

Smellyng of Keose, of Ere heryng ; 92 

What bou dost bi wei or strete 

Wib bodi worching, going wib feetc, 

Liggyng, stondyng, benkyng 1 also, 

we if u be Loke jif hit beo god us wille or no. 96 

art* If* 3if hit beo his wille, do hit son : 

i,doit; if , , . 

not, don't. j\i hit ne beo, hit not don, 

Do hit not fenne for no maystrie, 

jjouj J)ou scholdest J)e?-fore dye. 100 

t. what \ Jjettne mony mon loud and stille 

God's will? _ , , . ., 

That we be Wol aske, what is godus wille. 


Hit is to vs boj>e more and les 
s. Then learn To haue vs euerc in holynes. 104 

what makes a . . ' . 

man holy. penne is to wite what, and whi, 

]5at make)) a mon fenne holi. 

Two J>inges J)er ben In worchyng : 
a. Knowledge bat on is loue, bat obur knowyng: 108 

of Truth, ' 

pat is knowyng of alle sobnes, 
6. Love of And loue of alle grete goodnes. 


TO know God, To knowyng of go 1 bat is sobnes 

that is Truth, J ' 

tii.umuRt .. Maist bou not come in blod and flesch, 112 

know thyself. 

Bote to knowe 1 bin owne flesch, 2 

And also 3 godus grete goodnes, 

Maistou not come, as I be mene, 

Wib-outen loue of bin Euencristone. 116 

To knowyng of bi-sel[f] maist^u 

Come borwh good benkyng nou ; * LS&SSS" 11 " 

pou mayjt come to godus knowynge 

pOl'wh bin OWne feire plesynge. 2 * per puram contemplaciouein 

4. Self-know- To knowe bi-self old or jinge 


may begot Maistou come bi bis bithinkynge : 

by thinking J * 

were are Pnk bisiliche, I preye be, 

W hat bou weore, art, and schalt be, 124 

XXXII. How to live perfectly. Self-knowledge. 

ffurst as to J)i bodi here, 

SeJ>])he to ]?i soule fat is so dero. 

As to Jji bodi : foulore hit is 

jpen euer was eny donge, I-wis 128 

Was neuer jit dounge so foule 

J)at \volde so stinke, rote and moule ; 

)5ou weore ia so gret fulpe igete, 

Abhominable hit is j?e?'of to speke ; 132 

J3ou schalt beo dilyueret to frete 

To Todus and ojmr woimes mete. 

What J?ou hast ben & art, haue in niynde, 

}3at jn soule beo not beo-hynde ; 136 

What Y\ soule schal beo in tyme comyng, 

May no nion knowe but heuene-kyng. 

jjenk J)ou hast In chele and hete 

I-do mony wikkednesse and grete, 140 

)3enk also, hem to redresse 
)3uw hast laft mony gret goodnesse. 

jjenk also, Jjat Jris beo not weyued, 
}jat longe hast lyued, and muche reseiued, 
And hou }>ou hast spendet J>at reseit ; 
To J>e )>enne wol pis beo ful streit : 
ffor vch a tyme, drede )>e noujt, 
j)at J)ou hast not on god I-J>oTi}t, 
)3ou hast so loren of J>i dispens 
And don a^eyn ]>i lordus defens 
ffor hit is vr lordus biddyng 
To loue him ouer al o)mr J>yng. 
ffor J)ou schalt jelde also a-counte 
What vch an Idel word wol auiounte, 
Also to Acoiwtes jjou schalt beo brou^t 
Hbr eumeh Idel werk and J>ouht ; 1 56 

And as vch an her on J?in hed is wrierl 
}3at Ls saued schal beo glorifyed, 
Also schal no j)iiig ascape 

Wijj-outen a-coute erly or late. ... 160 

ffor fe. soule J>er hit is holde, 
Is more J>en al J>is worldus molde 
Here is muche of god us grace ! 
3it schal hit ocupye no place. 164 


Our body is 
viler than 
dung, WUM 
bred in filth, 

and shall be 
worms' food. 

What our 
soul shall be, 
God only 
What has it 

Think of our 
many anil 
great sips, 

and how we 
have spent 
144 our time. 

we have not 
1 48 thought on 

we have lost 
our time. 


We shall he 
eald to ac- 
count for 
every idle 
deed anil 

226 XXXII. How to live perfectly. Our Mwrtcomings. 

o..r ixxiies ))e Bodi and be soule ben al a-stray, 
a!i'!tn l y. are Diue>-se Jjoujtes, willes, disires al day : 

Ho mihte benne seche his herte so ni} 

To jiue acountes al trewely 168 

Of al bat eue>-e he hedde mys-wroulit 

Or eiiy mis-dede hedde in )>ouht 1 

Seob now, breberen bi ten or twelue, 

How 30 ha neode to knowe or-selue ! 172 

our soul now Tac good 3eme what bou [now] art 
K, :1 HHi!"it e tie To soule, and let hit not astart, 
pow"eV an Whon bou hast in be luytel of goodn, 

Luitel of wit and pouwer and moodc, 17G 

Jjis is bus muche forte say 
we covet pat j>ou coueytest vche a day 

tiling of , , . ,-11 

no worth. ping bat nouht is worjj in dede 

Ke J>at )>e helpe mai at gret nede. 180 

Help vs god Jjat sittej) on lofte, 

We are often ffor elleS beO W6 bigyled ofte, 

vSnjJior>% Oj)urwhile forwh Kagynge as vnwitti, ' And ojmrwhile beo veyn 1 glori j ' MS. veny 184 

Now are we trauaylet in to drede I-lope, 

Now beo J>e wey of fals hope. 
We are Jjow art so chaungable be-hyde & bi-forn, 

Jjat we wol to-day we wol not to-morn ; 188 

Ofte vr-seluen for to plese 

Are we aboute worldly ese, 

P>ut we haue hem at vr wille 

We beo turmented, us J)i?keJ> wi)) 1 ille : > om. \\\\> 192 

Whon fou hem at J)i wille most hast, 

))eu art pou wij> hem agreued mast, 
we are easily ))enk wel ^it, I rede J)e, 

Hou liht J)ou art to tempted be, 106 

ffebel and Brutel to stonde a-jeyn, 

Redi to asente wi)> al oure mayn. 
s. r,,Hi'8 Of alle feos Merueylous chauwces 

Vr lord haj> sent vs dilittezatmce*, 200 

And vche oj>ur day J>erfore x l r. )>ern-o 

He vs dilyuerej) more and more. 2 s r. i" 

ii.. 111:1.1.. us Whon bou weore nouit, he formede be, 

in His like- T ' ' ofk . 

nes. pi soule to his liknesse to be, -U4 

XXXII. How to live perfectly. God's Goodness. 227 

And by stinkynde bodi also 

ffoormed he wib lymes two, 

So feir and noble and of gret prise 

bat no Mon may no such deuise. 208 

benk bisiliche, 30 
bat loueb or ffadres and modres fre, We ' ove " r 

Father and 

Whi 30 louen hem so tenderly Mother, 

I wolde wite be resun whi. 212 

3if bou seist bus, as so]) hit is, 

ffor bou wer born and geten of her flesch : because we 

' were born of 

So don be beestes, sob to say, t|iem 

bat breden of Mon and wowmon al day. 216 

be sobe }if bou wol lerne ben, 

Bodi ne soule nastou of hem, but our body 

.... , an d so"' are 

But bi him ful witterh from God. 

bat is vr lord, god Almihti. 220 

What heddestou ben, I preye be, 

}if bou heddest stille such i-be 

In f ulbe of synne as bou i-gete were ? 

fful Abhomynable hit is to here. 224 

3if bou loue brobur or suster ban ifweiove 

our Brother 

ffor bei ben of bat fflesch i-tan because i.e's 

one flesh with 

bat bou weore bi-self also U8> 

berfore bat loue hast bou hem to : 228 

bou scholdust ben loue hard and nesch 

A pece of ffadur or Modur fflesch 

In bis Maner, bat I sei here, 

Al on Schemes 1 bei} hit were. l r.of-siiome 232 

3if bou sigge in bis degre 
bou louest hem, for flesch figured bei be 
To bi liknes, and for bei han 

Soule of god as bou hast tan : 236 

Bi bis is he no more bi brobur we should 

' love every 

But on as muche as is a-nobur, man so, 

because we 

But in as muche neuer-be-latur 2 11 \^.\ 


As 30 hedde bobe on flesch-fadur, 240 

And benne be biginnyng 1 of vre flesch MS. bigimyn^ 
Is stynkynde fulbe neuerbeles. 

Of flesch-ffadur alle we came, 

Adam was he cald bi name ; 244 Adam. 

Q 2 

228 XXXII. Ifow to live perfectly. Jems' love for us. 

And for he dude so gret folye, 

Scholde we neuer loue her fleschlye, 
we should Bute vche Mon bus scholde loue obur 
Hotter with Gostlich here as sustur and brobur. 248 

spiritual , 

Jove. Ihesu, bat is vr aller kyng, 

As I seide atte bygynnyng, 
Jesus made Whon bou weor noujt, beii formed he be. 

Whon bou weore lore, ben fond be he, 252 

Whon bou weore sold in sorwe and smne, 
reJeemd us, Jjen boujt he be wib muchel wynne ; 

Whon bou were diht, i-dampned also, 
saved us. J?en mihtfulliche he saued be bo ; 256 

Whon bou weore boren in synne eke, 

He Baptised be wib wordus swete. 
He put* up And whon bou sungest, al day to se, 

with our sins, 

J)en Mekehche he soffreb be, 260 

And longe he wol $it be abyde, 
Resseyue be aftur, so may be-tyde, 
And putte be in to his swete couent, 
Euer to beo to him present. 264 

He waits Whon bou mis-dost, he wol be brete, 

before beat- * ' 

in- us, Longe he bydep ar he wol bete ; 

Whon bou syngest wib wille fre, 
He forgives fful sone wol he for-jiue hit be. 268 


Whon bou mis-gost eke also, 

He be Amendeb wib wille ful bro, 

Whon bat bou in doute art 1 ouht, 

In to be techyng he hab be brouht ; 272 

Whon bou art hiwgri in eny neode, 
He feeds us. fl'eire he ordeyneb be to ifeede ; 
Jesus wanna Whon bou hast colde, he warmeb be, Mon, 

Whon bou hast hete, he keleb be bon ; 276 

Whon bou wakest, 1 he saueb be so, ' MS. wniket 

Whon bou slepest, he kepeb be to ; 
nustains us, Whon bou rist vp, he be sosteyneb, 

Whon bou fallest, he be reiseb, 280 

Whon bou sittest, he halt be ek, 

Whon bou stondest, he strengbeb bi feet, 

And also, sob for to say, 

He vndursitteb be eue>-e and ay ; 28 1 

XXXII. How to live perfectly. Our Duty to God. 229 

"When pou gost, he wol pe lede, 

When pou a3eyn twnest, resseyuep pe eke, 

"VVhon pou gost mis, a-^eyn callep he, 1 1 r. \>e 

Whon pou art seek, pi cumfort to 2 be. 2 r. woi 

Such goodnesses in mony degre 

Hap vr lord god I-do for pe. 

And goodnesse in ]>yn herte wore, 

Jjou. weore holden euer-more 

Alle dayes to penke [on him] I-wis, 

And alle tymes to ponke for J>is, 

Alle dayes to speke to [him] Aboue 

And alle dayes him hertly loue, 1 > = praise 

And also wel, jit i pe say, 

On niht as vppon pe day. 

Jjerfore pou pat art pug wrou^t, 

At euera and morwe haue pus J)i poujt 

Hou mony pousund men to say 

Han pe?isched in pat niht or pat day, 

Suwme in bodi, soj> hit is, 

Su?nme in soule leosen her blis ; 

Surame in fuire and ofmr maneere, 

Suime in water )>at is so clere ; 

Surame Eobbed and woundet also ; 

Summe sodeynly to dej) han go 

WiJ?-outen schrif and hosul pen 

Jjat hern J)e rihte wei scholde ken, 

And for defaute of Confessiun 

Parauntur go to dampnaciun. 

"p%Enk also, a-nojmr is pis 

- Jjat niht and day uioni mon is 

ffalle in peril of soule way, 

Jjat pe fend hap mad hem stray, 

Jjat is to sei pus forpi 

In pe seuen synnes dedly : 

In Glotenye and Lecherie, 
Monslau^t also and Envye. 
And of alle peose wikkede chauwses 
Hap crist mad pe diliueraureces, 
He hap pe saued as mihti kyng 
Wip-outen pyn owne deseruyng ! 

leads us, 

288 and comforts 


6. For these 
benefits we 

296 praise Him, 








ami think 
how many 
other folk 
have died, 


and perhaps 
been damd. 

We Rhould 
think how 
many have 
fallen into 
the 7 Deadly 

and from all 
these, Christ 
hag deliverd 


XXXII. How to live perfectly. Tharilc Christ. 

What linve 
we done fur 

He is ever 
busy, caring 
for us. 

Every morn- 
ing we should 
thank Him 

i so MS. 

for keeping 
us wife and 

and for nil 
His benefits. 

Before going 
to bed, 

we should 
pray God 
mercy for 
our sins. 

And what hastou don him and whare 

}?at ha]) pe kept from al pis care ? 

3if pou toke pus goode kepe 

Whon pou awakest of pi slepe, 328 

Hou niony goodnesses he haj) pe do, 

And euer is to pe aboute nio, 

)3ow schuldest him loue souereynli 

Ouer al pis world, witterli ; 332 

Jjou schalt him fynde so bisy now 

Euermore a-boute pi prow 

As non ojmr pyng he aboute were 

But pe to kepe whil pou art here. 336 

Whon pou hast pou^t in pis wyse, 

A-Morwe soone vp arise 

And ponke pi lord of al pis goode, 

Jjat for fe wolde dye on Eoode, 340 

And sei to him wi)> herte fre 

In pis maner pat i sei to pe : 
S~yracias ago tibi, Nomine Ihesu cnste, qui me [mise- 

\JT rum peccatorem] 1 in hac node custodi[sti], [pro- 

texisti], visitasti, sanum saluum fy incoUmem 

ad hanc horam pemenire feristi, fy pro alijs vniuersis 

beneftciis qite 1 michi tua sola bonitate contulisti. Qui 

viuis $ regnas dens per omnia. 2 MS. qui 

Sey Jms, for hit is to jn by-heue, 343 

Bofe On Morwen and at CUB. 2 The English translation is omitted. 
3 l-\Enk fenne, I rede, also, 3 vv. SoS 362 are not in the Spec. 




J Ar pat pou to pi bed go, 
Hou pou hast spendet pi tyme honeste 
Whon pou vp ros til pou go to reste ; 
And whon pou hast bi-pou^t pe wel, 
Bi-sech god merci eueridel 
Of al pe synnes pat pou hast wrou^t, 
And goodnesse pou hast do noujt 
Whil vr lord pe lante miht, 
In pat day ne in pat niht. 
And loke pou do non opur dede 
Til pou haue pe Comaundet, I rede, 
)3e and alle opur goode eke 
In to pe hond of god ful meke, 

XXXII. Haw to live perfectly. Prayers to Christ. 231 

And benne schaltou bus 1 say \ The Latin text (in mamw Andevery 

J tuas Be.) in omit toil. night we 

In bis Manere, I be pray. . . . 360 should say, 

What beos wordtis beii to niene, 
3e schul on Englieh here bi-dene : 


n to bin hondes. lord verray, "i commit 

' . J ' to Thee 

And in to bin holy Aungeles ay, 3G4 

I be-teche bis ilke niht 

Mi bodi and soule to be be diht, myself, 

Mi breberen and my sustren alle, 

And al my frendes, what-so bi-falle, 3G8 my friend*, 

And my nexte frendes eke, 

And al my gode doeres, i beo-seke, benefactors, 

And also I be-seche at ene 
Alle obur cristene for to mene. 372 <inii 

' Christians. 

Kep vs, lord, bis niht in hi^e, Keep u from 

Jjorwh be 1 beo-sechyng of bi Modur Marie ' MS. \>\ 

And of al haleweu also 

J3at euer weore on eorbe i-do, 376 

ffrom vices and couetyse vn-hende 

And ffroin temptaciuu of be fende, temptation 

and Muliien 

Of sodeyn deb vnwarned to telle, death: 

And also from be pyne of helle ; 380 

Liht myn herte of be holy gost, 

As bou art lord of mihtes most, 

And of bi grete grace bou me take, 

To bi Comamzdemens me boxuw make, 384 

And neuer beo departet from be Let me never 

^TT-t. i L i -A. i be parted 

VVib-outen ende, so mot hit be. from Thee!" 

^if bou vse bis-Maner bing, 

|3en schaltou haue sobfast knowyng, 388 

To knowe bi lord in whom is al, 

}3at hab be Mad and saue schal. 

Loke benne bat bis beo be rif , 

Her-wib to lede holy lyf. 392 

Ireo Maners ber beo ben 7. There are s 

kinds of Cou- 

Of Contewplaciun vs to ken : temptation : 

}3e furste of hem bat ber is, i. in crea- 

In Creatures hit is, i-wis ; 396 
)3at obur in holy writ, we fynde ; 2. in Holy 

}5c bridde in god and in his kynde. 3. in'uod. 

232 XXXII. Haw to live perfectly. Contemplation of God. 

I. Contempla- 
tion ofiiud in 
Hi crea- 

Three tilings 
are in <"!, 

1. Power, 

2. Wit, 

3. Goodness, 

1. His power 
:ipl:irs in 
tlieir great- 

2. His wit : to 
s.miH He lias 
given bring 
only, as to 
stones ; 

(to others 
being and 

to others 
being, living, 
and feeling, 
as to beasts ; 

to other* 
being, living, 
feeling, and 


MS. bis 

2 vv. wanting ; Miht is ap- 
propred to god t>e Fader). 



r. be 


Contemplaciun is, siker 30 beo, 
Jje goodnesse of god for to seo. 
Bi his 1 Creatures may pou seo pan 
Jjreo pinges ben In god and Man ; 
Jjis preo ben, vs to redresse : 
Miht, wit, and gret goodnesse. 1 . 
"Wit to god pat is sone, 
Goodnes to god holigost in wone. 
Jjorwh his miht, pat wel was torned, 
Alle Jjinges pei ben formed; 
Jjorwh his wit, so wel demeyned, 
Alle pinges wysliche he 1 ordeyned ; 
Jjorwh his goodnesse, not denyed, 
Alle peose pinges he 1 multiplyed. 
His pouwer maistou seo pe laft 
Jjorwh her gretnesse and here schaft ; 
His wit also wip-outen distaunce 
Jjorwh heore bouwte 1 and ordynaunce ; 
His godnesse may we seo ful newe 
Bi heore Multiplicaciun and vertuwe. 
Heore gretnesse may we seo 
Wip foure propurtes 1 pat per beo, ' Lat 
Jjat is folliche for to say 
Jjorwh heore hei3nesse and depnesse ay, 
Jje opur two ben of streng)>e 
Jjat is 1 porwh heore brede and lenge. 
His wit maistou seo ful breme, 
3if pou perof take good jeme, 
Jjer as he hap 3iue sum creature J*>re 
Beoyng wip-outen eny more, 

hat 10 nc miir-lip fnrtp <iv ' Some vv. wanting : (to sum being 

pat is as mui orte say & liuing iis to treon & KrMet]i 

As stones pat ben in world al day. 1 . . . 

He hap 31116 to opur pynge 
Lyf, beoynge, and fleoynge, 1 
And al pise ben bi his hestes 
To pat ping pat men callen besles. 

To opur hap he 3iuen also 
Lyf, beoynge, and fleoinge 1 bo, 
And also more ping of Renoun : 
He hap to hem 1 I-3iue resoun ; 

r. beaute 416 


' MS. was 

r. ftlynge 

1 r. felynge 





MS. him 

XXXII. How to live perfectly. Contemplation in creatures. 233 

pis bing is I-^iuen ben 

Bobe to Aungel and to men. 440 as to Angei* 

and Men. 

Stones nobmg may bei feele, 

Ne grases, and 3it lyue bei 1 wele; sc. grases 

Bestes lyuen and feleb be ; 

Mon lyueb and waxeb as dob be tre, 444 Man lives 

A A " T> i f l Jl. J t like a tree, < 

And as a Best feeleb, he dob, feeN like a 

beaut., and 

And resun as Angel nab he sob. ll!l8 Re>>" 

like an Angel. 

penk bou on bat dignite 

To creature of Mon is jiue so fre, 448 

Hou bat his 31 ft wib honoures 

Sormoureteb alle obur Creatoures. 

perfore seib Austyn bus fol riht : 

"I nolde ben Aungel, bei3 I miht, 452 

Heore stat wolde I forsake ban 

ffor bat stude was purueyed for man." 

"NEnk also, Mon is worbi Manisbiame- 

J Gret schenschipe, witerli, 456 iie'ii not live 

alter God's 

pat wol not hue at godus wille wiii ; 

And his Comauwdemens folfille, 

Whon alle Creatures bat ben and were - for ail crea- 

T-V i , tares sire 

Ben ordeynd for inonnes mestere. 460 ">*'ie for 

man only : 

pe goode bestes bat meke beo bon, l r. creatures 
Beob maad for breo binges for mon : 
ffor to helpen vs wib-outen fayle, to help u 

. in our work, 

As schep, hors, kuyn, in vre trauayle ; 464 

And VS to feede, 1 and VS to clobe, ' r. hyder- cf. MS. Thornt. and to feed 

and clothe us. 

As Ipbpr fflp<?r}il nnrl -vvnllp hnbp 2 ' r. flax (Th. lyiw). 

^s leper, n. uopo, 2 2 vv> om ? cf Ms _ Thonit 

As Corn on eorbe and foules to be 

And also ffissches in be See. 468 

pe nuyjing graces 1 and bestes veninious l grases Harmful 

. creatures are 

Ben ordeynd for breo binges to vs : ordaind to 

J chastise, 

ffor chastisyng, and amendement, amend, and 

teach us. 

And for techyng wib good entent. 472 

Chatised and punissched we ben in route 
Whon we ben hurt, and in such doute; 1 

And bat is ful derWOrbli 1 i.e. in doubt of being hurt 

Of Godus owne grete merci 476 

perfore bodili he com ISSfiti&lS KSSi 

To Chastise vs, bobe god and Mon.i 

234 XXXII. Hoiv to live perfectly. Contemplation of (rod. 

All our woe 
( . iinc* from 
our sin. 

When little 
beasU grieve 
ii8, we tthould 
think how 

trail we are. 

Lift up thy 
heart and 
think of the 
power, wit, 
and goodnesi 
of God! 

We destrov 

His beasts ! 

II. Another 
kind ot Con- 
templation is 
Holy Writ. 

Holy Writ 
teaches us to 
avoid sin. 

)jat we nere danipned wib-outera ende 

ffor to dwelle wib be ffcnde. 

Wo ben araendet whil we wol mynno 

)3:it al vr wo come]) fro vr synne ; 

Whon we seo be sobe bus 

So sraale creatures may greuen vs, 

pen may we binke fat we be 

fful of ffebelnesse and of ffrelete, 

We ouhten alle to beo ful Meke. 

Whon we godus werkes wol se and seke 

AVhon bOU hast bus monyfoldo 1 The 3rd point (teaching <.f 

* unions creatures) is wanting. 

])& werkes of god folliche beo-holde, 
Lift vp byn herte wib wille liht 
And benk be Muchelnes of Godus miht, 
)3at alle bing ordeyneb in delyt, 
And al hit is for vre prwfyt. 

A, Lord, Merci ! what schul we say 
Bot we be serue to bi pay ? 
Al bat he vs $af to Multiplie, 
Alle bo Bestes we distruye ; 
3if God ordeyne and forme hem, 
We beo bisi to strui^e hem ben. 1 
Loue 1 God for his goodnesse ; 
Honoure him for his feirnesse ; 
Glorifye him at bi redres 
And also for his grete prouwes. 
"p%En is ber a-nobur degre 
y Of Contemplaciun, I telle be, 
\)Q wjuche trewe and sob is hit : 
Jjat ia cald holy writ ; 
}5at wol teche be wib-Inne, 
To drawe be from peril of synne, 
}3e peyne forte douten ay, 
To loue be loye bat come may. 
And euer loke, aboute bou be 
To holde wib be Charite, 1 
}5is world also in alle wyse 
}?ou beo aboute to dispise ; 
Loke bou what is to done, 
And also loke what is to schone.i 






1 Some verses oin.? 500 
1 al. peil.; loue = praise 




1 513-U ought to follow the 

2 vv. om. after 518. The 
text is here very corrupt. 

, vv- om> cf> Spec : Qimn . 

affectum ln 

XXXII. How to live perfectly. What Seizure teaches. 235 

Of pis two pinges seruen hit 

Al pat is writen in holy writ : 

J)is ben po two, to trowe, 

Jjat pou schalt bope leeue 1 and knowe 2 
"W^uche ben pe seuen synnes dedly, 
And pe seuen vertuwes perby, 
)?e ten Comawidemens al-wey, 
And J>e twelf Articles of pe fey, 
And pe seuen jiftus of pe holigost, 
And pe seuen sacremens most, 
And pe seuen werkes of Merci, 
And pe vertuwes of pe Ewangeli, 1 
And pe loyes also of heuen 
And pe peynes of helle to nemen. 


1 r. lone 

3 2 vv. om. ; Spec. : 

Ex scriptura debea 

oxt rahere et cognos- 



1 The 7 praiers oftlie 
P:iternof>t?r are om. 
here and in the poem. 


1 These vv. are corrupt ; cf. 
V. pr. tr. : whon a mon 
avautep him of good bat 
he hab of a-nober or of an 
vuel (Tli. of ill) bat he ha)> 


{, J e h. 

Holy writ 

t curlics ux the 

Sing, Virtue*, 
Creed, &c. 

Off pe seuen dedly synnes. 

SEuen Sinnes per ben dedly : 
Pruide, Wrappe, Sleupe, and Envy, 
Glotonye, and gredines 1 also, l = couetise, cf. v. eos. 535 
Couetyse 2 and lecheri, wip hem to go. 2 om. couetyse 
Pruide no-ping elles ne is 
Bote loue to muche monnes hihnes. 
And of him comep opur seuene : 

Vnbuxumnes, pat drawep from heuene, 540 

A^eynes god, be pou serteyn, 
Or elles ajeyn his souereyn ; 
J3at is to sei, I telle pe son, 

To leue pat is hym beden don 544 

J3us is he peired and not mendet, 
He dop 1 ping pat him is defendet. > r. And do 

Jjat opur ping is Auauntyng, 
1 Whon mon of opur monnes ping 
And to him-self bi wikkednes 
He hatep and bringep him in distres. 

Jje pridde spice is Ypocrisye, 
Whon mon feinep him to haue in hi$e 
Holines pat he hap nouht, 
And dop 1 his wikkednes in dede and poujt. 

Jje ffeorpe spice, hit is pen 
Dispit pat he hap to opur men, 556 

The 7 Deadly 

1. Pride, 

2. Wrath, 
S. Sloth, 

4. Envy, 

5. Gluttony, 
ti. Covetous- 

7. Lechery. 

1. Pride, 

and its 7 
branches : 

1. Disobedi- 

2. Boasting, 

3. Hypocrisy, 

4. l)08)>iteof 

236 XXXII. How to live perfectly. Pride and Etwy. 

5. Arrogance, 

0. Barefaced- 


7. Elation. 

Three tilings 
make men 
proud : 

1. natural 

8. acquired 

3. property. 

II. Knvy. 

o V. pr. tr., Tl . 

III. Wrath. 

Whon mon 1 rehercep 2 o]>ur mennes good dede, 
He wolde beo holde ))e beter in leode. 

))e ffyf)>e spice is Arrogance boun, 
Whon a Mon Make)) comparisoun 
Bi-twenen his vuel doynges 
And ojmr ine?mes for eny pinges, 
Ifor his wikkednes and trespas 
Scholde seme muche pe las. 

]3e sixte spice is boldnes 1 in uome, 
Whon a Mon hap no scheme 
Of his grete wikkednes forpi 
]3at he hap don so openly. 

)Je seuenpe Elaciun is to redft, 
Whon mon is proud of his vuel dede. 

J?ou schalt wite bope in and out 
jjat pis preo pinges makep Mon prout : 
jjat is to wite and haue in muynde 
J)e goodes pat he hap of kuynde, 
)3at is of 1 feirnes, or strengpe to say, 
Or souereyn wit, or Noblay 
)5at noblei calle I in pis stage 
He pat 1 is prout of hei lynage. 

]3at opur ping is and euer was 
Jje godus pat men han of purchas, 
As wittes, 1 vertuwes euerichane, 
Graces, 1 Dignite, and eke good fame. 

}3e pridde is worldly godus pus, 
As Clopiwge, housynge, Rentes, possessions, 
Meyne, and also gret honour 
Of pe worldly pinges in eueri stour. 

Off Envye comep, haue we no care, 
loye of opur mennes vuel-fare, 
And also to make sweryng 1 gret 1 r. se 

tfor op?*r mennes wel-farynge and get. 
And pat may ben in herte stinkynge, 1 
Or in Moup porwh Bakbytynge, 
Or in werkes of vuel entent 
))orwh defaute of good entisement. 1 * S P 

Chidyng waxep of Wrappe pen, 
Swellyng of herte amonges men, 

MS. me* 
2 r. repreuep? 
(Til. leases). 



1 om. of? 

r. pat he 





1 Th. cnnnynge, V. sciens, 
Sp. scientia. 

1 al. grace 



Sp. per nffliotionem, 
Th. wtU lykynge 



XXXII. How to live perfectly. Tlie 7 Deadly Sins. 237 

Schomef ul wordus penke to seyn, 

Sclaundre, and also gret dedeyn. 

Of slou^pe comep drerines, wikkednws, and swelling iv. siotii. 

Of foul wille, wip gret pretyng, 600 

Aboute godus comaundemens not to do, 

Wnnhnnp Kpr>hplpmp;<?p al<sn 1 > vv.601 and >2 to be trnnsp. Sp. 

mope, n iso, desperati0) iwg | igelltia S5 dli 

Outrage Aville of herte to sen prwi-epta. 
Aboute pinges fat defeudet ben. 604- 

iff gredines 1 comep tresun prest, ' = metit<e v. covetous- 


fforsweryuges, and wikked rest, 1 ' *o M S T i.. (V. febie " 

< ' rest) ; Sp. itiqmtudo. 

Violence, and hardnes of herte 

Ajeynes Merci wip nmchel vnquerte. 608 

"P\Enne Jier come]) of Glotonye vi. Gluttony. 

J Veyne gladnesse, and Lecherye, 

ff ul>i,i Muche speche in hiding, ' - ^.L^u." 1 *'' 

And ful feble vndurstondyug. 612 

Of Lecherie come)) blyndues of heite, vii. Lwiiery. 

In Orisun wij) muchel vnqwerte 

In al J>e preyers he scholde in be 

Nis per wij) him no stabulte; 616 

Of him come]) fool-hastines also, 

Loue of him-self wol wi]j hym go, 

Hate of god j?at vs bouht, 

Loue of J)is world pat is nouht, 620 

Drede of 1 dispeir Is al his wone ' r. ana 

Of pe world pat is to come. 

Jjeose ben pe seuen dedly synnes forpi. The 7 Deadly 

Wei may pei ben cald dedli : 624 aw'n he evils 

of them. 

pe furste preo dispoylep pe mon, 

pe ffeorpe abatep hym as he con, 

Jpe ffyf pe byndep him in bonde, 1 ' Sp. prostemit emu 

pe Sixte deseyuep him in londe, 628 

pe seuenpe him put in praldome, 
Him to muche harm and schome. 

ff or Pruide, beo pou perof bolde, Tlie evils of 

Bi-nymep a Mon his god 1 to holde ; ' MS. good, of. v. GJS. 
And Envye bi-nymep also him fro 633 2. Envy, 

His euencristen, 1 from god to go; MS. owne self, cf. CM. 
Wrapphe, pat is a schrewed delf, s. wrath, 

Bi-nymep a Mon his owne self; 636 

238 XXXII. How to live perfectly. Gotfs 7 Blessings. 

4. sioth, Of Sloube bat ilke foule synne 

Euere hit tormenteb hymme ; * so r\\. 

s. covetous- Gredines in eueri toun 

Casteb be vnsely mon adoun ; 640 

e. Gluttony, Glotenye deseyueb hym in luytel stage ; 

7. Lechery. Lechcrie put him in foul seruage. 

G<ft smen Seueu blessyiwes of god. 1 


The remedies A 2ein bis SCUCne vices bus ' Tllis P*"?* 5 *' om - in MS _ Thonit., 
acainst the 7 \ ' agrees with the pr. tr. in MS. Vern. 

Deadly sins i\ Ordeywt remedie sone Ihesus, 644 

Blessings of And send us seu&ii vertuwes in hihe 

the Gospel. 

In be holy Ewangelye, 1 > Math. 5, s. 

And seib bus in bis Manere 

As je schul her aftur here : 648 

1. Blessed are " Blesset be be meke of spirit euene, 

I he Poor in . * 

spirit. ffor heoren is be kynedom of heuene "- 

)jis is ajein pruide and mood, 
J3at bi-nymeb a Mon his god so good. 652 

2. messed are " I-blcsset beo be deboner ben 

the Meek. 

Ajeynes heore euen-cristen men, 
fEor bei schul haue in to heore honde 
)5e lond bat is euer lastonde " 656 

|3is is ajeyn be foule Envye, 
Jjat bi-reueb mon his euencristen trie. 
s. Bieed are " Blesset beo bo bat wepen ofte, 

they who ' ' r ' 

mourn. ff r bei schul beo cumfortet on lofte " 660 

Jpis is ajeynes wrabbe to delue, 
))at bi-nymeb a Mon him-selue. 

4. Blessed are " Blesset be be Merciable men, 

the Merciful. ' ^ ' 

ffor god schal haue Merci of hem " 664 

A^eynes gredynes bis mot IDC, 
})at of no mon he hab pite. 

5. Blessed are " Blesset beo bo bat hungii be bon 

hunger after Aftur Rihtful, disyr forte ken, 668 

KiKliteous- -. , J , 

nes. ffor pei schul be fed in bhsse 

Jjis is ajein Sloube and rechelesnesse. 
6 Blessed are " Blesset mote be clene of herte be, 

tin' Pure in 

Heart. jj e f ace of god schul bei se " 672 

}3is is a-jeyn glotenye doyng, 
pat euer benkeb on flesch lykyng. 

XXXII. How to live perfectly. 7 Medicines for 7 Sins. 239 

" Blesset be be pesybles i-tald, 7. messed are 

Godus children schul bei be cald " 676 makers. 

Ajeynes lecherie bis ordeynt wes, 
ffor be lechour nab neuer pes ; 
He nab no pes for his beste, 

He may in herte neuer ha reste. 680 

peose ben jje vertuwes seuene 
A 3 eyn be vices forte nempne.i ' 


Seucn medicines for be seuen dedlij si/nnes. i Medicine, 

for 7 Sin,. 

fftur bis he wol vs teche, God baiT 

God bat is vr goode leche, 684 Medicines' to 

. . . cure us of tlie 

pis seuen medicines, trie to vs, 7 Diseases, 
To helen vs of seuen Maledins, 

And bus he COnfermeb 1 hem 2 ' Tl.e poet or scribe took eoi,fermef> and confirm 

lor conformep. z r. men. u ,,, the 7 

In to 3 seuen vertuwes ben * po 688 virtue?. 

Hi vertue of be holy gost, 

pat is lord of mihtes most. 

peose bei ben to nempne bat bing : 

be holigost of wisdam and of vndurstowdvcr, 692 i. windom, 

2. Under- 

And also, wib-outen fayle, standing, 

pe gost of strengbe and of counsaylo, s. strenptii, 

be gost of wit and of pite, s. wit, 

B. Pity. 

pe gost of doute of god mot be. 696 7. Hear of 

porwh bis seuen ^iftes god $af mou 

Al bat he hab neode of bon 

To his Bodiliche lyf 

And to his soule wib-outen strif. 700 

ISeo hou mon may in his mode 

Leue be vuel and take be gode : 

To leue be vuel bat is forbod TO leave evil 

, . -t\i teaclies tlie 

Techeb be gost of be doute ot god ; < 04 spirit, Fear 

pe gode to do, I telle be, to do KOO.I, 

, , ., teaches Pity. 

pat techej? be gost of pite. 

Two binges ber beo ban TWO tilings 

hinder good 

pat lettejj good doinge of man : / 08 deeds : 

pat on is worldly riches, i. riches, 

Ami olun rrror f r<ii\vii-rfllnpl ' S|i. adversitas mundi, Th. .. . . 

And alSO gret irOUWai^ajneS , tribnlacion, of. v. 718. 2. tribulation. 

Riches, hit mon deseyueb, 

ffrouwardnes from god him weyueb. 712 

2-K) XXXII. How to live perfectly. The 10 Commandments. 

TO despise Jjerfore a mou schal clispise 
rici.w, Worldly richesse in alle wyse, 

teaches wit; jjat he beo not descyuet beo hit : 

J3at vs techeb ]>e gost of wit. 716 

to suffer And bou schalt suffre stalworbli 

tribulations , .... 

manfully, Tribulacions and anguyses worldh, 

Jjat bou neuere ouercomen be : 
uaches ])us teclieb be gost of strengbe to be. 720 

Strength. ' 

jjeose fonre ben souereynly 

To bodiliche lyf forby. 
The other s hat obur longen \vib-outen strif 

Alle to be gostly lyf. 724 

s kinds of ffor breo maners bi resun 

Contempla- . 

tion: Ben of Contemplaciun : 

i. in Crea- On is [in] Creatures bi vre entent : 

)5at techej) be gost of enteudement. 728 

z. in Holy A-nobur in holi writ also, 

jjat bou seost what bou schalt do 

And what bing bou schalt lete : 

jjat techej) be gost of cou?seil swete. 732 

s. in God. Jje bridde is of him-self , god and Mon : 

J3at techeb be gost of wisdom. 

Now seo we now hou Ihesu be lele 

Is eucr aboute vr help and hele. 736 

ThtTenCom- \)e ten coniaundcmens of fjod. 1 !J!' i M I rTi??,., a fT s 

,andmet*. wll)l Ms - Thointoii. 

ThreTreUt- A fftUF bis SchaltOU witCll j)ell 

.od: J^ \Vjuche ben be comau?demews ten. 
1. 1. worship he f urste, hit is be bin a-cord : 

the One God, ' 

Worschipe to 1 god, vr loid. r. J.u < 40 

jjen be fend be may not derue, 
3if bou him only worschipe and seme. 
Worschupe him borw feib and mode, 
and serve And serue him wib werkes gode. 744 

Him with f 

good worts. j)enk jif bou haue alle tym 

Trewely honoured hym, 

And ouer alle obur binges 

Serae[d] hym and his biddynges ; 748 

Think benk ;if bou haue aoldew \\irn bi beo-hest 


you've kept hat bou be-hijtcst hym mest or lest : 

the vows ' T * 

XXXII. Hmv to live perfectly. The 10 Commandments. 241 

Jjou him be-latest feij>ful trist 

Whon JJQU toke }>i Baptist ; 752 

Or }if ]>ou haue lasse penauwce don 
Jjea fe was leyd penauMce vppon. 
Jjorwh ]?is comaundemeKt al-to-gader 
]\Ion is ordeynt to god J>e ffader. 756 

ojmr bi-heste is forto seyn : 
empne not godus nome in veyn. 
Jjorw fat is defendet lesynge, 

ffalshede, and forswerynge. 760 

jjorw J)at is eueri good mon in wone 
Ordeynt ton ward god }>e Sone, 
fFor lie him-self beref witnesse 

And seijj " I am sojmesse " expresse. 764 

Jnidde heste is forte say 

]5at J?ou kepe wel J)in haly-day. 
)3at is to sei, vch an heih fest 

Jjat come)) J>e to, mest or lest, 768 

Haue J>in herte in pes and reste most. 
)3at ordeynejj mon to \>e holygost. 
Jjeose jjreo hestes techej) ow and me 
To beren vs to god J>e Trinite, 772 

To whos liknesse Mon is mad 
In soule, fat scholde be trewe and sad. 
Seuene ojmre teche]) men 

Hou J>ei schul bere hem to her eue-cr/sten. 776 

furste is : worschupe )?ou folly 

fflesch-fadnr and modur and fi gostly. 
And fat in two Maner of finges : 

In boxumnesse and for-berynges, 780 

And help hem bi Jn poiuver in dede 
Of alle ]?inges fat J?ei haue nede. 
Jjen schalt ]?ou beo of long lyf 

In eorfe here wij>-outen stryf. 784 

3if J)ou wolt haue \e lyf louge, 

Worschupe )?i god 1 wij wille stronge, Lnbe^k"-^"'^ 
ffor he 2 Jje broujt, wite hit wel, * od) - * r - ^ at 

Al >i lyf euerich a del. 788 

t o))ur heste, hit is j>on : 

In no wey fat J?ou sle no mon. 


made for you 
at liuptism. 

I. 2. Name 
not God's 
name in vain. 

I. 3. Keep 

the Sabbath 

ments re- 
lating to 
our fellow- 

II. 1. Honour 
thy Father 
and Mother. 
Help thy 
Parents to all 
they need. 

II. 2. Slay no 

242 XXXII. How to live perfectly. The 10 Commandments. 

Jjenne schaltou wite here, 

Mon-slaujt is in breo manere, 792 

In breo mauere hit is ful smerte : 
Of hond, of tongc, and of herte. 
Of hond hit is wib-outen me}) 
"VVhon a Mon wib wepene sleb, 79 G 

put none in Or whon he putteb him in dede 1 l Sp. in loco mortis 

prison; . , 

In pnsun or in ojmr stede 

)5at ilke doing cause may be 799 

Of his deb, as I sei be. , , .*. ' ? ome vv - wantin s (manslaughter 

by tongue). 

Monslaujt of herte is also here 
In obur two vuel manere : 

wish no Whon Mon coueyteb obiwes deb in 

Or for de-faute leteb him dye 804 

And nil not helpen him in bat mester 
N"e him deliuere, $if he ha pouwer. 

ii. s. DO no T^En is hit be bridde heste : 

J To do no lecherie, mest ne leste. 808 

He bat wol lyue wib-outew dyjing 

In be blisse of heuene-kyng, 

Him weore neod to kepe ful boun 

His dedlyche lyf from corupcioun, 812 

ffrom bat corupciun, sei I, 

)5at wol come of his bodi. 
n. 4. DO no ~p*E ffeorbe heste is, witerli : 
robbery. J To do no befbe ne Kobberi. 816 

He bat wol spare oburmennes lyf, 

Bi-nyme him nouht wib no strif, 

Jjorwh W3uche bi-nymynge 

J)ou mai3t bi-reue his lyuynge. 820 

ii. s. Bear no T\E ffyf be heste ben is bis : 

false witness \) , , 

against thy f how schalt bere no fals witnes 


Christian. A^eynes bin euen-cristeu ben, 

Ne also bou schalt not cu??ifortew hem 824 

Jjat wolden Hue in reste and ro (!)i ^Th., H. i. nht 

Heore neih 3 ebors harm to do. 85^^-^ 

ffor bi a fals witnesse i-bore 

A Mon may worldli beo forlore. 828 

3if bou no cou?zseil in no res 

To him bat wolde liucn in pes 

XXXII. How to live perfectly. Commandments. Virtues. 243 

hys euen-cristen to debate ; 
ffor $if f ou dost, hit tornef to wrake. 832 

E sixte heste wij>-outen strif : 

Coueite )>ou no^t fi neijebors wyf, 

non of his seruauns also, 

noujt fiat him longef to. 836 

E seuef e heste is Jms, I-wis : 

Coueyte fou not f i neijebors godis. 
)3is two hestes acordyng ben 
To fo bifore as $e may sen, 
J)er he seif to f e in hi^e 
" Do no f eff e, ne lecherie," 
ffor he fat haj) wikked wille and smert, 
Wikked entent is in his hert, 844 

He may not longe for no fing 
Holden him from mis-doing. 
Jjerfore I warne f e nou so, 

)3at fou lecherie ne do ; 848 

3if fou wolt not stele nou, 
Ojmr mennes good coueite not fou. 
J)eos ben fe ten hestes to say 
J?at god }af Moyses in fe Mount of Synay. 852 

}?e furste freo, witef hit wel, 
Ben to godus honour eueridel ; 
And to fi-self longen fe seuene, 
To louen alle cristene euene. 856 

])e seuen vertues of god. 

Aftur scha[l]tou wite w^uche ben 
Jje seuen ve/iuwes vppon to sen, 
jpat is to wite : ffeif, hope, and loue, 
Qweyntise, Eihtfulnes a-boue, 860 

Temperaunce, and strengf e most. 
Of O Matere ben feos two 1 hest 
And fe seue vertuwes in presens, Cf i C ei!nes'V8% 3 iiSt 1 we ll Bai"do, e3 
Saue fis is fe diflferens : hdw wellu^! ke "" e8 " 

})e ten hestes techef hou 2 fou schalt do, 
J3e seuen vertuwes techef fe matere 3 also. 

J3e ffurste f reo fat ben aboue, 
Is to wite, ffeif , Hope, and Loue, 868 

1 1. 6. Covet 

not thy 



II. 7. or his 

These last 
:iree with 
840 l ' ie former, 

" Do no theft 
or lechery." 

1 r. ten ? 

2 r. what 

s r. inanere 

God gave 
these loCmn- 

to Moses on 
Mount Sinai. 

The 7 Virtue! 

(3 here, 4 at 

p. 217-8). 

1. Faith, 

2. Hope, 
8. Love, 

4. Skill, 

5. Rightful- 

6. Temper- 

7. Strength. 

The first 
three, Faith, 
Hope, Love, 

R 2 

244 XXXII. How to live perfectly. 3 of God's 7 Virtues. 

relate to God. 

The other 7 
teacli us 
the way to 

To know 


and come to 
a good end, 
we must, 

1. know 
whither we 
shall go; 
S. go will, 

3. trust to 
go well. 

We must 
have might, 
and will. 

These we 
can't have of 
ourselves ; 

so God has 
given us 

Kailli makes 
us know God. 

Of Faith 
come* Hope. 

Jpise freo, fei ordeyne hou f ou schalt 

Touward god Hue fat al wait ; 

And f is of ere her-aftur scuene 

Teche fe to knowe fe wey to heuene. 872 

3E 1 wite wel, my leue ffrende, > MS. ze 

* Alle beo we formed to on ende : 

Jjat is to seye, god to knowe, 

Him to lone and honoure we owe. 876 

Bote freo f inges, ar we wende, 

Beon nedful to come to vre ende : 

And f enne is f is fat on 

To wite whodur we schulle gon ; 880 

]3at of ur, fat we ben willi 

To gon in trust ful treweH ; 

And f enne is f e f ridde f iuge : 

To haue trust of wel goinge 884 

Gret folye hit were to fo or ffrende 
To bi-ginne fing he may not ende. 
A Mon fat wol wel do f er-tille, 

Moste ha miht, Connyng, and wille, 888 

Jjat is to say f us }ow to : 
)3at he con, Mai, and wol [wel] do. 
But for we haue not vs ner 

Of vr-self Miht, 1 Wit, ne pouwer, > r. wu 892 

Jperfore haf god jiuen vs tille 
ffeif , alle fise to folfille. 2 

ffeif ordeynef vs to god fe sone, ^SfJKSST voluntatem ad 
To whom is a-propred wisdani in wone ; 
Hope ordeynef vs to f e ffadur riht, 
To whom is a-p?v?pred Miht ; 
Loue to fe Holigost dof vs dresse, 
To whom is a-propred alle goodnesse. 
And f erfore of god wif-outen lesynge 
ffeif dof vs to haue knowynge ; 

And fat knowynge of 1 god wif mood f r t - ^ we y f ;, J e h ;' 8 "y se 
Jiuef vs frely and largeli of his good : ^\>^t o^ch'/s'fnanefe" 1 
And out of fat go.lnesse 2 is i-crope %%?*' ^ f 
And comef to vs f enne hope ; * r. kuowyng 

Of fat knowyng, I vndurstod, 
J}er he seif vs fat he is good, 908 

' s P- : ideo donavit nohis Deus 

fi( i e , n ad impiendum defect um 



XXXII. How to live perfectly. 12 Articles of Faith. 245 

The Srd 

Virtue is 

ber-of comeb fwir aboue 

be bridde vertue bat is loue, 910 

tfVvr vr-li -i hincr TJpsiin win' ' The 4 cardinal virtues are Love. 

T VUl a ping, IteS ll AMU, treated separately v. 999, p. 247 ff, 

Schal loue be goode kuyndeli. 1 " 8 '" '' aud in the Sl>ec ' 9 1 2 

be twolue articles of be/ew. 1 12 (is) 

.4reJ. of 
Pn qpTnlf-nn wif-p n<? T fop <?pi J This passage diffi>rs from the Faith. 

,cnaitou wite, as i pe >ei, Spee> Th alld v pr _ lr 

Whuche ben be .xij. Articles of be fei. 
ffurst, god is on in hiw-self for to lende, i. God is i 


And bre persones, wib-outen ende, 910 Persons. 

And is verrey God and lord 
bat alle bing made wib his word. 

bat obur article is f ul trye : 2. He took 

bat he tok flesch and blod of Maide Marie. 920 

be bridde Article 1 : bat he was bore bon s. wanbom 

Uoil unii man, 

Of hire, sobfast god and mon. ' n^md^.*?. te '" Spec " 

be fferbe Article, we sen hit red : * died under 

Pontius Pi- 

Vndur Pilatus pouwer was he ded, 9J4 late, 

Not for nede, I sei ow tille, 
But vs to buye of his ffreo wille. 

be ffyfbe 1 is, sob to telle : * ^I^v. 8 ; p Uo e HUnTh? pec ' HeTi entint 
)5at his soule wente douw to helle 928 

And fet hem out in to his blis, 
Alle bo bat were his. 

be Sixte : bat he ros wib-outen striue, rose to uie, 

God and Mon, from deb to lyue. 932 

be seuebe is in vre sawes : 7 - ascended 

Aftur be fulle fourti dawes 
Of his blisful and hard dyeing 
He steih to heuene ber he is kyng ; 936 into Heaven, 

' c and 

He bat is lord of See and Sond 
Sitteb ber on his fadur riht hond. 

1 be eihtebe is : he schal present ar t" c i t es e be p o e ng'to'ti!e e preeed- ^{""H " dg6 
Beon atte day of lugement, mf n ( u form^he? ias 8 t acra " S5S2&. 

Goode and wikkede schal he deme 941 

And alle bing as him wol bi-seeine. 

be Kibe is wib-outen bost : a. The Holy 


bat in god is be holygost, 

And euermore so wol be, o) 

be bridde persone 1 of be trinite ; ' MS. persones Trinity. 

of the 





246 XXXIT. How to live perfectly. Creed. 7 Sacraments. 

Of whom, fat is so hei$ in blis, 

Al-holichirche halewed hit is. 948 

Jje tenfe is of comynge 1 of holi men, r. comonyng 
]3at is to sei fulliche of hem 
]3at ben lymes of holychirche 
And no declly synne nul worche, 
Han part of alle goode dedes sone 
)3at in holi chirche ben done. 

\)Q Elleuef e is : f orw Jie sacrament 
Of holichurche wif good entent 
)?e goode schul haue forjiuenesse 
Of heore synnes more and lease. 

)5e twelff e is fat Mon and wyue 
Schullen arise from def to lyue. 

\)Q f rettenf e is : f e goode schul haue 
Euerlastinde lyf fat schal hem saue, 
And f is of ure f enne schul wende 
To lastyng pyne wif-outen ende. 

Jje Seuen sacr omens of holy churched 

Afftur f is schul ^e here bi-ginne 
Jje sacramews seuew fat fordon sy?*ne ; 
He hem ordeynde sy?me to 
And f e gode to take on honde. 
J?e furste is cald Baptisme, 
)3at child takef er fen his crisme ; 
)3at clansef mon of fat synne 
)5at vr forme-fader bro^t us inne. 

)?at of ur sacrame?t is of renoun 
And is cald Confirmaciouw : 
ffor whon he is so cristned f on, 
He confermef f e holigost in mon. 

Jje fridde is penaunce to biginne, 
Jjat fretef a-wei f e fulf e of synne. 

\)e feorf e is sacrament of f e Auter, 
J?at confermef mon hoi and feer 
And jiuef him strengfe good wif-alle, 
}3at he eft-sones in synne ne falle j 
Jpat sacrament reconsilef him ay, 
Susteynef him, fat he ne falle may. 

shall enjoy 

11. Thro' the 
the sins of the 
good shall be 

12. Man and 
wile shall 
rise again. 

13. The good 
shall have 
life: the 
wicked, end- 
less pain. 

The Seven 

1. Baptism. 

2. Confirma- 

''.. Penance. 

4. Eucharist. 

In Spec., Tli. and V. pr. tr. 
included in the creed as 
forming the 7 last articles. 
The text is abridged. 





XXXII. Hmo to live perfectly. 7 Sacraments. 7 Virtues. 24-7 

)je ffifpe is ordre, pat ^iuep power 5. Ordination. 

To Men ordeynet in heore mester 
)3e sacramens to make and worche, 
To serue wip god and holi churche. 988 

]5e Sixte is Matrimoyne to bigyraie, e. Matri- 

J3at defendep dedly synne 
In werkes of generaciun pon 
Bi-twene mon and wommon. 992 

J?e seuepe is pe enoyling 7. Unction, 

,-^f , . , ,, ,. . when near 

Or seke in perel ot dicing, death. 

And pat is in Aleggaunce 

Of Bodi and soules penauwce. 996 

)5eos ben pe sacramens pen, 1 MS. ten 

J?at longep to alle cristene Men. 


})e seuen 1 principal vertues. 1 r. four, as in spec. 4 chief 


f tur pis nou wite we schal ( ' ee p - 248 ' 5) - 

"VVsuche be?i pe iiij. ve?-tuwes principal, 1000 The 4 chief 

/ * \ t . Virtues are 

Bi wjuche vche mo?mes lyf here 

Is gouemet in pis world so dere : 

Qweyntise, Rihtfulnes bi chaunce, skin, Right- 

Strengpe, and also Temperaunce. 1004 strength, 

f\c i. r i u t i, i Temperance. 

Oi peos foure spekep pe holygost 

In pe Bok of wisdam most 

J3at no ping bi good delyt 

In eorpe to Mon dop more profyt. 1008 

fl 2 or hose to do wel vndurstode, i. skm 

TT . . f , teaches us to 

He moste knowe vuei from goode, know evil 

from good. 

Also, he seop here bi lettre, 

He moste knowe pe gode fro??* pe bettre : 1012 

)5at vs techep in alle wyse 

J3at pyng pat is called queyntyse. 

And whon pou hast pus i-chose, bon^m'de K n^io a "utde e duo- 

)?e wikked from pe goode to lose 1 r > eM^qli e ^ l nwhmf&fac C ere ebes 2- Ri s ! ' tf "'- 

}5at techep pe virtue to distresse ^Z'Aa^rius 111118 " = - at "" 

)5at is clepei Eihtfulnesse. SSta?. 1 " 

Two pinges per ben in world ful pikke 
Lettep mon do good and takep 1 wikke : l r. forsake? 1020 
Jje riches of pis world is on, 
)5at alle weyes deseyuep mon, 

248 XXXII. How to live perfectly. 7 Works of Mercy. 
He disseyuej) mon in mony binges, 1023 

borwh SWete restyilges ; J Spec, adversitas, Th. tribulacyon 

s. Temper. A-obur is Coutek of world li strif 1 

aiice teaches ,1 j 

Moderation Ajeynes mon, doun hym to clryi. 

in prosperity. ' . , . , 

A3eynes nchesse mesure be in tide, 

Beo bou not risen to muche in pride : 1028 

pat vertu is wib-outen distaunce 

pis bat men calleb temperaunce. 
4. strength Ajeynes worldly cuntek and strif 
fortitude in Loke brennynge wille 1 beo be rif, 1032 

adversity. . 

j3at pOU beo not SO leble DOUn J Sp. audaeia awmi, Th. hardines 

pat be world be caste a-doun : 

And bat vertue in brede and lengbe 

Is bat bat is i-cleped strengbe. 1036 

7 workt of Seuen werkes of mercy. 



fftur schaltou wite redili 
"Wjuche ben seuen werkes of Merci. 

i. feed the pe furste is, ^iue be hungri mete; 

a. gtve.irink bat obui 1 , drinke be brusti to gete ; 1040 

tothetliirrty; ' , . 

s. riotiie the Jje bridde, clobe be naked bi tymes : 

naked ; 

4. house pii- p e ffeorbe, to herborwe pilgryrnes ; 
pVbonL; ^ Q % f j> e > P^'sons to visyte swete; 
SlrtSkf* pe Sixte is, cumforte be seke ; 1044 

tiie dead"" 7 P e seuejje, in certeyn place 1 we rede, > Tob. i, 20. 
pat is to belpe burie be dede. 

pen maistou sey in tour and toun : 
i,etnoone " I bat am in Religioun, 1048 

bound by 

vows I naue no pouwer to 3iue no mete, 

excuse him- Ne drinke ne herborwe to hem gete, 

self from 

doing thus, J^Q clobing to hem haue I non, 

To visite pn'sones may I not gon : 1052 

I am in obur monnes pouwer ; 
or wish he berfore me were beter seculer, 

was a secular. 

pat I mihte do trewely 

Alle beose dedes of Mercy." 1056 

penk not bus, I rede be, 
Leste bou her-Inrie deseyued be. 
Betere hit is to be in eueri toun 
To haue pile and compassioun 1060 

XXXII. How to live perfectly. 7 Works of Mercy. 249 

In Jjyn herte in alle weyse 

Of hem fat f ou seost in Meseyse, 

pen fou heddest al fe world wif fo 

Hit forth to dele for charite. 1064 

3if fi-self, as I sei nou, oivethyseir 

And more fen al ]>e world jiuestou. 1 l^^SS&.^Si ""f-*" 

ffor f ei fat suffre in alle wyse &R* !S l . 

Chele, hungur, defaute and Miseise, SSLSSCSKS 

Ihesu seif wher-so he go tt S' virum ^"SL 

AJT-- ii> i_ i 1.1- vocnri Domimis qnam eius 

Ana mm-seli ne clepep po ; servus? scu bene quo<\ 

, , ..... , pmevalet vooari Dominus. 

pus he seif in his gospel sed nu qni &c. 
Hose \vol hit seche, may fynde hit wel : 1072 

" What to be leste of myne don be, what i done 

* to the least of 

}e hit don al to me. cimst's toik 

is done to 

Whcf er weor beter or more sen 1 075 Him - 

To luge or elles lugged to ben 1 1 ' ^ ^J^^^ 

perfore to pore make f e liche, et hoc faciunt P aui * res 

ffor f e pore schul lugge f e riche ; xiie poor 

, j ., , . 3 , shall judge 

As vr lord self feire and wel the rich 

In his owne goode gospel : x > Math. 19, 28. 1080 

" 3e fat alle fynges haue to p7*oue, 

Leuef hem for me and for my loue, 1 

And at f e grete day of dome, > Sa^Ti ett S"^ Vc. ^.^ of 

Whon I schal sitten in my trone 1084 

ffor fere f o men schul me se 

In f e Seete of my Maieste 

pei 1 schul sitte on twelf seges wel ' r. je 

And lugge fe twelf kuyndes of Israel." 1088 

Whef er weore hit better at f e leste 

Haue heuene in possession or in bi-heste? l Have Heaven 

in possession. 

ffVvr hii pih drtc\ vvitph WP! Spec, adds: Certura est quod in 
OQ, \Vltep WCi, p^ 88es8ione: 8 i c h a bentpauperes 

In his holy Godspel : 2 * Math. 5. God says, 

" lilri-si',1 are 

" Blesset mote be pore of spirit be, 1093 the poor in 

spirit, for 

ffor heoren is heuene," as I sei be. Heaven t 


He seif not f us in his steuen 

Heoren " schal beo " f e kyngdam of heuen, 1096 

But he hem dof to vndurstonde 

pei ben in possessiun and in honde. 

Seint Bemard in a sarmou?* seif euen : 

"pe pore naf not in crfo, ne riche in heueu*." 1100 

250 XXXII. How to live perfectly. 7 Works of Mercy. 
The rich And f be riche wol heuene haue, 

must buv -i-i -i 

Heaven from At be pore he mot nit ouve and. craue. 


is hit good for to sen 

Wjuche bat verreylieh pore ben, 1104 

And also bulke obere iliche 

"VVjuche bei ben, bat ben cleped riche. 
The rich are Summe ben bat han riches bikke 
iiave wealth And hem louen wib al heor witte : 1108 

and love it; 

po ben bis riche gredi men, 
And euer coueyten be world ben. 
2. thoRe who Obur ber ben in dede and boujt 

haven't it 

"Wolde be riche, but bei may nou^t ; 1112 

but would ffor and bei hadden worldus good, 

love it if they f 

had, pei women hit loue as bei were wod : 

pulke ben beose, sob to telle, 

caitivebeg- pe caytyf beggers bat noujwher wol dwelle, 1116 

covet ail they But euer bei reyken aboute to craue, 

8Ce * 

Al bat bei seon bei wolde hit haue ; 
Also wib hem sette we moun 
s. false folk pis fals folk of Kcligioun. 1 1 20 

of monkery: ' . 

peos ben as nche in vnquerte 
As beos obure and as proude of herte ; 
Crist spekeb of hem in be gospelle 1 Math. 10, u. 
And bus be wordus dob he telle : 1124 

a camel *ud " A Chamayle mihte beter pase 

Boonergo " 

thro- a borwh anelde yje benne in case, 

needle's eye 

than they to jj en m iht such a riche mon 


In heuene come to bat kyndom." 1128 

Su??imen bat richesse is to brouht, 
Han hit, but bei louen hit nouht, 
But neuerbeles, be sob to saue, 

ffayn bei ben riches to haue : 1 132 

pos ben bese, to seye ow here, 
smne rich pe goode men of be world so dere, 

men spend * 

an inr the p a t al heore richesse wol dispende 

love of God. ' 

ffor loue of god bat hit sende. 1 136 

Bote be more harm is forbi, 
But so few i Suche ben f ewe, witerli ! 

Obur ber ben, sob hit is, 
pat haue not of bis worldus blis 1140 

XXXIII. St. Paul's Visions of the Pains of Hell. 251 

Ne no bing berof dob crane 

Ne nokle not, bauh bei} mihte, hit liaue : 

bis ben holy religious berfore They and 

And obure, bat mai Avel beo cald pore -, 1 ' us. bore 1144 siw'n have joy 

. everlasting. 

Heoren is be loye enerlastonde 

Wib god and wib godus sonde. 

ben may we here-of nou say : 

" Blesset beo be pore in spirit ay, 1 148 

ffor heoren is be kyndom 

ber as dwelleb God and Mon." 

benne drede we on bat obur syde 
Leste be wariing hem bi-tyde, 1152 Let the rich 

,., . .,, . , take cure lest 

lo bis like nche men, they bum in 

Leste bei schulle in helle bren. 

Pore bei ben in heor herte 

bat ben pore and louen pouerte, 1156 

And bei ben pore in querte 

bat han riches and louen pouerte. 

[XXXIII] j>* biste of s-ept pwl fcrait 
rn^t in ta 

ifiont of 


xistneb, lordy.?zges, leof and dere, 
bat wolen of be sonday here ! 

)3e sonday a day hit is in Sunday, 

IT the Angels 

bat angeles and archauwgeles loyen. I-wis, 4 joymoretimn 

, -n i in any other 

More in bat like day day. 

ben eny obur, as 1 be say. 

ben wol we her ate dwelle 

Ho preyed furst rest for soules in helle. 8 

bat is to witen, I sei be so, 

Poul and Michel Archaungel bo. 

ffor god of his grete miht 

be peynes of helle put in heore siht. 1 2 

Poul sayh bi-foren helle aates Before Heii- 

. gates St. Paul 

Bre/mynge tres bat neuer slakes ; 

2 Ed. before iu Engl. Stud. I. p. 295-9. This piece seems 
intended to supply the place of the last article (loyes of heuen 
& Peynes of helle) of the preceding treatise, cf. p. 235, v. 531-2 ; 
it bus no special initial or title. 

252 XXXIII. St. Paul's Visions of the Pains of Hell. 

*aw folk 
hanging on 

St. Paul saw 
:iKo sinnrrs 
in n burning 

in which were 
7 plagues of 

Snow, Ice, 


Somo wept 
and yeld ; 
all wisht to 

In Hell is a 



and under it 
1000 pain.-, 

In which, 
5 times u day, 
IMHI s.niU are 

]\Iony on for lieore synne f onne 

"Weore I-pyned and honged fer-onne : 16 

Summe bi hondes and bi feet fere, 

Sir/nme bi fe her, suwnne bi fe ere, 

Su??nne bi fe Armes fat weore longe, 

And sumrae fer hengen bi f e tonge. 20 

He sauj a caudren brennynge at cues 
Of diuerse colours wif seue lemes, 
And f er weore f ei for heore synne 
Diuersliche I-pynet f er-Inne ; 24 

And seuen peynes weoren \er also 
J3at duden f e soules muche wo : 

Jje furste of snouj, fe secunde of ys, 
Jje fridde fuir in alle wys, 28 

Jje ffeorfe blod, as I J>e say, 
)3e ffyfjje Eddres of foul aray, 
)5e sixte leyt, as mon may fink, 

J?e seuefe peyne hit was of stynk. 32 

At fat penauwces were f ei in cast, 
Synful soules, and al for-f rast, 
Jje wjuche fat nolden in no chau?&ce 
ffor heore synnes do no penaunce ; 36 

J)er weore f ei tormented in fo ledes, 
And vche reseyued aftur his deedes. 
Su??zme wepten and Celled f enne, 

Surame gouleden, and su??ime dude bre?me ; 40 

)3ei disireden euere to dye 
Hit miht not beo, \vif-outen ly^e, 
ffor f e soule, wher-so hit go, 

Schal neuer dyen, for weole nor wo. 44 

Jjerfore sore hit is to drede 
)3e places of helle for wikkedhede ! 
In f e w^uche f er is a whel brennynge, 
Wif muche serwe euer-lastynge ; 48 

Vndur fat wheol is f er fore 
A fousund grisly peynes sore, 
ffyue tyme vche day, to telle, 

Beo twmented wif f e Angel of helle, 52 

In vche of f o fyue tymes 
Ben a fousund soules twme?*ted in pynes. 

XXXIII. St. Paul's Visions of the Pains of Hell. 253 

Aftur fat sayh he, for he stod, 
A wondur orible grisly flod, 
And in fat flod say he fere 
Mony deueles bestes were : 
As ffissches fei were in fat flod fo, 
Todus, Neddres, Snakes, mony mo, 
And f e synful soules in hij 
Eten and gnowen wif-outen merci 
Of hem tok I l no more kep r. b 

But as a Lyun dof of a schep. 
Ouer fat watur he say 3 ligge 
A woudur long and an heij brugge, 
And ouer fat brugge saf goon feu 
)3e soules of good rihtful men 
Wif-outen harm of word or dede, 
And also wif-outen eny drede. 

)pe soules of synne[r]s, as I fe telle, 
ffallen doun f er, in pyne to dwelle, 
Jjer to take and resseyne so 
As fei on eorf e deserueden to. 
Be Avar of fis, I sei, beo-fore, 
As God seide in f e gospel fore : 

Ligate per fascicules ad comburendum : 

Byndef hem in knucchem^s forf i, 

To brenne, lyk to licchi, 

Spous-brekers wif lechours, 

Rauisschers wif rauisschours, 

Wikked wif wikked also, 

ffor so schul fei to-gedere go. 

ffor eueri creature go schal 

Bi fat brugge sum or al, 

And lasse or more schal he be deruet, 

Er aftur he haf beer deseruet. 

r sauh f e goode mon poule , 

In fat pyne moni diuerse soule : 

Suwime to fe kne, and su?me to fe hipes, 

Suwme to fe nauel, suwzme to fe lippes, 

And summe he sauj bi-suyled as souwes 

In fat pyne vp to fe brouwes ; 


St. Paul saw 
too a horrible 

60 with Toads 
and Snakes 
tpiawing sin- 
ful souls. 


A bridge 

spuml the 

Good souls 
went sate 
68 ov er ilt 

wliile sinners' 
souls tell into 
9 the flood. 

Sinners were 
like to like, 

80 ravishers 

with nivish- 
ei-s, and so on. 

88 Man}' were in 
pain to the 
knee, hips, 
navel, to lips, 


254 XXXIII. St. Paul's Visions of the Pains of HdL 

And bei weore tormented euerlastyngly, 
AH yeid. bei wept and gouled and weore sory. 
And Poules herte was so sor 

bat for senve he wepte bor. 96 

And of bat Angel asked he 

"Whi summe were ber in to be kne. 
Those tor- be Angel seide to him ben : 

tureil to the 

knee " Heo ben Bacbyters of men. 100 

were back- . i -i T 

biters; bat in word and dede, as I be say, 

Hyndren heor euencn'sten bat bei may. 
to the navel, And bo bat to be nauel bou se, 


Spousbrekers and lechours bei be, 104 

bat aftur heore dedes, to vndurstonde, 

Nolde no penauwce take on honde. 
to the lips And bo bat weren up to be lippes blake, 
church; Stryf and langelyng in chirche dude make, 108 

Vche to obur langled wib scorn 

To heere godus wordus bei ban forborn. 
to the brows, And bo bat weren vp to be bribes 
neighbours' In bat flod aboue be eijes, 112 

bulke weore glade of be mischeef 

Of heore neihjebors and of heore greef." 
nd Poul wepte and seide bo : 
"Muche wo is hem I-come to 116 

bat so mony peynes grymme 

Ben ordeynt to for heore synne ! " 
st. Paul saw Seynt Poul bo bi-tornd his face 

folk gnawing , , 111 i nr\ 

their own And say} anobur derk place. 120 

tongues. *' ' 

Mom Men and wymmen ber amongus 
bat for-freten heore owne tonges. 

And Poul asked of him bere 

What-maner men bat bei were. 124 

be Aungel seide to him ful sleih : 
They were " bei vsuden Ocur and vsuri ; 

Usurers. . 

JVIerciable weore bei nouht, 

berfore hit schal be dere abouht." 128 

d Poul sauj bemie a-nobur pL 

bat mom peynes ber-in was ; 

He saw too A nd Poul sauj be?ine a-nobur plas, 

Maiacns in ber he sauh dispitous bing : 

As Blake Maydens in Blac clobing, 132 

XXXIII. St. Paul's Visions of the Pains of Hell. 255 

And bei sodun euerichon boning in 

,, . pitch, while 

In weliyng pich and Brumston : flamm* ser- 


Brennyng dragouns and serpewtes ifere their flesh, 

Hongynge aboute heor nekkes were, 136 

Gnawyng hem, to don hem schom, 

To-tere be fflesch from be bon. 

And ber weore foure Angeles to telle 

bat weoren of be hous of helle, 140 

Brennynge homes hedde bei on hed : and Devils 

J ' with burning 

bei hem twrmewted and dude hem qued, !l"entea"them 

ffaste bei wente bis pepul a-boute 

Wib moni twrmentes grete and stoute, 144 

Seying to hem, as was heore wone : 

" Knoweb 30," bei seide, " godus sone, 

be w^uche bat muche on 3011 boujt, 

Al be world whon he bou^t ] 148 

ffor 30 nolde neuer knowew him 

3e schullerc han here beos pynes grym." 

Poul bis asked feire and wel. 
And benne onswered be Aungel : 152 

" beos serued not chastite Those were 


Til tyme of heor weddynge schulde be, g -Is 

But lyuede in heore lecherie, who iiva in 

lechery, ami 

And heled heore children and dude hem dye 156 kil<l i tlleir 


And $af hem to swyn or to hoiindes 
Or droimed hem In flodes groundes, 
And schewed hem to be worldus degre yet pretended 

' to be maid- 

As bei maydens hedden i-be ; 1 60 e " 8 - 

And in bis lyf bei lyueden 3ore 
And duden no penaunce berfore." 

Aftur bis he sayj at ene st. Paul saw 

also lean folk, 

Men and wywmen moni and lene, 164 

Lene bei weore, wib-outen flesche ; 

bei soffred harde and nobing nessche : 

Muche lay bi-foren hem of Mete 

bat hem deynet not of to etc. 168 

bo weore beose bat weore not trewe w '>" >rth 

* wouldn't last. 

And nolde not faste bat hem was duwc, 

And hedden of mony metes dedeyn, 

But hit weore likerous, be certeyn. 172 

25G XXXIII. St. Paul's Visions of tlie Pains of Hell. 

En sauj poul a serw^ful siht 
And he loked ber forp riht : 
And an old An Old mon sat ber wepynge 

man between 

4 Devils: Bi-twene four deueles toul jelJynge. 1 1 6 

Poul asked what he was. 

And be Angel seide in plas : 

" He was K"eclygent ajeynes forbod 

And kepte not be lawes of God, 180 

he'd been He nas not chast of bodi i-souat 


covetous, and ]$Q O f herte ne of his bomt, 


But euer he was Couetous, 

Proud of herte and contrarius ; 184 

Jjerof nolde he him not schriue 

Ne do no penaunce bi his lyue, 

jjerfore he schal beo pyned ay 

Wib-outen Noumbre til domus-day." 188 

POul wepte and bigon to goule. 
J3e Angel seide : " whi wepustou, poule ? 
3it sayj bou not, as I be telle, 

Jje strongest peyne bat is in helle." 192 

st. Paul then Jje Angel him schewed wib-outn weoles 

saw a pit 

A put a-seled wip seuen seles. 
He bad him stonde bac, for bat ping, 
Jjat he niihte sustene bat stynk. 196 

He opened be Moup of bat put : 
from which Hit stonk foule waon hit was vnschut : 

the stink was 

awful. jj e stynk bat com out of bat plas 

Passed al be peynes and stinkes per was. 200 

Jpen seide bat Angel, to biginne : 
"Hose comeb pis put wip-Inne, 
Bi-fore God and vre ladi 
Schal neuer of him beo no merci." 204 

POul askede : " w^uche ben po 
bat schulen to pis peyne go ? " 
in H were He seide : "hose leeuep not in wone 

those who . OAO 

didn't believe bat ICSU Crist, GoduS SOttC, ^Uo 

Clirist WHH 

bom of the Tok fflesch and blod of be viVgine Marie 

Virgin, ' 

And sebbe was boren of hire bodye ; 
and who did And also bulke, I telle hit be, 

not receive 010 

Baptism or Jjat neuer wollen Baptijed be, m 

XXXIII. The Visions of St. Paul. 


))ulke fat resseyue not worfily 
|3e flesch and blod of godus bodi." 

POul loked forf ur fen 
And sauj ful mony men and wymmen ; 216 

Wormes and serpe?/.tes on hem seeten, 
Euer as houndes f ei on hem freeten. 
So mony soules fer weore in hold, 
Vchon on of ur, as schep in fold. 220 

Hit was also dep to neinene 
As from f e eorf e vp to heuene. 
Of heore serwyng was muche wondur, 
Jjei made a noyse as hit weore f undur. 224 

And f ewne poul loked touward heuene, 
Ami out of eorf e he herde a steuene ; ' 
A synful sotile he sau^ comynge 

Among seue deueles wayinentynge ; 228 

Jje w^uche fat same day forf i 
Was itaken from f e bodi. 

Jje Angeles of God, fat ben vr frendes, 
Crijeden faste to fe ffendes, 232 

Sey^inge alias, makynge heore mon : 
" What haf fat wrecched soule i-don 1 " 

]3e ffendes seiden : " verreyment, 

He haf se^en his luggement ; 236 

He haf ben muche mys-auyset, 
Godus Comauwdemeres he haf dispyset, 
In eorf e he lyued in foly 

And fer dude he no remedi. 240 

His owne cha[r]tre haf he rad 
)5at his synnes were Inne I-sprad, 
And so forf, we telle f e, 
His owne self fen lugged he." 244 

)3en tok fe deueles and him boimde, 
And caste hyin in to f e derkeste growide, 
\)er as was wepyng wif muche vnseef e, 
Goulyng and grisbatyng of tefe. 248 

"KEn seide to poul fat Aungel : 
J " Leeue f ou hit and knowe hit wel : 
So as Mon dof in his lyuing 

So schal he haue aftur his endyng." 252 


tlie Eucha- 

St. Paul saw 
al-o men and 
women torn 
by worms and 

Tlien he saw 
a Roul coining 

from eartl1 
with 7 Devils, 

who said he'd 
God's com- 
mands, and 
livd in folly; 

so they bound 
him, and cast 
him into the 
darkest place. 

As man does 
in life, so 
shall he have 
doom after 


258 XXXIII. The Visions of St. Paul 

Aftur pat 1 bis was forp so sent, 

In-wip pe space of a moment, 
st. Paul aw Aungeles of heuene sai} he come pon, 
eoiw'maY&' " Brouhten be soule of a Rihtful mon. 256 

soul brought 

up, ber was loye wib loud steuene, 

ffor so bei beeren hit in to heuene ; 

Of a bousund Angeles he herde be vois, 

loynge wib a semely noys, 260 

weioomd by And seiden : " murie soule, blesset bou be, 

Angels, _ 111 ... 

flor euer murpe schal beo wip pe ! 

bou art i-blesset of God in trone : 

be wille of Ihesu hastou done." 264 

T)En seide pe Angeles in heore seizing : 
taken before j " Ledep hym vp to-foren vr kyng ! 

Glad may he ben of alle clerkes 

bat schal him-self rede his goode werkes." 268 

Aftur pat Mihel lede him in hij 
and led into To parddys to obur holi. 


A loyiul noyse was hem among 

Of Angeles and Archangeles Avib song. 272 

The Damnd T^Ei bat in peyne bi-neben Iy3e, 

J Herden bis and al hit seije ; 
call on Paul bei selleden wib lodly cry : 

and Michael 

to pray for " Poul. Michael, on vs ha merci ! 276 


Prei lor vs wib good a-cord 
To vre god and to vre lord ! " 
kEn seide be Angel to hem bo : 

" Weputh ! poul and I wolen also, 280 

bat Almihti God, bat may best, 
Send 2.o\v sum refuit and sum rest." 
They, with And beose bat in peyne weore 

Cried on God wib delf ul beere ; 284 

Paul and Michael and poul also, 

Angels, did 

pn'y; And a Legioun of Aungelus mo. 

their sound be soun of hem was herd f ul euene 

rose to the 

4th Heaven. Vp in to be ffeorbe heuene, 288 

Sei3inge " haue merci on hem, 
be Sone of God and eke of mon." 
nd penne bei be heuene seih 
Open a-non ful sodeynly, 292 


XXXI II. The Visions of St. Paul. 259 

be Sone of god com doun bo 

And herde hem preye, mony on mo, 

)jei preieden alle ful tenderli 

" Haue merci on vs, sone of Daui ! " 296 

vois benne of vre heuene kyng Christ askt 

r theDamnd 

Ouer al be peynes was herd seymg : what good 

" What good ha 30 don herbifore done. 

bat je aske reste so sore 1 300 

I was don on cros for 3011 wzb dere 
And smiten wib a ful scharp spere, 
I-nayled also wib nayles bree, 

Eysel and Galle to drynke bode me ; 304 

I 3af my-self for 3011 to be, 
ffor 30 schulde ouer come wib me. 
Bote 30 weore beues, coueytous, They were 

-nil t nr\a "'' eve * 1UI( 1 

Proude and wrobe and envyous, 308 envious, 

Good neuer nolde 36 do lion 

Ne to schrift 1 uolde 36 not gon, 

N~e do penau?zce for no Jring 

Wib Almusdedes ne wib fastyng, 312 

But 30 weore Iy3ers al 301- lyf 

And liueden euere in serwe and strif." living ever in 


kneled Poul and Mihel 

And a ^lilioun Angeles wel 31 G Then the 

Angels prayd 

Bi-fore be sone of God, to pray that the 


bei moste ha reste be sonenday. might rest on 

* Sunday. 

)jo weore beos, as I ow telle 

Jpat weoren in be pynen of helle. 320 

V*En seide vr lord to hem in spelle : 

j " ffor Poul and also Michaelle 

And myn obwre Angeles on hi3e, 

Jjat ben in heuene so goode and tri3e, 324 

And also of my grete goodnesse, 

Hem to ese of heore distresse, 

bis rest I 3iue 3ow ful soon chnt 

granted this 

ff rom be seter-day at .Non 328 from satur- 

,l:iy at noon, 

Til be secunde hour beo cum tuithesmi 

hour on Mmi- 

On be Monenday, al and sum." ^y- 

Anon be soules hedden ber rest 
He 3af hit hem bat mihte best. 332 

8 2 


XXXIV. Pope Gregory's Trental 

be soulcs crimed euerichon : 
" Blesset beo )>ou, lord, sone of nion, 
Lord and God of Dauid kuynde ! 
bis rest bi be haue we in Muynde."- 

berfore, whos halweb wel be soncndtiy, 
He schal ha part of be reste ay 

He wlio hal- 
lows Sunday 
shall have 
part of the 

Angels' eter- hat be Angeles in heuene 

nul rest. 

Han fere wib uiylde steuene. 

Beo war of be servve and drede 
And of be peynes bat we her rede, 
And torne we in alle wyse 
Vr lord to seme, bat hi^e lustise ; 
Bi w^uche seruyse we may come 
To vre lord god and wib him wone. 




St. Gregory'i 

St. Gregory's 

xxxiv. >c fop trmtal. 1 

Title in Vz: 

I-writen 1 fynde a good stori, ^^j^f^^ 1 
be Pope hit wrot seint Gregori, 1 } '' " here, and v. si, 

is a later introduction to 

Of his Modur and of hire lyf, the poem (cf.Ms.cott.). 

> ' (Gregory is said to have 

bat alle men heolden an holi hosewyf , instituted the Treutai.) 

So sad 1 of Maner, so mylde of Mood, vzgood 

bat alle men heolden hire holi and good ; 

De-boner, deuout, so milde of steuene, 

bat alle men gesset 1 hire worj>i to heuene. v- g essed 8 

1 Ed. before in Engl. Stud. VIII, p. 275. The poem occurs again in the same MS. 
Vern. fol. CCCIII (V 2 ) ; other MSS. are Cott. Cal. A II (loth cent.), ed. by Furnivull, 
Pol., Rel. and Love Poems, London 1866, and MS. Lamb. 306 ; from these MSS. A. Kauf- 
mann has tried to give a critical text, based chiefly on MS. Cott., and retaining its spell- 
ing (Erlanger Jieltrdge 3, 1889). A different version is extant in MS. Edinb. Adv. Libr. 
19, 3, 1, ed. by lurnlmll, The Visions of Tundale, Edinb. 1843, and MS. Cambr. Univ. 
Libr. KK 1, 6, ed. by Kaufmann 1. c., which MSS. again differ greatly. 

MS. Cott. Cal. A II, fol. 86 (ed. in Furnivall's Pofit., Relig. and Love Poems, 
E. E. T. S. 1866). 

A nobuH story wryte y fynde, 

A pope hit wrote to haue yn mynde, 

Of lu's modur & of her lyf 

That holden was an holy wyfe, 4 

Of myrthes sadde & myldc of mode, 
Jjat aH men held her 1 holy & gode ; 
Bothe deuowte & mylde of steuen), 7 
J5t aH men helde her 1 wordy heuen. 

XXXIV. Pope Gregorys Trental. 261 

As holi I-holden as heo was, 

J)e fend jit failed hire in a foul cas, was lea by 

TT i 1 11 1.- _ i x i the Deul into 

lie truyled 1 hire wiji his tricherye ' Vigyiede lechery. 

And ladde hire in to lecherye, 12 

feat lust wi}> loue hire so be-gylede, 

So foule, til heo was wij> childe. 

So priueliche nofeles heo hire bar 

jjat j?er-of nas no wiht I-war. 16 

And for no wiht schukle wite hire cas, 

Anon as hire child I-boren was, 

J3e Nekke heo nom, \>e child heo woriede, siiewmn* 

And a-non J>e child heo buriede. 20 .*, 

Jjus was heo curabred in careful cas. 

Xe schewed neuer schrift J>erof, alias ! and never 

ffor heo wolde holy I-holde be, 

Heo tolde neuer prest hire priuite ; 24 

Al 1 folk fayn was of hire fame, v*Aiie 

So holy as heo was holden of name. 

Eft-sones hir fel J)e same cas 

Riht as bi-foren bi-tyd hire was. 28 

ffor heo was comen of prys parade, AS she was of 

" " high birth, 

Of riche kun, 1 of gentil lynage, v-.'kin 

Hire sone was seynt Gregori J>e pope, * w. 31-2 om. in Cott. ami the 

Men heolden hire holy w/]) al heore hope, 2 32 mother, 

Jperfore heo schonede hir schrift to schowe, die feard to 

, confess, and 

Leste by schriit hire cas weor 1 knowe. ivawere make her Bin 


1 So schome make]) men schone heor schrift ' V a' a ^ 1 * ter 
And leose 1 J>e grace of godus 3ift, MS. ieose}> 36 
And sijjen to liue?z so sunfulli 1 l vzsinftau 

So holy as she was holde of name, The chylde she slow} & wyryede 

AH men were gladde of her* fame. And pryuely she hit byryede. 

But as holy as she holden was, 11 ])er was she co?ftbred yn a carefuH case, 

)?e deueH brow^th hei- 1 yn a foule cas, And vnsluyuen J>e?--of she was ; 24 

He tn'f'eled her* so vrith his trecherye She ne tolde no preste hei j p? - myte 

And ledde her yn lust of lecherye, ffor she wolde holy holden be. 

ffor with lust of lecherye he her begylde Ef te-sones she fett i?i J>e same case 

TyH she hadde co?iceyued a chylde. 16 Ryjth as beforn hei 1 * be-tydde was. 28 

And also p?v'uely she hit bare ffor she was corner of hyj parage, 

That pei^-of was no man ware. Of geutyH kyraie & wor|>y lynage, 

And for no mon) shuld wyte of Jit case, ])erioi? she wolde not her 1 symie shewe 

Anone as fe chylde born was, 20 Nor yn schryfte hit be-knowe, 32 

262 XXXIV. Pope Gregorys Trental. 

And sorily dyen and sodeynli. 

pis woMimones dedes ner not aspyet, 1 l v neore . aspyed 
si.e died. And softly sone ber-aftur heo dyed. 40 

Whon heo was seyen 1 so softly dye, v-.-sejen 

Men hopede heo weore in heuene ful hije, 1 v 2 iiie 

Men heolden hir holy and so deuoute 

)5at of hire deb men hedden no doute, 44 

But wenden witerly alle to-wisse 

Jjat heo weore set in souereyn blisse. 

T^Er-aftur wib-Inne a luytel tyme 

J Vp-on a day sone aftur prime 48 

And when Hire sone be pope at Masse stood, 
0nRM7*M And of his Modur trouwed bote good. 

saying Mass, ... -,. , , , . 

Al sodeynhche a-Midde his messe 
a great dark- ))er drouh touward him such a derknesse 52 

nes cume on, i i i i ^ 

)3at lakkede al be dayes lyht 

And was derk 1 as hit weore midniht ; > v- as derk as is at m. 
And in ))at derknesse a myst among, 
Al stoneyd he was, such stunch ber stong ; 56 

Jjer-of so grislich he was a-gast 
)5at al swounyng he was al-mast. 
Beo-syde he loked vndur his leor : 
and he saw a A-Middc be derknesse ber drouj on ner 60 

grisly c.ea- J 

ture, A wonder grisli 1 cieature, l v 2 grisiici> 

Riht aftur a fend ferde hire feture ; 

So Ragget, 1 so Rent, so elyng, so vnel, 2 ' Vz Ragged 2 enei 
like a Devil As hidous to bi-holden as helle-deuel ; 64 

Moub and Neose, Eres and E^es 

And so her 1 dedes wer 1 not a-spyed. And sodenly yn myddes his masse 47 

But aftwrwarde sodenly she dyed. \)er browj to hy?n such" a derkenesse 

When she was seyn so sodenly dye, J)at he 1 lakkede ner be dayes ly^t, 

Men hoped she was yn heuen hye ; 36 ffor hit was derke as mydny^t ; !om.he 

They helde hei 1 * so holy & deuowte In bat derkenes was myste among, 51 

}5at of her* deth bey made no dowte, AH a-stonyed he stode so hz't stongke. 

But sykurly men wende y-wys Be-syde he loked vnb?<?- hys lere : 

}3c<t she Avas worby heuen blys. 40 In bat derknes a byng brew hy? nere, 

Then sdiur wit/i-Inne a shorte tyme, A wonbM?iuH grysely creature, 55 

Vpon a day soone aftyr pryme, Af iur a fend fyred w/t/4 aH hei 1 * feture, 

The pope as he at his masse stode, 43 AH ragged & rente, bobe elenge & euett, 

Vpon h/smodw he hadde bow^t goode, As orrybuH to be-holde as any deueH ; 

Prayng to god vrit/i cowciens clere Mowthe, face, eres & yes 
The sobe to kuowe as hit were. 

XXXIV. Pope Gregory's Trental. 263 


fflauraed al ful of furi li^es. 1 Vzieijes 

E asked hit hehlich : " borwh his miht st. Gregory 

* ' asktthis 

pat alle deueles schal dreden and diht, 68 creature 

And eke bi vertu of his blood 
pat for Monkynde dijed on Rod, 
Sey me a-non x be sobe soone : v-.> sik.riy 

What hastou in bis place to done 1 ? 72 

What is bi cause bou cursede wrecche, wiiyittrou- 

' , , , bled him at 

pus me at Masse to derue and drecche? Mass. 

E gost onswerde wib dreri cher : 

" I am bi Moodur bat be beer, 76 it said, i 

am thy 

pat tor vn-schriuene dedes derne Mother. 

In bitter peynes bus.i berne." 
n onswerd be pope : "alias, 

Alias, my Modur, bis wondur cas ! 80 

Alias, my Modur, hou may bis be, 
In such aray I be to seo? 
Men wenden witerli to-wisse 

pou weore wel worbi to habbe blisse 84 

And bat ful wel wib God bou were, 
To preyen for us bat liuen jit here. 
Sey me, modur, wib-outen feyne, 
Whi art bou 1 put to al bis peyne?" v r jnrtou 88 

Heo seide : " my sone, sobfastly 
I schal be telle be cause why : 

ffor I nas not such as I seemed, i Was wicked 

But wikked and worse ben men me demed, 92 

Bre?mede ali fuH of brewnyng lyes. 60 Then sayde be pope : " alas, alas ! 

He was so agast of bat grysyly goste Modw, J)/s ys to me a wondur case. 76 

That yn a swonyng he was almoste. A, leef modur, how may bs be 

He halsed In't : " borow goddes my^te In suche paynes be for to se? 

That be fende he putte to fly^te, 64 ffor ali men wende y-wys I L wen with god 

And be be vertu of hys blode That bou hadde ben) wordy heuen blys, 

That for mankynde dyed on Rode, And fuH good 1 bat bou were, 

Sey me sykerly be sobe soone 67 To praye for vs bat ben here. 

What bou hast yn bis place to done ; Sey me, modyr, wtt/<-outen fayne, 83 

What ys by cause, bou cursed wreche, Why art bou put to aU b/s payne?" 

Thus at masse me for to drecche 1 " She sayde : " sone, sykerly, 

pe gost answered wt't/t drury chere : I shall be telle be cause why : 

"I am by modur bat be beere, l i. berne ffor y was not such as y semed, 

pat for viischryuen dedes so derne 73 But niyche worse ben men wenod ; 88 

In byttyr paynes \>us y brercne 1 ." 


XXXIV. Pope Gregory's Trental. 

ami durst not 
be sohriven." 

S!ie tlien nui- 
(<at her MIL 

St. Gregory's 
Mother tol<l 
him a Trental 
of ID chief 
Fftusts would 
serve her: 

S ench of 

the Kpiph- 





Mary's Birth 

and Concep- 

Sei i 

I sungede 1 wikkedliclie in my lyue, > vzsunged 
Of w^uch I ne dorste for scheme me scliriue ;" 
Heo tolde him trewely al hire cas 
ffrom ende to o)mr riht as hit was. 96 

ei me, Modur, for Marie flour, 

3if oujt may beo )>i socour, 1 v)>iwfg. 

"Wher penauce of fasting mai oujt alegge, 
Beodes or Masses fi peynes abregge, 100 

Or eny-maner ojmr fyng 
)5at ]?e mai helpe of eny lissyng ] " 
"~E If I deore Blessede sone," seide heo, 

JjJ_ " fful wel I-holpeii I mihte beo, 104 

Holpen and saued I mihte beo wel 
Hose vndurtoke a trewe trentel 
Of ten cheef festes of al J)e jer 
To synge for me in ])is Maneer : 108 

Jjreo Masses of Ciistes Xatiuite, 
And of J>e Ephiphan ojjur J)re, 
)3reo of ]?e Purificaciun, 

And preo of ]>e Annunciaciun, 112 

Jjreo of j>e Resurrexiun, 
And j>reo of J?e Asconciun, 
Of J)e Pentecost ojmr fre, 

And freo of \>e holy Trinite, 116 

Jjreo of Maries Natiuite, 
And of hire Concepciou/i o]mr Jjre " 

I lyuede in lustes wykkydly in my 


Of ]>e whyche y wolde me not shryfe ; " 
And tolde hyi trewly aH fe case 91 
ffro J>e bygy?myng how )>at hit wase. 
The pope lette teres a-down Re/me, 
And to his modyr he sayde fen : 
" TeH me now, modwr, for loue of 
mary flowr, 95 

If any J>yng may fe help or sokour, 
Bedes or masse, Jy penau?*ce to bye, 
Or ony fastyng, J>y sorowe to aleye ; 
AVhat crafte or caste or any o)mr fyng 
The may help or be J>y Releuyng 1 " 
" My blessed sone," sayde she, 101 
" ffuH weH y hope J>t lu't may be ; 

Syker & saf myjth y be 
Who-so trewlj r wolde take a trentett 
Of ten chef festes of pe ^ere, 105 

To syng for me yn )>*'s manere : 
Thre masses of crystys natyuyte, 
And of J?e xij day o\>ur |>re, 108 

Thre of our ladyes puryfycacion), 
And ojwr pre oif her* Annu?ciacion), 
Thre of crystes gloryous Eesurreccion), 
And o]>ur Jjre of his hy^ Ascencion\ 
And of pentecoste o\>ur fre, 113 

And J?re of \>e blessed trinite, 
And of our ladyes Assu/pcion) o^ur 

And of her* loyfuH natiuite fre ; 116 

XXXIV. Pope Gregory's Trental 265 

beose weoren 1 be cheef festes ten > at. ben 

bat souereynliche socourde 2 synful men. 2 ai. socour(en) 
" What godmon syngej) beos masses, saimfayle, 121 
To synful soule 1 bei schullen auayle, a Vzsouies 
Wij? be ^eer wib-outen treyne 

Diliueren a soule ful out of peyne. 124 

Let sei beos Masses bi joure hestes TheseMasses, 

' said within 

Wib-Inne be vtaues of be frestes ! theOeturttof 

* the Festivals, 

And he bat schal beos Masses do, 

Let sei ber-wib be Orisun ber-to, 1 28 and with a 

1 Treoweliche wib-outen were > vv wo-iicainterpnii)hriweor p yer ' 

tlie two vv. in Mb. Colt. 

Eueri day borwh-out be sere, would deliver 

. J ' her soul. 

Heet him sei 1 hit eueri day, > Vzseyen 

Ojrar he bat dob be Masses to say." 132 

Hose wol knowe bis orisun clene, The Prayer 

TT- T. is this: 

Hit is on Enghsch bus muche to mene : 

" God, vr verrey Redempciun, Oracio "God, our 


Vr sobfast soules sauacmn, 136 

J)at chose al 1 obur londes bi-forn > Vsaiie 

Jje lond of bi-heste In to beo born, 

And bi deb suff redest in bat same, 1 ' v 2 }>e s. 

Diliue?'e bis soule from gult and blame, 140 deliver this 

mi-i- c e i o\\\ from the 

iak hit out oi be fendes bond, Fiend's 

bond ! " 

And bat lond from be hebene hond, 

And peple bat leueb not in be 

Jjorwh bi vertu amendet mote be ; 144 

And alle * bat trusteb In bi Merci, l v ai 

Lord, saue hem sone and sobfastli ! " 

" A Modur," he seide, "bat wol I do, st. Gregory 

/\ promist his 

_lV ffor I am mon most I-holde 1 ber-to 148 Mother to 

sing this 

bou weore my Modur, I was bi sone 1 v hoiden a- om.i Trentai of 

J ' Masses, 

To synge be Masses I schal not schone 2 ; 2 MS. schome 

These ben be chefe festes ten Sey he \>er-\\ r iih bis oryson also : 

That sokoM?'be sowles bat ben fro heuen. Deiis qui es noslra Redewpcto, 127 

Who-sosaythbesemasses,\vit/i-outfayle, With aH be obw bat longen ber-to." 

ffor synfuti soAvles bey shaH a-vayle ; The pope was gladde hei^-of in fay, 

AH a ^ere, wi't^-outen) trayne, And to his modw ben gon he say : 

They delyuere a sowle out of payne. " Modyr," he sayde, " bz's shaH be do, 

Lette say beso masses be $our hestes fEor y am moste bounde be?'to 132 

"VVit/4-Inne be vtas of be festes ! 124 Thou were my modwr, I was by sone 

And he bat sliaH bese masses do, Thys same ^ere hit, shaH be clone ; 


XXXIV. Pope Gregory's Trental. 

and on the 

days assitfnd, 

be duly sang 


At the year's 

a comely 

led by 2 

God grauwte me, Modur, fe stonde in stede 1 vzstude 
Ajeynes fe synnes fat euer fou dude. 2 152 

I halse )>e heijliche, Modur deere, * v? Ajeyn . sunnes . dede 
Jjis tyme twelf-Monef 1 to me a-peere, v ia tw. m. 
Hoi fin a-stat to me fou schowe, 
J?at, hou |>ou fare, I mouwe wel knowe ! " 

i sone," heo seide, "I wole, in ffey," 

And wij? fat word heo wente hir wey. 
So day from 1 day f e jer con passe, v 2 fro 

)?e pope for-lette neuer his Masse 


Jje same dayes bat weoren 1 asignet, iV2-ere 

To helpen his Modur fat was so pynet, 1 1 \* 
And tok f e Orisun al-gate fer-to 
Als, as his Modur precede him do. 

At tyde twelf-Monef at Masse he stod 
Holyliche wif deuociun good : 
And in fat same tyde apliht 
He say 5 a swife selli siht, 
A comeli 1 ladi, so dresset and diht ivzco 

Jjat al f e world of hire schon briht, 
Comeli Corouned 1 as a Qweene, vs eroune 

Tweyn Angeles laddew hire hem bi-twene. 
He was so Rauischt of fat siht, 
Al-most for loye he swounede riht. 
He fel doun flat bi-foren hire feet, 
)?e teres of his e^en he doun leet.i ' Vs W? Ur 







l> le res 

God graunte me g?-ace to stonde in 

Ajeyns att fe synnus fat euur fou 

dede. 136 

I cowzmaunde hooly, my moder dere, 
Jpat f is tyme twelfmonef fou to me 


And hooly to me fy state fou telle, 
That how fou fare y may wyte wett." 
" My sone," she sayde, " y woH yn 

fay," 141 

And wt't/j fat worde she wente hei j 


Bay by day f e jer 1 gon passe, 
The pope for-jate neuwr hzs masse 144 
The same dayes fat were a-syned, 

To helpe his modur fat was pyned, 
And toke fe orysons alt- way f?r-to 
Ryjth as she bad hy?tt for to do. 148 
xij monef aft^r as he at masse stode 
"With gret deuocion) & holynesse gode, 
At fat same tyme full Rygfit 
He sawe a full swete syght : 152 

A comely lady dressed & dygfit, 
That aH fe worlde was not so bryjt, 
Comely crowned as a qwene, 
Twenty Angellys her 1 ladde be-twene. 
He was so Raueshed of fat sygfit 157 
That nyj for loye he swoned Ryght. 
He fetf down flatte by-fore her 1 fete, 
Jjat 1 deuowtly teres wepynge he lete, 
l om.)>at 

XXXIV. Pope Gregory's Trental 267 

He grette 1 hire wib wel mylde steuene 1 v^gret He greeted 

her as Queen 

And seyae : " ladi, Oween of heuene, of Heaven, 

Mother of 

Moodur of Ihesu, Mylde Marie, Jesus - 

ffor my moodur Merci I crie." 180 

" [T^\]0 we y>" heo seide, " I nam not heo 

[ 1 J] Ne whom bou wenest 1 fat I beo, v 2 j>e wenest 
Bote, soblyche, as bou seost me her, she said she 

wns but his 

I am be 1 Moodur bat be beer. ' r. t>i;V2>i 184 own Mother. 

Bi-foren i ferde, bou wustest wel, A year ago, 

fp f s ' le Wils Hs a 

frarynge as a fend of hel, 1 > Vzheiie Fiend of 

J ' Hell; 

1 am nou such as bou sest her, 

Jjorwh help and vertu of bi preyer, 188 now, by his 

ffrom derknesse i-dresset 1 to blisse cleer. 1 vzom. i- was ready 

for bliss. 

J)e tyme beo blesset bat I be beer ! 

And for Jje kuyndenesse of bi deede 

Souereyn loye schal beo by Meede. 192 

And alle bat leteb beos Masses bus do, 
Schul saue hem-self and soules also. 
Jjerfore, Sone, bis storie bou preche ! 
Mi dere sone, god I be be-teche." 196 

Whon heo hedde endet bis wordes euene, 
Angeles token hire horn 1 to heuene. > v euene The Angels 

took her to 

pe same horn to 1 god vs sende, > V2om. to Heaven. 

To wone wib him wib-outeu ende. Amen. 1 200 

1 Then follows in MS. Vernon, William of Nassington's Mirrour of Life (translation of 
John de Waldeby's Speculum Vitas), fol. CCXXXI CCLXIIII b, extant also in a MS. of 
Lord Ashburnham (best MS.), MS. Reg. 17 CVIII (written 1418), Hatton 19 ; then Rich. 
Rolle's Pricke of Conscience, fol. CCLXIIII b CCLXXXIII b ; then pe Spore of Loue. 

And grette hei 1 * Av/'t/t a mylde steuen ff ro derknesse I dresse to blysse clere ; 

And sayde bere: "lady,qwene of heuen, J)e tyme be blessed bat y be bere ! 176 

Modyr of Ihesu, mayde marye, And for be kyndenesse of y good dede 

ffor my modyr mercy I crye." 164 Heuen-blysse shatt be by mede. 

At bat worde vrith mylde chere And aH bo bat leten bese masses be do, 

She hym answered on Jus manere : Shall saue hem-self & ob?<?' mo ; 180 

" Blessed sone, I am not she 167 \)us may bey helpe her* frendes aH 

AVho wenest 1 jjou bat I be, 'r.whom j>.w. That Reche-lesly yn sy?zne falie. 

But cartes as ]>ou. seest me here Therfore, sone, bi's story bou preche ! 

I am by modyr bat be bere, And almy^ty god y be be-teche." 184 

That hei-'-by-fore, bou wyste AveH, At J>e edyng of her wordes euen) 

I was wordy payne yn heH, 172 An AngeH her ber yn to heuen. 

And now y am such as bou seest her 1 , In to bat place god vs sende, 187 

jporow help of be vertu of by prayer', To dwelle wt/< her wz't/i-outen) ende. 

268 XXXIV. Gregory's Trental XXXV. The Prick or Spur of Lme. 

(MS. Cott. CaL A II adds :) 
Thys ys fe vertu, y fe telle, 
Of seynt gregory trenteHe. 
But who so wyH do hit trewely, 
He moste do more, sykurly : 192 

J?e preste fat f e masse shaH synge, 
At eche feste fat he do]) hit mynge 
He moste say with good deuocion) 
Ouer Euen) fe coramendacyon), 196 
Placebo & dyryge also, 
The sowle to brynge out of woo ; 
And also fe sahims seuene, 199 

ffor to brynge f e sowle to heuen 
Among of w prayeres fey ben good 
To brynge sowles fro helle f[l]ode, 
ffor euery psalme qvvencheth a sy?me, 
As ofte as a man f oth hem) my/zne. 
Loke with good deuocyon f ou hem say ! 
And to aH halewes fat f ou pray, 
To helpe f e with aH: her* my3te 207 
The sowle to brynge to heuen bryght, 
Ther* euwr ys day and neuwr nyght 
Cryst graunt vs parte of fat lygfrt ! 
Loke f ese ben sayde aH in-fere 
Euery day yn fe $ere ; 212 

Neuer a day fat f ou for-jete, 
These to say f ou ne lette ! 
Also in Jie vtas of euery feste 

Also longe as hit doth leste 216 
viij te day?w men) calle?t J?e vtas 
])e preste moste say in his masse 
A nobuH orysoun) hit ys holde 
J?e colette J>at fyrsfc y of tolde. 220 
And al'tur )>e fyrste orysoun) 
])er ys an-o}mr of gret Eenoun) 
jjat to J>e sowle ys won])z' swete, 
Merone calle lu't |>e secrete. 224 

Wherc fe preste hath don lu's masse, 
Vsed, & his hondes wasche, 
A-noJ)?tr oryson he moste say, 
J3at yn f>e boke fynde he may, 228 
)5e " post comen " men don hit calle, 
That helpe th sowles out of fralle. 
And Jat ]>is be don at eche a feste 231 
As J)e trentaH 1 speketh moste & leste ; 
Then may J>ou be sykur & certayne 
To brynge fe sowle out of payne 
To endeles loye fat lasteth aye, 
fiat god dyed fore on good fryday. 236 
To fat loye he vs brynge > corr. fr. trenteii 
Ipat ys in heuen Avz't/i-oute endynge ! 
Pray we aH hit may so be, 
And say Amen for charyte. 240 


The Spur 
of Love. 

(tod, grant 
thy Blessing 
to all who 
hearken to 

>ly dears, 

[XXXV. j>e Spare of 

(A free translation of St. Edmund's Speculum.) 
Her beginnef fe Prikke of loue, 
Jjat profitable is to soule be-houe. 

God fat art of mijtes most, 
ffader and Sone and holigost, 
jjow grau?zte hem alle f i blessyng 
)3at herken wel to f is talkyng. 
ffor, lewed and lered, more and lesse, 
Hit wol ow teche holynesse ; 
To loue God wif fyn chere 
Hit wol ou teche, my leoue and dere. 

1 So the title in v. 21, 1081 ; in the heading the title is pe 
Prikke of loue. A local reference, v. 163 ff., seems to imply that 
the poem was written in Leicester. The translation is very free, 
with frequent additions, omissions, and contractions. 


XXXV. The Prick or Spur of Love 260 

ffor mony a tyme 30 cone me nreye You've often 

J J J asktmeto 

ber-of a lesson o\v to seye ; 

^oure dulnesse sunnvhat to scharpe sharpen your 


3e han me preyed for to carpe. 12 

ffor bisynes of world li jring 

To monye hit is a gret lettyng, 

And eke jor ovvne frelete, 

bat make]? ow 300 re heui to be 16 

Of or-self and ^oure liuinge, 

}jor\v be ffendes entysynge. 

berfore bis bok to ow I make i write, for 

c\r\ y" r comfort, 

Joure discurafort for to slake. 20 tins spur of 


bat is cald " be spore of loue," 

bat stureb or loue to god aboue. 

Eiht as be spore makeb hors to rene, 

So schal bis bok sone god 1 ou kenne. l MS. good 24 totachyou 


bat is souereyn holynesse. 

3e schul fynde heer-in swetnesse : 

Loke 36 take herto good hede ! 

ffor I schal telle ^ou, as I rede. 28 

bis may be 301- halyday werk, 

Hit wol a-vayle bobe lewed and clerk. 

Of Meditation of \i-self knowynr/. 1 

Takeb good hede, of aUe binge 1 TcSa^TofSl"^ 11 i-ve first, 
bis tweyne to loue, good bei \vil be brtnge : 32 
be ffurste Is Meditacion, Meditation, 

be tober is Contemplacion ; 2. contem- 

benk of bi-self bat is to say, 

And on God, eueriche day. 36 

bou mai3t not loue God ri3t wel 
But 3if bou kno,we him furst sumdel, 
]S T e bi-self neuer be more. 

bat God is best wite wel berfore ; 40 

And wene not bi-self be best, 
Al bi while ben hast bou lost. 

bi-self loke bat bou knowe, Know tiiy- 

ffor bat schal make be Meke & lowe 44 

And able to knowe be grete bounte to know the 

goodness of 

Of God bat sitteb in Maieste. God. 

270 XXXV. The Prick or Spur of Love. 

Bi-benk be bemie, wldl bmi hast quart, 
In Bodi and Soule what bou art. 48 

Thy body was pi bodi was gendred of foul matere, 

l*gotten of . , , , i 

fiiih, pat is wlatsum for to here. 

and thy 9 l I5i al bin IsSUWeS hit is Wei SClie ' ^-p. 1 ' 86 .- This passage is 

issues are "anting in the bpec. 

unclean: pat bou art not wib-Imie ful clene. 52 

Xyne Issuwes bou hast, I wene, 

3if bou loke hem al bi-deene : 
2 Ears, Tweyne Eren bou hast, ben ful of wore. 
2 Eyes, pyn E^en ben goundi whon bei ben sore, 56 

2 Nostrils, pi Neose-burles ben ful of snit, 

1 Mouth, And bi Moub of glet and spit, 

2 Privities, pyn Issuwes bat aren in priuete 

ffor schome bou letest no mon hem se. 60 

st. Bernard perfore, seint Bernard as he vs telles : l 
pou proude mon, bou art noujt elles 

man is But of Muk bretful a Sekke ; cf. Tlie sayings of St. Bernard. 

muck, Mon, schuldest bou not so muclie rekke 64 

Of bi-self ben of anober, 
ani worm's ffor Rot is bi ffader, worm bi brober, 


ffor gendred he is riht of be same 

As bou. Proud mon, bou art to blame, 68 

pat bow berest be so stoutli 

And hast bow non enchesun whi ! 

Heddest bow be maad of stones riche, 

Sonne or Mone or bodi heuenliche, 72 

How nobliche bow heddest be wrou^t ! 

As Lucifer bow mijtest haue bou^t. 

Of his beute proud he was : 

perfore him tidde a wel foul cas, 76 

In heuene he durede but a while. 

Riht so pruide AVO! be be-gyle 

And caste be doun riht to gromzde, 

Proud man, pi soule in peyne hit schal be bou^de. 80 

KhuiiKoto hi bodi. bat now is hoi and sounde, 


riiy body So foul rot hit schal be founde, 

shall rot. 

Hit schal not t?/rne to gras nor flour, 

But in to wlatsu?n and foul odour. 84 

pus maijt bou knowe bi bodily staate, 

pi fleschli lust forto abate. 

XXXV. The Prick or Spur of Love. 271 

Meditation of be Soule. 

Of bi soule }it benke bow Tiiy smi 

What staat hit is lane now, 88 

And what bou hast don her-bi-foren 
Or elles bou mai^t sone be loren. 

Jjenk hou muche wikkednesse has done evil, 

Jjou hast don, and [left] 1 goodnesse, om. 92 

How luitel "ood bow hast wroujt, nd little 


])\ tyme hast spendet aboute nou^t ; 

Of werk and word bat is gon ofevery work 

. 111-1 r\n al 'd word 

And of bi tyme schal leue rilit non 96 shaitthou 

. give account. 

}5at bou ne schalt jelde ful streit acou?te, 
Jpou nost hou muche hit wol arnounte. 

3if bou weore bounde for to telle exemplum 
In be see be smale grauelle, 100 

Or sterres in be ffirmament, 
]3ow heddest gret neode, ve?'rement, 
ff orto a-vise be wonder wel ! 

So most bou rikene eueridel 104 

"VVerk, and word, and boujtes alle, 
Jjat ben wel mo ben grauel smalle ; 
And of bi tyme bat is past. 

}3erof bou niai^t ben sore agast 108 

To benke bus what bi soule hab ben ! Think on 

nri. i T_ -j. j i wllilt th y 80ul 

Vv hat hit is now, is good to sen. is now! 

So chaungeable is bi soule, my frende, itischange- 

)?at noujt be pleset adai to be ende ; 112 

Novf art bow sori, now art bow glad, 
Now art in hope, now art adrad ; 
$it wilnest bow bing bat neuer ne was. 
J?ou art more frele ben is be glas : x 116 

"VVib-oute touche hit lasteb ay, w. 116-121 wanting in the spec. 
J?i soule is frelore atte assay : it is frail, 

Jjorw siht wib-oute & bou^t wib-Inne 
Hit may be broken, wz'b dedly synne. 1 20 

Jjerto assentest bou lihtly, 
And for to be fondet bou art redi, ready to be 


And forte wib-stonde hastou no mijt. aild t '" 8taml 

only by God * 

But borw be grace of god almiht, 124 K ruc - 

272 XXXV. The Prick or Spur of Love. 

bat kepeb be vp whon bou schuldest falle. 
God's good- ffrom mony mischeues he con be calle : 

Whon bou art loren he be fyndes, 

Of Bondws of sy?me he be vnbyndes ; 128 

To be deuel whon we were sold, 

He Rauwsound vs, boj>e jonge & old ; 
r,o<i takes not Dedly synne whon bou hast don, 
vengeance on He vengeb him not ber-on anon, 132 

thee, but . 

waits. But Corteisliche he be abydes ; 

hi schorae & synne jit he hydes. 

He blames be whon bou dost mys, 
God teaches And euere he techeb be, I-wys, 136 

and feeds 

thee. In hnngur & burst he be fedes, 

Among bi/z enymys he be ledes, 

In hete and chele he be refresches, 

Slepyng, wakyng he be redresses. 110 

Heron bou benke bobe Euen & morn ! 
Think how And eke, hou mony men han be lorn, 

He has let / 

others die, Eobe be water and londe also, 

not thee; 

)3at God ne hab not tendet to 144 

A fn hp <!n liisvli * The Spec, has a complete praver. 

AS to pe 3is) 11. be(? ' Gratias ago ^ ^ - 

thank Him, And before sei, " sire, graunt Merci," x 

Whon bow be-benkest be day or niht 

Hou god be kepeb w/b-oute dispit 148 

In Bodi or soule, eiii or late. 

])us maijt bou knowe biw owne astate. 
and love To loue god bi alle resoun 

ffor bis furdede bou hast enchesoun. 152 

pis boujt is Meditacion. 

Now forb to Contemplacion. 

Of Contemplacion in creature. 


oiite??iplacion is to seye : 

!.t oi God, \J giht of god and his nobleye. 156 

nobleness, jj a t mai^t bou se be bin Inwit 
In creature, and in holy writ, 
And siben in his owne kynde. 

Of beose jif we wol haue good mynde, 160 

i. in His be nobleye of god [we se~| in his werkes, 

works. L J 

As men mowe seo, Lewed & Clerkes. 

XXXV. The Pride or Spur of Love. 

vy. 170-192 wanting in 
* h P- 

Jjou bat neuere seje Duyk Henri, exemplum 

bat be newe werk of Leycetre reised on hi} : 164 

ber-bi maijt bou wel wyte and se 

bat he was lord of gret pouste 

bat hit made of his owne cost 

I hope he naue beron not lost. 168 

be makyng of vche a creature 

Such is 1 godes mi^t wib-oute Mesure. l r. schewis? 

And bi be ordre of vch a kynde 

His wit we sen but we be blyude ; 172 

And bi be creatures meyntenyng 

Of his godnes we han witeryng. 

So long and Brod as is bis world, 

Hei} and dep, scheweb him a lord 176 

Of Miht and pouwer gret saun^faile, 

Al made of noujt wib-oute trauayle. 

J Eyr & ffuir on hei} ben founde, 

Water and Erbe heuy at grounde : 

Of his wisdam hit scheweb a part, 

And so to loyne hem a ful gret art. 

Hedde fuir and water to-geder bew set, 

Not wysli don men wolden han let, 

bat On bat ober wolde distruye ; 

Hedde Eir be loyned to eorbe so druye, 

Hit wolde for-chyne, for to seye sob, 

No fruit wolde bere as hit now dob. 

Water and Erbe are meynt to-gidere, 

ffor grene biwg schulde not al to-whidere. 

Gret wit and wisdam, as I ow tolde 

In God jit 30 may be-holde : l ' fcYol^ire tnu 

How summe creaturs al-on 
Han beoynge of him, as stok and ston ; 
And summe, as treo and gras and flour, 
Han lyf, but loye non ne no dolour ; 
Su?me ben & liuen & fleon 1 lykyng, > r. i 
As Beest and ffoul and ffisch fletyng ; 
Oner alle beose Mon bereb be pris, 
ffor he hab reson to make him wys 
bat makeb hym peringal lo here 
To Angeles of heuene, to be heor feere. 





een Duke 

Henry, who 

built the new 

work at 

Leicester, it 

uliinvs he was 

a s reilt ' 0| ^- 

so God's 


prove His 

power, wis- 

d(>m . "d 


The size of 

the World 

shows God's 

power ; 

the order of 
the elements 

His wisdom. 



He made 
some crea- 
ture* with 
Being only, 

others with 

but Man with 

enuni to the 


XXXV. The Prick or Spur of Love. 

Live, then, 
a tier thy 
degree ! 

All tilings on 
earth were 
made tor 

Kven venom- 
ous beasts 

may help us 
to lead a 
better life. 

a.; sky and 
stars, lust 

So muche may }it be moniies grace 

J5at he mai passen an Angeles place. 204 

Seynt Austyn, pe grete clerk, seip ri^t so : 

An Angeles place he wolde for-go 

ffor to haue pe worpi stede 

Jjat God hap ordeynd for Monhede. 208 

Herof I rede pou take good keepe ! 

Elles pou art worpi gret schendschip, 

But pou lyue aftur pi degre, 

Seppe pou hast such a dignite 212 

Alle ping to beo pin vnderloute, 

A-boue, bi-nepe, and al aboute. 

ffor al pi?*g in eorpe, mon, in sum wyse 

Was maad of god for 1 pi seruyse : MS. por 216 

Hors & Neet and eke Chamayle, 

}5e to ese in pi trauayle ; 

Lyn, fforre, fflax, Selk and Wolle, 

))at diuersliche God ^euep at folle, 220 

}3e to kepe from chele and hete ; 

Beest, fisch & foul, & fruit, to pi mete. 

\)Q pinkep pay aunter hit is not so, 

ffor venymous bestes pei don vs wo. 224 

)3e harmful creatures, verrement, 

Weore maad til vre amendement, 

Jjei ben to vs a Chastisyng, 

And eke a wel feir techyng. 228 

1 Whil pou hast in pin hond a jerd, exemplum 

\)Q Child pgr-of is SOre aferd, vv. 229-231 wanting in the Spec. 

Of his vntijt 2 ful sone slakes 2 = Germ. Unznoht 

And to his lore good keep he takes ; 232 

Hit makep pe child bope meke & lowe, 

A-Mendep him wel him-self to knowe. 

J)e venymous beestes wel muche we drcdew : 

\)e beter perfore vre lyf we leden. 236 

ffor stvmme to vs pei beo nuyouse, 

Godes werk we knowe ful meruilouse 

Of Godes wisdam a wonder cast ! 210 ir. wanting in the spec. 

1 But of his goodnes be-hold atte last, 240 

How Creatures pat ben lure, 2 * so v. and MS. sim. 

J)o Sky, Heucw, Sterres and heore natwre 

XXXV. The Prick or Spur of Love. 


God hap maad forte mowe endure 

Euermore wip-oute/i eny gendrure ; 244 

But pulke on eorjje eue?*i day J?ei rote, 

As on is ded, anojmr is gote 

Such ve/-tu in kuynde God con faste, 

)3at longe I-nowh so mihte pei laste, 248 

3if his wille were for euere and ay ; 

So multiplye pei euer vche a day, 

))at summe ben olde & summe be newe, 

Jjorw pe godnesse of his vertue. 252 

)?tts mowe je knowe bope more & lesse 

Godes Mijt, his wit, and his goodnesse 

In creatures, as I haue told, 

How gret, how good, how monifold. 256 

Seppe he hap maad for vs al pis, 

But we him lone we don amis. 

3if pow loue 3iftes in pin entent, 

Loue him wel raper pat hit pe sent, 260 

})at is god al ping aboue. 

Jjerfore me pitikep we schulde him loue ; 

And for him-self jit wel more, 

Whon we be-penken vs of pis lore. 264 

J)is pe furste Contemplacioun 

In Creatures of gret Eenoun. 

\)e aecunde contemplacion In holy writ. 

"KE secuTide conte7?zplacion is hit 

J )3at I seide, in holi writ. 

)?ei pow be lowed and con not rede, 

Nopeles ful wel jit may pou spede 

To herkene pe ffrere Sarmounyng 

And oper priue Carpyng, 

And loke jif pou mowe oujt per lere 

)?in vnderstondyng to make more clere. 

)3er maijt pow lerne, as I trowe, 

Good from vuel for to knowe, 

Sinne to hate, vertu to loue, 

And to jerne pc loye aboue, 

Jje pyne of helle for to drede, 

loue pis world but for pi nede ; 280 



but tliosc on 
earth rot 
daily, und 
are dailv 

Thus yon ee 
God's Might, 
Wit, and 
in His crea- 

We should 
love Him for 

these and for 

tion is II. in 
Holy Writ. 

If you can't 
reud it, 

you can hear 
the Friar 
272 preach, 

and learn to 
know Good 
276 from Evil. 

T 2 


XXXV. The Prick vr Spur of Lwe. 

l^ad your 
life by Holy 
Writ ! 

The 7 Deadly 

I. Pride 
and its 6 
brunches : 

1. Disobedi- 

2. Boasting, 

8. Hypocrisy, 

4. Arrogance, 

5. Despite, 

6. Elation. 



1 7 in the Spec. 

are transp. 


orig. beden 



Man's Pride 

Alle fringes fat we of prechen, 

Summe of )>eos poyntes forsofe fei techew. 

Jjerfore I prey 3011, take)? good hede 

After holi writ ^oure lyf to lede, 

Codes wille so to knowe J>er-lnne 

)3at 36 mowe hate dedly sinne. 

And j?at 36 mowe knowe W3uch hit bene, 

I schal hem riken alle bedene, 

And \>e spices )>at of hem launches. 

Pride j>e furste, ha)> six 1 Brauwches : 2 
Jje furste is cald vnbuxouines : 
Of herte hit is a gret h^nes, 
Make]) mon to leeten J>at him is boden 1 J 
And to don Jat is forboden 
Of God or Mon, his oue?-lyng. 
)5e secoimde spice is Bostyng, 
)3at make)) mon forto him auauwte 
Of good )>at he wolde neue?*e hauwte. 
Jpe )>ridde spice is Ypocrisye 
Schewest J>e beter to Monnes ei3e 
Jjen JJQU art ])i-self wijj-Inne, 
And leetest as J>cm heddest neuer do synne. 
\)e feorfe is clept Arrogaunce, 
Jjat schewes oj>wr mewnes mischaunce 
And opene]) al out heore wikkednes, 
So J?at )?yn may seme J?e les ; 
Of oj>er merznes schendschipe 
To ))e fow takest worschipe. 
J)e ffyf)?e spice, hit is dispyt, 
Oj>er mewne goodnes settej) 1 luit, 
}jow seist hit is not \vor)> a Bore, 
So ]?t J>in may seme fe more. 1 

J)e Sixte is Cald Elacion, l The 6th in Sio., Impndentia, is om 

Boldnesse of vuel J)at )?ou hast don ; 
)3at make)) mon for to fonde 
Correxion hou he may \n)>-stonde. 
)?eos ben )>e spices most comuyn of pride, 
jjat spreden in J)is world ful wyde. 

Pruide in heuene furst bi-gon, 
And sej>j>en in eorfe to mony a Mon. 320 

> r. settest ? 




XXXV. The Prick or Spur of Love. 277 

Of J>eos }>reo jjinges as I schal telle, 

Of Pruide moni on hap pe smelle : 

Of godes of knynde, or of grace, Uin a- 

Or elles of worldes purchace. 324 nature, S mce, 

o, . , . , .. . or getting. 

btrengpe, feirnesse, good wit, or kynne 
Bi kyude pis mon hap him w/p-Inne ; 

ffeip, Hope, Loiie and Chaiite 1 '/. Spec. :Soicntia, virtus, gratia, 

boaa fuina, & digniUs. 

Goodes of grace pei ben, parde ; 328 

ffeir dopes, Lond, Hous and Kent 

Worldes pwchase ben, verrement 

Of peos preo pinges pruide is born, 

)3at make}) mony a mon to be forlorn. 332 

J?e seciwde synne, hit is Envy : IL Envy, 

Of opwr mennes wele hit is sori, 
And of heor harm hit is fayn. 

)3reo spices hit hap, as men sayn : 336 ius kinds. 

In herte hit is furst, porw vuel wille ; 
In word : pi nei^ebor Bakbyte and spille j 
In werk, hit makef lered and lewed 
To his nei^ebor forte beo schrewed. 340 

Wrajjj>e to ]ji soule Is mischauwce HI. wrath 

Of J)i nei^ebor hit wilnej? ve/ziauwce ; 
3if JJGU in herte bere hit longe, 

Hattreden hit engendrej) swife strojzge. 344 

Herof come)) cheste .ind ^lanasyng, begets strife 

Vileynous wordes, and eke gracching, ig. 

Discord, Eepref, deynous lokyng 
Jjeos ben alle a foul ofspring. 348 

}5e ff eorpe is sloufe in godes seruise. iv. siotii, 

1 )3e BraU/lcheS J)e/'of I Wol deiiyse : l w. 350-S98 differ from Spec, branches. 

)3e furste is feyntise wij)-oute likyng, 

Jjat make]) J)e heui wij) alle ping ; 352 

)jat toper is a tendernesse, 

)5at suffrep no disese nor duresse ; 

Recheleschipe is pe pridde 

)3ou takest no kep what men pe bidde ; 35G 

)5e feorpe is called Idelnesse, 

Whon pou ne wolt worche, more ne lesse. 

)3e ffyfpe is cald Auarice, v. Avarice 

)3at hap mony a sori spice : 360 


pives rise to 

!iv;lnli mill 

tlietl, Ac. 

VI. Gluttony. 

The kind of 
Gluttony : 

1. enting too 
much ; 

2. too lustily; 

3. thinking 
tiio much 
about food ; 

4. Drunken- 

which be- 
reaves a 
man's reason. 

VII. Lechery, 
and its sorts : 

1. Fornica- 

2. with a 

3. Adultery, 

4. Incest, 

5. Sodomy. 

XXXV. The Prick or Spur of Love. 

Jperof comef treson, and Robberie, 

fforsweryng, Oker, and Symonye, 

)3eff e, Beryng of fab witnesse, 

Lyjing, and of herte hardnesse, 364 

Jjat makef f e no reufe to haue 

Of hem fat fe good craue. 

Glotonye is f e Sixte synne, 

jjat foulef mon wif-oute and wif-Inne. 3 68 

Jje furste spice is of glotenye 
To ete more pen f ou mayjt defye, 
Whon f ou art in hele nomeli ; 

Anofer is to ete to lustili. 372 

Glotonye make)) mon in hast 
To breke holychirche fast. 
\)e f ridde make]) bisili to f enche 

What maner of mete his lust may quenche. 376 

Jje feorf e, fat makef mon as ded, 
)3at is foul drounkenhed 
}3at is dedly, bi enchesoun 

Jjat hit bi-reuef mon his resoun ; 380 

But jif hit come wi'jKmte fayle 
Of feble brayn or gret trauayle, 
Or J>e drinke be strer/gor fere men \venen, 
ffor venial synne we hit demen. 384 

Lecherie is on of 1 fe seuene, > MS. of of 

]3at greuef muche vr lord of heuene. 
In to fis synne whon tweyne falle 
Jjat ben sengle, is lest of alle ; 388 

But jif fe wommon a Mayde be, 
Worse is fat, f e secouwde degre ; 
Jje f ridde is clept Holorie, 

J)at wedlak brekef , is synne ful hye ; 392 

Incest fe ferfe, whon fou lyst bi 
)?i gostly kyn or bodili ; 
)3e worste of alle is Sodomye, 

Vn-kyndely synne, foul Ribaudye 396 

Jjwfore haf God taken gret wreche. 
Of dedly synne her endef my speche. 

XXXV. The Prick or Spur of Love. 279 

Of be Seuene blessynges of be gospel, Seueiie dedli Rrme<ru>tfnr 

the 7 Deadly 

Synnes remedie. 


ut of heore remedies nou wol I telle 
bat crist seib in be holi gospelle. 400 

bo ben be benisouns stuene ; i. Against 

Pride : 

A^eyn beose synnes bei ben ful euene. 

"be Meke of spirit bei ben blest, "messed are 

ffor heoren is be loye bat euer schal last : " 404 spirit. " 

bis Blessyng a^eyn pride is riht, 

bat be-reueb mon God almi^t. 

" be Mylde beb 1 blessed bat loueb no strif, n. Against 

ffor bei Scliul haue be lond of Ivf " : ' on erasure; r. ben 408 "' Hlesked are 

the Meek." 

A^eynes Envye bat was sayd, 

Of obwr meraies hauyng bat neuer was payd, 

But of Mischef of his nei^ebore 

He is glad, and of his lore. 412 

" Blessed ben bo bat Mournen I-wis HI. Against 

or t. f j \. A ^ Wrath: 

ffor heore trendes bat bei mys ; " Biemi are 

..,,, F / 1 i in tlie y wli<> 

bei schul oen cumf orted wonder wel : mourn." 

A3eynes wrabbe hit is sumdel, 416 

Jjat discuwiforteb mon hi??z-selue 

And bo aboute?? him, ten or twelue. 

" be Merciful ben blessed, for-bi iv. Against 

. , . _ _ Covetousness: 

God of hem schal haue merci : 4 JO messed are 


pat is a^eyn Couetyse, 

bat to be nedful wol not diuyse. 

"bat hungreu and burster rijtwysnesse, v. Against 

bei 1 fschull ben fulled more and lesse " : ' MS. put 424 " messed are 

L J thev who 

Ajeyn be Slowe bat nouit wol wirke : thirst tor 

' J * Righteous- 

Of alle gode dedes him binkes irke. liea8 -" 

" I-blessed be?* alle of herte clene, vi. Against 

Gluttonv : 

ffor "odes owne face bei schul sene " : 428 " messed are 

the Pure in 

Herof be gloten may aske rijt nou^t, Heart." 

ffor of his foule wombe is al his boujt. 

" bat louen pes bei blessed ben alle, .* yn. Against 

' Lechery : 

ffor Godes children men schul hew callc " : 432 t',, 1 ^^: 1 ^ 

be Lechour in herte he hab no rest ; makers." 
Of bis 1 berfore his part is lest. l r. pcs 


XXXV. The Prick or Spur of Love. 

The 7 Gifts 

of the Holy 


The Spirit of 
1. Dreail, 

8. Know- 

4. Strength, 
for Active 

For Contem- 
plative Life, 

the Spirit of 
1. Umler- 

2. Counsel, 

3. Wisdom. 



1. Faith, 

2. Hope, 

3. Charity, 

Natural : 

4. Strength, 

5. Modera- 

C. Itiftht, 
7. Skill. 

Ajeyn pi woumles now hastou salne, 
Jje blessynges jiuen of godes bi-lmlue. 436 

3 it ben pei spedful to lest [&] most, 
Seuen 3iftes of pe holigost. 

Of pe Seuen jiftes of pe holigost. 

Whon pou art hoi sound, pe to lede 
Tak heer f urst pe spirit of drede, 440 

Jjat makep mon furst from vuel to wyrane ; 
Jje spirit of pite, wel forto bigynne 
Gode werkes ; pat han a wel gret fo 
Of worldes wele and eke of wo : 

Jje spirit [of] cunnyng techep vs dispise 
Jje worldes wele [$if we ben wyse] ; 

Jje spirit of strengpe, to suffre pe wo. 
Jjeose foure to bisy lyf longen into, 
Jjat we callen Actyf lyf. 
J)e oper preo rulen Contemplatyf. 
In Creatures to knowen God verrement, 
Jje spirit vs techep of entendement ; 
Jje spirit of couwseil, what is to do 
la writ, what is to leue also ; 
To knowe god In his owne kynde, 
Jje spirit of wysdam vs bringep to mywde. 456 


1 So MS. Sim. ; V. and 
eke of wo 



Of \e Seuene verities. 1 

After pis $it is good to knowe 
]3e seuen ve? - tues alle be rowe, 
ffor aftwr pis lyf pei wol pe bringe 
To blisse pctt neuer schal haue endynge. 
ffeip, Hope, and Charite, 
Diuine vertues pei ben alle pre ; 
Strengpe, Mesure, Biht, qweyntise 
Of kuyndelich vertues pei beren pe prise. 
A bodilich lurneye hose schulde go, 
J)reo pinges him were nedful pc-rto : 
Ifurst, pat he wuste whoder he schulde ; 
And wille, his lurney to be forp-fulde ; 
J)e pridde, Hope for to spede 
Elles per-of uolde he take hede. 

1 In the Spec, the 10 Com- 
mandments precede. 




XXXV. The Prick or Spur of Love. 281 

ffeib of God aiueb vs witerync'e Man's need 

T v i. J j*i or Faith and 

Of vr lurney bat is endynge ; 472 Hope. 

Hope vs ^iueb strengbe and miht 

To come to him as heo ban tiht ; 

But wille ben ^iueb vs Charite 

How mi^te we bewne for-go boose bre ? 476 

J Ne be foure o]>ure neuer be more. ' The 4 cardinal virtue, form 

a separate rliapt. in the Spec. 

Her bou now be skile berfore ! 

Jjer may no mon God wel qweme NO man can 

But he cu?me good from vuel derne. 480 without 

knowledge to 

be gode to hente, be vuel forsake, choose good 

from evil. 

Of twei godes be better to take. 

Jpat hit is good, vche mon troweb, Man needs 

ffor to 3elde alle bing bat him owej>, 484 

And for to wijj-holde more or lesse 

Is vuel : bat techeb vs Eihtwysnesse. 1 ' w. -ws-e corrupted. Rii,teous- 

Of twey goodes be beter to hente, 

Qweyntise vs techeb, verremente. 488 skin, 

Good fing men mihte mis-vse, I-wis : 

Jjtrfore Mesure needful is. Moderation, 

Vuel mihte mon to muche doun bringe : 

Strengbe berfore is nedful binge, 492 strength. 

To 1 make mon hard to suffre wo. > MS. Ta 

To ten Comauwdemens now wol I go. 

Of be ten Comaundemens. Th * Te " Coa >- 

* * inau/lineit/i. 

"p*Eose biddiyjges wol I not ouer-hippe. 

J On God bou schalt worschippe. 496 

His nome Jjou ne schalt in Idel muwgiwge (I). 1 

Halewe bin halyday, be bridde biddings. 1 r. munge, minge 

)?eose rulen bi lyf, alle bre, 

To be holi Trinite. 500 

A-^eyn be furste biddyng fou misclieuest, Against i. is 

On eny wicchecraft ^if bou bileeuest. witchcraft; 

Ajeyn be secunde bi-self bou derest, against 2. 


Horible obes whon bou swerest 504 

3it mai^t bou swere wib-outen. synne 

ffalsede to da?npne, be rijte to wynne. 

A;eyn be bridde bou dost wronge against s. 

lying in bed, 

Whon bou lyst in bi bed so longe 508 

282 XXXV. Tlie Prick or Spiir of Love. 

pat Matyns nor Masse herest bou non, 
To ffreres prechinge wolt bou not gon 
per-Inne of swetnesse Jwu felesfc no tast ; 
and going to Bote to be taumie be bmkeb more hast 512 

the tavern ' 

pen to visyte be seke or be pore, 

pat liggen a-tome or at bi dore ; 

$if bou dost bus, sob to say, 
on Sunday, pou halewest not wel byn halyday. 516 

Codes curtesye her mai^t bow se : 

To him-self he ^af biddynges but bre ; 

pe seuen bat comen herafter nou 

To be and to bi nei^ebores prou. 520 

4. Honour ffader and Moder bow most honoure : 

thy Fatlier . ' 

and Mother. Wib foul cher not on hem to 1 loure ; iom. to 

3if heo of byne habbeb gret nede, 

But bou hem helpe, vuel schalt bou spcde. 524 

5. sh.y no Loke bat bou sle no mon, 

man. ' ' 

"Wib hond ne wib wepene non, 

Ne borw byn owne gilerye 

Noujwhere to puite him for to dye ; 528 

Sle no mon wib tonge, biddynge, 

Boo tisement ne bi p?*ocurynge ; 

In herte Coueyte no mon to spille 

To borwe him rabwre is godes wille, 532 

3if bou hit may do lawefully, 

Elles of bis biddynge bow art gulti. 
e. steal not. Stele non cfyure monnes good. 
7. near not ffrom fals Avitnes bow torn bi mood. 536 

false witness. 

s. covet not pi nehebores good bow schalt not desyre, 

thy neigh- ' > e J 

ix.ur's goods, "\\Tyf nor Mayde-child for heor white swire. 

or 9. his wile. * J 

Lecher" Loke bou do no Lccherie, 539 

pi-self for bat wol most anuye. 1 > w. 539-40 ought to follow v. s:u. 
But i prei be, bou seist, telle me be skile 
Whi god forbed rabwr vuel mile 
Of worldes good, and of Monnes wyf, 
pen to bi-reue a Monnes lyf. 544 

ffor, hose is in wille for to stele, 
Wib ober mownes wyf or wib to dele, 
Hit is hardore him-self ber-from to holde 
pen from monslai^t, be bou bolde ! 548 

XXXV. The Prick or Spur of Love. 283 

ffor Jjerof kyndeliche vche monnes sone 

Ha)) gret Abhomynacione ; 

But wraj)))e ha]) hi??i his resun raft, 

Wib him J)e? - of horrour is laft, 552 

After J)e dede or elles be-foren 

Elles mony mon schulde be for-loren. 


Of twelue articles of are be-leue. The \t 

Articles of 
. -r> i i -i the Creed. 

ut no mon may, be Bok hit seib, 

Plese God wi))-outen feij). 556 

berfore mo bi?zges is good to meue : 
be twelue articles of vre bi-leue. 

Of alle be twelue )ris is be most : The creed, 

bat ffader & Sone and Holi gost 560 Relieve that 

On God Almihti in Trinite ini,' 8 

Euer was, and is, and euer schal be ; 
Heuene and eorbe he hab wro^t, 

And al bis world he maade of noujt. 564 

be ffader sende his sone Ihesu that Jesus 

. , was born of 

borw be holygost vertu, Mary, 

God and Mon of Mayde Marie 

To be boren, and for vs to dye, 568 died to save 

us ami 

And buried was, borw his good wille, 

To sauen vs alle bat we ne schulde spille. 

To helle he wente whon he was ded, wenttoHeii, 

be soule loyned to his godhed ; 572 

ffrom helle he hem fette swibe blyue 

bat him hedde serued in heore lyue. 

Vp he ros be bridde day, rose again, 

As he was God and Mon verray ; 576 

Eiht so schul we, as seib seint poule, (so simii we,) 

Eysen vp in bodi and in soule 

At be grete day of doom 

btrof I rede we take good goom ! 580 

ben schal he demen al apert 

Vche mon after his deceit. 1 > orig. dicert 

God and Mon to heuene he went ; went to 

be holigost to be Apostles sent. 584 "<t ent tho 

i in f Ho| y (iliost 

borw him so mowe we heuene wynne, n rt i r ieThi ti spec t<)tlie . 

^if we dyen out of dedly synne. 1 ,;? "" 7 ' 

XXXV. The Prick or Spur of Love. 

Tilt Seven 

S. Confirma- 

Of pe seuene Sacramens. 

f l pe seuene sacramens ^it mote we trowc, > r. On 

jjat I schal rikene al be Rowe. 588 

i. Baptism. \)Q ffurste, hit is cristenclom, 

Jjat cryst receyued in pe fflom ; 

Hit make]) vs clone of pat synne 

J)at we be boren vchone Inne, 592 

And openep to vs heuene-^ate, 

Elles may no mon come in per-ate. 

But porw gret temptacion 

Jpat grace mi^te be struied soon : 596 

Jjerfore is Confirmacion 

Jjat non may but Bisschop don ; 

)3e holigost hit stable]) ri^t 

In J>e, a^eyn pe fend to fiht. 600 

But after feose we sungen al day : 

Jjerfore penau?ice hit do]) a-way 

Dedly synne and venial, 1 > i-ig. veniei 

Jjat is to seye gret synne and snial ; 604 

)preo parties hit haf, verrey penauwce, 

jjerof }>e synful mai ha fyaunce : 

ffor-jnnke J)e synne wilfulliche, 

And schriue \>e fewne verreiliche, 608 

And make a-mendes to })i miht 

Of al J)i synnes pen art ]?ow quiht. 1 l = quit 

But leste in penauwce mon schulde fayle. 

Him neodej) cu7?ifort in pat trauayle : 612 

Hosul perfore, in Bredes henj 

Godes bodi, we tan, of gret vertu ; 

Vre gostli strengpe hit holdep Inne, 

|3at we ne falle lijtli a^eyn to synne. 616 

But in a wel-ruled halle, 

Jjat ben per-Inne |>ei serue not alle, 

Out of array for ferine hit were 

In holichirche pe same manere : 620 

5. Priesthood. Ordre of presthod is maad perfore, 

Vs to serue lasse and more 

Of Sacramens and vre rihtynges 

Presthod hap power of alle pcos pynges; 624 

4. Tlie 


XXXV. The Pride w Spur of Lwe. 285 

Gret worschip owen we alle per-to : 

Prest sacres pat bodi, pat aiwgel ne may do. 

But god schop mon forte restore 

pe noumbre of angeles pat is forlore, 628 

porw kyiidelich generacioun, 

And perto he jaf his benisoun 

pat Monkyiide mihte multiplie, 

Wip-oute synne of Lecherye 632 

Mon and wommon to-gedere loyne ; 

perfore he ordeynde Matrimoyne, 6. Matn- 

put dedli synne hit dop a-wei 

But pe venial wol I not sey. 63G 

But of pis world whon we schul wende, 

Gret peyne we han pemie at vr ende : 

perfore is holi Oyneinent, 7. Hoi y 


pat vs aleggep, verreyment, 640 

Of peyne we han penne bodily, 

And of pat we dreden gostly ; 

Such vertu God herto con lene 

To folfille pe penauuce pat nap mad clene. 644 

Of \>e seuene dedes of Mcrci. Tke 7 /<#,? 

J ' of Mercy. 

Bute at pe dredful domes-day 
Mon schal haue an hard a-say, 
ffor he schal pewne a-posed be 

Of pe dedes of Charite. 648 

perfore is good now to witen 
"YV^uehe hit ben, as hit is writen. 

pe ffurste is, fede pe hungri. i. Feed the 

3eue drinke to be bursti. 652 2. Giveiirink 

to the thirsty. 

pe pridde, be naked for to elope. uiotiie tiie 

' * * Hiiked. 

To herborwe pe pore be pou not lope. * ^ r 0118e tlie 

Visyte he? pt ben in p?isoun bounde. 5 - . Visit 

<* prisoners. 

Cunforte pat seknesse hap cast to groumle. 656 a^Su"* 

Of peose sixe pe gospel spekep. de^il ry *''* 

pe seuepe Tobye vs he pat techep : 

To burie pe dede Is Charite 

In Bodi and soule quit schal hit be. 1 660 

1 The rest of the chapter in the Spec, is omitted, as well as 
the foil, chapter : De septem petitionibus oration is dominicae. 


XXXV. The Prick or Spur of Love. 

The 7 Oforiet 
of the Body 
in Heaven. 

1. Thy body 
shall shine 
brighter than 
the sun ; 

2. shall fly 
faster than 
a bird; 

S. shall be 
enough to 
push the 
earth like a 

4. shall pass 
free thro' all 
obstacles ; 

5. shall never 
be sick ; 

6. shall never 
hunger or 


7. shall have 
every wit 
or sense 

Of pe seuene dmiceries 1 of Mounus lodi* 

Bodi schal haue druweries seuene, l r. dow 
As Monye pi soule, bope to in heuene, 

Of pe [whuch] schal rise Jn grete blis- J^M 

Jjer-bi mai 3 t wyte what heuene is. 

J?i bodi schal schyne so wondwr feire, 

No foulnesse schal hit a-peyre ; 

Seuenfold bri^tore fen is pe sonne 

Vche bodi schal be fat ha)> hit woraie. 

$it was per neuere foul of fli^t 

As pi bodi so swift and lijt, 

ffor in a twynclyng of an ei3e 

ffrom erfe to heuene J?ou mai3t sty^e. 

In bodi fou schalt ^it be so strong 

)3at al fe erfe, wyd, dep, and long, 

J3ou schalt mowe posse hit as a bal ; 

As fou wolt welde hit, )>ou schal. 

ftou schalt ben fre, ft nou art bonde, 

)3at no fing schal a-jein )?e stonde 

To lette ]?e to passe whoder J>ou schal, 

Evpe ne water ne stonene wal ; 

As oyle synkef forw hoi vessel, 

So schal J)i bodi perse al ping wel. 

Vre bodies J>at here ben seke and sore, 

Jjei schul haue hele for euer-niore ; 

"VVe schul beo so wel atese 

|3at hunger ne ferst nor no dissese 

Nouper wijj-lnne ue wif-oute, 

Hurt nor langour we schul not doute. 

jjerto gret lykynge in fat lyue 

We schul han in vr wittes fyue, 

Vche a wit wip-outen anguisch 

Schal haue his lykyng w/p a wusch : 

ffeir siht lyking to pin eije ; 

Jjyn Eres iul of melodye ; 

Tast, and Smel, and py felyng, 

]5ei schul be ful of gret lykyng ; 

And al pis loye schalt haue to-gider 

Vr lord of heuene bring vs pider ! 

de dotibus eorporis 
& anime & de penis 









XXXV. The Prick or Spur of Love. 287 

In bis lyf whon we best fare, nd, tho 

__* , , . , ^^ n Death ends 

Whon we be-benk vs. we mai ha care t 00 m " wiss 


bat mischef of deb schal vs be-tyde ; 

Jjerfore vr blisse may not a-byde : 

But in heuene wip-oute stryf in Heaven we 

TT i i 11 i -i / ~n i shall have 

Bodi ami some schal euere ha Jyi ; 704 u>iw life 

. , . . _ without end. 

berof bou ma^t be wel atfye, 

ffor bodi and soule bei schal nenur dye. 

Of be doweres of be sotde. The 7 DO*- 

J r of the Soul 

I, , i i . . i I'M Heaven. 

soule schal haue pis 1 warisun : ' MS. hi* 

Of wit and wisda? so gret foysun 708 

bat creatwres alle, hije & lowe, i. Know- 

' , o .' , ., . le,l K eofall 

In heuene & eorbe, bou schalt knowe ; creature*. 

Gret Joye schal bat be, sikerliche ! 

ffor mon disyreb kuyndeliche 712 

To knowe bing bat is vnkud ; 

ffroni bi knowyng noi^t schal bew hud. 

ffrendschipe wib-outen enemy te, 2. Friendship 

bat schal ben a-nober fe ; 7 1 G enmity. 

Such frejjdschipe in heuene amowg hem is 

bat vs 1 is fayn of oberes blis. ' sim. vche 

A-oord and pes wib-outen stryf, s. concord 

' and peace. 

fforsobe, hit schal be bere so ryf : 720 

be bodi and soule, bat striuen here, 

Vche to ober schal be so dere 

Jjat be bodi schal nobing wille 

But bat [pe] soule wol al be skillc ; 724 

j)yn C3en ben of so good assent, 

bat on lokes nowher verreyment 

But 3if bat oper loke per-wip ; 

ber schul ben alle in so good kip 728 

)3at Bodi and soule vche wip oper 

Schul to-geder no ping soper. 

Worschipe wib-outen vileny * Honour, 


ber schul we haue, sikerly; /32 abuse. 

As kynges in trone sitte we schal, 

Crouned w/b Angeles peryngaL 

be soule, bat her hab luitel maystrie 

Or baii3 be bodi be in gret anuye, 736 


288 XXXV. The Prick or Spur of Love. 

5. RoumUess So gret miht ber schal hit haue 

power of the 

soul. pat noujt a^eynes hit schal quich nor q?/aue. 

But trust nis non in worldes wele, 
Nou art pou sek. nou art in hele, 740 

Nou artou pore, now artou riche 
pe blisse of heuene nis pat not liche : 
ffor pe meste pari of py Blis 

6. security. Schal be sikcrnesse of al pis. 744 

7. Joy iii . pe seuepe blisse : pi soule in heuene 
God* ' Schal ponke God wip hi^e steuene, 

As Angeles don wip gret likynge, 

" Holi, Holi, Holi" is heore syngynge. 748 

The paint Of \e peynes of helle, fy amonesting. 

"it is no neod now for to telle 

More of be peynes pat bew in helle. 
They m-e the In bodi & soule pei ban gret nuye, 

contrary of , , . T 

the Joys of Ol al pis loye pe contrarye. <52 

3if pou be-penke pe, my dere frend, wel 

Of al pis loye eueriche a del 

pat god hap ordeyned for pi solace 

"YVhon pou schalt sen him in his face, 756 

for which pou hast gret Matere, sikerliche, 
hne God' Him to loue souereynliche 

above all. , , 

pat such knowynge and such wit 

3iuep vs of him in holy writ. 760 

Nou hast pou matere of holy speche 
Vnwysore pen pou for to teche ; 
And whon pou spekest wip eny mon 
pat more good con lere pen pou con, 764 

Ask and Sum of peos Matures pou mai3t enqwere, 

lenni more ,,, , , ,, , , 

good. Wel more good for to lere. 

r/ie sn/ kind Of \e \ridde Manege of conte'mplacion m god him-se.lf. 

of Contem- 

o^GoTin rilac hede nou & pou schalt se 

1 Of Contemplacion pe prulde degre, 768 

or Godhead Of God hym-self wib-oute doute, 

within. J . 

jiaiiiiood Of Godhed wib-Inne, monhed wib-oute. 


pre binges bou benke, as I be rede, 
Mrabood, Of crist vr lord in his monhede : 772 

XXXV. The Prick or Spur of Love. 


Of pe Incarnacion pe grete Mekenes, 

And of his liuyng pe holynes, 

And of his passion pe charite. 

At ones pou mai^t not pewke pise pre ; 

I schal departe hem, as I may, 

Be pe h cures of niht and da}' ; 

Wip double Contemplacione 

In vche an houre of god J?ou mone : 

Ones of his passioun, 

And eft of oper sesoun. 

Contemplation at Matines tyme. 

At Mateynes pewk, aftur or bi-fore??, 
Wjat time & vre, place cn'st was borew. 
)5e tyme was wynter, }if pou be-holde, 
}3e vre was midnijt, wonder colde, 
Jje place, as doctours seyen and trowes, 
Was a toren hous wip-outen wowes. 
In Eiche clojms was he not wrapped, 
In Cracche w'p ragges he was happed, 
Bi-twene an Oxe and an As 
Gret Meknes fer I-schewed was ! 

Be-J>enk pe of J>at cu?/ipaignye 
Of losep and of swete Marie, 
Hou bisy J>ei werew to kepe fat fode 
Jjat for us schulde dyen on Eoode ; 

Of J)e herdes deuocion, 
And of fe Angeles pat songen abouen 
" loye be to god pat is on hi^ " 
In herte so syng pou priuely. 

jjenk how ludas also outrayde 
At midni3t, whon he crist be-trayde ; 
Hou pe lewes pei him be-caste, 
And as a peef pei bourcden him faste, 
And as a feloun pei forp him lad. 
Whon pe traitour a Cos him bad, 
In speche he was so Meke & hende : 
His traytur he calde his dere frewde. 
In dede also he schewed non awe, 
fforbed al hise wepne to drawe, 


think of His 

I'll divide 'em 
by hours. 




At Matins, 
think how 
Christ was 
born in 

at midnight, 

and wrapt in 



Think of the 




how Christ 
was at 
betrayd by 

804 bound as a 



XXXV. The Prick or Spur of Love. 

led before 

and deserted 

At Prime 
think how 
false witness 
was brought 


and how He 
was spit on 

and smitten. 

Think liovr 
He anwe, 

1. the Mag- 


S. to others, 

S. to Peter, 

4. to two 
Disci pies, 

And Malcus ere, pat Peter of smot, 
Heled hit a^eyn, not chid nor flot. 1 * ' 
Biforew Anna i-lad and Cayphas 
Vileynesliche per I-boffeted was, 
And petwr pryes wip-Inne a pro we 
ffor-sok him, ar cok hedde pries crowe. 
And alle pe Apostles euerichon 
A-wey pei fledde, wip him lafte non. 1 


? u,eM.* "" 


Of contemplation at prime : of \e passion, and of 
\>e Resureccion. 

kff pe passion penk at prime, 

Of cmtes vprist pe same tyme. 
Crist in to a 3ard at prime him 1 ladde 
And fals witnesse a^eyn him hadde, 
)3at seiden hou he hedde god dispised, 
Jje cuwtre al tornd and dyuised 
ffrom lerasalem to Galylee\ 

And in his face pen spitten heo, 
J?ei huddew his face & bobed his he le 
And scorned him and bad hym rede 
Ho him smot po wip his fuste. 
Nout he ne seide, pouj he wel wuste. 

Of pe Resureocion. 

T^Enk also at prime, whon crist vp ros- 
y ])eroi wydewhere sprong pe loos 
appeard Vyue sipes apeered he pat day 
To his derlynges, sop to say : 
ffurst to Maudeleyn, pat was him dere, 
Whon heo phoute him a gardynere. 
To hire and opwe, verrement, 
As pei comen from his Monument ; 
And seide " al heil ! God saue ^ow." 
And sipen to Peter but we nute how. 
J5e ffeorpe tyme as a straunge pilgr/m 
To twey disciples, pat knew not him, 
Toward Emaus, pe goode Castel ; 
In bred brekyng pc?i kneuj pei him wel. 


r. he, cf. v. 826. 







XXXV. The Prick or Spur of Love. 


]3e ffyfbe tyme to be apostles ten, 
But Thomas was not wib hem ben ; 
But bat hit was he bei noujt bileeued, 
ffor a gost to hem he furst bi-semed, 
Til he schewede bobe foot and howde 
Amiddes hem ber he con stonde, 
" Pees to }ow " he seide bon 
J3ei kneu ? him wel whon he was gon.i 

5. to ten 


B if or en vndume : Of be passion, and of Witsuntyd. 

"p*Enk how cmt at vndurne-tyde 

J Was dispoyled, bobe bak and syde, 


And to a piler berme was he bouwde 

And skourged so sore wt'b mony a wo?*de 856 

)3at from be foot to be heued 

Hoi skin was on [him] luitel be-leued. 

Wib Mantel of Eed bei hi? cladde, 

Bi-foren be folk bei forb him ladde, 860 

ffor Septre a reod tokere him in honde, 

Crouned hi??z wib born, I vndurstonde, 

!And be7^ne bei kneled him be-forn ] '"^ecedf'v^s^ 67 " 8 

And called him kyng al in scorn. 864 

Vp-on Pilate ben gu?ine bei crye 

Ihesu on Rode to Crucifye. 

He bar his Cros wib gret anuye 

To be place ber he schulde dye. 

Before un- 

was scourged, 

crownd with 

and to 
868 dos. 

B if ore vndurne of be holigost. 

Enk also at bis same vre 

J3e holigost wib gret honoure 
Crist his apostles sende amowge, 
So wonderliche to speke wt'b torcge 
Jjat folk bat weorew of ojmr langage 
Heo[m] vnderstoden, & seiden outrage 
Jjat of wyn dronken bey were. 
J3e holygost also schewed him ful clere 
In fuir, to make hem hard and bolde, 
ffor bei schulde not in mischef folda 

Tiiink how 

He MMit tli.- 

HOI.V <iii<>st 


u 2 


XXXV. The Prick or Spur of Love. 

At Midday : 0/pe anunciacion, And of pe passion. 

At Mid-day, 
think ho\v 
our Lady 


At Mid-day, 
think ton 
lioxv Christ 
was crucified 
between 2 

and HtifTerd 
more than 
Hi.' pain of 

At Noon, 
think how 
Christ iiuve 
up the K'host, 

At Middai be-penk pe witerli 
Hou Gabriel grette vr swete ladi, 
Jtenne conceiued heo cmt Ihesu 
J3orw pe holigost vertu. 
But win wolde he take flesch & blode 
And sipen dye for vs on Rode, 
Sipen he mijte ha saued Monkynde 
Bi an Angel, as I fynde 1 
But pen schulde we ha loued be rijt 
\)Q Angel more pen god Almijt ; 
He wolde we loued Irim be-forera al opw : 
Jjerfore him-self bi-com vr bropur. 

Also of p passion. 

T^Enk hou crist was don on Rode 

y His bodi pen ron al on blode ; 

Bi-twene twey peues he hynged ; 

Galle & Eysel to Irim pei menged 

To driwke, for purst whorc he him pleined. 

ffor vre gult so was he peyned. 

In al pis world pow 1 peynes alle i MS. jww 

Vpon o Mon 111131x5 falle 

And he mijte suffre as muche more 

As alle men pat nou ben bore, 

Jje same dep twye or prie 

Jjat cmt suffrede pou$ he mi^t dye, 

)?at peyne }it were not so liche 

Noupwr neij so as his so miche. 

Hit semep wel perme bi pat i telle 

His peyne passep pe pyne of helle 

J?at pure creature mi3te pole, i-wis, 

ffor euere so may neuer on his. 

At Noon : of pe passion, and of p A/mention. 

BE-penk pe at pe vre of noon : 
Whon crist hed seid pt al was don, 
Mildeliche wip-outen bost 
To his ffader he ^eld his gost, 1 









' The Spec 'iere gives the 7 words 
oi (./iirisi on tne cross j th6 

" tbe Horae de 

XXXV. The Prick or Spur of Love. 293 

And to him he made a cri 

Hely lama^abatani, 

bat is to seye aftur be Book 

" ffader, whiere J)ou me forsok 1 " 916 

As hos seib, bus here for to spille ; 

A, lord, for hit was bi wille. 

A blynd kiiiht ben atte laste Ilow "* w s 

picrrt with a 

A Spere borw [his] 1 herte braste, MS. Hn 920 "i**"'. 

bat Blod and water ben out ^ede. 

berof we schulde take good hede : 

)3e blynde kni^t berof cau^te his siht, 

And vre Bapteme bere hedde mijt. 924 

Lord, }if me grace day and niht 

To benke how deolfulliche bou were diht ! 

be sonne for deol ben lees his liht, ai|(l h<)W ."' 

Sun lost its 

ffor to be wreken of his dispiht ; 928 } '& A - 

Hulles and dales bei al to-schoken, 
And be stones al to-broken. 

At Non of be Assencion. 

l^Enk also at be vre of non At N<xm, too, 

y Of Ih&m Assencion 932 c!!rist" 8 


On be Mount of Olyuete, 

Whon al be Apostles ber guraie mete, 

And his deore Moder Marie, 

In al heore siht vp gon he sty 30, 936 

And sitteb on his ffader riht hond, to His 

Jjat weldeb bobe Se6 and Lond. 

be Apostles bi be wey bat was geyn 

To Jerusalem bei torned a-^eyn, 940 

In preyer & fastynge ber for to abyde, 

As he hem bad, til witsontyde. 

At euensony-tyme : of be passion, and of be Maunde. l 

At Euewsong-tyme benk verreyli : ' MS. Monhede At Evensonp, 
ffor ded was found en his swete bodi, 944 

loseph bewne of Aramathi think imw 

His bixly was 

Tok him doun deUOUtll, taken from 

the Cross. 

Of Pilat, bat benne was heij lustise, 

He asked no more for his seruyse. 948 

204 XXXV. The Prick or Spur of Love. 

bi pouwer, lord, whon bow were ded, 

Hit was hud in by godhed ; l cf. xix, v. isi. 

As gras is stomped for medicyne, 

So were bou fruscht wz'b muche pyne ; 952 

Alias for deol, bobe euen and Morn, , C f. xix.v. isis 

be Croune of blisse lai vnder a porn ! 1 SSKSKfil? 

Noio of be Maunde of Ihesu crist. 

Also, how at A t euensowg-tyme of his Maunde 

suppeK He j\ be?zk : \v/b hou gret Charite 956 

waslit HJH 11. 

Apostles' feet, He wu^sch his owne apostles feete, 
And of his Bodi alle bei ete 
As he heom }af in bredes 

and iiow He And to ludas, bat waried leuj, 960 

gave Himself, . . 

us bread, even bauj he mm wuste in synne derne, 

toJudaa. . ' J 

His flesch & blood ^it nolde he him wcrne. 

Ensaujnple herof be prest may haue 

Non hosul to werne hose wol hit craue, 964 

In priue synne boti3 he him knowe 

To warne hym stilly is best, I trowe. 

At cumplin-tyme : of hl8 passion, and of his buiiinge. 
At compline, A t Cumplin benk wib good en tent 

tliink how l\ 

ci.rist pruyd j^\ Hou c-st in to a gardyn went 968 

After be Mauwde, forto prey 

His ffader bat passion to don a-wey ; 

be Monhede of hym so sore dredde bat 
tin wood and bat blod & water ber so he swat 972 

water droyt 

from Him; bat hit dropped doun in bat place 
In to be eorbe from his face. 

Of be buryinge of Ihem crist. 
and imw He "i%Enk at Cu??iplyn : be bodi of crist 

wax laid in I/ . ., , . ,_., 

a grave, j Was leid in graue til his vpryst, 976 

bat loseph dijte for hi?-self hadde ; 

And in Seudel he him cladde, 
and anointed. Wib Mirre and Aloyne, good oynement, 

He Baumede hi?n, wib good entent. 980 

Lord, }if me grace swetnes to fynde 

beos Vres $us to haue in mynde, 

XXXV. The Prick or Spur of Love. 

Jjat suffredest for me pis harde paas ! 
At myn ende hit be my solas. 

Of Contemplation of god in his owne kynde. 

T>us schaltou pewke on his Monhed. 

y !N"ow schal I teche of his godhed, 

Jjat from vr knowyng su??idel is hud, 

And in foure wise to vs is kud : 

In Creature, and in holy writ 

Jjerof Ichaue my tale quit ; 

)5e pridde be Reuelacion, 

J?e ffeorpe be monnes reson. 

Bi Reuelacion God schewep hiw-selue 

As he dude to pe prophetes twelue 

And to opere Mony on, 

Or be Miracle open I-don. 

Bi reson Jms God mai$t pou kenne, 

3if pou wolt pe be-penke whenne 

)3ou were noujt or JJGU boren were ; 

Of oper Creatures pe same manere, 

feat comen & gon eueriche day ; 

)3e soj>e J>er-bi wel wite jjou may 

And bi reson vndertake 

J?at J>ei mi^t not hem-seluen make ; 

Heore biginnynge setyen fou maijt se, 

And of hem-self )>ei mowe not be, 

Jjenne mostou nede g?-ante sum fing 

Jjat neuer hedde no bi-gynnyng, 

Ojmr J>ynges of whom comen alle, 

God Almihti fat men calle. 

But twei goddes jif pat per were, 

\)er moste nede be sum manere 

Of diuersete hem bi-twene 

Al on elles moste J>ei bene ; 

J3en moste pat on, as wel I wot, 

Surawhat haue pat pe top?r hedde not ; 

Jjen hedde pat on, sikerliche, 

Ouper to luyte or to muche ; 

3if pat he hedde to luitel, 

He were not god almihtful ; 




988 It is known 
to nx by 

1. Creatures, 

2. Holy Writ, 

3. Revelation, 
992 4. Reason. 

Bv revelation 
<}InJ nhwe<l 
the prophets 
by inspira- 
tion, or by 




shows us 

that we mid 
other crea- 

make our- 

It forces us 
to assume a 
1008 thing without 




that men 
call "God 

And as you 
can't have 
two Gods, 


XXXV. The Prick or Spur of Love. 

we must 
assume One 

But He wants 

so we put 
2 Persons 
in 1 God. 

And as love 
must be 
between these 
two, we as- 
sume a 3rd 
Person to 
make the 

(It's just as 
you have 

1. Might, 

2. Know- 

ami from 
these two, 

The Father 
is first ; the 
Son comes 
from Him; 

and the 
Holy Ghost 
from both. 

God has 
Christ, Wis- 

And to muche }if pat he hadde, 

A sori god were and a badde 

Jjat to muche mi$te not do him fro 

To alle ping for pat is so. 

SiJ>en two goddes Jjenne mowe not be, 

On-lepi god pen graunte we. 

But loye is non here i?z no two afye (!) l 

Wijj-outen riht good cumpaynye. 

Sipen God is ful of loye and blis, 

In Godhed Cumpaynye per is. 

Be-twene lasse pen two mai hit not be : 

Two persones in God pen mai we se. 

But cumpaignie were nou^t, I wene, 

But per were loue hem bi-twene : 

j?e pridde persone, I wol warante, 

In Trinite pe?z moste we grawite, 

To make loue and Charite 

In pe holy Trinite. 

And pus mowe we knowe anon 

J?reo persones and God but on. 

In pi-self pou mai^t a-tame 

Open ensau?ple .of pis same : 

In pi soule pou seost ful wel 

Miht and Coraiynge pou hast sumdel ; 

Jji mi3t & Coraiynge pe wip-Inne 

To loue hem bope pou const not blynne ; 

Jji miht is furst, and penne curaiynge, 

And of hem bope comep louynge. 

}3e same manere in god aboue : 

Miht and Connynge and eke loue. 

)3e ffader we callen pe furst Miht, 
Coraiynge pe Sone, of him comep riht; 
}5e holigost loue we calle, 
)3at comep of bope, knowleche we alle. 

Al Monkynde [knowep] in toun and felde 
)3e ffader waxep feble in his elde, 
j)e Sone in his ^oupe is not wys, 
Of Monnes gost comep Malys. 
In god lest men wolde wene pe same, 
]3e ffader hap n^t, pe Sone wisdame ; 


' r. intoaffye 









XXXVI. St. Bernard's Lamentation on Christ's Passion. 297 

His miht is euer gret inlike, 

J)e sones wisdam may nou3t be swike. 

jpe Holigost he ha]) goodnesse, the Holy 

"Wijj-outen Malys More and lesse. 1064 "ess. ' 

To knowe god J?ws furst men conie 

Bi resun so mai3t JJGU, }if J?ou take gome 

J?in herte to god vp so to lifte, 

In feose J>reo wyse as I skifte : 1068 

By his werk, and holy writ, 

And bi resun of monnes wit 

And of him-self in double kynde. 

Wei oii^te we J>ewne haue liim in mynde, 1072 

Jjat al J)is world wi'jj fat fer-Inne 

3af, and him-self, vr loue to wynne. 

Nou JJGU him knowest & his bowite, 

Loue him wel for Charite 1076 Love God 

. . . . to thy life's 

JLuer-more to \>i lyues ende ! end! 

To loye & blisse J>en schaltou wewde, 

Jjat he haj> ordeyned for vre solace. 

Lord, bring vs J>ider for Jri grace. Amc?i. 1080 

Jpus endejj fe spore of loue 

God grant vs J?e blisse of heuene aboue. 1 

[xxxvi. p* %mmtow* )>at to 
&re lab attir 

Her is a gret lame?itacion betwene vr ladi & seint 
Be?'nard, Of cristes passion, hire dere sone, J>t was so 
pyneful & so hard. 

1 Then follows the well-known 'Disputacion bytwene J>e bodi and J>e 
soule,' ed. before by Th. Wright, Walter Mape, p. 340 ff., and extant in 5 
other, partly very old MSS. (MS. Auch., ed. in Owain Miles, Edinb. 1837, 
Laud 108, Digby 102, Reg. 18 A x, and Simeon), mostly printed, wherfore I 
omit it here. Cf. Anglia II. p. 225. 

2 Ed. before, at my suggestion, in Engl. Stud., 1885, vol. viii. p. 85 ff., 
by G. Kribel, from MS. Vernon and Cambridge Dd. 1, 1. I here give the 
text of MS. Vernon with various readings from MS. Dd. 1, 1, and two more 
MSS., Trin. Coll. Oxf. 57 f. (incomplete), and MS. L. 70. The poem is based 
on a Latin sermon attributed to St. Bernhard (ed. opp. Antw. 1616, col. 
156, and in Migne Patr. Curs. Ser. II. voL 182, coL 1133, Paris 1879; both 
edd. differ in some respects, the Engl. text rests more on that of the former 
ed.), with frequent addings from the Gospels (cf. v. 21-4). The poem is not 
to be ascribed to Richard Rolle, but to Richard Maidenstoon, the author of 
the Seven Penitential Psalms. Cf. Kribel, L c. It is in 8-line stanzas of 
alternate rymes. 3 So the title in Index. 

Title in D, ' Lamentacio sancti Bernard! de compassione beate Marie vir- 
ginis ex dulcissimi filii sui passione et eiusdem cruduli morte' ; in T, 'La- 
mentacio sancte marie & bcati Buraardi.* 

298 XXXVI. St. BemianVs Lamentation on Christ's Passion. 

I fiigh for 
lay folk's 

and will teach 
them for 

I have eng- 
lisht St. 

Lewed mew be not lered in lore, 
As Clerkes ben in holi writ ; 
Jjau^ men prechen hem bi-fore, 

Hit wol not wonen in heore wit : 4 

Jjerfore is bat I syke sore, 
ffor broburhede, as God hit bit, 
And, $if cristes wille wore, 
Wel fayn I wolde amenden hit. 8 

3if Crist haue send mon wit at wille, 
Craft of Clergye, for to preche, 
Alle hise hestes scholde we fulfille 
As ferforj? as we mihten areche. 12 

3onge and olde, holdeb ow stille : 
ffor broberhed I wol ow teche 
J3e Mon bat con, and teche nille, 
He mai haue drede of godes wreche. 16 

)3erfore ichaue on Englisch wroujt, 
Seint 1 Bernard witnessef in Latyn 1 ai. AS 

Mon may be glad in al his boujt 

J3at his wit haj> leid ber-In. 20 

J3e gospel nul I forsake noujt, 
)5auj hit be writen in parchemyn ; 
Seynt lones word, 1 and hit be soujt, ' at. bok 

)3er-of hit wole be witnes myn. 24 

While Ihesu crist on eorbe code, 

1 D Lewid L Lewede. D am T bnj> L )>at beo>. T nojt. D lend L lentc, 
om. in T. 2 D clerkis. T be)> L beo>. D writte. 3 T be} L bei, D &; J>ouh. 
D preche L reden. TL before D euere-more. 4 DTL It. DL wile T may. 
T nojt. D wone T dwellen. D hire T hare L here. D witte. 5 D ffor }>is it 
is. T y. DTL sike. 6 D bretherhed TL bro>erhede. T it D vs, om. in L. 
D bitte. 7 DL if. D Cristis T godis L godes. D wil it. T were. 8 DTL 
om. Wei. TL Y wolde fayn. D amendin. D itte. 9 T And jif. TL god. 
D sent TL lent. DTL vs. D witt &. 10 DL & craft. 11 DTL We schuld 
(L sholde T shullen) fayn his hestis (T his hestis fayn). T fulfelle. 12 D 
ferfort TL fer. D has. DTL oure wit. L myghte T may D wold. TL reche. 
13 D hold Jow TL loude &. 14 D As bretherin aUe. DL wile T wil. DT Jow 
L Jou. 15 D ffor he T ffor who so L Who so. DTL om. }>at. DTL can. D & 
ha> no wille. 16 L Him. DTL om. haue ; T doute L douten D sore dowte. 
D Cristis T harde. 17 DTL I haue. TL in. L englissh. D wrouht L wroughtc. 
18 DTL As B. seyth (TL sei in his L 19 TL A man D He. L beo. T wel 
glad L blithe. TL om. al ; T om. his. L thoughts. 20 L al his. D besynes 
L tente. T ha> leyd his wit. D om. haf ; leyde. 21 D wile forsake it L wel 
forsake I T forsake> it. 22 TL J>at is wryten D ffor he it wrot. 23 T lohanes 
D lohn his L Ion in his. DTL bok if it. L beo soughtc. 24 DL Herof. T 
Wil be |>erof. TL om. hit. D ben. DT witnesse. 25 D >at while J>at L b e 
while bat DTL god inst. of Ihesu crist. DT erthe. T Jede L Jeode D 3ode. 

XXXVI. St. Bernard's Lamentation on Christ's Passion. 299 

Mony of his Miracles writen f ei were : 

])er nis no mon fat mihte rede 

J)e goodnesse fat he dude here. 28 

Men and wymmen, 30 schulew haue mede, 

Lustenef alle now me I-feere ; Listen to me, 

}if I si<_'ge mis, tnkef good hede, 

And wissef me, fat hit betere were. 32 

ffader and sone and holy gost, 

Al-mihtiful god in Trinite,, send me 

Myn hope is on fi Modur most, 

fful of grace and of pite : 36 

I be synful, as foa wel wosfc, 

Such grace benne bow sende me smce to say 

' what '11 make 

bum word to speken wtf-outen bost, men better: 

jjat sum men mowe f e beter be. 40 

Gret del hit is to speke and say 
Of lm?i fat dyed on f e Roode, 

How he vppon f e gode ffriday when Christ 

ffor vs fe?me schedde his herte-blode ; 44 

Alle hise disciples flowen a-way, 
ffor doute of def f ei were nei$ wode : 

Jjer nis no tonge fat telle may no tongue 

Jje serwe of Marie, his moder gode. 48 Mary's grief. 

him bar bofe god and Mon, * "^^"J the siie bare 
And sif en him clepede swete Ihesu, 

26 DTL Alle his. D myraclis T workes L werkes. D wretin. DTL om. >ei. 

27 DT is. L om. no. T man DL clerk. D om. >at ; D in boke. D may T 
cou]>e L coude. 28 D goodnes T guodnesse L godenesse. DL dide. D to vs 
here. T ]>ere. 29 TL Man. D women TL woman. D schul T may L mowe. 
D ban. 30 DTL If (TL And) Je me (om. in TL) listne (T wille lestyn) alle 
in fere (T yfere). 31 DTL mys-say. D takij>. T guod L goede. 32 D om. 
And. DT wisse. D to telle >e beste to lerc. L as inst. of >at hit. T y inst. of 
hit. L better. 33 D om. and(l). 34 T Almyjtful DL Almyhti. DT trenyte 
L trinitee. 35 D Mi mone TL My mynde. D to the. TL model 1 D modir. 
36 L mercy. T pete. 37 L ]>auh T >ej. L beo. DT it inst. of wel. 38 D 
Swich g. lord, T Lord such g., L Lordo sende suche g. ; DTL om. benne. L 
om. >ow ; T sende >ou. DL to me. 39 L Som. DL speke. DL wi>-out(e). 
40 D sum man T many folk L mankynde. DT may, om. in L. DT bet>;re 
L betters. L beo. 41 DTL It is gret dool (T del L deol) to telle. 42 D god 
T ihcsu. DT deyde L diede. DL vpon T oppon. DTL rode. 43 T om. he. 
L on. D good T guode. 44 D vs alle. DTL om. benne. D schad T shadde. 
D om. herte ; L suete. 45 DTL his. D disciplis T deciples. D fled T fleddeu 
L fledde. 46 D But Marie & lohn be him stode. TL drede. T nej L ney. 
47 DT is. L om. no. D tunge. D tellin. 48 T sorwe L sorwes D goodnesse. 
DL om. Marie. D good T guode. 49 DTL Hbr sche. DTL as inst. of bob e . 
DT man. 50 L sithe T sethe D setthe. DTL clepid (T clepudt) him. DTL 
om. swete. 

300 XXXVI. St. Bet'narcCs Lamentation on Christ's Passion. 

Mary was 
wartxl to 
take her boy 
into Egypt. 

And offrede him to Symeon 

fful wel ps prophete him he kneu^ ! 52 

An Angel warnede vre ladi pon 

Of kyng Heroude, pat was vntrewj, 

And bad hire in to Egipte gon 

ffor doute of dep of mony a lew}. 56 

Euer was Marie glad I-now^ 
~\\ T hon heo hire swete sone seje ; 
Whoderward fat Ihesu drouj, 

He nas neuere out of hire eje. 60 

Sipen men duden him gret won}, 
Harde peynes heo seij hym drei^e, 
His honden were 1 nayled to a bouj, ' a/, om. 

Vppon a treo honged wel heije. 64 

jjauj heo weore wo no wonder nas : 
Heo seij hym blodi, bodi and croun, 
Hire sone pat so gultles was, 

"NVip stremes of blod he ron a-doun. 68 

To sen his peynes was gret pres, 
"Wyjnnien folewede him porw Jje toun, 
Sore wepynge, wip-outen lees, 
ffor gret deol of his passion. 72 

Iham tornde, pat was so meke, 
And spac wordes 1 of gret pite > ai. a word 

To pe wymmen pat per 1 speke, at. he dide, or lie 

51 D Sche. D offerid. D Symean. 52 TL om. ffuL D pat prophete ful 
weL DTL his lord knew. 53 T >e. D aimgil. D waniid. TL w. hem of ]:cr 
(L here) fon. D J>an. 54 T & of. TL Eroude (L heroude) }>e kynge v. ()>at was 
om.). 55TLhem. D vnto T intiL D Egipt. D gau. 56DTLdrede. D 
dr. of )>at feloura lew. TL many. T gew L gewe. 57 DTL wel inst. of glad. 
Danow. 58 DL Whan T Whanne. DTsche. DTLseye. 59 T Whyderward 
so D Whedir )xzt euere. D drow L drouhe. 60 DTL was. T here. DTL eye. 
61 D Setthe T suthen. D >e lewis. DL dide. D wow L wouh. 62 D peynys. 
DTL sche. T sej L say D saw. T dreye DL drye. 63 D hand T handes 
L hondes. DTL om. were. D naylid. TL til D vpon. D bow L bouhe. 64 
DTL & on. D >e cros L a cros. TL hongen D )>ei heng. DT him L on ; wel 
om. in DTL. DTL heye. 65 L ]>auhe T )>e3 D >ow. DT sche. DTL were. 
L om. wo no. D wvmder. DT was. 66 T Hy D Sche. T sej L seye D saw. 
T blede L bleden. D crowne L croune. 67 L Hire onne s. DT >at was so, 
om. in L ; L aL DL gilteles. 68 D Stremyd of blod Jwt ran riht downe 
T Of blod )>e strem ran adou?i L On strem >e blode ran adoune. 69 D seen 
L seon T se. D peynys L peyne. D >cr was. D om. gret. 70 D women. 
DT him folewid (folwede) L foleweden him. T porghe L >oruh. D towne. 
71 D weping T wepende. DL wi>-oute. DT les. 72 DTL And made (LT 
maden) dole (T del L deol) for. D passiowne. 73 TL twrnede (tornede) him 
ful meke D him turnid ful mylde & meke. 74 D seyde. DTL a word. 75 
T And to L Andc J>us to. D women. D he dide TL he, inst. of ]>at )>er. 

He was never 
out uf her 

No wonder, 
she was woful 

when she 
saw Him 
stream with 

though He 
charged the 
women fol- 
lowing Him 
not to weep 
for Him. 

XXXVI. St. Bernard's Lamentation on Christ's Passion. 301 

And seide : " Wepef not for me ! 76 

ffor joure children je ruowe wepe, 

)jat dof me scheme, as 30 mowe se." 

No wonder f ou^ hire herte breke, Mary's heart 

...i. -LJ-I nn broke when 

J5at seij hir sone so beten be ! 80 she saw 

TTTL i i Christ 

VVnon he was beten wtf scourges sore, beaten. 

Alle his frendes were from hyru gon ; 
)3reo dayes vre feif was lore 

Saue in Marie, his moder, al-on. 84 

Bernard beref witnesse f erfore, 
Also dof hire Cosyn Ion : 
ffor serwe fat heo hedde fore 
On swou$ heo fel sone a-non. 88 

J?e blod out of hire ejen rou, Thebiooti 

Al-most hire herte clef a-two he" "yes? 

Seynt Bernard, fat holy mon, 

Witnesse]? wel fat hit is so. 92 

Seirct Bernard in to chirche wendew he con, st, Bernard 

rp , F . , -r i . once in a 

lo witen of fat Ladi wo. church 

To him wel feire speken 1 heo gon, iMs.spenkcn 95 

What Was his Wille to asken f O. 1 ' vv. S3-6 added by the poet. 

LAdi, jif hit be f i wille, 
Tel me, as f ou art heuene-qwene, asu her how 

TT , , , 1 ii she wept, 

Hou fat fou weope fin herte nlle, 

Whon fei duden fi sone to scheme, 100 

76 L weope> D wepit T ne wepe Jc. T noujt L nouhte. 77 TLD But 
(wepij) D) for Jow (T Jow-selue) & joure children (D childer) eke. 78 D bei 
DTL don. TL shame D sorow. D may. L seo. 79 TL om. No. T Wonder 
it was. D if TL J>at. DTL Maries. D myhte br., TL ne br. 80 D saw. D 
betin. L beo. 81 DL "Whan T Wharane. D betin & scorgid s., TL beten 
swibe s. 82 T & alle D om. Alle. D frendis L freondes. T were fro him g., 
L fro him conne g. , D fled fro him good wone. 83 T Jre. DTL oure. T sijt. 
D ilore L forlore. 84 D Saf in >e thef & Marye alone. 85 DTL Seint B. 
witnessif (L wittenessede) it (om. in L) before. 86 D And so TL & al-so. DL 
lohn. 87 D sorwe TL ]>e sorwe. DT sche. D had TL hadde. 88 D Out of 
hire eyen fe blod gan gone TL )>e blod out of here (L hire) eyjen ron. 89 TL 
Out of here eyjen >e blod it (om. in L). DT ran. 90 L Almost. DT in two. 
91 DTL >e holi man. 92 D witnessib L wittenesse>. L om. wel. DT was. 
93 DTL om. Seint Bernard. L ffor in to. T Intil. DTL a temple. TL 
Avende he D he wente. TL gan D >an. 94 T wite. T lefdy DL ladyes. 

95 TLD & sche (L heo) ful (D him) faire fraynede him ]>an (D freyne gan). 

96 D To witen what his wil was >o. L aske T aske hire. L so. 97 D He seyde 
Ladi L Lauedy he seide. T Leuedy. L were Joure. 98 DL Telle. 99 L 
Hou D If T Whawne ; DTL om. >at. T wep D wepte. 100 DTL Whan 
men. T dude DL dide. DTL >at tene. 

302 XXXVI. St. Bernards Lamentation on Christ's Passion, 

whether 8he 
was by, 
when Christ 
was beaten, 

Whon bei him bomiden and beoten ille 

And Corouwden him wib ponies kene, 

And 1 [he] bar be Crois meke and stille ' ai. om. 

As bauj on hym non harm were sene. 104 

" Ladi," seide Bernard, " weore pou pere bo, 
per Men him bou?zden and beoten so fast ? 
I wot bou weore not fer him fro, 
pin herte was stif and ful studefast ! 108 

Alias ! whi nere myn herte so? 
Whi is myn now so vnwrast? 
Whi nolde hit cleue or breke a-two, 
Or wepe while bat hit wolde last? 1 ' A stan/a om. 112 
nnd how " Tel me bi 1 serwe bin herte was in, ai. Alias for 

sorry she 

was when He Whon bou seje bin oune fode, 

hung on the '. ' 

cross, Godes sone, his hed doun lyn, 

per he hongede vppon be Rode ! 116 

peij he weore God, his flesch was byn, 

His bodi ron doun al on Blode. 

Alias, whi nedde bi serwe be myn ? 

Whi nedde I stonden per bou stode ? 1 20 

101 DTL om. whon J>ei : Bounden (D Bountlin) him & be ten (DT bctin) 
him (om. in L) ille. 102 D crownid T crounede L crouneden. D thornis. 
103 DTL He. L his cros D him euere. D mylde L myldeliche T bo}>e 
mylde. 104 D As non harm on him had bene TL As him were no sorwe sene. 

105 DTL Swete ladi (T lefdy L lauedy). DTL om. scide Bernard. DTL were. 

106 DT Whan L Jxx T JjeJ. DTL betin (L bete) & bounden. DTL om. so ; 
L him. DL faste. 107 D hope. DTL were. T nojt. 108 DL is. DTL so. 
TL om. stif and. DTL om. ful. D stedfaste T stedefast L stedefaste. 109 D 
Alias alias whi dide }>ei so. TL my loue. 110 DTL myn herte ; now om. 
DL vnwraste. HID pat it ne wile cleue in two. TL breke (L berste) or 
cleue. 112 T &. DTL whil my lyf may. DL laste. 

DTL then have the following stanza: Ladi, I am in (om. in L) greet 
longing To seen (T se L seo) >at (T >e) sihte (T sijt) >at Jwu there (om. in L) 
seye, Whan (L Hou) )>ou gan (T be-gan L gonne) Jrin riandis (T honden L 
hondes) (to T) wring (wringe), pe tens (TL teres) ran (L ronnen) doun be 
(L of) fin eye. pou saw (T sej L seye) Jn sone wi> naylis (TL nayles) sting 
(T stynge L stronge), & (om. in L) on a tre (L treo) >ei (om. in TL) heng (TL 
hongcn) him (L on) heye. Whi ne were (TL nere) myn herte in (L on) >i 
momyng, Whan (L >o) ]wu him saw (T seje L seye) swich (T J>e L >o) peyne 
(T pynes L peynes) drye (TL dreye) ? 

113120 follow in TL the stanza wanting after 128. 

113 DTL Alias for (TL fe) sorwe. L J>at >ou were. D ]>in h. myhte kyne. 
TL ynne. 114 D saw L seye. D owne T herte. 115 D Goddis T Godis. 
D heuid. DL clyne T clynne. 116]>eras. DTL heng. T oppon. 117 T J>e$ 
L >ei D bouh. DT were L beo. DTL >e f. T fles L flessh. D thyne. 118 D 
pat swete bodi J>at ran on bl. TL pou seje (L seyen) him renne (L rennen) al 
on bl. 119 TL nere D ne were. DL bat. DTL sorwe. DTL om. be. 120 
D Or I had stoude T Why ne myjtc y stonde L Whi ne stod I. D J>cr >at. 

XXXVI. St. Bernard's Lamentation on Christ's Passion. 303 

" Whon [pat] 1 he his lyf forsook, ' MS. vriadi seide: wiion 
He bowede his hed & lafte 1 his si^t, l <a. ies, lost anddiejand 

And noiu his leue, his wey he tok went to His 

Vp to his fader ful of miht. 124 

Witnesse wole be holy book, 
J)at day be sonne Ies hire liht, 
pe Temple clef, J)e eorbe qwok, 
pe dede a-risen to lyue apli^t. 1 ' A stanza om. 1 28 

" Ladi. tak hit not a-gref, st. Bernard 

' hopes Mary's 

pels 1 speke of his peynes so ; g rief wi " 

r J melt his own 

To heren of him me is ful lef, hard heart - 

I ne may hit nou$t for-go, 132 

I seo him hongen as a bef, 

Godes sone and bin also : 

Ladi, be teres bat bou ber jef, 

Graunte me summe !" he seide bo. 1 l ai. er J>an y go. 136 

" As bou art queen of heuene-blisse, He asks her 

And I am here in gret pmle, 
Swete ladi, bow me wisse, 

I be synful mon and vyle. 140 

As bou art moder and Mayden I-wis : what Christ 

What dude my lord in his exile 1 exile, 

121 DTL om. Vr ladi seide. DTL Whan >at. D forsoke. 122 D bowid. D 
heuid. TL Ies D lost. D sthte. 123 D His leue he nam T He nom his wey 
his leue he t. L nam. L & vp he t. D toke TL toke. 124 L om. Vp ; T 
Op. 125 DL As berij> (bereb) witnesse T As witnesse>. D boke. 126 D 
sunne lost. T here D his. D sihte. 127 D claf. DT erthe. D quoke TL 
quoke. 128 D fe dede men. TL risen. D }>e soth to plyhte. T leue. 

Then DTL have the following stanza : Ladi (T Leuedy L Lauedy) >i loue 
is (L was) naturel, & my (TL myn) loue (om. in TL) is swi>e (L swibe wonder 
T wonder sore) lite ; Be (L ffor be) J>i weping (T wepynge) it seini]> (TL seme}>) 
wel No clerk >i sorwe ne may (LT may (myjte) >i sonve) write. Alias win 
nadde (D no had) I (T ich) loue (L loued) sumdel (TL somdel), pat to (TL 
in) myn (T my) herte it (om. in L) myhte sinyte, pat is hardere (T 
harderc is L harde is) >an (L so) any (TL ston or) stel (L steel), May no bale 
>mn (TL ]>er-ynne) bite. In TL then follow v. 113120. 

129 DTL Swete ladi (T lefdy). D take. DL om. hit. T nojt. D to greef. 
130 T >a3 L >auh D If. D peynys mo. 131 D speken T speke. L Of him 
to speke. DTL it (om. in L) were me (L me were) leef. 132 DTL ffor I. 
DTL om. ne. D wile not his loue f. L him note T iiojt it. 133 TL >ou seje 
(seye). D se. D hangin T hange L honge. L so a theof. 134 D Goddis T 
Godis. 135 T Leuedy. D teris. TL )>ere. L geef. 136 T some L somme. 
D to han of tho TL er >an (L ar bat) y go. 137 D Ladi queen ful of bl. 
T >ou art leuedy of h. bl. L Lauedy )>ou arte queen in h. bl. 138 D As. 
L perillc T fyl. 139 T lefdy L lauedy. 140 T J> a j L >auh. L beo. DT man, 
om. in L. T wyl. 141 DT mayden & moder. TL y-wisse. 142 DL dide 
T Jede. DL ]>at ; T om. his. T exyl L exilic. 

304 XXXVI. St. Bernard's Lamentation on Christ's Passion. 
ami wimt He Whon he was pyned wib-outen mis, 

said on the _ , . . 

Cross. Whuche weren his wordes an bat while I 144 

Mary pro- " I Bernard, be wordes of bi Moub 

niUes ' ' * 

JLJ To myn herte scheteb a spere ; 
J5at speke of him bi norb & soub, 

I-wis, bei don myn herte dere ! 148 

Wepynge is me now ful coub,i 1 
Now bow wolt my peynes lere. 
Mekeliche bow aske noube : 
to answer st. Bemard. I wol be onswere ! " 152 

Bernard. , 

Bernard seide and gon to speke : 
" Mi rihte were to wepe sore : 
Min herte [is hard &] mil not to-breke, 
I seo not hit wole melte fore. 156 

I wolde he 1 were in serwe steke, * ai. it 

Wib me 1 to wepe euer-more : 

Hit nil not of x myn 03 en reke ' at. May no ter fro 

To wepe, as my wille wore. 160 

(Panionon " As fou art Qwene of heuene & helle 
And baar him bat vs deore hab bou^t, 

He asks Hou hit is Jou most me telle, 

)?ing bat is now in my bou^t : 164 

"whether Weore bou bere as men [wold] him qwelle, 

she was in ' r 

Jerusalem In Lenisolem, per he was soujt 

143 DT Whan L While. D pynid L peyne. D wi> >e lewis L wi>-oute 
lisse. T mysse. 144 D Whiclie L What T Swilk. DT were. TL werkes D 
werkis. T whyl L whille. 145 T Bernad. D wordis. D mou)>e L moulite. 
146 T my. DTL han (T hane) schotin (T shoten L smyten). 147 D His was 
al as mannys Jou>e. TL Who-so speke)>. TL be. T northe. TL or. L souhte. 
148 D it TL he. DTL doth. 149 DT But (Bote) w. D not vnkou>e TL now 
vncou>. 150 D If >ou TL And >ou. D wile TL wilt. D of peynys TL of 
my peynes. 151 D Setthe of weping >ou askist T Setheii wi> wepynge askej> 
L Sithe }>ou wepinge askest. T nou> L nouhte. 152 DTL om. Bernard. T Y 
wil )>e shortliche answ. DL I schal the tellin (L telle), D wi}> swete a. L if }>ou 
wilte here. 1 53 DTL If I to the (TL sholde inst. of to the) of (his TL) peynys 
(TL peynes) speke. 154 DT riht. D wepin L weopen. 155 DTL Myn h. 
is hard & may (L wil) not breke. 156 D It is no Jnng T Is no3t >at L >er 
nis no thinge. DT wile. D meltin. T more. 157 DTL it were. TL sorwe. 
D a stede D to steke T be-steke L y-steke. 158 TL }>e D eye. T wepen L 
mourne. DL for euere-more. 159 DTL May no tere (L teer T ter) fro. L 
om.myn. D eye. L reken. 160 D wepin. TL so. D wil it Lwilles. 161 
D Qvod Bernard Queen TL Lefdy (Lauedy) quen. 162 DL ]wu inst. of And. 
D bar TL bere. DT derc. DTL om. ha>. D bouhte T abotijt L aboughte. 
163 DTL How so it be (L beo). D must L moste. 164 DTL Of J>ing ]>at I 
liuue the besouhte (T by-soujt). 165 D Where were >ou. T om. as ; D 
whau L )>o. DT men wold(e) L men diden. 166 D In I. J>e fayre cite it 
was wrouhte. L whan inst. of }>er. 

XXXVI. St. Bn^nard's Lamentation on Christ's Passion. 305 

And nomcn \ve'J> J>e lewes felle when cimst 

And si ben bi-fore Cayphas broujU" 168 



, ,. ., faiuphas." 

vre ladi seicle : " I was bere bo, 

Sore I wep and wrong myn ho^de ; Mary teiu st. 

Whon be lewes him ladde me fro, 
To folwe him wepi?zge mijt I not wonde. 172 

No wonder was beij me were wo, 
Ac hit was wonder I mijte stonde, 

Whon I seij hym to peyne go how chnst 

And beo bounden in hard bonde. 176 nnatSSf 

~ WHS taken, 

" On Cene-bursday wzb-lnne be niht 
Cayphas him noni, hiwi bhoujte gome, 
\Vi'b swerdes and wib lanternes briht, 
And clepede him Ihesu by his nome. 180 

He onswerde : ' I am her riht. 
Do my disciples for me no scheme ! ' i*gd HU 


ifor alle be peynes bat him were diht. " notte 


He nolde his frendes hedde no blame. 184 

" ffor no chesoun of his takyng 
He wolde no mon be worse were : 
Jjat schewed he wel in alle ping, 

Bofe here and elles-where. 188 

Peter, for sobe, made fihtyng and rebuked 

. , f T Peter for 

And smot sone of a lewes ere : 

167 D takin L token him T bounden. TL om. )>e. D lewis TL gewes. 

168 L ora. sijjen ; D settlie be nyhte. D beforn. T sire Cayphas. L him 
broughtc. 169 T lefdy. L side T answerd. 170 D fful sore. D wepte L 
weope. D hond. 171 D led him L ladden him T hidden him. 172 TL 
Wepynge (L vveoping) to folwe D To we pin sore, him om. in DTL. D I 
myhte. D wond L stonde. 173 D It was no wunder. L nas. D if. T y. 

174 DTL But (T Bote L Bot) wunder it (om. in TL) TL was D is. D >at I. 

175 D Whan, om. in TL. D saw T sej L seye. TL my sone. D peynis T 
peynes. 176 D & bou/tden & betin & don al schonde. L om. And. TL om. 
beo. L Bounde T woimden. L wi>. TL fill harde. L bondes. 177 T On ]>e. 
DTL scherthursday (L sherethoresday). D wij>in L in T at. T om. ]>e. 178 
D )>e lewis toke him alle in same TL Cayfas & his (& his om. in L) men him 
nam. 179 TL Wi> lauternes & wi]> (om. in L) swerdes br. D pei souht him 
wi> 1. br. 180 T om. And. D callid T Calde. T ihenis ihcsiut. DL be. DL 
name T nam. 181 D Mi sone. D answerid T answerde L answerede. D hem 
in hire siht. 182 TL Do>. D these men T deciples. L shame T sham D 
blame. 183 DL al )>e peyne. DL >t >ei him. L dyghte. 184 D wold TL 
wolde. L freondes D disciplis. D had TL hadde. T blam D schame. 185 
DTL tfor >e (om. in T) encheson. 186 D >at non. TL man, om. in D. D 
werse. 187 TL pat he schewede D He schewid >t. DTL om. wel. D al- 
maner. 188 D Thanne inst. of Bo>e. DT there. D ellis. 189 DTL om. for 
so]>e. D stod vnto f., L stoed for> wi)> f., T wi)>-stod al sittynge. 190 D 
om. sone, T al smert of, L of smertly. TL gewes D manuys. 


306 XXXVI. St. Bernards Lamentation on Christ's Passion. 

cutting off a Mi sone liuu blamed for bat bing 

And also-swibe heled hit bere. 192 

Mary u>n " ludas was f ul of be ffend, 

St. Iternanl 

fful wel my sone his tresun wust : 
J)er he cleped him his frend 

And Mekeliche 1 he him cust. ' ai. myiueiiche 196 
imw the Jews \)Q lewes of harm hedde non ende, 

laid into _ _. 

Jesus with Mi sone to-beten and to-pust, 

staff and fist. 

W ib strokes bei gvmne to him wende 
And leyden on hym wi)> staf & fust." 200 

<a T adi," seide Bernard, " God selde hit be ! 
I A Tel me more of Myn askyng : 

Jji SWete SOne, what dude he ] 1 vv. 201-8 added by the poet. 

Whi nolde he stoude wib fihtyngc ? 204 

Bi kynde skil I may wel se 
He mihte hem alle to debe bringe. 
Swete ladi, tel bou me 
Mary tells Al his semblauwt and his berynge ! " 208 

Bernard, $if I teres had, 
., Nou mijti wepe al my fille. 
Of serwe nas I neuer sad, 

Whou I boujte on his peynes ille. 212 

AP-hou he was from me lad, > MS. Ana 

I haue told, and }it I wille, 
And hou he was in serwe stad 

191 D But he leet be at his seyeng. TL blamede him. 192 T om. And. 
D as sone T Als quike L also quyke. DL he helid T he it helecle. L him. 
193 DTL bat was. L feond. 194 D Jet T J>e3 L Al, inst. of fful wel. L sones 
tresoun. DTL wiste. 195 D & callid him Jet T Jut he callede him L & 
Jette he clepede him. D his dere L leoue. L freond. 196 D myldeli TL 
myldeliche. DTL kiste. 197 L To done him harm J>ei coude n. e. D om. 
of. D had T hadde. D neuere non. 198 D my dere s. D to be tin TL to 
bete. TL ne. TL to-biste D biste. 199 D wepenys L skourges. T Jw} gan 
him to w., D aboute him >ei gan w., L faste to him >ei w. 200 T leyde D 
bete ; D om. on. D stauys & wi>. DTL fiste. 201 D Seyde Bernard Ladi I 
prey the T Lefdy qwod B. y praye >e L Swete lauedy pray I >e. 202 D Jet 
telle. L nou>e inst. of more of. 203 DL dide. 204 D Whi stod he not wi> 
no f. 205 DTL Be. D rihtful skile T rijt wise L ryglitc speche. D men. 
DL om. wel. L seo. 206 D deth bring. 207 T lefdy L lauedy. D now telle 
it me. L telle. 208 D bering. 209 T om. A. D & I teris. TL hadde. 
210 DTL myhte I. L weope. L om. al. 211 DTL sorwe. T ne was L was 
D am. 212 D ]>inke T >enke. D peynys. 213 L om. And ; DT But (Bote). 
T whan inst. of hou. TL my (deore L) sone was be-stad. D fro. 214 DTL 
h. >e tpld. DL Jet T Jut. 215 D I was in greet sorwe bestad TL And whan 
(L Hou) >e gewes fro (T for) me him ladde (T bad). 


XXXVI. St. Bernard's Lamentation on Christ's Passion. 307 

And I him folewede \vty teres grille. 

" )3ei hudden his ejen & boffetede him po 
And beden him reden ho hit wore, 1 MS. were 
And duden hym peynes monie mo, 
Jjer nis no tonge may telle fore. 
J?ere stoden my sustren two 
J?at hedden loued hym wel $ore ; 
Marie Maudeleyn dude also, 
)3at trewely louede him in hire lore. 

" Hire loue was studefast and trewe, 
And I hym louede ful trewelyche. 1 a*, tenderiicii 
[Strong] 1 is loue of ffrendes newe, MS. Good 

And of J>e Moder nomeliche. 
I seij neuere my sone chauwgen he we, 
But euere in on, as lomb I-lyche. 
Sori )>ei were alle J>t hym knewe, 
And wepte for him, bo]?e pore & riche. 

"ffrom Cayphas paleis fei him drouh 
Riht to Pilate, my sone to spille. 
He cnjede not, as men duden him wou}, 
He code wib hem wib gode wille, 
Euere he was Meke I-nouj 
And heold him bobe clos and stille. 
Pilat wolde not fat j>ei hym slouh, 

216 how she fol- 
lowed ChiiBt 






and how she 

her 2 Sisters 
and Mary 
were hy when 
Christ was 

Mary con- 
tinues how 
Christ was 
taken to 

216 D But euere I folewid. DL om. him. DTL crieng (T cn'ende L cryande) 
schille (L shrille). 217 D hid TL hidden. L hise. D buffet T smyten L 
smyte. L om. him. 218 D bad T bede. DTL rede. D what >at he. T were. 
219 DTL And othere peynys (peynes) D dide him mo TL many mo. 220 DTL 
Ne (om. in TL) may no tunge (TL tonge) tellin (TL telle) T before D more L 
for sore. 221 D Beside >er stod. TL myne. D susteris T sostres L sostren. 

222 D had T hadde L hadden. D louid. D om. wel ; TL ful. D longe before. 

223 DTL And M. DT Alagdaleyn[e] L Magdeleyn. DTL om. dude. 224 
D truli T triwely L treuliche. D louid L leoued. D him & his. L om. him ; 
in his. T here. 225 L He was. D was euere. D stedfast T stedefast L stede- 
faste. T newe. 226 D louid. TL om. ful. TL tenderliche (tendreliche) D 
tendirli. 227 TL Strong D ffor strong. T om. is. D frendis. T triwe. 228 
T namliche L nameliche D grettest namly. 229 L say DT saw. DTL him 
neuere. D chauwgin T change his. 230 D But as a lomb wi>-outen cry. T 
om. euere. L a inst. of as T al-wey inst. of as lomb. 231 DL Alle were sory 
T And was sory. 232 D Riche & pore & alle him bi. T wep L wepten. L 
om. bo>e. 233 DT ffro L ffram. D drow. 234 L Before. D him inst. of 
my sone. 235 D pei tok non hede ]>ei d. TL He ferde. D dide L diden T 
dude. 236 D >ei. DT }ede L jeode. D him. D good. 237 T om. Euere. 
D was Ihesu. L mylde T meke and mylde. 238 D He suffrid hem & held 
him stille. T held L helde. 239 D Pilate wold. T om. Jwt. DTL men. 
D slow. 

X 2 

308 XXXVI. St. Bemiard's Lamentation mi Christ's Passion. 

In his dedes he fond non skille. 240 

HOW Christ " pei stripte hym bat ilke stounde, 

was beaten, . r . 

To a piler bouwden him bat day, 

And beotew him whil bei warm hi??^ fouwde. 

pen was my song weilaway ! 244 

and had 4500 ffoUF 1 bOUSend & fyf hundred WOUftde 1 r. ffif 


pei maden on mm, for sobe to say, 
And seiden on skorn vppon be groumle : 
' pi prophecye helpe be ne may.' 248 

" Mi leue Bernard, gret was my care 

how the "Whon bei criede wel faste in on : 

"c n rudfy Do Ihesu on be Crois ful hare 1 ] ! MS rape ai. ?if him be 

Jesus " ; aam, pe crois is }are 

And dilyuere vs Barraban ! ' 252 

Goddes sone to lugge bare 

And leten a bef to lyue gon, 

Bernard, bis was a sori fare, 

Such dom hedde neuer no mon ! 256 

" pus be lewes steorne and stonte 

Mi sone hedden in hard bonde. 
and how Pilate hedde of hem more doute 

pan 1 he hedde of godes sonde : ' MS. J>t 260 

pat was I-sene, he 1 ladde him oute l MS. pei 

gave Him And dude him to be lewes honde. 

to them ; ' . 

pe lewes brongen him a-boute, 

And I for serwe mihte not stonde. 264 

240 DTL ffor in. D dedis T dede L dethe. T sej L say. TL no. D ille. 

241 D stripid T streptyn L strepten. DTL him nakid. D on a L in >at T bat 
st. 242 DT & boimde (bomiden) him to (til) a pilere. D all day. 243 D 
om. And. D Bete T betyn L beten. T wel where >ej h. f. 244 DT >an L )H>. 
D weleaway T welaway. 245 D Ifyue bousand & iiij huderid w. TL ffor >re 
(L a) thousand & sixe hondred w. 246 D On him Jei mad. T made. D soth. 
247 D On skorn >i seyde & til to gr. TL on skoruynge on. 248 D J>at. T 
propheri. DL nouht (note) helpiu (helpe) the may T helpen ne may. 249 L 
leoue D dere DTL freud (L freoud). 250 DTL Whan. D cride T criden 
L crieden. D alle >an T al at an L alle on one (wel faste om. in DTL). 251 
DTL Jeue (T jif) him dorn (T be dom) >e cros (T crois) is Jare. 252 DTL 
delyuere. TL Baraban. 253-4 & 255-6 transp. in TL. 253 D Goddis T 
Godis L Godes. T iuggen D deme. T jare. 254 D ffor a thef >at ]>ei wold 
han. T let. L theof. T gan. 255 TL Lo B. DTL here was sori f. 256 D 
Swich a T Swilk L Suche. D had T herde L seye. DTL om. no. DTL man. 
257 D lewis L gewes T beues. DTL steme. 258 T heldyn L helden D bei 
held. T&. TLharde. Lbondes. 259 T pat P. LAndP. DhadTLhadde. 
D mor. 260 D goddis T godis. 261 D om. {>at was Isene ; ffor he led him 
ber-wi>out. L Hit. T sone L sene (I- om.). T )>e} ladde L >ei hadden. 262 
D & dampnid T & delyuerede L To deliuere. TL om. be. D lewis TL gewes. 
263 D tuggid T wentyn L ronnen. DTL al-aboute. 264 DTL sorwe. T nojt. 

XXXVI. St. Bernards Lamentation on Christ's Passion. 309 

" "Whon he was dempt and out sent, 
Alle bei duden hym gret dispite. 

He nom be Cros and for]? [he] went, how Christ 

Wib wrabbe bei driuen him, niuche & lyte. 268 Cross, 

Alias bat lomb [fat] Innocent ! 
Wolues wolde him sore a byte. 
]5e care was at myn herte lent, 
Mi serwe mihte no mon wyte. 272 

" I suwede, & swoulmede mony a sibe, 
Mi sustren comen a-bouten me ; 
I spac to him 1 as I mi3te kibe, i MS. hem 

Whon I him 1 for pres mihte se. l MS. hem 276 

Mi sone hijede him wel blyue 1 ' ^^ i JJJJ ) ie> wliy h y e8tou 

And bar him-self bat heui tre, 1 a/.& and bare it. 

And let me beo 1 be-hynde vnblibe : l <a. & leuist p\ moder. 
Bernard, fen gomede me no gle." 280 

1 "~|1 /FErci," seide Bernard, " heuene queene, 

_1T J_ pou hast so muche me i-told ! 
3 it ber is wel more I-sene, > w. 28i so4 added by the poet. 

265 DTL Whan. D dampnid T iugged L Igged. T y-sent. 266 D dide ; 
TL hadden, him oin. DL despite T despyt. 267 DTL tok. TI, his. T cms. 
DTL he wente. 268 D pei skornid him, wib wr. om., T Wi> wo >J folwede 
him L ff'en threwen on him bobe. D mekil T mokel L mychel. T lyt. 269 
L He Jeode for> as a lomb i. DT >at i. 270 D po wulnys T Whanne w. L & 
bei as w. D wilde L bat wolden. D so sore bite T berp a byt ; L om. sore a. 
271 D pat sorwe T be sorwe L His sorwe. DTL is in. D so bent. 272 D care 
TL wo. D I may hem alle wite TL ne wiste y (L I ne wiste) wham (L whom) 
to wyt(e). 

After 272 DTL have the following addit stanza : pei mad (TL maden) 
game & (game & om. in L) gret lawhing (T lajyng, L lauhinge), Whan bei 
betin him althermest (TL pe cwrsede gewes wa> >e mestfe i), pei (TL And) bad 
(TL beden) him (om. in T) seye (T sithe) if (T jif) lie were king, pei (L ban) 
wolde (TL wolden) don ban alle at (T be at al L >ei alle beon at) his hest (L 
heste). Mi sone answerid hem no bing (TL He nojt answerde (L answered 
not) til (L to i hare (here) askyng), pouh his peync were wib ]>e mest (TL His 
wordes were (L werem euere (L wi}>) >e lestfei), But (L And T He) bar >e (L 
his) cros (T crois) til (L to) his parting, Mekeli (TL Myldeliche) as (L so) it 
were a beste (T best). 

. 273 T Ne. T seuede L sewede D folewid. D swownid L swounede T shonede. 
D many a, L fele sithe T felesye. 274 D susteris T sostres L sostren. T 
euere Jeden, D Jedin L jeoden. D aboute TL vnder. 275 D I callid T And 
callede L & euere I clepede. T on him ; L om. to hem. L I dorste T dorste 
y. T crye. 276 DTL Whan I for pres myhte him ouht (T nojt L note) se 
(L seo). 277 D Sone, I seyde, >ou hiest >e swithe TL A, sone, why hyest (L 
hyestou) so swye (swithe). 278 DTL & berist (berest) on )>i (om. in T) bak 
so heuy a tre (L treo). 279 DTL And leuist (leuest) >i moder. T vnblye. 
280 DT )>an L >o. D gamyde T gamede L gamenede. L gleo. 281 TL Grant 
mer-cy. DT qwod B., L he seide. T to h. q. 282 DTL pat >ou (om. in L) so 
(TL bus) mekil (L myche) hast me told. 283 D 3et L Jette T Jut. D moche 
inst. of wel. DTL I wene. 

310 XXXVI. St. Bernards Lamentation on Christ's Passion. 

St. Bernard 

wonders how 
Christ could 
be so meek as 
to bear all 

and that His 
heart did not 
rise in the 
face of death. 

Mary says 
" His heart 
was stiff 

)jat ful fayn witen I wold : 284 

Hou bar my lord him, ladi schene, 

A-Mong fe lewes breme and bold ] 

His harde peynes alle be-dene 

But fou me teche, myn herte is cold. 288 

" Ladi, of f e and of f i childe 
I wolde wite a more strif : 

What dude my lord 1 meke and mylde ' at. if my lord were 
To fe eudyng of his lyf 1 292 

I haue sejen see and watres wylde, 
Stremes and wawes two and fyue ; 
Swete ladi, fro? scheme vs schylde 
And to rijte hauene fou [do] vs ryue ! 296 

" I haue sejen men f t nolde not 1 loute 
Til fat f ei fe harde I-seje, ' <a. wolde, not om. 

And sifen for drede of defes doute 
Heore herte a-rysen vp an hije. 300 

Whon his enemys were him a-boute, 
Hou ini^t he al heor scornyng drije 1 
In his face f ei spitte and spoute : 
Whi wolde he suffre fat vilenye ? " 304 

Oure ladi seyde : " His herte was stif, 
And mekely suffrede al her fare ; 

284 D Of >ingis >at I witen wold. TL pat y ful fayn L wite w. T jut here w. 

285 T leuedy chene. 286 D lewis TL gewes. T brym D stout 287 D Ladi 
>i tellingis TL And ]>yne (L Joure) sorwes. T al. 288 DTL But I hem wite 
my care. 289 DTL Of >e ladi (T lefdy). T ]>e. DT child. 290 D wold. L 
witen. D an ende of TL ano><;?. 291 DTL If my lord were (L was). T 
myld. 292 D Vnto. D ende TL laste ende. D of al his. 293 L tibr TL 1 
am T in se in L sete in, D I haue seen manye in D wateris TL watcres. 
T wyld. 294 D In stremys & wawis T In synne of wawes L In wawes of 
sinnes. D stoute & blyf L foure or fyf. 295 D But atte laste )ei wold hem 
schilde. TL om. Swete ; T Lefdy L Lauedy, TL fro shame )>ou me shild(e). 
296 D & wij> al hire myht sauen hire lyf. T om. And. L & in ryghtful. T }>ou 
me dryf L do me ryue. 297 D seen TL seye. T om. men ; D Me. L om. 
>at. DT wolde L wolden, not om. L aloute. 298 D Riht vnto >e erthe ]xit 
fei sye. TL seye (I- om. ). 299 D ffor drede to deye >an had >ei doute. L 
sithe. T for )>e dethes d. 300 L Heuen here hertes al on h. D Hire T here. 
D hertis. D resin T risen ; vp om. D >an on T al ouo\ TL heye D hye. 
Before 301-2 TL have the following 2 vv. : And woxen (L weren) alle (L bo>e) 
sterne & stoute, ffor >e (L here) de> was hem so neye. 301 T godis enemyes 
D >e lewis. L weren D com. L about. 302 TL om. al ; D alle. TL here 
D hire. T skornes D wordis. T dreye. 303-4 om. in TL. 303 D to spitte 
and to. 304 D How myhte . sulferc . vilanye. 305 D Bernard brojir TL A 
broker Bernard. T he inst. of his herte. T stef. 306 D om. And ; Mekeli 
he. TL myldely. D sufferid T >olede. D hire TL here. 

XXXVI. St. Bernards Lamentation on Christ's Passion. 311 
HOKUMS soule \\\m was ful lef, hut He 

-,, .. , . , . , . , wanted to die 

Wip his blod he boujte hem bare. 308 for man. 

He seij me stonde in serwe & grof, 1 

Wb wepyng and wi}> muche care 2 : 

Mi serwe dude hiwi more gref ' "' l saw , ''" i." 1 "-", 1 as a thef, M sorrmv 

* He saw I btod in mckil knre: g ,: ievei , Him 

pen allc pe peynes he sufrrede bare. 312 more tium 

"And pat was ful wel I-sene, !"." 

Whon he tok me to seynt Ion ; 
Meke he was, w/p-outen wene, 

pat tyrue he loked me vppon. 310 

pen wox my serwe coup and grene, 
Of anguissche I mai make my mon. 
I wol pe telle al be-deene 

His harde peynes euerichon. 320 

"~|~ usten to me, mv Brober Bernard, Mary then 

' J ' tellnSt. 

M A I wol be telle of peynes more Bernard 

pyn herte schal ben ful hard, 

But hit greue be ful sore ; 324 

pauh I haue a parti spard 
Of his peynes herbifore, 
I wol be telle her-afturward 
His harm an hundred sibe sore. 328 

" Bernard, I saij my sone honge how her son 

- ,, ... was liangi'il 

As bauj he were a Mayster-fcef r like a thief, 

His Bak and syden sore I-swonge 

307 DT ffor L And. TL marines D manye. D sonlis L soules. DTL was 
him. D om. ful ; TL so. L leof. 308 D He wolde his blod bouhte. T pat 
wi>. D hem alle TL it. 309 DTL I saw (L seye) him hangin (T hangen L 
honge) as a thef (L theof). 310 DTL He (L & he) saw (om. in L) I stod 
(TL me stonde) in mekil (TL in gonve &) fcare. 311 DL Jet T )>at D dide my 
weping TL my wepyngc (weopingc) dude (dide). D mor. 312 DTL >an. T 
al. D >at he bare. 313 L om. And. D >t >ing. D om. ftil ; L wonder wel 
T wonderly wel. D sene. 314 DTL delyuerid. 316 D lokid TL lokede. 
T oppon. 317 DL >an T >a?me. D wex T wax L was. D he bohe Jelow & 
grene TL my sorwe uywe (L newe) & grene. 318 D anguys T angwisch L 
anguisshc. DL now 1 make T now make y. DL mone. 319 T Lest & y L 
Lithe I. DL wile T wille. T om. >e. TL om. al. 320 T Myne L Myn. DT 
euerilkone. 321 D Herkin T Herkne L Herkene. DT om. my. D bro)>ir. 
322 TL Whyl y speke of his. D I wile the tellin of peyne Jet mor. 323 T It 
shel he wel wonder h. Lbeo. D swi>e. 324 D But if. T it wile TL rewe. 325 
D >ouh T >oj. D I a pavti haue it. D sparid TL spared. 326 DT my. 327 
DL schal T shel. D tellin. T om. her. 328 D A >ousand part ]>at hardens 
wore TL pat ere (arne) a )>ousand si>es (L sithe) more. 329 D saw T scj L 
say. D >er hong T hange. 330 D As T Als L Also, J>anJ om. DL it. D had 
ben. L theof. 331-2 & 333-4 transp. in L. 331 DT Wi> sidis (sides) bio (T 
bleike) & sore, L His white sydes sore D beswong T beswonge L beswougeu. 

312 XXXVI. St. Barnard's Lamentation on Christ's Passion. 

pat white were and me ful lef. 332 

iion- HC wa He was Crouned wb borues stronge, 

crmvnil wiUi ' * 

thorns, I n eucri syde bei duden him gref, 

And drowen him on be cros a-longe, 

His senewes to-bursten & to-dref. 336 

" pe blod rou doun bi Bodi and heued 

pat lykede be corsede lewes wel ! 

Wib spotel & blod he was be-weued, 

pat he was lyk a foul Mesel. 340 

He was to-dra\ven and to-dreued 
naiM with .And Nayled \vib bre Xayles of stel. 

3 nails, 

pen was my strengbe me be-reued, 
And al-most a-douii I fel. 344 

and how 4 "I seij where foure welles were 

streams of . 

biomi ran Out of his lymes ron o-blode. 

from Him. 

Bernard frend, my sone dere 

pus him seruede be lewes wode ! 348 

Ich hedde gret blisse whon I him bere, 

And of his bewes monye and gode : 

332 L White ]>ei w. L leof. 333 TL Crouned he was D pei crownid him. 
D thomis strong. 334 DTL On. T ilke a. T me. D dide T dude, L sore 
>ei him greof. 335 DL >ei inst. of And. D drow. T crois. L o-longe D al 
along. 336 D senewis T synes. D >ei borstiu TL borsten (to om. ). D so >ei 
dref TL >ou may (myhtc) me lef (leone). 337 DTL ran. TL of D fro. D his 
heuid (bodi and om. ). 338 L }>e. D likid. TL cursede D cursid. D lewis 
TL gewes. D ful wel. 339 L In. D spotil T spatel. D al beweuid. 340 L 
ney lyke. 341 D so drawin T to-drawe. D to-dreuid. 342 D om. And. D 
Naylid T nailled. L threo. D naylis T nailles. 343 DTL >an. D ioye T 
power L poer. D bereuid. 344 D >at sihte grovid my fol euel (gr. &c. by 
another hand) TL ffor sorwe as (L al) ded adoun (L doun) I fel. 

After 344 TL have the following stanza : pe tweye (L }>e two nayles) were 
dryue(n) Jx>rgh (foruh) his hoiide (hondes), & fe Jnidde >orgh (bo>e L) his 
fet. Me was so wo y myjte nojt stonde, Of (wepinga L) blod my hondes (L 
leres) woxen (L were) wet (weete). ffor al his sorwe (L peyne) wolde he (L he 
nolde) nojt wonde, pat he was (L nas) eucre nieke (L mylde) & swet ; "Was 
J>cr no reste for to fonde, Wha/rae >at he (om. in L) his lyf for-let. 

Then follows in TLD : Alias >e (L >at) swete heued (L hed) alias (D Alias 
>in heuid )>ei al to-race), pat (om. in T) was wonid (T wont, L woned was) lye 
(T to lye) to my brest, I saw (L seye J>at) it honge (T hange, L om. it honge), 
it (D &) had (TL hadde) no plas (L place D space) Wher-on (L -onne) it 
myhte ouht (om. in TL) han (TL take) rest (D reste). To come to (T til) 
him (L him to) had (TL hadde) I no grace (T gras L space), pat was wonid 
ben to him al>cr-neste (TL pat y was wont (L woned) to nyje (L neighe) nest 
(L nexte)). pei heng (L henge T hangede) him by J>e (D on an) hey (om. in 
T) pas (L pace D space), There as Jede (TL >cr al folk Jede (L Jeodej) bojw 
(om. in L) man (T mest) & beste (T leste). 

Then in TL follows Vern. 345 352, which stanza is om. in D. 345 T saw 
L sauh TL >at. L >ere were. 346 L On his. TL body. T ronne L rennynge. 
TL on. 347 TL Lo Bernard my s. L deore. 348 L So smieden him. TL 
gewes. 349 TL I hadde blisse whan. 350 L hise, oin. in T. TL many. 

XXXVI. St. BerrumVs Lamentation on Christ's Passion. 313 

[)3en] l al \vox won Bodi and leore, MS. ffor T |>mie L \>n 
}3at feirest was of alle fode. 352 

" So feir jit was neuer nomon, 
As bereb witnesse holy writ : 
J?ene was his beute al a-gon, 

As be gospel telleb hit. 356 

I hedde a sone, nou haue 1 I non, > D \>an imd 
Me wonteb 1 bobe weole and wit ; > Dwamid 

I not 1 in World wlioder to gon al. e wiste, nyte 

ffor serwe bat in myn herte sit. 360 

" Bernard, hedde I honged him bi, 
Suw-tyme my serwe hedde be pas. 
I stod and loked vppon hi}, 

AVher heng my ioye and my solas, 304 

}3e lewes seij me fid sori, 
J3er as I stod in be plas : 
flbr bat I made sereweful cri, 
Jjei beede me scheme and harde gras. 368 

" ffaste I crijede in my manere, 
3ut ne was I not I-herd ; 

J?o I crijede, he mihte me 1 here, ' a;, not 

"VVitnesse bobe of lewed and lered 1 ; 
' Merci ! ' I cn'jede to my sone dere, 

Mary also 
tells St. 

how nlie look t 
at Christ on 
the Cross, 

hnw tlie Jews 
abused her, 

1 2 vv. ora.: cf. D Wol 
febil I was, wcpiiiK in 
fere, & of here vilenye 

351 T pawne wax wan bo|>e hyde & lere L po wex he al wan liche & lere. 

352 TL fairest. 353 L tfor so. D fayr a man. DL om. jit. T was jut. T 
noman D non L man. 354 D beri)> T berijt. DL witnes. T in holy. D 
writte. 355 D per TL pus. T bewte L beaute D fayrhed. D }>an al gon. T 
agan. 356 T Al-so. D )>e aposte.lis tellin itte. 357 D had TL hadde. D >an 
had. 358 D wantid T wante> L wantes. DTL wele. D witte. 359 DTL 
Bernard (L And) I ne wiste (T y nyste) whedir (TL whyder). 360 D Sorwe 
was in myn herte so knytte TL pe sorwe jut (L Jette) at m. h. sit. 361 DT 
But (T ffor) had }>ei (om. in D) hongid (T hanged) me (T my sone) him (T me) 
bi L Bot euery (!) I was him faste by. 362 D Mi sorwe had ben in schortere 
spas L ffor any J>at euere )>er was T S. my sorwe myjte pas. 363 L stoed. 
D lokid TL lokede. T op an. L hey. 364 TL Where >at henge al my solas. 
365 D saw L seyen T made. TL om. ful ; D )>an. 366 D pei bad me leue wi \> 
sori gras TL & skornede(n) me bof>e (om. in L) more & las. 367 D But euere 
I was him ful ny. T And for. TL om. J>at. TL so reufuL 368 D ffor al my 
care 1 folewid his tras. T beden L bede. TL shame. L grace. 369 T Mekel 
L Often D And often. DT cride L criede. DTL on. 370 DT But ]>er L Bot 
fer. DL om. ne ; T no. LI was &. T no}t L nought D noting. DT herd. 
371-6 D & whan I cride )>ei (r. he) wold not here, My pyne witness!)) lewid 
& lerid. I seyde ' Merci, my sone so dere, Alone Jwu leuist me in deserd. ' 
Wol febil I was weping in fere, And of hire vilenye aferd. T ffeble y was 
& wep in fere, & of here velenye aferd. pat y cride J>ej (r. he) myjte nojt 
here, My pyne witnessej? bof>e lewed & lerd. ' Mercy, my sone, my fader 
dere, Alone >ou leuest me in >is desert. ' L ' Mercy, sone, my fader deorc, 

314 XXXVI. St. Bernard's Lamentation on Christ's Passion.. 

1 Al-one bou leue[st] me in desert ! ' 
jjewne he bi-tok me til a fere 

And bad, I scholde not ben a-ferd. 1 w. 375-0 ;. om. 376 
" A lias, Bernard, pat I scholde se 
J\ Mi sone hongen bifore my 1 feete ! 

howslie I seide: 'Sone, let me dye wib be, ' al. naylid borw hand & 

ti> let her die Er ben bou bi lyf for-lete ! 380 

wilU Him; ' r J 

Mi sone, my lord and al my gle, 

)3ou hast euere be Milde and swete : 

But bou haue pite now of me, 

})er may no mon my Bale bete.' 384 

ami cried to "*! criede : ' Maudeleyn, help now 
MM*!* Mi sone hab loued f ul wel be : ' - : 1V 43 V^ < !, is T rse "; ith 

lieip her Magdalen, added by the |>oet. 

PTPIP lii? hat T rlvp mnw 2 It was taken up by the Charta 

mm pai j. aye low, christi in MS. Kef?. 17 cxvn. 

J?at I nout for-^eten be ! 

Seost bow, Maudeleyn, now, 389 

Mi sone is honged on a tre, 
3it alyue am I and bow, 
And bou ne preyest not for me ! ' 392 

" Maudeleyn seide : ' I con no red, 
Care hab smiten myn herte sore ; 

Alone ]>ou leueste me in deserte, Contforteles & of feble chere Aude of 
be gewes vilanye aferdc.' Bot bat I criede men myghte not here, perof 
here witnes lewed & lerede. 377 TL om. bat. D schuld. 378 DTL naylid 
borw (T borgh L >oruh) hand (TL honde) & fete (T fet). 379 DIT cride L 
Leoue. T lat. D deyen T deye. 380 L Er ]>at DT Longe or (T er). D he 
his lyf. T forlet. 381 L om. sone. TD om. and, T in alle gle D myn herte 
gle. L gleo. 382 T pat were euere meke. D hast ben bo)>e, euere om. L 
om. be. 383 DT mercy. TL om. now. DTL on. 384 D Who myht ellis 
my b. b. L om. ]>cr ; TL noman. T bot. 

After 384 DTL have the following stanza : Sone (L A, sone) ]xm hast ben 
fayr & hende (T hast eticre Jut ben h., L hast beon euere h.), & bletheli (L 
gladliche) don al (om. in TL) >at 1 (be TL) bad ; If (T And jif) >ou leue 
(L lenest T loue) me at (L atte) swich an (TL om. sw. an) ende, Of sorwe 
schal I neuere ben (TL ne lorn, in L) wor> y neuere) sad. ff'ul (om. in TL) 
loth is deth >er he wile (L wole T wolde) lende (T sende), But (om. in L, T 
And) now wold I (L I wolde) of him (T of him y wolde) ben (T be L beo) 
glad, He ne may so sone his (TL a) spere sende (L me s. ), pat (om. in L) 
soner (TL raber) I wolde >erof ben stad (TL >at y it had). 

385 DT cride. DTL Magdaleyn. DL helpe T help me. T nowe. 386 
DTL hab euere Jet (L om. Jet T Jut euere ha louid the. 387 T And 
praye D And bidde. L to him. DT deye. D mow TL mowe. 388 TL y 
forjeten (L forjete) here nojt (L ne). D forjetin. L beo. 389 DTL Magda- 
leyn (L Magdelyn) mylde (om. in TL) ne (om. in T) seest bou (T sestow L 
seostou) how. 390 T My lord. D hangib T deye> L tlie>. DL vpon. TL >e 
D Jone. L treo. 391 DT And Jet (T Jut). D on lyue L oliue T on kneo. T 
er y D I am. 392 D >at I myht deye Jwu preye for me. TL om. ne. T nojt 
L nothinge. 393 T po magJaleyne L >e Magdcleyn. DTL can. 394 DTL 
Sorwe. D smetin. T my. 

XXXVI. St. Bernard's Lamentation on Christ's Passion. 315 

I stonde, I seo my lord neih tied, 

And pi wepyng greuej) me more. 1 ' MS. sore 396 

Cum w/b me ! I wol be lede Magdalene 

T , , . , , wants to lake 

in to pe temple her be-fore. her away to a 

Mi 1 Mournynge is hope feble & fede, at. p y 

tfor pou hast now I-wept ful jore.' 400 

" Ich askede be Magdaleyn : ' wher is bat place. but Mary 

T , . / . , ... doubts that 

In pleyn, in valeye or in hille, she can find 

I-L. T T 111. rest awa - v 

[per] 1 mai me nuyde for eny cas, from her son. 

pat no serwe come me tille 1 404 

He pat al my loye was, 

Now deb of hym wol don his wille ; 

Con I me no beter solas 

pen for to wepe al my fille.' 408 

" pe Maudeleyn cumfortede me po, 
To lede me pewne, heo seide, was best. 
Care hedde smiten myn herte so 

p</t I mijte neuere haue no rest. 412 

' Soster, whoderward pat I go, 

395 D Her I stonde T ?is stand. DTL & se (L seo). D him. DT ner. 396 
L om. And ; D But T & jut. D greuib. DTL more. 397 DL Come T Kom. 
TL wib me lady (T lefdy). D & I schal. T wil L wile. T led. 398 D Vnto 
a stede Jx>u saw not ore. T Intil. TL a. 399 400 D per may we morne wib- 
oute drede Stille oure loue as nouhte ne wore. 399 TD py. L om. bobe. TL 
faynt (feyntc) & L fade T sed. 400 TL weped (L wepen) now. 401 DTL I. 
D askid. L om. >e Magdaleyn ; DT hire. DTL was. DTL plas. 402 TL 
playn. T om. in D valey L vale. L o>cr. T on. D hil. 403 DTL per 
(TL J>at) I myhte beu (T by L beo). T fore. L any. 404 T pat me ne come 
no sorwe. DL sorwe. D ne come. 405 D Of him TL In him. 406 TL om. 
Now. DTL wi>. T shel L shal D ha>. 407 D In no stede is my s. TL Wot 
y now (om. in L) no b. s. 408 D But. T wepyn L weopen. D euere al. 

After 408 TL have the foil, stanza : I cride (L criede) to }>e gewes ilkon 
(L echone) : ' Why lat (L lete) Je me >us longe chyde ? My voys (noyse) 
?e my^te a-bate anon Longe er it were pas(s)ed tyde. I am a mayden (mayde), 
he is (& he) a man (mon) : Why ne wille (L nile) }e hange (honge) me be his 
syde (him besyde. In L v. 3-4 & 5-6 are transp.). panne Je myjte (L 
myghte Je) be (beo) awreke anon ; Wherto wille (wole) Je lenger abyde ? ' 

Then DTL the foil, stanza : I cride (on him D) ' Ihesu, sone (T sone 
ihesu) hende, Swete fader, me is wo (D what schal I do ?), I may not bryng 
(TL brz'nge) the out of bende, Ne J>ou (L Ion) ne (om. in D) may (T rnyjt) not 
(om.'in T) come me (L >e) to, Ne >ou wilt (L nilt) me no solas (T no solas 
wilt me) sende, Ne (TL pe) Magdaleyn ne othere mo. Best (D And best) 
me were horn (L oute) to wende, But (T And) for sorwe I may not (TL y ne 
may (L I may notci for sorwe) go. In D v. 5-6 & 7-8 are transp. 

409 D om. >e. DTL Magdaleyn(e). D comfortid T confortide L confortedc. 
410 D & seyde Go horn, >at were >e beste. TL horn inst. of benne. TL she. 
T is. 411-2 TL Bote (om. in L) wepynge dede (dide) me (MS. ne) wexe (L 
my body) wo, ffor sorwe ful nej my lyf was (L my lyf was ney) lest. 411 D 
ha> smetin. 412 D At horn schuld I fynde no r. 413 DTL I seyde to liir 
(T sostcr L sostren) whedir-so (T winder L whure) I go. 

316 XXXVI. $. Bernards Lamentation on Christ's Passion. 

Mary says Jje wo of hym is in my Brest ; 

"While my sone hongeb so, 

His peyne is in myn herte fest. 416 

" ' I seih 1 my sone, [my] ffader dere r. e 

Hei^e hongen vp-on a tre ; 

I hedde blisse whon I him here, 

And now dejj for-dob my gle : 420 

would not Scholde I leten him hongen here 

leave her .. - , , 

son, And lete my sone al-one be 1 

Maudeleyn, be?me vnkynde I were, 

}if he schulde honge & I schulde fle ! 424 

but would "' Vnder be Cros lenen I-schille 1 i.chiiie 

stay and 

And seo my sone hongen ber-ou ; 
paze on the Of sijt I nedde iieuere my fille, 427 

1 Whon I loke[d] hym Vppon.' al. Wlian 1 him saw on erthe gon 

I bad hem gon wher was heore wille, 
Jje Maudeleyn and euerichon : 
' And my-seluen be-leuen I wole, 1 r. woid leuen stiiie 
ffor I nil fle for no mon.'" 1 ' ai.i woid not ne f..r lewis non. 432 
iTJErnard [seide] 2 : " wordes swete 1 ^^T^* 1 
_D )3e Maudeleyn also gon say ; 2 M *- m - v 8one 

Ladi, [heo sei$] l bi serwe vn-meete > MS. we sen 
And fayn [heo] wolde 2 han it a-way * MS. wewoide* 436 

414 D Al my iove now haue I leste TL Ne (om. in L) shel (Shal) I neuerc 
take rest. 415 D Whil bat TL ffor. T >at h. D hongi> T hange> L henge)>. 
416 D Care comi> neuerc out of my brest TL Sorwe (T >e s.) is smyten >orghe 
()>oruhe) my brest. 417 D se L seo T saw. DTL my fader. 418 D Hie. T 
honge, D hange here. T oppon. D >is. L treo. 419 D Wi^-oute peyne I 
dide him ber<-. TL hadde. T whaime L >o. 420 L om. And. DTL wile (T 
wil) deth fordon (TL fordo). L gleo. 421 DT How schuld (T myjte). PL 
lete him T him lete. D hangen L honge. 422 DT & suffers (T sotfren) him 
alone to be. L my child, beo. 423 D Ow Magdaleyn. DTL om. }>enne. 424 
D schuld TL sholde. DT hange L hongen. L om. schulde. 425 T crois. 
D beleuen T byleue. DTL I wille. 426 DTL I inst. of And. DT se. DTL 
my flesch. D hongin T honge L honge>. 427 D Of >at sihte. T sich. T y 
hadde DL had(de) I. 428 D Whil. DTL I saw him (TL him saw (L seyei) 
on erthc gon. 429 L go. T whyder J>eJ wille. D ]>cr w. 430 DT Magda- 
leyn(e) L Magdcleyne. T euerilkon L hem ilkon. 431 TL And y uiy-self 
wil leue(n) stille D ffor I wold there beleue stille. 432 DTL ffor om. ; I wold 
(L nile) not (om. in TL) fle for lewis (gewes) non. 433-4 TL Bernard seide 
>e wordis (wordes) were swete, pat >e magdaleyne J>er (om. in L) gan (can) 
seye (say). D Than spak Bernard wordis swete, ffor Magdaleyn gan he say. 
435 DTL om. Ladi ; Sche (L Heo) saw (L sey) J>i sorwe (L dedes weren) so 
(om. in L) vnmete. 436 L om. And ; D fful fayn T J*it fayn. L heo wolde 
)>i sorwe delay T sche was be so)>e to seye D schuld haue mad }>e lay (crossed 
out ; by a younger hand : wold sche an (?) had a way). 

XXXVI. St. Bernard's lamentation on Christ's Passion. 317 

And, deore ladi, bi bale to 1 beten ; > om. to 

But in ri^t resun was his 1 way. r. |>i? 

Ladi, ^if I dorste be be-sechen, 
To aske be more I wolde }>e pray. 440 

" Of angussche bou hast told me strong ; l S t. Bernard 

Myn herte is not as Ich wolde, 1 1 v. om., cf. notes. cftU^'aw 

I ne may hit w*b serwe fonge, 1 i ,-. 

And 2 what my lord siggen wolde, 2 ai. uut 444 

To aske be more nul I not wonde, , , 
Whon be lewes Breme and bolde 
.Naylede hi?n borw feet and honde, 447 

Atiur bat ludas hedde hym solde." 1 l Tlli8 v - is supenuWed, 

U) supply V. om. 

BErnard, I haue told my boujt : Mar} , says> 

"Wolt bou now $it aske me more ? 
Be I forbere in tales broujt, 

I-wis, bou greues me ful sore. 452 thoMtgrieves 

Ac for bou hast me be-soujt, 

Blebeliche I wol telle be fore ; h e -u ten 

I wot, bow art in longyng broujt, 
To witen wat his wille 1 wore. ^ a?, wontes 456 

"Whon 2 my sone deb scholde han, * ai. Kr)>an 
Delful wordes wib him ber were : 
ffurst he seide : ' he-hold, woramon ! ' 

Here in D a leaf (f, 26) is wanting, with v. 437 512. 
437 T And fayn she wolde L & blethely lady. TL om. to ; bete. 438 L om. 
But. L resoun T skele. T hadde hy L he hadde. T no weye L no nay. 439 
T Leuedy. L Jou. L beseke T grete. 440 TD To wyte more. T Jut wolde 
y. L Jou. T preye. 441 TL Of >yn angwisch foil hast me told, Leuedy 
(Lauedy), as y may vnderstonde (2 vv. ). 442 T My. T y L I. T wold. 
443 TL om. ne. vrty no sorwe. T fonde L wondc. 444 TL Bote . seye. T 
wold. 445 L asken. L om. >e more. T om. more. T wil y L I wolde. T 
nojt. 446 T Whanne L Whan. TL gewes. T bold. 447 TL Dryue(n) 
nailles Jxjrgh ()>oruh) his. 448 om. 

After 448 TL have the foil, stanza : And sithen (sithe) hangeden (hon- 
gede) him ful (L vpon) heje (heye), & crounede him (om. in T) wi]> thornes 
of tre (treo). Marie (L Lauedy), >ou were him ful neje (neye), I wot it may 
non o]>er be (beo). AI >e sorwe >at >ou J>cr seje (seye), Swete letiedy (lauedy) 
tel >ou me. Whawne (L While) }>y sone }>o (T >e) peynes (L peyne) dreje (L 
drye), What(e) wordis (wordes) seide he to J>e (L J>eo)? 

449 T >e told L tolde )e. 450 T What >ynge wiltow aske L Wonder what 
wiltou a. L om. me. 451 L Beo. L it T >ou. T ferj>e?-e. L tale T sorwe. 
TL y-brojt. 452 TL greuest. 453 TL Bote (om. in L) louely (Loueliche) 
>ou hast. 454 & 456 transp. in T. 454 L Andc fayn I wole >e telle f. T To 
wyte what his wordis wore. 455 T And now art ]>ou. 456 L wite . his 
wordes. T & fayn y wille ]>e telle more. 457 TL Er >an (L >at) he deyde 
(dyede) sone anon. 458 T Wei delful. L worde. TL om. >er. 459 T fferst 
L ffirst. L womman. 

318 XXXVI. St. Bernard's Lamentation on Christ's Passion. 

Mary says 
that Christ 
bade John 
keep her, 

1 al. On Ion \>y sone ] 
' ij> li. 

as He must 
go to His 


And sipen he seide : ' be-hold pou here 1 ! ' 460 

And sipen he seide to seynt Ion : 

' Kep my moder leof and dere ! ' 

Me poujte myn herte al to-chon 

Such wordes of hym for to here. 464 

" He bed Ion, as he was hende, 
Kepe me and ben al at my bone 
Whodenvnrd I wolde hym sende, 
As h ; m-self was wont to done. 468 

' Hepen,' he seide, ' I mot wende, 
Mi tyme nei^ep swipe sone, 
I may her no lengor lende, 

I mot in to my fader trone. 472 

" ' "1% /Toder, pe Bodi pat pou bere, 

.1_T_I_ In hard penatmce pou miht hit se, 
[ffor] al Monkynde pat dede were 
ffrom dep schal areysed be. 476 

I seo 1 a schep, pat was me dere, i a;, seke 

J?at wz'p wronge was stolen from me : 
I schal him briwge per he was ere, 
And of his praldam make him fre. 480 

" ' J?e schep be-toknep al monkynde, 
Mi fader wolde pat hit weore sou^t ; 
Wip-owten me may no mon [hit] fynde, 
ffor wip my blod hit mot be boujt. 484 

I wol hit bringe to ri^te mynde, 
To my blisse he 1 mot be broujt, > r. hit 

And pou [ne] schalt, moder, leue be-hynde : 
Svvete Moder, ne wep pow nou^t ! 488 

460 TL On Ion (lohn) >y cosyn (L sone) by >e (L ]wt stonde here (L 
pert). 461 TL om. And. T Sethen L Si>e. 462 L J>i. L leoue T lef. 463 
T ffor sorwe bojte myn herte >an. L }>at myn h. choii (al to om.). 464 T 
Swilk L Suche. TL om. for. 465472 om. in T. 465 L bad lohn. 466 L 
Euere-more beo at my b. 468 woned. 469 He seide he myghte no lenger lende. 
470 His tyme neyghedtf. 471 And saide )>at he moste wende. 472 On heye 
to his fader in throne. 474 TL Is hard (om. in L) pyned as >ou maist (L 
myghte) se (seo). 475 TL ffor al T man-kende L mankynde. 476 TL Reysede 
(T Rysen) shnlle (L sholde) to lyue be (beo). 477 T seke L seclie. TL is. 
478 T was vfip wrongs TL fro. 479 T shel. L it ; it. 480 T >raldom. L it 
freo. 481 TL ]>at. TL om. al. L mankynde T mannes k. 482 TL wile, be 
(L beo). 483 hit om. TL noman. 484 T om. ffor. T moste. L beo. 

In T the rest of the poem is wanting (last leaves torn out). 

485 L I shal it seche & vnbynde. 486 & into blisse it shal beo b. 487 
moder shalt, ne om. 488 Ac suete m. . ne om. weope. 

He will 


by His blood 
to His bliss. 

XXXVI. Si. Bernard's Lamentation on Christ's Passion. 319 
" 'bauj bou seo me hono;en heije, Mar? mm 

T U.rUt bfule 

J prey pe, JModer, ne wep not sore ; iier not weep, 

Al pe peyne, pou seost me drye, 

Hit is to saue mon perfore. 492 

Betere hit is pat on dye 

pen al Monkynde euer-more. 

So longe schal I not lye 

pat I [ne] schal wel my dep restore.' 496 

" pns were his wordes loken in on 
pat seint Ion scholde me loke. 
pauj lie were my kynnes-mon, 
pe?-fore ich him [for] sone toke. 1 500 

Such WOrdeS he Speke COn > I- ffor my sone I him J>ere toke. 

pat 1 al my loye I per for-soke. > r. 311? but yet she 

-T) i . , lost a " .iy- 

.bmiard, pow most pis wordes tan 

And craftliche writer hem in boke ! 504 

" Bernard, ping dude me wo : 
He pursted, my sone, & gon to crie. Christ 

rri i 1-1 . . Unrated; 

lo ^luen him drmke pei pou^te po, 

pe lewes ful of ffelenye : 508 the Jew* 

Eysel and Galle pei mengeden also, ?inegar"and 

"VVip a sponge pei broujt hit an hi^e 

And wip a launce pei putte him to, 

Jpe lewes ful of Eibaudye. 512 

" I 1 criede to hym : ' ne drynk hit notiit ! ' Ms.j>ei Mary be^i 

IT i -, n TI T -, Him not to 

)3e lewes on scorn hit [haue] 1 I-mad : 1 MS. hedde. drink it, 

Hit is Eysel and Galle I-wrou^t, 

3if hit stynke, pou mi^t be sad.' 516 

Loueliche he me 1 be-SOU^t, 1 MS. he hedde me 

J?at I scholde hope be blipe and glad : 

489 496 L reads instead: Moder, alone shaltou note, beo, )>auh )>t I nouh 
wende >e fro. ]>ou haste a sone shal loke \>&. John, )>:it for me now is ful wo. 
Lone him, moder, in charite, As j?ei he were ]>i sone also, And honzwe him as 
f'ou woldestc me, & weren fine children two. 497 L weren . one. 498 He 
bade Ion sholde. 499 kynnesman. 500 ffor my sone I him }>ere toke. 501 
pe wordes >at he . gan. 502 ]>at om. >ere. 503 >ese. 504 & craftily do 
write h. in a b. 505 Bot o thinge Jet dide. 506 I am thurste my sone gan 
crie. 507 ^euen . >ei were thro. 508 gewes . felonye. 509 Aysel mengedc 
wi> galle also. 510 In . spounge . broughten . hit om. on heye. 511 And 
oro. pitten. 512 DL I cride sone drinke it n. 513 D lewis L gewes. D for 
pyne to the it made. L on sk. it haue made. 514 D fful bitter to the thei it 
w*'L of eysel. 516 D pe stink to felin L To fele ]>e stynche. D ben L beo. 
517 D Wol loueli >an. DL om. hedde. L besoughte. 518 L And bad me 
beo bl. D schuld stilli make me glad. 

320 XXXVI. St. Bernard's Lamentation on Christ's Passion. 

1 porw bis clrynke Adam [is] 1 bou^t, > MS. was 

but He .n.i. I drynke hit as my ffader bad. 520 

" ' herfore I preye be, Moder hende, 

Lef bi deol, ne wep no more ! 

And I schal to my ffader wende 

And bring hem vp bat were for-lore. 524 

And after be fen schal I sende : 

But I mot, Moder, go bi-fore, 
He vromist And after schalt bou wib me lende 

her bliwi with i .. 

Him. In loye and blisse for euer-more. 528 

tEnne be Icwes ful of pride 

Two beues bei hynge my sone bi ; 
Mary tell* hat on bat hengede bi his syde 

how one J 

Tinef Criiede to my sone Merci. 532 

rebuked 7 

Christ, bat obwr onswerde in bat tyde : 

' He hongeb herre ben bou or I 

On be Croys wib wouwdes wyde, 

To crie Merci, bow dost foly.' 536 

while the "bat obur seide : ' Mon. bow art wod, 

olherprayd * 

Him his ilke Mon 1 [is dampned] borw false red, oMhesu 

He hab do nobing bote gode, 

He weore not worbi to be ded. 540 

Ihesu as bou art mylde of mode, 

519 L boruhe D ffor wi)>. D drink. D Adam is L is Adam. 520 D J>is 
drink is. L for. 

After 520 L has these 2 stanzas : pis coppc is of my fader assents, I drinke 
it, moder, be his reede ; >auhe it beo bitter & ful of stynche, I drinke it for 
Adam-is deede. And sone after J>is bitter drinche Now shal deye my manhed, 
pe thridde day wi>-oute blenche, I shal arise fro }>e deede. perfore wite wel to 
wisse, pe thridde day I shal arise, Al hoi & sound wi>-otitpn inisse, As gode & 
man in alle wise. Alle my freondes to mychel blisse pat haue y-loued my 
seruise. perfore, moder, take som lisse, pi weopinge do> myn herte agrise. 

521 D prey. 522 L Leef D leue. D >i cri L >is sorwe. DL & wepe (weop). 
L namore. 523 DL To my fader I muste (L mote) w. 524 DL & bringe to 
him ]>at. D was. 525 L om. And ; D And setthe for. L J>e moder. DL om. 
>en. DL I schal. 526 D om. But ; L Ac. DL Moder I muste (L mote). D 
gon. 527 D To ordeyne >er Jwi schalt 1. L panne schaltou. L lenden. 528 
D ffor ioye & bl. schal euere ben thore. 529 L pus D Bernard. 530 D ij 
L tweye. D theuys L theoues. L om. J>ei. D heng L hengen. DL him by. 
531 DL On eueri (L ei>er) half his swete (L my sone) side. 532 DL pat on 
began (L gan) to (om. in L) crien (L crie Ihm) merci. 533 DL o)>er. D 
answerid L answerede. 534 D hangi> L hange]>. DL heyere. J>an. 535 
D Vpon. DL a cros. D woundis. 536 DL To askin (L bidden) him help. 
D it is. 537 L He DL answerid man. D art >ou. L woede. 538 DL lhe.m 
is dampnid wi> fals r. 539 D He dide neuere nouht but. D good L goed. 
540 L were D is. D ben L beo. 541 D To Ihesu he seyde \vij> mylde mod. 
L Ih r.u )>at artc . moede. 

XXXVI. St. Bernard's Lamentation on Christ's Passion. 321 

Whon bou comest to Jji godhed, to lead him 

Jjorw vertu of byn holy blode 

)pe rijte wey bat bou me lede ! ' 544 

" Mi sone seide : ' Mon, J>ou art wys, Christ, said 

ffor bin askyng Blessed bou be ! mUttMtthM 

r 1 Paradise; 

penore I grauwte be paradys, 

Jjis day bou schalt my loye i-se.' 548 

I stod and lokede in heore Vys, 

J?o bei hongede 1 vppon be tre : <tf. HOW j>ei deyde 

Jjat o bef wente to heuene-blis, 

)3at ober gon to helle fle. 552 

" )?is was, Bernard, my grete solas, 
Jjat bef so sone heuene won ; 
J)ewne wuste I 1 wel in heore cas, MS. J>ei 

Mi sone was studefast 1 God and Mon. r.soKast 556 
And [as] I my-self stod in be plas, 

Mi sone f ul loude crie he con : and then He 

' Heloy, heloy,' his citing was, 
' Lama3abatani,' after bon." 560 

}3is is now, as 30 mo wo [se], 1 ' MS. here 

On Englisch to vnderstonde bi : 

" ' ffader,' he seide, 'In Trinite, "Father, why 

Whi forsakest bou my Merci ? 564 fcmiM 

Hider I com borw red of be, "Father, to 

, T . . , . Thee I com- 

lo be I take my soule an hij. mend My 

Wib wrong I dye vppon be tre, 

TofulfiUefepwpheci.'" 1 L^DL. 568 inatumTs't." 

542 DL whan. D comist L arte comen. L into. 543 D ffor. D blod L 
bloede. 544 D To )>i regne >e wey me lede. 545 D }an seyde his avys. L man. 
546 D ffor >i trou>e wel schal >ou be. L beo. 547 L ffor->i. 548 D To-day. 
L ioy. D se L seo. 549 D lokid on hem iwis. L hem in >e vys. 550 DL 
How >ei deyde (dieden). D on. L treo. 551 D one soule ; L on, ]>ef om. 
L to paradis. 552 D pat o]>er thef to helle gan. L gan. L fleo. 553 DL 
Bernard >is was to me gret (Lag.) s. 554 L pe theof (>at om.) D How 
sone >e thef. DL wan. 555 D >an L >anne. D wiste I L me thoughte. L 
om. wel. D be }>at L in alle. 556 D pat my s. D om. studefast ; L sothfaste. 
DL man. 557 D And as L As. DL om. myself. L stoede. D in )>at. L place. 
558 DL om. ful. D crien. DL om. he. D began L gan. 559 L Hely hely. 
D crieng. 560 D he seyde inst. of after. DL >an. 561 DL pis was a word 
ofgretpite. 562 D To vnderstonde euglisch >er-bi. Lin. vnderstande. 563 
DL god inst. of he seide. D trenyte. 564 D forsakist >ou L forsakestou. D 
me whi ? 565 DL Swete (om. in L) fadir, I prey to (L beseche) the 566 
DL Take my soule fro my bodi. 567 D pou wost wel >in schal it be L pin 
it is siker }>ou beo. 568 D Now is fulffillid L & fulffillede is. 


322 XXXVI. St. Bernard's Lamentation on Christ's Passion. 


St. Bernard 
asks Mary 

to tell liini 
what hap- 
pened on the 
when Christ 
wax taken 
from the 

and who was 
at His burial. 


Erci, ladi," seide Bernard, * 

" Swete Moder, God jelde hit pe ! 
On Serterday, 1 I hauc herd, 
How he was went a-wei from pe, 
And on pe ffriday how he ferd, 
per he hongede on pe tre. 
Al-how pe lewes him bi-cherd, 
Loueli ladi, lere pow me ! 

" And how he was after taken adoun, 
Tel me, Moder Marie Alylde, 
Of 1 )>e Crois aftur )>e passioun, \ 5f;?;" n . 

TTmv hnn wpnnp fnr hi phvlrlp 2 L And loseph c-;nn so redi-boun 

now poi jr pi ciiyiu j, e forp>l lro shame forto schilde 

And geete him wip pis (I) 1 orisoun ong.his 

Of Pilate and of pe lewes wylde ! 
pe holy lore of pis passioun 
ffrom pe fend hit may vs schilde. 1 

" 1 Tel me, ladi briht and schene, 
"W^uche were pi frendes euerichon 
pat wolde at his hurling bene, 

And how pou were saued from pi fon 588 

In pe Temple, wip-outen wene ; l 1 w. 588-9 at. after 592. 
pe serwe of pe and of seint Ion 


1 vv. 583-4 snperadded. 

1 1 v. om. : 

And how lie was leyd in 

(>f Stllll 

After 568 D (not L) has these 2 stanzas : Vnto helle his gost gan wende, 
As his faderis wil it was, To bring Adam out of bende, & for to bynde 
Sathanas. Sone )>er com a lotheli fend, And sette him be my sonis fas, To 
take ]>e soule & to helle it sende, But no synne in his bodi was. pat sihte 
dide me werst of alle, ffor as ded I fel there doun. ; My susteris began aboute 
to falle Wepinge & made ruful sotw. John my oosyn gan me vp calle, And 
wold me lede toward >e touw. Now haue I told & brouht to stalle pe peynes 
of his passioun. 

569 DL Seynt (om. in L) B. to (L >o to) Marie answerid (answerde). 570 
DL Ladi (lauedy) blissid (y-blessede) mote >ou be (beo). 571 D Of. DL 
scherthursday. D now DL haue I. 572 L taken awey D bounden & led 
(aweiom.). DL fro. 573 D & also of good f. DL it. 574 D Whan be lewis 
heng him on. L Swetely hastou kennede me. 575 D But how L After-warde 
hou, D {n sone was L he was DL beried. 576 D My swete 1. L Dere 1. D 
telle ; L lete me nou seo. 577 DL om. after. D takin dou?i. 578 DL Telle. 
Marie modir. 579 D Of L ffro. DL cros. DL after his. 580 D per ]wu were 
L & hou )x>[u] weptest. After 581 DL read first : And (L & hou) loseph cam 
so (om. in L) redi & (om. in L) boun, D His bodi of je cros dou?i to hilde L pe 
corps fro shame forto shilde. 581 D WiJ> preyere and wi{j gooil resoun. L 
wan. his. 582 DL ffro. D & fro J>e L & be. 583-4 om. in DL. 585 DL And 
how he was leyd in be ston, Telle me ladi (L marie) briht and schene (2 vv.). 
586 D & whiche. L weren. DL his frendis (freondes). 587 D wold L wolden. 
D beryeng L beryinge. 588-9 follow in DL after 591. 588 L om. And. D 
bou kepedist the L he kepte be, D whan bei were gon L fro bi foon. 589 D 
In t. fro bi soue I mene. L wijxmte. 590 L sorwe D wordis. 

XXXVI. St. Bernard's Lamentation on Christ's Passion. 323 

Tel me, ladi, al be-dene, 

Of bi sone bodi and bon ! " l This v. superadded. 592 

Oure ladi seide : " Bernard, alias, Mary teiis 

What voltou more aske me? 
Tel I be forjmre of bis cas, 

J3e swerd of de]> wol nei} me sle. 59 G 

Joseph a-nou nom his pas how Joseph 


A j -L j i i_ j '"" gven 

And bed his bodi vppon be tre. Christ's body 

.,... , " if it wus 

.rilate him graimtedo and Cayphas, 599 'lend; 

3if fat bei witen, bat he ded be. ' 1.01-620 introduced by the poet. 

1 " Pilate[s] kni^tes steorne and stoute 
fforb \vijj losep guwne bei wende, 
And obwre kni^tes m'b gret route, 
Summe his fon and summe his frende. 604 

ff urst bis knijtes wen ten aboute 1 ' r - fr ' u ? t K ei weilt be peues and how 

OOUt Pilate's 

And bursten bobe Bak and lende ; knights 

' broke il, 

[Bernard], fen was I 1 in gret doute, > MS. heo 

So han to 1 serued my sone hende. 'r-'oi'nn? at. j>eiwoid 

* soserue 

" I suwed after wib al my niiht, 609 

Ion and my sustren two. 
Here now, Be?Tiard, al apliht, 

}3e strengeste pyne 1 of al my wo. 'appoint 612 
Be-syde be Roode bew stod a kni^t, w i,ii e Lon- 

Blynd he was and lome also, 
Alle bei seide Longeus he hijt : 
Vnder be Roode bei dude him go. 616 

"Jjei token him a launce good withainnoe 

591 D I wold wite hem alle b. 592 om. in DL. 593 DL Marie. L seide 
to D answerd. 594 DL Whi. L wiltou D woldist JJGU. D mor aske 3et of. 
595 D And I telle fertherc J)is harde cas. Lin. 596 DL of sorwe. D in myn 
herte wile be L wile me sle (neij om.) 597 DL I. vnto (L to) Pilate tok his 
(L }>e) pas. 598 L To bidde be b. D To haue be b. D doim of. 599 L om. 
him ; D it. D gramitid. 600 L Botc bt D As sone so. D wiste. D bat ded 
was he. L beo. 601 D Pilatis L Pilates. D knightis. DL sterne. 602 D 
Joseph. L gonne D gan. L om. bei. 603 D other L obere. D lewis L 
gewes. D felle & proude. L a inst. of w?'b. 604 L Somme D ffele. D fos. 
D & fewe. 605 D pei Jede be theuis al aboute L ffirstc bei ronnen be theoues 
aboute. 606 L breken D dide brek. D hire bobe lende L here backes & here 
lendes. 607 D Bernard I was J>an L po was I bernarde. 608 DL pei wold(e) 
so serue my s. so h. 609 D folewid L wente. 610 D & also. L myne. D 
sisteris L sostren. 611 DL Bernard }>oii schalt herin (heren) apliht. 612 D 
strongest. DL poynt. 613 D Among hem DL ber stod. 614 Blind illegible 
in L. DL lame. 615 D pei seyde alle Longius L Longeus sei> be boke. 616 
D pei dide him vnder be cros to go. L cros . maden. 617 D pei putte a 1. 
in his hand. 

Y 2 

324 XXXVI. St. Bernard's Lamentation on Christ's Passion. 

Christ's si 


till water and 
blood flowd 
from it ; 

how Joseph 
took down 
the body, 

drawing out 
the nails. 

And sette hit to my sone syde, 1 ai. 2 w. more. 

And Longeus J>ruste wz'b gret mod 

To my sone herte gon glyde ; 

fie water & be rede blod 

Ron doun of his wovwdes wyde. 

Doun I fel al J?er I stod, 

2fo lewgor stowde I ne mijte bt tyde. 1 l 023-1 supen 

"Jjei weore 1 went to sire Pilate, l ai. be lewis 
And we bi-lafte wz'J> reuthful roufn]. 1 > MS. ron 
"VVhon bei weore I-gon heore gate, 
[I bad] 1 Joseph nime 2 hym a-doun, > MS. And * MS. 
Til I hym hedde, me bhou^te ful late, 
pe lewes weoren alle ful feloun. 

Joseph Seide to me wi]> bate : l l al. we ben ber-ate 

' To bringe him J>e we ben ful boun.' 

"Nichodemus be nayles out 
And Joseph norn him in his Arm ; 
Mi sone he louede wel I-nou^, 
Tie tok hym doim wib-outen harm, 
And nom him of J)e hei^e bouj 
And leyde him softe in my Barm. 





618 L setten. D sonis. After 618 L And crieden on him as }>ei were wode, 
Shof vp bei seiden what so betide. D pe lewis on him were criand Put vp, 
Lougius, now is >e tide. 619 D borw hem was Longius wel willand. L om. 
And : L. shef wi)> egre m. 620 D sonis. DL it gan. 621 D Blod & watir ]>er 
com reunand L Anon spronge oute water & blode. 622 D Out of >t wourede 
fat was so wide L & ran doun enlonges be his side. 613-14 om. in DL here. 

After 624 DL have these 2 stanzas : pan wax (L was) myn herte heuy so 
(L as) led, Whan (L ffor) I saw (seye) bat ruful (reuful) sihte, pe (om. in L) 
watir wij? >e (L & eke) blod so red, To Longius hand it ran dou?i rihte (L Kan 
oute of }>e wounde aplighte). Doun I fel as I were ded, Lengere to stande (L 
stonde) had I no myht (cf. Vern. 623-4). lohn my cosyn (my c. om. in L) 
comfort (counforte) me bed, & so dide (so d. om. in L) Joseph, )>at (L \>e) trewe 
knyht. pe blod ran (L fel) doura to Longius hond (L londe), He wipid (L 
wipte) his eyen & wel he sey, L ffelde & wode water & londe, ffoul in firmamente 
on hey D J>er is no creature in watir ne lond pat myht suffre be sorwe bat 
had I. DL On knes (L kneos) he >ankid goddis (godes) sond(e), Toward 
heuene his heuyd (L hede) on hi (L he bey), pt sihte my care (L of c. ) mekil 
(L him) vnboiid, So dide it (L & alle) my (L his) frendis bat were (weren) me 
(L him) bi. 

625 DL be lewis ban (om. in L) wente(n) to P. 626 DL lefte (lafte) >er. 
D ruful L reuful DL roun. 627 D And whan. L weren. D were alle. DL 
gon. D hire L here. 628 DL I bad I. takin (L take) him doun. 629 L him 
haue D haue him. D binki> L thinkeb. DL om. ful. 630 D ffor alle be lewis 
J>at ben f. L aren ful f. (alle om.). 631 DL I. seyde we ben (beob) bcr ate. 
632 D to the. D I am. L beob. L om. ful. 633 D naylis . drow. 634 L 
losep. DL tok. 635 D hem louid . inow. 636 D pei L &. 637 D ffayre & 
softe fro bat bow. L bar . fro. 638 D leyden. D om. softe ; L gostly. 

XXXVI. St. Bernard's Lamentation on Christ's Passion. 325 
His swete Moub on me hit louh, Mary teiis 

i , , ., ^ how Christ's 

And }it ne was hit no-fing warm. 640 corpse WHS 

" His loue hedde bounde me so faste, bosom, 

J3o l wepen I moste in alle wyse. ' ai. J>at 

Hit was euere in my [gast] l MS. {joi^t 

]3e fridde day he scholde aryse 644 

J?e rihte be-leeue on me he caste, 

And I Conceyuede fe rihte asyse ; 

Ich waste ful wel atte laste 

I schulde hym seo a-mong alle hise : 648 

" And $it mi^t I not for-bere, 

Bernard, for to \vepe sore ; and how she 

Myn hondes I wrong, myri her I tere, 

"VVhon he lay ded me be-fore. 652 

I sei} 1 wel, I durste swere, l ai. wene 

3if eny serwe In Angeles wore, 1 MS. were 

)3ei mijte wepe mony a tere 

ffor fe del fat I 1 seih fore. 2 af.J>ei MS. b e re 656 
" Sifen heuene was rnaad & erfe also 

And wommon formed aftar nion, 

More serwe ne more wo moreTii"* 

Neuere tonge telle con 660 say BUeca " 

639 L pe. D vpon L >at on. DL om. hit. D low. 640 DL & (om. in L) 
I it (om. in L) kiste, it (L & it) was not (L nothings) w. 

After 640 DL have the loll, stanza : An hunderid (L hondrede) tymys 
(L si>e) I dide (L gan) him kisse, Mouth & eyren, his chin also (L Hede 
& mouth & eyen two), & seyde 'sone, schal I the mysse, Glad ne worth 
(L shal) I neuere mo (L go).' And loseph faste abouten (aboute) is (L wes), 
His graue to dihte & him fer-to (L hat he were in graue y-do), & euere 
(L oftesi>e) I preyde him (L I criede) iwis (L >us) To beryen (L losep berie) 
me wi}> him (w. h. om. in L) also. 

641 DL om. hedde. L bonde D wouwdid. 642 DL pat. L wepe. D muste. 
D on al. 643 D Ner>eles I trowid euere steciefast L My thoughts was myche 
on his behests. 644 D thrid . ]>at he schuld vprise. 645 D riht. L beleoue 
D feyth. D in. D cast. 646 L c. it in alle wise. D As it was al his deuyse. 
647 DL fful (om. in L) wel I wiste D it. D last. 648 D seen L seo. DL 
om. alle. 649 DL But I myhte. D neuere me f. 650 DL om. for. D swi>e 
s. L y-liche s. 651 D hondis. D to wringe L wrings. DL to tere. 652 DL 
Whil. D >er inst. of ded. .653 LD I wene wel (D if) I. L dorste. D it s. 
654 L any. DL sorwe. D auwgelis L angels. DL wore. 655 L weope D a 
wept. DL many. 656 D om. >e. D L sorwe. DL >ei saw (seye) thore. 

After 656 L has the foil. st. : Whan pei seye Ihesu J>e hende, iluum ]>e 
swete, Ihesu >e meke, Suche sorwe drien at his ende, Codes sone & maries 
eke, & hou >ei goune to graue wende, Hou his inoder to him speeke, Ande 
sorwe myghte in angels lende, pei myglite weope ]xit here herte breek*?. 

657 D Setthe. L eor]>e. 658 D woman L womman. D formyd. DL man. 

659 D Was neuere ere swich sorwe ne wo L Was neuere made so myche wo. 

660 DL pat any tunge of (om. in L) telle can. 

326 XXXVI. St. Bernards Lamentation on Christ's Passion. 

Mary tells 
St. Bernard 

how Christ 
was buried 

by Joseph 

and Niclio- 

and a stone 
put over His 

pen we maden whon we scholde go 
To here mi sone in to J>e ston. 
Ion and my sustren two 
fful mony siben bei swoune gon. 

" Euere I crijede ful pitousliche : 
' Lordynges, what haue 30 I-foujt ] 
Hit is my sone I loue so muche, 
ffor Godes loue, burie him noujt ! ' 
pei nolde not leue, bei} 1 gon siche, 
Til bat he were in graue i-brou3t ; 
pei wowiden him in clobes riche 
And euer Merci [I] hem 1 be-soujt 

" loseph leide him in be ston, 
Nichodemes halp him wel, 
And riche oynemens leyde him vp-on 
And wounden him in clene sendel ; 
Heo sei3 ber was no beter won, 
Bote 1 burie him J>ei were ful snel. 
pen loked I on my Cosyn Ion, 
ffor serwe boj>e a-doun we fel. 

"Whon I stod vp and bi-held, 
In world I nnste what was best ; 
ffor gret serwe my fingres I feld, 1 
ffor wepyng mi3t I haue no rest : 
pe ouer-ston ouer him jjei heold, 
loseph hit wolde in close fest, 
To him I fel pat was my child, 

MS. him 

> al. To 

1 = folded 







661 D om. >en ; L As. D mad sorwe. DL >eL L gonne. 662 DL toward. 
D his stan. 663 L myne. D susteris L sostren. 664 DL Mony (Many) a 
tyme swownid )>ei (L we swounede) )>an. 665 D Bernard L And faste. L om. 
ful. L pitouliche D pitousli. 666 L Mercy lordinges wh. is youre. DL om. 
I-. 667 L pis. LI 1. Mm myche D I cri Jow merci. 668 L ffor my loue D 
ffor charite. L berief> D graui>. 669 D pei sparid no->ing for me sureli L 
Jet J>ei ne sparede for al my shriche. 670 DL om. >at. D >ei him to graue 
br. 671 L &. D lappid L lappeden. D clo>is tendirli. 672 D To leyen me 
there DL I hem. 674 D And N. had wou?idin h. wele. 675 DL om. And. 
D Oyneme?itis ful swete. DL }ei leyde (L leiden) h. on. 676 D dilite. L om. 
him. D ful clene L a cloth of. D sendele. 677 D Bernard, >er was nou o>er 
w. L panne wepten we euerichone. 678 DL To berien. L om. ful. D snelle. 
679 D >an, om. in L, L I lokede. 680 DL sorwe . doun. D felle. 681 L 
po I ros I him b. D Whan we st. vp for sorwe vnweld. 682 DL om. In 
world. DL ne wiste. D me was. 683 D mngris to writhe none I ne felid. 
L om. gret. 684 D Of w. koude. L Almest my lif was y-leste. 685 L J>at. 
DL faste inst. of ouer him. DL I D beheld L helde. 686 L And los. D 
wolde haue had it fest L wolde closen it faste. 687 DL om. To him ; I fel 
betwix (L betwene) as a (L & was his) scheld. 

XXXVI. St. Bernard's Lamentation on Christ's Passion. 327 

His swete Mou)> wel ofte I cnst. 

" Ion seij I was in poynt to spille, 
In my bodi I was ful seke, 
Euere I stod In crijyng schille, 
pat nei3 myn herte dude to-breke : 
He heold his serwe in herte stille 
And myld cliche gon he to me speke : 
' Marie, jif hit beo bi wille, 
Go we henne ! ' be Maudeleyn eke. 

" And whon we to toune come, 
per as be wey lay a-twyune, 
Vche inon leue at ober nome, 
And wenten horn to heore 1 Inne. 
Sore I sykede and I-lome, 
Of wepyng miht I neuer blynne, 
To speke wt'J> hem 1 [had I] 2 no tome 
ffor serwe bat myn herte was Inne. 

" pei ladde me to a Chaumbre bo 
per my sone was woned to be, 
Ion and be Maudeleyn also, 
ffor no ping nolde )>ei from me fle. 
I lokede aboute in eueri wro, 
I coupe nouj where my sone se, 

1 al. oure 

> MS. hym 





* MS. in 



Mary gays St. 

took her 

to a room 
where Christ 
was wont to 

688 D Til >at I his mouth had kest. L fol ofte . kiste. 

After 688 DL have the foil, stanza : I swownid (swounede) many a tyme 
wi>-alle, Or (L Er) I of him myhte take my (om. in L) leue. Many a terc I 
lete dou?z. falle, per (L J>atc) myhte no man it (om. in L) me bereue. I (L 
And) seyde ' sone, now (om. in L) gon I schalle, Nowalle >i (L & oure) frendis 
schul the leue (L to-dreue). Come (L Com) now, deth, I wile (L gan) the 
calle, I wold >ou myhtest myn herte cleue. ' 

689 696 DL pan com (>. c. om. in L) lohn & (}e L) Magdaleyn eke, & 
(om. in L) saw (L Seyen) I was in poynt to spille. fful (om. in L) myldeli 
(Mildeliche) to me >ei speke And held (helden) hire (here) sorwe in herte ful 
(om. in L) stille, But euere hem >ouhte hire (here) hertis (hertes) breke, pat 
}>ei durste not (L ne myghte) wepin (weope) hire (here) fille. Ner)>eles (L 
Na)>eles) to towne (L me to t.) >ei (L ]>e) me (om. in L) wreke (L wreken), 
Mor wi> strif (L be strengthe) >an wi> (L at) my wille. 

697 L om. And. DL to J>e cite. L comen. 698 L pat. DL om. as. DL 
oure weyes schuld L twynne D vntwynne. 699 L Euerich at o)>er leue n. 
D I & othere oure 1. n. 700 L & sithen wenten til. D wente. DL oure. 
701 DL om. Sore ; DL I swownid L ma[n]y a tyme & lome D often and 
whilome. 702 D koude. 703 D spekin to hem. DL had I no t. 704 DL 
sorwe. D in. 705 D lohn led. L In to a chambre he ladde me >o. 706 D 
wonid. L beo. 707 D Magdaleyn & my susteris two. 708 L nolde fro me 
(fle om. ) D wold )>ei departen fro me. 709 D Bernard L ffaste D 1 lokid 
aboute me tho L 1 1. in echo a wro. 710 D But I c. L Coude I. D not. 
L seo. 

328 XXXVI. St. Bernard's Lamentation on Christ's Passion. 

and how alie, 
St. Julin. and 
Mary Mag- 
dalen wept 




St. Bernard 
thanks Mary 

for telling 
him her 

and prays 
that we may 
all live in 
joy after 

We set vs doim in serwe and wo 

And gunne to wepe alle J>re. 712 

"feus, Bernard, we weren in care, 
In serwe of herte & gret Mournyng, 
Til we wuste hou hit wolde fare 

At my SOnCS Vp-rysyng. 1 ' al. Euer we were in greet longing. 716 

Xou haue I told jre wi)>-oute spare 
Alle his 1 peynes wib-oute 2 party ng. a?, my * at IMS 
Bernard, I was euer fare, 719 

To witen after his vp-rysyng." J 7i7-is & 710-20 to be tronsp. 
rauwt Me?*ci, dame, God jelde hit j>e, 

"Wyf and Maiden, Moder Milde, 
pat bcm hast so muche i-told me 

Of serwe of be and of pi chylde ! 724 

Now am I siker, wher bat I teo, 
In wode, in water or in felde, 
To make J?e foule fend to fleo, 
pat euer was so wod and wylde. 728 

" Ladi, for bi nrachele wo, 
pat neuere no tonge may of telle, 
pe serwe of be and him also 

pat him dude J)e lewes felle : 732 

Leeue 1 vs neuere skape ber-fro, MS. And leeue 

But euer-more In ioye to dwelle ; 
Whon we schul dye and henne go, 
Schilde vs from j>e pyne of helle ! Ame?t." 736 

711 D setten vs L seten, vs om. D wi> son wo. 712 D gan L begonne. 
D wepin L weopen. L threo. 713 D were we Bernard L B. were we. D in 
greet c. 714 L & DL sorwe. L & in. L om. gret ; D long. 715 D Til )>at. 
DL wiste . schuld. 716 DL Euere we were (L Eche of vs was) in greet long- 
ing. 717-18 & 719-720 transp. in L. 717 L om. >e. L wi>-outen. 718 L 
om. Alle. DL my. D peynys. D at his parting L of his departyngc. 719 D 
But B., L Ac B. D redi inst. of euer. L euerc I was Jare. 720 L wayten him 
D kepin him. DL at. 721 D Seynt Bernard seyde God L Lauedy quod he 
G. L om. hit. 722 DL & moder & mayden. 723 L om. >ou. DL so mekil 
(L fas myche) hast. DL told. D to me. 724 L pe inst. of Of. D Of >i 
sorwe ; of }>e om. 725 D sekir. DL wher-so (L om. so) I be (beo). 726 D 
In toura or feld in Jong>e or elde L In chirche in toun in fritthe in felde. 
727 L fforto. D don. L om. foule. L feondc. D fle. 728 D pat euere to 
helle wold don me helde L pat Jore ha)> beon wod & w. 

729736 om. in L. 729 D Now ladi for >ot ilke wo 730 pat no tuwge 
may half telle 731 D om. ]>e serwe : Of the & of J>i sone also. 732 ?ow 
dide . lewis. 733 And om. Late neuere non of alle tho 734 pat cristnid 
am & in >is world dwelle, 735 Whan }>ei schul paasen J>e world al fro, 736 
To seen ]*3 peync ]>at is in helle. 

After 736 D has 2 stanzas more : This ryme mad an hennyte, & dide it 

XXXVII. Dispute between a Good Man and the Devil. 329 

XXXVII. g Mspitoii Mtfoettc a pfr man 
>e kucl 1 

Swipe muche neode hit is foi. CCLXXXVIII. 

pat vche mon be war and wys 
To kepe him from po fendes lore 
ffor he fondep euer-more. 4 

And fat we mowen alle I-witen 
As hit is in pe Bok I-writen, 
I wol ow telle, as I con, rn ten you 

n , f 3 . J.I.-HT n Ilow n l* evi 

How pe fend temptep a Mon. 8 tempted a 

Hit was vppon an haly-day : In an heij feste of pe 

> In the MS. written in half lines. 

Muche folk was to church e gon : Godes word for to here : At cimrcii, 

a Priest once 

pe rreost ot pe chirche vndude Jje gospel 

And lerede his parischens, as he coupe wel, 12 

And bad hem openly nyme good seme bade his folk 

TT v U U j i pleaseGod 

Hou pei scholden god Avel queme 

And schenden be foule fend of helle, and disgrace 

the Devil. 

pat fojzdeb euere iliche mormm soule to qwelle. 16 
"VVhon pe prest hedde I-spokew & don what he wolde, 
pe folk werate ha??iward, as ri3t was pei scholde. 

A good mon per was, pat ham ward gon rake, oneofhu 

., . u t j i nr\ he |l rr walkt 

And poujte iul ^eorne of pat pe prest spake ; 20 home alone. 

He eode be him one wip-oute fere jerne, 

ffor no-mon of his pe?<kywg schulde hym werne. 

V%E wikked fe?d of helle perof hedde onde 

J And hastiliche sende to him his sonde. 24 

His Messager redi was forte don his wille, The Devil's 

Him to bi-swyke, queynteliche & still e. 

In pe wei he hym mette 

And feire penne he hym grette 28 

writen in parchemyn ; Barfot he wente in gray habyte, He werid no cloth J>at 
was of lyn. pus on englisch he dide it write, He seyth he drow if of >e latyn ; 
His mede lord Ihesu him quyte, & seynt Bernard, clerk of deuyn. And we 
schnl preye fat here it rede, ffor him now an orisoim, & don it smertlich 
in dede, Wi> a ful good deuocioun, pat Ihcsu Crist his soule lede To blisse 
in his processions, And there for to han his mede, porw vertu of his passioure 
Amen. With the last stanza agrees the concluding st. in L : Eueriche wi> 
goede deuociouw Grete wi> an hertly steuene To oure lady an orisoun, Hire 
ioye may no tonge nempne : pat for hire sones passioun Heo schilde vs fro 
>e sinnes seuene, & saue vs fro )>e feonde feloun, & bringc oure soules into 
heucne. Amew. ' Ed. before in EnyL Stud. V1I1, p. 260 275. 

330 XXXVII. Dispute, between a Good Man and the Devil. 

like a hand- 
some 111:111, 

met him, 

and :iskt him 

From here the 
poem is extant 

to tell all he'd 



that any 
falsity in it 
might be 
set light. 

The Good 

said the 

warnd them 
against the 
Deadly Sins, 

and specially 



Was he no fend i-lyche, 
But as a mon feir and riche ; 

}?e gode Mon was not war 
Of f e deuel, fat com far. 32 

Quaf f e wikked Counseyler : 
" ffelawe, wel I-met her ! 
Sei me, as nou mote fou fe, 
Wher hast fow now I-be ? " 36 

" I com from f e chirche, what woldestou f er-bi 1 
What fou art & win fou askest, tel me nou, belamy ! " 
" I am a ferrera mon and a wey-feryug, 1 
Spek wa'f me feire, w/f-outen grucchyng ! 
Hastou atte churche I-herd eny sarmoun, 
Vndoynge of f e gospel or of lessoun 1 
I preyje f e, gode felawe, }if fi wille be, 
Al fat fou herdest, tel hit nou to me ! 
ffor I con my-self, beo my lewete, 
Of alle-maner lore gret plente. 
I con wel I-knowe, I sei f e, for-f i, 
Wher hit were wisdani fat he spac, or elles foli. 
Wys fow schalt fynde me and hende ; 
ifor, $if he out fals haf seid, I schal hit amewde. 
Jjauh fow to me haue no trist, 

I con more fen f e prest, 52 

And better I wot, forsof e I-wys, 
How men schulen come to blis, 
And also more I con telle 

Wherfore Men schule go to helle." 56 

E goode mon bigon his tale : fat of ur 3 erne con luste \ 
Al couf e he not telle : But dude fat he wuste. 
" Ouer alle f ing he vs tauhte : To loue god, ful of miht, 
And sif en vre euencristene : As we oujten wif riht. 60 
He spac of dedli synnes : And seide fer weore seuene. 
And whose dyede f er-Inne : Scholde neuere comen in 
heuene : 

Pruide is f e furste : Envye is fat of er, 
Wraffe is fe fridde : )?at mon haf to his brofer, 64 
J)e feorf e is Couetyse : ))e fyff e is Lecherie, 
)3e sixte is Sleufe : J?e seuefe is Glotonye. 
Mest he spac of pride, and lered more and lasse 

XXXVII. Dispute between a Good Man and the Devil. 331 

fforto leue pr/de and loue Buximnesse ; 68 

ffurst, abouen alle biwg, wib al vre iniht Men were 

"Worschipen & louen god, hope day & niht, God, 

And louen vre kunrede, as pe lawe wile, 
And alle cristene men, as hit is skile. 72 

ffor alle we schulen wp rijte louen vchon obwr mt then one 

TTT -i. i j. i t L -L another. 

Wzp al vre mi^te, as suster dop pe bropur ; 

ffor breperen we are & sustre??, as we schul al leue, 

Alle pat euere icome ben of Adam & of Eue." 76 

V%E wikked gost 1 was ful $are MS. god 

J And $af pe gode mon onsware : 

" J3ow spekest," he seide, "of louyng, The Devil 

}3at mon schulde furst of alle ping ; 80 

)?at loue god schal eueri mon, 

And sipen his neih^ebor, as he con. 

Bote hou mhtest bou trewe loue " HOW can 

. , you love God 

Haue to mm pat is aboue, 84 

Whon he so ofte wrappep pe 

And let pe in muche myschef be ? 

He let pi catel from be falle, who i e u you 

Hors in stable and Oxe in stalle, 88 catlle . 

And oper ping awey let go, 

And suffrep pe be brou^t in muche wo. 

3if pou art sek in syde and Eibbe, and get sick, 

)3at vnnepes mai^t pou libbe, 92 

Or pin hed sore akep 

And al pi bodi for serwe quakep, 

)3orw him pe comep al pis. 

Loue him not, I rede, I-wis ! 96 

Hou mi^test bou loue him wz'b skile when He can 

., lie 'p y u ""d 

Jjat mijte pe helpe and ne wile] won't?" 

goode mon wel vnderstod 

Jjat he seide was not good. 100 

" After bi red wol I not do, The Good 


ffor be prest ne bad not so. answerd: 

I wot of alle piwg, be hit what-so hit be, 

Bope beter & wors, my lord sendeb to me. 104 

bauh I obur-while haue I-had wo, -wimtever 


Jjorw god bat hit sende hit hab ouer-go ; i for my 

Hit was for my gode bonked be he 

332 XXXVII. Dispute between a Good Man and the Demi. 

All I liave is 
from Him. 

II I am ill, 

He thus 
warns me not 
to sin. 

I nuglit to 
love Jesus 

because He 
made me, 

redeemd me, 

and cald 
me to His 

Tlie Devil 

"The Priest's 
talk against 
Pride is 

He wolde fat I scholde bi fat I- war be. 108 

Jjau^ he me be-reue anow to my Eibbe, 

Jjat I haue vnnefe wher-w/f to libbe, 

!Ne wol I not be wrof f erfore, ne no ri3t hit nis : 

ffor al fat I haue, al hit is of his ; 112 

Al fat I haue, he lenef me, I-wis, 

He mai taken hit a^eyn, whon his wille is. 

So he haf don ful ofte I-blessed mot he be 

And 3af me wel more few he birafte me. 116 

And fau3 he of-pyne me in seknesse sore, 

Hit. is for my gode, 1 loue him fe more ; 

J3e?'-wif he me warnef his comaundeme/zt to brekc, 

And sent me such teone him for to wreke ; l r. rekc 120 

I mai f en amende me of fat I haue don ille, 

And beetew fat I haue agult a^ein godes wille. 

Jjreo f i?zges f er bef , as I haue herd telle, 
Seide me fe prest in his lore-spelle, 124 

ffor whom I oujte loue Ihesn ful of mi^te, 1 r. mauu 
And worschipe him as I con, as me wel i^te : 2 * r. ahte 
\)e furste f ing of f e f re, is fat he me wroujte 
After hi?-self, as hym best fou^te ; 128 

Jjat of ur, fat he bou3te me on f e swete Eode 
Wif his oune flesch & wif his oune blode ; 
J)e f ridde, fat he cleped me to his oune feste 
In to fe blisse of heuene, fat euer schal i-leste. 132 
ffor on of f ise I ou3te to louew him wel apli3t, 
Betere I ou3te for alle, & fat is good rijt." 
] wikkede gost onswerde f o : 
" Lete we fis tale go, 136 

Leue we fis disputyng 
And speke we of of ur f ing. 
J?ow spekest a3eyn pruide 

And fer-of takest muche hyde. 1 r.hede 140 

A3eyn f e ri3te is fat f ou says, 
And f erfore me mis-pays. 
]3ou seist f e prest, fat syngef Messe, 
Lered fe to Boxumnesse; 144 

He was wod, so art f ou ek, 
And alle f o fat so spek. 
Leef f ou 1101131 fat hit be sof ! 

XXXVII. Dispute between a Good Man and the Devil. 333 

Hit nis no-mon bat so dojj, 

I sigge fat pruide nis no synne : 

ifor be?'-borw3 come]) worldes wynne. 

bat mai^t bou witen, I-wis, 

Whon bou wost what hit is. 

3if bou be knowen for wys 

And holden art of muche prys 

And bat bou art riche mon and wlou^ 

And of richesse hast inouh : 

bauj bou Iy3e, as mony mon dob, 

_._ ,. , , 

Men wollep wene bat hit be sob, 

And clepe be forb for heore euenyng, 

Bi-foren hem bat habbeb no-bing. 

3if bou art proud and Modi 

And berest be bold and hardi, 

Men bat stondeb be aboute 

be/me of be wolen haue gret doute, 

~WYj> be wolen bei comen and speke, 

bi loue to haue and hem to wreke. 1 

bou mayjt for bi bolde beryng 

Be proud & riche in alle bing, 

And ouwr-al maijt bou comeii and go, 

Whon a Moppe dasart schal not so ; 

As a lord schalt bou be cald, 

her ojmre schul stonde be-hynde vn-bald, 

And oueral ber bou gost aboute 

be schal folewe f ul gret route ; 


Of be schal vche mon stonde gret 6136, 
"Wher bou wolt, bou n^t go pleye. 
Do nou as I haue I-couwseyled be : 
Proud & stout euer bat bou be ! 
ffor jif bou drawe be to cunipaigny 

7 ' " 

Of pore wrecches bat wone be by, 
Vche a Mon bat beo be wey gob 
Of hem schalt bou be swibe lob, 
And alle wolle bei f ul }are 
Lauhwhe be to bisemare 
And si<nre : "lo. Men mowe wel se 
What Mon bat he benkej? to be ! 
A wrecche sone wol he ben, 

> r. 





Pride is no 

if you're 

lieve your lies 

are Truth. 

if you're 

164 men MI fear 



can yon a 

and follow 


ne proud ; 
if you a8 - 

soc-iate with 

160 poor 


folk MI laugh 

i o t 

and nay that 

TOU Ml goon 

j wtch 

334 XXXVII. Disjmte between a Good Man and the Devil. 

To wrecches lie draweb, as alle men sen ; 1 S8 

"Wel Men may seo alle bi ban 
nd no Man." Jjat neuer-more wol he beo man." 

gode Mon vnderstod 

J3at bat be to]>ur seide was not good. 1 92 

Ti.eGood "Do wei," he seide, "bi lore : Ne spek no more of 
Juuwerd: pryde : 

Hit do]> be soule muche wo : And helpej) be bodi luyte. 

"VVhon I benke on Binges bre : Bobe niht and day 
"Pride Pruide ne worldes blisse : Glade me ne may. 196 

me when i ffurst, whon I beo-benke me : And am wel I- ware 
i. that i was How I com in to bis world : Bobe naked and bare ; 

bom in 

Nedde I to myn hed houue ne hod, 
Ke Eobe to my bac, badde ne good, 200 

only a foul But a foul red clout, bat I was boren In, 

red clout. 

fiat tok I of my Moder, and was a foul skyu 
Al is sob fat I seye, bei} I speke in Eym 

ill over slime, ))ei corueii hit of me & wosch awei mi slym. 204 

In to bis world ]>us com I wrecched & bare, 
And so, wot I wel, I schal heben fare. 
))ei woudere me in cloutes, for cold & for schame, 
ffor I ne scholde forfare, bei hulede mi licame. 208 

and unubie Al-Maner qutk bi/g bat is borw Godes miht, 

to fin. I for 

myself like Whon hit comeb furst forb, COK hiwi-self diht, 

all other 

young things jjab of him-self kyndeliche wede, 

And con him-self pwrchase mete to his nede, 212 

And hab borw kyude niijt for to gou, 

J)er kynde of nion hab ri3t non, 

Bute vn-mijti wrecches alle are we. 

Hou scholde I be proud, whon I bis sel 216 

s. bow Adam T-%at ojmr is, whon I bewke on Adam and Eue, 

and Eve lost I/ ' . * 

Paradise j Hou bei weren iTi paradys wel & w?b leue ; 
J)er wtb-outew syTine bei mi^te haue bew ire blis, 
3if bei nedden agult a3eyn god, i-wis ; 220 

]3er bei mi^tere hare I-wonet ire murbe & ire wywne : 

tor their sin. But sone bei were driuere out, for bei dide sirene. 
And berfore ha we muche wo, serwe & vuel-fare, 
And wonew ire bis middel-ert ire serwe & in care. 224 
"Weilawei & weilawo, bat syrene was I-wrotijt ! 
In muche peyne for si?me are mony men l-brou3t ; 

XXXVII. Dispute between a Good Man and the Devil. 335 




Alle wo & seknes fat eny mon is Inne, AU man' 

. i P i i , ,, woe comes 

Al is, for he nap i-greuet ofte god wzb synne. 228 from hu sin. 

])er is in pis world nruche falshede, 

\)er is no treupe wel neij, ire word ne in dede, Little troth 

J3e sone be-gileb be fader, be doufar pe moder, world; 

)5e sibbe pe frerzde, vche mon oper. 232 

Nis no worldes blisse pat nul ouur-go, 

Ne nout no 1 murie on eorpe pat nis meywt wtp wo. us mirth u 

But pe blisse of paradys, pat lasteb euer-more, > r. o woe. 

Whon I benke beron, me longep bider sore. 236 

Hou scholde I berene be proud for eny bi?zg. HOW ran i be 

J ' proud? 

Or eny oper mon, pat is in longyng] 

bridde bing is bat I be?lce, bat I schal wewde he?ne s. when r 

' think where 

Out of bis world, but wot I neuer wne/me, 240 i iiaii o 

' after Ueatli, 

!N"e wot I whodwr mi soule schal. be?-fore sore i drede : 

ff or aftwr mi werkes are, schal hit haue mede ; 

Kiht as I haue deseruet, be weole or pe wo 

Certeinliche schal I haue, i raai not fle per-fro. 244 

Beo I in mi put leid, per wormws schul eten me, and imw 

Worpe to noujt schal I pe?ine, as nener hedde I be ; eat me, 

J?e her of myn hed, ^eleuj so pe wex, 

Schal dwyiien a-wey so dop pe drex, 248 

Mi feire ejen schulen out renne, my eyes shall 

' drop out, 

Mi white tep schulen foule grenne, 

Mi feire ho/zdes and fingres longe 

Schul rote & stynke swipe stronge. 252 my hands rot, 

Men wol for mi good make striuyng 

And puyte me out of al my ping. 

Jjulke pat werew I-wowt ofte me to grete, 

)3ei wol not her ponkes w^p me meete. 256 

Alle pe frendes pat I now haue, my friends 

ffor me gladliche wol pei don al pat I craue ; 

Weore I in mi graue, out of heore siht, 

Luite wolde pei for me do, be dai or be ni^t. 260 j*^ 6 

Nedde I neuere so muche good, al hit wolde go, 

Whon mi soule & mi bodi ar parted a-two. 

Mi bodi schal leuew her, mi soule farew he/me, 

Al be worldes pride luitel helpeb benne. 264 Pride 'ii help 

f iii little then. 

Viterdei hodes and Clokes also, ^ e <^ f^'lSt *j^ 
Al bat vile pride schal don hem ful wo ; cloaks 

336 XXXVII. Dispute between a Good Man and the Devil. 

eat up poor ))ei struye godes good ber-wij? : And tome hit to fen, 

J?at muche mihte helpe : Sely pore men. 268 

Now is non worb a fart, 

Men wear But he here a baselart 

daggers and . , . , 

I-honget bi his syde, 
swine's And a swynes Mawe, & al is for pride. 272 

maws; . \ 

God? g? - ame, stirap on his cappe is knit, 
short coats Jjat an vnche ha]) he not on for to sit ; 
ID : ' Muche meschef and gret colde : On his hers he has, 

iniieir Men miite, aif his brech weore to-tore : Seon his 

breeches tore, 

you'd see genitras. . 276 


women also And also bis wymmen : )pat muchel haunteb pride, 

wear horns on ,,_.. . , ii-r-5 _ a 

their heads, \Vib homes on heore hed : Finned on vch a syde, 
beaver and Maad of an old hat : And of a luytel tre, > = get fashion 


with silk Wib selk scleyres I-set aboue : Apparisaunt to be ; 280 
and t'urnd- Heore Eeuersede gydes : On hem are streyt drawe 
gowns (?). But al be of be newe aget 1 : Hit is not worb an hawe. 

Jjei wenen a ben f ul feire : And wonder foul bei be ; 
if they'd And a wolden be-benken hem : Of heore priuete 284 

think how * i 

foul they are And hou foule bei are : In soule and in bodi, 

in body and ' 

wee' d ^ e * Ou 3* ie W ^ neor e wepyng : Make heore chekes rodi. 

But bei leue pride, & ojmr syrenes mo, 
or they 'ii go Schortly to telle, to helle schul bei go. 288 

to hell. * ' ' 

WaOD I benke her-vppon : Mi care is wel be more ; 
Luytel wonder is hit : Jjauh I ^ke sore. 
HOW should i Hou scholde I be proud or elles modi 1 

be proud ? * 

Alle ou3te we to be for synne sori. 292 

3it bou cou?zseiidest me a luytel while ere 
)3at I scholde not be pore mennes fere ; 
YOU said i bmi seidest I scholde bew holden an vn-mon. 

should be 

held an Un- No-mon wol sigge so bat eny good con. 296 

sociated with Jjauj I & a pore Mon, bat beggeb his fode, 

Be not I-liche riche of be worldes gode, 

Men mai seo be sobe & be skile rijt 

Hou we schule bitwene vs vre loue dijt : 300 

nut if i and $if I do mi clobwtf of anon to my liche 

a poor beggar ^ ' 

were naked, jjafc i am iclobed in, bat bej> gode & riche, 
And a pore beggere, bat haj> muche wo, 
Wib cloutede clobes dude also, 304 

And we stode naked boben I-fere : 

XXXVII. Dispute between a Good Man and the Devil. 337 

Bope mijte we penne ben ojmres pcre ; we should be 

Hose vs se$e and knewe vs neyper, 

be?me mijt pei wene pat we were breper. 308 

bewne most I louerc him, and he louen me, so we must 

Whon vre kynde robes be]) of o ble : another. 11 

bo are pe Eobes we were wz'p I-bore 

AT we ligge??. & rote, ne worp pei to-tore ; 312 

Let us be lyk in sum ping, as wel I wot we are, 

Al-pau^ I be riche, & he pore & bare." 

wikked gost onswerde po Tiie Devil 

And bad let pat tale go, 316 

" Lete we pis dispuytyng 
And speke we of anoper ping, 
bou spekest & seist pe prest hap forbode 
Wrappe & onde, porw biddyng of gode. 320 "Envy was 

TTM. * v j " never for- 

Hit was neuer forbode of no wys mon, bidden by a 

wise man. 

But of sum folte, 1 pat no good ne con. ' 

3if pou sest pi bropwr or pi kun or a-nopur 

bat he be feiror pe?z bou be. or wisor be/* bou oubur. wiio'd blame 

you it" you're 

Or ricchor or baldor or be of beter i-told : >n-y to ee 

any one else 

bauj pm herte be wo belter oflr 

than your- 
& of-piwke pat hit is SO, 1 l vv. 326-7 in the MS. one verse. self? " 

Who mihte pe blame 1 328 

Wel mijt pou penne pinke schame 

And vuel may hit pe like 

)3at he schal be so heij : And pou not so riche." * 

E gode mon wel vnderstod l in MS. a w. 332 The Good 


Jjat pat pe topwr seide was not good. 

" Aftur pi COU?Seil Wol I not do, answerd: 

ffor pe prest seide not so. 

No mon hap so muche good : bat I wolde 1 he hedde 

more, 1 r. nolde 336 

Ne so feir ne so stro?*g ne so wys of lore, 

Hit of-puw;hep me nouht : Ne per-to hatie I non onde, " i never 

grudge any 

ffor al pe godes pat mon hap : Is of godes sonde. 339 

God, porw whom comep alle ping : Con ful good skile, 

Alle worldes winne : He sendeb, whon 1 he wile. 1 r.whom Godsend* 

' . them -Mi He 

Whi scholde I for morales god haue sorinesse, wuu. 

Whon I haue for him neuer pe lesse 1 

God delep his dole : To pore and to riche, 344 


338 XXXVII. Dispute between a Good Man and the Devil. 
"God gives And jiueb wit and auhte : But not alle I-lyche. 

not alike to i , , T i ^ -r i -r , 

ail; Wnon he nap I-jmen his ping : As Ichaue I-seyd, 

but each man Vche mon of his del : Schulde holde him paid ; 

No mon schulde grucchen : Of operes wel-fare, 348 
And $if he dob, for sobe : He mispayeb god pare. 
ffor god wol ^iue : To whom his wille is. 
He who Whose hab envye ber-to : ffor sobe, he nis not wys." 

envies is not J 

wise." p%li, false schrewe onswerde pore 352 

J And bad hym sigge so nomore. 
The Devil " jjou spekest of wrabpe in pi tale 

And seist hit is a^eyn soule-hak-. 

Jjat is not sop, but falshede ; 35G 

wrath Wrabbe was neuere synful dede. 

never was .. 

in. jit eny mon a-gult a^eynes be, 

if any man Smyteb or elles puitep pe, 

Oper seip pat pe is him lop : 360 

mustn't you Ne most bou be?zne nedes be wrob 1 

be wroth ? ' ' 

)if Mow mis-seib be or deb be schame : 
3if bou be wrob, ho schal be blame ? 
AS he does As he dob bi be, niat and day, 364 

to you, pay * ' ' 

him back'. Quit him wel, 311 bat bou may ; 

3if bou mowe, worse ; in eny wyse 

Loke bou ^elde him his seruyse ; 
if you don't, ^\i bou forberest bisemare. 368 

he'll give you ' 

two. He wol 3me be two ful 

o word sei bou two 

And mak him wrob, ar bou go, 

And spek wib hym baldeliche 372 

Abuse him, And mis-seye hym schomefulliche ! 

3if eny Mon be mis-deb, 
hit him under Smyt byn hond vnder his teb, 

Wib Swerd, Knyf, Staf or Ston 376 

Lei on faste, and bat anon, 
knock his And bet him wel wib be beste, 

teeth out, 

Jjat his teb al to-breste ; 
punch his Or on be hed ponne hard, 380 

head ! * r f 

Jjat he go wryjinge benneward. 
if he's too ^if he is strong or of miht hei?, 

strong for 

y u > bat bou ne miht comen hym neia, 

get some * 

mates, Tae pe felawes be by-syde : 384 

XXXVII. Dispute between a Good Man and the Devil. 339 

Jje hardiloker maijt bou abyde, 

And go sech him be wei and strete, waylay him, 

Stint bou noujt til bou him mete, 

Lei on faste, spare no-bing, 388 thrash him 

To grouwde sone bou him bryng, i'llmf"" 

Jjat he before grunte aud grone ; 

And warne al obere bi him one ! 

Jjen may bi word springe ariht 392 

Jjat bou art hardi mon and wiht ; 

Alle men of be bewne schule be fert Then n folk 

Jjat bifore wolde mis-seye be in bi bert ; 

Jjewne mi$t bou go bobe quit and sker 396 

Wher bou wolt, fer and neer." 

E good e mon wel vnderstood The Good 

Jjat his couwseil was not good. 399 wwii 

" }if I be wrob and sore agreued : Wib eny Mon alyue, 
Ich ou^te seche pees of hym : fful hastiliche and blyue. 
Mi Pater noster ne my crede : Ne myn Aue Marie "When rm 

wroth, my 

blddynge, prayer., are 

J of no avail. 

Whyle ich am in wrabbe : Avayleb me no-bhynge. 
3if Mon be wrob, hym is be wors : And bat on mony 
syde 404 

Jjat schul $e wite bat hit is sob : 3if je wolleb abyde : 
Wrabbe and vuel wordes : Old sore neweb, wrath 

11 i 11 CPI renews old 

And makeb to do be dede : Jjat eft ful sore reweb. oresj 

Wrabbe is a wikked bing : Hit mengeb be herte blod 408 
And makeb mon ofte out of wit : Jjat he con no good, 
He 1 makeb mon ofte do be dede : Jjat eft torncb to 

grame, : r. Hit 

Bete Men and ofte sle : And do ful muche schame, 411 it makes men 

kill others. 

Wou?ide men and berne men : Kobben and to-reueu ; 
And enere are bei in serwe and wo : A-Morwen and at 


Whon he is wel a-wreken : Aftur his wille, 
Jjen he is wel apayed : And gob forb wel stille, 
He weneb to here ber-of : No more tibinge : 416 

Bote be synne ber-af ter : Sclial him to schome brynge : nt the -m 

briii}; them 

Ne schal he him no-wyse : So wel him schilcle, 1 >r. hyde? tosimme. 
Jjat he (!) ne schal for be synne : Sum schome be-tyde, 
But hit beo borw schrift : And J)e prestes rede 420 

Z 2 

340 XXXVII. Dispute between a Good Man mid the Devil. 

"Gcxl is the 

No man 
dimilil take 

Let an anj*ry 

fool talk 


He keeps a 
fair castle 
who keeps 
liis Mouth 

The Devil 

" How can 
men he rich 
ness t> 

The rich man 
is held of 
great worth ; 

the poor has 
little joy. 

)5at pe synne be bet : And a-Mended )>e deede. 

)3e heije kyng of heuene : Is ri^tful lustise, 

Alle folk schal he deme : Bojje foles and Avyse ; 423 

He hap set his lawes : No-Mon scholde hem breke, 

Jjat no-mon in his wrappe : Scholde him-self wreke. 

3it on opwr wyse ofte mon is wrop 
And seip to his brop?*r piwg pat him is lop. 
Jje wysore of hem two : )3en schal holde him stille 428 
And suffre pe more fol : Siggen al his wille. 
ffor he pat chydej) al-one : Hit wol sone awey fare, 
Hit wol not longe lasten : Wip-outen onsware ; 
Whon he hap al seid : Jjat he sigge wile, 432 

He wol ben in pes : And cunne pe more skile, om. 
And [bid] 1 foremen his wrappe : Jjau} pei dnden ille, 
And co?men his felawe more J>onk : ffor he heold him 

3if eny wikked wordes or dedes : Bi-fore weren I- 

wrouht, 430 

Jjei schul J>e?me forw wrafjje : Ben al out I-brouht ; 
Al J?e worste j>at Jei cunne : Jjenne wol )?ei speke, 
And dele grete strokes : ffor to ben a- wreke. 
Her-of is I-writen a word J?at is coup : 440 

' He kepep a feir castel pat kepep wel his Moup.'" 
V*E wikked schrewe onswerde pon 
J jjus to pe gode mon : 

" Ne forbed he neue?-e : }3at I pe plihte, 444 

^lon to be riche : 3if be miht : 
Hou mi^te men on e[n]y wyse 
Be riche wip-outen couetyse? 

Jje riche Mon, wher he is, 448 

Holden is hope $ep and wys, 
fforp I-cald and muchel of told, 
ffor he hap good mony-fold ; 

He is holden of niuche pris, 452 

And al for good pat is his. 
}3e pore Mon al pat schal misse ; 
Hap he non such worldes blisso ; 

His Meeles are ofte lene 456 

Luitel hit helpep, pauj he him mene 
His Eobes are badde and pinne, 

XXXVII. Dispute between a Good Man and the Devil. 341 

Luitel he hap of worldes wynne. 

Pwneye pe wel on vche a syde, 460 

Jjat such teone pe ne be-tyde ! 

3if pou ne const. I wol pe teche "nitciiyou 

T how to get 

Hou pou schalt good to pe reche nch. 

And riche mon bi-come and wlouh 464 

And haue of alle goodes I-nouh, 

And wip-outen eny synne 

Geten I-nouj of worldes wynne. 

Beo peny pound bi-twene two 468 

)5ou maijt gedere mo and mo, 

Al wip queyntise and wip ginne 

Muche good mai^t pou wynne. 

Slep pou noujt to muche a-niht, ' 472 

But win pe good, hou pou miht ; 

Een a-boute bi pe strete, > 

Bi wey and bi weonlete ; 

3if pou seost in eny wyse 476 Take any. 

' J J thin^you 

Wher eny bi-^ete wol aryse, ^n '"* hokl 

Tac sum, and lef I-nouh 

J5ou$ pou do so, hit nis no wouh ; 

Haue pou no doute, I rede, of pas, 480 

No mon wot ho hit was. 

Jjauh Mon make muche fare, 

)3er-of haue pou no care, 

Ne dred no-ping pe prestes curs 484 Don't dread 

* ' A tlie 1'riest s 

Jjerfore pou schalt neuere be pe wors. curse > 

Ne spare non, per pou gest, 

Nouper pe parsun ne pe prest ; 

Tac pe part of heore typinge 488 | ) i ; i { 1 - s 'tf t ,^ rt 

And here hit horn to pi wonynge. 

And so pou mi3t muche good take 

And be riche monnes make. 

Whon pou hast pus wel bi-gonne 492 

And muche good hast I-wonne, 

Jjat pou hast, kep hit wel, ^ 

Jjerof }if pou neuer a del ; 

But men bringe two for on, 496 

3iue hem not, but let hem gon ! 

Jjer wol come to pin hous 

342 XXXVII. Dispute between a Good Man and the Devil. 

"If any one MonV OT1 ful COUevtoUS, 
conies to you 

tor a gift, ffor to haue of pi pinge, 500 

To here a-wei, and noujt to brynge : 

So wole pei don eft-sone ; 
send iiim Let hem gon riht as bei come : 

:i\\';i V With* 

out it." Let hem seche heor owne bijete 504 

As pou dudest, or elles lete ; 

Let hem fare neer and ferre 

And for pe neuer be be nerre ! " 

n.e nood T^E gode mow wel vnderstod 508 

nwerd" Ji bat at o]>ur seide was not good. 

" Couetyse is not good : ffor hit is forbode, 

So seip be prest on his bok : borw biddyng of gode. 
-Men may Men mowe wel be riche : Whose hit may wynne 512 
fully, Wip rihte & wtb treube : And wip-outew synne ; 

Wip trewe craft and Marchavwdise : Wel wynnen he 

but not by But Eobbe ne to-reue : Nouper niht ne day. 

falseness and . - _^_ , ./. 

usury. Mony on w?p falsnesse : And wip Oker also 516 

Hap so muche good : bat he not wher hit do ; 
bat may ben here his heuene : At his endynge 
In to be put of helle : Sone hit wole hym bringe. 

wimt each 3 if Mon hab eny bing : Bi-gete wib trewenesse 520 

gels himself, 

Of worldliche good : More oper lesse, 
let him use Tac to his nedf ulnesse : Jjer-of what he wile, 
needs, for the And do to holi chirche : bat riht wole and skile : 

Church, and 

Of al bat neweb him be 3ere : Do his tibinge, 524 

And foure tyme in be ^ere : 3if his Offringe ; 
the Poor. be pore schal he helpe : Also, pat hap nede, 

3if hem mete and drinke : And elope hem wip wede. 
whoever Hose wol not tipe : bat god him hab I-lent, 528 

Titiie ims His lyf and his soule : Bobe schul be schent : 

God's curse. J 

He schal for be synne : Haue Godes curs, 

And eke alle his goodes : Schul fare wel be wors ; 

His godes schulen at-falle : And faste a-wey go, 532 

And for pat ilke synne : Mony on hauep wo. 

bat is in toune and felde : Scene, sikerli, 

bat fewe aren in londe : bat liuen rihtfuli : 

be eorpe ^eldeb not fruit : As hit wont was, 53G 
Of Corn of be feld : Ne of be Medewe Gras, 

XXXVII. Dispute between a Good Man and the Devd. 343 

Ne non oj>er-cunne fruit : )3e folk for to frore 

I-wis, hit is for synne : jjat mony Mon is pore. 

Haue pou neuer so muche : Of worldes good here, 540 "AII worldly 

.ii! ,, , . wealth shall 

Al schal passen a-wey : As fantum hit were. pans away. 

ffor to haue pin herte : To muche per-Inne, 

Of pi mok to make pi god : Hit is dedly synne. TO make a 

And jit, ar j>ow war be : ffroin )>e wol hit fare, 544 fci" 

Jjewne schalt pou haue perfore : Bope serwe and care, 

And jit at pin ende : Gret stryf in cas, 

And puite pe out : Of al pat pin was ; 547 

Jjin Execu tours schul take : J)i goodes at heore wille Your Exeeu- 

. , , , . . 11. T * i ,-n tors 'II take 

And lete pi soule ligge : In pyne f ul stille. your goods 

Beo pou in pi put i-broujt : Wormes schul eten pe, while worms 

And sone schalt pou be for-jeten : Siker mayjt pou be. 

}3erfore I rede, as Salamon his sone bad, 552 

Jjat vche Mon skilfuli of his god mak him glad, 

Mete and drynke and clop : Catel and oper pyng 

J?at nedful is to haue : Wip-outen wastyng ; 

J)e pore schal he helpe : "VVher pat is nede, 556 Therefore 

Of pat god hap him sent : Don his Almes-dede, yourself, 

}if him mete and drynk : And elope him wip wede feed him, 

In al pi werkes, be pe 1 syker : )je better schalt pou 

spede ; * r. l*>u 

}if him of pi Cuppe : Of pat is per-in, 560 

Water to drynke : Ale oper Wyn ; give him 

And jif he hap nede : Clepe him pe neer 

And make him sitte & warme him : Bi pyn hote fuyr ; warm him 
Bedde hym esyliche : 3if pat he seek be, 564 and bed him. 

And serue him wel, for his loue : )3at al hap ^euen pe. 

Worldes wele is wonderful : Wel may I seyn, worldly 

wealth ebbs 

Lyk pe se pat flowep : And ebbep a-jeyn ; and flows like 

)3er nis no sikernosse : In pis worldes won, 568 

No-mon not whon hit wole : A-wei from him gon, 
Ne how longe hit wol laste : Ne how luytel while 
Jjulke pat hit louep most : Ofte hit dop hem gyle. 

He pat louep catel wel : And bounden is in Couetyse, 
He schal ben I-bounden : In preo-kynne wyse : 573 
jjoujt and drede are pe two : Jjat schul bynden hym 

J)e pvidde is muche serwe : Jjat euermore schal laste. 

344 XXXVII. Dispute betivcen a Good Man and the Devil. 

" For u'.'iin, 
men travel 
in niin and 


go over the 
salt sea, 

and ditch 
and delve. 

They fear to 
lose their 

If they do 
lose, let them 
think of Job. 

He still 
thankt God, 

and blest His 


The Devil 


" As to 

mayn't a 
man do as 
prompts ? 

Ofte for his catel : Mon moot wake of slepe, 576 
Trauaylen in reyn and in snowh : Beo pe weyes ncuer 

so depe, 

ffrom toune to toune : Bope fer and neer, 
As Chapmen mote don : To heore mesteer ; 
Ouer pe salte sde ofte pei fare 580 

ffor heor Marchauwdise, in gret peril and care, 
And ofte and mony a tyme : [lesep] 1 Catel and heore 

lyf i MS. heore 

And makep vuel to fare : Bope Chyld and Wyf. 583 

Oper Men dyke and delue : And gon to J>e plouh, 
To Cart and to preschynge : And ojmr swynk I-nouh. 
Whon he wij> his swynk : Ha]) wonne gret be-jete, 
Euere he is afert : J?at he schal hit forleete ; 
And ^if he hit leten schal : Hym is wo perfore, 588 
And is so sori penne : fat euer was he bore. 
Jjou^t and drede & sorinesse : Aren Monnes fo 
He ou^te neuere lone : Jjing pat dop hym so wo. 

3if he leose eny ping : And he gret good con, 592 
Beo-penk hym of lob : Jjat was a good mon : 
He hedde of alle rich esses : Swipe muche won 
And in a luytel while : He nedde riht non ; 

)3o he hedde riht noujt : But al was a-go, 596 

Ne seide he for his harm : Enes ' me is wo,' = praised 
But louede 1 God wel : And ponkede hym pon 
He dude as pe wyse : So schulde eueri mon ; 
Nolde he not for his los : Noping sori be, 600 

* God,' he seide, ' hit me $af : And bi-raf t hit me ; ' 
Ne grucched he noujt, but powked godes sonde 
And seide ' blesset be his nome, in water & in londe.' " 
T\E wikked gost onswerde pon 604 

J And seide pat he was a folted mon. 
")3ou spekest of Lecherie 
And of fewe wordes makest monye ; 
fEalse wordes wolt pou leeue & here hei gladli 608 
)3ou nost what pou menest, i sigge pe sikerli ! 
Of luytel wit hastou Mynde : 
Ne mot a Mon don his kynde ? 

Hit was ordeynd porw Godes biddyng 612 

At pe worldes be-gynnyng. 

XXXVII. Dispute between a Good Man and the Devil. 345 

Beo f i tale f ow woldest hit bringo 

Al to-gedere in to spousynge 

Or elles leue fat game, 616 

)5at me nedde of God blame. 

Whose aftur f i counseil dof, 

Repente him schal, I sei for sof : 

He fat takef hym to spousyng, 620 A married 

n r i i F i " 1:1M is "'- 

Mai not lyuen for 1 no fmg, r. n-e? way* m 

Bote holden he mot to his wyf 

And ben in Cuntek and in stryf 

Betere him were dihte and go 624 

ffor weddyng is f e longe wo. 

Whon he haf a wyf I-take, 

He mai hire noujt forsake'; 

He fat haf a schrewe to wyue, 628 

Of vche a day him f inkef fyue ; 

Of muche Murf e he schal niisse 

And euere ha serwe and neuer blisse, 

Jjer anofer mai leue and take 632 Another can 

Wher he wole, and eke forsake ; takVwiieu he 

Lihtliche and glad may he go, 

Whon he fat is bouwden schal be ful wo, 

And be liht and lolyf 636 and be joiner 

than one willi 

More fen on fat haf a wyf. a wife." 

ffor-fi I rede fat men do so 

And lete weddynge a-wey go." 

l^E goode Mon wel vnderstod 640 The Good 

J ]3at his courcseil was not good. swered" 

" He is a fol and nof ing wys : Jjat folewef f i Red : 

)3e Mon fat folewef his flesches lust : His soule schal "The Fonrf- 

be ded ; 

But $if he do kuyndely : And wif spoused fere, 644 
In helle he schal a-buggen : His flessches lyking here, simii pay for 
Jjer beof forw godes la wen : Ten Comaundemens, in'Meii? 11 " 

Jjat vche mon oujte kepe : Elles he brekef his defens ; 
Spous-bruche, forsofe : Is fe grettest of alle 648 
Jjo fat aren I-weddet, kep hem wel : Jjat f ei f er-Inne ne 

He fat wol folewen his flessches lust : And fe lawe 


3-46 XXXVII. Dispute between a Good Man and the Devil. 

Ne binke him no wonder benne : bauj god on hym 


"Man may Mon in Godes lawe : Mai wel haue a Make, 652 

wire, for To do wib hire his wille : ffor childberynge sake, 
And louen eiber ober : Whon tyme is and leue, 
And hclden hem wel to-gedere : As Adani dude 

and Eue. 

nut leave the But hit beo in wedlac : In alle wyse lef fat game 656 
nication. And Hue in chastite : And bo wib-outen blame ! 

Gret scheme hit is and synne : I swere be be lieuene, 
To spende J>i fyue wittes : In eny of be synnes seuene, 
bat God be ha]> I-^iuen : And fine lymes alle, 660 
fFor to kepe J)e wib : In synne pat bou ne falle. 
or you'll A foul chaunge hit is, forsobe : And a grot vuel, 


Heaven for To chaunge hcueiie for helle : And God for be deuel ; 
bat dostou, as ofte as bou syngest dedli 664 

And brekest goduts comauwdemeres & dost a gret f oli ; 

YOU become be deueles bral bou be-comest : Whon bou dost bi miht 

the Devil's . . . 

thraii when To foule bi clene soule : Bi daye or be niht . . . (some 
Niht and day he studieb : And casteb his gynne 668 
How he may bi alle weyes : A wommons loue wynne ; 
Nil he neuer stunten : He swereb his ob, ' om. Ben 

you seduce Ar he haue his wille i-don : Be god neuer so wrob. 671 

a woman, 

And heo wol haue him, heo seib : Euermore to d \velle, 
Baber ben heo hym for-go : Ben 1 in be put of helle. 
But wusten heo what hit were : be leste pyne ber-Inne, 
ffor al be good in eorbe : bei nolde don dedly synne ! 
ffor bei nolde not be war : Er bei coome bare, 676 

and yon shall In pyne schul bei euer be : In serwe and in care. 

be punisht , .. . . . 

everlastingly. bo bat aren gode : Liuen in muche wynne ; 

be gode gon a Godeshalf : be deueles limes to synne. 
Whon bei comen to-gedere : Eiber on ober wynkeb ; 
J)at bei ne hedde heor synne i-do : Longe ber-to hem 

binkeb ; 

Whon bei seo heore tyme : Wol bei not longe dwelle, 
Bote bei do be dede : bat echeb be fuir of helle. 

be fuir bat is in helle : Is euer Brcnnynge, 684 

be synful wrecche soules : ber-Inne pynynge ; 
be Mo bat are ber-Inne : be hattore is be lye, 
And be pyne hardore : bat be soules drye. 

XXXVII. Dispute letween a Good Man and the Devil. 347 
Heo beob grete foles : ffor sobe I sigge, I-wis, 688 "They are 

u , i ,. AiT-i t i_ -i. great fools 

pat makep pe pyne more : And hattore pen hit is. 

pulke pat brekeb godes word : porw heor dedly synne, 

pei lihten be fuir : pat bei schulen brennen Inne. 691 who light the 

Godes ComauHdemewt bei breke : Al bat dob lecherie : shall tarn 

In helle-fuir schul bei euer be : Heore peynes to drie." 

~KE wikkede gost onswerede bo The Devil 

17 said: 

J And seide bat hit was not so. 

" So bou seist as false men do : 696 

pat Sleube is synne, and is not so. " sioth isn't 

Men 1 mot haue, jif bei may, ' r. MOH? Men may 

take their 

Ese and reste, nijt and day, . 

In Bedde, in Mete beo al at his ese 700 

And mak be bodi euer wel at ese. 

After bi deb wost bou not what, 

What bou schalt haue, berak wel on bat ! 

While bou miat, make be glad and inuri ! 704 Be merry 

* ' * while you 

Lengor liueb a glad mon ben a sori. <! 

Al knowe I wel bi resun 

And what be-tokneb bi lessun : 

ffor Men scholde to chirche gonge, 708 

To here Matins, Masse, and Euensonge, 

Heore pater noster to sigge, Aue Marie, & Crede, 

And ete of prestos holy brede. 

What, wenest bou for such bing 712 

pi soule in to heuene bring? 

Ho bi-gon furst to worche, 

And whi was maad, holichirche ? Holy chun-ii 

was devised 

Of Prestes couetise hit was bibouht 716 !y for . 

Priests gam. 

pat churche was furst I-wrouht, 
ffor he wolde haue offryng 
And liue bi ojmr mennes bing. 

He wole a-Morwe Belle rynge, 720 

And benne wol he Matyns synge ; 
And jif ber luite folk comeb berto, if few folk 

' come to 

He wol hije faste and haue I-do : Matins, the 

' Priest soon 

And $if ber muche folk come, I sigge be, 724 UHiTf'm,,, 
He wol make gret solempnite : ^mno^y'u 

Reuesten him benne wole he wel lnadej 

Wib riche pal and sendel, 

348 XXXVII. Dispute, between a Good Man and the Devil. 

holy water is 

tlio Priest 

ImMs up 

his hands, 

and sings 

if folk bring 

then gives 
'em holy 

and lets 'em 

But he 
always says, 
bring your 
offerings and 

If yon want 
to hear 

He Wol don On his Canter-COpe 1 ags. cantelcapa pallium 

And gon as he were a Pope ; 729 

Sifen he wole wij> springel-stikke 
3iuen holy water a-bouten fikke, 

And syngen loude wijj schil frote, 732 

And self hit is fe soule note 
}?at J>e prest seijj and do)) 
jje folk wenef fat hit be so]? ; 

Bi-fore his Auter he wol stonden 736 

And holde vp an heij bofe his honden, 
He wol synge mony a frowe, 
Sim-time heije & sura-time lowe, 

He wole him twrne & take good hede 740 

3if eny Mon him bringe mede. 
3if muche folk come and fringe 
Offringe faste him to brynge, 

He wole amende faste his song 744 

]5at tyme f inkef him not long. 
And whon fei wole him no-fing brynge, 
Lust him no-fing for to synge, 

ffaste he hijef hym to spede 748 

And ^iuej) hem of his holy brede 
}3at is J>e beste of al his dede, 
ffor hit helpeji to monnes nede ; 

Jjauj hit be luytel, hit tzrne]j to gode, 752 

ffor hit helpe)) to Monnes foode. 
"Whon he ha]> al I-do, 
He ^iuej) heom leue and let hem go j 

But euer a-Mong al o)wr nede 756 

His oune erende wol he bede, 
Jjat J>ei brynge heore offrjTiges 
To Chirche, and heore tyjjinges. 

Wei pou wost fat fis is sof : 760 

Al for his owne gode he hit dof ; 
KepeJ? he noujt of heore comynge, 
But }if fei wole him eni good bringe. 
But, $if fou wolt on eny wyse 764 

At Chirche here fi seruyse, 
A-tome fou maijt ful wel abyde 
Til he haue seid fe laste tyde ; 

XXXVII. Dispute between a Good Man and tlic, Devil. 349 

And $it maijt bou lengore dwelle 768 

And come be tyme to be gospelle ; drop-in late, 

A-tome mai^t bow do good nede 

And come to be Masse crede ; 

And }if be luste ri3t wel slope, 772 

Cum whon he doj> of his Masse-cope ; 

And beij bou ne come, ne jif no tale, any time 


Til he halibred be-ginne to dale : the i>rea<i is 


benne mai$t J?ou ben al jare, 776 

And horn wib bi neijebors fare." 

1-%E goode Mon wel vnderstod The Good 

I/ Man an- 

J bat his techynge was not good. 8 'erd: 

" Al bat bou spekest hit is noujt : Jjow mijtest wel be 
stille, 780 

Al bat be bodi lykeb wel : Is a^eyn be soule wille. 
Ese and reste and muri lyf : Men lykeb wel and "Merry life 

J J r brings the 

wymmenne, Soul in strife. 

But bei brynge be soule in strif : A}eyn bei wenden 


J)e bodi and be soule beb : "Wel neih euere wrob : 
ftbr bat be bodi lykeb wel : Is to be soule lob. 785 

Muche tale bou makest :. be foule bodi to queme, YOU care for 

the Hody, 

But of be seli soule : Takest bow no jeme. not the soul, 

Aftur bat be bodi dob : Schal be soule fynde 788 

And in peyne or in loye : Euere berof haue mynde. 

3if Men lone to slepe : Whon bei scholde?* wake, 

Jjenne schal be soule : In stude of loye haue wrake. 

Monnes lyf nis bote schort : Sone wol hit go, 792 

Bote be sely soule : Duyreb euer-mo ; which lasts 

for t;vt*r 

be soule schal faren his wey : be bodi schal a-byde 

And not noujt of be soule : What hit schal be-tyde. 

But wel I wot, and sob hit is : After monnes dede, 796 

Whon he is forb faren : He schal hauen his mede : 

3if he haue loued god : And kept his biddynge, 

be blisse of heuene schal he haue : Wib-outen endynge ; nnd goes u> 

' Heaven or 

Oujmr in to peyne schal he be bro^t, 800 Heu. 

3 if he haue ber-aftur wrou3t. 

before is iied on alle wyse so men 

' must go to 

Men to go to Godes seruyse dhue early 

And wake be more and slepe be lasse, 804 

350 XXXVII. Dispute between a Good Man and tlic Devil. 

To here Matyns, Euensong, and Masse. 
Whon men ban ajeyn god : In dedly synne falle, 
Heo o^ten for to wepe : And Merci to God calle, 
And wenden to j>e prest : Hastiliche and sone 808 

and confess And tellen him in schrif : What synne he haj> i-done. 

a2f A fool he is J)at a-bydej) : Eny gret stounde, 

Til per come more sor : And cleue to )>e wounde. 

Also hit fare)) bi synne : I wot wijjt-outen wene, 812 

As doj> be J>e wounde : While hit is no we and grene. 

j)e leche elansej) J>e wounde : Clene in J?e ground 

And leij) salue a-boue : And make)) hit hoi and sound ; 

Mon may for a wounde : Or for a luitel sor, 816 

Bote hit be sone I-heled : Be worse and wel nior : 

Jif o sor come to anoper : jjenne are J>er two, 

And jif he longe a-byde : )?en wol J>er be mo ; 

His owne bone mai hit be : Longe for to abyde 820 

Jjerfore I rede, sech leche-craft : Soone, what be-tyde. 

as, for sin Also hit farejj bi synne : 3if hit I-hud is ; 

Bote hit be to J>e prest : Soone I-told, I-wis, 
Hit drawef hem to helle-grouwle : And byndej) hem to 
peynes stronge ; 824 

)3e hardore peyne schal he haue : }if he fer-Inne ligge 


j)e lengor fat men a-byde : )3e latere come]) bote ; 
)3ei stonde wel J?e fastore : Whon J>ei haue take rote. 
Jjauj Men fallen in synne : Gret wonder hit nis ; 828 

and con- But ligge stille fer-Inne : J3at is wonder gret, I-wis ! 

they 'ii lie }if J>ow liggest in Jje f uir : And brennest on eny wyse, 
Who is for to wyte : }3i-self wolt noujt arise ? 
Mynde haj> he non : Of God )>at hym wrouhte 832 
And on ]>e E,oode-tre : WiJ> his passion him bouhte. 
Wel hit is I-seene : )3at J?ei are ful slowe 
)?at to ]>e prest nil not : Heore synnes ben a-knowe, 
And luytel |>onk J)ei cunne god : ifor his goode sernyse, 
Whon ]>ei wole not for his loue : Out of synne aryse. 
Jjinke no mon wonder : Jjauh god wij> hem 1 be wrojj 
And take vengeaunce on hem : Beo hem neuer so loj> ! 
SchriueJ) ow be-tyme : ffor loue or for feer, MS. him 
ffor God take]) wreche : Heer or elleswher; 841 

Bi-weope]j joure synnes : And crijej) God Merci, 

XXXVII. Dispute between a Good Man and the Devil. 351 

And to alle his werkes : Beob euere redi ! 

Wlion hit is halyday : Vche Mon ouhte wij> rilite 844 On Holy days 

To heere his seruyse in chirche : }if he on eny wyse 


And not in sleube ligge, : In bed a-tome abyde 
Til be prest haue I-seid : Jje laste non-tyde. 
3if bou go at morwe : And Matyns here erliche, 848 K * Matins 


Hit is be soule profyt : I sigge be sikerliche ; 

Jjeih bi flesch grucche : Lette nouht berfore 

J3e ofter ]>ow ouercomest hit : J?i Meede schal beo J>e 

}if bow herest Matyns and Masse : And takest haly 

brede, 852 

To Bodi and to soule : Jjow wynnest muchel Mede. 

After Mete loke bou go to be prechynge, After your 

.. , , . . , meal, hear 

3if eny beo in toune lette for no bynge Preaching, if 

there is any ; 

And bat be prechur precheb : Vnderstonde hit wel, 856 
And do as he be techeb : I rede be, vche a del. 

3if per no prechyng be : Go visyte be seke, if not, visa 

Cumforte hem wib bin Almes : And wib bi wordes 

Aftur, whon bei rynge : Go to Euen-song, 860 oo to Even- 

And lette for no cuwpaignye : )?at bow art aMong ; 

^if bow do not, for sobe : )3ou dost be deueles wille, 
Whon bou in ganglyng and dryiikyug : Dwellest wib 

hem stille. 
"Whon Euensong & cu?nplyn bobe bew ido, 864 and com- 

piin.-, and 

Horn to bi soper be?z wel maijt bou go. then imme to 

' ' . . supper and 

I rede benne, ar bow go : ffulliche in to 1 bi bed, overi. bed, 

Jjonke crist of bat day : J3at bow hast wel I-sped ; 

And jif bou ou^t hast mis-done, 868 

Aske him merci, I rede, sone ; 

Be-teche bi lyf and bi soule : To God Almihti : committing 

, 11-11 yoursellto 

And benne maijt bou slepe : wel and sikerly. God. 

Whon bow risest vp, bonke god : Inwardlichc Avib al 

bi miht, 872 

])a\, be hab saued from encumbrement : Of be ffend bat 

niht ; 

Be-teche al in godes hond : )ji preyers and bi dedes, 
)3i wittes and bi willes : And al byn ober nedes. 875 

352 ' XXXVII. Dispute between a Good Man and the Devil. 

Avise f e in al )>i werkes : )3ow saue f e from dedli synne, 
And do as I eourcseyle f e : And heuene schalt fou 


"Do an your In what werk, Mon, fat fou be : worche euer trewli, 

Or fou schalt haue peine f erfore : $if. fou worche falsli ; 

3if fow take here fi fulle huyre : And dost not 

fulliche f i werk f erfore, 880 

In helle or in purgatorie : ])\ peyne schal be wel fe 


Be tme in all Of what condicion so fou art : Trewe in alle J)ing fou be, 

And do so to vche mon : As fou woldest he dude to f e ; 

And loke in al fat fou seist & dost : Jjat God be euere 

apayd, 884 

And lef sleuf e & al of er synnes : As Ich haue I-seid ! " 

The Devil 1E wikked gost onswerde f on 

J And seide : " fou art a Mad mon ! 
jjauj fou woldest now be-ginne 888 

"Gluttony is And si"ge bat "loteuye were sinne, 

no sin. ' 

Beter f e were f i langlyng lete. 
Men -ud die Men scholde dye, sif bei ne ete, 

if they didn't 

it and And bote bei drinke wel, also : 892 


No Mon inai liue wif-outew hem two. 

To Badde couTtseil art fou euer 3are, 

To ffastyng and to vuel fare. 

what's the What good comef of fastyng? 896 

Fasting? fEeyntyse, Idelnesse, & now ofwr fing. 

)3at maijt f ow wel wite be skil. 

"VVhow fe flesch haf Mete & drinke at wil, 

Jjen is he redi to fihte and chide 900 

"NVif alle fo fat gon and ride, 
who can Ho mai duire for to swynke, 

work with- * 

out a good But 2if he ete wel and drinke? 


Hunger makef me?i beo bi-hynde 904 

In vche a werk, as I fynde. 
Code drinkes & Metes wel I-diht 
Are wel I-loued, and fat is riht. 
ir a man }if he beo a stout sweyn, 908 

eats till he's ' J 

8| ck. He etef til hit come vp a^eyn. 

Al-f auh hit be so fat he caste 
So he mint", fauh he faste 

XXXVII. Dispute between a Good Man aiid the Devil. 353 

Hit nis for no dronkenesse, 912 

But for of er seknesse. 

"VVhon he is heled of fat sore, 

He may ete and drinke more, he can begin 

And make glad and blife chere 916 

ffor euere is ale and wyn good fere. 

Et faste and drink wel : And sleep euere a-mong : Eat. drink, 

And feiine mayht fow lyue : $eres nionye and long." livelong." 

E gode Mon, fat in god was stable, 920 The Good 

Vnderstod, fat he seide, was fable. werd: 

"Wel I wot fat men mote liue : Be Mete and be drynk, 
As skile is and resun : And Mesure in alle fyng. "Bemoder- 

bei fat liuen as beestes : Aren wif-outen lay, 924 things? 

bat erliche etef and drynkef : And holdef on al day. 
be beest dof his kynde : And f e glotun synne 
Dof ajeyn his kynde : bat wol neuer blynne. 
Suche foule glotounes : Dof a-jeyn fe lawe. 928 Gluttons 

Ar f e wombe be ful : Beo f ei neuer fawe ; 

benne wol bei chiden and fijten also chide and 

1 ' fight. 

Serwe on heore hedes, but f ei wel do ! 

Mete and drynke is ^iuew to mon : As salue to sore, 932 

bat neodful is to take f eroi : And neuere a del more. 

3if fow to niuche salue : Leyst to fi sar, 

Hit wol beo f i def : Bote fow sone be war ; 

So wol hit of Mete & of driwke be : 936 

bi soule bone, }if fou take mor fera nedef fe. 

Whon mon hab a t Meel-tyme : Such as he wile, At meals, 

eat what you 

Tak fat he haf neode of : Be Mesure arid bi skile, "*i; 

And parte wif fe pore : Of fat is on [his] 1 bord, 940 chare wkh 

And not in his wombe : Make al his hord l MS. far 

ffor f er is foul tresorie : And al ful of stinke. 

Al fat fou takest mor few neod is : In peyne fou schalt 


In f e Bok of priuetes : Glotons are Manased so : 944 
' Ajeyn draujt f ei drirzke ouer-muche : bei schul han 

f re or two 

Of hot led and walled bras. : bei sehul beo ful wo, 
ffor stynkyng brumston and for pich : bat in heore 

f rotes schal go.' 
bus seide fe prest fat god wol take wreche, 948 


354 XXXVII. Dispute 'between a Good Man and the Demi. 

The Devil got 
wild with 

as he couldn't 
answer more. 

The Good 

told him he 
was a devil, 

and orderd 
him show his 

The Good 
Man crost 

and orderd 
him go back 
to Hell; 

rent home, 

and thankt 

Christ, grant 
us the bliss 
of Heaven ! 

But $if 36 leue sywne and do as I ow teche." 

~KE wikkede gost, per he stood, 

* Wox for wrappe wel-nei} wood, 

ffor he was ouer-comen and be-hynde 952 

ffor mo onsweres coupe he not fynde. 

}3e gode Mon pene was a-bascht 

And lokede on pe wikkede gast 

And seide : "now wot I, po\v art non 956 

Mon mad of flesch and bon ; 

I vnderstonde wel be pi spelle 

)3at pou art pe deuel of helle. 

I pe Comaunde, foule ping, 960 

In pe nome of heuene kyng, 

Jjat fow me noping drecche, 

But bi-cum now, foule wrecche, 

As foul as pou were 964 

In helle wip pi feere." 

Ue mihte he no lengzwe a-byde, 
Bote bi-com po also-tyde 

ffoul as helle-Sathanas, 968 

As Blac as eny pich he was 
How foul he was con I not telle, 
But foul he stowk as stunch of helle. 

)?e gode mon blessed him wip pe Crois 972 

And cn^ed on God wip loud vois, 
Bi-fore, be-hynde he blessed him fast, 
And Comauttdede pat sori gast 

ffor to we?zden : and so he dude fo, 976 

To pat stude pat he com fro. 
Pouwer hedde he no lengore dwelle, 
But wente douw riht in to helle. 

J)e gode Mon wente horn his way, 980 

And serued god wel to pay, 
And ponked him so ouhte he wel 
}3at him sauede from pe deuel. 

Ihesu Crist such grace vs sende 984 

Hym to serue to vre lyues ende, 
And kep vs from pe sywnes scuene, 
And grau?*t vs alle pe blisse of heuene ! l 

> Then folio' 
Michael in the South K 

ws in MS. Vern. ]>e riite put of helle, 3rd part of the legend of 
South Kngl. Legendary, fol. CCXCI, here written iu hall lines. 

f St. 

XXXVIII. The Castle of Love. 


XXXVIII. Castel of fam 1 

Her bygiwnet a tretys 

)3at is yclept Castel off Loue, 
j?at bisschop Grostey^t made, ywis, 

ffor lewede mennes by-houe. 

fol. CCXMI. 

l w. i-iscf. Fr. text: 
bien P 8 " 86 bien 

e deu le fiz 


(The Kngl. text does not 
give a favourable idea of the 
translator's intelligence.) 


1 vv. 19-87 cf. Fr.: 
Tuz avum mester d'aie, 
E trestuz ne poeut mie 
Saver le langage en fin 
D'Ebreu, de griu ne de latin, 
Pur loer son creat[e]ur, 
Ne la buche de chanteur 
Ne soil clos de deu loer 
Ne son seint nom nuncier. 
Ke chescun en son langage 

Ne Ebreu ne Gru bat beb I- write, Le conul88e 8anz fola e e 

The Cattle 
of Love, 
by Bp. 


At good benkeb, good may do, 
And God wol helpe him berto : "dire I ' 

Sanz penner ne ]>eut suffire 

nor nas neuere good werk wrouat De "' b 'e" fet comencer. 

. . l>eu nus doint a li penser, 

W*b-oute be-gmmnge of good boujt, e ki > P ar k >. en k < sum 

" ' Touz les biens ki sunt el 

Ne neuer was wrou 3 t non vuel bing r, 1IH J" d 

t o Den le i 

Jjat vuel bou 3 t nas be biginnyng. per^,," 

God ffader and Sone and Holigost, | a "" 8 g 

)?at aUe bi/zg on eorbe sixt and wost, A knlonur e gioire apent. 

Jjat God art and brilli-hod, 

And Jjreo persones in on-hod, 

Wib-outen ende and biginninge ; 

To whom we ou 3 ten ouer alle binge 

Worschupe him wib trewe loue, 

)3at kineworbe kyng art vs aboue ; 

In whom, of whom, borw whom beob 

Al be goodschipes bat we here i-seob : "16 

He leue vs benche and worchen so 

}3at he vs schylde from vre fo. 

1 Alle we habbeb to help neode, 
J?at 2 we ne beb alle of one beode 
Ne I-boren In one londe * r. j>ah 
Ne one speche vnderstonde. 
Ne mowe we alle Latin wite, 

May God, 
one and 


shield us 
from our 

We can't 
all know 

1 Ed. before by Weymouth, Philol. Soc. 1864, and from another (un- 
known) MS., by Halliwell, 1849. The poem is a very old translation of 
Rob. Groshed's (f 1253) CJiMsteau d'amour, or Carmen de crcatiinie mundi 
(ed. by M. Cooke, R. Grossetete Carmina anglo-normannica, Caxton Soc. 
1852), and was made in the latter half of the 13th cent., in the dialect and 
perhaps by the author of the ' Harrowing of Hell ' and ' Marina ' (MS. Harl. 
2253). The subject, with its personification of the 4 cardinal virtues, resting 
ultimately on Psalm 88, 11, became a great favourite in medieval literature : 
it is treated in the Cursor Mundi, in the Abbey of the Holy Ghost, and in 
Lydgate's Life of St. Mary, and his Court of Sapience. Later translations 
are extant in MS. Egerton 927, made by a monk of Sawley in Yorkshire (ed. 
in the Appendix), and in MS. Ashm. 61, fol. 78 (ed. in Altengl. Legenden, 
Neue Folge, p. 349 354), which contains only the first part (to v. 554). 
Cooke's ed. of the French text is quite insufficient, and full of mistakes. 

A A 2 

XXXVIII. The Castle of Lace. Its Sections. 


or oilier 

son deu, e sa miempdnn. 

En rom a'iz eomenz ma rei- 


Por cens ki ne sevent mie 

Ne letimre ne ciergie. 

RO I shall tell 
in English, 

of the Crea- 

of Adam in 

nnd In AV he 
lost it, 

of Christ's 
regaining it, 

thro' alight- 
ing in a 

Mary's body ; 

(and herein) 
of Isaiah, 

who foretold 
Christ's birth, 

] MS. AS ; H. 
MS. Loft 

> H. 

1 H. For why 

2 H. was furst 

Ne ffrench ne f is of er spechen 

Jjat me mihte in world sechen, 

To herie god, vre derworf e drihte ; 

Ac 1 vche mon ou^te \vi\> al his mihte 

Lof 1 -song syngen to god jerne 

Wif such speche as he con lerne ; 

No Monnes Mouf ne be I-dut 

Ne his ledene I-hud 32 

To seruen 1 his god, fat him wroujte 

And maade al fe world of nou^te. 

ON Englisch I-chul mi resun schowen, 
ffor him fat con not I-knowen 
Nouf er ffrench ne Latyn. 
On Englisch I-chulle tellen him 
Wherfore 1 fe world was 2 I-wrouht, 
Jjer-aftur how he was bi-tauht 
Adam vre ffader, to ben his, 
Wif al f e merfe of paradys, 
To wonen and welden to such ende, 
Til fat he scholde to heuene wende ; 
And hou sone he hit for-les ; 
And sef f en, hou hit for-bouht wes 
a jjorw fe hei^e kynges sone, 
Jjat here on eorf e wolde come 
ffor his Sustren fat were to-boren, 
And for a prison fat was for-loren, 1 > w. *9&5otobetransp.? 
And hou he made, as 30 schul heeren, 
Jjat heo I-custe and sauht weren ; 52 

And to wjuche a Castel he alihte 
Jjo he wolde here for vs fihte 
Jjat f e Marie bodi wes, 
Jjer 1 he alihte and his in ches. MS. j> a t, H. Therin; cf. v. cce. 

And tellen we schulen of Ysay, 1 is. o, c. 

Jjat vs tolde trewely 
" A Child f e?' is iboren to vs 

And a Sone I-jiuen vs, 60 

Whos nome schal I-nempned beon 
"Wonderful, as me may I-seon, 
And God, mihtful, and right wys, 1 Lat. consuiarum 

Of f e World fat [to] 1 COmen is l om. ; Lat. Pater futuri seculi. 


1 vv. 47-82 wanting in the 
Fr. i>oein, but taken from 
its Latin title or index. 


XXXVIII. The Castle of Lave. The Creation. 
LOrd pe ffader, and Prince of pes." l 

Alle peOS nomen, hou he WeS, In the MS. written in 9 vv. 

3e schulen I-heren and I-witen. 

*And of domws-day hou hit is I-\vriten ; 

And of heuene we schulen telle, 

And suwzdel of pe pynen of helle.i ^ 

~p\Auh hit on Englisch be dim and derk 

J Ne nabbe no sauwr bi-fore [a] clerk, 

ffor leAved Men pat luitel connen 

On Englisch hit is pus bi-gonnen. 

Ac whose is witer and wys of wit 

And ^erne bi-holdejj pis ilke writ, 

And con pat muchel of luitel 1 vnlouken 

And Hony of pe harde ston souken, 

Alle poyntes he fynde may 

Of vre be-leeue and godes lay 

)3at bi-fallep to Godes Godhede 

As wel as to his Monhede. 

Offte je habbep I-herd ar pis 
Hou pe world I-maked is ; 
ffor-pi ne kep I noujt to telle 
Bote pat fallep to my spelle : 
In Sixe dayes and seue niht 
God hedde al pe world I-diht ; 
And po al was derworpliche I-do, 
)3e seuepe day he tok reste and ro. 

Lustnep to me, lordynges. 
J)o God atte begynnynges 
Hedde I-maad heuene wip ginne, 
And pe Angeles so briht wip-Inne, 
And pe eorpe per-after per-wip, 
And al pat euere in hire bi-lyp : 

1 Lucifer in heuene wox so proud 
Jjat 1 he was a-non I-cast out, ' MS. And, H.Tnat 

And mo Angeles pe?z eni tonge inai telle 
ffullen a-doun wip him to helle. 
And ^it was pe Sowne po seuesype I-wis 
Brihtore forsope pen heo now is ; 
Also schon pe Mone a-niht 
So dop pe So?me on day-liht. 


of Doomsday, 
of Heaven 
and Hell. 

I wrilc in 
Englixh for 


H. lintel. Of. Fr. Latin 
Index : prudens lector 
qui norit sugere mel de 
petra oleumque de saxo 
durisRimo, scriptura 
inveniet plenum 
dulcedine celesti. 



l vv. !W, 97-100 added 
to tlie French. 



The Creation. 

The World 
was made 

in days and 
7 nights. 

On the 7th 

day i id 

(Before, God 
made Heaven 
and the 

but Lucifer 
grew proud, 
and was cast, 
with many 
Angels, down 
to Hell.) 

The world 
was then 
more beau- 
tiful and 
perfect than 


XXXVIII. The Castle of L&oe. Of Adam. 

Now I'll tell 
why Adam 
and Ilia off- 
spring were 
Heaven, and 
doomd to die. 

Of Adam. 

God made 
Adam in the 
vale of 

took him to 
Paradise ; 

and of one of 
his ribs made 
him a wife, 

and put the 
whofe world 
under his 

1 H. simple 






Ne holde 30 hit not for folye, 
ffor so seip pe prophete Ysaye. 
Alle pe schaftes fat po 1 weren 
More mi^f and strengpe beren 
Bi-fore pat Adam pe world for-les. 
Alias, wjuch servve and deol per wes ! 

Alle heo beoj) I-brouh[t] to grounde 
]?at of his of-springe beojj I-fou?sde ; 
Of heuene-blisse heo beop I-flemed 
And to deolful dep I-demed, 
J)e Reson is good and feir for whi, 
As I-chulle ow telle for-pi 
j?at 30 schule loue God pe more 
And him seruen and clepe to his ore. 
God hedde al pe world I-wrou^t, 
Jjat per ne faylede rijt nou3t, 
Beest ne ffisch, ne ffoul to fleon, 
And vche ping as hit ou3te to beon, 
Blosme on Bou^ and Breer on Rys, 
And alle ping betere pen hit nou is ; 
And po he hedde al wel I-don, 
He com to pe valeye of Ebron ; 
Jjer he made Adam and last 1 so Eiche 
Of eorpe, after hym-self I-liche, 
And aftur his holy prilli-hod 
He schop his soule feir and good. 

How mi^te he him more loue schowen 
Jjen his oune liknesse habbe?z and owen 1 
To paradys he ladde him po, 
And caste sleep on him al-so 
J?at of his syde A Eib he nom, 
And per-of Eue, his feere, com, 

He 3af Adam Eue to wyue, 
To helpen ; he 3af him wittes fyue, 1 
To delen pat vuel from pe good, 
3if he wel him vnderstood ; 1 40 

He 3af him 3it more worschipe : l 1 ui, 143-4, i-w, iso-i added. 
Of al pe world pe lordschipe, 
And alle pe schaftes of water and lond 
Scholden ben vnder his hond ; 144 


MS. hilt, H. at the last, 
Fr. auderrain. 



l Fr. saveir. 1S9-141 
added to the Fr. 

XXXVIII. The Castle of Love. Of Adam. 


ffeirlek, and freodam, and muche miht, 

And f e world to delen and dilit, 

And paradys, to wonen In 

Wif-outen wo and serwe and pyn, 

Wif-outen clef, In goode lyue, 

Jjer loye and Blisse is so ryue, 

And euere to libben I-liche }ong, 

O fat 1 of hem to weren and-sprong 2 

Jje noumbre 3 of fe soule? fat from heuene felle 

Jjorw Lucifer a-doun to helle ; H. tale 

And whon hit forf com al fe stren, 

So brijt heo scholden I-Blessed 1 ben 

So was f e Sonne, as I er tolde, 

Brihtore fen heo now is seuen-folde, 

And so heo scholden to heuene wende 

To fe Blisse wif-outen ende 

Wif-outen drede of def es dome ; 

And al f e of-spring fat of hem come, 

ffrom fat ilke day to f is, 

Scholde so stey^en to heuene-blis, 

To f e heritage of wynne and wele, 

A-Mong f e Murf e of Aungeles fele. 

Two lawen Adam scholde I-wis 
Witen and holden In Paradis : 
Jjat on him was f orw kynde i-let, 
]3at of er was clept lawe I-set. 
J)at on him tau}te atte leste 
Jjorw kynde to holden godes heste; 
)?at of wr lawe fat 1 him was set : 
"Of f e Appel f ow neuer ne et 
Of fe tre fat is for-bode." 
So him 1 seide and 2 hijte Gode 
)3at whon he of fe Appel etc, 
)5orw def he scholde f e lyf forlete, 
And al f e kynde fat of him com 
Scholde f ole f ulke dom ; l HSMSO added. 

And }if he heolde his heste riht, 
God 3af him so muche miht 
To welden al fis worldes winne, 
Wif-outen wo and serwe and sinne. 

with Paradise 
to dwell in. 


o J>at, until, of. 472, 

1404, 1412, Marina 210, 

Harr. 128. 148. 

r. at-sprong ? Sim. 



1 Fr. glorifiez 156 




H. was that 

i MS. he, H. hym 
* MS. pSt, H. and 

Adam's off- 
spring were 
to supply the 
iniinUT of 
fallen angels. 

Adam nd 
his oflspring 
were to go to 
Heaven with- 
out dying. 

God gave 
Adam 2 laws: 





1. the natural, 

2. the poi. 
live : not to 
eat an tipple 
from tlie For- 
bidden Tree, 

or he should 
die, and his 
i88ue too. 


XXXVIII. The Castle of Lwe. Of Adam. 

Alas, Adam 
ate the Apple, 

obeyd his 
not God, 

and was cast 
out of Para- 

to Mvink and 
and die. 

Lucifpr and 
his Friends 
were glad, 

and made 
sure that all 

must come 
to Hell. 

\)Q Seisyn hedde Adam ]>o 
To wonen in blisse euere and 0. 
In Muche Murfe and loye he wes. 
A-wei, to sone he hit for-les, 
His worschipe and his wel-fare, 
Broujte vs alle in muche care ! 
])o he of J>e Appel eet, 
Godes heste he to-brek ; 
J3e kuyndeliche and f e set ek, 
Bof e his lawen he to-brek, 
And rajjwre he dude his wyues bode 
Jjen he heold f e heste of gode. 
"Kus Adam forw reuf ful rage 
y Was cast out of his heritage, 
And oxit of Paradys I-driue, 
In swynk and swot in world to Hue. 
Jje Blisse of lyf he ha]? forsaken, 
And to deolful dej> I-taken. 
Carfuliche he ha]? I-Coren ! 
Now he forw ri^t ha]? I-loren 
)3e MurJ?e fat he mijte hauen, 
Whom mai he to helpe crauen 
Out of his heritage he is pult, 
ffor synne and for his owne gult. 

1 Lucifer gon wel lyke fo 
Jjo Adam was bi-swiken so 
ffor alle f e ffendes hedden onde 
)5at he scholde come to fat blisful londe 
jjat he hedde forw pruide for-lore ; 
Wel hit likede hem f er-fore. 
So muche wox heore miht f o 
)3at al f e world moste after hem go ; l 
And whon mon hedde I-Hued in care, 
Atte last he moste dyen & forf-fare 
Ne mijte him helpe no good decle 
)?at his soule moste 1 to helle neede ; 
ffor so hit was to 1 Adam bi-speke, 
And god nolde no forward breke. 
ffor 1 eyle and hard and muche hit wes 
J)e synne fat f us fe world for-les, 







vv. 209-222 added to the Fr. 
(H. has same TV.) 



same vv., 1313-1. 

J H. ne most 220 
1 MS. po, H. to 

i H. ffull, Fr. Trop 

XXXVIII. The Castle of Love. Of Adam and his Sin. 361 

bat vche )>ing vnder heuene-drilit TIW gin, 

So muche les of strengbe and miht ! los t "gi'U 

God ne wrouhte neuer fat bing 227 

bat out 1 les borw his wonyng 2 ' r.mi(h)t? cf. ess. 

* . H.Huthitpeyredtlmwrgh 

nor nis no Avone on him I-long his wonnynif. cr. Fr. : 

Peu ne fist chose si haute 

3if synne nere so hard and strong : Nabessast pa [r] sa defaut*. 

07 Ke terriene chose feust, 

ffor God $af vche ping al his riht. C1 g e u 8 s t u " e Cll08e 80n drelt 
Ac su?me wonede heore alre miht Nf * ^^ que tent 

ifor sunne and wone al is on. cSfitfcJEjJrtSSSU Sin " d Wnnt 

And wone dude Adam >o a-non ^If e pec '' e e " "" ^ * 

l-.~ V, ,^J V^ 234. Par defaute ot tant de perte, 
J?0 ne gOdeS neSte at-Seet, Kar .ietaute fist aperte ; 

.ji.i,. T Defaute apres defaute fine 

Ana eke pO ne pe Appel eet. Fetpardroitperdreseisine. 

borw wone he lees his seysyne, Thro* want, 

borw wone he brouhte him-self in pyne iiiVwuin. 

In pe kynges Court ait vche day Ting Law is 

_,-,,,,, oj/\ used daily in 

Me vseb pulke selue lay. 240 tiie King 11 * 

_ fJ . . , ., T Court. 

1^1 Ow is Adam wip wo I-nome, 

1M BunneS pral he is bi-COme, N egf[if o r M : scrfapertemcnt Adan, became 

bat freore was er pen eny ping K^SlSffm^t *'* 

bat liuede vnder heuene-kyng. 5 " SSSSM? 1 * 

He is porw riht [his] peuwe and pral 

To whos seruise he vnderstod w/p-al 1 246 

Whon 2 he him serwede in pe-dome 

And di3ede 3 wip-outew fredome. H - A ' t 1 1 ^^"thewd i m'e! rvid 

And peuwe and pral may not craue H ^ e witl ><><"' f - 

borw riht non heritage to haue : * r - dede? 

As sone as he is bral bi-come, and a thraii, 

1..M his 

His heritage is him bi-nome ; 252 heritage. 

In Court ne in none londe 

Me ne ou^te onswere him ne vndwstonde. 

bewne he mot a-noper seche 

ffor to schewe for him his speche, 256 

bat mo we his heritage craue ; 
And bat he be 1 kynde haue : r. hta? H. that so some free- 

' ' bom man 

bat he beo I-boren fre, must claim it, 

And bat he ne eete of be tre ; 260 

bat he habbe I-wust wib-Inne some one 

who's kept 

be breo lawen wib-outen synne the s Laws, 

bulke two of Paradys, 2 of Paradise, 

And bulke of be Mount Synays 2G4 andiofsinai. 

362 XXXVIII. The Castle of Lave. Adam. The 4 Sisters. 

Who knows 
of such a 
mane 1 

Rut now I 
must tell you 
Thf Parable 
of t he 4 Sit- 
ters' Dispute. 

A great King 
(God) had a 

equal to 


and as 

This King 
had 4 Daugh- 

1. Mercy, 

2. Truth, 
8. Right, 
4. Peace, 


For no le voil ci descrifre. 
H. Sey I may in f>is stede 
As I before dede, 
ffor now is tyme that I hit 

ffor it behovyth to our spelle. 



1 Fr. substance 


bat to Moyses I-jiuen was, 

bat neuer jute I-liolde nas 

Of non bat euer dude sumie. 

"Who mihte |>enne such Mou murane 268 

Ober benchen or I-knowe 

bat such wonder mihte schowe *? . . 

1 Fr. Ici reposera mun dit, 

Siggen I may in bis stude ?. i . v " 8dirr! ; i un reitnit 

Ki bien toche ma matyre, 

berof, bat ich er dude, 

ffor nou Ichul tellen of be stryf 

bat a-Mongbe foure sustren lib. 1 

Hit was a kyng of muche miht, 
Of good wille and gret iu-siht. 
And bis kyng hedde a Sone, 
Of such wit and of such wone, 
Of such strengbe and of such chere 
As was his ffader in his manere ; 
Of on wille heo weoren bo, 
And of on studefastschipe also, 
Of on fulnesse 1 heo weoren out-riht 
And bobe heo weoren of on miht. 
borw be Sone be ffader al be-gon 1 
bat bi-lay to his kynedom ; 
Wib wit was his be-gynnynge, 
)5e ffader wolde to ende bringe. 1 

Foure douhtren hedde be kyng, 
And to vehone sunderlyng 
He $af a dole of his fulnesse, 
Of his miht and of his wysnesse, 
As wolde bi-fallen to vch on ; 
And jit was al be folnesse on, 
)3at to him-self bi-lay ; 
Wib-oute whom he ne mai 
His kindom \vib pees wysen, 
Ne wib rihte hit lustisen. 
Good is to nempnen hem forbi. 
be f urste doujter hette Merci 
be kynges eldeste doujter heo is ; 
J3at ober hette Sob, I-wis ; 
be bridde soster Is cleped Eijt ; 
Pees hette be feorbe a-plijt. 304 

Fr. ordineit 

1 Fr. Quankil voleit comenceir 

Par son fiz le vout cheveir. 
H. Alle that was of his b. 

The tadur hit wolde to ende b. 





XXXVIII. The Castle of Love. The 4 Sisters. 363 

Wib-outen beos foure wib worschipe 

Mat no kyng lede gret lordschipe. 

~p%is kyng, as bou herdest ar bis, 

f Hedde a bral bat dude amis, 308 and a Ti.raii 

' (Adam) who 

pat for his gult strong and gret did wrong, 

Wib his lord was so I-vet,' > ^^Lignur ot fet 

pat borw be-siht of riht dom 

To strong prison was I-don 312 ar,dwhowas 

put in prison 

And bi-taken to alle his fon, 
pat sore him pyneden euerichon;. 

pat of no J>ing heo nedden Onde 1 l Fr. envie (forced meaning) 

Bote him to habben vnder honde ; 316 

Heo him duden in prisun of deb, 

And pynedew him sore wib-outen meb. and sorely 


De misericordia. 

MErci bat a-non I-seii t MBECT 

:irgued for the 
Hit code hire herte swibe neih, 320 }$?' r er> . 8 

Ne mai hire no biwg lengore holde, 

By-foren be kyng comen heo wolde 

To schewen forb hire Eesoun 

And to dilyuere be prisoun. 324 

" Vnderstond," quab heo, " ffader myn ! 

pow wost bat I am doubter byn, 

And am ful of Boxumnes, 

Of Milce and of Swetnes, 328 

And al Ich habbe, ffader, of be. 

I beo-seche bat bou here me, 

pat be [sorful] 1 wrecche prisoun > BOH.; Fr. doient 

Mote come to sum Raunsum 332 she wanted 

to ransom 

pat a-Midden alle his fon wm. 

In strong prison [bou] hast I-don. 

Heo him made agulte, bulke vnwreste, 

A.nd bi-swikede him borw heor feire beheste, 336 He was be- 

' guild into 

And seiden him ^if he wolde be Appel ete, ^ ltjl j tne 

pat whon he hedde al I-ete, 1 H. And Goddis lawes forleten 

He scholde habbe al be miht of gode 339 

Of be treo bat him was forbode ; l > w. SST-SM added to tiie Fr. 
And be-gylen 1 him berof, and heo 2 luytel roujtew 
ffor f alshede euer 3 ite heo souhten. I %'?* ' "' lyBd 


XXXVIII. The Castle of Lwe. Tlic 4 Sisters. 

Mercy asks 
that the 
prisoner be 

> Fr. : 



Sur tuz tes cures nomee. 

And falshede hem Isolde be, 

And be wrecche p?-isun I-sold to me ! 

ffor bow art kyng of Boxumnes, 

Of Milce and of Swetnes, 

And I bi douhter alre eldest, 

Ouer alle be obere boldest; 1 

Neuere I bi douhter neore 

Bote Milce 2 toward him were. 

Milce and Merci he schal haue, 

J)orw Milce I-chulle be pmun craue; 3 

ffor bin owne swete pite 

I 4 schal him bringe to sauete. Fr *. c 

)3i Milce for him I crie euermore, ** doit ' ettre ' a *vete. 

And 5 haue of him Milce and ore ! " 356 

* H. my swettiesse. 
Fr. Si ile celui pitie neussc. 

3 Fr. Ta merci le doit 





* And = until ? or r. |>ou ? 
H - T y lle lie llave '-'"'"le 'hyn 

Fr . Tailt ke merci trovenA , 

ANon whon Sob bis I-seij 
Hou Merci, hire soster, hir herte bei} 6 6 pile 
And wolde bis bral of prison bringe 
))at Riht hedde him I-demet we'b-oute?* ewdwge : 360 
Al heo chaunged hire mood, 
And bi-foren be kyng heo stood, 
besought the " ffader, I be bi-seche, herkne to me ! 

King not to 

I ne may for-bere to telle hit be 364 

Hou hit 1 me binkeb a wonder bing ' om. in H. ; cf. v. eis. 

Of Merci, my SUster, 1 wilnyilg, H. Of ray syster Mercyes 

Jjat wolde Wib hire Milsf ul sarmon 

Diliuere be bral out of prison 368 

J)at swibe agulte, per ich hit seih 

And tolde hit to Riht bat stood me neih. 1 

ffader, ich sigge be for-bi : ' a 

J?ou ouhtes noujt to heere Merci, 

Of no boone bat heo bi-secheb be, 

Bote Riht 1 and Soob ber-mide be. om. in Fr. 

And bow louest sob and hatest lees, 

ffor of bi fulnesse I-comen Ich wes ; 376 

And eke bow art kyng Rihtwys, 1 " w. 377-8 added. 

And Merci herte so reubful is 

)5at, ^if heo mai saue w/b hire mylde speche 

Al bat heo wole fore bi-seche, 380 

listen to 

Right is here introduced 
by the. Engl. poet. 


XXXVIII. Tlie Castle of Love. The 4 Sisters. 365 

Neuer schal be mis-dede abouht, who would 

And bou, kyng, schalt be douted rijt nouht. mudeed?" 17 

bou art also so trewe a kyn^, 1 L H - And thou art ..n sothefaate k. 

Fr. : Meg tu es rois i veritubles, 

And stable of boujt in alle byn^. 5 raKe 8i e8Ulble8 > 

' J o Ke nen ne quers fors verite. 

ffor-bi me binkeb Merci wilneb wouj, 

And spekeb io-^eynes Hty 1 I-nou^ ; i H. me 

tfor Riht con hym in prison bynde The Prisoner 

He ou}te neuere Milce to fynde, 1 ' w. :?85-8 added. 388 W&? 

Milce and Merci he hab for-loren 

He was warned )>erof bi-foren; aftrfore- 

Whi scholde me helpe bulke mon 

bat nedde of him-self pite noti 1 392 

His dom he mot habbe as Sob con sugge, and must pay 

. . for his fault. 

And al his mis-dede a-bugge. 

De lusticia. JUSTICK said 

1) Hit I-herde J?is talkyng : 

JL\J Anon heo stod bi-fore be kyng, 396 

" j?i doujtwr," heo seib, " I am, I wot bi bon, 
ffor ]?ou art, kyng, Eiht domes-mon ; 

be 1 beb rihte domes mitte, l MS.J>er. (W. takes mitte = mid )>e.) 

Alle bine wei'keS beb ful of witte. * H. mevyn, Fr. dout parler oi tlie Thrall 

dcservd his 

bis bral of whorw my sustren deeb mene, 2 doom. 

Hab deseruet as at ene j s ; SJ?^S!SS." Je Jevy "' 

ifor i?* tyme, while fat he freo wes, 

He hedde wz]? him bobe Me?'ci and pees, 404 

And soj? and riht he hedde bo, 

And wij) his wille he wente hem fro 

And tyed hym to wrabbe and wouj, 

To wreccheddani and serwe I-nou3. 408 

So bat, aif Riht geb, By Rig't h 

sliould suffer 

He schal euere 1 folyen deb; ' H. forever Death. 

ffor bo ])ow him be heste hi^test, 

borw Sof bou him be deb 1 dijtest, 2 i |f f ;* J l v 4 1 2 

And I my-self him $af be dom, 

As sone as he hedde J>e gult I-don ; 

ffor Sob bere> witnesse ber-to, s "iX^^ , nort , S^/ 00 ' 

And elles nedde I no dom I-do. ^^StWSt Truth - 

*!> i /-t i i ( Kar justice le destine, 

3lf he in Court bl-toren VS Were, Deske vie..(re le tennine 

, 1111 T i o Ke tn le voilles relever 

j)e dOUl ]>OU SCllOldeSt SOUC l-Iiere. 3 K devant U coit iuger 


XXXVIII. The Castle of L&ve. Tlie 4 Sisters. 

The Thrall, 
thua judgd 
by Truth and 

was stripk, 

and enslaved 
in sin. 

Mercy and 

fled from the 

All the world 
was drownd, 

save 8 souls, 

Noah, his 3 
sons and their 


r. nes? 



ffor Riht ne spare]? for to lugge 
What-so-euere Sof wol sugge ; 
J?orw wisdam heo demej) alle, 
As wole to his 1 gult bi-falle." 
SOf and Riht, lo f us heo suggef, 
And f is f ral to def e lugge)) ; 
Neuer nouf er ne spekef him good, 
Ne 1 non fat 2 Merci vnderstood. 

Ac as a Mon mis-I-rad 3 * H. of hem. Fr.: Puiske pitie nest oie. 
On Vche half he is mis-bilad. H. As a diswaryed mon mysrad 

Ne helpef him no fiwg \vher-so lie wende, 
\)at his fo fette)) 1 him In vche ende 

And I-Stnipt him al Start-naked, Fr. Ke I'ennemi nel assaut 

Of mijt and strengfe al bare I-maked ; 432 

Him and al fat of him sprong 

He dude a feuwedam vyl and strong 

And made agult[en] swife I-lome, 

And Riht com after \vi]> hire dome ; 436 

WiJ-outew Merci and Pees heo con lugge, 

Euer aftur fat Sof wol sugge. 

Ne Pees mot not mid hem be, 

Out of londe heo mot fle, 

ffor pees bi-leuef in no londe 

"VVher \er is werre, nuy and onde ; 

Ne Merci mot not a-Mong hem Hue, 

Ac bofe heo bef of londe I-driue. 

Nis fer nout in world bi-leued 

Jjat nis destrued and to-dreued, 

And dreynt, for-loren and for-demed, 

But Ei^te soulen, fat weren I-jemed 

In f e Schup, and fat weopen heo : 

Noe, and his sones freo, 

And heore wyues fat heo hedden bi-fore 




Of al f e world nas be-leued more. 
Careful herte him ou^te come 
)3at fenchef vppon fe 1 dredful dome ! 
And al hit is f orw Riht and Sof , 
]3at wif-outen Pees and Merci dof. 


r.J>et? H. so 


XXXVIII. The Castle of Lave. The 4 Sisters. 367 

De pace. PBACB 

SO bat Pees a last vp breek 
And \>us to hire ffader speck : 
" I am bi doubter sau^t and some, 
And of bi fulnesse am I-come. 460 

To-fore be my playnt I make : 
Mi two sustren me habbeb forsake, said timt 

' Tmth and 

Wib-outen me'heo dob heore dom, Justice had 

driven Mercy 

Ne Merci a-mong hem nou^t ne com. 464 and lier awa y- 

iffor no bircg bat P mi;te do ' *'" ^^SfSf^^ 

"^P mirstp Afprpi Vipm pnrnp tn Nus home ke soil en vie : 

6 l > Pur co sui diloec fuie. 

Ne for none kunnes fey ^SffEtT* * 

Ne moste ich hem come neyj, 

Ak bat dom is al heore owen. 469 

ffor-Jji Ich am of londe I-flowen, 

And wole wib be lede my lyf, 

Euer o 1 bat like stryf MS. on; cf. v. 152. 472 

)5at a-mong my sustren Is a-wake, 

J?orw sauhtnesse mowe sum ende take. 

Ac what is hit euer be bet 

J)at Kiht and Sob ben I-set, 476 

Bote heo wite wel pees 1 ? * MS. heos 

Rihtes Mester hit is and wes But Peace 

should al- 

In vche dom pees to maken. wavs be the 

r end of truth 

Schal I benne beo forsaken 480 and justice. 

Whon eueriche good for me 1 is wrouht ' MS. fourme 
And to habben me bi-bouht 1 ? l ori R- bito "} r ^;. e b .| in "K^, 
And 1 he me 2 louede neuere to fere I - Ao - " But - Fr - Mes 

* jm. ne 

J3at Merci, my suster, nul not here. 484 

Off vs foure, ffader, I-chul telle be 

Hou me binkeb hit oujte to be. 

"Whon ffoure 1 beb to-gedere I-sent > Ms.peff. 

To don an euene luggement, 488 

And schul borw skil alle and some 

3iuen and demen euene dome, 

)?er ne oujte no dom forb gon NO judgment 

Er ben be foure ben aton ; 492 g^ 11 ^^ 

At on heo moten at-stonden alle Peai'ii" ld ' 

And loken sebben hou dom wol falle. "g reed ta " 


XXXVIII. Tlic Castle of Lwc. Tlie 4 Sisters. 

Pe-ioe appeals 

against the 
judgment of 
Truth Hiul 

Wisdom was 
iiauuht with- 
out Hence. 

The Thrall 
ought to be 


The King's 
Son heard his 
4 Sisters 

and told his 

Be vs ffoure pis I telle : 

We beop not alle of on spelle ; 

Bope Ich and Merci 

We be-clepep pe dom forpi ; 

Hit is al as Eijt and Sop wol deme, 

Merci ne me nis hit not qweme. 

Wip-outen vs per is bale to breme : 

ffor-pi, ffader, pow nime jeme ! 

1 Of vche goodschipe Pees is ende, 

Ne faylep no weole per heo wol lende, 

Xe wisdam nis not worp an hawe 

J5er Pees faylep to felawe ; 

And hose Pees louep, wip-outen gabbe, 

Pees wip-outen ende he schal habbe. 

Mi word oujte ben of good reles, 1 

ffor pou art kyng and prince of pes. 

ffor-pi pou oujtest to here me, 

And Merci my suster, pert clepep to pe 

}5at pe pral, pe prisoun, 

Mote come to sum Rau?isoun. 

Vre wille, ffader, pou do sone 

And here vre rihte bone ! 

ffor Merci euere clepep to pe 

Til pat pe prison dilyuered be, 

And I-chul fleon and neuere come 

Bote my sustren ben saujt and some." 

T-\E kynges sone al pis con heren 

J Hou his sustren hem to-beeren, 

And seij pis strif so strong awaken, 

And Pees and Merci al forsaken ; 

J?at wip-outen help of his wisdome 

Xe mihten heo neuere to-gedere coma 

" Leoue ffader," quap he, " Ich am pi sone, 

Of pi wit and of pi wone, 

And pi wisdam [me] clepep me ; 

And so muche pou louedest 1 me H.ionest 

J)at al pe world for 1 me pou wroujtest, ' r. por?, Fr. par moi. 

And so pou me in werke bou^test ; l Fr^i^iA't^fez^u^me ogre's 

ffor we beop on in one fulnesse, keil t ^u^("orcedform) > ? ou " 

In miht, in strengpe, and in heijnesse ; 534 



1 vv. 500-1 om. in Sim. 


Sanz nus est trop flaellez, 
Pur co doit troveir pitiez. 

1 In the Fr. vv. SOS-SIS 

precede v. 485, and vv. 

509-10 precede v. 508. 



1 Fr. Mon dit doit porter 
grant fes. 






XXXVIII. The Castle of Lwe. The 4 Sisters. 369 

I-chulle al don bat bi wille is, 

ffor bou art kyng Rihtwis. 536 

So muche, ffader, ich nyme jeme 

Of bis strif fat is so breme, 

Jjat for be tale fat Merci tolde \>e 

fful sore be pn'sun reweb me : 540 tliat he pitied 

J J the Prisoner. 

nor-bi he reweb me wel be more 

ffor Merci euere clepeb bin ore. 1 541 . 4 cf Fr . 

hnn art ffirtar n Triilefnl Wnrr- Misericorde mere! crie : 

j;ou art, naaer, SC 1 Kyng. Premerement serad oie. 

Hire we schul heren of alle bing. 1 , Ms 3e gchulent 

Al i p}m!2 VH'TA willA rlnno H< AUe here wyll I chull done. 

Al 1 nire Wllie QOne Fr . Treatat ton uoler ferai. 

And sauhten Sob and hire ful sone. 

Nimen I-chulle be bralles weden, He would 

take the 

As Sob & Eiht hit wolden and beoden, 1 548 Thnui's 

And al One I-chul holde be doom Fr. En verite e en dreiture 

As lustise OUhte to don, 1 * Fr - : |tendrane Ingement 

E kaiik 'a Justice apent, 

And maken I-chule Pees to londe come, 2 * f^Tc'rier terre 

And Pees & Eiht cussen & be samt & some, 552 and make 

Peace and 

And druyuen 1 out Werre, Nuy and Onde, ' r. dryuen Right kws, 

and save all 

And sauen al be 1 folk in londe." ' H. tm, Fr. ta folk - 

HOse bis forbysene con, 
He may openliche i-seo bi bon 556 

)fet al bis ilke tokenyngei ' * J^^-^J,.^ ^G^ 

Is Codes in-siht, Almihti kynge. fnd Hoiv*"' 

Wib-[out] God >e ffader nis maked nouht, r. But? Rfc" 
Jjorw God be Sone is al bing wrouht, 2 560 

And alle bing is folfuld out-riht ifcl fcltCS?fiSffl^ 
Jjorvv God be holigostes miht : 
And alle breo beb on, bouh hit be so, 
In one fulnesse and in no mo. 564 

He ^iue 1 his Blessynge wz'b Moub & honde 
To alle bat bis writ vnderstonde. ' MS. jiue^, H. jeue 
5E habbeb I-herd as ich ow tolde, You've now 

*\ heard how 

' ffor win God be Avorld maken wolde, 568 Adam and 

men lost 

And hou Adam forles borw synne Heaven. 

World and Heuene, and al Mon-kynne : 

Jjat for mijt ne strengbe ne for no bing 

No 1 mon nedde of him-self a Couryng, 2 . g?^^,,,, 572 

Ne Angel mi 3 te Mon helpe on none wyse, "*''Kg S'-t help 

Ne Mon mijte hiw-self fro debe aryse. 3 SitSSUK them ' 



XXXVIII. The Castle of Love. Of Christ. 

so God must 
become man, 
die, and rise 
to life. 

We've no 
such herd- 
man now. 

Of Christ. 

Tidings of 
Him came to 

David, and 

who said, " A 
Child is born 
to us, 

God, mighty, 
father of the 
world to 


eer he liuede, 

r bligg? h? , euedej 
1 Iai88a; "* 

J)emie moste nede beo J>orw vche doom 

]3at God of heuene Mon bi-com, 576 

Mon )>e dej> J>olen Jjorw serwen ryue, 

And God vp rysen from dej, to lyue ' ; j^ ^ 

Elles were alle for-lore to nouht TuTqLk-ensiecie 

]3at God hedde in J>e world I-brouht. 1 eust - 

Herkenef [whuch] l Loue and Boxuranesse, MS. vciione 

Whuch Milce and eke Swetnesse, 

jjat God from heuene alihte[n] chees 1 J Jfy 

ifor [sell shep] 2 J>at he lees ! 2 |5?-,3 

f^Tinti ninp IIP lpnprlp~|3 onri pnrlp 3 MS. britti 

aej ana ^ H ^ fad 

To sechen on in vncou]) feode. Fr> N wey 
)3enne nis \&r such herde-mon non, 

NQ nonl SO mugful* lord as he is on ! J ^.m 

Whose wolde his herte on such lord holde 

J)at so muche loue him kuife wolde, 

Jjat lyk him-self wolde him make 

And sipen def Jjolyen for his sake : 

Er him oujte \>e herte to springe 

Jjen he scholde him wra]>)>e for eny Jjinge. 

HErkeneJi now forfwre atte frome 
How vr Saueor wolde come. 
To Abraham J)e tifinges comen ; 
jje prophetes hit vnder-nomen, 
jjat is Moyses and lonas, 
Abacuk and Helyas, 
Daniel and leremye, 
Dauid and Ysaye, 
And Eliseu 1 and Samuel 
Siggef Godes comynge wel. 
Wonder hit were hem alle to telle ; 
Ac herkenej) hou Ysaye con spelle : 
Puer waus est nobis,filius datus est nolns 
11 A child |>er is I-boren to vs, 

And a soue I-jeuen vs, 608 

Jjat schal vp holden his kynedome ; 
And al Jms schal ben his nome : 
Wondurful, God, and of miht, 

And redeful, and fader ariht 612 

Of al ]?e world fat her-aftw schal ben, 



, Fr.merciable 





XXXVIII. The Castle of Love. Of Christ. 371 

Prince of Pees me schal him sen " and prince or 

. , , , Peace." 

peos beb be nomen, as 30 mowe leeuen, 

bat be prophetes him 1 jeeuen. l H. toiiim 616 

3 if }e wolen heren, tellen I-chulle HOW the 

How bat child is wouderfolle. "wonderful." 

Such wonder nas neuer I-herd in sawe, 
Ne neuere schal bi none da we 620 

ffor no tyme 1 fat euer schal come, l ke^ n u8t ? avenir Pur " enS 
As, God of heuene Mon bi-come. 

ffor hose now I-seje heere TZxemplum if you saw a 

A cliild bat riht I-limed nere, 624 with s feet 

and S bands, 

bat breo ffeet and breo bonder beere ; 

And a-nober bat oberweis. weere, 

bat hedde ffoot or Hond forlore : or no foot or 


And heo weore bobe so I-bore : 628 

Weoren heo wonderfol, beose two ? 

Nay, forsobe, neoren heo, no, ^""de" ' 

ffor be on hedde kuynde ouer meb, 

And bat ober to luyte, and so hit geb, 632 

Ac hit is as hit mot nede ben, 

Of vn-mete kuynde a forschipte streon. 1 iFr.nmstre, monster 

Ak bat mihte Muche wonder ben Exerapfam But you 

would be 

3if me mi 3 te eny [mon]i I-seon ' ^XT"' 636 S^ILif 

bat Monnes kuynde hedde al ariht, ma " a " d 

bat him neore to luite ne to muche wiht, 

So bat he were al sobfast mon 

bat no forschippyng weore hi?n on, 640 

And eke were good hors wib-alle ! haini.>rse. 

Such bing may neuer bi-falle ; 

ffor 1 hose seje a such gederyng, l Fr. mes 

He mihte hit clepe a wonder bing. 644 

And $it is more wonder a bouseud-folde u e m ore t woi. 1 - d 

Of be child bat Ysayje of tolde SS!a 

And clepede him wonderful, for bon true Man, 

bat he is sob God and sob Mon. 648 

ffor of Monhede ne wonteb him nouht ; 

,. T i, >H. withoute synne he is 

And borw him IS al bing 1-WrOUnt ; Fr.: D'umanitenelifautrien, 
/ , E kil et plein deu, co 

And wib-outen him is synne 1 euere, veum wen : 

. Par lui tute rien est fet, 

fibr wone 2 dude he neuere, g^- K^r "nen, 
No no schaft borw him mijte lees, ^ 

372 XXXVIII. The Castle of Love. Of Mary, the Castle. 

who came 
from Heaven, 
and took our 


God would 
alight only 
in a 

lair Castle, 

fixt on a high 

defended by 

and three 

As bi-f oren 1-rad wes. 1 ' cf. v. 228. 

OpMr God nis pen he pat heuene dihte, 1 > r.drihte? cf. v.9is. 

Jjat from heuene dude 1 alihte > H. toerthe 656 

And vnder vre wede vre kynde nom 

And al sopfast Mon bi-com. 

And whon he wolde alles bi-come Mon, 

He moste be boren of a wommon, 

Jjulke schaft to vnderfonge wip-alle 

Jjat 0113 te to Monnes kynde bi-f a lie. 

GOd nolde 1 alihte in none Manere 
But in feir stude and in clere. 
In feir stude and clene siker hit wes 
Jjer god al-mihti his In ches : 
In a Castel wel comeliche, 
Muche and ffeir 1 and loueliche ; 
Jjat is pe Castel of alle flour, , The game allegory of Mary as a 

Of Snlao anrl nf Qrwrnir. 1 Castle is treated in the Festial, 

,OUr. A 2lld germon on Assumption-day. 

In pe Merc 1 he stont bi-twene two, 671 

Ne hap he ferlak for no fo : 

ffor pe tour 2 is so wel wip-outen, 

So depe I-diched al-abouten, 

Jjat none kunnes asaylyng 

Ne may him deruen for no ping. 

He stont on heij Roche and sound, 

Jjat 1 is I-planed in to pe ground, 2 t Fr Ebi ' 

Jjat per ne mai wone non vuel ping 

Ne derue no gynnes castyng. 1 

And pau^ he be so loueliche, 

He is so dredful and hateliche 

To alle pulke pat ben his fun, 

Jjat heo flen him euerichon. 1 

ffo[u]r smale toures per 2 bep abouten 

To witen pe heije tour wip-outen. 

Seppe beop pre Bayles wip-alle, 

So l feir I-diht wip strong walle, > om. in H. & Fr. 688 

As heo beop here-after I-write 

Ne may no mon pe feirschipe I-wite, 

Ne no tonge ne may hit telle, 

Ne poujt penche, ne Moup spelle. 692 

On trusti Roche heo stondep faste, 


H. myjht, Fr. pout 


1 r. fer or siker? fifift 

Fr. Bien feme/ uuo 

1 MS. Mere ; mere = border. 
Fr. En la marche est assis. 

* = Castel 


s ci quaval 

1 Fr.: Ne engin ni pent geter 

Ki de rien le peust grever. 


681-4 om. in Fr. 

* MS. |.;M 


XXXVIII. The Castle of Love. Of Mary, the Castle. 373 

And wib depe diches beb bi-caste ; i om in H 

And be camels so 1 stondeb vp-riht 2 ' ***%? de gnm withBattie- 

Wel I-planed and feir i-diht. 696 

Seue Berbicans ber beob I-wrouht, 

TTT- 11- i bicans. 

Wib gret gmne al bi-bouht, 

And euerichon hab jat and tour : 

ber neuer ne fayleb socour ; 700 

Neuer Schal fo 1 him Stonde Wib l Fr.Nejan'averat ennui 

Ki la veut quere refill. 

bat bider wol flen to sechen grib. ^ennemijf 18101 ' read 

bis Castel is siker and feir abouten , This Castle is 

painted with 

And is al depeynted wzb-outen 704 colours; 

Wib breo heowes bat wel beb sene. 

So is be foundement al grene the founda- 

tion green, 

}5at to be Eoche faste lib ; 707 

Wel is bat ber murbe I-sihb ! 1 l Fr. De grant docournifaut point. 

ffor be greneschipe lasteb euere 
And his heuh ne leoseb neuere. 

Sebben a-bouten 1 bat Ober heu^ r. aboue ? om. in H. the middle 

So is Inde and eke Bleu, 712 blue, 

bat be Middel heu^ we clepej) ariht, 
And schyneb so feire and so bri^t. 

be bridde heaj an-ouemast, , Fr La tierce colur par engon the upper 

Onpr wriiAli al anrl en ie T f>arl Les karneaus covre environ ; 

uuer-wii^ep ai ana so Plu? est vermeU i e que ne8t ,-ose, 

bat wif-Innen and wib-outen 3*8ZSg%gr* 

be castel lihteb al-abouten, 

And is Raddore \QU euere eny Rose schal, rose-red. 

bat 2 buncheb as hit bamde al. 2 H. Hit 720 

Wib-Inne, be Castel is whit schinynge within an is 


So be snowj bat is sneuwynge, 

And casteb bat lijt so wyde 723 

After long 1 be tour and be-syde ; l J. r A J, d e t"| ? H - Enlon K n5 

bat 1 neuer comeb ber wo ne wou$, ' H. -nun- 

Ac swetnesse ber is euere I-nouj. 

A-Midde be hei^e 1 Tour Is spriwgynge 727 intheCastie 

A wpllp hat Pll^rfl i<? POrnvnee * Fr- En mi la tur plus hauteine 8awe 
A Welle pat euere Tliyilge, Est surdant une fonteigne 

Wib foure stremes, pat strikeb wel 

And erneb vppon be grauel 

And fulleb be diches a-boute be waL 

Muche Blisse ber is ouer-al ! 732 

Ne dar he seche non oj?er leche 

374 XXXV1IL The Castle of Love. Of Mary, the Castle. 

mid an ivory 

with 7 steps, 

a rainbow 
above it, 

and a Chair 
on it 

God made 
it all. 

Tills Castle 
of Love Is 

the sweet 

Maid Mary. 

The Rock 

is her pure 


* MS. so, H. oo 
3 H. i-joyned 

Jjat raai riht of pis water cleche ! 

In pulke derworpe feire tour 
]3er stont a Troue wip muche honour, 
Of whit luori, and feirore of liht 
Jpen pe someres-day whon hee 1 is briht ; ong. iieo 
Wip Cumpas I-prowen and wip gin al 1-do 1 j 739 

Seuene Steppes per beop per-to, l Fr.: Par engin est compassez. 

Jjat oo 2 feire wip Qrdre I-ti^ed 3 bee 

ffeiror ping In world no mon seop : 

ffor heuene-bouwe Is a-bouten I-bent, 

Wip alle pe hewes pat him bep I-sent. 744 

Neuere so feir 1 Chayjere l H. so r. .1 

Nedde kyng ne Emperere. 

Muche more feirschupe I-nou:; per wes 
Jjer God Almi^ten his In ches. 748 

Jjewne nis per such Castel non, 
Ne neuer nas, but pulke on, 
Ne neuer-eft after be ne schal ; 

ffor God of heuene hit dihte al 752 

And wroujte hit hi??i-self, and al dude 
To alihten in pulke feyre stude 
ffrom his kin[e]dam aboue 1 
He cudde pe stude muche loue ! 
Jjis is pe Castel of loue and lisse, 
Of Solace, of Socour, of loye and blisse, 
Of Hope, Of Hele, Of Sikernesse, 
And ful of alle Swetnesse. 

[s is pe Mayden[es bodi] l so f reo ; l * 
Jjer 2 neuer nas non bote heo 
Jjat wip so fele pewes I-warned 1 wes 2 
So pat swete Mayden Marie Aves. 
Heo stont in pe Merc 1 bi-twene two 
Heo schilde 1 vs alle from vre fo 
)3at vs a-waytep day and niht, 
Heo vs helpep wip al hire miht 
Jje Roche pat is so trewe and trusti, 1 
Jjat is pe Maydenes herte, forpi 
J3at neuer synhe per-wip-Inne coin, 1 
Ac heo to seruen God al hire nom 
And wuste hire 1 w/p muche boxu??messe, 

> 753 & 755 added to the Fr. 


MS. >at 

1 Fr. garnie 

z r. nes 


i MS. Mere 

= schilt, 8 pr. ind. ; 
Fr. Si nus est escu e targe 
Centre tuz nos enerais 


1 Fr. si bien polie 

Fr. Konquea en inal 
ne mollist 


1 om. hire 

XXXVIII. The Castle of Love. Of Mary, the Castle. 375 

Hire Maidenhod wip swetnesse. 

pe ffoundemewt pat faste to pe Eoche li$p, 

And be feire greneschipe ber-wib, 776 The green 

' 'ii hue is tier 

[Is] be Maydenes bi-leeue so nht,, Fr Laver dour q uetante8tbeie belief ' 

hat Viah ol Vnro Vinrli T li>>t Sa foi tut tens reiiovele. 

pat nap ai nm i-nnc . H For here 

jg go true 

ffor hire bi-leeue bat is so trewe, Th n a e w e e ver hi 
pat euere is grene and euere newe, 1 780 

ffor hire 2 bi-leeue is apertement * om. in H. and Fr. 
Of alle vertues foundement. 

Of beMiddelheu 3 Istowitei l *tt&*!* 
pe swetnesse and be feirschipe ; ^g*!gi-~, 

Swvi tut tens 8On 8ei S no 
En humiU te e en doucor 

In gOOde hope, as SO 20ng bing, 2 * The translator read tendron. 
J o r H. wes here lyvyng. 

[Heo] was oo 3 bisy In swetnesse 3 MS. so 

To seruen God In Boxumnesse. 788 

be bridde heuj and be on-ouemast, The upper 

' ' * f f ' hue (red) 

bat hab ouer-al his liht I-cast 

And as bau$ hit barnde al hit is 

Nis non of so muche pris : 792 

pat is be clere loue and briht is her love 

pat heo is al wip I-liht, 

And I-tent wip pe fuir of loue, 

To serue god pat is hire aboue. 796 

l^E ffoure smale toures abouten The 4 Forts 

I/ are the 

J pat wi[te]p x pe heije Tour wip-outen, v.ese. 

ffoure hed-pewes pat aboute hire [me] i-seop, 

ffoure vertues cardinals bei 1 beob : 1 MS. per, n.thei 800 cardinal 

' Vinues : 

bat is Strengbe and Sleihschupe, Ivir'Si'ht 

Eihtfulnesse and Warschupe ;i l ^w^ST.'te^perance xii'rL. 
Eu^j'ichon wip a jat wt'p ginue, 
bat may non vuel come pe?'-Inne. 804 

And whuche beob [be] breo bayles jet TheSBaiiey 

1 VI IT With batUe ' 

pat wzp pe camels bep so wel 1-set, menu 

And I-cast wz'p cu?npas and walled a-boutew, 1 

pat witep pe heije tour wijj-outen 1 ^tfSSffiMEjS 

FBlote b6 Inemaste 2 Bayle, I Wot, ^Fr.Celealaplushautestage aretheVir- 
L J F > Kin's Maiden- 

Bi-toknep hire holy Maidenhod, 

pat neuer for no-ping I-worsed nas 

So ful of Godes grace heo was. 812 

1<%E Middel Bayle, pat wite 30, 

376 XXXVIII. The Castle of Love. Of Mary, the Castle. 

her Chastity, 

and her 

1 Fr. foreine 

The 7 Bar- 

are the 7 

1. Obedience, 

2. Love, 

3. Abstinence, 

4. Chastity, 

5. Generosity, 

6. Meekness, 

7. Gladness. 

The Wells 
are springs 
of Grace. 

MS. Camels 






Bi-tokneb hire holy chastite. 
And sebfen )>e ouftjemaste 1 Bayle 
Bi-tokneb hire holy sposayle. 
Riht me clepeb hem Bayles, for-J)i 
Jjat heo habbej) bis ladi in here Bayli, 
Jjat hire-self one, Makeles, 1 anz per 

Is Mayden chast and weddet wes. 
Jjorw on of J>eos bayles he mot teon 
Jjat wol on ende I-borwed beon. 
Seue [Berbicans] 1 abouten, 
Jjat wib gret gin beon I-wrou^t wif-outen 
And witej) bis Castel so wel 
WiJ) 1 Arwe and wij) Qwarel : l = against, Fr. de 

Jjat be]) be seuen vertues w/J) winne 
To ouercome ]>e seuen dedly sinne. 

Jjat is : pruide, be biginnynge 
And J?e Roote of al vuel finge, 
Al maat and oner-comen wes 
)3orw Boxumnes ]>at heo ches ; 

And hire trewe loue ouer-com Envye ; 

And hire Abstinence Glotonye ; 

And Lecherye heo made fle 
J3o[r]u^ hire holy chastite ; 836 

And was 1 distruyed Couetyse > MS. was was, H. aii-so she 
Jjorw hire Largesse in vche wyse ; 

And euer 1 wra])]3e heo ouer-com 
)jorw Mekenesse 1 fat heo nom ; 

And hire gostliche gladynge 
Destruyed Sleufe forw alle J)iwge. 
welle springe]) of alle 1 grace 
Jjat fullej) fe diches in vche a place. 2 

GodeS grace to-deleb bis 3 

))orw Meth wif-al as his wille is. 
Ac he louede so bis mayden aplijt 
Jje folle of grace he hire $af out-riht ; 
jjorwh whom J?e grace fat ouer-fleot 
Socoureb al be world jut. 
ifor-bi me may hire riht clepe and calle 
Blessed ladi 1 ouer ofere alle. 
And what mowe fe diches be 

1 MS. eueri, H. evermore 
l Fr. & H. pacience 840 

1 H. alle of 


* Fr. La fontaigne isurt de grace, 
Ki tut le chastel embrace; 



1 H. One i-blesaed ; ladi om. 
Fr. Sur tutes autres benurce. 

H. so deled is 

XXXVIII. The Castle of Love. Of Mary, the Castle, 377 

But hire polemode 1 pOUerte, Fr. volentrive 854 TheCastle's 

bat nones kuraies 1 assaylyne " r. ginnes? cf. w. eso, BTS. gufferfne"^ 

*r.: Dont nul engm ne peut poverty? 

Ne may derue pe tour for no ping sSSUituMMUta 
porw whom 1 pe fend is ouer-comen, gver. 
And his miht al by-nomen. 2 * w on . ? 

J a Fr. hag 4 vv. more. 

FOr pis is pe ladi so gent & fre Mary is the 

pat God seide of to pe Neddre on pe tre, 860 of*by GO?UO 
pat be?' scholde comere a woramon blybe 1 J H. biyve jnVaradise. 

* > t/ / 

pat scholde al his pouste 1 to-dryue. Fr. chief, H. bed 

I-blessecl be pis Buyrde of prys, 

pat ouer al opwre T-blessed is, 864 

pat so feir was and good so sone 

pat of hir bodi 1 God made his trone Fr. aime, H. souie or her body 

_, . . . , God made 

To his owne gistenynge, HIS throne, 

And nom flesch & blod of hire, to bringe 868 *. 

His folk out of prisouw ; 

hut waa vrp f!arv<!nrm > Fr. Iccste dame est bele assez 

pat was vre uarysoun. Kant tant ad de bontcZj 

Ihi'o larli i'a foi'i- XT nr\nr\ & fro Plus ke nule creature ; 

^is ladi is leir & good <K ire Meis qil . int ,j golalis d ' e droiture> 
Whon heo hap so muche bouwte, Mn u ito 8 nt n embe t ii C ia r d. enumbrat ' 

More pen eny schaft pat weSJ aH.'theio'nneofryjhtwesnes 

ffor-pi 1 pe Eihtwys sorie 2 hire ches s== j, n e j; r ? tue ' " r - llolde = 

And schadewede on hire in wolde, 8 H -.tiSd5S w5o7 whe " he 

And 4 feirede hir more a pousend-folde. * H. He 876 

poruj 1 pe faste jat he con in teo, 1 MS. J>o r uj He left her 

And 1 at pe out-^ong he lette [hit] faste beo. 1 om. inH. unbroken. 

How so pat was beo we stille, 

ffor of alle ping God may don his wille. 880 

A, derworpe qween so gent & fre, 
pat helpest 1 alle pat fleop to pe : ' Ms.heipeJ> 
Mi soule is comera to pe for nede ; 
pat at pi jate bat & loude dop 1 grede, H.con 884 
Bat & gredep and loude gon 1 crye : i H. con 

" Helpe me, Swete Mayden Marie ! Help me, 

Vndo, Ladi ! I pe bi-seche. 

pou lete me a luitel cleche 888 

Of pulke [grace] pat alle [con] frouere 
pat gostliche beop in herte pouere. 
Lo hou I am bi-set heer-oute i beset 

by S foes, 

Wip my preo fon al-a-boute : 

pe fend, pat wip me fihtep euere, theDevii, 

378 XXXVIII. The Castle of Love. Of Mary, the Castle. 

the World, 
my Flesh. 

The Devil 
harms me 
with Pride, 
Wrath, Sloth. 

The World 
attacks me 
with Covet- 
ousHcss and 
My Flesh 
tempts me 
with Glut- 
tony and 

Charity is 
the Constable 
of the Castle. 

)3e world, my flesch heo ne stwzteb neuere, 

H. voth 

By this 
ladder God 
came down 
to earth, 
and took 

Thus the 
Child was 
born to as, 
the " Won- 

Jesus, Son of 



Wib-oute?i eny Meb on me heo fob, 
Swibe gret harm heo me dob. 
Gret parlemet heo habbeb I-nome. 

Jje fend furst is 1 foib I-come, > H. isformest 

Wib breo hostes he deb me gret wo : 
Wib pruide, & wrabbe, & sleube also. 

Jje world me hab w/b two hostes bi-stowde : 
Jjat is wib couetyse and Onde. 

And my fflesch me fondeb to spille l H. fouie, Fr. fou dent 
Wib Glotenye and wib vuel 1 wille. SH - f y?ht; Fr. Grant damage 

a !. Bataile) m'ont esmu 

Gret wrabbe 2 heo habbeb to me I-nome; 

I am as Campion OUer-COme 3 ; Fr.Champiunsnijarecru. 

But bou me helpe, Mayde Marie, 4 2 ^ om cf H 

Ichabbe I-lore be Maystrie . . . 4 J|'ow that art to alle febulle leche, 
* Thow let me of thy dyches cleche, 

Jjer be Castel is faste & stable, Fr - $,* ^aufos^' 
And Charite is Constable." E U chari'^mt e con 8 itobie. 

Of bis castel ichabbe a luitel told, 
Ac more me mijte a bousend-fold : 912 

ffor alle be godschupws bat in be world is 
Out of bis Castel I-comen is. 

Jjorw bis laddre God, heuene d[r]ihte, T H. God Aiimyjht 
ffrom heuene in to eorbe alihte 
And nom of hire his Monhede, 
Jjorw whom 1 he wrey 2 his Godhede. 
Jjis is be $ard bat bereb be flour, 
Jjat 1 Maiden bat bar hire creatour. 
And bus be "child is I-boren to vs, 
And such a Sone I-^eue to vs." 
And nis he " wonderful " berfore, 
Whon he is bus for vs I-bore 1 
So muche wonder nis of no binge 
As two kuynden to-geder bringe, 
And bat eiber kuynde wib-alle 
Habbe bat wole to heom bi-falle, 
Jjat neuer nouber ne wonte no wiht, 
Ac bat eiber habbe al his riht. 
Jjat Is Ihesu, Godes sone, 
Jjat from heuene to eorbe wolde come 
To sau^tew his sustren bat were to-boren, 


1 r. whon ? * Fr. covri 

H. The 





XXXVIII. The Castle of Love. Redemption. 



And dilyueren pe prison pat was for-loren ; 

Two kuynden he hap, we witew bi pon, 

])ai l he is sop God and sop Mon 2 a A passage 1 ^ ule FT. text, 

Bl-hold now, Mon, to Codes miht amnf? H? 12 ' is m ' ''"* 
And his deden hou heo beop diht 1 
)3t pou a-boute noujt fer se, 2 ' Fr - R< f a a n ' ez> homine ' * P U|S - 

Ac 3 bi-hold hou Boxum he WOlde be On^ircumscri^n^est'mie 6 ' 

J)at he wolde be boren of wowmon E veez coin u 8>amllie - 

And for vre sake bi-comen mon. 

And seppen he-hold hou he vs redep 

And in to sauete vs ledep, 

On ful swete manere & on non opur, 

And seip pus to vs : " leue bropur, 

I seo pe mis-lyken 1 & al for-^emed 2 

And out of pin owne lond I-flemed, 

And pou seost wel pat for no ping 

J)ow hast of pi-self no keueryng. 

N"e beo pou in wonhope non, 

Ac ful siker pou beo peron : 

3if pou wole me louen 1 and vnderstonde, 

I-chul pe bringe in to pin owne londe. 

Ententyfliche 1 pou herken to me Fr. oez moi tut suiement 

And do pat ich comauwde pe. 956 

Mi 3 ok is softe T-nowh to weren, 

And my burpene li^t I-nouh to beren. 

To Merci bi-houe 1 I am al I-nome, 

And pus I am for pe I-come. 

And ich pe rede pou suwe me, 

I-chulle 1 pe batayle nyme for pe. 

To pie I-chulle pis princes 1 hauen, 

And pi rihte I-chulle craueu. 

ffor Ich am of pi lynage : 

I may crauen pin heritage ; 

And Icham of freo nacion : 

Me oute I-here my reson ; 

And Ichabbe I-wust wzp wynne 

)3e preo lawen wtp-outen synne. 1 

ifor pe Ichulle to Batayle wende. 

siker 1 beo pou of ful good ende : 

ll'or Ichulle an ende ou?<rcome pt fiht 

2 H. And this all-abowte 
thou well be-se 

3 H. And 




1 r. leuen, H. !eve, 
Fr. crerre 

both God and 

(How he was 
" counsel- 

For our rake 
He became 

and says to 


" Thou art 
banisht from 
thy home ; 

but have 
faith in Me, 
and I'll bring 
thee back. 



H. And I-ch. 

. Primes por 



vv. 969-70 added. 

MS. ffor siker 

Follow Me, 

I am thy kin, 


I'll fight for 

and win. 

380 XXXVIII. The Castle of Love. Redemption. 

And to-Jreynen 1 al bi riht. l = dereynen, prove 

Ne darstou on erbe j?echen elles nouht 975 

LoveGodand But God and bi/i euencristen to loue in trewe bomt." 

thy fellow. 

Christian!" ord, wjuch froschipe 1 hose nome ^eme 

\_A Wlion he bat welde 2 al big & al mai deme, 

What an Vs Schewed Such frenschl'p & SWetlieS ' MS. frensclnpe. 

example of Fr - franchise 

liberality And a forbysue of Boxumnes ! a ssgi. ind. 980 

Christ showd 

us! Ac bulke forbisne me luitel telleb to, 

But worldly And selclen in be world [is] I-se^ew, ne 3010 hab do. 1 

follow. ff or j, e worldlich mon euere I-liche ' H ; i9 A ;"aTo. in the w rld 

Trmoh hiww hat i<s wrvrlrlliVhp Fr. Mes cele ensamp est poi tenue 

j^ouep ping pac is woi ne, E trop reunient e i muild veue . 

Ac be gost of charite & of polemodnesse 985 

Loueb euer goodschipe & Boxumnesse. 
ffor whon to be world him ^eueb be mon 
when a man And be worldes good him waxeb on, 988 

begins to 

grow rich, He ne bewkeb on God ne no ober bynge 
he cares only Bote worldes catel to-geder bringe ; 

for money- 

getting, And whore be catel hab be Maystrie a last, 1 ' H. om. a last 
Hit 2 is in his cofre bi-loke so fast, 3 MS. pat hit 992 

becomes jjat al he bicomeb ouergart proud 

And mis-dob his neijebors bobe stille & loud ; 

and gives no- No-bincr ne wihieb he largesse, 3 H - Hit maketh mon so rebell 
thine away an ^ e 

Rut Inrrhrhnnp and hpi5Tip<?<;fi Fr - si ferm enz ses laz Ie lie 

>cnupe ana ne^ne se , (i.-, z = iacs; the translator 

Jje fbrbysne of Boxumnesse I-wys understo 

Al borw pruyde for^eten is. 

Jjeose ne mowen Ihestis suwen wip, 999 

ffnr Inorirft rlprlo al fn Ivtli 1 l cf. Fr. : Icous iliesum ne siwent mie, 

ie ai to-iycn, Kar lur fat , eg contralie 

Ne his red ne leeueb heo noujt. 
These shall Whi be7^ne woldera heo wilnen ouit 

not inherit .-., i-irni -i /\/\ 

Christ's Of heritage m his kyn e dom 1003 

Kingdom. L J 

he in Batayle be pie bi-won 1 - 

Whon heo dob al bat he for-bat, 2 
And no-bing dob of bat he hat, 3 * r. forbet r. het 
Ac euer sechep pride and heijnesse, 1007 

Ne biddeb 1 heo noujt of boxumnesse ? l f v ^ t ' H< lovetb> 

ffor-bi Lucifer, as 30 habbeb herd telle, 
ffel from heuene a-doun to helle ; 
And also, I drede, heo scholden 1 anende, ' r. scimiien 
Jjulke bat suche werkes dob, afti^r him wende. 2 1012 
Ac I ne sigge hit not for bon * H. adds 2 w. 

XXXVIII. The Castle of Love. Christ and the Devil. 381 




> MS. a 

1 Here In a change in 
the metre. 

Jjat mai ful wel eueriche goode mon 

Habbe gret lordschupe & hei^nesse, 

Castels & toures & gret richesse, 

And may wel don 1 & godes wille holde > MS. 

And libbe God to queme, wel, $if he wolde, 

3if he lyuef in loue 1 & in Boxumnesse, ' MS. 

In Sofschupe & in Rihtwysnes ; 

ffor God wilnef no-f ing on eorf e her 

But al monnes herte wz'f trewe loue & cler. 

Nou mihte sum Mon asken f us : 
Hou wolde God plede for vs, 
Hou he eny batayle nom 
And won vre ri^te & [fe] 1 fend ouer-com. 
Lustnef f enne to me nou, 

And I-chulle ow tellen hou. 1028 

1 )3o Ihesu, Godes sone, in fe world was I-bore, 
So stille & derne he was f e fend fore 
j)at he of his come riht noujt nuste, 
Ac 1 to beo lord and syre $it euere 2 he truste 1 MS. AS 1032 
As he hedde ben ac his miht was bi-nome * eiwher? 

r r* par lot 

)5o fat Ihesu was I-bore & in to fe world I-come. 1 
Wel fe fend him seij In mownes weeden, ' v.ios4om.inFr. 
Ac he nust what he was, ne wjuch werew his 

deden. 1 l H. ne of what dede. Fr. : E riens ne sont de quel affere 

He him seij wel Moil & 1 1-comen of Mowkunne, om.insim. 
Ac euere in f e world he liuede wif-oute sinne : 
\)Q fend wondrede swif e & seide : " what artou ] 
Wher fou be Godes sone fat art I-comen nou? 1040 
Al fis wyde world I-chul jeuen fe, 
So fat fou bouwe & honoure 1 me." 

Respondit lesus : 

Jjo seide Iheu : a go a-wei, Sathan, go ! 
J)i kuynde lord ne schalt fow fonde so." 

Diabohu* dicit : 

" What, wenestou I ne mowe vnderstonde 
\)ti Icham pn'nce & lord of fis londe, 
And in f e Seisyne habbe longe I-be, 
Jjorw f e heije kyng fat grant hit me ? 
Alle fing I seo, and alle f ing Ich wot, 
But one fi foujt no-f ing I not. 

r. adore ; Fr. aorer, 
H. worship 


But I don't 
say that a 
good man 
mayn't have 
riches and 
yet do God's 

for God wants 
only man's 

Now I'll tell 
you how God 
pleaded for us 
and overcame 
the Devil. 

After Jesus 
was born, 


the Devil saw 
Him in man's 

but sinless, 

and oflerd 
Him all the 
world if He'd 
worship him. 

Jesus said, 
" Go away, 

The Devil 
" I am Lord 

I know all 

382 XXXVIII. The Castle of Love. Christ and the Devil. 


Do yon mean 
to take my 
prey from 

God has given 
all sinners to 

Will you 
break His 

promise ? " 

Jesus said, 

"You first 
broke the 

when you led 
man to eat 
the Apple, 

and sin. 

The promise 



The Devil 
confesses he's 




fu bien tenu 

But unless 
Man is re- 
he can t be 

bou nymest ful muche an bond 

To be-nymen me eny ping in pis lond. 

bauj I nabbe miht ouer pe, 

Wenestou my preie to be-nyme me ? 

Nay, for pat foreward porw Sop & Riht 1055 

ffaste in godes court is cougraffet 1 apliht l fi. cyrografez 

bat hose passede godes heste, 2 * JJ S - re P a ts 

Hose passede godes heste, 

He scholde be myn and in suwne leste, 
An ende dyen porw hard dep I-nouh ; 
And pe kyng of heuene nul do no wouh. 
What, wenestou such foreward breke 1 ' r ^ 
bat was In Godes court I-speke ? " 

Respondit Tftesus : 

And po swete Ihesu \\\m onswerde and tolde 
" bat foreward on ende wel 1 was I-holde ; ' * 
Ac pou hit bi-gonne formast to breke, 
bo pou porw treson to Monkuynde speke 
And seidest pat treo \\irn was forbode 1 l w. 1067-70 added. 
Lest he hedde pe miht of Gode, 1068 

Ac, wolde he of pe Appel ete, 

benne pou seidest he hedde I-gete, 1 ' ^ ** Godd ^ r8 
ffor 2 he scholde kownen al pat god con, * om. in H. 
And he scholde neuer die for pon. 
He agulte porw pe, & elles he wer skere. 
Vnderstond my reson : ^if hit skile were 
Jtet 1 pou heddest alle forward of me, MS. pa 
And pou noldest holder hem 2 as anont pe 3 ?" 

Diabolus didt : * om. hem ? * H. adds 2 vv. 

" A, Ich am bi-tray^ed," quod 1 pe fend po, 

" Nou Ich am porw pie ouercomerc so. 2 > r. quap; MS. qd 

Of whom & hou COmep hit, * Fr> jf' a nt S en e letdan't sut've'ncui 

Such reson & such wit, 1080 

bat pou so baldeliche darst nymeu pe 

fforte dispute a-^eynes me? 

borw pie Ichabbe I-loren al anon. 

Ac 1 so ne may hit nou^t gon, ] MS. And, H. But, Fr. mes 1084 

Algate he hap mis-don, 

borw whon 1 he is hi my prison ; > MS. whom 

And bote he beo for-boujt of me, " Fr - : NesanzredempcionporU 

Ne serrai a tort deaeisi. 

He ne ou3te from wo disseysed be." 2 1088 



XXXVIII. The Castle of Love. Christ and the Devil. 383 

Respondit lesus : 

})o swete Ihe6'u to him con sugge : 
" And Ichulle him J>enne for-bugge." Jei(ua wlll 

[Diab. ] 3if )>ou wolt him bugge to his feore, 1 redaem him - 

He schal costen J>e ful deore." = price 1092 

[Jes.] " Hou deore ?" quaj) Ihesu |>o. 

[Z>m6.] " As he is worj? ; er )>enne he go 
Out of bonde of my prison." 1095 

[Jes.] " Jjat is skile," qua}) Ihesu, " and good reson ; j Mu .wm 
Ne kep I noujt to-^eynes riht i Fr . t vv . more . Kfor" 

Jjorvv Maystrie bi-nyme >e no wiht." 1 "SSaV'T*!* " im> 

z>*a&0z* rftcrt.- "S:r 8 ? donc ke tu 

" No : ac er he dilyuered be, * Kr - : Rndez moi done 

J ' que taut vaille 

J)ou most also muche [wor)>] delyuere me ^rdeTmuIid tuz 
AsalJ)isworldisnou[worJ)]attefrome, \SSSCSS? from thefts 
Wijj aUe Jmlke fat schulen heraftwr come." 2 1102 b 

Ihesus dixit : 

" Blefeliche," quod Ihesus, " al ichul don \>is. 
ffor my luttel fynger more wovjj is 1104 jesus's nttie 

J)en such an hondred worldes ben, worth 100 

Wt|> al fat folk )?at me may herafter sen." their foX'. 

Diabolus dicit : 

J)e fend J>o to Ihesu onswere con : l 1107 

" J3at is al so]), I seo hi J>on, " Fr -= SSgfi^STigia 
ffor Jiou maijt al fe world demen & dihte j 
ffor 1 nou ouer fe nabbe I no mihte. 2 

And woldestou J)i fynger ^eue, fauj Jjou so sugge, For uch vile 
So vnworj) & so vyl chaffare to bugge ? " 1 1 1 2 

Respondit lesus: 

" ^e, and al my bodi, for his raunsoun, Jesuswiu 

But I-chul him liabbe OUt of prisOlin." 1 v.llH added. whole body. 

[Dial>J\ " ]3ou most jit more do ar )>0u him habbe so : 
jjolen on eorfe wandrefe & wo ; 1116 and suffer 

And, jif ))ou wole a-menden his wouj, Fr. has 4 w. more. 
)3ou most dej) Jolen forw strong pyne I-nouj." 1 death. 

[Jes.] And )>o swete Ihe^u hi?;i onswerde to 1 : MS.J>O 
" Al )?at ]>at ))ou hast seid, al schal be do, 1120 

ffor So), seide hit ou 3 te ben so, ". ^^M^* 
And Eiht com after [& jef] J>e dom J?o. 2 
And more few f ou hast i-seid I-chulle don, 


XXXVIII. The Castle of Love. Christ's Battle. 

The Devil 
thought he'd 
made a good 
bargain ; 
but he'd only 
the worm ; 
there was 
a hook inside 

Man, take 
heed how 
Christ lovd 
thee, to die 
for thee, 

and set thee 
free from sin t 

He was 
crownd with 



pi erst in 
hands, feet, 

and side ; 

To diliuere fe fral out of prison." 1124 

\)o was f e fend siker, & wende wel ef e 

fforte haue bi-joten f orw his def e ; 

Ac he was cau^t and ouer-comen, 

As fisch fat is w?'f hok I-nomen, 1128 

)5at whon fe worm he swolewef a last 

He is bi J?e hok I-ti^ed fast 

A, Mon, nim jeme & vnderstond f e 
Hou fynliche in herte god louef fe, 1 1132 

)jat wolde dej> folen forw pyne wif-oute?i mef 
To saue fi soule from pyne of def ! '^'^e^^fai'sauvTOr- 
Al vre gult on him he wolde take, D^ntgarisu^plutven^ 
And lodliche was bi-lad al for vre sake. 1136 

ffor he fat neuer no sunne dude 
Ne neuer nas wif fulf e I-founden in no stude 
In alle J>e lymes fat haf f e mon 

Seffen Adam formest sunne bi-gon, 1140 

Wolde fat his lymes alle I-pyned were, 
To maken vs of sunne al quit & skere. 
ffor vre vnwrestschupe 1 here Fr. imquite 

)3e coroune of fornes on his bed he beere 1 ; l r.ber 1144 

And for Vre folve l also ' " "y? 1 " "nyspende, Fr. pur le nog 
' fous regarz. r. fol eje 

His Ejen weore blyntwharuet 1 bo ; l Fr. b be^dez erued ' 

And al was his face bi-foulet w/f spot, 

And eke grete boffetes among me him smot ; 1148 

And for vre speche vnwreste & vyl ! H. adds 2 w. 

Atter heo him dude to driwke I-meynt wif Eisil ; l 

))e otewyse werkes as fere-anonden 1 

He lette bofe f urlen his feet and honden 2 ; 1152 

And for vre woke fortes he folede smerte 

Jjat me his syde furlede ri$t to fe herte. H''^" vntawfuii werk 

What miht he f enne do for vs more 1 

No tonge may tellen of fat fore 3 

Ne no mormes herte ne mihte f enclie so r . honde, i 

A i, t i j c j H. of his soore 

As he folede for vs pyne and wo. 
And ho is fat ne mi^te habbe pite 
Of such frendschupe & charite 1 
Suche beo fe duntes of Batayle 
Jjat he folede for vs wif-outen fayle. 
Ac [fo] 1 he folede to defe ben I-broujt, 

se" liess 


(mi., Fr. Mes quant, 
H. And he 

XXXVIII. The Castle of Lwe. Christ's death. 385 

Vre deb borw his deb he hab for-bou:t. 1164 He suffer.! 

' ' ' ' death, to 

ffor more bolcde he an hundret-foldo redeem u 

* from death. 

Serwe & pyne, bo he dyen wolde, 

)3en be fend mihte for eny synne 1167 

Leggen hond 1 vppon monkunne. Fl ! : Te!uame 8 n e re n tpoeir 

ffor be SOule loueb be bodi SO A humeme nature charger. (Tlle go.,1 will 

not leave the 

Jjat neuere heo nule him wende fro, ***& 

ffor no pyne ne for 1 sore, > H. ne for no 

Jjauj me hit to-hewe euermore, 1172 

Er be fyf wittes ben 1 loren out-riht, ^.^SU^Htp^u 2SIST, U 

Al heore vertue and al heore mijt; 

J3at is, be Siht and be herynge, 

J5e speche and be Smellynge, 1176 

And be felynge, he schal leosen an 1 ende 1 sim. and 

Ar he wole from be bodi wende ; 

Kuvnde ne may for no binge 

J i i r. to-dehnge ? 

)5olen her be tibelynge. 1 FT.: g^^^lJ^S*. 1180 

Ac he bat alle bing mai Avelde, 

Doublede his peyne an hondred-felde : Christ 8ffer<i 

ti-rribly wlien 

ifor bo he pynede 1 on be Crois, Fr. pendi, H. honged Hegaveuj) 

1 J His soul with 

He jaf his soule Avib loud vois. 1184 Hiondcryon 

s f me cross \ 

)?er he schewede bat he was God so, 

Vre Eaunsum he dude bo ; 

Jjebodi^itliuedewib-outefayle, insg-ooom.inH. but His body 

. i ! . T) . i Fr.: Taut ne pent diable charger livd ou. 

And so he ouercoiu be Batayle. Ne liatu ; e endurer. 
Ivuynde ne mihte bole such peyne non, 
ffor be fend ne mi^te hit neuer legen on. 1 

A, 2 Marie, Mayden schene, 2 MS. And o Mary, then 

the sword of 
Mihtful Moder and Milde Owene, 1192 Simeon 

pierc-ed thy 

ffor deol mungen I ne may "** 

Jpe pyne bat bou boledest bulke day. 

Ac be p?'ophecye of Symeon 

Was folfuld bo bi bon, 1196 

As wib swerd in bulke stounde 

)5ou heddest bo ful bitter wouwde. 

Ac bi loye doublede an hondrut-folde 

)jo he from deb vp rysen wolde 1200 

ffor nou3t worb weore his passion, 

Neore his Eesurexion. 

Jjou se^e openliche in alle binge 


386 XXXVIII. The Castle of Lace. Christ is God. 

Of his Batayle be emlynge, 1 204 

Jjorw whom 1 be fend was al mat > r. when? 

And be world for-bou^t & brou^t in stat. 
Jje troube of vs & be be-leeue also 
Bi-leuede al in be )>o j 1 cf. xxxvii. \. s$. 1 208 

\vucn Christ In wonhope weore his disciples vchon, 

W;in i\ead, our . , , . . T 

luith rested Ac bou wcore studefast, euer In on 

only in Thee, . 

Ne mi$te be no bmg tornen out, 

In tmve bileue euere bou weore, stille & loud. 1212 
Mary, Marie, Mooder of pite, 

May den ful of alle bouwte, 

Vre bi-leeue was bo in be, I-wis : 

And nou al vre hope is, 12 1C 

hope does. 

Jpat bou bi-seche bi sone for vs, 
Jjat so on Rode for-bou^t vs. 
You've heard ^E habbeb I-herd of swete Ihesu 

liow JesuM * 

Hou he borw his muchel ve?-tu 1220 


Vs redeb to goode euer-more, 
pleaded for And hou he wolde vs plede fore, 


And hou he wolde to Batayle wende, 

And hou he hit ouer-com an ende. 1224 

Nas bis a good redes-mon 

Jjat 1 vs so deore for-buggen con, MS. }>as 

andshowdus And hab I-rud 1 VS be Way J = prepare, so Horn. 2,133. 

ii8g ; ay Jjer vchone of vs bat wole he may 1228 

To be blisful loye come 
]5t so lowge borw adam 1 was bi-nomel 

now I'll tell Vnderstondeb nOU forbi^re nobeleS Fr. par Evain, through Eve. 
you how He . ^ . , 100.1 

iGod. Hou he is God, and euere wes : 12.32 

And 36 mouwe openliche I-seon 

Jjat hit ne may not elles ben. 
one ood God al be world wrou^te, 
woH.tand And bulke god vs alle forboujte. 1236 

redeemd us : , 

Ober God ins non ben he, 

)3e God of whom I seide er be : 
s Persons Persones breo in brille-hod 

And o God cleped in on-hod. 1240 

YOU may see Men 1 may also, Clerkes bt 2 conne reden, J /. Me 

His godhead _ , . ,, , , T_ j i 

to,, by His I-seon his godhede borw his deden : , om j, at H S9 O]erky9 ,. 

ffnr al hp dodfn bat hp dllfJft here Fr - : K s fez pent horn saveir 

nor ai pe ueuen pai ne uuue nen E hl puiggn,^ a eu ve eir : 

XXXVIII. The Castle of Lave. Christ is God. 387 

[Were] wz'p Godhede & Monhede I-meynt 1 1-fere. 1244 
And nym nou ^eme & pou miht sen exemplum. 

TTnn hat iltp 2 miVit.p Vipn * H. he dede. 

6n - Fr. : Kar tuz ses fez furent meller 


Hose hedde a swerd here Tg^S 

bat wel I-steled and kene were, 1248 

And he hit in to be fuir dude, Put a sword 

.,,., , . . j in tlie fire till 

pat hit were brewnynge in be stude : it burns. 

Ho is bat benne mihte, 

Whon hit barnde so brihte, 1252 

be fuyr to-delen be stel fro who ran part 

the st.vl from 

Ober be Stel from be fuir mo ] 

And hose w*'J> pe swerd smite, 

Two kuynden he mijte sen and wite : 1256 

be Stel porw kuynde kerueb apliht, 

And pe fuir brande, 1 and bat is riht J 2 > H.barneth.Sim.brenneb Both are one. 

And al nf O <?wprrl hit, romp * Fr.: L'ascer trenchant per droiture 
11B> E le feu ardant par nature 

Also is of Ihesu, Godes sone: 1260 soJesuais 

Two kuynden he hab, we witen bi bon, 

bat he is SOj) God and SO)> Mon. , sim.froratteneo,*RofpiHi>riuete |? th God " 

ffor atte neces of bis princee (I) 1 *$?*** '" yra<>uile and ' 

.,,.-, i i .1 W. reads: ffor atle neces (r. no- ,. . .. 

At be Caane of Galylee ceg ) [he schewwiej pi pnuete. Adding 

, .-. , , , . , .. . i I tliink, bis p. made is a SjS 

A Gistnynge he made, Arcmtriclyn, uter insertion. llee > 

ber he torned water to wyn. * % ^ archit[r]eclin 

Sixe vessels ber weoren I-don : g^S?*^"^ 

Of water he bad hem fulle son; g^^tSSrlS.IS?' 1 S 

As mon 2 he bad don water ber-In, Com dieu leawe en vi " cha " ga ' 

And as God he tamed hit to wyn ; 2 ^^ H - A b y hi H-^ O 

Anrl hie illrft rlprlp was al On 3 3 Fr. : Et tut icest un oeur feu wine. 

Ana plS 1J-K6 Ueae WdS di Ull E ,j om , ne e de verrai deu. 

Of sopfast God and sopfast mon. 1272 

And elles-wher per he code, 

Muche folk l him suwede of feole peode, 

bat fvf bousend men he hab I-set Fr. : Ou taut de poepie i-i u HC aio fed 

* * J f 5<iflO men 

And wt'b fyue louw-y & twey fissches hem fed, 12< 6 w^stoKe. 

And of be Eelef bat he? leuede bi-fore 

Twelf cupe-ful weoren vp I-bore : 

As Mon he hem be bred to-breek, 

And as God he hab hem I-fulled ek. 1280 

Of La^ar also pern miht i-seon epe, ta/.aras'from 

Hou 1 he him arerede from pe depe, ' Fr. Kant 

bat foure dawes he leii a-long 

c c 2 


XXXVIII. The Castle of Love. Christ's might. 

when lie 

Christ is God, 

He who 
aughted in 


How Christ 


" mighty." 

No man can 
tell His 

To His name 
:ill things 

When Adam 
lost Paradise, 

all the world 
had to follow 
the Devil, 

and '.,'n to 

In fe Buriles, 1 fat he stonk ; sim. bm-ieis 1284 

Wif loud voys he clepede f us : 

" Lajar, a-Rys and cum out to vs : " 

Iliht as mon he clepede to him, 

And as God he arerede him. 1 288 

In alle his deden me may wel I-sen 

Jjat he is God and euer schal ben. 

]5ulke God alle fing dilite, 

jjat in fe swete Mayden alihte. 1292 

Al vre be-leeue in him is, 

Vre treufe, and vre hope, I-\vis, 

Persones Jjreo in f rillihod, 

And God fan}, in on-hod. 1296 

Nou 30 habbcf I-herd witterly 
Hou he is god almihti. 
Ac his strengf e ne may now tello, 
Herte fenke, ne MouJ> spelle. 1300 

flbr f e hei^e nome Ihesu 
Ha]> in him so muche vertu, 

Jjat al fat is in heueilC hije, ' H. in erthe, Fr. K en terre 

A-bouen 1 & bi-neo])en, feor and nei3e, 1304 

Bouwe]) to ]>ilke nome vchon. 

tfor-]>i J)er ne may hit telle non, 

His miht & his strengpe hou hit gef, 1307 

But as a Mon J>e liyilde fle]). 1 ' Fr.: MescomeenronRnnt lescorce 

Sum What tOUch en Ichulle foilde 2 ^ochier la voil a^i-tement 

Solunc Ic nneux ke jentenc. 

Of fat Ich may vnderstonde. 

}3o Adam hedde I-loren fonv synne 

Heuene & corfe & paradyses winne, 

}?e ffend hedde such miht J)o 

Jjat al }>e world moste after him go ; 

ffor wliom 1 J)e world was furst wroujt 

He haf him vnder I-broujt. 

Such strengfe he him fo chcs 

J5at prince of al J>e world he wes. 1 

Jjer nas non for his goodschupe, ' *< ^prt 

ffor penaunce ne for holyschupe, 

Jjauj he pynede hi?-self in flesch and felle, 

]3at fe fend ne ladde him to helle. 

Ac 1 J?e strengfe of Ihesu, Godes sone, l 



1 MS. whon. 

Fr. : Celui pur ki le mund fu fet 
Kii son poeirout attreit 


H> But > 

XXXVIII. The Castle of Love. Christ's descent. 380 

Hym hab al mated and ouer-come. 1324 But the 

Ouercomen and I-mat he was ful sone, JMMOW 

-i , ,, , . came him. 

po lie wende of him to done 

As he hedde don of ober alle 

pat he lette in to helle falle ISM-SO added to tiie Fr. 1328 

1 Alle he ladde herbifore after his wille 2 

And in to helle con 2 hem spille. 3 3 , H - 1 " hc " lllilt hc m ^ ]tt 

hem spylle. 

To be croys he con come when the 

And wolde habben his soule I-nomc. 1332 bw3i 

A i f t i m Christ's soul, 

Ac he faylede, be Traytour ! 

He was a-bated of his tour I 1 l, H - a ""7 e i' 

Fr. : 11 est de son torn abatuz 

ffor Codes Godhede him haj> douw cast God cast imn 

TII 11 i -r -i i f > Ilto Hell. 

In to helle, and I-bounden fast. 1336 

if or 1 borw his Godhede his soule code 

pidere, for hise bat hedden neode, 1 Fr.:0uiimeimesestaie 

. , , . . Oil saline sa cleite. 

pat 3ore hedden him a-bide MMO added to ttwFr. 

And sore longeden to gon him mide. 1340 

Helle-sates he al to-breek, Christ broke 

1.1 i , i . /. i 11 Hell's gutes, 

And to-daschte al fe fendes ek, 1 * Fr. Le peer <iu diabie a toieit, 
A gret bite he bot, of helle nom i ' ^TeT^nlSu &. 
And drouh alle hise out. vchon, 1344 ami brought 

' out His folk. 

pat leeuedere his come 1 & him kneAve H^omylfg 5 - Fr venue 

And serueden hi??z wij) herte trewe. 
h strengbe nas neuer I-herd ar b 
neuer schal, but of him, I-wis ! 1348 

Such strengbe nas neuer I-herd ar bis. sueb 


before ! 

ffor be meste strerigbe he al bi-reuede, 

pat be fend in be world heuede.i ' ^^S^maLr. 

He was en-Armed ful stronge, 

pat his }at wuste ful longe : 1352 

Ac bo be strengore him^ ouer com, Fr M ^ u ^ p u plus fort 

Gret preye he him bi-nom. 2 toSJUS^hd ad toieit. 

ffor-bi him seib wel Ysaye, * Fr - ~ vv< inore ' iiah fore- 

1 told 

pat seib in his prophecye 1356 

pat he scholde " Myhtfol 1 " I-cleped ben. ' MS. Myidefoi 

His strengbe may no mon I-seon, His strength. 

Ne no tonge ne mihte reden 

Ne bou^t benken his mihtful deden. 1360 

ffor his miht me oujte him drede, w e ought tb 

* fenr anil love 

And for his swetnes him lone ful nede. Him. 

pis is vre [sjchild 1 and vrc help, MS. child, H. shiid 


390 XXXVIII. The Castle of Love. The neio world. 

Vre strengfe and vre jelp, 1364 

Vre be-leue and vre socour, 
Vre treu]?e and vre honour ; 

)?at so Boxum bi-com for vs, 1367 

He 3af hiru-self to sauen vs. 1 ' * KdJ^'T^er. 
And al o God dude pis, 
ffader and sone and holigost, I-wis. 
| u??idel 30 habbe}> i-herd nou riht 

of his strewgjje & of his miht. 1372 

ininh also ac herkne]) 3it forjwre of Ysaye, 

SSirt )** cleped him in his p ? 'p hecie ' ft -KasiftrS*^ 

com"." ri ' ffader of fe world J)at scholde come 1 .' 

ffor while he walkede her atte frome, 1376 

He folfulde in alle finge 

Alle holye prophetes biddynge. 1 * H S by b ddyH? ynge ' 
in tins way: Hou he Is ffader, 30 schullen I-heren, 

And hou we alle of him I-streoned werew. 1380 

We each sind jjOTW Adam W6 1 SU?lgeden furst Vchoil ' Fr. trestuz pecherent 
thro' Adam, 

And eeten J?e Appel wi}> mm anon, 

And 1 alle we 2 of him I-streoned weoren, ' FT- Kanque de hn en- 

Kenilro furent 

)5e cors fat he beer alle we 3 beeren ; L OTe e iw" ki ' 

and ins curse Jjorw kuynde we hedden fe curs alle * H - that * om - in H - 

jjorw Eiht ne mi3t hit elles bi-falle. 1386 

Adam begat l Adam vr fader, Jje forme mon, ' Fr - K ^f m nostre P* 

ffleschliche streoned vs euerichon : E gSlT t " us e '" 
and tills Ac Jjulke flescliche streonynge 
brought us Beere vs Bale and Serwynge, 

Neore )>e grace of swete Ihesu, 

J)at vs strenede []>orw] gostliche vertu. 1392 

and death. )3orw Adam we weore to dejre I-demet : 

jesun raisd Jjorw Ihesu vp rered and al I-quemed ; 

us, and is our TT . ... , ... 

Father. He is vre ffader ariht, 

And 1 so goodliche vs haj) I-diht H.That 1396 

J)at w?Jj his blod he vs washed 1 of shine ' MS. waked. Fr. lava 

And brou3t vs out of wo to winne 
Never did Neuer ffader for no childe 
child as He Of fyn loue nas so freo ne mylde ! 1400 

Jjat 1 from J>e Roode for vre neode 
Hewentto Eiht in to helle he eode, Fr : K ^K rec} ^, 

ffuurti tymen J,er he wes EXtZXTf* 

XXXVIII. The Castle of Lwe. Christ rises. 301 

O 1 bat he vp risen dies ' MS. J?o 1404 

bat Avas on be bridde day, n> on the 

' r , third day, 

.Lrliclie vppon a sonenday, 

bo be ni^t fro 1 be day to-brek r. for? 

So seide seynt Austin bo he spek ; 1408 

Wb him he drain out alle hise <! 'ed out 

...... His servants. 

bat dijeden m his seruise, 

ffroni be tyme bat he Adam wrou^te 

[O] 1 bat he vp ros and vs for-boujte, om. 1412 

To his disciples he hi? schewede I-lome He imwd 


And Eet & dronk, code and come. His aucipieg, 

llburti dawes he was heere fulliche, 

And prechede hem godes kineriche. 1416 

Vppon 1 holy boresday, ber on his nome J r - J*)" = P" the i " H.iy 

* * r r. : iTesKes & i ;isotrii~ Tuurst lu v 

Heo weren I-gedered alle I-some ou1?^toient&c. 

Vppon a stude, ber he among hem com came among 

And of mis-bileue hem vndernom. 1420 

In whonhope and doute heo weoren vchon, 

^it 1 heo se^en hi??i alyue, 2 a lyues inon, r. l>et hed se^en 

bo 3 jit ne militen heo for no vrit ^f;? a ? rtnzfurenten dotance , 

Riht to sobe I-leeuen hit. KSSSSSSSSS* 

Ac heore doute was vre bi-heue 3 r- P e Jlt 

And fastnede fvtl wel vre bi-leeue, 

ffor muche vs dude sikernesse Thomas's 

unbelief gave 

Of Thomas misbileuenesse, 1428 us assurance, 

bat nolde for no mon bat was 

Bi-leeuen bat he ded and 1 arisen was om. dedand 

Ar he hedde hondlet be wou?*de so wyde 1431 

Ivir InnfTPiiQ marlp in hi<* <*vHp 1 l Fr - : Weak'en s plaies a mein mist 

pat longeus maae 1 1 ins syue, Ke Ll)llgi8 de lauce fil(t . 

And seon be woundes grene and weet 1 ' 1433-6 added to the Fr. 

Wjuche bat weoren on honden & feet. 

T-%0 schewed Ihesus him his wondes wyde for Jesus 

\J showd him 

f In hondes & feet, & jmlke on his syde. 1436 J^J.^ 11 ^,, 

" bou art, I-chot," quab Thomas bo, a " d8ide .' 

"Mi God and my lord also." 

" 3e. Thomas," quab Ihmi crist, 

" bou hit leuest lor bou hit sixt : 1440 

Alle heo moten I-blessed ben ?h,," u 

bat hit leeuen bauj heo hit not sen." ^uJl^T 

Openliche he made bulke day ' Him - 


XXXVIII. Tlic Castle of Lace. The new world. 

He sent His 
disciples to 
pi-each to all 

ant] to 
baptize them. 

In baptism 
we are new- 

Thus He is 
oar Father, 

and we His 

We may 
claim boldly 
our rights in 

He came 
from Heaven, 
and gave us 

tuz feus ' 


r -R de *> &>"" 

mis en sauvettz. 


and oitor -pro Inv I l Fr. A cen inr vmit apertement "I 111 
^J ' La foi fenner de tute gent. 

Wib his disciples he set bo 
As he was er I-wont to do, 
And sette tweyne & tweyne to gon 
$ond al be world, to prechen vchon 1 448 

To alle schaft and to alle wihte 

1 H49-50 om. in H. 

bat is tO mon borw rillte 1 Fr - * ' liv f s creature, tcf. Marc. 16) 

Cest a hoimne par droiture 

bat heo bi-leeuew in godes sone bat is, in him 2 *r.iie 
And bat vche mon folwede him, 3 1452 

* * T. fulwed he 

In be ffader [nome] and in be sone also Fr - * **** 

And in be holy gost bat glit of hem bo ; E ^ 

ffor hose neore I-borew eft at be frome, 

In to heuene ne mi^te he neuer come ; 

Ac bulke bat beb I-fulwed in Eiht bi-leeue 

Schulen beo broujt in Codes 1 bi-heue. 

"VVel openliche he scheweb vs 
bat vche mon mot eft ben I-bore. 
And jif we schuleneft I-boren ben, , 5IS gunne . cf Fr . 

\Vp rnnt.P r>nmpn nf ciirot.1 ori-cnn Mes pnske rene serrum, 
VY 6 mole COmen OI SUme Streon . Kngendrure averum, 

Vsnf io Tiro^Y. f -.r^-,,*-,, Cest del ewe e del esprit, 

]Jat IS be Water Ot VCrtU, ou nus engendra^ le su crist. 

per vs gostliche streneb swete Ihesu ; 1464 

And whon he vs hab so strened, I-wis, 

fforsobe vre ffader he is, 

And benne we alle his children beb. 

Sikerliche, vnwrestliche he deeb 1468 

bat such ffader ne loueb wib al his bou^t ! 

He ne eet of be Appel riht noujt : 

Baldeliche we mouwe borw him craue 

Vre Rihtes in heuene to haue ; 1472 

ffor he hab alle be lawen I-wyst, 1 ' or. wust 

Of poynt ne hab he mist, 

pat neuere neore I-wust ne I-holde 

Er 1 he him-self comen wolde. H.hent 1476 

be fforme Mon bat of eorbe com, 
Brou^t vs werre, and pees bi-nom : 

pat ojm?* Mon from heuene com wib meyn 
And hab I-^olden vre pees ajeyn. 1480 

ffleschliche was be forme mon, 
pat muche wo vs broujte vppon, 
pat was out of paradys I-pult, 

XXXVIII. The Castle of Love. Christ ascends. 393 

And al his ofspring for his gult : 1484 

Ac vre gostlych ffader, swete Ihesu, 
Vs bryngeb ajeyn borw his vertu ; 
He fat from heiiene com, 1487 

ffrorn louh anhei 3 he vs vp nom. ' ^SvtlTOJuKmS-. 
bat from eorbe com, to eorbe he gej) ; * 
bat from heuene com to hcuene he steb. 

On holy boresday, ber al be folk I-sei} on Holy 

Wjuche fat stoden a-bouten him neih, 1492 

be wey he made, vs to lede, He made us 

, , , n way tliro' 

borw be skewes, ber he eode, , cf . Fr>: La voie a geg Beinz a fet the S k ies , 

Wib sojmesse, and wey of lif 1 ; SgZS&Sl ve 

)5e feire cimpanye 1 him ladde wijj H. pray, Fr. proie 1496 and led His 

company to 

bat he out of nelle nom, biius ever- 

, ... lastiMK, 

bat to muche bhsse com. 

To Jjulke blisse he made hem wende 

)5at euer lastef wif-outen ende; 1500 

ber he wone]) as he dude er, 

Wib his ffader, God ber, with His 


Persones breo in brillihod, three in one. 

And God bau3 in on-hod ; 1504 

bat 1 alle bing wrou^te, as bou, mon, wost, 

ffader & sone & holygost ; 

bauj * vche nome of bise bre l H. And timwgh 

Sinderliche [be seid] 2 as he oi^te to be, 1508 

God hit is wib-outen care, Fr K ^ ^ 

Of aUe schaf tes schuppare ; g; 5S5 

To whom loye & honour hi- come 

Wib-outerc ende, be holy gome.i- l SJ 

Now biseche we God for his Mrci ttt 

.Such lyf her leden and so trusti, and vv! 1513-21 arewantlng'. 

J?at we his heste holden so long, 

bulke pes vs wonye among 1516 nstodweiim 

bat he sende from heuene to monkinne, bere 

And bat he wone wib. vs wz'b-Inne, 

And af tur bis lyf to loye wende. jjj ** y* 

bis writ in god nimeb nou ende, 1520 "' 

\)er is ende and byginnynge, 

So holy writ seyb, of alle binge : 

394 XXXVIII. The Castle of Love. Various Readings. 

God leeue vs here so ende 

)3at we ben worbi to lieuene wende. Amen. 1 1524 

1 Then follows Ypotys, fol. CCXCVI, ed. before in Altengl. 
Leg., N. F.. p. 341-8, and from another MS., Cott Calig. A II, 
with readings from Arund. 140, Ashm. 61, Cott Tit. A XXVI, 
ib. p. 511 526; 2 other MSS., Ashm. 750 and Douce 323, 
were ed. in a dissertation, Berlin, 1887. 

Various Readings to XXXVIII from Halliwcll's MS. 1 

(Ed. 1849 for private circulation.) 

Title in verse om. 1 He that. 2 wille helpene 3 ffor ther was . i- 
wrowght 5 ther was . evyl 6 But evyl . wes . )>e om. 7 ffadur 8 ever inst. 
of on eorfe . syst 9 oone . art in triuite 10 in unite 11 Withoute 12 ought 
ovre 13 Worshyp 14 crownyd kyng ys 15 throwgh . beth 16 Alle 
goodnesses . seth (i- om.). 17 graunt us to thencke & work en 18 fro. 19 
Alle we to have helpe we nede 20 Thawgh we be not . alle om. thede 21 
i-bore 22 oon 23 not inst. of we. 24 Ebru . that ofte beth wryte 25 
ffrensh . spechyne 26 in this w. sechyne 27 dryht 28 As om. awglit . is 
29 Loovyng to synge . full Jorne 30 syche . als . lorne 31 Xo mones ay ue 
be adrede 32 Ne his ledone shall not be hed 33 To herien God . hath 
wrowght 34 al om. thys w. 35 I wyl . shewe 36 hem . can . i-knowe 
38 In . I-chul 39 ffor-why . was furst wrowght 40 And therafter 41 
fadur hade to byn hys 42 The ioy and myrthe of p. 43 It to w. and it to 
welde . syche 44 shulde ther to hevyn 45 But . hit alle 46 And s. shall 
here how he f. w. 47 hye kyngessone sone 49 But ther werene fowre 
oystren i-boren 50 And om. prisoner . wes 51 lieryn 52 they cussyde . 
sawght 53 he sone lyght 55 This castel M. 56 Therin 57 telle forthe 
we shul 58 to us sayd wysly 59 ]>cr om. i- om. 60 i-jevyn 61 name . 
1-nempned om. byn 62 men . I- om. 63 myjhti . rihtwys 64 And of . to 
om. 65 Lord be om. 66 Off all the nomes how 67 Whe sliulle Jow telle 
that 3e shul wyten 68 domesday . I- om. 69 shnlle 70 somdele . pyne 71 
it be wrytene in Englysshe . dark 72 And have no savor aforen a dark 73 
lewde . lytell 75 And who so . wytur . wyce 76 Jorne 77 michel of lintel 
79 fynden 80 fay 81 byfalle . Goddys 83jef} 84 made (I- om.) 
85 f ho inst. of ffor->i. I om. 88 hathe alle 90 seventh 91 Lusteneth to 
my talking (lordynges om. ) 92 at the begynnyng 93 Hede i- wrowght h. 
w. so mychel gynne 94 J>e om. angels so teyre and bryght and feyre (!) w. 
95 bcr om. aftur 96 in here 97 waxed 98 That . anonryjht cast 99 ffelle 
100 Jet wes . )x> om. sevyn sythe 101 Bry3htur . forsojw om. she 103 
And alle-so the mone shon 104 As the sonne dothe in 105 nowght 106 
profyt 107 And alle . that shupte weren 110 whiche sorewe . dyel 111 they 
byth browght 112 osprynge 113 thay byth 114 dulfulle 116 And . telle 
Jow 118 serve 119 Godhede al 120 fayled 121 flyne 122 shulde byne 
123 Blossome . ryce 124 And om. bettur . yce 125 though . he om. alle 
welle done 126 valley . Ebrone 127 shope A. at the last 129 the holy 
Trynite 130 soul so f. and fre 131 showe 132 to have . owe 133 hyiuc 

i Halliwell does not name the MS. he used ; he only says : the text of his ed. was 
chiefly (!) taken from a MS. in private hands. His MS. is much younger ; it omits final -e 
in mijte. hijte, taujte, broujte, moste, wolde, wente, but adds it in come, breke, &c. 
Most readings are deteriorations or arbitrarily made to help the sense ; some few contain 
the original reading or help to find it, where the Vernon-text is spoiled ; none can with 
certainty be ascribed to a later or new revision with the French text. 

XXXVIII. The Castle of Love. Various Readings. 395 

ladde 134 wist slepe . al om. 135 nome 136 come 137 Jef . to byne is 
wyfe 138 h. hyme . Jef hyme i? wytte fyfe 139 dele the evyll fro . goode 
140 hem wel 141 Jef . Jet . worship 142 lordship 143 That . londe 144 
Shulde byne . his owne honde 145 And feyrelak . myche 146 And alle 
147 wonyne inne 148 and ' om. sorowe 149 god 150 byth 151 lyven . 
Jonge 152 And all tho that of hem two spronge 153 tale . sowles . fro hevyn 
155-6 Tho Adam and hys osprynge shulle hevyne ajeyne fulfylle, So blessed 
and bryjht be thowrgh Goddys wylle 157 Ryjht as the a. . told 158 
Biyjhtur . is nowe by s. 159 they . hevyn wynde 160 To ioy and bl. . eynde 
161 dethis 162 alle 163 tfro . ilke om. 164 styen 166 Among gret 
myrthe . angels 167 To lawes 169 Thet . wes . thowgh l70Thet.wes 
i-cleped 171 Thet . at 1. 172 holde Goddys 173 Thet . was that to hyiu 
174 appull he shuld never etc 175 Of that 176 So hym s. and hyjht 177 
Thet whensoever the appull he Jete 178 that lyfe he shulde 179 alle the 
kynne . come 180 have the same dome 181 heoled . hest aryjht 182 hym 
Jef . mychel 183 welde . worldis 184 Withoute . sorewe 185 Seysone to 
Adam delyuerd wes tho 186 wonnen 187 myche 188 Away full s. hit 
all 190 And browght . myche 191 appul jefe 192 Goddys hest he dede 
forlete 193-4 And sethyn his. lawes he breke, The lawe of kynde and the lawe 
set eke 195 he om. dede aftur is wyfys 196 heoled . hest 197 Thus is . 
rufull 198 Was om. I-cast 199 i-dryven 200 in the w. to lyvyne 201 
forsakyn 202 dylfull . himself i-takyue 203 hath hym boryne 204 Mirth 
wyth ryjht he hath forloryn 205 That m. . >at om. welle have 206 shall 
he now . crave 207 Out om. i-pult 209 con 210 That A. had trespast so 
211 hadyn hocowre 212 That mon shuld wonyn in the blessed honowre 
213 Hit he hade . prude 215 mychel . here 216 alle . aftur 217 when . 
hade i-1. here longe in c. 218 At the L dye 219 helpe here 220 ne most 
221 to . bespekyn 222 wold not foreward brekyn 223 ffnlle evull . mychel 
he 224 >us om. this w. 226 mychell 227 ne om. 228 But hit peyred 
thowrgh his wonnyng 229 But for the wonnyng of him hit was not long 
230 Nere that synne was so. 231 Jef . alle 232 And synne w. h. by all his 
myjht 233 synne . is alle oon 234 And Adam dede wone 235 Goddys 
hest breke 236 the appul he Jete 237 lost is 238 to pyne 239 >e om. 
kynkes . Jet 240 usyth thilke 242 synnes 243 feyror wes . er om. thynk 
245 Now is he . is servaunt and 246 understondeth 247 And when . 
servid thorgh thewdome 248 He dede withoute 249 And servise ne thrall 
they mow 250 eritage 251 is om. 252 So sone his er. is 253 Ne in curt, 
noo 254 Me owed not to answer ne him u. 255 mote 256 That myjht 
swewe (!) 257 myjht 258 that kynde 259 be boren 260 ne om. jete 
none of 261 And that have I-wyst with wynne 262 lawes withoutyn 
263 Theke too 264 And the tother. M. of S. 265 Moysen Jeven 266 Jet 
i-holdyn nes 267 Of mon . evir dede synne 268 of syche mon mynne 269 
thenk other k. 270 Who seche a wondur myjht do or 271 Sey . stede 
272 As I before dede 273 ffor now is tyme that I hit telle 274 ffor it be- 
hovyth to our spelle. 275 Ther wes . myche 277 hede 278 Of alle seche 
wyt of alle syche wone 279 And of all seche chere 280 his fadur dere (in 
his manere om. ) 281 oone . they were 282 oone studfastnes 283 volnes . 
they were ful ryjht 284 thei werene 285 fadur . alle begoon 286 belye . 
kyndome 287 Alle that was of hys b. 288 hit wolde 289 And foure 
dowghtryne hede this k. 290 And to uche he wes lovyng 291 Jef one . 
fulnes 292 wit . wysnes 293 befalle 294 Jet wes alle this volnesse 297 
kyndam 298 hit om. iustisyn 299 nomen 300 dowghtur is M. 801 
doujter om. 302 Sothe 303 systur we clepon 304 And Pes . fourth 305 
Withoute these . worship 306 Ther may . lordship 307 er 308 Hede . dede 
309 bothe str. 310 wes 311 insyjht . ryjhdome 31 2 he wes 313 de- 
lyverd 314 That in sorewe h. pyned ichoon 315 And of . thei hadyn dowte 
316 But hadde him in here rowte 317 And thei deden him 318 pyned . 
sore om. withoute. Title om. 319 she syjh 320 The prison hede here hert 
swyth nyjh 321 She myjght here no lenger hold 322 Tofore . come sheo 
wold 323 shewe . here 324 ffor to 325 (iuod sheo . fadur myne 326 

396 XXXVIII. The Castle of Lwe. Various Readings. 

dowghtur thyne 328 grace . goodnesse 329 alle I haue . thorgh the 331 
sortull wrecche p. 333 among 334 pyne thu hast him doon 335 Thei maden 
him a. in theke gret syune 336 Thorgh liere feyre behest withoute hlynne 
337 him om. and inst. of }if . appulle eten 338 And Goddis lawes forleten 
339 have alle . God 340 Therfore they seyde that tre wes him forbode 341 
And lyed to him therof. heo om. rowghton 342 falsnes . they 343 Therfore 
let falsnes Jelden be 344 wrecche om. prisoner tliou Jeve to me. 346 grace 
347 And of alle thi dowghtryne I am the aldest 348 One hem alle I am 
baldest 349 They dowghtiir I ne were 350 But my swetnesse 351 Grace 
352 swetnes 353 And thorgh thy nowne pyte 354 I-chulle . to om. sanite 
355 grace 356 Tylle he haue i-funde thyne ore. Title om. 357 So sone 
Sothe this werk syjth 358 here sistur heore h. Jyjth 360 hade . him om. 
demyd (I- om.) . eynde 361 here mode 362 before . anon up stode 363 
fFadur, I beseche the to here me. 364 ne om. may not. hit om. 365 hit 
om. a om. 366 Of my systere Mercyes w. 367 here wylsfull sermon 368 
out om. 369 suche inst. of swi>e . that I hit sy$h 370 nyjh 371 I sey . 
}>e om. 372 owest not 373 she 374 Sothe and Ryjht therwith 375 And 
om. 376 volnesse I-comyn I. 378 Mercies . rufull 379 }ef sheo . sane om. 
here 380 Savyn alle . she . for besechyn 381 Then never mysdede shulde 
byn ab. 382 fadur shuldest be dreded 383 And thou art alle sothefaste k. 
384 stabull . all 385 Therfore . wowgh 386 ajeyns me i-nowgh 387 him 
con 388 That he never grace i-fynde 389 Grace he hath alle forlore 390 
wes i-warned . before 391 shulde we . thike 392 That pyte of hymself 
hade non. 393 Hes dome he m. stonde to . sygge 394 alle . abygge. Title 
om. 395 i-hereth 396 And up her stode 397 I am heo seyth 398 kyng 
and ryjht 399 Ryjht domes byth with the 400 And alle thy werkys byth 
401 dee> om. mevyn 402 Hath dome deserved as Je Jevyn 403 >at om. 
fre was 405 hede hem boo 406 went 407 betoke . wrath . wo 408 And 
to synne and wrecchedome his fo 409 for ever thole dethe 411 to him thy 
best hestyst 412 Thorgh sothe then deth to him thou hettyst . After 412 
H has 2 vv. more : And he dede thi hestes breke, And oon him thou wolldest 
by ryjht be wreke. 413 Jef 414 gylt 415 And Sothe beryth 416 And els 
nedlyche no d. 417 Jef 418 Then dome . i- om. 419 not to 420 wolle sygge 
422 Aftur here gult as hit heore doth befalle 423 this . syggeth 424 And 
allso . they iuggeth 425 Kere nowther . ne om. 426 Ne uon of hem mercy 
u. 427 As a Tdiswaryed mon mysrad 428 he his myslad 429 helpyth . 
whersere he wynde 430 And his foon fy3htyth with him in u. eyude 431 
And han stripte . alle 432 him alle bare maked 433 And him . alle 434 
They thenketh he shalle be in prison strong 435 His foon maden him 
agultyn wondur sone 436 comyth aftur . here 437 hym heo iuggeth 438 
E. aftur Sothe that wolle sygge 439 And Pes with hem may not byn 440 
he . flyn 441 ne bydyth 442 Ther as werre is nyjh-honde 443 myjht 
444 And so of londe they byn i-d. 445 Ther where not in the w. i-levyd 
446 Nothyng but it wes dystryed. 447 drowut 448 Save . soules . where 
449 In Noeis flood in the shippe wer heo 450 sonys 451 haden 452 alle . 
is ther leved no more 453 owght to 454 on so drury dome 456 withoute. 
Title om. 457 So longe that . atte last 458 here fadur she 459 dowghtur 
and of the i-nome 460 volnesse . I am i-come 462 too systren . han 463 
they 464 neuer come 465 ffor thing that eny mon may do 466 Mercy 
myjht not hem. 467 And . no kynnes thyng 468 I myjht not come hem 
amyng (!) 469 And the . alle . owne 470 Therfore I am owt of 472 tyll that 
473 sustres 474 sawghtnes . so ende 475 And 476 Thawgh . byn set 477 
wyten and knowe Pes 478 maystur sheo is 479 In reste and pes I con 
inaken 480 Whi shalle 481 When eny g. dede . for me om. 482 have me 
l>e in thowght 483 But . ne om. lovyd me 484 systur nyll 485 I-chylle 
486 He (!) . oweth 487 >e om. byth . i-send 488 a evyn 489 shullen 
490 Jevyn . demyn evyn 491 ne om. dome 492 we f. byn 493 stonden 
(at- om.) 494 loke sethin 495 foure fadur 496 ne byth not of 497 
But I 498 We clepyn ajeyne the d. 499 al om. Sothe and Ryjht wold 
500 To Mercy and me hit doth not q. 502 Therfore fadur myne thou hit 

XXXVIII. TJic Castle of Lave. Various, Readings. 397 

Jeme 503 goodnesse 504 Thcr wontcth . PCS woll 505 Wyt no w. is 506 
But Pes therwyth be f. 507 lovyth . withoute 508 withoute 509 owoth 
to byn . gret 510 lord of 511 Therfore . owest 512 systur that prayeth 
the 513517 om. 518 Til om. d. shuld be 519 flyn 520 Tylle 
my systryn byn at oone 522 is . tho beren 523 aye 524 were inst. of al. 
526 Thei myjht never togedur c. 527 Leve fadur . I 528 wyt . wysdome 
529 And om. "Wysdam men 530 mychell . lovest 532 in thy work 
browghtest 533 byth oon . volnesse 534 and strengthe and hyenesse 535 
All I clmll 536 kyng more of ry3htwesnys 537 In so myche fadur I take 
more J. 539 furste inst. of for >e 540 of the p. rueth 541 And therfore me 
rueth well 542 cleputh 543 ffadur thou art . mekefulle 544 Heere . hero 
over 545 Alle here wyll I chull don 546 And make at oone S. & heere. 
547 Taken 548 wollen it . beden 549 And I alle one woll dome the dome 
550 a i. oweth 551 make 552 to cusse . sawght sone 553 dryvyn . werre 
with myn honde 554 thi 555 Who so this afore bese con 556 openly i-se 
557 betokenyng 558 Is the iusyjht of God 559 ffadur, withoute God is 
m. n. 560 hath alle 561 hath fulled utryjht 563 thawgh 564 volnesse 
565 jeve . blesseng 567 han . I owe t. 568 make 569 Adam om. forleet 
hit was 570 The world . alle 572 Mou myjht not himself do keveryng 
573 ne myjht him . no. 574 And . myjht not 575 most it nede 576 
Goddys sone shuld m. 577 And mon shuld deth tholyn with sorewe r. 578 
shuld uprysen ajeyn fro 579 ffor ells . forloren 580 i-wrowght. 581 wheche 
1. wych b. 582 grace and whiche s. 583 to alyjht ches 584 ffor 0011 sele 
shepe 585 His fadur blysse he levede and ther-fro Jeode 586 To seche 
theke shepe in uncowthe Jode 587 Ther is not seche an h. non om. 588 
non om. mercyfulle a 1. 589 syche a 590 meche 1. on him 591 ilyke . 
him wolde 592 sothen suffre deth 593 Sore he awght his handys to wrynge 
594 That this lord wold greve for enythyng. 595 Herketh . at this frome 
596 this sheperd 597 tydyngus comyn 598 prophetys 600 Elias 601 Ant 
D. . leromie 602 And D. 603 Eliseu 604 Thei seyn . ryjht well 605 Long . 
of hem 606 But herkynth. The Latin quotation om. 607 I-boryn 608 son . 
i-jevyn 609 shulle 610 alle this sliull byn 612 rewfull . of ryjht 613 al 
om. byn 614 And prince . seyn 615 These buth . nomes . nowe i-leven 616 
to him Jevyn 617 Jef . wolle heryn telle 618 wondurfulle 619 Seche . wes . 
I- om. ny saye 620 Ne n. weryn by no monis day 621 Ne never shull 
come 622 As was when God mon b. 623 sye (I- om.) 624 I- om. 625 
fete . bere 627 hede his fote or his bond forloren 628 he weren so bothe 
i-boren 629 "Where thei . too 630 Nay sotheli, thei nere not soo. 631 ffor 
thawgh the toon hede of kynde to myche 632 And that o. to lytell and beth 
of diverse lyche 633 Jet . nede om. byn 634 a forshapon lym 635 And . 
mychill . byn 636 myjht seche a mon i-syn 637 That monkynde hade 
uwtryjht 638 That he nere to mychill ne to lytyll in syjht. 640 forshapon 
thyng 641 a good h. 642 Seche . befall 643 who-so isyjh seche a shapyng 
644 clepon . wonderfulle 645 Jet is hit . thousondfold 647 clepud 648 
sothefast . and monne 649 ne om. 650 And eke . all thyng is . I- om. 651 
withoute synne he is e. 652 wone therof dede 653 Ne shap therto non nes 
654 I-red 655 nys non then he that is of so gret myjht 656 to erthe inst. 
of dude 657 ooure . nome 658 al om. wes become. 65 als wolde 680 
boryn . wymmon 661 That same shap 662 mons 663 And God myjht 
not" in no m. 664 Alyjht bote . stede . in om. 665 stede . siker om. he 
666 Ther God inne to alyjhte ches 667 that is comlyche 668 Mychell . 
and feir om. 670 This . c. mychell of the f. 671 meere . betwynnen too 672 
He hath no feyrelac. 673 withowtyn 674 And so . aboutyn 675 no maner 
676 harme 67'7 hie . sownde 678 And . I- om. from rofe to grownde (!) 679 
Ther may non evyll thyng 680 Ther to do eny grevyng 681 And eke hit is 
so levelych 682 So dredfull and comlyche 683 tho . beth 684 thei fleth 
685 ffoure s. toure ther beth abowte 686 wyte >e hole t. withowte 687 And 
allso ther beth . baylys 688 So om. stronge 690 Ther may . here feyrship. 
I- om. 691 ne om. 692 it thenk . it spelle. 693 trysti . fast 694 dyche 
buth all becast. 695 cornels . so om, 697 Seven barbacanes . byth 699 

308 XXXVIII. Tlie Castle of Love. Various Readings. 

toure 700 ne om. socoure 701 Ther shalle never fo stonde him wyth 702 
thidur . fle seche 703 sycoure . abowte 704 alle peynted is abowte 705 
colours . byth 706 The furst the fondement is all g. 707 fast lythe 708 is 
him that this myrthe sythe 710 colur lesseth (ne om.) 711 And sethyn . 
abouten om. hue 712 Is bothe . eke om. blue 713 cleputh 714 And hyt 
s. over all feyre and b. 715 ovenast 716 I- om. 717 withinne . withoute 
718 abowte 719 raddur . euere om. 720 Hit semyth it barnede all 722 As 
is the swan when heo is swymbyng 723 the 1. 724 After om. Enlong on 
the. 725 Ther never there comyth wo ny wowgh 726 But 727 Amyd 
the toure a walle dede sprynge 728 That never is drye but ernynge 729 
stremys . strykyn 730 on 732 Mechell 733 That man nedeth non. 734 
aryjht . watur 735 thike toure 736 thorne . meche 737 As whyte as 
yuory 738 somers . when heo 739 all do 740 byth 741 oo feyre in order 
i-ioyned byth 742 So feyre thyng in erthe . i-syth 743 abowte it i-bend 
744 to him . i-send 745 Ther nes never so feyre a chayere 746 To kyng ne 
to emperour. 747 But meche more worship . Ii.ouJ om. 748 Ther God to 
alyjht ches 749 Suche a c. is ther non 750 wes . thyke 751 here-aftur . 
ne om. 752 dyjht 753 hit om. and hit alle dede 754 a. himself in thilke . 
feyre om. stede 755 kyndam 756 that st. myche 757 That 759 and hele 
and sycomesse 761 maydons body . fre 762 Ther . nas om. hoe 763 I- om. 
was 764 As . mayde 765 mere betwynne too 766 That hoe shuld us shylde 
from 767 vs om. 768 Hoe . here. After 768 H has 2 vv. more : ffor hoe may 
allerbcst, And hoe woll allerbly vest 769 true . trysti 770 maydons body. for>i 
om. 771 That therin never synne come 772 And to serve God alle here hert 
shoe nome 773 wyst here maydenhode . muche om. 774 With grace and 
wyth s. 775 to the roche fast 776 grenship 777 That is . maydonis 778 
alle here 779 here . >at om. true 780 e. hit is grene and newe. 781 hire 
om. apertenent 782 To . and fundement 784 feyreshipe 7S6 That in good 
hope wes here lyvyng 787 Hoe wes 788 serve . with 789 and J>e om. 791 
brande 792 Ther is noon . mychill 794 hoe . alle 795 And shoe is i-tend . 
fyre 796 To servyn here God ab. 798 kepyn . hie . withowtyn 799 ]>at om. 
abowten heere me syth 800 thei byth 801 strenghe . slyjhship 802 Ryjht- 
wesnes . warship 803 hath inst. of wi>. 804 That non evylle ther may com 
withinne 805 what . baylys 806 cornels byth . feyre. 807 throwen inst. of 
I-cast . abowte 808 the hoole toure withowte 809 ba'yli 810 That be- 
tokynth heere 811 nes 812 Goddys . she 813 myddyll bayly 815 
otmast 816 Betokenyth here hoole spousayle 817 ffulle ryjht me hem 
clepeth b. thre (for>i om.) 818 That hadyn . here om. bayle 819 ffor hoe 
hore-self is m. 820 ffor shoe is . weddes(!) 821 these . in inst. of teon 
822 to an ende . I- om. byn 823 And the sevyn barbacanes abowte 824 
so gret . byth wr. withowte 825 kepyn these 826 aroo 827 byth sevyn 
vertuce that han wyth w. 828 To om. 829 Prude . begynnyng 830 evyll 
thyng 831 The whiche al matyd and overcome w. 832 sheo 833 heore 
true 834 heore 835 sheo m. to 836 heere 837 And ail-so she dystried 
838 hire om. largenes on iehe 839 evermore. . hoe 840 pacyens . sheo 841 
heere gostly 842 Dystryed slowth in 843 walle . alle of g. 844 fylleth . 
a om. 845 so deled is 846 goodnes inst. of Meth . wi>al om. 847 And . 
lovyd 848 That he heere Jeve full grace outryjht 849 >e om. gr. withoute 
let 850 Socur alle the w. i-jet 851 Therfore . here 852 One i-blessed . 
ladi om. 853 whiche . byn 854 Bote heere poverte that heo wes inne 855 
Ther was no mon-kynnes a. 856 That myjht dere the castell of nothyng 
857 fynde was overcome 858 him all benome 859 so om. freo 860 spak . 
neddur . treo 861 come . blyve 862 hed inst. of pouste 863 be heo this 
byrd 866 Therfore of here soule . is 867 And to . gestnyng 868 of hire so 
}yn<* 869 To brynge him out 870 gareson 871 feyre good 872 Whill . 
meche 873 then other that ever made was 874 And tho the sonne of ryjht- 
wesnes here ches 875 And on heere when he shadowe wolde 876 He 
feyred . thowsonde 877 fast jate 878 And om. owt-goyng . 1. hit fast 879 
let we be st. 881 882 helpest . flyth 883 comyn 884 knocked . con 
grede 885 He knocketh & gredyth . con 886 Help . me om. mayde 887 

XXXVIII. The Castle of Love. Various Readings. 309 

Tin welle ondo I the b. 888 And therof thou let me cleche 889 Of thilke 
grace that alle is thoor 890 To hem that in herte gostly byth poore 891 
Be-se how 892 Of . alle 893 That is the fynd 894 And the w. and my f. 
they styntyth 895 Withoute ene mystre . voth 896 hoe 897 G. perlyment 
they han i-nomen 898 is formest forth i-comen 899 ostes . doth 900 
prude . slowth 901 with too ostys hath me 902 with c. and hate he wold 
me fonde 904 gloteine . foule 905 G. fyjht they han . i-nomen 906 as a 
champyon 907 swete mayde 908 I ha forloren alle the m. After 908 H. 
has 2 vv. more : Thow that art to alle febnlle leche, T how let me of thv 
dyches cleche. 909 Theras the c. is so stabull 910 And om. is there con- 
stabull 911 I have . i-told 912 And . by a thousond 913 goodnes 914 
Out om. coruyn (I- om.) 915 God Allmyjht 916 alyjht 917 And hyre he 
nome . monhed 918 he kend . Godhed 919 bar . floure 920 The mayde . 
heere creature 921 that child . I- om. 922 A . i-Jevyn 923 I trowe this 
be w. 924 That he for us was thus i-b. 925 So mychill wondur I knowe of n. 
926 too kyndys in oon to bryng 928 Hath that that shulde to him falle 929 
Andn. neom. won teth here myjht 930 But ether of hem han here ryjht 931 
This . Goddys 932 fro 933 To make at oon his systryn that were at woore 
934 ffor the prison that was forlore 935 To kyndes . I wotte 936 ffor he is 
sothefast . suthfast 938 And the ende of his dedyn i-dyjht 939 And this 
all abowte thou well be-se 940 And . wold 941 boiyn of a. 942 become 
944 in to heele ever 945 other 946 And calleth mon his leve brother 947 
myslyche i-gon and unjemed 948 londe . i-flemyd 949 syst 950 mayst not 
of thiself ha k. 951 Ne om. 952 And syker be thou here-oon 953 That 
he that woll . leve 954 .him brynge and lede to is o. loud 955 And soone 
herkyn thou to me 956 I 957 ffor my . weryn 958 is lyjht . beryn 959 
To mercies bone 960 forthe I am i-c. 961 I . >e om. sue 962 And 
I-chulle . take 963 have 964 I-chull crave 965 ffor now I am 966 Ther- 
ibre I-chull crave 967 And am fre of byrth in every towne 968 Men 
owghton to here 969 ffor I have kept 970 lawes withowte 971 I-chylle . 
batell 972 And sycur make the of . ful om. 973 ffor I-chull over alle that 
fyjht 974 And the maystry have alle with ryjht 975 Ne on erthe thow nedest 
to thenk els n. 976 good 977 wheche frensship whose taketh 978 When 
God alle thys world shalle deme 979 That us sch. so meche swetnesse 980 
And so gret vertu of 981 And theke bysenes . lytull tellit 982 And sylden in 
the w. this vertu is do 985 And . and pacyens 986 Lovyn . mekenesse & 
987 ffor when a mon Jevyth him to the worldys weele 988 And goodys fallyn 
to him mony and fele 989 He thenketh no good in maner thyng 990 to bryng 
991 And when worldly godys han the mastri (a last om.) 992 Hit maketh 
mon so rebell and hye 993 That he waxeth wonder prowde 994 mysdyth . 
bo>e om. 995 He wylneth no thyng of largenessse 996 lordship . hyenesse 
997 vertu of 998 Alle . prude . forjetyn 999 Thes synnes mow not Crist sue 
1000 ffor thei beth of evyll vertue 1001 And whos his vertu levyth nowght 
1002 Whi shuld he wyllen o. 1003 Of his . kyndome 1004 That he thorgh plee 
and bataylle wone 1005 And ever ajeyns his byddyng woll do 1006 And ajeyns 
here soulys allso 1007 And . prude . hienesse 1008 And loveth nothyng b. 
1009 Therfore . han 1010 fro 1011 dowt for he that aftur hym don 1012 
Lest they shullen the way aftur hym gon. After 1012 H. has 2 vv. more : 
But Jef thei hem amende Of that that they dude God afende. 1013 But to 
this I graunte welle thou 1014 That hit may befalle to a mon 1015 To 
have . lordship & gret 1016 townes . ryches 1017 And may Jet Goddis 
wylle don and holde 1018 And lyve well God to plese and he w. 1019 And 
byn in charyte and b. 1020 sothenesse . rijhtwesnes 1021 wyllyt not els 
1022 al om. and his love so clere 1023 How . aske 1024 How that . god 
om. 1025 And how 1026 And by whom cure ryjht ajeyn come 1027 
Lusteneth 1028 3ow telle 1029 Tho that . bor (I- om.) 1030 k so d. 
fynde 1031 riht om. nothyng wyst 1032 But forte ha be lord & s. was his 
tryst 1033 ere was, but 1034 >at om. boren (I- om.). to om. was come 
1035 fynde sye hym mon and in monis wede 1036 But he wyst not . ne of 
what dede 1037 He sey him mon and knewe that he was of inonkynde 

400 XXXVIII. TJw Castle of Lava. Various Readings. 

1038 But never to synne Cryst had myende 1039 devyll . swi>e om. art 
thou 1040 Whether . comyn art 1041 Alle . wyde om. Jeve. 1042 And thou 
wolle abowe & worship me. Latin om. 1044 I am thy Lord thou shalt fynde 
me so. Lat. om. 1045 What thenketh the, mayst thou not understand 
1046 Seyde the fynde, I am Lord of alle this londe 1047 And therof in 
sesyne longe I ha be 1048 hie . Jeve 1049 I knowe . I wot 1050 But of 
the ny of thy thowght. 1051 Sykur thou takyst full mychill on honde 1052 
beneme . londe 1053 na no pouer 1054 Wenest thou . beneme 1055 >orw 
om. 1056 ffulle fast, thei con it dyjht 1057 wosobreke. hest 1058 ever be 
myne . synne lest 1059 And on endeles dethe he shuld dye 1060 And the 
k. of h. of ryjht nyl not wrye 1061 What woldest thou seche f. b. 1062 be- 
speke. Lat. om. 1063 onswered 1064 And seyde that f. myjht not be holde 
1065 Ac om. Thow thiself formest dedest hit b. 1066 monkynne 1067 
seydes the tre was him 1069 And Jef he wolde 1070 And wolde Goddys 
beheste lete 1071 ffor om. alle 1072 And om. He shuld deth suffer never 
non 1073 or ells he hede be 1074 I trowe reson hit nere 1075 That 
thou hadest. 1076 And woldest not holde anout the H 2 vv. more : The 
covenand that thou shuldest ha do, Thou foule fynde, monis fo. Lat om. 
1077 O I am . fynd 1078 I am . overcome 1079 comyth 1080 Syche . 
seche 1081 so bold darst be 1082 To . ajeyns. 1083 I have all i-1. anon 
1084 But so hit may not. 1086 That is in my p. 1088 I wot not with 
whom I shuld desseysed be. Lat. om. 1089 Swete Ihesu tho con segge 
1090 And om. I wolle . for-bygge 1091 buggen here (to his f. om.) 1092 
shull cost . dere 1093 quod "1094 Bote as . heere that he go 1095 Vt 1096 
ryjht, quod . good om. 1097 Ne om. 1 kepe no thyng to-Jeyns r. 1098 Ne 
thorgh mastry beneme the hit 1099 Lat. om. Quod the fynde and er he 
delyverd be 1100 Thu . as myche worth 1101 is worth at thys f. 1102 
thyke . shulle. Lat. om. 1103 Blythelyche . al om. do. "1104 lytille 
fyngur 1105 seche a 1106 alle the . i-syn. Lat. om. 1107 fynde to Ihesu 
tho 1108 I wot 1109 ffor all the world deme thou myjht 1110 ffor of the 
my pouere is lost by ryjht. 1111 Jeve thi fyngur . sygge 1112 So fowle 
and unworthy chaffere to bygge. Lat. om. 1113 quod Ihesus and alle . 
to h. ransom 1114 han him 1115 3it om. don er . have him 1116 Thow 
most suffre on e. wondur & wo 1117 amende 1118 suffre dethe . strong om. 
1119 onswered to 1120 Alle . i-sayde hit shall 1121 to be 1122 aftur 
and }ef the dome tho 1123 I woll }et 1124 that thrall 1125-6 Tho the 
fynde wyst well this That thorwgh is deth mon shulld ha blys 1127 And 
so the fynde wes overcome 1128 i-nome 1129 And the worme swolewe 
that the last 1130 Then he is . i-teyed 1131 . take hede . me inst. of }>e 
1132 truly . loved 1133 thole deth and pyne withowte 1134 fro p. and 
1135 misdede 1136 evyll inst. of lodliche . ur 1137 synne dede 1138 Ne 
with fylth was fownde . stede 1139 ffor alle . lymys . ever hade mon 1140 
Seth A. to syenge furst b. 1141 He wolde . alle om. I- om. 1142 makyn . 
al om. 1143 ffor oure gret gult here 1144 A crowne . thorne 1145 oure 
syjht myspende allso 1146 eynen . blynwherved 1147 alle . was om. de- 
fouled 1148 And allso with g. boffettys they him s. 1149 vnwreste & om. 
so vyle 1150 They Jevyn him galle to dryng and eysile. After 1150 H has 
2 vv. more : The lewes deden this to him for gret vylny, Bote he suffred hit 
alle pacyently. 1151 ffor unlawfull werk us avonde 1152 He was peersed 
thorgh foot & honde. 1153 evyll thowghtys . ful smert 1154 A speere was 
smyte thorgh is syde to is hert 1155 thonne for us do 1156 telle of his soore 
1157 No mon is hit may thenk hit so 1158 Syche peyne he tholed and wo. 
1159 is hit but he m. ha. 1160 Of seche a frynde that hade so gre cherite. 
1161 Seche buth . dyntes 1162 suffred . withoute 1163 And he suffred . to 
be b. 1165 he suffred . hondred fold 1166 Of sorewe . when . dye wold 1167 
eny fynd 1168 Legge . hond om. 1169 lovyd 1170 That he onnethe wold 
weynde hit fro 1171 ne for no 1172 That he wes hurt and peyned with ever- 
more 1173 Tyll his f. wyttys wer i-1. utryjht 1174 strength 1175 his s. 
& his h. 1176 His . his 1177 his . he om. wes browght to an ende 1178 Er 
the soule fro . wolde wynde 1179 Kynde myjht for no jnaner thyng 1180 

XXXVIII. The Castle of Love. Various Headings. 401 

Han suffred the halfondele of that peynyng 1181 But 1183 hongcd 1184 
To the fadur his soule he Jyf with mylde voyce 1185 showed 1186 payed 
1187 withowtyn 1189-90 om. 1191 And ever M. 1192 Mercyfull 1193 
tf'or deyl I may not hit say 1194 peyne . hoe tholed theke 1195 But 1196 
Wes fulfylled thon (>o bi om.) 1197 As hit were with a swyrde in theke stonde 
1198 Thorghe here sowle she hade gret woonde 1199 But here . hondred 
1200 Tho here sone fro d. aryse w. 1201 nowght nere the p. 1203 She sye 
oponly . in om. thyng 1204 and the endyng 1205 the whiche . fynde 
1207 Oure trowth and oure b. 1208 Stode alle in oure Laydy tlio 1209 the 
dysciplys were 1210 But oxire Lady wes ever in on 1211-12 In fast beleve 
both stylle and lowde, Ther myjht nothyng brynge here owte 1213 full of 
1214 Mayde clone full of bewte 1215 Oure b. in heere tho wis (!) 1217 shoo . 
heere 1218 That us forbowght of thrall thus. 1219 Whan I herd now 1220 
nieche 1221 conselth 1222 he dede 1224 overcome hit to an e. 1225 Ther 
nes never 110 mon 1226 forbigge 1227 And he 1228 Ther we ichon come 
may 1229 abovone inst. of come 1231 nou om. 1233 i-syn 1234 he 
may . els byn 1235 But oon 1236 theke 1237 is 1238 >e God om. I er 
seyde . >e om. 1239 Thre persons in Trynite 1240 And oon God in Maieste 
1241 Me may as clerkys con rede 1242 I-syn -that he is God by his dede 
1243 dedys . dede 1244 Wer om. . he dede inst. of I-meynt . in f. 1245 Now 
tak hede . myst i-syn 1246 That this thyng may well byn 1247 fibr who so 
hede . swyrd 1249 Je om. fyre dede 1250 Tyll hit w. red bernyng in that 
stede 1252 While . brande 1253 to-dele . styell 1254 steell fro the fyre to 
thro 1255 who so . >e om. 1256 Too kyendes he may syn and of w. 1257 
steyll . kervyth 1258 barneth 1259 alle . one swyrde 1260 And allso hit 
faryth of. 1261 To kyndes . wyte 1262 very . very 1263 He shewed gret 
myraculle and privete 1264 chane 1265 gestnyng . he om. 1266 turned 
watur in to 1267 were 1268 With . bade fylle hem 1269 As by his monhede 
he bade do watur theryne 1270 And by his Godhede he t. the water to wyne 
1271 And all this dede wes don 1273 owher that . Jode 1274 Muche om. 
fl'olk him sewed bothe evyll and goode 1275 J>at om. ffyve thousond folk he 
fed 1276 Wyth tweye fysshes and fyve loovys of bred 1277 relyf . left 
1278 ther were 1279 that b. to-breke 1280 haj> om. fulfylled eke 1281 syn 
(I- om.) 1283 That foure dayes long 1284 Lay in is towmbe that he stonk 
1285 lowde 1286 come 1287 Riht om. 1288 areysed 1289 dede . i-syii 
1290 byn 1291 That God . made and dyjht 1292 that sw. mayde alijht 
1294 hope . trowthe 1295 He is thre persons in Trynite 1296 And oon 
God in unite 1297 han herd 1299 And . no mon may 1300 Ne thowght 
1301 this hie 1302 myche 1303 hevyn hejh 1304 In erthe & benethen 
fer & nyjh 1305 Bowen . thike 1306 Therfore this vertu no mon telle con 
1307 Of his m. ne of 1308 aom. thataryvede (!)fleth 1309 towchin 1310 
that that I 1311 hade i-lore 1312 The blys of paradys and hevynne 1313 
fynde hede syche 1315 But for monkynde the w. was wr. 1316 And the 
fynde . underbrowght. 1317 Seche 1318 alle 1319 was no mon . goodshipe 
1320 holyshipe 1322 And Jet the fynde ladde 1323 But 1324 Hath him 
1325 Ouercome and shent 1326 with him to ha done 1327 he dede of 1329 
herbifore om. 1330 In helle that he myjht hem spylle 1331 crosce as Cryst 
honged he con c. 1332 his soule ha nome 1333 But Jet 1334 of h. anowre 
1335 the inst. of Godes. 1336 and there i-bonden him f. 1337 is g. is s. 
3ode 1338 To helle for hem . hade 1339 longe hadyn 1340 longed to goon 
out of that styde 1341 Jatys . alle to-breke 1342 te-dassbed alle . fyndes 
1343 The maystri of helle he hede anon 1344 drowgh out alle hisen 1345 
beleved his comyng 1346 servid . hert trysti and true 1347 Seche 
streynthe wes . I- om. er 1348 shalle be 1349 moost 1350 fynd . this 
1351 The fynde was armed f. strong 1352 And wyst f. long 1353 Bote 
Cryst with his strengthe him o. 1354 And his gret prey 1355 Therfore 
thus seyth Ysay 1356 And profecyeth 1357 myjhtfull . byn 1358 no mon 
may thenk ny syn 1359 ne om. redyn 1360 hert thenk is . dedyn 1361 
owthimto 1362 to love, ful om. 1363 He is . shild 1364 and all oure 
1368 That he Jif . savyn 1369 alle oou . dede 1371 han herd 1878 But 


D D 

402 XXXVIII. Tlic Castle of Lvoe. Various Headings. 

herkynth . Ysay 1374 clepud . profecy 1375 is to c. 1376 ffor om. Whill 
he on erthe here to walk nome 1377 fulfylled . thyng 1378 holy . byddyng 
1379 Now . shull i-heryn 1380 i-holpe weryn 1381 synged . furst om. 
1382 ete 1383 And all that thorgh Adamis kynde gete weryn 1384 here . 
we om. beryn 1385 they hadyn his cors 1386 hit myjht not els falle 1387 
furst 1388 fflesshely of him we comyfn] uchon 1389-90 And for the synne' 
that Adam in Paradys dede, All we that of him come shuld ha byn in sory 
stede 1391grave(!) 1392 Jeynbowght thorgh gostli 1393 to om. 1394 alle 
quemed 1395 by alle ryjht 1396 That us so nelpeth and us so hath dyjht 
1397 he om. wassheth 1398 Andforbowght us hevyn to wynne 1399 Ther 
was never fadur to his child 1400 nas om. meke and myld 1401 ffor 
from 1402 Jede 1403 tymes 1404 Er that he to aryse ches 1405 Jet he 
rose up on the 1406 Erli in the marnyng on a Sonday 1407 When . to- 
breke 1408 This beryjth Seynt Austyn wytnes and thus doth speke. 1409 
And Ciyst with him drow 141 levedyn 1411 ffro 1412 And then he 1413 
showed sone 1414 Jete . drong and Jode 1415 dayes. wes . fully 1416 his 
lawessycurli 1417 Opon a day the dysciples were 1418 I-gedred to-gedreall 
in fere 1419 In a certeyn place ther hem among he come 1420 Of here m. 
hem he u. 1421 wonhope . they weryn 1422 And Jet they syen him lyves 
mon 1423 >o om. Jet myjhten they 1424 Verely belevyn hit 1425 But Jet 
here dowte to us doth be-heve 1426 ffor hit fasteneth. 1427 ffor to us this 
dowte is sicurnesse as I fynde 1428 Of the misbeleve of Thomas of lynde 
1430 Beleve that Cryst ajeyn rysen was 1431 Tyll he hede i-hauled (!) is 
wondes wyde 1432 Longes 1433 i-syn his wondes . wete 1434 That he 
hade with nayles thorgh the fete. 1435-6 om. 1437 I wot. 1438 Lord . 
God 1440 Thu levyst this . syst 1441 I-blessed mote all tho byn 1442 
That this belevyth and don hit not syn 1443 Oponliche thyke "same day 
1444 ffast and sycor he made cure fay. 1445 dysciplys . Jete 1447 bad . 
togedur to gon 1448 Thorgh the w. to prechyn uche mon 1449-50 om. 
1451 That they shuld be-levyn in God Allmyjht 1452 And his lawes 
folewyn as hit is ryjht 1453 ffadur nome. in 2 om. 1454 holigostys that 
precedit hem fro 1455 Thawgh mon were now i-boren (eft at J>e frome 
om.) 1456 To h. he myjht not comen, H. adds : But he beleve in God 
ryjht welle, And that shall him save fro helle. 1457-8 Jef he i-folewed 
be and be [of] good lyfe, Thawgh he dye his soule shalle be in no stryfe. 
1459 ffulle opynly . showeth us beforen 1460 iche . most twyes be boren 
1461 And Jef he shull twyes boryn byn 1462 Onus of cure inodur furst we 
mot be boryn 1463 And efte of the watur of vertu 1464 Therto us 
ordeyned 8. I. 1465 And om. When we this Crystendam ban i-wys 1466 
Vr sotheli fadur then he is 1467 we alle then . byth. 1468 Sykor un- 
kyndely he dyth 1469 seche a. ne om. loveth not 1470 He of the appull 
Jete never r. n. 1472 Oure herytage 1473 lawes 1474 Of oon p. therof he 
hath not m. 1475 Ther nere never i-wyst ne holden 1476 Hent he him- 
selvyn come w. 1477 furst . that ever 1478 Hebr. . us benome 1479 But 
another that come fro hevyn without feyn 1480 He hath us get 1481 
fflesshely wes the furst m. 1482 myche . apon 1483 out om. 1485 But o. 
gostili fadur 1486 Browght us ajeyn 1487 When he downe fro hevyn 
come 1488 to hye 1489 He that . to the erthe him beyjh 1490 He that 
fro. he om. steyjh 1491 hali . that all folk him seyjh 1492 That by him 
stode full nyjh 1493 The way to us he made i-wys 1494 When he stcyjh 
to hevyn that holi blysse 1495 A sothefast way and to ever-duryng lyfe 
1496 His feyre pray he hadde him wythe 1497 out of h. with him noine 
1498 To meche ioy and blys he made hem come 1499 To that ioy and 
blysse . wynde 1500 Ther to lyvyn w. eynde 1501 dede 1502 is . and 
byth oon God ther 1503 Thre persons in Trinite 1504 And oon God in 
unite 1505 well inst. of mon 1507 And thawgh . these 1508 Byn 
syndry seyd as they shuld be 1509 On . w. dowte 1510 Maker of alle this 
world withinne and without 1511 Ioy, hououre, worship and lovyng 1512 
Be to that God oure hevyn kyng. 

XXXVUI. Castle of Love. 15 Tokens before Doomsday. 403 

Instead of the last vv. in MS. Veraon, H. has the following further passage 
explaining how Jesus is prince of peace : * 

Lusteneth Jet forther of Ysayes spelle, The erthequake shall be so loude and 
flbr now je han herd me telle stume ; i vv. 1 561-6 taken from the Fr. 

How swete Ihesu oure fadur wes : And on thy Ike dredfull byttur day 1 
Herkenyth how he is now Prince of The pepull woll crye weloway, 1562 

Pes. 1516 And sey to monteynes : 'falleth on 

Beforen I tolde Jow uchon us ! 

How he is into hevyn i-gon : Erthe to-clyf and hyde us, 

Kyjht so, the sothe truly to syggen, That we this fere and erthequake ne 
He shalle ajeyn come this world to syn, 1565 

iuggen, ' vv. 1523-96 added to the Fr. How wroth oure creature woll byn. ' 
In bodi and soule and Godhede, 1521 ffor in alle hye hevyn-blys 
To deme bothe queke and dede. Non so holi ue so good is, 1568 

1 But fyftene dayes before the dome Patryareh, apostelle, ne martire, 
ffyftene tokyns ther shull come. 1524 Confessor, ne virgine with so feyre 
The furst day the see up ryse shall attyre, 

And stondeu on hye as a wall, . Prynce, potestate, ne angel! , 

ffourti cupetys herre i-wys Ne non so bryjht archangelle, 1572 

Then eny hill in the world is. 1528 That nold never synne done, 
That other day heo wole i-sonkyn byn, But he shall dredyn ajeyne that dome ; 
That eny mon unnethe may here i-syn. ffulle sore mowe heo then dreden 
The thrid day heo woll be notheles That byth alle full of synfull dedeu ! 
As full as heo furst wes, 1532 The nynthe day alle the valeis that 

And then woll whalles and grete byth, 1577 

fysshes with fynne And the hylles that we so hye syth, 

And all other smale fysshes that byn Shull be made smethe and playn, 

ther-inne And into here kynde shull they not 

Gedryn hem on the watur uchone ; turne ajeyn. 1580 

But that wot no mon but God allone The tenthe day shull all manere men 
"What is the betokenyng 1537 Gon out of here holes and of here 

Of the loude cry and Jeiyng den, 

Thet heo wolleth with loude stevyn And renne abowte as they were wod, 
Jevyn and crye up to hevyn. 1540 As they cowthen nowther evyll ne 
And on the tburthe day heo shall good, 1584 

With red fyre brennen alle, Ne thawgh here hert shulde to-breke, 

And alle other watrys in every stede On word myjht not oon with other 
Shullen brenne as red as eny glede. speke. 

The fyfthe day the tren that don stonde The elevynth day the mone and the 
And floures and erbis in uche londe, sterres alle 

Blod thei shullen blede 1547 Shulle adown to erthe falle. 1588 

In stede of here dewe, withoute drede. The twelfthe day the bones of uche 
The sixte day byth not bold ded mon 

Palyse ne pylere ne no strong-hold, Shull come togedre uchon, 1590 

Castell, toure, boure ne halle, Thawgh they be dryvyn nere so wyde, 

But thei shulle to-gkatur and down- At here byrynes 1 here soules they 

falle. 1552 shull abyde. > From A.-s. byrgeu 

The sevynth day the stones uchon The threttenyth day all maner men 
Wolle lepe to-gedre and fyjht anon, Shull dyen anoon that lyven then, 
That thorwgh the fyjht that there woll That heo mowe togedre with other 

by n 1555 aryse 1595 

The stones woll breke and all to-flyn. And takyn here dome of God ryjht- 
The eyjhte day betokynth gret wrache, wyse. 
All Jende the world the erthe shall The fourteneth day, ther may no thyng 

quake 1558 werne, 1 l In Fr.,157-l18 follow after lOlli. 

And men wolle flyn into uche hurne, But alle the world on fyre shall berne, 

* This passage is found in the French text, except the 15 tokens, which were added in 
the Engl translation, the 2 last (w. 1597-1612) being, however, adapted from a passage 
in the Fr., where vv. 1619-46 precede v. 1597. 

D D 2 

404 XXXVIII. The Castle of Love. The Day of Doom. 

Hevyii and erthe shull byn aleyde, 1 And allso his synnes ther shull be 
And the foure elementes shull be uu- knowe 

teyede ; Fr. enflambinint 1600 Tofore alle maner men bo the hie and 

ffor thike fyre shall clansyn the eyre lowe. 1 i in Fr. here follow] 651-6, li M7- icm. 
And niakyn all thyng bry)ht and feyre, Then woll swete Ihesu to hem be-syn 
And all the world shan (!) i-claiised That shull that day i-saved byn, 1648 

byn ; 1603 And sey with mylde stevyn and swete : 

But watur ther shall no mon eft i-syn, "When I was hongry Je 3eve me 
Ne never fyre in the world me syth, mete, 

"When that fyre shall ben at[uenchith. When I was afurst Je Jeve me diyng, 
The fyftenethe day God wol taken When I was nake Je Jeve me clothyug, 
Hevyn and erthe, and all hit newe When I was herberlasse 30 herberde 

inaken, 1608 me fayne, 1653 

Not othenveys then hem beforen Bothe in heete, in cold, in wynde and 

wrowght rayne, 

Loke thou thenke ue wylle hit And Je comforted me in prison eke, 

nowght And loked to me when I was seke : 

But he wole newen hem i-wys 1611 Comyth, my blessed children uchon, 
In bettur state then heo weryn i-wys. And receyvyth the blysfull ioy anon 
Ther-aftur Ihesu wole his dome demyn. That to Jow byth rewarded withoutyn 
The angeles shulle come and blowe the cndenge 

bemyn. ffro this worldis begynnyng. " 1660 

ffurst shull in body and soule aryse Then shulle the blessed byu receyved 1 
Alle that dyodyn in his servise, an hyjhe 1 r. reysed, Fr. rani 

And all that eke that shull to the In hevyn to walke Ihesu nyjhe. 

blysse fonde 1617 And the cursede shull in erthe byn, 

Shul furst aryse and on the ryjht syde Of hevyn-blys they shull no-thyng i- 

stonde. > In Fr. 16MM6 follow after 1522. syn, 1664 

J Then shall Ihesu come ryjht this, But Jet wyth the up-receyveng 1 they 
And his body tomen and showe to us shulle agryse i r.reysyng.Fr.rauigseinent 
What peyne he suffred for ur sake 1621 When the saved shull upryse, 
And how lodlyche he was for us i-take, So wery, so wrecched, so lodlyche, 
Wyth scorges i-betyn withoute gryth, I-charged with synne so hevyleche, 
That the blode barst oute on icha lyth, That all hevyli on the erthe they shull 
And how vylensli he wes ladde Jet, steke, 1669 

With crowne of thornes on his hed set, When 1 thei heryn the domesmonis 
And how he suffred that the nayles speke. r. O^at? Fr. Deake 

stode 1627 Wyth gret and grymfull wrathe full 

Thorgh fete and honden into the rode, sone 
And how the spere that him wonded Thei shull heryn a full hard dome : 

smerte " Goth with the develys and accurssed 

Browght blod and watur from his hert ; bestes, 1673 

And then Cryst woll clepe and calle ffor Je heded not my lawes and my 
And sey : ' thus myche I suffrefd] for hestes, Fr. 4 w. more. 

Jow alle.' 1632 Into the fure that shall last for euere ; 

Then helpeth ther no pledyng there, ffor Je han disseised here non other!" 1 
Ne forsakyng, ny answere ; The blessed shull blysfull gon 

Ne helpyth us ther castell ne toure, In bodi and soule everichon, 1678 
Nowther palyse, halle, ne boure ; 1636 As bryjht as ys the soime, withoute 
All thyng then shall torne to nowght fayle ; 

That is with monis hond i-wrowght. Never hem nedeth to have travayle, 
Ther shull the synfull quake But ioy and blys that shall laste ever- 

And here tethe togedur hacke and more. 

shake. 1640 In good tyme the[i] were i-bore 1682 

Ther may segge thenne no mon That to that feste niowe takyn 

But that uchon shull seyn here mar- That God wole with hem in hevyn 

tyrdom, makyn ! 

And beforyn hym his iuggement So myche ioy shall byn at theke feste, 

sycorly i a). Fr. That ever withouten ende shall leste : 

Shall byu i-wryten apertely, 1 1644 Je, more ioy then hert may thenkyu, 

XXXVIII. The Castle of Love. Hell and Heaven. 405 

Or eye i-syn, or Jere i-herkyn ; 1688 Accurssed be the tyme that thou wore 
Seche ioy God hath i-grethed there i-bore ! 1728 

To hem that han loved him here. I am for-styfyd 1 among, 1= stifled 
And when they byth so endeles, 1691 Thi synne stynketh on me so strong ! " 
Thenne he is aryjht Prince of Pes. Thus shall uchon to other menyii his 
But theke that byth into helle i-nome, sorewe 

Thei shull never out come, > r. dep Ever withoutyn ende on evyn and 
And in theke stynkyng deth 1 -pytte morewe. > w. i7s- added. * 1732 
Thei shull byn i-pyned and to peyne 1 Tha\vgh the[r] sete j a nion for the 

i-knytte. 1696 nonys = H Hie fete 

In gret sorewe and pyne thei byth full And he myjht lestyn 3 in flesshe and 

sore : 1 Fr. La premiere peine si ert tristesce bonys, * H leflyn 

ffor thei lyvyn in wanhope evermore 1 Half the sorewe he myjht not tclle 
Thei wolde dyen Jef thei myjhte, Ne the peynes that byth in helle. 1736 

But Jet here soule may not thorgh Ther is nowther solace ne love i-wys, 

ryjhte. 1 i w. 1699-noo added. 1700 Ther is wepyng, pyne, and sorewe 
Uchon others peyne shall i-syn, withoute blys. 

That here peyne shall dowble byn. In theke foule stynkyng pytte 1739 
Another peyne they shull have of They shull in sorowe for ever be knytte. 

derknes, 1 Fr. La tierce sera peuur Long is ever and long is oo, mi-i added. 
With gret sore and gret hevynes. 1 But thei shull never come out of wo. 1 
And the four[th]e is fyre that may not The fynde shall here prince byii that 

be queynte, 1705 they served er, 

And in stynkynge watur they shulle Sore withowten ende peyned they shull 

be dreynte, 1 w. noe-s added. be ther. 1744 

And pycche wallyng ever among. Ihesu in hevyn, as I seyde before, 
Wayleway ever shafl byn here song. Is 1 Pryns of Pes and shall byn ever- 
flor hidor or thidur wher-sere heo more ; * H As 

turne, 1 > Fr. E puis hidur de ver le diable His pes shall falle 1 never, r. fai'.e 
They syn the foule fynde in uche And his ioy and his blys that is ever. 

home ; 1710 Love, swetnesse, and pley 1749 

That he lothest were to syn, In hevyn hit neweth fro day to day. 

He shall ever to-foryn hem byn. The furst ioy that there shall byn, 

And the stenche is over-alle there so The blessed shall hit i-syn 1752 

strong, 1 i w. 1713 and 5 added. The swete face of his Lorde there, 
And byttur wormys there styketh His God and his shapere ; Fr. s'emnirra 

among, In his feyreship he may him showen, 1 

Neddris, snakys and taddis there And all thyng in him may knowcn. 

strykyth, So full he shall byn of ioy and skyle 

No place shall he there i-syn that him That he shall have all that he wyle ; 

lyketh. 1716 What-sever he wylneth, withouten 

Evermore withoutyn ende they shull gabbe, 1759 

be wepyng, Be-se on him and he may it habbe. 

Andwryngeherehondeswithgretweyl- Of hevyn he may i-se the wydnes, 

yng. 1 i Fr. Croissant de denz reschinerunt The feyreshepe and the heynes ; 
Then shall the systere sey to the And he may i-se the dereworth queue, 

brother, Goddis modur so bryjht and shene,. 

The fremed and the sybbe uchon to The swete ma[i]de Seynt Marye, 1765 

other : 1720 And all the feyre comiury 

"A, waryed wrecche, what 1 doost Of angels so feyre and bryjght, 

thou here ? ' H whad They woll makyn him wye with here 

A-cursed be the tyme thou i-boiyn myjht ; 1768 

were I The apostlys and the martins, 

I may not for nothyng suffre the, The confessors and the Virginia, 
So foule thy synne stynketh on me. Alle wolle him ioy makyn 
ffor [mi]-nowne gret synne I styke in Well is him that thidur may takyn ! 

pyiie) 1725 And alle is fryndys he shall knowe 

But a thousonde-fold more I suffer for there * < 73 

thyne j That he hede in this world here, 

je, but thou waryed wrecche forlore, ffadur and moder, syster and brother ; 

406 XXXVIII. The Castle of Love. The Bliss of Heaven. 

Miche ioy everichon shall make with Aud ever here is myrthe and gret song, 

other, And ever I se oure shapere among, 

}e, more then eny hert may under- That i - like himselvyn us hath 

stonde, 1777 wrowght 1801 

When thei hem syn in theke londe. And sethyn to this ioy us browght ! 
So myjhti thei shull byn everuchou Mi ioy is doubled an hondred-fold, 
That whidur thei wolle thei may gon. 1 ffor 1 have all that I wolde.' 1804 
And thei shull be so lyjht and swyft Heche is the murtlie that is at that 
That whidur-sever they thenk they feste, 

may be lyft. 1 1780 and 178* to be transp. That ever withoutyn ende shall leste. 
And so slye and crafty 1 they shull He that is lest feyre there r. xoclere 

byn alle Fr. si sotiis Shall shyne as the sonne for ere 1 ; 

That thei shull do all thyng that in No nyd is thenne that sonne 1 be there 

here hert doth falle. 1784 i-wys, 2 iHsinue * v. isou-iotobetrnnsp. 

And where-sere the toon the tother They shull 1 shyne seven-sy the bryjhter 

metyth, then heo now is. i r. That shall 

With lovely chere thus he him gretyth: When all thei shull be so bry3ht, 
'I-blessed be the Lord that the Then by alle manor of ryjht 1812 

wrowght He most be feyre and bry3ht and 

And hidur to this blysse and ioy the more clere 

browght ! 1788 That more deserved that ioy here. 

I-blessed be the tyme that thou i-bore So mony wouynges me may ther i-syn, 

were, And gret compani of angels that woll 

So myche ioy I have that i se the here ; ther byn 1816 

So myche blys I see on the In the ioy so mony and so ryche : 

That all my blisse neweth me ! ' 1792 In diverse ioyes never oou other 
Thet other answereth him anonryjht : i-lyche. * 

' Ever i-blessed be God Allmy3ht, In which ioyes God, of his hij grace, 
That seche ioy hath i-Jeve to" the ; In hevyn Jeve Jow alle a place. Amen. 
Therfore my ioy doubleth me. 1796 

On the I se mychelle ioy and blys, Here endyth the Castel of Love, 

That all my ioy newed is ; Made i-wys for lewde mennis behove. 

* The French test lias 54 vv. more at the end. 




of hfofb men. 1 

A free version of Robert Grosseteste's Chateau <? Amour, by a 
Monk of JSawley, in Yorkshire. 

MS. Egerton 927 ( Yorkshire dialect). 

tf the name of the fader and the son & the haly 

gast. Here begynnes a romance of englische of TI.URO- 

the begynnyng of the world and of al that a lewed SStfoU 11 "'* 

man has nede for to knawe for hele of soule. this nmiu\> r * 

romance turned [a] 1 Munk 1 of sallay out of a fcft*i 

frenche romance that sire Bobert, Bisschope a 2 ly- ofsawiey 

coin, made ; and eked mekel therto, as him thoght o^tete's 

spedeful to edificacion and swettenes of deuocioii, i nameom.? 

and lering of lewed men. And here is no thing 

sayd hot as haly writ says and grete doctours : 

and therfor thou that redys this, and any comfort YOU -iio 

has ther-Imie, pray god be way of charite to haue ETC*** 1 

mercy on him that twned it in this maner. And 

if thou couayt to loue god and to plese him, take 

[this] mirrow/' and loke oft ther-Inne. 

WHo-so wele thinkes, wele may say, 
ffor of gode thoghtes comes gode dcdes ay. 
God send vs thoght to his plesyng, 
In whos fre wil hynges aH thyng. 4 

1 Edited before, but very imperfectly, by M. Cooke, R. Grosse- 
tf#tc Carmina anglo-normannica, Caxton Soc. 1852. 

2 This introduction is written in red. In the MS. final t, f, 
g have a thin tag (t 1 , f ), which I omit ; IP is given by tt, h> by ti, 
d' by (I, k> by k 1 ; doil may be doim and done. The MS., 8, 
vellum, written in the latter half of the 14th cent., only con- 
tains this poem, in 28 foil., each pnge a 24 lines ; it is written 
in the large, clear northern type, is carefully executed, and is 
most likely a fair copy of the poet's own MS. It must, how- 
ever, be noted that the scribe frequently leaves out single 
words. "The Myrour of lewed men" is the title given at the 
end. The poem can hardly be called a translation : it condenses 
the narrative, adds from other sources, and introduces, not very 
happily, passages treating of points of Christian doctrine (10 
Commandments, &c.). 

408 A Sawlcy Monk's version of Grostete's Castle of Love. 

Father, Son 
a.i.t Holy 
lihost are 
one (Jod in 

He is god and lord of myjtes mast, 

The fader and sone and haligast ; 

In godhed are thise pwsones thre, 

And aH are on god in trinite ; 

None is othir of tliise persons tlire, 

Bot alle are on god and ay sal be. 

Oure mede is to trowe this with stable thoght, 

Al-be-hit that maunes skil proxies it noght ; 

Bot when we sal se god clerly, 

Than sal we knawe this witerly. 


God created 
earth and 
heaven in 
6 days. 

He made 

and Eve out 
of his rib. 

And put him 
in Paradise, 

G ( 

Of the begynnyng of the world). 

Od in vj dayes made bothe erthe & heuen, 

And, to make haliday, cessed at the seuen. 16 
Heuen was occupid with angeles kynde, 
Eue?-more on god for to haue thair mynde 
Bot many thorgh pride fel in to helle, 
Thar sal thei aH with-outen ende dwelle. 20 

Bothe sunne and mone [mor] brijt thai ware 
Then seuenfold then thay now are, 
And aft erthli thing more vertuous, 
Bi-for Adam thurgh synne was vicious ; 24 

And ilk a best sul[d] haue bowed to maunes wiH, 
Had he neuer bi way of synne don none iH. 
When god had the world so pr/rfit made 
That no pa?*tie of hit defaut hade, 28 

Then of erth" he made Adam, of man age, 
To his liknes in saule he was & his ymage. 
Of a rib of Adam syde, when he lay slepand, 
God made Eue, that sho to him suld ay be kepand. 32 
Of on god made al man-kynde, for ilkon suld loue other 
And non til other do wrong mor then til his brother. 1 
"\Vhat lyf my^t mor 2 be schewed to man in charite 
Then in saule make him lik to the haly trtnite, 36 
Make him lord of al the world, ful of vertuej, & wise, 
Make him eir of heuen-blis & sette him in paradis, 
Thare he and aH that come of him my3t leue wM-outew 

deyng, 1 TV. 33-4 added. * r. mor ioyful ? 

If thay vse the frut of lif & kepe wet godes biddyng. 

A Sawley Monk's version of Grostetc's Castle of Love. 409 

Of aH the trees of para-lis bi goddis biddyng thei sulil 
ete, 41 

But the frat of the tre of wetyng of gode & ille thei but forbade 

, -i -i . him to eat 

SUld lete J the fruit of 

What tyme as thei ete of that, thai suld forfet thair 

& be oblischid to deth & helle-payne, thai & aH thair 

lynage. 44 

Bot, if thai had kepid wet aH goddis biddyng, 
Thai suld haue leued ioyfully, & aH tbair ofspring, 
Til thai had ben tan til heuen, to fille that fair place 
That thurgh pride of lucifer & his feres voyde was ; 48 
Thare thai suld haue had mor ioye than hert may thenk 

or tunge telle, 
& neuer non of thair kynd suld haue suffride payn of 


Of the losyng of the world thurgh syntie. 

WHen adara & cue sesyn hade in the blis of 
The fende, for he hade that ioye lost, enuy had to thair The Fiemi, 

delice. 52 

Then he come in neddir liknesse to eue -with a wommans ifte an adder 

with a \vo- 

face, Illan ' 8 tace ' 

& sayde : " whi bad god 30 suld no$t ete of aH trees 

that ther was ? " 
" Of aH the trees," quad eue, " that thar is, we may ete 

at oure liking, 

Out-tan on that is forbodf, paraunter for dred 1 of deyng." 
Than sayde the fend 1 : " 30 saH no$t deye the?-fore, god tempte<j Eve. 

Wot it Wele, 1 r. godU, cf. v. 576. 57 

Bot as god 1 satt $e be, knawand bothe gode & yueH." 
Eue sagh that the frut was gode & ful gretly lykand : 
Sho tastid sone, & gaf therof tiH her owen husband. she ate the 

. forbi.lden 

Adam wolde no?t greue his wyf, hot sone he ete wn/t, and 

gave it to 
hi rt 6 1 Adam, 

Alas, that synne oblisched vs al til wikkid heH-fire ! *" d 11 |j l *" h e y 
Sone thai were put fro that place to sorow & to care, *"> t 
That neuer myjt no creature recouer it mare. 64 

410 A Sawkij Monies version of Grostetcs Castle of Love. 

Alle thing vnder heuen made was to iiiamies solace, 
And therfor, syn lie synned, aH thai lesse vertue has. 
AH man-kyude for-thi was put to thraldom of the fendc, 
And bounden aH to his pmoii ay with-outen ende. 68 
How may thraH wt't/t ri}t clayme a thing of fre heritage 1 
his lord may he nojt mote, ne non of his lynage. 

The whole Thtt* 1 was aH this world lost; the/- was no help in 

world was 

lost. creature. 

Bot god wist what was his wil, that of aH thing has 
cure. 72 

Of tlifi ten commawulements. 1 

1 This passage is added to tlie Fr. 

Then God rilHen wit7i the x cowmandements god f orbed 1 aH 

gave 111:111 the 


10 command- svnne 

ineuts : 

& taght man how he myjt hiju gret mede wynue. 

1. worship The first is, to worschipe on god and no nio. 

This biddyng sal be vnderstanden so 76 

That it forbedes aH mamettrie, 
And also aH maner of sorcerie. 
Mammentrie is, to do creature that hono?<r 
That thou suld do aH-onely to thi creatowr, 80 

That is, worschipe him for him-self ouer aH other thing, 
you may ^ seiiit sal thou worschiue for he is his deilyii". 

also worship J 

saints. Ymages in the kirk that thou on lokes, 

Are to the as to the clerk are his gode bokes : 84 

Thou sal not worschipe thaim bot for thair 1 sake l r.uot? 
That thei bringe to thi mynd thi prayer to make. 

2. Take not The second is : talc 1 not the name of thi god in vayn. 
in vain. Hk fals oth, vnleful & idel 1 is ther-agayn ; swering om. ? 

He is ay in peril of synne dedly 89 

That sweres bi goddis hert or any party. 
This biddyng forbedes alle heresy, 
And also aH feyned and fals ypocrisy. 92 

s. Keep well The thrid is : thou sal kepe wel thi haliday. 

the Holy Day. 

lhat is thus mekel openly for to say : 

Put fro the synne & bodely werkyng, 

And gif the to god vrit/i hertly prayng. 96 

Tak kepe here that on halyday marchandyse 
i. Honour Lottos man oft of goddes seruise. 
i.n'.i Mother. The ferd is : worschipe thi fader & thi inoder. 

A Sawlcy Monk's version of Grostetcs Castle of Love, 411 

Be way of kynde thes two may 11031 be the to dere ; 

To thaim ogh" thou buxumnes & honowr, 101 

And also in thair [nede] help and socoMr. 

And haly kirk is thi moder gastly, 

And the keper of thi saule thi fadir, sot[h]ly; 104 

And who so is thi warldly lord or thi kyng, 

Is taken for thi fadir in this byddyng. 

The fif t is : thou salt no man sle vnlaghf ully. 5. DO no 

That is to say, nother bodely ne gastly ; 108 " 

ffor ille ensaumple, hate, & bakbityng 
Are ille to thi neghbur gastly sleyng ; 
Hurtyng bothe gastly & bodely is forbed 1 , 
And Avernyng of mete to the pour in peril of ded. 112 

The sext is : thou sal don non auoutrie. e. DO not 

And this forbedes aH mane?- of lecherie, Adultery. 

Bot it be betwix the & thi wyf w?'t/i gode en tent, 
Ifor to kepe the lagh of god in that sacrament. 116 

The seuent biddes that thou sal no thing stele 7. steal not. 

Ne non othir mannes gode agayns his wille dele. 
This forbedes fals cautels, deceit, and maystrie, 
That mas many to loise his gode vnri^tvvisly ; 1 20 

And who so harmes any man in this maner, 
Sal nojt be saf, bot he make asseth at his power. 

The aghtend is : bere agayn no man fals witnes, s. Bear not 

, . .ii.\ ' a ' ae witness. 

And in tyme & maner skilful layne thou sothfastnes 
When it is nojt lefful & nedful to say, 125 

And al lesyng eschue as wele as thou may. 

The neyghend is : thi neghbur hous sal thou nojt o. covet not 

J . tliyneiRh- 

COUeit. bour's house. 

In this is forboden assent to wrang & deceit. 128 

The tend is : thou sati nojt jerne another mawnes wyf, 10. ivire not 

' m ' aiiollier'Kwile 

His seruant ne his other thing, that may helpe his lyue. <" property. 

Here is forbeden alle maner of wikked couetyse 

That myght harme thi neghbur on any-maner wise. 132 

If slik thoght come to thi hcrt, thoti sal nojt assent, 

Bot euer agayn-stande with gode auysement : 

And then sal thou nojt falle in dedly synne, 

Bot ilk a tyme a crouii of gret ioye wynne. 136 Thro'thee 

J * Commaml- 

Thurgh this ten thou may wynne gret ioye, & eschewe 

412 A Sawley Monk's version of Grostctes Castle of Love. 
but to open Bot more help mot open heuen-^ates the agayn. 

ajfain, a man Wh.0-S0 Suld agayn blis to man 1 Wynne, * r. mankynd? 
without sin J J 

was needed. Him behouecl be a man that my$t uojt synne, 140 
And he most ay fulfille alle goddes wille 
And neuer in thoght, word, no dede don non ille ; 
Slik on my^t, if he wald, a gode raunson wage 
And bye agayn both man & 1 heritage. r.&mannis? 144 
Bot slik a man in erth" my^t neuer be made, 
If he of aU creatows ali vertues hade. 

Of the restoring of tlte warld. 
The porabre A Kyng ther was of souerayne worthines, 

of the King, /\ * 

J~\ ff ul of mercy & wysdain & ali godenes. 148 

hit son, A sone he hadde, knewe ali his wille, 

And my^t and wald al hit fulfille. 

Thai were ay bothe al on substaimce, 

And betwix theim was no distaunce ; 152 

What as the fader wald haue amendyd, 

By his sone godely hit suld be endid. 
aMdiDauffh- ffour doghters hade this grete kyng, 

That f ulfillid att his likyng ; 1 56 

Thai were of his substance ilkon, 

And ali that substance was bot on. 

Thai foure doghters thurgh comune assent 

Parformed al his iugement. 1 60 

Bot if thise foure vse ay wele thair myght, 

May neuer no rewme be rewled right. 

The names of thaim witA-outen les 
iirrcii, Are : Mercy, Sothfastnes, Right, & PCS. 164 

Truth. Right, 

Peace. Mercy, when sho hade pa?*ceyued 

How ali man-kynde wa,s deceyued 
Thurgh the fende that be foul treson 
Has geten him to his prison 168 

And euermore with enuy 
Wili torment him as enemy, 
Sho was so stered to compassion 
That sho wald deliuere that prison. 172 

A Sawlcy Monk's version of Grostetcs Castle of Love. 4 1 3 

Here spalc Mercy. 

THns til her fader sho began Mroy pray. 

To pray him for synful man : 
" Dere fader, kyng of myjtes mast, 
Thi doghter y am, wele thou wast, 176 

fful of myknes, swetnes and pite ; 
Dere fader, ali thes haue y of the. 

Now here my praier for this pmoii, let Man he 

That he may be put til his raunson. 180 

His enemys with thair falshede 
Has put him to so gret nede 
That he may neuer saued be, 

Bot thurgh mercy and gret pite. 184 

Thair falshed may gretly letted be, 
And that prison be golden to me. 

Dere fader, mercyf ul is thi name, she, Mercy, 

And y thin eldest doghter ame ; 188 

That y were thi doghter, myjt y neuer say 
Bot y wald euer for sinful man pray. will always 

prav Tor Man 

Thi mercy thurgh rijt saH he haue, 

And thi gret mercy sal him saue. 192 

I sal euer crie mercy to the 

Til that wreched prison deliuerd be. tin he \s 


Dere fader, my praier may no^t be lette, 

ffor y am oner aH thi werkes to sette." 196 

Here spalc Sothfastnes. 

WHeii the second sister, sothfastnes, sootiiramw 

Hade herd, mercy thurgh here swetnes 
Wold sone bye the synful pr/son agayu 
That sho hade iugged to ay-lastand payne, 200 

Sho sayde : " dere fader, thi dogliter am y, >. that 

As ner sib to the as is my sister mercy. Mercy 

Mercy of no thing may wele gife the dome 
Bot if y, sothfastnes, with her come ; 204 

Hir praier may no^t be herd of the 
Bot if hit acordand be with me. 
If aH hir prayers suld ay be herd, 
iNeuer no shrewe for the sul be ferd, 208 t iie >hrcw. 

414 A Sawley Monies version of Grostctc's Castle of Love. 


should be 
shown no 

ness confirms 

Ne neuer punist no wikkednes : 
That is gretly agayns ri^twisnes ; 
ffor he suld haue no mercy 
That is dampned rijtwysly." 

The prisoner 

is not worth 

So Han is 

doomd to 

Truth and 
Right have 
judgd him. 


Here spdk rijtwysnes. 

THen rijtwisnes, the third sister, sayde : 
" Dere fader, in me is aH dome laide ; 
I ne may no3t spare to say to the, 
AH that sothfastnes telles to me 216 

I mot dele to euer-ilk-one, 
Code or iH after thei haue done. 
Thi wikkid seruant is in prison, 

As he was demed wt'tA gret reson. 220 

I may nojt fro this sentence vary 
Bot I to rijt wald be contrary. 
Mercy ne pite is non 1 worthi, ' r. man? 

ffor that he lost thaim wilfully." 224 

Alas catyf prison, now has thou no frende 
Bot mercy, that praies for a gode ende ! 
Sothfastnes has accused the, 

And rijtwisnes has dampned the ; 228 

Thou & aH that of the come 
To helle-fire has herd $our dome. 
Thin enemy gret stired the to trespas, 
And rijtwisnes of the no mercy has, 232 

And mercy may nojt be herd. 
Ther-for pece may be ferd. 
When no forgifnes may be, 

Thai may no^t dwelle in cuntre. 236 

AH maukynde dyes and is put to payn, 
Bot Enok and Ely that sal coiue agayn. 
Gret dole is to think on this, 

How al maukinde fordone is ; 240 

Sothfastnes & rijt has geuen thair iugqement, 
Bot mercy & pees were nojt of that assent. 
If aH go bi reddure of rijt & sothfastnes, 
How saH mercy and pes she we the kinges godenes ? 244 
If al be thaiin one deme sothfastnes & rijt, 
Merc}', pete & pece sal loise al thair myjt. 

A Sawlcy Monk's version of Grostctcs Castle of Love. 415 

1T Here spake Pece. 

NOw pece to the king begy lines to say : Pence 

" ffaire gode dere fader, thou has loued me ay, 
Thou art endles of pece prince & also king, 249 

And euer in pece salt thou be, for ther [is] thi d welly ng ; 
If y for debate suld away fle, 

Thou suld haue no place lykaud to the. 252 

Mi two dere susters now haue thai me forsaken, that the 

And mercy wit/i thaim two sit haue thai not taken ; Truth veA 


"WYt/i-outen vs thai be thaim-self han gyuew a iuggement, ls r Kd 
That suld haue ben gyuen trevvly with comen 1 assent. 
Ther-fore hit sal nojt ben of recorde l MS. coe, r. commune? "! h 

niid Merry 

Til we four ben aH of on acorde. J in '" il - 

AH erthly thing is made for gode pece, 

Aud wit/t-outen 1 hit may ben non ese. 260 w '"">t 


lustisry is neuermore nedef ul outen on the margin. 

Bot when it is to pece spedeful. 

How suld right & sothfastnes auaile 

When thai wil no^t caH me to tliair counsaile, 26 1 

Ne mercy my sister that ay so gode is, a<i Mercy. 

J J . . no crime ran 

That withouten hir no gilt amendid is 1 ? ' r. nis be amended. 

Ther-fore out of cuntre wil I fle 

Til my thre sisters acorded be. 268 

If sothfastnes mete wit/i mercy, 

Then saH kis rijtwisnes & y. 

The prison calles eue?- vppon mercy, 

And mercy for him wil ay to the, king, cry 272 ^^^['^ 

Til for him be paied al his raunson UeUdeHverU. 

And he be deliuered out of prison." 

IT Here spalc the Kinges sone. 

NOw the kinges sone has wele sene The King's 

That debate is his sisters betwene 276 

And hit may nojt wele be amesed 
Bot in to his hande it be sesed. 

He says to that myjty kyng anon : M. hi. 

" Dere fader, thou and I are aH on, 
On substance, on vvysdam, & on powere, 
And god, while the holy gast is oure fere. 

416 A Saivley Monk's version of Grostetes Castle of Love. 

AH on in substance if we be, 

Neue?*-the-les in persons we are thre. 284 

Thurgh me the warld thou made of nojt : 
Thurgh me agayn let hit be boght ! 
that Mercy Mercy has so mekel moued me 

liiis made _ _ 

Him pity the That of that prison I haue pite. 288 

Dere fader, I wil don al thi wille 
And punyscfi al that is don iH : 
I sal take the clething of that wretch id pn'son 
And primly for him sal I paye raunson : 292 

that He win Of his kyiide wil I become 

nature and And for him wil y take dome ; 

More payn then rijt & sothfastnes wold! haue 

save man, "NVil y suffre, that prison for to saue. 296 

and atone On this ma.Tier sothfastnes and mercy 

Trutli and 

Mercy, bal sone be made gode frendes verraly : 

KiKhteous- . 

nes and Also pece and mtwisnes 

Peace. r , . 

Thai sal kis with gret swetnes." 300 

1T Here spak the autonr. 
Let ait "VWTHo-so redes this romance, 

readers of Vl/ 

this Romance f y Trowe in god wV< on substance. 


Bot on is god & persons thre, 

Xon othir thing in god may be. 304 

ffowr sisters that we before rede, 
Are foure vertues in the godhede : 
To foure doghters thai haue lyknyng, 
ffor thai procure aH gode doyng ; 308 

that Father, Bot aH: thai are on god of myates mast, 

So,, and Holy . 

Gimst are He is fader and sone and haly gast. 

one God, J f 

and ti.e * If thou trowe this wcle & stedfastly, 

SiHterit His J ' 

qualities. Thou may haue uiede ay-lastan[d]ly. 312 

1T Here Spak the Jtl'ny. 1 l This passage is added. 

TI^He kyng has herd his awen sones speche, 

1 That of aH the warld is a god leche ; 
" Dere sone," he says, " thurgh the I made aH thing, 
And aH the warld hynges in thi keping; 316 

Thou, & the haly gast, with me 
Dose aH gode dede that done sal be ; 

A Sawley Monk's version of Grostetes Castle of Zore. 417 

Oure dede may neuer departid be. 

ffor aH on god in kynde are we thre. 320 

AH only thou sal take manhede. 

Bot aH we thre saH do the dede, 

Ilijt as two virgyns clethes the third 1 

And jit none of thaim hot on is cled. r. aithre? 324 

Dere sone, this was oure al thre 1 purpos & curage 

When we made man to cure liknes & ymage ; 

This hight y to Abraham and to dauid, 

And my prophetes acorded ther-with. 328 

If mankynd sal out of his prison Wynne, 

A man mot for him dye that has uo-maner synne, 

That is of myjt to ryse fro dede to the lyue. 

And his vfiih him out of prison ryue ; 332 

And siche my^t ther be neuer non 

Bot he were bothe god & man. 

Dere sone, if thou wil dye & suffre payne, 

Bothe aungel & mankynde may be ful fayne. 336 

That soue?-ayne grace and meknes 

SaH be so ful of swetnes, 

That neuer may man wele haue in his mynnyng 

Bot he be sterid to loue the ouer al thing, 340 

And titter be reson his hert suld brest 

Then he for any thing suld breken thi best." 

1F Of ysaies prophecies. 

Off ihesu crist telles ysay 
To aH mankynde verrayly : 
How a child is born til vs, 
And a sone is gyuen til vs, 
His name sal be callid wonderful, 
Counsellour, & god, & strenghtful, 
ffader of the warld that sal come, 
And prince of pece sal be his nome. 

If Here spake the autour. 

Iff any best in shap passed cours of kynde, 
A wonder in that wald many man fynde ; 352 
Bot if a parfit man were a parfit as, 
Mikel more meruayl wald man say it was ; 


His Son only 
shall become 
Man, tho' He 
and the Holy 
Ghost act in 
and with 

A sinless man 
must die to 
save Man. 

If His Son 
will suffer, 

no man wlio 
considers it 
can fail to 
love Him. 

Isaiah Tore- 
tells how H 
344 Son shall be 
given us, 

and shall 
be cald Won- 
348 derful, Coun- 
sellor, God, 
Father of the 
world to 
come, and 
Prince of 

Christ was 
wond.-rful : 
A greater 
marvel limn 
that a Man 
should be 
an Ass, 

E E 

418 A Sawky Monk's version of Grostete's Castle of Love. 

is it that Bot more maruayl may who so can 

Christ should , . , p 

be both God How verraily is on Dothe god <fe man. 

and man. 


ffor he wald saue mankynde that fouly was lorn, 
Child of a nerthly woman wald he he born. 
Syn god in erth for loue of man wald mat his halle, 
Nede it was to make it host & fairest of alle. 360 

The King 
made a 

The Castle 

i Towers, 
8 Baileys, 

7 Barbicans. 

And was 
painted red 
at top, 

blue in centre, 
green at foot, 


1T How ihesus entred in to a c.astil. 

Her-for a castel has the king made at his devys, 
That thar 1 neuer drede assaut of any enemys ; 

He sette hit on a whit roche thik & hegh, =dar 
With gode dykes al aboute, depe and dregh. 364 

Men may neuer with no craft this castil douw myne, 
Ne may neuer do harme to hit no-maner engyne. 
This castil is eur ful of loue & of grace, 
To al that any nede has, socour & solace. 368 

ffour toures ay hit has & kernels fair, 
Thre bailliees al-aboute that may no^t apair. 
Nouther hert may wele thinkc ne tung may wel telle 
Al the bounte & the bewte of this ilk casteH: ! 372 
Seuen barbicans are sette so sekirly aboute 
That no maner of shoting may greue fro wzt7*-oute. 
This castel is paynted wit7i-out -with thre-maner colours: 
Rede brennand colowr is a-boue toward the fair tours, 
Meyne colowr is ymyddes of ynde & of blewe, 377 
Grene colowr be the ground, that neuer changes hewe. 
Thes colours both 1 [fer] & nere castes so mekil li^t, 
That, when men behaldes thaim, co7?ifort mekil thair 

Sijt. ' MS.beth. 380 

The castel al \vith-\n, who-so may hit knawe, 
bite within. Ay is blaunched als whit as any dryuen snawe. 
ffour fair stremes in hit out of a welle spiinges 
ffro myddes the hegh tour, thai fille the dykinges ; 384 
So fair and so gode that liquo?/r ther is 
That he that drank oght therof myjt haue mekel blis. 
A chaier of yuor ther was sette in this ilk tour, 
With seuen grees vpward, with worschipe & gret honour; 
Was neuer non half so fair in this warld sene, 389 
Ue neuer non so semly hade prince ne quene ; 

4 Streams 
ran from its 

7 steps led 
to an ivory 

A Sawley Monk's version of Grostetes Castle of Love. 419 

Hit was made sotilly, & al be compas cast, 
The raynbowe enuyround? it al stedefast. 392 

The kynges sone has made it for his awne se 
Was ther neuer non so fair ne neuer-more sal be. 

IT What betokenes this castil. 

THis castil of solas & of socow Th i s catie 

Is hir blissed body that bar oure saueowr ; 396 body. r L " dy 
Hit was made for refuyt to aH manes kynde 
Who-so fles ther-to, socow sal he fynde. 
The roche whit & fair with his stablenes 399 The white 

-,-,,, , , . . ill rck is lier 

IS the hert 01 hir in al halynes, 1 The next leaves are misplaced, heart; 

That sette hir to serue god witA-outen any drede 

1 In souerayne clene meknes & clene maydenhede. foi. 14. 

The grene colour bi the ground, that wil so wele last, the green, 

Is the treuth" of oure lady, that ay was stedefast. 404 

The meyne colour in the myddest of this castil walle the blue, 

her hope ; 

Was stable hope to come to grace, that saue mankynd! 

The rede colow abouen, brennand in the sijt, the red, 

her love; 

Was brennand loue of god & man, that gyues mykil 
li^t. l MS. of 408 

No wonder if 1 this castil ware fill whit wit//-Inne, 
ffor the hert of that may was neuer foulyd with synne. 
The four toures gret & strong, that fair were to se, the 4 Towers, 

Ware gastly strenght & sobernee, ri^t & sutilte ; 412 virtues; 
Thes four vertues stekes out al mane?- of wykkednes 
And kepes fast wzt7>-ynne al that is godnes. 
The baillies, on ay wit/<-ynne a nother in tlire stage, the s Baylies, 

-1110-1 her mai " e "' 

Are clene maydenhed, & moderhed, & m 1 trewe hood, 

SpOUSage; ' 416 a^ife- 

Woman with thes thre bot seint mary was ther neuer 

non ; 
Bot who-so sal be sauf of synne, of thes he most 

haue on. 
Seuen barbicans fair seuen vertues calle we, the 7 Barhi- 

cans, her 7 

That in oure lady suffred no vice for to be : 420 virtue*, 

ffor gret meknes in hir hert venquist ay al pride ; Meeknew, 

And hir gret charite enuy my^t not abyde ; charity, 

Hir discrete abstinens fordid al glotonye ; Abstinence. 

B E 2 

420 A Sawley Monk's version of Grostete's Castle of Love. 

chastity, And hir clene maydenhefl suffred no lecherie ; 424 
"Wikkid couetyse in hir hert myjt neuer dwelle, 

Poverty, ffor wilful pouert in hir hert keped the castil ; 

Patience, Pacience in hir hert euer was so prest 

Ghostly joy. That synne of wrath" ther-in myjt neuer haue rest ; 428 
Ther was so raekil in hir hert of comfort gastly 
That ther myjt neuer synne of slewth" dwelle ther-by. 

The well is The fair welle in the castil that filles ay the dykes, 

her Grace 

Is grace in goddes moder that synful man ay likes. 432 
Thou that myster has of g?-ace, go to this spring-welle ; 
Who so help has of hir, sal neuer go to helle. 
1 Make the dykes of meknes & of gode wille * ^f 35 ^^ 
the 4 streams And four stremes of that grace sal the sone fille : 436 

wash away 

*>. On streme euermore sal the clene wascfi of synne that 

is past, 
resist tempta- Another agayn temptacion sal make the stedefast, 


stir charity, The thirde sal stere the to do werkes of charite, 

ensure bliss. And the ferd sal here the to blis that ay sal be. 440 

This welle is euermore spn'ngand mercy & pite ; 

If thou haue no part therof, it is al lange on the. 
The ivory The trone of yuor is the saule of oure swete lady ; 
our Lady's Seuen grees that lys therto, are werkes of mercy ; 444 

The raynbowe that bendes ouer w?tA his colours thre, 

Is the iny3t that couers hir of the haty trinite. 

Xo wonder if this castel were ful fair in si^t, 

When god, the sonne of ri^twisnes, wald ther-in lijt ! 

He come thurgh the cloise jate, & when he went clois 
it was ; 449 

Bi}t as the bri^t sonne-beme comes & goos thurgh the 
glas. foi. is. 

Al that man nede has of [is] in this ilk casteft ; 

He that help has of hit, has ynogh of wele. 452 

IT Here spah the autom. 
Mother of /^ Entil lady of this casteH, 

\J( Let me my myscheue to the telle. 

Moder of mercy & qwene of pite, 

To synful man thou art ay avowe : 456 

Ther-for at thi jates now y lye, 
i cry to thee. Thi help and mercy for to crye ; 

A Sawley Monk's version of Grostete's Castle of Love. 421 

Mercy sal y fast crie befor this louely tcwr, 

Euer til I fynde sum of thi socour. 460 

Hope of help me made hider for to fle 

When thre gret enemys fast pursued me : 

On is the foule fende with al his companie, Heinmefrom 

That puttes forth pride & wrath & gret enuye ; 464 

The secund is the fals warld with many schrewed gyse, the World, 

That shotes ay at me sharply vfith aH couetise ; 

The third is myn awne flesch, to me a gret enemy, and my 

That prickes me with leoherie, sleutfi, & glotony. 468 

Welle of mercy, I be ded & sone al fordon 

Bot a streme of thi grace come to me sone. 

Lady, let me lye in thi castel dyke 

And \vasch me wele ther to thi seruant like : 472 

Then, if myn enemys wil me assaile, 

In traist of thi gode help y tak that bataile. 

In this castil ihesu crist tok of the mankynd : 475 

Ther-for hope y euer her 1 socow for to fynde ; ' MS. hir i hope for tiiy 

Here hid? god his gret power in mawnes liknes ^ M S. wilk ' 

& laide enbuschement for the fend? & al his wikkednes. 1 

Thou art the jert of aaron that bar the faire flowr, 

When thou in clene maydenhede bar thi creatowr ; 480 

Thou art the stegh" of iacob thwrgh wham is gate to 


He may hope wele of help that deuoutly wil the neuen. 
The Kinges sone of al this world ligh" the witA-ynne 
ffor to saue & soomr wel al synful man of synne. 484 
Now he has acorded alle his sisters foure, 
And pece is cryed for man heghe vp in the toure. 
Now god & man are to-geder both in person : i" Chr t 

r O<xl and Man 

Now has man ynogh wharwit/i to bye him fro pn'son ; are n - 

Now on man more parfit & withouten lak 489 

Than euer was Adam at he goddis biddyng brak, 

He is fre to plede for vs & al oure ri^t dereigne, 

And no creature may haue cause vp-on him to pleyn. 

In token of the pn'nce of pees, when he til vs come. He brought 

c . us Peace. 

Pees was ouer-al in the world, & reuling was in rome ; 
loye is sungen now to god vpon hegh" in heuen 495 
And pes in erthe til al man that are of gode wil euen. 

4-22 A Sawlcy Monk's version of Grostetes Castle of Love. 

Man, hear 
how Christ 
wax coun- 

wilt follow 

thou stialt re- 
gain Heaven. 

When man 
was the 
Devil's thrall, 

man His 


if he'd keep 
His com- 

love Him, 

and his 

and leam of 
Him meek- 

U How t/iesus loos gode counseillom. 

NOw, man, behold thi saueow, 
Howe he was gode counseillowr, 
To bringe the to thin heritage 
That was forfet thurgh outrage. 
If thou wil ay folowc his rede, 
Thou sal eschue ay-lastand dede 
And so recouer the ioye of heuen, 
If thou wil folowe his counseiH euen. 
When he for the become man here, 
He fand the a thraH, of no power 
ffor to recouer that thou had lost, 
Bot he for thi ri^t wold pay the cost. 
Then souerayn meknes and charite 
Schewed ihmi 1 c/trist, thi lord, for the ; MS. 
" Dere brothir," he said, " of the I haue pite grete, 

fol. 13. 





That al thi fair heritage fouly is forfait. 

Neuer-the-lees fal no3t in despeir, 

ffor of that heritage y am heir ; 

To double rijt hit falles to me : 1 515-522 a/. Fr. 

The ton of thaim y may wele gyf the ; 516 

If thou wil kepe my comaundemeut, 

Thou sal ay haue it verrament. 

ffor I am god, blis is bounden to me so fast 

That y may neuer fro me hit cast ; 520 

ffor I am of adam kynde & wzt/t-outen synne, 

I may clayme his heritage & bi skil hit Wynne. 

If thou wil 1 ouer al thing ri}t hertly loue me, > overiined. 

And loue thin euen-cristen for the loue of me, 524 

Att thin enemys the agayn sal no-thing auaile, 

And y sal sone for thi sake to me ta this bataile, 

If thou wil hald [in] thi hert how y for the sal fi$t. 

Mi $ok sal ay be swete to the, & my birthin ful lijt. 

Leme at me, for I am mylde & also meke of hert." 

Ther-to may mekel help ay wilful pouert : 530 

Meknes is a vf?rray token of him that is in grace, 

And pn'de an euidence of him that charite lion has ; 

He that settes his hert to mekel on riches, 533 

Thai drawe him sone te pride fro vertue of meknes. 

A Sawley Monk's version of Gfrostete's Castle of Love. 423 

1T Here spdk the autour. 

NOw sues that man his lordes counsail 
That al to the contrary dos trauail 1 536 

How may ho socow seke of ihmi mekiies, HOW doe* 

That settes him-self to mekel vpon heghnes ? '"'! follow 

Ther-for drede he may that so wil liim here 
Of a foul falling doun with lucifere. 540 

Neuer-the-lees a riche man \\iifi his rijtwisnes, stni. a rich 

And he loue ay god wele in hertly meknes, may win 

He may wele saue his saule wt/i fast fleyug of synne, [W- 12] 
And wa't/< werkes of mercy the loye of heuen wynne. *" orkf> of 

U How i/iesus mot with tlte fende. 

w here how thi lord mette [the fend] for thi ri^t, 
Atte last for thi loue put him to fijt. 54.6 

When the godhede was hid in the mankynd 
And the fende in him no synne myjt fynde, 548 

He tempted him vfit/i thre thinges that made adam The Fiend 


dede. x ' 548-563 added. tempted 


"If thou be goddes sone," he said 1 , "make of stones by asking 

- , Him, 

brede. i. to turn 

"Noght only thurgh brede," quad ihesu cn'st, "leuos bread: 

man, 551 

Bot thwrgh ich" word that comes of goddes wysdam." 
The fend? sette crist on the temple & bad him lepe 2. to leap 

from the 
doUW, 1 * MS. don Temple: 

Goddes aungeles to kepe him suld be redy & bouw, 
If he were goddes sone, in handes thai suld him here, 
So at no ston suld he stumble ne nothing suld him dere. 
" Writen," quad ihesu crist, "in haly writ y rede : 557 
Thou suld not tewpte god thi lord, when thou has no 

The fend shewid him al the warld & saide : "this git' s. to accept 

t lie world, 

v f } 1P and worship 

y tlle the Devil. 

If thou wil bowe dou to the grouwd & so adour me." 
"Writen it is," quad ihesu. crist, "thi god sal thou 
adoure, 56 1 

And only sal thou seme him vft'ih so mekil honoure. 
Go, satanas," quad iham crist, " for the am y nojt fenll" 

424 A Sawley Monies version of Grostete's Castle of Love. 

The Fiend 
brniM that he 
was Prince 
oi the earth, 

and that man 
should be 
ever in Hell 
with him 
for breaking 
God's bid- 

Christ said 
this was thro' 
the Devil's 

The Fiend 

Man should 
be his, 
unless Christ 
paid the 
ransom he 
was worth. 

[fol. 10] 

Christ agreed 
to pay it, 

to suffer as 
much as one 
who'd lain in 

" And I am prince" quad the fend, " of this midlerd 1 ; 
I haue gode sesyn ther-ynne & of ful lange tyme, 
And be confermyng of god al mankynd is myne. 566 
ffor man brak goddes bydding & of the appel ete, 
He sal be in payn -with me euermore, I the hete ; 
God wil not do so gret wrong to reue me my pray. 
If he haue any rijt, let se what he can say ! 
The couenant that god made, that sal I alway hold ; 
No man for to breke it sal neuer be so bold." 572 

" Man," quad, ihesu, '* hade keped al goddes biddyng, 
Hade he nojt be lettid with [thi] betray ng, 
When thou saide til eue ' for that mete sal nojt man 


Bot je sal be as goddes, bothe wyse & sle.' 576 

How may thou couenant reioys 1 be reson Fr. dec.jouir 
That thou made man to breke be thi f jul treson 1 " 
"Alas," then quad the fend, " wher hade thou this 


ffor to venquys me to-day thus \viUi thi motyng ? 580 
Mote euermore how as thou mote wilt, 
Man sal euermore be in my prison stille, 
Bot if thou, be-fore he passe forth, 
Paye as mekil raunson for him as he is al worth." 584 
" That is reson," quad ihesu. crist, " & that ful verrailye, 
I wil nojt tak man fro the with vnskilful maistrie. 
Loke what his raunson sal be skilfully, 
And I sal paye hit for him, & that ful largely." 588 
" Better," then quad the fend, "sal his raunson be 
Then al this ilk warld is worth that thou now may se." 
" I graunt," quad ihesu crist, " to this couenant ; 
tfor my lest fynger is mekil more vailiant 592 

Then a thousand worldes, if that thai ware." 
" Certes," quad the fend then, " that is al my care ; 
ffor of al this warld ay y haue sum skiH, 
Bot in the is no thing sene at myn awen wiH. 596 
And if thou wil gyue thi fynger him to bye, 
Than sal thou make a febil marchandie. 
And jit most thou suffre for him als mekil payn 
As he hade done & he in helle euer hade layn." 600 
said : " I sal do more than thou has ast, 1 = asked 

A Sawley Monk's version of Grostete's Castle of Lave. 425 

And this couenant betwix vs sal be made ful fast." 
Then the fend hi/u to the dede as for his prison toko, 
And choked on the godhede as fiscfc dos on the hoke. 


IT Of crifites passion. 

Ehald now the passion of cristes manhede, 605 see now, 
How he gaf al him-self to socowr the at nede, 

Both body & saul, & his lymes alle His limb's! 1 ' 
Lete punysch for the, when that thou was thraH. 608 

1 Thre & thirty $ere for the, to bye thi forfete, as year*, in 

He suffred cold, hunger & thrist, & trauail wonder *>i, 

grete. I 609-6-.H a.lcled. 

Befor that lie for synne of man til his passiofi $ode, 

He prayed so hertly til his fader that he swette blode. 

He was tane as a thef, & bounden wonder fust, 613 bound a* a 

& bette with hard knotty stringes whil thei wold last ; beaten with 

ffro the croun of the hed to the fote-sole 

Ko pece of his skyn myjt be found en hole. 616 

ffete & hande were drawen out & nayled to the tre, naiid to tiie 

As straitly, for more penaunce, as euer thai myjt be ; 

He was lifted vpon hegh & leten doure so fast 

That aH the vaynes & the synnues in his body brast. aii veiim and 

.111 11- -111 1-1 sinews burst! 

AH that bussed body stremed dou?i of blode, 621 

ffor to wasch" synne ther was a noble flode ! 

His saule [was] ful drery agayn the deyng, His oui was 

To make asseth for thi saule wikked likyiig. 624 

The sharps croure of thornes crouned him so fast 

That the sharpnes of thaim in to the brayn brast, 

And then he henged doun his heued with niekel mekues, 

ffor to make asseth for mannes proudnes. 1 * <a. Fr. 628 

His eghen wex fade & dym & lost al thaire myjt, His eyes waxt 

ffor to make asseth alway for sywne of mawnes si^t. 

His eres hard fals reproues \vith gret scornyng, HU ears 

heard reproof, 

ffor to make asseth fully for synne of cure hering. 632 

His neys smelled of the lewes snot & foul spitting 

That thei cast vpon his face to blode & sweting : 

This suffrance of ihesu cn'st that lord is of al thing 

May make asseth for aH sywne of oure smelling. 636 

Bitter aisel and galle, when he was thristy, foi. n. Hedmnk 

vinexHr and 

Drank he, to make fully asseth for mannes glotony. Kai'- 

426 A Sawky Monk's version of Grostetes Castle of Love. 

His foreskin 
was cut off; 

He was 

naild to the 

nn 1 yielded 
up the ghost. 

Christ's heart 
was cloven to 
make amends 
for thy sin, 

At His death, 
the sun lost 
its light, 

and many 
folk rose from 
the dead. 

Our Lady 

When he was aght dayes old, vrith a culier of stone 
Thai karf his tendre membre away that bi the lagh 
was don : * 639-12 added. 640 

This penance of that child that was so worthi 
Mi^t make asseth for synne of marines lechery. 1 
Al the body aboute \vith brising & beting 
Was punysched ynogh for synne of touching. 644 

His hende nayled to the crosse al for thi sake 
May for synne of thin hend asseth ynogh make. 
His fete nayled thurg 1 with yrue navies l MS. thurd 
Made asseth for al thi wikkid trauayles. 648 

He prayed for man til his fader hyngand an the croys 
With bittir teres, & 3eld the gast vrith a gret voys. 
He was both god & man ful ve?Taily, 
That so jelded the gast lyueand the body : 652 

flbr saule goos neuer fro the body be the cowrs of kynde 
Whyl thou may in the body fyue wittes fynde ; 
Bot god strenghed his body to sutfre more reddure 
Than euer my^t haue suffred any other creature. 656 
His hert that was clouen thurgh wit/2, a sharp spere, 
That may make asseth for al synne that may dere ; 
His hert-blode & clene water was ther-out bro3t, 
To wasch away al enuy & al ille tho^t. 660 

This of ful gret mercy is sette on comon broche, 
And the welle of pite springes out of this roche. 
If thou wil forsake syrene & cry mercy, 
Thou sal neuer faile ther-of, certaynly ; 664 

How that thou may synue with any ly??tme that is thine, 
A lymme of crist is punysched to thi medicine. 
When god thus suffred dede, as we rede in boke, 667 
The sunne sone witA-drogfe his li^t, and the erthe whoke, 1 
And the vail of the temple euen brast in two, l =qnoke 
And the harde stones swiftly cleue also ; 
Many a man rose than that were before dede, 
And al bare thei wittenes of his godhede. 1 672 

vv. 667-672 added. 

IT Of the sorowe of oure lady. 

WHat sorowe hopes thou then hade his modwr mary, 
When thing that has no reson for him was so 
sary ! 

A Sawley Monk's version of Grostcte's Castle of Love. 427 

Certes, lady, Symond swerd past thurgh-out tin hert, 

And the paynes of thi sone were in the ful smert, 676 

That thi hert hade neuer lasted on non-kyn wyse 

Hade thou nojt trewed stedfastly that he suld vprise. butbeiievd 

Lady, what nede was the for to make sorowe, would rise" 

ffor thi sone dyed synful man to borowe 1 680 

Thou wote that he sal ryse agayn thurgh his awen myjt 

& with a body ful of ioye, apertely to thi si$t. 

Thou wote the fend is venquist, & wetes it no^t, 

Til thi sone out of helle haue al his chosen brojt. foi. ie. 

ffro he dyed til he rose that [men] myjt him se, 685 

Alle the trewtfi of halikerk was stedt'ast in the ; Her faith was 

firm, tho' 

Alle his awen disciples of him thai were dredand, Christ's 


Bot the faith in thi hert ay it was lastand. 688 doubted. 

Dere lady, succowr vs of dedly synnyng, 
ffor the ioye that thou hade of his vprising ! 

1T HOW thesm is dlmy$ti. 1 l Fr. deus omnipotent 

HE rose by his awne niy^t, & that verraily, Christ was 

And shewed so that he was ihes-us almyghti. 692 ty ; His own 

He that al this warld made first of ri}t no^t, 

Man dampned agayn vrith his blode he bo^t. 

Thus has he gyuen vs a gode counsail, 

And thurgh ri^t venquist the fend in batail. 696 

His lyf has shewed vs a ful redy gate 

ffor to entre, if we win, in-wit/t heucn-^ate. 

ffor we sul traist on him in al oure nede, 

He shewed vs the myjt of god in his manhede. 700 

Power of god and man was mellid in his dedis, The power of 

God and man 

And that to stablenes of oure treuth gretly spedis. 

Ri$t as a sharp swerd of the fire al glowand 

The egge kerues if he smyte, the hete is brennand, 704 

So godhede & manhede in o person 

Shewed thair kyndnes 1 to mannes reson. l r. kyndes 

We rede : when he was called til a weddyng, 

Whan thaim failed wyne, sone at his bydding 708 can., 

Thai filled pottes of clene water in the stede of wyne-: 

And thai were turned in to wyne, & that gode & fyue. 

When he bad fette water, he shewed his nianhed, 711 

And when he twnied hit to wyne, he shewed his godhed. 

at the Miracle Also w/t//- fyue loues & only fisches two 

of the Loaves , , 

and ashes, He fedde, as we rede, fyue thousand & mo ; 

428 A Sawky Monk's version of Grostetes Castle of Love. 

ffor he myjt haue made wyne wj't/j-outen water bro^t, 
as he made, when he wald, al the warld a 1 nojt. 

' r. of 


When thai hade eten ynogh, aH that ther were, 
Twelf lepes of relef ful away thei here. 
His manhed to thaim aH delt bret & fische, 
Bot his godhedf ther multiplied al this. 720 

3it we rede that lazar hade [lain] four dayes in his grauo 
When ihesu crist fro ded* to lyue wald hi? vp haue ; 
ffirst he grette & sithen he cryed to lajar : 
That shewed that he was verray man thar ; l r.did 724 
When lazare rose fro the ded & died! 1 mannes dede, 
Then was shewed that in crist was verray godhede. 

and at the 
Raising of 

At the Ku- 


1T Of tlie scwrament of the auter. 1 l 
Od of aH his meruailes made vs a gode rnynd* 
When he wold in forme of brede dweB w/t/< 
mankind*. 728 

Thurgh the virtue of cr/stes wordes of the sacrament 
That the prest reherces at his messe -with gode entent, 
Brede in to cristes flesch, & wyne in to his blode, foi. 17. 


bread is 
turnd into 

Christ's flesh, Sudanly is turned, for mannes gastly fode : 

and water 

into blood: Bother brede ne wyne is after sacryng in the messe, 

they are real 
Ood and Man. 

Bot verray goddes flesch & blode, in thair liknes. 

Ther is of brede & wyne sauowr, colo-wr, & figure, 

Lastand thurgh" goddes wil agayn cours of nature ; 736 

But vnder this liknes is non other substance 

Bot goddes body & his blode with thair purtenance. 

In crist god & man, saul & body, flesch & blode 

Are so fast knyt to-geder w/t/j. kynde & loue gode 7 10 

That whar that is any party of cmtes awen body 

Ther wiH god be & thai aH verraily. 

Ther-for vndir liknes both" of wyn & brede 

Is verray both god & man that for vs was dede. 744 

This is goddes dede, & passes mannes wit 

He has mekel mede that trewly trowes hit. 

In this liknes gyues hit vs god, that is so gode, 

ffor we wald be escheu of rawe flesch & of blode. 748 

Brede & wyne iu the stomak taken to mete 

A Sawley Monk's version of Grostete's Castle of Love. 429 

Turnes in to flesch & blode thurgli kyndly hete : 

Whi may nojt god then, that al thing made of nojt 

And as haly writ sais many wonder wro^t, 752 

Turne sone in to flesch & blode both" brede & wyne, 

ffor to be to cristen man gastly medicine ? 

If thou receyue his flesch & blode worthily, if you 

Thou sal be as [a] quik lym of his body ; 756 worthily. 

And if thou kepe the so out of dedly synne, vi g Hmb of 

J J Christ's body. 

As a cosyn of las thou sal heuen Wynne. 
The pask-lambe in the aid lawe that al mew suld ete, 
And man 1 that god send fro heuen til his folk [to] mete, ' \. manna, 
& blod that was euer off rid for clensyng of synne : 761 
Was taken of his sacrament that oure help is ynne. 
AH the tokens of this sacrament that we ay can fynd 1 
In the old lawe, t[h]rugh trouth of this comes til oure 
mynd, 764 

& aH the maruailes that god [wro^t] ar he man ware 
& [comen] l of that clene mayden & modir that him bare. l ^^ T ' 
If man wil with al his rny^t loue this sacrament The benefit 

& vse hit out of dedly synne ay with gode entent, 768 Eucharist 

J J J wellreceivd, 

Nother tunge may wel telle no hert may wel think no ^we 

The noble and gastly profit of this mete & drink. 


IT How ihesus is al strenghty. 

Ow hast thou herd wele how ihesus is almy^ty ; chrut is 

Here now how he is oner al other strenghty. 772 
This name of ihesus has so gret in him 1 vertu & myjt TO Christ's 
That all in heuen, erth" & helle suld til him loute with rijt ; "natures 
Oft in this name god mannes prayer spedes l ~" hnn " 
Agayn the fend that hit ful mekil dredes. 776 

This name is mirthe in hering, & co?nfort in sijt, it u mirth 

Triacle in mouth & in hert, that is of mekil rny^t, 
Socowr to aH synful men, & to seke solace, and solace to 

To him that is repentant ay ful of grace. 780 men. 

The fend was prince of this warld & hade man in prison 
Ay til our [lord] ihesu crist hade suffred passion ; 
Ther was non so hely 1 that myjt in erth dweH * =haiy 
Bot his saule, qwen he died, suld go to heH. 784 

Hely men were in merknes ther thai no payn feld, 
Bot the fend fro thair ioye agayn thair wil thaim held, 

430 A Sawky Monk's version of Grostetes Castle of Love. 

paradise was And the jate of paradys was agay?z thaim stoken, 

chut to us . . -11 i 

till Christ Til mestis \vtth his passion hade made it open. 788 
When the fende sagh him wele on the crois hyngand, 
He wend to haue made him forth ay in heH lengand ; 
Bot sone the saul with the godhede as a fere lyon 
And a kyng of al the warld, & nojt as a prison, 792 
Come to heH & brast thair barres wz'th his wiH fre, 
And toke out aH anon \vith him that dyed in charite. 
Him calles men a lord strong and myjty 
That has ay when he wil in batail the maistry. 796 
Sone he venquist the fend & cuttyd his power. 
That he suld nojt tempt vs more then we mijt bere. 
Thus is ihesus our refut, strenght & socour, 
Our help & our hele, our ioye & our honour. 800 

He bunt the 
ban of Hell. 

He in our 
refuge and 

Christ is our 
as Adam is 
our fleshly 

As all died 
by Adam, 
BO all may 
live by Christ. 

After His 
rising again, 
He ate with 
His disciples. 

. Thomas put 
his hand into 

IT How crist is oure fader gastly. 

HEre now how crist was oure formfader gastly, 
E,i}t as adam was to man formfader fleschly. 
AH that was of adam born, lost heuen for his synne, 
And aH that cristes children wiH be bi him may hit 

wywne ; 804 

Baptisme has the vertu of cristes hert-blode, 
To make thaim his childer that wil take hit with 1 gode. 
Thus ri^t as al men dyed thurgli adam, wiiom.? 
So may al be quikned agayn in cristes name. 808 

Was neuer no fader that any son so dere hade bo^t 
As crist, that man wesch of synne & out of prison 

In fourty houres after his ded herged he helle 812 

[1 verse wanting.] 

And apered to his disciples in many-maner wyse, 
To proue soth that he said that he suld vprise. 
He ete & drank \vitli thai?w ichon, ri$t in thair sijt, 
And spak that was nedeful to thaim, mekel of gastli H^t. 
And elleuen of thai?w he blamed sithen 817 

ffor thei trowed no^t that he was vprisen. 
Bot it was til our faith fnl heply 

That Thomas of ynde trowed lattly, 820 

Til he in to crist[es] hert-wond hade put his hand ; 
Than said he : " thou art my god & my lord lyuand." 

A Sauicy Monk's version of Grostete's Castle of Love. 431 
" ffor thou has sene me," qwad crist, " now thou trowes 

Blissed be thai [that] trowes wele witft-outen any si^t ! " 
When our faith was thus confermed as thou has wele 

hard, 825 

Then bad crist thei suld it preche thurgh-out al the 


And [baptize] aH that wald be in trouth stedfast, 
In the name of the fader & the son & the haligast ; 828 
ffor ther [may] neuer non in heuen-blis wone 
Bot he thurgh baptyme be made crstes awen sone. 
In this fader was neuer no wemme of synne, 
The-for be him may [we] blis clay me & wynne. 832 
Adam come of erth & band vs aH to prison : 
Crist then come fro heuen & payed for vs raunson. 
When he stegh vp agayn to heuen-riche blis, 
He tok al the ded with him that was his. 836 

Ther he haldes sesyn in his heritage 
To al that wil folow him of his lynage. 
Thar fader & sone & haligast 

Are aH on god of my^tes mast. 840 

In sijt of this thre persons in on godhede 
Sal be in heuen our gret ioye & our mede ; 
Then sal we se in that ioyfulnes l w. 815-954 added. 

How crist, our dere fader, is verray prince of pees. 
1 When ihesu crist of heuen had wonnen his gret rijt, 
Then was sent the haligast anon, as he hade hijt ; 
His disciples hertes anon he wald enspire 
In the fader liknes wit// tunges of fire. 848 

So the haligast was send & sest thaim aboue, 
That of the fader & the sone is the gode loue, 
And is al on god with thaim in verray vnite, 
Bot he is third person in the trinite. 852 

When thei were thus fulfilled of the haligast, 
Thai couth wele al langage & speke hit sone in hast ; 
Thai were so confermed in trouth & al ful of grace 855 
That for to preche goddes lawe thai dred no kinges face. 

Christ bade 
His Disciples 
preach the 
Gospel, and 
baptize men 

that they 
might be 
made His 

He took His 
dead with 
Him to 

where we 
shall see 
Him, the 
Prince of 

He sent his 
Disciples the 
Holy Ghost, 

and made 
them to 
know all 


432 A Sawley Monk's version of Grostete's Castle of Love. 
The ^ Of the articles of trouth. 

Artielei of J 


Ere now of the articles of our trouth that we al 



& the seuen sacrament^ that soccowrs vs of synne.- 
i. in God the We sal trowen in on god of myjtes alther-mast, 
2. a theson; That is the fader & the sone & the haligast ; 860 

S. tl.e Holy , T . , , , , , . . , 

Ghost; None is other of this persones thre, 

one God in . . . 

Trinity; Bot an are on god in the 1 tnnite : MS. thre 

Thes thre are on god & on verray nature, 
That made first of ri^t no^t al-maner creature. 864 

4. in Holy W tro'we in haly kirk, & haly mannes dedes, 

5. in holy That god ay with his grace thaim strenghtes wel & 


uaeriU; SpedeS 

In troutrl & sacrament} & dedes of charite, 867 

e. in forgive- Thurgli whilk to the repentant forgifnes of sywne sal be. 

ness of sing; ' 

He that trowes no^t as halikirk, is in dedly synne, 
And mede in heuen in that state may he neuer wynne. 

7. in the Day At day of dome sal al mankynd vprise, 1 1 ? Jft'nV 1 oi~ 

of Doom; ,n\.ai. 

ffor to take ay-lastand dome on many diuers wise ; 872 
The gode sal go to heuen to ay-lastand hlis, 
And the wikkid to helle-fire that ay-lastand is. 

8. that Christ The aghtend article is of cristes manhede : 

wasconceived . . . , 111 <->T/> 

by Mary, How mary conceyued mm m clen maydenhede ; 8/6 
When the aungel gabriel come & gret hir \vith gode, 
The haligast made a body of hir clennest blode, 
& put a saul in to hit that al wysdam can ; 
Then god the sone toke that & become man. 880 

o. and born; The negheiid is that he of maiden mary was born 
& no-thing of hir maydenhede ther-for was lorn. 

10. that The tend is that he suffred paynes wilfully, 

Christ died 

buried" ^ ^ ^ e( ^ o P~ fi *^ e crois ^ t r y n o of body. 884 

hito d HeTi nded ^^ e e ^ euen( i ^ na t c" 8 * 1 *& saule went doure to heH 

& toke out al his awen chosen that with him suld dwett. 
12. roe from The twelft is that he rose fro dede on the thrid day 

the dead, 

And apperyd qwik in flesch with many tokens verray. 
is. ascended The thrittend is that he stegh vp hegh in to heuen, 

into Heaven, 

Ther he sittes in manhed with his fader euen. 890 
i*. and shall The fourtend is that he sal come vpon domesday 

come to judge 

>y ue rijtwis dome to qwik & dede, that sal last ay. 

A Sawley Monk's version 'of Grostetes Castle of Love. 433 

IT Of the seuen sacraments. 

it the seuen sacrament^ are nedful to kenne. 

ft'or baptyme of al synne may soccowr aU men ; i. Baptism. 

For who as taas hit lawefully, 
Of synne is clensed al fully. 896 

The secund sacrament is confermyng : 2. conarma- 

That agayn the fend is a gret strenghting. 

The third is the sacrament of the auter, s. Eucharist. 

That is declared a litel befor here. 900 

The ferth is penance ordaynd for mannes syraie ; 4. Penance. 
This lawefully has thre parties him wit^-Inne : " ; v 
Sorow of hert, schrift of mouth, & asseth making 
This thre of mede & grace bringes agayn taking. 904 

The fift sacrament is for seke men anoynting : 5. Unction. 

This is soccpwr agayn al uenial synnyng. 

The sext is ordowr that clerkes has on diuerse wise, e. ordina- 
And ther-thurgh has diuerse power in goddes seruise. 

That seuend betwix man & womman is wedding, 909 7. Wedding. 

ffor remedie of lecherie & childer nurishing. 

Thurgh gode & laweful vsyng of any of this seuen 

May men wele escheii payn & lijtly come til heuen. 

Grace in this seuen heles man of al gastly sore ; 913 

And seuen vertues ables him that thou red be-fore. 1 

Seuen giftes of the haligast helpes ay his dede, > v. 421 er. 

And seuen maner of blis parfowrmes his mede. 916 

IT Of the seuen giftes of the haligast. 

THe first gift, dred* of god, puttes fro man pride mast ^rear of 
& makes him wele-manerd, pouer in hert and tast ; 
& that are thus meke in hert, & pouer gastly, 
Crist blesses thaim alway, & heuen is thaires, treuly. 

The second gift is pite, that puttes out enuy 921 2. Pity. 
& makes man to worschipe god, his fader gastly, 
& goddes lawe & his neghbowr for goddes awen sake, 
& thes gode dedes gode, benigne & myld wil him make ; 
Thai that has vertuously that ilk myldnes, 925 

Ay sal haue lyuyng in mekil blissednes. 

The third gift is cunnyng, that puttes away wrath J^gT 
& mas man to loue godenes, & vtith wikkednes to wlatfi, 


434 A So/why Monk's version of Grostete's Castle of Love. 

4. Spiritual 

5. Counsel. 

6. Under- 

7. Wisdom. 

shall come. 

He shall call 


And haue sorow for his synne & taryyng of blis ; 929 
ffor this is man blissed, & heuen sal be his ; 
This gift of cunnyng may nojt ful longe be 
Wit^-outen gastly ioye & gret charite. 932 

The ferth gift is gastly strenght, that puttes away 


& to eschape aH perils mas man to haue trouth ; 
Hit mas man to suffre wel, & long to bide ri^t, 
& ri^t be done to god & man ^erne vfiih al his myjt ; 
& who-so has this jernyng & hungres ri^twisnes, 937 
Thai sal be ful-filled of hit & haue gret blissednes. 

That fift gift is counsail, that fordos couetise 
& in hegh thing & hard mas man of gode auyse ; 940 
Hit mas maw ay gode & benigne in alkyn thinge, 
And rewles hym wele in warkes of mercy doyng ; 
& aH that warkes of mercy dos deuoutely, * = make certain 
Are blissed of ihesu crist & ay sal haue mercy. 944 

The sext gift is vnderstanding, that glotery fordos 
& stires to certayn 1 trouth that him gastly behose, 
& makes him of aH: synne clene in hert to be ; 
Suche men are blissid of crist, for thai sal god se. 948 

The seuent gift is wysdam, that fordos lecherie 
& confortes man in Ioye of god & pes swetly, 
And mas man to kepe & make pees wt't/i gret besines ; 
Siche are called goddes childer, & sal haue blissednes. 

In suffring oght for ri^t standes the aghtend blis, 
& who as euer suffres so, the rewme of heuen is his. 

1 This passage is added. 

^[ Of antecristes commyng. 1 

THat tyme when god wil suffre, before the [day] of 
dome 955 

To tempte & pwrsue cristen men anticrist sal come ; 
He sal be born in babiloyn of the kynd* of dan 
That sum tyme here in erth of lacob childer was an ; 
He sal regne in lerMsalem & him-self [crist] caH. 959 
Then many of ther wretched lewes sal fast til him fall. 
When he mas him god, his gode aungel sal him forsake, 
Then the fend sal him enspire & hede of wikkednes 

He sal feyne thwrgh fendes craft nere al cristes meruailes, 

A Sawley Monk's version of Grostctes Castle of Love. 435 

Bot ay in him charite, mercy & meknes failes. 964 
Simple men sal he deceyue Vfith miracles doyng, 
Couetous with gret giftes, & gode with punysching, 
He sal make men as god to adowr his ymage 967 and make 

& on thair [forehede] 1 here a mark of his seruage ; hig n imags 

Who-so has no$t that mark, sal nouther bye ne seH, riVnmndor 
Bot antecristes tyrant sal thaim to ded qneH. A^fis'ie 

Be reson & in haly writ it is goddes sawe : 
Thurgh payn sal god neuer stresse maw to forsake his 
la we, 972 

Bot what as any man dos here with his fre wiH, 
Sal twme him, after it is, to gode or to ift. 
Betwix antecristes comyng & his gret iH doyng 
Sal Ely & Ennok com preche for mennes sauyng ; 976 andsiiaii 
Then antecrist sal sle thaim in Jerusalem, Knoch, 

,. ,.,.0 ii. i i but God Bha11 

& god sal raise thaim to hf & tak thaim to his leme. *? them 
Bot thre jere & a half sal anfecrist haue maistry Antichrist 

i i ,111 11 /vr./-, shall rule 

nor to saue his chosen that ordayns goddes mercy. 980 three and a 

Then thwrgh goddes myjt sal that wikked he slayn, 

& aH: chosen that trespast then sal twrne agayn. 

The[n] ful many lewes sal twrne to cristes lawe, 

& halikirk sal Hue in pes out of tyrant} awe, 984 

Shortir tyme or lenger, til that crist wil come, tni Christ 

To make the worldes ende & gif his grete dome. worw. 


IT Of the day of dome. 
S" the same fowrme in whilk crist suffrid payn, He shall 

come as a 

To deme both nwhik & ded he sal come agayn. 988 man, bieed- 

ing, heart- 

Then sal he shewe his body stremand al on blode, cloven, 

& his hert clouen in two as he henge on rode, 

& say : " for ^ow suffred I al this gret payn. 

Telles now what ae to me has done ther-agayn ! " 992 and ask us 

what we ve 

Alias, what may then til him synful man say < for 

That neuer wele witft-outen synne spendes on day ? 
Man sal jelde acompt then of al that god him sende, 
Body & saul, witte & gode, how he has it spende, 996 
& of ilk a nydel word that euer he here spak ; 
In wikked word & wikked dede then sal be gret lak. 
After that degre of synne or of charite Vh!ui '?' 

That any man dyes Inne, sal he domed be. 1000 our doom. 

F F 2 

436 A Sawley Monk's version of Grostetes Castle of Loi'e. 

The sinful 
shall cry for 
the moun- 
tains to fall 
on them. 


fire shall 
cleanse the 

all living 
beasts shall 

Than sal clere conscience be mekil more of told 

Than any gret lordship vfith a world ful of gold : 

ffor al sal then periseh" that we here now make, 

& syuful man sal for drede sore tremble & qwak 1 . 1004 

AH synne for whilk is no$t worthily asseth made here, 

Bes shewed ther al openly, to shame & gret lere. 

Ilk a man then sal se his dome verraily 

& for gret drede of god thus sal thei aH cry : 1008 

" Montayns, falles dovw on vs, for to hid vs, 

That we se no^t the wrath of god that is so hedous ! 

Alias that euer were we born any thing to craue, 

ffor wit^-outen ende we are lorn, for nothing may vs 

saue. 1012 

Alas, alas, & wele-away, wher-of may we jelp ? 
Whe are shent for euer & ay, for no thing may vs 


Haly writ sais that befor this dome 
Ouer al this wide warld a huge fire sal come ; 1016 
Seint Peter sais 1 that then al sal brenne ' 2p e tr.s, 10. 
Erth & water & al the warld, & al that is ther-Inne. 
Heuens & ayr & aH: the elements .,,.,; 
ffire thwrgh brennyng then sal clens. 1020 

ffire sal no$t touche heuen in the whilk is blis, 
Bot other heuens that vnder hit is. 
The fire sal purge venial synne, * 1021-4 added. 1023 
& ful hard pyne thaira that dedly [syn] is Inne j 1 
Hit sal fordo thing that sal nojt endure, 
And make al the remanant of fairer figure. * 1027-42 added. 
1 Then al the qwik bestes sal tak thair endyng, 
That were made bot for a tyine of mawnes leuyng. 
The four elements sal be fairer seuen-fold 1029 

Then euer thai were any tyme, other newe or old. 
Ther sal be no chaunging fro cold to the hete, 
Ne non other tempest of wynd & wedirs gret ; 1032 
Al cold & hete, foul venura, fylth & stynk, ' cf. v. 1095. 
ffor to punish thaim in heH, sal doura then synk. 1 
The heuens sal no}t twrne aboute, bot stand ay in rest, 
The sunne ay in the est, the mone in the west ; 1036 
Ilkon sal be more clere seuen-fold than he was, 
Bot[h] to goddes worschipe & to manes solas. 

A Sawley Monk's version of Gfrostcte's Castle of Love. 437 

This sais god bi ysaie, that his wil wele knewe : and as i.aiai> 

" Lo, I make both" heuens & erth aH span-newe." 1040 Em* Ml 

This fairnes of the warld sal dampned men nojt se, made anew.* 

ffor thai sal be in helle-payne or that fairnes sal be. 

ffirst, when god wil, saH aungeles a gret noyse make, 

& crist thaira that are in blis sal vrith hi??t take, 1014 

Then the remanant that sal be in that blis faire, 

Sal be rauyst him agayn vp in to the acre. 

AH: saH ryse fro ded to lyf of Adames lynage AU men si.aii 

. rie as when 

Als in thair awen stat?' of thritty ^er age ; 1048 t|ie y wer *. 

AH goddes chosen then sal ful parfit be, 

Wit7z-outen any foulnes or supe?'fluite. 

Then sal crist say to thai??i on his ri^t honde 

A gode word, of aH wordes comfortande : 1052 

" Come je, my fader blissed, & haues the reume of Christ haii 

call the good 
to Heaven, 

That, befor the warld was made, [was] ordaynd jow 

fill euen. 
3e gaf me mete whan I was hungry, because on 

* ' eurtli tliey 

Je gaf me drynk whan y was thristy ; 1056 "eipt HI* 

When I hade nede ^e harbard me ; 

"When I was naked 36 cleded me ; 

3e visit me when I was seke, 

And in prison 30 wald me seke. 1060 

That 30 did for my loue to the lest of myne, Pr for HU 

That same 36 did to myself, theron sal 30 no3t tyne." 

Then wikked men for heuenes of synne 

SaH no3t agayn crist in to the aier wynne, 1064 

Bot thai on the erth [sal] cristes wordes here, 

That sal be to tliaim wit/i-outen ende a lere, 

When he sais : "go, waned, in to the fire of helle, K",','^ 

Thar 30 in payne wzt/i-oute/i ende with the fend sal *. 

dweH. 1068 

^e se?-ued neuer ioye aylastandly, ' 1071-1000 added. 

ffor 30 fulfilled no3t the warkes of mercy" ' MS. men 
J Take now gode kepe here, wardly cristew man, 2 ridiy' r men, 

& do thi saule profit als wele as thou can ! 1072 ^ ' 

Thurgh warkes of mercy may men heuen wyne, 
& thai that dos thaim no3t, sal no3t come ther-Inne. 
Bofc ther are seuen warkes of mercy bodely, 

438 A Sawlcy Monk's version of Crrostete's Castle of Love. 

& also other seuen warkes of mercy gastly ; 1076 

Thwgh trewe kepyng of any of this seuen 
May a- trewe cristen man wel come to heuen. 
e Bodily Sex bodely warkes has thou befor redde, 

works above 

(i. 1055-60): The fseuentl taght Tobie when he beryd the dede. 

7th, is bury- 

ing the dead. Seuen gastly warkes, that are of more mede, 1081 

May thou hald in thi mynd to thin awen spede : 
The first is for to teche the vncunnand. 
The second is to counsail the doutand. 1084 

The thrid is to confort him that is sorowful. 
The ferth is to chasty hi?n that is in sywne wilful. 
The fift is to forgif hi??z that has iH wratthcd the. 
The sext is to support him that irksum is to the. 1088 
The seuent is to pray to god for aH thes hertely, 
That he amend thaim of thair faute thwrgh his gret 

1 The next passages are treated freely : most of the particulars are added. 

H Of the paynes of //eH. 1 

IVrne we now agayn, sum- what for to telle 

Of the orrible paynes that ay are in helle. 1092 
Heii is a deep Helle is a depe pit stynkand, vrilh aH myrknes : 

Ther the dampned ay sal be halden in gret- distres. 
AH that is in the warld of filth & of stynk, 
At day of dome sal douw thedir synk, 1096 

ffor to eke thair stynkand payne, al be hit gret. 
ffor ther sal be of hett-fire wondir huge hete ; 
with a fierce That bremiand fire \fith-outen ende so g?'etly hit 

fire in it, , 


That al the watwr in the warld may not slokere his 
lowes. 1100 

and great Ther is als gret cold on another side : 

Ther sudanly for more payne in to hit sal thei glide. 

Thai sal no^t haue no roume ther on be-side another, 

Bot aH be cast on a hepe as of turf a fother ; 1104 
sinners in Ilkon sal stynk on other & double his payne, 

& ilkon ay to greue other saH be ful fayne. 
and gnash Ther sal be gnasting of teth" for gretnes of payne, 

their teeth . ' n no 

for pain. And euer in the hert a sorowe souerayne 11 US 


That thai haue lost for a litil lykyng of synne 
The ioye of the sijt of god that al godenes is Inne ; 


A Sawley Monk's version of Grostetc's Castle of Love. 430 
& this worme of conscience sal bit thaim euermore The worm of 

&VL ., , , conscience 

oner an paynes ay be to thaiin a sore. 1112 everwte* 

No likyng sal thai haue, shortly for to say, 

Bot al thing agayn thair wil that thai??i gref may. 

& thus sal thai be punist aylastandly, 

"WWi-outen hope of mercy or any remedy. 1116 


1T Of the ioyes of heuen. Christ * 


Hair ioye in heuen sal wele more be of Peace * 

The hlenaed 

Then any hert may think or any egn se, in Heaven 

Ne non ert[h]ly mannes ere may wele hero 
The Ioye that god has ordaynd til his awen dere. 1120 
This ioye saH haue then aylastand sekirnes. 
fFor crist, kyng of ioye, sal then be prince of pes. 
Ilk mannes body of thaim that god wil sane 
ffour fair dowers of ioye in heuen sal haue : 1124 imveijoysi 

IT ffirst the body sal be [so] parfit there, i. their 

That no thing in al the warld myjt him there [dere], bs perfect j 
AH the fir of heH myjt him neuer brenne, 
If he neuer so lange were laide ther-Inne. 1128 

IT The second dower of the body sal be brijtnes 2. they imii 

That man sal haue that dede 1 in gastly clennes ; = died brighter than 

' the sun ; 

Ilk a body sal be there seuen-ffold] 1 more brijt 1 om. 

Then the sunne is here when it most lijt; 1132 

& this gret brijtnes of the body 

Sal euermore cleth hit fair & honestly. 

1T The third dower of the body sal be sutilnes, s. they shall 

ffor hit sal be so clensid of aH rudnes 1136 abietopi'ws 

thro' iiny- 

Ihat non erthly body may lette hit to passe, thing, and 

More then the sunne-beme is lettid be the glas. 

IT The forth dower of the body sal be deliuenies, < thro- space 

at will. 

ffor hit sal be clensid so wel of alkyn heuynes 

That sudanly, whedir as the saul has ^ernyng, 

Thedir sal the body glide wa't/i-outen more letting. 

In thes four dowers sal thi body be so porfit 1143 

That of aH erthly ioye of hit sal be delit. > 1145-1174 added. 

J Thre gastly parties of thi saul ioye sal fulfiH : SS^ta!"' 

Thes are vnderstanding, a mynd, & a wiH. SSwei: 

Vndirstanding that here was in trewth" stedfast 1147 Jj a t i '; Jn UlMl r - 

Of poyntea of oure faith that manes [rcaon past], 1 om. hati M 

440 A Sawlcy Monk's version of Cfrostetc's Castle of Love. 
what on Sill in clere sijht of god al that he tro \veil se, 

earth it could . , , , . . 

only believe, & m that souerayn fair ei^t al ful 01 bhs be. 

AS wysdam, al godenes, aH fairnes, al 

Sal rauysh" man to the lone of god in that fair sijt. 

Man sal se in god as in a myronr 1153 

AH that he wil or may be to his honowr. 

Ilk man as he deserued mor or lesse here, 

Sal haue the?- ay the si^t of god more or lesse clere; 

Bot al sal be so fully paydl in that si$t 1157 

That couayt clerer si$t non sal haue no myjt. 

And thus in the saul the vnderstanding 

and be mid Sal ay be fulfilled of ioye & likyng, 11 GO 

And this sal be in maraies saul the first dower, 
After that he deserued when that he was here. 

2. the win His wiH that here loued god one?- al thing 

shall be satin- ,. . . -i i i i i i i n i 

Bed in Love; & his euen-cristen for goddes bidding, 1 164 

In the loue of god ther sal be so pm-fit 

That al his ^ernyng sal be ful of delit ; 

That loue sal be ay so gret, so gode, & so faire 

That nothing that may befaS sal hit oght empaire. 
s. the Mind's His mynd that hoped to haue ioye th?<rgh grace & 

llOpCS BiUlll 

bereulUed. mercy 1169 

& dyed stedfast in trouth \nt7i-outen synne dedly, 
Sal haue mekil more ioye then he euer wend, 
& sikirnes that hit last ay wtt/i-outen end. 1172 

So sal ilk blissed saul be fulfillid of blis 
That hit may nothing ^ern thare that hit may mys. 
He has pa?-fit blis that has al his wiH, 
& so be that he then 1 nothing wiH itf. MS. then 1 176 
Ther sal nothing be that may greue, bot al liking, 
That sal ay last sikirly w/t^-outen endyng. 
Sothly, [thes] thre dowers of the saul are the gret blis, 
And mannes ioye is mesurd after he has of this. 1180 
This gret ioye is of gode loue & likyng & sijt. 
Al other ioye toward this [is] of litil my^t, 
As he that has the suwne-^t vpon a fair day, 
ffor many torches if he li^t no better se he may ; 1184 
more lijt, bot more maners of li^t he has, 

The ii;iii of & that may be to hi??i a maner of solace. 
man's food. Clere sijt of god sal ther be mannes fode 

A Sawley Monk's version of Grostete's Castle of Love. 441 

And bri^tnes of body sal be clething gode. 1188 

Wark sal be thare, of god a mery louyng, 

That neuer wit/i-outen end 1 sal haue irking. 

If adam hade lyued to the warldes ende 

And al the wittes of aH men god had him send*, 1192 

3it my^t he nojt haue told fully 

The lest poynt of that ioye, verraily. 

Ther sal be nothing that may displese, 

Bot al honeste & gode that may ese. 1196 

[Thre] 1 maner of men sal haue a ioye special, > MS. ffour s kinds of 

mi ,- 11 i i i -in- i men Bna M 

lhat is callid in haly wnt ot ioye a coronale : have a special 

Coronal of 

Thes thre maners are : verray martires, Jy= 

1. Martyrs, 

Alle-clene uirgines, & haly techers. 1 200 |- y^ 1 ""' 

Ilkon sal haue ther als [mekil] ioye of othir 

Als he were a thousand sith his brothir ; 

Ilkon of other ioye sal haue a liking, 

& that sal be [to] thaim of ioye a doubling ; 1204 

This doubling sal be in noumbre a gretnes, 

No}t to the ioye before euen mykilnes. 

After degre of loue of god that man hade here 

Sal his ioye be mesurd, witft-outen any were. 1208 

Man sal haue souerayne ioye in sijt of godhede, The saints 

And sithen a gret ioye of cristfesl manhede, comforted 

by seeing the 

That he is both god & man that boat him -with his blode Godhead, 

and Christ 8 

& deyned to she we to man so hertly mekil gode ; 1212 manhood. 

That his brother sal euer be his lord & his god, 

That sal be a confort to him wt't^-outen make od. 

In him-self he has his ioye of al the dowers 

Both of body & of saul, as clerkes vs leres. 1216 

Of the qwene of heuen, our lady mary, by the Queen 

of Heaven, 

That is goddes moder & weH of mercy, our Lady 

fflour of aH uirgines & avowe to mankynd, 
May aH that are in heuen gret confort fynd ; 1220 
Amang aH creatures sho has wele of aH weles, 
ffor sho is moder of the king that al ioye deles. 
Sithen ix. ordres of aungeles comfortes man in blis, 
Wiih thair gret myrth & ioyf ulnes that thai may neuer 
mys; 1224 

Sithen al maner of men that to blis wendis, 
And specialy aH gode men frendes frieluU - 

442 A Saivley Monk's version of Grostetc's Castle of Love. 

Ekys 1 his ioye & confort when thai are mette, ' MS.Ekys 
And that saH ay last witft-outen any lette. 1228 

and hy ail 3't heuen & erth & aft creatures 


Sal be to mannes inye, whiles hit endures. 
Aft the sorow & paynes of heft ay-lastandly 
Salt confort hii that eschaped thaira thwgh mercy. 
Thws sal man in heuen ay fynd ioye & letfi, 1233 

Aboue him, w<t/<-Inne him, aboute & benetn". 
Ay, sais seint austyn sothfastly, 
TO have the Man sulcf forsake resonably 1 236 

joy of Heaven 

fr a day. Aft the welthcs of this warld euermore & ay, 

men should 

forsake the ffor to haue the ioye of heuen only a day. 

world tor * J J 

ever. How mekil more then suld man ay forsake synne 

While he lyued in erth, that blis for to wynne 1 
The godenes of god, the fairnes, the wysdam, the rny^t, 
The ioye, the solace, the confort that ay is In his si^t, 
Passes aft mannes mynd, vndirstanding & wit, 
Bot if he may come to blis fully & clerly se hit. 1244 
Ther-for he that aft creatures first made of nojt 
And with his awne hert-blode al mankynd? bo^t. 
May God Thwrgh his grace & mercy graunt vs that ioye to se, 
feThow 8 s How thre persones are aft on god in trinite. 1248 

persons are 

1 God: A 

Here endes the myrow of letced men. 

A Munk made this myrowr, only for lowed mennes sake. 
Thou that wift se saule-hele, this thi myrowr thou take !